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hi @soleilsim and @keysims tagged me 2 do this so i did it & u can literally hear how much i hate myself im pretty sure i have a speech impediment 
i’m going 2 tag @chickenwangsims and @grimcookies everyone i know has been TAGGED ALREADY 

so yes listen if u wanna know what a bogan who lives in the most liveable city in the world sounds like (spoiler; not good). instructions under here lol;

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“Gentleness is so fundamental and is overlooked far too often – gentleness with oneself and with others. Honesty and authenticity is just as important but what a lot of people muddle is finding a balance between authenticity and creating a safe space for others to feel comfortable around you without crossing your own healthy boundaries. It’s quite the feat. Especially because no one can really teach us this; we have to find out for ourselves where our boundaries lie and how to work with other people’s boundaries in a symbiotic methodology. It is a science. And this is why many people do not practice gentleness because it’s hard work when we live in such a harsh world”

– Kassandra Dea

Watch it Burn Down

For the anon who messages me everyday, here’s the update. lol. 

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I roll my eyes. Of course I love her. I love her so much I don’t think I lived until she came back to me but Veronica Lodge deserves the world and all I’m giving her is the Andrews name and my mom’s old house. “This is crazy,” I tell my dad and Jug. “Why did I do this? I should have given her some wedding in Manhattan where she’s from or hired out the town hall but instead I’m getting married at the courthouse with two people as witnesses!”

“Four,” Jughead corrects. “Just in case you didn’t remember my dad and Cheryl are coming too…”

I can tell dad wants to laugh but I feel sweat beads on my forehead. “Jug,” dad says slowly. “I don’t think you’re doing Archie any favours.”

I tighten my tie too tightly and I wonder what Ronnie is doing right now. “Hiram and Hermione aren’t coming. Hiram still scares the shit out of me and I’m marrying their daughter in a courthouse. How is any of this ok?” I whine.

My chest feels tight but Jug’s face softens as he walks up to me, patting my back. “Anyone that knows you, dude, will know you’re the best guy out there. And if I were Hiram, not only would I be strikingly handsome, but I’d be proud to have a son in law like you.”

Dad stands there nodding at Jughead but even through the stress, I feel a smile creep up. “You’re the best.”

“Nah,” Jug laughs in reply. “You are. And besides,” he smirks, “I’m sure she’s going to make you pay for it after she has my little nephew!”

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Anybody have a map? For the deh themed asks

anybody have a map: where in the world do you want to go the most? America to meet all my lovely anon friends (I need to fangirl with 🍔 in person rather than Skype) France to meet up with one of my close friends who lives over there and Japan because I really like the country!

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What do you think of self-insertion fics?

I say, let them have it.

If they want to write themselves in a story where the main character falls in love with them, then why shouldn’t we let them? It’s not hurting anybody, is it? If having a main character from a show they enjoy falling in love with them makes them happy, then who are we to take away that little slice of bliss they created for themselves in this shitty world we live in? Maybe it’s their way of coping with depression, or some other unseen illness or bad situation that we are completely unaware of.

I’ll even let you in on a little secret. Years ago, back when I first started getting into the wonderful world of fanfiction, even yours truly penned down a self-insertion fic where the main protagonist of the show (*coughdogboycough*) fell in love with my OC. I will spare you the horrid and embarrassing details (and tbh I don’t even remember half of what it was about), but I will say that I completed it. However, about halfway through I realized how dumb I was being and I switched the pairing over to InuKag and finished it with them living happily ever after, blah blah blah. I don’t remember how long I had it up for, but I ended up deleting it from FFnet and my computer and it is forever vanished into the void of wherever deleted stories go to, never to be seen or heard of again. Unless I bring it up like now lol.

But anyway. As I’ve said, I have no problem with them. While I wouldn’t read any if I happened to stumble upon one in the IY fandom, since my OTP will forever be InuKag, it is a very simple matter to just skip right over it and continue browsing. Let them have their slice of happiness. It’s none of our business how they write their stories, just like it’s none of theirs how we write our own.


so the community house where i used to live did a deep clean and sOMEHOW unearthed an absolutely ancient 32mb flash drive which contains the “novel” i wrote when i was 14/15

and it is



the basic premise is: a businessman wanted AS MUCH ECONOMIC POWER AS POSSIBLE for himself so he opened a portal to hell for the purposes of having demons help him make money and the demons are like “yo our skillets are perfectly suited for the corporate world” so they basically just take the fuck over and start running the show (even baby me was p woke and anti capitalist lol)

some humans are like, hell yeah we work for demons now, and live super fancy lavish jared-and-ivanka lives while working at these massive corporations; some humans are like boo demons are evil we won’t participate in this system

