where do they get these men

Okay but the question is: where do the British Men of Letters get their intel? Who told them about the Colt’s whereabouts and (unless Mr Ketch was lying about that) failed to mention that the demon was a Prince of Hell?

How many people even know that Ramiel had the Colt - Crowley, the demon with him… possibly the other two Princes of Hell…?

Ten difficult things about being a nonbinary trans person:

1. Gender neutral pronouns (yes, they/them pronouns have been used in a singular fashion for centuries).

2. Bathrooms. Do I risk getting yelled at and told I’m in the wrong bathroom or risk getting assaulted? Which will make me less dysphoric? Answer: neither.

3. Gender dysphoria is especially weird when you’re not a boy or a girl. In a binary world, what am I supposed to or want to look like?

4. Being pressured into taking hormones when you don’t want them.

5. Being pressured into taking a gender neutral name when you don’t want one.

6. Being at events where they shuffle you into men and women’s sections.

7. Not being taken seriously because you’re not at least a binary trans person.

8. Being frowned at by wearing anything other than masculine clothes if you’re afab or feminine clothes if you’re amab.

9. Being considered “basically cisgender” because you’re out of the binary.

10. Not being considered transgender because you’re nonbinary.

Saw a dad giving his daughter advice to go to a women’s college so she’d become a “proper feminine young lady” and the flashbacks I had made me cackle so hard I thought I broke a rib

as someone who went to women’s college for a bit, women’s college is where you go to became a radical feminist fighter who will literally never put up with patriarchal bullshit ✌️

Why men think women in mass will organize to just hold on to antiquated feminine standards mostly perpetuated by men will never cease to anger me. Hell, even organizations run by nuns have been cited as hotbeds of lesbian relationships and intense feminist thoughts


so please go my sisters, go to women’s college, learn how to destroy all men in your life with a better education than they could ever dream of


Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn’s movie about police brutality is a uniquely awful idea

  • Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn are set to co-star in a movie about police brutality.
  • Titled Dragged Across Concrete, the film will see the two stars playing “cops who are suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics gets wide attention,” according to Variety. Then they decide to take revenge among criminals.
  • The two noted Hollywood conservatives feel like odd choices for a nuanced take on police brutality, to say the least. 
  • During this heated political moment, where more and more investigations reveal systemic abuse within police departments,  do we really need these men to offer their takes? Read more

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but please, but please, have you all even SEEN this classic, this work of transcendent Aesthetic , this fashion statement of statements, this 95 Theses nailed upon the door of the church of JESUS CHRIST WHERE DO I BUY THAT OUTFIT, this late 90s pop country jam that dares to ask the question, “what DO you wear in the desert as you reject a bevy of beautiful identical men??? what is the Leopard Print Vibe you ought to have during that part in a country song where you just stop singing?” you’re just saying words, Shania. you’re just speaking. these men aren’t good enough for you to sing at them. they can’t even keep you warm in the middle of the night, why the fuck should you waste a bar on them. where did you get your hat box and can I have it. please. let me impress you much. 

y’all are not gonna believe me but today I was reading a book on historic queens and I found this royal Swedish  family where the king was bisexual and known to sleep with women and men before and after marriage, and then after his death his wife started sleeping with one of her handmaidens and they even ran away together, and of course their daughter was Queen Christina of Sweden who was nonbinary, routinely dressed like a man, seduced men and women alike —even having a gf she’d make out with in public not giving a single fuck— and from the get-go decided not to get married because she’d rather do cool shit like study, fence and go hunting

this family was lit 

AU where Mandy and Jenny put out any fire in the Haus before it can even be noticed by the Boys. 

Sometimes it’s not an easy job.

 It’s April 26th, why do you need to be setting off fireworks you hot mess of a human being? All the Haus sees is a broken window as a large firework blasts through the door.

And there was that one time where Ransom went a little crazy with the retail therapy and bought, like, 50 yankee candles from the girl going door to door fundraising. You don’t light them all at once boy, ffs. Mandy and Jenny are pleased when Jack pulls out the Sin Bin and makes him put in 20 bucks for the unholy mixing of scents which permeated every inch of the Haus. 

They get why the new kid likes the oven. It was really the first thing that helped him connect with his teammates in a way that didn’t terrify them. They saw the way he entered the house with his shoulders hunched up almost all the way to his ears, afraid that something could go wrong at any moment. Then he saw the kitchen, and decided that he would make it his. So yeah, Mandy and Jenny get it. 
But Good ol Betsy is a becoming something of a hazard. Mandy and Jenny had to snuff out a flame that would have burned the whole house down in no time. Bitty would only see a burned dish waiting for him when he returned. 

