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Imagine.. Jared Leto Protecting You From An Ex Part 2

This is a continuation of this imagine!

“Come here you stupid bitch..” A slurred voice spoke. “I’m going to fucking kill you..” The voice got louder and more unsettling. “I’m going to get you - you are fucked..” Something loomed out to grab you when you shook yourself out of sleep and sat bolt upright. 

This time it wasn’t Jack. It was Jared. 

You sat up in your bed disorientated. You couldn’t remember walking to bed but as you slowly started to blink yourself awake you came to the assumption that Shannon and Tomo had carried you upstairs but if you had learnt anything tonight - it’s not to trust your assumptions.. And it felt like you couldn’t trust one of the only people you had ever trusted before either. You felt cold and uncomfortable as you realised you had thrown your duvet onto the floor as you struggle to separate yourself from your dream world. Your face gave a dull ache and all of the reality of the past few hours came flooding back. You really wished Shannon and Tomo hadn’t of taken you to bed - you wished they had stayed with you downstairs to make sure nobody came in. You now felt extremely unsafe in your dark room in London to the point in which you didn’t want to get your duvet from the floor let alone go and check on the boys. You sat there freezing cold with your arms around your waist and your thoughts all over the place when you heard the door open slightly. You cut off your breathe straight away and tried to not move in the darkness in hope it was a breeze because you really didn’t want to be with or without anyone at this moment.

“Hey..” You heard a quiet voice say from in between the door and the frame. You heard them walk in and quietly close the door and stand with their back on it. For a few seconds: neither of you moved. Tentatively they picked up your duvet and pushed it back onto your bed and only when they were close did you realise those eyes and that voice belonged to a nervous Jared. 

“I heard you wake up..” He began whilst he went to sit on the bed whilst you pushed yourself away from him, unsure about what to do. You had just seen what he had done to Jack and even to his own brother.. You still hadn’t explained what had happened and why Jack was even in the house so you were too scared he was still angry. Too scared he would do something to you. Too scared he would leave. He shadowed what you did and pushed himself away too - seemingly more cautiously. “I’m so sorry.” The words came off the walls and hit you hard. 

“Jared..” You began, still not making eye contact. 

“I don’t know what happened. I just.. He was..” Jared whispered.

The silence became more comfortable now you weren’t alone. You felt Jared’s cold hands wrap around yours: his knuckles were bruised and swollen and there were cuts all over his hands. 

“He’s just not worth it..” You say making circular motion on Jared’s cuts with your finger which made him wince.

“But you are.” He snapped. His tone dropped and his eyes watched yours. 

“What I did tonight was right, he deserved it. I don’t regret what I did I just regret doing it in front of you.” His eyes continued to stare right into yours. You couldn’t believe what he was saying and you couldn’t believe how much he had let Jack get to him. 

“How can you say that?” Anger had started to spread through you. Everything Jared had stood for had gone completely out of the window because of Jack. “How can you condone what you did?" 

"What did?!” His eyes became wild. “It almost sounds like you’re defending him! What I did?!" 

Jared stood up with his fists clenched. 

"I'm not defending him - I know this isn’t you. This isn’t who you are. Rise above it you always used to say. You always used to get so pissed off when I got angry at somebody..” Of course you weren’t defending that animal. However, Jared seemed different. 

“And?” His tone scared you.

“It’s just what you think has changed.. You used to not let things like that get to you.. And now you’ve let it get to you you’ve hurt Shannon and yourself! Jack’s not worth that! I’m not worth that!” You tried as much as possible not to raise your voice but Jared’s loud uncontrollable breathing made that seem impossible.

“Oh okay.. I’ve changed. Well maybe that’s what falling in love does to you." 

Silence filled the room. This time it was anything but comfortable. 

Jared slowly slumped against the wall and allowed himself to slide down and sit on the floor where he brought his knees up to his chest and allowed his eyes to close as he tried to steady his breathing. One thing that hadn’t changed about him was that when he did ever get angry at anything: he found it so hard to stop. Anything could bring those emotions back incredibly quickly. 