(allegories that are not absolutely steel-fisted were a skill i developed at some point after my early adolescence)

so you have the Corporates and the Resistance, right, and the Corporates drive around in limos and live and work in these giant slick towers while the Resistance lives on the edge of town in these ramshackle slums

also, the demons are hella sexy and there are a bunch of half-demons as a result most of whom are Corporates 

it is VERY violent and rape-y because a.) 14 year olds think that makes their writing good because it is Gritty and Exciting and Realistic b.) i enjoyed writing about shit like that for Reasons that would not become clear to me for another ~5 years 

the main character Keyah is the daughter of a major leader of the resistance but her family gets attacked by Corporates when she is a kid and her dad dies and her mother is raped which leads to a half-demon half-brother and then her mother dies of the generic tragedy lady-sads and then her little brother gets ‘killed’ by Corporates (but it turns out they just took him to raise him and he ends up coming back as the main antagonist later)

her sister ends up leading the resistance but Keyah hates that life and thinks it’s a much better call to just work for the demons and live comfortably as a corporate bc, you know, her life has been absolute shit as a result of her father being a resistance leader so then she gets kidnapped by a main Corporate guy whose name is Arius (he is bEYOND sexy and becomes the love interest) but he doesn’t want to torture-kill her (bummer) he wants to recruit her because of her family connections

so she becomes a mole for the Corporates but then the Resistance finds out and gets her to be a mole for them and she ends up in this web of double and triple crossing various people who all have these things implanted in her that are cameras/microphones and also allow them to electro-shock her if she’s fucking around - which happens a lot and is described in disturbing detail by my CHILD SELF

and then the half-brother comes back (he is named after this kid i fucking HATED at the time but he is based on my own brother, who was also a force of cruelty in my life, which means that any torture scenes involving that character are mysteriously waaay less frequent and lovingly described haha) and there’s a gigantic mess of me attempting to write a character who’s a lot smarter than me and create a whole bunch of plot twists and a really cool thriller plot, but i was not very skilled at that, so entire pieces are missing where i just left notes about “here, Keyah double-crosses this guy who we find out was actually working for the demons the whole time” or “here, Keyah comes up with a brilliant bluff against this guy because she is a strategic genius”

(my self-insert protag was essentially Olivia Pope meets James Bond but only in tell, not show, because i didn’t know at the time how to show that)

so essentially it’s a sequence of confused, unselfaware erotica scenes linked together by the promise of a plot and a very silly, derivative premise 

and i love it.

you go, 14 year old me. you do you. aggressively. prolifically. clumsily. unapologetically. 


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 

The Arkansas Sleep Experiments

by reddit user nazisharks

To Those Who Sleep

This happened a few years ago. You may have heard rumors if you’re on campus. Some even circulated online. Nobody knew what really happened. Because I’m the only one who knows and I kept quiet. For a multitude of reasons. None of them matter now. Here’s what really happened.

The four of us were handpicked for this experiment by Prof. Richardson because we’d all studied under him, worked under him, and, as much as anyone can, earned his confidence.

He said this one was different. We had to keep it quiet. He wanted to keep details to a minimum. All he would tell us before going in was that he required a month of our lives and that if he succeeded sleep would never again be a necessity.

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instead of good people like mcdonald’s workers and trash collectors and janitors i elect for the scum of society to be academics. i want to live in a world where i can say “Jimmy you don’t wanna grow up to be a dumb ass nerd do you?” like it’s normal.

✧ *.🎃Samhain Solitary Rituals🎃*✧

As the air grows cooler and the winds begin to howl and rip the dead leaves from trees, we know the veil is thin and Samhain is near! After the equinox, which was equal parts night and day, Samhain marks the time of the wheel that we descend into the darker half of the year. It’s this time of the year that communication and connection to the spirit world is a lot easier and we’ve grown accustomed to making wards to protect the home from malevolent energy in the form of jack o lanterns and lights. On a positive note it is a time to leave out treats and foods for passed away loved ones and to remember them. It’s the final harvest full of well spiced comfort autumn foods as well as a ‘New Year’ since it’s a sabbat that honors the natural cycle of death and sees it as a form of transformation.