After a night of arguing, Mandy and Jenny agreed that it would be best that Betsy be put to rest. The oven doesn’t turn on after then no matter how hard Dex tries. 

Summers were quiet. Everyone was out and Mandy and Jenny could just relax for three whole months without too much responsibility. Really, they’ve done their best to try to give these boys common sense. They’ve added several shows about fires onto Jacks list of “to watch” documentaries, which should be noted is hand written and very meticulous. After he watched them, Jack made the Haus do one fire drill. One. Jack woke them up at 3am and had made them practice evacuating three different times. Because “No Bittle you do not need to your recipe book with you it’s a drill”
“You said that you have to practice like it’s the real deal, Jack. I’m not letting moomaw’s secrets go like that”. 

And the danger of fire has been a lot less since Jack got that fancy new Betsy 2.0. That thing works so nicely. 

So yeah, summer. Not much to worry about that they haven’t seen before. The Haus is quiet, and then it’s a little less quiet as Bittle enters the Haus, changes out of his suit and into his comfy clothes and enters Chowder’s new room to finish up some laundry. He doesn’t make it very far before Mandy and Jenny realize that he is not Ok. 

His face is all blotched and he’s sniffling. Mandy and Jenny don’t really know how to cheer him up. Fixing heartbreak is hard to do non-corporeally. So they look at his phone and queue up the song that he’s always singing in the shower. Maybe that will help him just cry it out. 

The song comes on and he immediately blasts it to where that’s the only thing he can hear around him. There’s nothing that Mandy and Jenny can do to get Bittle to notice when Jack bursts up the stairs and shouts his name into his room. All they want to do is scream “he’s over here!” at Jack, who is looking into Bitty’s room like he’s already making a sad mixtape titled “Love Lost” in his head. 

Then there’s a sniffle from Bitty, and Jack turns around. And he kisses him. And kisses him again. And again. 

For the first time in 22 years, Mandy and Jenny don’t have to worry about the sparks flying in the Haus. 

Who Would’ve Thought.

Summary: You’re picked in the Negan lineup. 

“Can you do one where the reader is in a relationship with Carl and is in the Negan lineup thing and the reader is the one that gets picked and Carl loses it? 

Ringing overtook your hearing as “Lucille” stopped ahead of you. The end was blunt in your face and the realization hadn’t even hit you yet.

“-it. Bring her up.” His voice sent fear down your spine. Your breath was shaky when two men walked up to you, huge grins on their faces and roughly grabbed your arms and pulled you up.

“N-no! No!” Carl instinctively rose from his knees, but Rick grabbed him and tackled his son to the ground. His hat fell in front of him. He struggled desperately, but his father’s protection overpowered him. Sweat stuck his hair to his face.

You could see men out of the corner of your eye walk toward your love and his father.

“It’s alright. Let the boy be. He needs his eye to see this. Builds character” You were shoved onto your knees. You shook terribly. They let go of you and you settled your hands in your lap. Your mouth was open, void of anything to say. Your eyes were wide, and tears cleared paths from dirt down your cheeks.

You looked to Carl whose face was covered in dirt and then held down by Rick’s hand. “Y/N! Please, no! Take me! Take me!” He continued to struggle free to no avail.


Your cheeks colored vividly as he swung his jacket over your shoulders. You looked up to him and he looked away with a serious expression on his face. “You were cold, so here.” He shoved his hands into his pockets and sat next to you.

You closed the jacket around yourself and smiled. The stars were especially beautiful that night. You knew you wanted him to be here a lot longer.


Negan said something you didn’t interpret and turned his head to look at the rest of your group. This was it. Your life was over. Everything that was you is going to be gone in a moment, and you had no say in it. However, if anyone were to die tonight, you would have volunteered yourself over anyone else.

He looked to you with a stupid grin on his face and raised his bat over his head.


He stood with the smoking gun pointed behind you and let it down. “Why didn’t you check behind you first? You could have died.” He was breathing heavily. Walkers surrounded the building, and you two had found refuge in a room deep within.

“S-sorry.” You rubbed the back of your sweaty neck and looked away from him.

You could see him walking closer to you, so you moved to the side assuming he was going to check the barricade. Instead, he grabbed your forearm to stop you from moving.  