You were angry. At Jack. At Jared. But most of all at yourself. 

Slowly and tentatively you pushed yourself up from the bed and knelt beside Jared. He opened one of his arms and you sat on his lap as he, as gently as he could, wrapped his arms around your waist. You felt him exhale deeply. 

"Promise me.. Nothing stupid now right?” You began, an assertive tone filling the cold air.

“Hmm?” He spoke into your hair. 

“You know what I mean.” You spoke. Jared pulled you in tighter and that offered a type of stability you couldn’t fault right now. 


A pale light began to paint your bedroom walls. You slowly opened your eyes when you found yourself in your bed with your duvet on. You lowered your arm to try and find the arm that always drapes across the right side of your waist when you sleep. Nothing. Panic spread right across you as you began to remember what had happened last night. Jared didn’t seem calm even after you had spoken to him. You pushed the duvet onto the floor and walked down the stairs. 

“Hey,” A voice said calmly as you reached the foot of the stairs. He was watching you from the sofa. “Good sleep?" 

"Yeah it was fine thanks..” You began. “Have you seen Jared?" 

Shannon’s eyes lit up and a smile slowly formed on his face. 

"I came and checked on you in the night and I saw Jared lying down with you in bed. I didn’t want to wake either of you because he actually seemed calm. He actually seemed okay for once.” Shannon’s words confused you. If Jared had carried you into bed after sitting on the floor.. Where was he now? 

“What time did you check on us?” You say slowly. 

“About 4AM? I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to make sure you were okay. I went to bed after that.” Shannon clicked the home button on his iPhone and displayed it to you: no messages or missed calls, just a lock screen of him and Jared at the Oscars. This made both of you smile. 

“That’s weird.. Where do you think he’s gone?” You walked and sat on the sofa opposite Shannon. He sat in his grey sweatpants and his tight red t-shirt with bed hair causing strands of hair to stick out all over his head.

“I’m not sure,” Shannon sighed as he ran his hand along the back of his neck where bruises littered his skin. “Probably for a walk. He does that. He’s just not been having a great time lately. He’s been finding things hard, you know? Probably why he snapped last night. I wouldn’t blame him for what happened.” Each word pounded more guilt into you. Jared had been going through a difficult time recently which you were well aware of. He said that spending time with you made everything much easier and made him feel less like he would do something stupid. You had never thought that this is why he went mad last night. 

“Are you worried about him?” Shannon questioned which snapped you out of your thoughts.

Of course you were worried about him. Whenever Jared was like this he wasn't Jared. Sometimes something would bring it on but sometimes he would just drift away from everything for no reason to anybody's knowledge. This is when you were most scared.

“Yes,” You sighed. “I think it’s just a matter of getting him through whatever he’s going through in his head. Although we don’t know what’s going on, he does. Just get him through this and he’ll be back to normal." 

"Yeah..” You could hear Shannon trying to convince himself. “Yeah maybe you’re right. You normally are.” They eye contact you shared displayed a level of understanding which settled you. 

“Maybe you should go and check if his phone is still here..” Shannon suggested. “He takes it if-”

“-He’s got business and doesn’t if he’s out walking. Got it.” You finished with a smile. 

You walked a little more calmly back up to your room and started to look around for Jared’s phone. It wasn’t on his bedside table, or in his coat or in his drawer. You decided to call it from your phone. When it started to vibrate from underneath the bed, you knew something was wrong. You slowly retrieved it and unlocked the home screen to reveal the very last thing Jared had looked at. 

It was a message from an unknown number. 

“Couldn’t even do it yourself, lover boy? Had to get your animal of a brother to do your dirty work? Well - you can’t stay home with the slut forever.. Your shitty little band will have to go on tour one day and I wonder what will happen to her then. 10 days and counting unless.. Well, you already know. It’s you or her, cunt." 

You dropped his phone which bounced and took the place in which you found it under the bed once again.