A lot of us witches practice alone and have our own solitary rituals for each sabbat that we observe (or the ones we’ve created just for ourselves that we observe alone!) Like any solitary eclectic witch I do things my own different way but some of these things might line up with others practices. I do refer to some of the equinoxes/solstices/crossquarters by their celtic sabbat names but I celebrate them in a secular animist way and treat the wheel of the year I celebrate as more of an argrarian cycle and celebrating nature. I use sabbat names as a point of reference and also people that do celebrate these witches sabbats more traditionally might find value in my personal practice!  Here is my personal correspondences post and my personal samhain tag!

When I am alone and casting spells a lot of it is visualization/intent so my solitary rituals are more like activities I like to do then specifically casting a spell. If I am doing a spell with an activity based on it a lot would be listening to music to get in the mood and focusing on a candle while visualizing for a period of time! Eves are also important to my celebration as I like to stay up until midnight and cast a spell then!

Hallow’s Eve

Tuesday October 31st 2017

  • Dressing up in your most witchiest
    Ok every year I’m a witch, whether it’s just a lazy witch in my black clothing or an over the top kitschy witch with colorful hair and electric colored make up, but I just like to have these looks casually on Halloween day cause its amazing and a chance for me to be myself!

  • Pumpkin Carving!
    If you haven’t already tonight is definitely the night for pumpkin carving! Write sigils inside your pumpkin for protective magic. I love this DIY for a pumpkin indoor lantern cause it shows how to rub spices like cinnamon and nutmeg inside to achieve that sent of pumpkin pie in the home. Use electric candles instead of flame if you want it to last the night since the flame’s heat will cook the pumpkin.

  • Mini Pumpkin Tea lights
    Also an easier alternative to carving if you don’t have much time. Even gutting the mini pumpkins takes a lot of time for me but doing so and filling them with a black tea light will make an excellent centerpiece either for your altar or feast table!

  • Making Candy Apples
    I associate candy coated sweet red apples with halloween (and caramel/maple sugar on granny smith for mabon) and I love how you can make the candy various colors like a poisonous black or vibrant blood red!

  • Setting sweets aside for spirits
    So everyone has spirits that chill with them and it would be great to show appreciation for the positive spirits that surround you. Set some sweets on a dish and make a tiny altar for them in your space.

  • Enjoying sweets while doing crafts!
    Enjoy some of that halloween candy for yourself! My favorite treats on this night are chocolate coated donuts, reeses cups, cider sugar donuts, red licorice and apple cider.

  • Watching a spooky or Halloween themed movie
    Or halloween themed film. My favorite will always be the 80s halloween special The Worst Witch with Tim curry. I watch it religiously.

  • Spirit Contact
    I wouldn’t suggest using an Ouija board or doing any communication with spirits if you have never had experience. They can be rude and harass you, YET if you are experienced and know how to guard yourself, then this is a great night to play with an ouija board! (PS I think Ouija Girl has a great informative blog about working with ouija boards. Here is her FAQ page. But still, it’s always better to do work with a medium or someone with experience than trying to figure it out alone).

    A safer experience for someone with no spirit communication experience is attending a seance! In NYC there are a few mediums that hold seances monthly. I love the one at Catland in Brooklyn, the mediums that host the event there are fantastic. It might be hard to attend an authentic one on Halloween night since a lot of people will want to just try to cash in on creating a 'spooky’ experience, but if you really want, try to get in contact with mediums and ask if they host any seance events. Important to know: usually the spirits that chill around you are guides and family and they might have more info to give you then you might be ready for. My first seance I really don’t know what to do with the info given to me but I really hope I make the best of it and don’t mess anything up.

  • Witches Flight
    This is like an extension of the previous point where if you have never done this before just completely disregard this suggestion cause flying is dangerous. For many years witches have flown on Halloween night to other realms using flying ointments.

  • Protective Magic:
    Finally, protect yourself from the high spirit activity with crystals like black tourmaline, obsidian and spirit quartz. Do protective spells for any cats you see or live with especially black cats since they tend to be targets.

