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Pink album visual feels before and after music.

I just realised how differently the image language of the pink bath waters speaks to me after hearing the album (yes, it took me almost a week to remember they go together). 

The visual language with SOTT was so epic and ‘end of the world’ and it suited the song perfectly. After that aesthetic, it was a surprise to me to see all that soft, serene, floral pinkness of the album visuals - feels of purity and purifying, calm, peace (I’d been expecting a lot more melancholic feel to continue, both in visuals and also with the album). 

Now, that I’ve heard the album and see the pink pictures more fully again, the feeling has changed. They now seem like stuck muddled waters, lonely instead of peaceful, drifting in some sort of bittersweet space - the feel of serenity has been replaced by the feel of not belonging to your surroundings, or to yourself. What first felt as emotional nakedness, now feels like hiding and closing off.

five years ago i was living with my parents and was up until 3am giffing spn and scrolling through tumblr and reading fanfic and working on uni stuff

now im 23 with my own home, a 2-yr-old daughter and another daughter on the way and a fiance and i still stay up until 3am playing video games/reading fanfic (so that hasn’t changed much)


YoonKookSeok in a nutshell pt. 2
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: wow you're good
  • Jungkook: hyu-
  • Hoseok: haha omg haHAHA
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: is anyone seeing this?? absolutely amazing!
  • Jungkook: wh-
  • Hoseok: LMAO ASDFGHJKL this is too fUNNY

the post in question

steve rogers: the usa would see him as the sweet cinnamon roll who’s just too good to be true, while the rest of the world, especially ones not immediately allied with the usa would be more hesitant to like him because just the idea of someone calling themselves captain america and running around into foreign borders gives a lot of people a bad taste in their mouths. people are also worried that he’s clinging to his 40s values (and we never really see him participate in press conferences either but thats me being picky). but he seems a nice enough bloke, especially with his fervent belief in helping everyone, and the propoganda thats been built up around him for over half a century definitely helps in putting him into a good light. despite this though, there are still people, especially online who feel as though steve isnt taking into account the feelings of the citizens of the countries he enters when he goes after his mission. he might think he’s foing what he feels is best, but hes still a white american who may not be aware of the current political landscape, and hes fucking around in foreign countries without proper cooperation with the authorities)

and tony stark: the problematic fave. after the avengers people start to like him more because he and his company are the only ones that are actively seen helping rebuild after the battle of new york. his snark is always fun to hear about though, and hearing him rip into a politician or someone who’s pissed him off, and although he’s less approachable then steve just by virtue of being a famous billionaire people still come up to him on the streets, especially the younger kids who might not be as aware of his past as a weapons developer
then there are the conspiracy people (something i wanna write about one day tbh) who want to know why the portal was opened up from stark tower in the first place. no one knows how ultron came along but its easy to guess, considering tony’s past AI inventions. everyone sees him trying to stop the hulk and minimise casualties in johannesburg and theyre divided. on one hand hes the only one who came to stop the hulk (and, again, the only one to participate in clean up), but the fight caused a super lot of damage also. so, tony would probably be among the avengers that have the most broken base (for example, the people who liked him before iron man, hate his new direction. the people that like iron man but hate tony stark. the people who like both tony and iron man and feel that people are being too mean. no one likes the iron legion, but some understand where he’s coming from. he’s got the same issue as steve, the white capitalist american coming into their countries and trying to enforce his own agenda upon them. what do the foreign governments think of the iron legion)

civil war changes all this.

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        ❝      hmm  —  ?   this is your    SEAT   ?      ❞     did he really    FUCK UP     the goddamn seatings on the    FIRST DAY    here  ?     jean pulls out the paper he drew before he    ENTERED    the class   :    the number that states where he’s sitting  —   14   —   and frowns  .  he can see the other guy’s holding the    SAME    digits ,  and feels a throb of headache  lightly    TAPPING    the back of his skull  .  jean swiftly nods though , and stands  .       ❝       it’s fine  .  you can    HAVE  IT   .     ❞  / &. @goedheid !

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Episode Review: "All you got in this world are your people." [S02E20]

On a scale of 1 to 10, how traumatized are we feeling right now?

Y: I am very not ok. Very very not ok. Like, absolutely, totally very not ok. So very not ok that I am considering going to see Dr. Sun. You know?

