where does your money go when get busted as a drug dealer


au meme: turn to dust - drug dealer!au 

You know that saying, ‘you reap what you sow’? Facing up to the consequences of your actions and all that good bullshit? Well, let’s just say, with cops on his ass all the way down Bleecker, Jess didn’t exactly believe in that right now.

#rory decides that the ivy league life just isn’t for her #and picks up life in the city after being accepted to nyu #to start their journalism program with a bang #it’s more amazing than she could ever imagine  #working as the up-and-coming features writer in the literary magazine on top of being one of the many staff writers on Washington Square News #spending most of her late nights in the library where she likes to flirt with the young janitor guy with the crazy hair and the funny looking lip #and sometimes, it really takes it’s toll #then you have jess #the not so subtle janitor guy who likes to flirt with the girl with the crazy blue eyes and long legs #and only took this job as a cover #since about 2 months ago he almost got caught by the cops selling coke to the rich kids at Columbia #that doesn’t stop him from doing it #no, he just makes sure he covers his tracks, using a different name and sticking to going indoors instead of doing sell-and-runs out of car windows and alleyways #he only does it cause his mom’s a flake and his dad’s a bust and he can barely eat most days cause his mom spends all their rent money (and then some) on drugs she shouldn’t be doing #which makes him a hypocrite doesn’t it? #but at least he’s the reason they have a roof over their heads while he lives off bagged chips and pre packaged sandwiches from the corner market 

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