Midnight Spell:

  • This sabbat honors the natural cycle of death and transformation. Focus on what you want to transform in your life. Magic on this night is very powerful so think about it before hand and make sure it is what you want for if you ask to transform something, you might find a lot of endings that suddenly occur in your life to lead to the transformations that you want. (There was a conversation on here I can no longer find but it was put  really nicely that death is not just some simple 'transformative’ process it can be very drastic, often very uncomfortable and if you are not ready though you ask for something to change, you might not be ready for the new obstacles that will be thrown at you. Just know that you will be ready for what you ask for.)
  • Some spell activities can be shuffling the deck visualizing what you want to change and then finding the death card and seeing the card that follows will be your answer to seek how you can further bring that transformation closer.
  • I’m a mixologist and enjoy working with liquor for rituals. I find fire to be a great transformer yet instead of burning something I prefer blessing a shot of whiskey or absinthe with my intent then taking it like liquid fire to transform me within. If you do not like alcohol or can not drink it for whatever reason you can perform this with hot apple cider instead!

Samhain Day

Wednesday, November 1st 2017

  • Upon the day I like to dress in complete black. My makeup is very dark and I wear long black dresses and veils. Depending on how you want to honor the dead, dress how you wish.

  • Gravesweeping
    Visit your loved ones on this day and leave flowers and gifts on their grave! If you want you can also visit any cemetery, yet make sure to practice good graveyard etiquette. Leave a penny by the gate, do not sit or lean on any tomb stones, of course don’t take anything from a grave. Be respectful of those whom are resting.

  • Close Your Garden
    This is a time to close the garden for the winter to come. Harvest the last fruits and herbs and bring in any delicate potted plants within the home.

  • Shadow Work
    Especially if you are looking to transform some aspect of your life this is a great time to do shadow work and look within if you are creating any obstacles for yourself. Get to know your shadow self, get to solve problems together. This is also an excellent day for divination and scrying.

  • Meditation and Energy Work by the base of a tree
    I love to do energy work on the days of the sabbats yet as the earth grows colder, the roots dig deeper and the world goes into hibernation. Sit at the base of a tree preferably with thick roots and feel it’s connection to the cold earth beneath you. Dig into yourself and see what needs to rest and what needs to be healed.

Celebratory Feast

  • So in many practices people like to host a dumb supper but instead I like to have a lively feast where everyone will share a story about someone they loved that passed away or a story of an ancestor in their family. At the end of each tale we toast our glasses to them! (And pour a little bit of drink to them or set aside a snack if they are not into alcohol.)

  • Hold a feast of rich comfort foods that are spiced and sweet like sweet potato mash, candied brown beans, pumpkin bread, smokey bourbon pulled pork or maple glazed beef brisket, roasted carrots and beets and (I personally love to make baked mac and cheese but its a fall comfort soul food for me). My Samhain feast is abundant with fall soul foods and sweet roots and spices. (here is a fantasy feast post and my personal feast post from last year)

  • If you are alone (as this is a solitary post), make a few fall dishes you deeply enjoy or cook the favorites of loved relatives that have passed away, eat some sweets and set out some offerings to passed away loved ones.
Signs as Mythical Creatures

Aries: Werewolf 

“Every time the moon shines, I become alive”

Taurus: Nymph

“She was free in her wilderness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city”

Gemini: Fairy

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”

Cancer: Siren

“You have witchcraft in your lips”

Leo: Goddess

“She was dangerous, independent, and strong. The sound of her heels against the marble floor shook the devil up”

Virgo: Angel

“She wasn’t given wings to see the world from a tree”

Libra: Unicorn

“Your sparkling optimism has not gone unnoticed”

Scorpio: Vampire

“We enjoy the night, the darkness, where we can do things that aren’t acceptable in the light. Night is when we slake our thirst”

Sagittarius: Centaur

“Oh, darling, can’t you see? I’m an alien and you are just a human to me”

Capricorn: Pixie

“In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar”

Aquarius: Elf

“You’re a work of art. Not everyone will understand you, but the ones who do, will never forget about you”

Pisces: Mermaid

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air”

triggeredmedia  asked:

I demand you buy me a Ferrari. If you don’t you are denying my right to one. How is that different than you demanding I buy you food and healthcare? If you say “I need food to live” then you are saying I owe you labor because you exist. The fact that it’s a little labor or a lot of labor doesn’t equation. No one owes you anything just for existing.

So, essential goods are the same as luxury items?

This is the argument you make when you have nothing better to say. When you have no real argument against something this false equivalency bullshit is what you have to resort to. 