L:  Googolplex. I am typing this from the fetal position. Have to take frequent chocolate breaks. Maybe we can get a group discount with Dr. Sun? But on the other hand… This episode was so good!!!

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MBMBaM Episode 335: Rise of the Star King
  • Justin [reading a question]: "A few years ago, I was celebrating Candlenights with my in-laws, and it was time to open up our stockings, so we were all chanting, 'Stock-ings! Stock-ings! Stock-ings!', which naturally became, 'Star King! Star King! Star King!'. We decided this must be the new Christmas lord."
  • Griffin: Candlenights - Candlenights lord.
  • Justin: Candlenights lord, right! "Now, instead of Santa, we give out gifts from the Star King. The problem is, I now have a son, and I'm worried that he'll end up an outcast based on our tradition. For perspective, I have a friend who had a real tough time in school because her parents told her The Trashman came on November One, took away her Halloween candy, and replaced it with a toy."
  • Griffin [incredulous, laughing]: The Trashman! They couldn't've called it - they couldn't've been like -
  • Justin: They couldn't have been SLIGHTLY more whimsical?
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Justin: No, instead it's:
  • Justin!Trashman [very low, gruff voice]: Hey, I'm here for the candy.
  • Travis!Trashman: Hey, man, you GOTTA put the candy out by the curb, I ain't gonna walk back to get it.
  • Justin: You gonna give it to the hungry children of the world?
  • Justin!Trashman: No! I'm gonna put it in the trash!
  • Travis!Trashman: Naw, man, it goes right in that, uhh, compactor.
  • Griffin: But where - but where does it go?
  • Griffin!Trashman: Where does any of the trash go? Into the river. All yer Twizzlers gonna end up in the river, 'cuz that's where The Trashman hides it. Fer the fishes. Here's a Pol-ly-pock-et!
  • Justin!Trashman: I took this toy from another kid at the end of last Christmas season! It's a real cyclical gig I got goin' on here.
  • Griffin!Trashman: Somethin' you should know, somebody done threw AWAY this Polly Pocket, "it's the CIIIIRCLE of LIIIIFE".
supergirl au: the humanity of sameen shaw

