where do you have grey hair jared

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Idk if you've answered this before, or the fandom collectively knows this, but do j2m get their hair dyed? You know, for gray hair and such? I think I've seen them with it but in the show its obviously magically gone lol

I don’t know much about this stuff tbh apart from a fleeting comment I seem to remember where Jensen teased Misha for having his hair dyed because of greys (but then he used to be blond so it either was dyed then or is dyed since he’s brunette anyway which I think is the case as he’s naturally blonder).

Lots of guys do and in TV it’s pretty normal I think so i imagine Misha and Jared both do but Jensen hasn’t had to have it dyed yet as he hasn’t had greys yet. When he does I imagine we’ll know about it cos the other two won’t let him get away with it given he teases them about theirs ;)