You see the world full of individuals who purely exist to exchange labor. What I see is that our society has been built collectively over millennia. Together we have built governments and architectural marvels, sustained our existence and built everything you see around you. There was no single person who labored to create anything, it has taken collective knowledge and skill. 

Now we must ask a question why do we have people that do not have enough to eat?

If we are to believe capitalism, it is because food is scarce and that there is not enough to feed everyone. In this line of thinking, we produce not enough food and supply and demand requires that those that can afford our limited supply are able to secure food while those that don’t have the means cannot. 

But we produce enough food to feed 10 Billion people, while there are only 7.5 billion people in the world.

So if we are producing enough food to feed all, why does everyone not have access to food? How does a system that is dependent on Supply and Demand create a system where there is a surplus of food while 1 in 9 people do not have enough food to lead a normal lifestyle?

Artifical Scarcity is why. We create a system where supply and demand do not actually apply, where companies regularly discard large amounts of perfectly good food in order to drive greater profits for their “perfect food.” This is why you don’t allow capitalist near anything that is a necessity to live. In order to turn a profit, they must create scarcity in something that is not scarce. 

So, if we collectively produce more food than we need worldwide, why can we not feed the world? 

We are calling for taking our existing system and saying, we produce more than enough food for all, everyone must be able to eat. This is not a difficult thing to pull off, and if we lived in a truly capitalistic system the price of food would be so low that everyone could afford it. Basic Supply and Demand would set pricing. 

But to take it a step further, if food was available to all, the price of feeding oneself would be less. In the end, you are arguing that you should pay more for food and healthcare so that a small group of people can become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams while another larger group dies. 

When you argue that a good that is not constrained by supply should be limited all you do is argue that you should pay more so that others cannot have access. 

Do you really have to feel special that bad? Oh, I guess that is why you asked for a Ferrari…

- @theliberaltony


Here’s to the new me. The old me. The you-don’t-even-know-me. To the me that died twice before I met you: third time’s the charm. Been chewed up and spit out more than I’ve ever seen a sunrise, and I’ve only ever liked sunrises when I’m with you. I’ll become something you’ve never seen before, nothing borrowed, nothing blue. Set my head aflame, built a home out of the ashes, let the wind blow it away into the sun. The breeze sings, lo que está muerto no puede morir. And when there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.

I don’t know that kid anymore, and maybe I never knew him at all.

Witch Tip

If you feel disconnected from nature and don’t feel like you’re doing witchcraft “right” because you don’t go for walks in the woods or down by the sea, it’s okay. You don’t need to be in nature, or be silent, or still. You don’t need to live with one foot in the past. That magic has beauty and charm, but it isn’t for everyone.

There’s magic in urban places, where there are so many lights at night that your city can be seen from space. The hum of electricity is just as powerful as the sounds of nature. The wind howling down an alley has a different feel than the winds that blow the waves, but it’s no less powerful. You can so easily find the liminal spaces in late night diners and on rooftops and in the back of antique shops.

There’s magic in being surrounded by books. These books are full of your spiritual ancestors, the ghosts of witches who came before and are whispering secrets to you. Can’t you hear their voices when you turn the pages? 

There’s magic right here on your computer, connecting you to a thousand thousand other witches. Magic has learned the shape of the internet, and witches have ridden it well. Little charms are passed in messages like they were once passed on parchment, spells are shared and amplified and coordinated in a great invisible web across the world. 

Magic is creation. Magic is shaping the world little by little to suit your needs and desires. It isn’t where you are or what you have; it’s you. It grows in spaces where you have grown, and lives as you live.

How can you be doing magic wrong?


get to know me meme; 1/25 favorite series

“dear sana, this speech is for you. and you’re getting it because what you’re inviting us to today, overthrows american presidents tomorrow. we live in a chaotic world where it’s difficult to understand the rules. because why are some people poor and other people rich? why do some people have to be refugees, while others are safe? why are some people spit on on the street? and why is it that sometimes, even though you try to do something good, it’s still met with hate? it’s not weird that people give up. that they stop believing in the good. but thank you so much for not giving up, sana. because even though it sometimes feels like it, no one’s ever alone. each and every one of us is a part of the big chaos. and what you do today, has an effect tomorrow. it can be hard to say, exactly what kind of effect. and you usually can’t see how everything fits together. but the effects of your actions, are always there, somewhere in the chaos. in a hundred years, we may have machines that can predict the effect of every action, but until then, we can trust this: fear spreads. but… fortunately, love does as well.