by @ohfucktherewashomework

  • at first, root only stays with the deo out of dark curiosity
  • agent shaw just has this edge to her
  • she has to be an alien, she has to
  • there’s no way she isn’t, right? humans don’t tangle with extraterrestrials, they don’t show that incredible constitution in the face of crisis, they don’t smirk when the most dangerous alien on the planet (root, obviously), snorts hard enough to shoot up two feet in the air
  • that’s just not human
  • (root ignores the part of herself who doesn’t want shaw to be human for her own, selfish reasons)
  • she pretends like she’s buying into carter’s threat; national city depends on her now that she’s revealed herself, and to betray them would send everything into a state of chaos
  • to be honest, root doesn’t give two flying fucks about the morale of national city
  • she does care about shaw, though
  • no, no, she’s curious about shaw. she doesn’t care
  • either way, she stays with the deo long enough for them to give her a name
  • supergirl—she hates it. infantilizing, black and white, patriotic, hopeful; it’s everything she isn’t
  • she lets them, though, because that’s the price of investigating exactly what species shaw is
  • and if that investigation comes with a little harmless flirting, well, root might just work that cape a little harder
  • unfortunately, the price is also that she has to find a day-job to serve as her cover
  • ‘killing people for money’ is frowned upon for some reason
  • joss, ever helpful, lands her a job as an IT girl in control corp media
  • is she grinning when root calls to complain about the thirty-second person who doesn’t know what an icloud account is?
  • yes
  • but root chafes at the restrictions
  • she doesn’t see the point of saving people, day after day, hour after hour, when she could just be doing her own thing
  • the human world is going to end, eventually
  • their core will erupt, their sun will expand to consume them, their atmosphere will become toxic, or their seas will turn to poison
  • their bones will rot and their blood will boil and there will be nothing left
  • what does it matter if they live another few years, if that’s where they’re all headed in the end? what does it matter in the grand scheme of things, if the stars will go dark and the universe will keep expanding, oblivious?
  • agent shaw’s different, though, and maybe that’s why root thinks she must be alien
  • shaw sees people. she sees humanity as a whole and takes it, and loves it, somehow. some way.
  • so one day, root goes up to her—dressed in her cape, in her skirt, in her fucking house of el symbol that she despises—and straight up asks her
  • flirtatiously, of course
  • “sweetie,” she says, loving the way shaw’s eyes roll and her grip on her experimental gun tightens, “are you an alien?”
  • “what?” shaw stares at her, uncomprehending
  • “because that ass is out of this world”
  • in hindsight, root is very lucky that she has nigh-on unbreakable skin
  • but the question still remains, and shaw is shrewd enough to know that root partially meant it
  • so the next time root returns from a call, her hands bloody and her back aching, agent shaw is the one to fix the damage from where a building fell on her
  • “you’re lucky you’re not human,” she says flippantly, shining a solar regenerator on the scrapes. “everything hurts us.”
  • us
  • root’s a little disappointed, she can admit it, but just being close to agent shaw sends goosebumps down her spine so she stays
  • she learns about shaw as much as she can
  • she studies her mannerisms, the way her behavior doesn’t match that of the other agents or of joss’s, the way she feels things differently than everyone else
  • the way she feels things differently than root, who feels so vividly but in such a disconnected way—shaw feels things faded, but so impossibly close
  • the two of them are a study in juxtapositions, and root’s starting to love it
  • shaw will save anyone, from anything, but root’s always had Her People (joss, jon-el, that little pet Harold that jon-el likes to keep around)
  • in battle, in fights, with cars launching from root’s fingertips and mortar crumbling in her palms, shaw starts to teach her the value of saving everyone
  • or, the way root interprets it, the value of saving everyone for shaw
  • joss says she’s proud of how root’s grown
  • and root has, she definitely has, but maybe her growth is more specific than joss imagines
  • maybe root’s growth is in her appreciation for one sterling example of humankind
  • a woman whose humanity bleeds red on her cheeks and beads into sweat on her face
  • a woman who’s not scared of grappling with hurricanes or firestorms or stars incarnate
  • one whose skin and bones and lungs teach root that humanity might be destined to land in the dark, but that some of them, the important ones, are still extant, still lasting
  • one who teaches root to tease and laugh and coquette with the best of them
  • maybe her growth is in the study and appreciation for one woman’s spirit, nerve, eyes, and maybe that’s okay
  • after a few months of root being supergirl, she finds out agent shaw’s first name
  • sameen
  • when she says it near joss, joss mocks her endlessly
  • root shuts her up with a chilly blow that frosts the tip of joss’s nose; it’s on principle, because she doesn’t mind, not really
  • but then the world nearly ends, and as root scrambles in the chaos, she decides something
  • if humanity survives this, she tells herself, she’s going to buy sameen some really, really good whiskey

Dean says “thank you” to the girl at the counter and turns to leave the restaurant. He stops, however, when he nearly runs into Cas, who was silently waiting behind him while Dean paid.

Cas doesn’t move, and he stares out the window with a crease in his brow. 

“You all right, buddy?” Dean asks as he tries to nudge Cas toward the door.

“What do you think they’re fighting about?”

Dean follows Cas’ line of sight and sees a middle-aged couple arguing in the parking lot. Their arms are waving wildly as if they’re yelling.

“Don’t know. Not my problem. Why, you worried?”

Cas opens his mouth as if to reply, but then he immediately shuts it again.

Outside, a child about the age of 12 gets out of a car and walks up to the couple. She tugs on the woman’s arm to get her attention. After they speak to one another, the child takes the man’s hand and they head toward another car.

“Divorced couple,” Dean explains. “Probably fighting about how long the dad gets to keep the kid or something.”

Cas’ brow creases even more, but he finally tears his eyes away and stomps out the door.

Dean follows him but doesn’t say anything until they’re in the Impala, still parked. “Plenty of families are like that, Cas. It’s normal.”

Cas turns to look at him, and the expression on his face breaks Dean’s heart. “We’re not…normal, are we? We’re not like a lot of families.”

Dean awkwardly reaches his left hand over so he can place it over Cas’. Their rings clink together as Dean reassures, “No, honey, we’re not. You’re stuck with me forever.”


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A/N: this wasn’t requested but i’ve actually been working on this fic since the new year but i finally finished it! this will be a chaptered fic, that’s why it ends where it does. i really really hope you all like it! and don’t worry, i’m still working on drabbles.

wc: ~4K

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Grisha Army Challenge 8 of 25 Favorite Ship

The Darkling and The Sun Summoner

“You cannot lie to me. Do you think I could have come to you again and again, if you had been less alone? You called to me, and I answered.