You looked up in confusion and were immediately caught off guard by his face coming closer to yours. Once his lips touched yours, you were on fire. His breath brushed your cheek and his other hand was grasping the back of your neck. You slipped your arms around his neck and pushed yourself closer.

He pulled away and looked into your eyes. His one blue eye shone so brightly that you could swear that you two were alone right then in the entire world.

“Don’t be stupid. You’re kind of important.”


Negan brought his bat clean on the top of your head and pulled it back, hair was caught on the wire and ripped skin along with it. You could hear bone crunch. Your ears rang. Your teeth cracked under the pressure. Warmth seeped onto your face; blood, you assumed.

“Damn, she took it like a champ!”

“Fuck you! I’ll fucking kill you! I’ll-” Rick drove his fist into the side of his boy’s head to take him from consciousness.

A ring fell from his pocket. A small silver ring with a yellow stone on it.


“You’re really serious about her, aren’t you?”

Carl looked to Glenn and pocketed the ring he had found and risked his life for earlier that day. “She sure is something. I couldn’t even imagine someone like her.” His heart swelled with love and a smile played on his lips. He knew that if he just kept you close, that he would make sure nothing ever happened to you.


Note: I liked doing this one. Let me know if you have an idea for a story/oneshot! :)

Musings about Michonne

I love Michonne’s diplomacy and leadership skills that we’ve seen in the MSP. This is what I’ve been waiting to see for so long, more of her negotiating and stepping up beside Rick as a leader in her own right. I love the scene with Gregory and Rick where she inserts herself between both men when things start to get heated. She gets straight to the point and poses the question to Gregory about what he will do to help fix their shared problem.

There’s no subterfuge in her approach. No bullshit. She makes her point and moves the negotiations and conversation along. She did the same thing at the Kingdom and when Negan’s minions showed up at ASZ.

I particularly enjoyed seeing her standing by Rick’s side and speaking up even though he was introduced to Ezekiel as the leader of ASZ.

Michonne is so smart and strategic; she is levelheaded and skillful. She helps Rick to be a better man, a better leader.

She is everything.

I hope we get to see more of her back story; why is she such an adept and intelligent person when dealing with others? What did she do in her previous life that equipped her to be not only a formidable warrior, but a shrewd mediator.


One of the greatest obstacles that women face in all businesses – not just the industry, but it’s pretty prevalent in the industry – is that women aren’t always very nice to women. Men do this thing where they sort of band together and they support each other and try to lift each other up and try to encourage each other to get these different positions, and women somehow seem to be fighting against each other instead of for each other.

If you ever get the idea that it is the responsibility of raped, battered, mentally/physically/sexually abused and violated women to help, educate, mend or heal men who rape, abuse, violate boundaries and get off from the pain, subjugation and degradation of women I suggest you take that thought and burn it till nothing is left, not even ash. Many women already do so much in the fight for their right to something they already should have an unconditional right to, and many women do feel the pressure to educate and try to heal men who are a danger to them. Do not reinforce this pressure. Put the responsibility where it belongs. Stop forgiving men for the hurt they cause. Stop making excuses for them. Start caring about women who suffer.

carry on asks!

sour cherry scones: what’s your favorite comfort food?
magickal record: do you keep up with current events?
violin: play any musical instruments?
sword of mages: name an item or skill that you consider to be your weapon of choice.    
mage’s men: dream career? 
numpties: do you prefer being too hot or too cold?
vampires: would you choose to live forever?
dragon: do you prefer working in a team or working alone?
magic words: favorite book? 
elocution: what languages do you speak? 
pitch mansion: how big is your family?
covent garden: where is somewhere you’ve been that you never want to go back to?
football pitch: play any sports?
mummers house: have any roommates? 
the cloisters: name a woman who inspires you. 
weeping tower: what’s your favorite fictional world?
white chapel: do you want to get married?
catacombs: where do you usually go to be alone?
wavering wood: do you enjoy hiking/camping/just being out in nature?watford: what place in the world feels most like home?

Joker Imagine - a henchman harrasses you

Anonymous said:Hey love ! Could you do a story where the reader is left alone with daddy j’s henchmen and over time one specific one harasses her behind daddy j’s back and he tells her she’s too weak for him stuff like that ,makes her cry etc.. and when he finds out through another henchmen he goes ballistic and tortures the fuck out of him and then daddy j gets all sweet and stuff, love your writing !!!!😘😘😘💘

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Your P.O.V.