                                                                                                        Skam, September 25, 2015


Aries: Don’t stop screaming at the sky just yet, you’ve almost got their attention.

Taurus: Each brush-stroke seals a little piece of you inside the work - Your mind, your history, your essence. It’s no wonder your painting are so lovely.

Gemini: Hope and denial are your drugs of choice.

Cancer: A lot of unpleasant things happen in life. Most of the time they have no rhyme or reason and happen for no purpose whatsoever. Other times, you did something exceedingly foolish and fully deserve those 18 stitches wrought upon you by the lawnmower.

Leo: Pride is a hell of a thing.

Virgo: The road you travel is full of strange things.
And deer.
A lot of deer. Watch for those.

Libra: Move forward, become a better person, strive for your dreams.
Stay where you are, keep your fingers crossed, swim in nostalgia.
Pick one. You can’t do both, dumbass.

Scorpio: The world is cruel, but you deserve such wondrous and beautiful things in your life. More than you will ever know.

Sagittarius: Don’t stay.

Capricorn: If you would stop avoid everything, you might find something astounding. It’s not likely, but…

Aquarius: Don’t go.

Pisces: Ghosts belong to ghosts. The living belong to the living. No matter how much you long for the dead, you must stay where you belong for a while longer.

Writing Advice, Or: How to Use a Screenplay to Write Your Novel

If you are, like me, someone who:

- gets bogged down in details

- writes fanfiction

- loves characters but struggles with plot

- wants to write a novel but gets easily distracted by TV

Here’s the best piece of writing advice I can give you:

Write a screenplay.

For real. I spent months agonizing over characters, plot, sentences, details… and got nowhere. Okay, maybe not “nowhere,” because I had 100,000 words and the characters told me about who they were, what they wanted, and their relationships with one another. And yet, I was stuck.

So, unfortunately, you have to do the work, presumably first, but still. You have to write in order to figure these things out. You can sit and think about it all you want, but at some point, the characters are going to change things on you, and you just have to roll with it.

I use Celtx, which is a free screenplay writing software that has more features than I could ever use, and which allows its user to simply write, without worrying over formatting. It’s amazing. 

A screenplay allows you to do several things, which is why I’m recommending it:

- gets bogged down in details? No problem. The world you’re creating consists of three things: slugline (where/when), action (who is in the scene and, in very broad strokes, what are they doing - what’s the situation), and dialogue (what they are saying, ONLY. No gestures, movements, walking from this side of the room to that unless it is specifically relevant to the plot). When you break down a scene into these three things, you have the flow of your novel, from one scene to the next, without needing to slam your head into the table every day worrying about details. Because when you do sit down to write it in novel format, you are focusing only on one scene, which you already have set-up.

- writes fanfiction? Awesome. Because you are already able to take a world that is provided and focus exclusively on the characters. When writing a screenplay, the world you’re providing is already there, albeit in scaffolding only. You have the where and some small descriptions… which you can flesh out later, in as much detail as you want, in a novel. One at a time. You already do this, you wonderful fanfic writer. This is what you do.

- loves characters but struggles with plot? Screenwriting is AMAZING for plot because you have to be able to see what is happening, and we are so good at watching television/movies. We already have so much practice with viewing plot in our daily lives that it can seem insurmountable to sit down and come up with one yourself. But when you allow yourself to play, to flow, to write one scene and trust yourself and ask, What happens next? What would I like or expect to see next, if I were watching this right now? You’d be amazed at what you can come up with in a very short amount of time. 

- wants to write a novel but is easily distracted by TV? Boom. Self-loathing problem solved. You’re not watching television, like a passive viewer. You are actively creating television. Actively creating art. You have to delve deep into all those things that make movies or series great… and find out what doesn’t work. Soon enough, you’ll be able to see these issues for yourself, both good and bad, whenever you watch something. It brings your viewership to a higher standard. It actively impacts your critical thinking skills. 

And, in the end, if you come up with an amazing screenplay, you can always try and sell that or get it made first. If that doesn’t work out, retrieve it from the market, and write the novel. 

Or, just write the novel, with your scaffolding - especially if it’s an emotion-heavy plot. Take it with a heavy grain of salt, but the YouTube series “Film Courage” can be very helpful in getting down to business in the screenwriting world. (It can also be very discouraging, if you’re sensitive like me, but knowledge has its price.)

Happy Writing.