where edin

Only one thing in return...

Context: in the main town, three of our team members robbed the ‘survival shop’ threatening the shop owner Danson to give them healing potions for a massive ‘discount’. Fast forward to the next village, Ansin-on-Edin, where the three characters decide to assuage their guilt and chuck money around at all the locals, and our bard keeps casting disguise self on themselves to look like Danson (and have him do stuff like get a huge round in at the tavern).

So we get back to Ansin-on-Edin after saving a kid and killing a hag, and before we leave (without getting anything from these poor folk), the bard casts disguise self again, turns to the owner of the tavern and says:

B: We’ve done a lot for this village, and ask for only one thing in return. In my memory, I ask that you add a D to the-

DM: Yeah, I get it… the village is now Danson-on-Edin.