‘’Take care of her’’ J told his men as he got ready to go. He was going on a heist that I was supposed to go to as well, but I got sick so I had to stay at home with some of his henchmen. ‘’And don’t do anything stupid doll’’ He told me and kissed my head. ‘’I won’t’’ I chuckled and then sniffled. I had a running nose. ‘’I know..Just watch out’’ He said strangely. Then he had to go. I wished him luck and watched as my green haired criminal boyfriend went out to break some more laws. 

‘’So what do you guys do around here?’’ I turned around to face the henchmen that stayed here. They weren’t very social with me, but  I could probably get them talking. They were all bigger and stronger than me, but I trusted them. ‘’Well I could show you around’’ One of them spoke up and walked up to me. The guy had huge muscles, loads of tattoos, blonde hair in a quiff and a few scars. He was wearing a black tank top, jeans, sunglasses and his gun belt. ‘’Sounds fine’’ I smiled and then sniffled again. The other henchmen looked at each other strangely, but remained quiet. 

He led me to the elevator and I followed him kindly. I was sick so I couldn’t even go and practise shooting. So he was my company until J would come back home. ‘’Where are we going?’’ I asked him as he pressed a button that I didn’t see. ‘’I’ll show you the storage floor’’ He told me with a deep voice. I nodded and just stood still as the elevator went down.

The elevator doors opened again and I saw a long hall with loads of doors. I couldn’t even remember being here because I was mostly in the penthouse. The henchman walked further inside and I followed right next to him. A few henchmen were here as well, who knows why. Suddenly he opened a door to a room. That’s when I felt weird. Why would he take me to such an isolated place? Stupidly I walked into the room with him. It was empty. 

‘’Now that we’re alone I can get honest’’ He started and made me nervous. So he wasn’t going to show me around after all. ‘’What do you mean?’’ I questioned this man and glanced at the door. It was shut. ‘’You’re so weak holy fuck. Seriously I don’t understand what boss sees in you’’ He started and seemed to be angry. My heart started hammering in my chest and I stared at him in shock. ‘’You shouldn’t be together’’ He chuckled and walked towards me. ‘’H-Hey..Let’s not talk about me and J okay?’’ I tried to smile, but it hurt. Then I back off until I was between him and a wall. He made me feel very uncomfortable.

‘’I bet he’s with you just for the pussy’’ He laughed and suddenly touched my body. ‘’Let me go’’ I groaned and slapped his hand away from me. Suddenly he grabbed my throat harshly and kept me against the wall so hard I couldn’t breathe. I tried to rip his hands off of me, but he was stronger. ‘’Be a good girl for me..Don’t do that again’’ He whispered in front of my face and I could feel his hot breath. It made me sick in my stomach.

 Suddenly his grip loosened a little and I gasped for air. Tears stung my eyes and I knew I was trapped. ‘’Oh..You’re not to tough then boss isn’t around’’ He fake pouted and then started laughing. Tears ran down my face silently and I felt like I was shrinking. He made me really scared, especially because he was so strong and I was sick. I didn’t even have my gun with me to protect myself.

Suddenly his other hand cupped my left boob and my eyes widened. ‘’Please stop..’’ I begged as my breath hitched in my throat. His other hand was still around my neck and it made breathing harder. ‘’I won’t stop until I want to you whore’’ He spat, making more tears gush down my face. My body was trembling from fear and I just wanted to find J. Then to make things worse, he pressed his dirty lips against mine. I screamed and tried to pull my face back, but he just choked me so I stopped wiggling. His other hand was squeezing my boobs harshly and I felt so fucking humiliated. He was trying to make out with me as I was trying not to throw up on him.

‘’If you tell J, I’ll kill you..’’He threatened me angrily. Then he looked at me seriously. I just nodded, being too scared to fight him. ‘’Is that clear?’’ He growled and then squeezed my jaw so it hurt. ‘’Yes’’ I whimpered and swallowed my tears. I felt so disgusting right now. ‘’Good you damn ugly bitch’’ He spat again and then yanked my hair. I winced in pain as he pushed me against the wall so he was behind me. His hand slapped my ass and I groaned in pain. ‘’Stop it!’’ I screamed again, but only angered him. ‘’Shut the fuck up’’ He hissed angrily. I squeezed my eyes shut and held my breath. 