I’ve seen what you truly are and I’ve never turned away. I never will”


"There was darkness inside me. He had put it there, and I would no longer deny it. The volcra, the nichevo’ya, they were my monsters, all of them. And he was my monster, too.”

what about a reverse version of @kyogre-blue‘s Valentine fic about Franken realising he Loves Rai but of course he can’t tell him because Rai doesn’t know how to say No to him so he’s got to be cautious about it so Rai doesn’t feel obliged to be with him. So it’s now it’s Franken who’s doing the flirting but like. He’s 24/7 always Good and Nice to Rai. He’s extra for Rai all day every day. Where does the Being Frankenstein end and the Newly-Trying-to-Flirt start? And of course Rai doesn’t get it at all. Because he’s Rai. Frankenstein’s being great and beautiful. What’s changed?

cleareu  asked:

Hi, good luck with your blog (the background is so cute *-*)! I love the idea of aesthetic asks, so i'm sending you one~ What type of journals would the Matsu's have / what would they write in them / how would their journals look? thank you! ^-^

Thank you so much!! (˵ •́ ⌄ •̀ ˵) (It took me an eternity to decide on a theme and a color combination, so I’m glad you like it!) Ahh and this ask was so much fun to answer!

Like most of their things, their journals would also be color-coded, with some slight differences.

Osomatsu: The most generic type of journal you could ever find, and also quite used. It’s a very faded red with a layer of dirt and… is that a ketchup stain? In addition to a very random assortment of Anpanman, baseball and kitten stickers, there is an elaborate, very stylized title in the top right corner that reads “Charismatic Legend Osomatsu”. The soft cover has been bent so much it’s covered in ripples and the book opens easily - looks like some of the pages are ready to fall out, even. There was supposed to be a strap around it, but it’s probably got torn off at some point, only half of it is left, hanging there like a pathetic reminder of how useless broken things are.

The whole journal is pretty inconsistent, as Osomatsu probably just takes it up every now and then and writes whereever there is still space left. The first twenty or so pages are full of recorded little achievements and major events, then it slowly turns into complaining, complaining and more complaining, mostly about his brothers, and soon it’s clear why the journal doesn’t need a lock on it - at this point, he’s not the only one using it. It looks like everyone is free to pick it up and leave messages or just ramble, it’s like leaving passive-agressive notes on the fridge for each other, but slightly more intimate. There are a lot of times when complaining is clearly used to bait some of the brothers, especially Choromatsu, and they always work on him, though there are rare occasions when his answer isn’t a thousand-page novel, but a very short and quick “I’m sorry.” instead. You can see Jyushimatsu’s doodles, Karamatsu signing every painful thing he writes down, a random smudge that has “That was my dinner.” under it, a very good caricature of Totty with a lot of comments and even more screaming, and so much more… The journal is probably secretly treasured by everyone, and they keep it in a safe, designated place.

Karamatsu: A tiny journal with a smooth leather cover, a little skull in the corner (seriously, how does he keep getting things like this) and a little belt all over. It gives you the “laid-back cool” vibes - it’s fine if you want to read it, I don’t have any secrets, go ahead. Even though you know noone is really interested in what is in it.

The pages are still soft, the spine isn’t bent too far, almost like it’s never been used, but the journal is actually filled with very careful and elaborate notes. Pachinko winnings, new songs wrote, results of the mahjong tournaments - seemingly boring facts through long pages with a handwriting so neat it could make your head hurt. Nothing about how he felt at that time or what he was thinking about - all of it seems just… empty.

He does have a second journal though, a very secret, hidden one, that is a pretty glittery blue and also code-locked, containing an endless amount of song lyrics, both failures and final versions. It is very painful as you would imagine, but in contrast to the previous journal, it’s filled with emotion. It’s unknown if the dramatic melancholy is also part of his cool guy facade, or are these his real feelings, but it’s pretty sad either way.