‘’I’d teach you a lesson, but I don’t want you to get a kid running around. Tomorrow come to me with protection’’ He said with a low voice. My heart skipped a beat and I started trembling again. I would not do that. I just couldn’t, but for now I just nodded because I was too scared to disobey. ‘’Now fuck off’’ He growled and pushed me towards the door. I opened it quickly and left the floor. I literally ran into the elevator and pressed the button to go to the penthouse. As the elevator doors shut, I slid down the walls and sat down. Tears started gushing down my face wildly and I was sobbing loudly.

I couldn’t believe what just happened.

The elevator doors opened before I reached the penthouse and two henchmen walked in. As they saw me, they seemed worried. They knew that if I got hurt, someone would die. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ One of them, Jimmy asked me. I shook my head because I was unable to speak. Then I stood up and looked down so they couldn’t see my ugly crying face. ‘’Was it Mark? The one who showed you around?’’ The other henchman asked me. ‘’It’s nothing’’ I whimpered and then focused on my trembling hands.

The elevator went up and I was by the penthouse. I walked out of the elevator, past some guards and inside my home. I kicked off my shoes and hurried to the bathroom. I felt so dirty that I just had to shower. As I got undressed, I started crying loudly again. What the fuck was I supposed to do? Go to him tomorrow? Tell J? Die?


*POV CHANGE Joker’s P.O.V.*

The heist went just as planned. I was so happy about it and I couldn’t wait to tell everything to Y/N. I got home and noticed that my henchmen had been acting weird, but no one said anything. ‘’Y/N?’’ I called out for her as I stepped inside the penthouse. Her shoes were on the floor, not neatly as usually. That was weird. That’s when I heard crying. I walked closer to the sound until I found her in the shower of our master bathroom. I shut the bathroom door as I stepped in. She was sitting on the shower floor, letting the warm water hit her back.

‘’What happened?’’ I asked her and took off my shirt. ‘’Nothing’’ She lied, obviously hurt by something. I sighed and got completely undressed. Then I joined her in the shower, helping her up. She wrapped her arms around me. Her body was trembling even tho the water was hot. ‘’Tell me what’s wrong’’ I cooed and hugged her back. 

‘’I can’t..It’s nothing’’ She mumbled and sighed. I didn’t want to push her, so I just let it be for now. Maybe my henchmen knew since they were all acting so weird earlier. Whatever it was, I’d find it out someway. 

                   Y/N fell asleep after the shower and I put the blanket on her body. She was in our bed so I thought it was safe to leave her for a little while. I got two floors down where most of my henchmen always were, either in the main big office or their own offices. As I walked in, I got glanced at strangely. ‘’Now does anyone want to tell me why my girl was scared to death when I came home?’’ I broke the silence and played with my gun. Frost appeared out of nowhere and walked up to me. ‘’Jimmy and Poison wants to talk to you about it’’ Frost admitted with a quiet voice. I gave him a strange look, but let him lead me to two other henchmen.

They were in an office drinking coffee as I got there. As soon as they saw me, they stood up. ‘’What’s going on?’’ I growled deeply and looked at each of them. ‘’Mark had talked about hurting Y/N lately and bad shit about her..Just as you left he took her down to the storage floor’’ Jimmy started and then looked at Poison, an intelligent killer. ‘’I saw him take her to a room. I heard screaming, but the door was locked from the outside. Then she stormed off crying. Then Mark came up later and bragged about what he had done’’ Poison let me know. I felt like a vein would pop in my head from anger.

Oh how I would fucking torture that asshole for hurting my lady. ‘’Where is he?’’ He growled and started to breathe heavily. No one would hurt Y/N and get away with it. ‘’In his office’’ Frost informed me. I stormed off and left them behind. Mark’s office wasn’t far away. I ripped the door open and pointed at him with my gun. He was sitting by his desk, doing some paperwork or something. ‘’You know..birds have been singing anf they sang something like ‘Mark is screwed Mark is screwed for hurting Joker’s girlfriend’’ I growled in a mocking tone. His eyes widened and he stared at my gun, turning pale as time passed.

‘’That’s not t-true’’ He stuttered and raised his arms.’’Liar’’ I hissed and then pushed him against the wall. I looked deep into his eyes and nearly saw his beating heart. He was terrified. ‘’You really fucked up man’’ I let him know and then hit his neck with my gun. He groaned out in pain and fell down on his knees. ‘’Frosty would you do me a favour and take this pig to the torture room?’’ I called out for Frost who came here asap. ‘’Yes boss’’

                             An hour passed rather slowly. Mark was tied to a chair in the torture room and he was barely alive anymore. What I had done to him wasn’t for sensitive people. Even so called strong people would get the chills and gag if they would hear details. Let’s just say that Mark didn’t look like himself anymore.He was bleeding from random places and I had carved things on his body. Long story short, he was 100% regretting what he had done.

‘’I think that the dogs would love to finish you off’’ I laughed at him. There was a small ray of life in his eyes left. He was trembling and breathing heavily. Frost walked in two beautiful dogs, my German Shepherds. ‘’Finish him’’ I told the dogs who attacked mark. One last shout escaped his mouth before he fell silent. I walked out of the room, smiling because I knew he was dead. 

I got back to the penthouse and headed straight to Y/N. She was in bed, but she wasn’t sleeping. She was crying again. ‘’It’s okay..’’ I broke the silence and joined her in bed. I threw off my bloody shirt and then wrapped my arms around her. ‘’No it’s not J’’ She sobbed , obviously scared. So she didn’t know yet. ‘’Y/N ..’’ I said her name and looked deep into her pretty eyes.

‘’I killed him. He can’t hurt you anymore’’ I let her know. Her tears stopped and her lips parted. She seemed shocked. ‘’How did you even know?’’ She breathed out and then sniffled, probably because she had cried so much and because she was sick. ‘’The other henchmen let me know. You don’t have to worry. He’s gone’’ I reminded her while tracing my fingers on her cheek. There were bruises on her neck that I didn’t notice earlier. Damn I was glad I killed Mark.

‘’Thank you so much’’ She whispered and nuzzled into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her body and sighed deeply. ‘’You must be crazy if you thought I wouldn’t kill him. I’ll protect you no matter what Y/N. You’re the only person I truly care about so I’ll treat you like it. Next time someone dares to hurt you, tell me immediately, okay?’’ I tried to make a deal with her. ‘’Okay Puddin’’ She  answered me quietly, making me feel happy.

‘’That’s my girl’’

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anonymous asked:

As a queer girl, how do i get men to Leave Me Alone. like, you're flawless and can probably rebuff them with a Look but i'm just a small town gay and also can't really tell men flirting with me at work to fuck off. basically how did you gain your patented 'how dare you talk to me' aura.

so you know how there are tumblr posts where it’s just like 

person 1: “long explanation of a thing no one cares about”

person 2: “……….anyway”

you need to always inhabit the mindset of person 2. you don’t have to tell anyone to fuck off when you just treat their flirting as though it could not possibly inconvenience you more. keep your head high and sometimes raise your eyebrows ever so slightly, like you’re barely humoring a bad magician. broadcasting disinterest is incredibly easy, you just have to keep yourself from worrying about making things awkward. you can get a lot of mileage out of not smiling. 

make it a habit, and one day you too can be a lesbian who dismisses men at bars from her presence like a gay cleopatra 

aprilsoul  asked:

Hi I need some Milo receipts, my dad now supports him and thinks he's "doing great things for feminism and gay rights"

Holy fuck where do I even start 








I mean….. the list goes on and on but tbh it doesn’t even matter bc america loves ignorant racists like that and he’s just gonna keep getting more powerful and powerful. Opportunity after opportunity……. he has a LOT of supporters. 

Unbreakable (Joker x Reader)

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Anon requested: “The reader is a professional torturer, and she is hired by someone to torture the joker and then he falls in love with her and she falls for him too. can you do this?

Warnings: Blood, mentions of torture.(I have this warning a lot, is there something wrong with me?)


So much blood. This one was definitely a bleeder, they always made the clean up a hell of a lot harder. Maybe she should start to charge more for messy jobs. Chemicals are expensive, y'know. She could hear the small whimpers from the corner of the room, she sighed and waved over to one of her men.

“Make sure he gets to where he needs to be,” she simply said, wiping the red from her hands onto the white smock she wore and pointing towards the man who was tied in a chair surrounded by plastic sheets.

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Big Brother

Prompt: Combines 3 of them: Dick Grayson’s biological little sister, oneshot where reader is part of the batfam and when she get’s her first bf the boys get really protective and edgy, Batfam sister with a crush on Wally West

Words: 674

You can feel their eyes on you as you slip on your flats. “I don’t get why you guys are so edgy about this.”

Jason just scowls, “Men are evil creatures who only want one thing.”