Choromatsu: It’s a soothing combination of brown, green and gold, with a hard cover coated in a poofy, leather-like material, a little pen holder and a code lock on the side. It smells like old library books. It looks like Choromatsu writes in it quite often, summarizing his day and talking about his feelings he can’t really tell anyone else to. About the time Nyaa-chan totally, absolutely looked at his way, about Osomatsu yet again being an inconsiderate prick, about the Risingfappyski incident… everything is listed in a very throughout, meticulous manner, and there is always a “moral of the story” kind of note at the end written with a different pen. He probably looks through them when he feels lost, to remind himself what he’s learned from his past mistakes so far. There are occasional pages where you can see he was in an exceptionally good mood, with tiny drawings of flowers, clouds and other miscellaneous things all around (it’s all very cartoonish, but surprisingly cute).

Ichimatsu: The journal is shaped like a cat’s head, with a soft, squishy material and actual googly eyes. It’s very cute, something you would never expect Ichimatsu to actually possess, and you guess it must have been a gift from someone else. The pages are ruffled, some of them are torn out, the others filled with incoherent words and sentences and pretty dark, self-hating thoughts. It’s probably used as a coping mechanism or as a distraction. Sometimes there are random sketches, mostly of cats, but also flowers, inanimate objects, buildings. Anything that ends up being too embarrassing is immediately torn out and thrown away, so what else he exactly draws is unknown. He collects kitten stickers at the back and also has a few pawprints here and there made by his cat friends.

Jyushimatsu: It’s a pretty big journal, the soft cover once yellow, now completely covered with stickers. There are baseball ones, cats that are probably duplicates Ichimatsu had, a complete set of Hijirisawa Shounosuke, stars, colorful letters ordered to read “butt festival” for some unknown reason…  He rarely ever writes in it, but he loves to draw. Most of the things are unrecognizable, but he color codes his brothers, so even if they don’t look like them at all (heck, they don’t look like human, either), it’s still pretty obvious. He sometimes asks his brothers to draw for him something, too, so there are pages filled with Karamatsu’s drawings of himself, Osomatsu scribbling dicks and boobs, Choromatsu making an attempt at a Nyaa-chan, Totty drawing cute flowers and bunnies, and then ichimatsu leaving his ultra-realistic works of art of cats here and there.

Todomatsu: It’s one of those really cute, quality brand journals you order for a fortune online, that come with an additional planner, a set of stickers and a pen. It’s a soft pastel pink with little yellow and green patches, and a bunny character on the front. It has a lock. Each ten pages are a different color, and have little segments to write additional things in. Totty records his achievements for the day (though, sometimes exaggerating), and writes down his favorite songs, favorite movies, overall just favorite things from time to time. He basically writes in a manner similar to running a blog - he never shares any of his secrets, in fear of anyone ever, other than his brothers, will find it and read it through. Much like with Karamatsu’s secret little book of painfulness, you can’t really decide where does Totty’s acting begin and where does it end.

suffering-hetalian  asked:

i wonder if some religions will go extinct under libertarianism (or ancap) because people won't be allowed to force their beliefs on their children. What are your thoughts on religious freedom? Where does it end?

Religions and churches rise and fall all the time, to be perfectly honest.  I don’t see their cycles being any different than businesses starting and going out of business according to market demands.  If a religion can’t maintain its standing with the population on their own persuasive merits, they don’t get a pass to aggress on other people “for the sake of their souls”.

Religious freedom is really a misnomer.  Religious freedom is a combination of voluntary association and being able to engage in nonaggressive behaviors without prosecution.  There is no “religious freedom” that grants the right to oppress nonbelievers; there is no freedom of any kind that invalidates the nonaggression principle.  

If anything, we should be encouraging churches to compete with each other in the open market just like other businesses.  When churches and the state collude to enforce monopolies (state religions) and prohibitions (banning some or all religions), it’s no different than when businesses and the state collude to enforce monopolies and prohibitions.  Prohibited churches will (and do) still operate underground, just like prohibited businesses, but there is no protection for those believers, just like there was no protection for drinkers during Prohibition and is no protection for users today with the War on Drugs.  

If certain religions go extinct because they can’t use force to perpetuate their beliefs, this is no great loss to civilized society.  By all means they should be remembered as part of history, as much as Christians in good standing today can still look up and study ancient Greek or Norse or Egyptian religions.  But civilization would be better off if amoral and unethical churches died off just the same as it is better for civilization that amoral and unethical businesses go under.  

Empower individuals.  Would it not be hypocritical of us to recognize ownership of their own money and the power to direct it to the businesses of choice, but not recognize ownership of their own soul and the power to direct it to the faith and church of their choice?