You smirk, “Last time I checked, all of you were men.”

“Exactly, how do you think we know?” Dick adds.

“Look at Bruce!” Tim points out

You want to laugh, but you don’t. You know it would just hurt their egos, and they’re already stressed out enough. You turn to Dick, “Wally is your best friend.”

Dick shakes his head, “Not anymore. He broke the bro-code. He’s dating my baby sister.”

You roll your eyes. “You’re older by two minutes Dick, that doesn’t mean you get to dictate who I date. And we’ve known Wally since we were eight.”

The sound of the zeta tube alerts you to the fact that Wally has arrived. He come through with a bouquet of daffodils, and there’s the slightest hint of a blush on his cheeks. You smile as you walk toward him. Two steps in you realize your brothers are walking with you. You stop, and look at them, ”I’m eighteen, and perfectly capable of walking by myself. In fact I’ve been doing it since before I was a year old.”

They stop, as you move forward. You smile as you take the flowers, “They’re beautiful, thank you.”

He smiles and rubs the back of his head, “I know they’re your favorite.”

“I’m going to run up the stairs and put these in water, do you want to come with me?”

He looks around you at your brothers and shakes his head, “Nah, I’ll be all right down here.” Then he leans in and whispers, “I have to get it over at some point.”

You just smile and move up the stairs. A moment later Dick appears beside you, “If he hurts you I’m going to have to kill him you realize.”

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re just a tiny bit overprotective.”

He smiles, “You, every day since Bruce adopted us.”

“You’re my only living blood. We were born moments apart, and we’ve never been apart for longer than a few weeks. We learned to fly together, we learned to fight together, we found our family together.”

You nod, “I know, that family is currently downstairs interrogating my new boyfriend.”

“I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“Wally would never intentionally hurt me. We both know that. Maybe it doesn’t work out, and maybe it does. Either way we both feel something and we’d like a chance to explore it.”

Dick stares at you for a second, “No PDA in front of me, and I still claim him for our guys night.”

You hug your big brother, “Fair enough. You okay now?”

“Yeah,” he nods, “Go save your boyfriend, and have fun, just not too much fun.”

You just smile. You walk in on your three younger brothers surrounding your boyfriend. You break through their circle, grab Wally’s hand and the two of you go through the Zeta tube. You come out on the other side smiling, and Wally’s arm wraps around your waist.

“Well that was fun,” he states, as the two of you go walking down the sidewalk

You look up at him, “I don’t see any bruises or anything, so I’m assuming they were nice.”

Wally just shrugs, “Lord only knows what they’d do if they found out we’d been dating for over a year.”

You agree, “It was so much easier before Bruce found out. Know it all detective.”

Wally pulls you in a bit tighter, and kisses your cheek, “At least he didn’t rat us out. Now, let’s go get dinner!”

You laugh, “Yes, you haven’t eaten in over an hour, you must be famished.”

Wally pulls you in for a kiss “That’s why I love you. You understand me.”

“You love me?”

He smiles, and leans his forehead against you, “Yes, I love you.”

You smile, “Good, because I love you too.”

Tips for new SBs ✨

-DONT TELL THEM YOURE NEW. Once a man knows you’re inexperienced, he’ll assume you’re naive (which you probably are from lack of experience) and do anything he can to get out of paying.
-Don’t give out your real name. Seriously it’s so easy for men to find ALL of your info using only your name. Once he has your info, he can do whatever he wants.
-Always tell a friend where you are in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation. If no one knows you’re a SB, just tell them you’re on a date.
-GET THE MONEY FIRST. Once you do something sexual without money first, he can just leave and ghost on you if he wants. Even before sending nudes, money first.
-Set up a way to receive money online. You can use squarecash, venmo, or paypal. Be aware that paypal does show your real name, so you’ll need to set up a second account with a fake name if you’re going to use it.
-Don’t let sugaring get in the way of your mental or physical health. If you’re too stressed out and falling behind in school or it’s making you too anxious, just take a break. Sugaring can be great, but it isn’t for anyone. There’s no shame in taking a break, or quitting all together.

dear people who want to break the habit of interrupting others: when you interrupt someone and they stop talking, do not say what you were going to. apologize and ask them to continue. if they say “it’s fine, you can talk,” tell them “you were talking first,  i interrupted. go ahead.” i know that it is difficult to stop interrupting in general, but start by trying not to allow yourself to benefit from it.