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Dangerous Man (John Wick x Reader)

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Working at The Continental isn’t at all what you thought it’d be. 


You smoothed out your shirt and looked in the mirror. It was your first day on the job. You were decked out head to toe in brand new clothes. All from a designer you’d never heard of. All custom made to fit you perfectly.  All completely free. On top of that, you’d be making a salary that, at entry level, was six figures. And all you had to do was deliver room service.

But there was a saying you’d heard since you were young: If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

You should have suspected something was off when you had to give a blood sample, a urine sample, a DNA swab, and answer a thirteen page questionnaire that included things like “list the full names of your parents, siblings, and grandparents” or “do you have any experience with sutures, cauterization, or CPR?”

And then the interview, itself, felt more like an interrogation. The whole thing gave you this weird feeling in your gut, but this was also the most exclusive hotel in New York City. Getting a room here wasn’t about whether or not you had the money, but whether or not you knew the right people, and even then, it was typically booked solid. You’d even heard a rumor that The Queen of England was denied a room once. Of course they’d be picky about their staff.

But after the lengthy interview process and dozen or so signatures on papers you probably should have read, you found out the truth about The Continental.

The manager’s name was Winston. He was nice enough, though he had a very “no nonsense” attitude about him. The more you found out about the place, though, the more you understood why. It was a safe haven for a secret society of people. Assassins. Hit men. Gang Lords. The underground elite of not only New York, but the entire world. The only currency accepted from customers were gold coins. One gold coin was the equivalent to one favor. It was a simple system, Winston explained, but complex to newcomers. You’d pick it up over time. All you needed to know was that if you got a coin, you kept a close eye on it.

Additionally, the hotel followed a strict set of rules, but the two that most concerned you were that staff was never to ask questions, and no business could ever be conducted on hotel grounds. The latter of the two should have made you feel safer, but instead, it just made you more nervous.

Upon the conclusion of your meeting with Winston, he presented you with a single gold coin. You looked at him curiously. He smiled, and said simply:

“A welcome gift.”

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The Night Before (SMUT WARNING) - Jai Courtney

This part is set the night before the first chapter, ‘The Morning After’. I wasn’t originally going to do this but I had a feeling that someone would ask me to do it and someone messaged me mentioning that they would like to see what happened the night before :) so here it is!

Word Count: 2159
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Jai’s feet were resting on the coffee table when you got home. He greeted you with a smile and muted the television show he was watching. “Hey, baby. How was work?”

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Not stayin//Daryl Dixon

Info: reader is Ezekiel sister, therefore she is pretty high up in her ranking. When Daryl has to stay in the Kingdom, Ezekiel has her show him around.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, oral sex, smut

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When y/n saw Daryl, she was intrigued. She knew that he was an Alexandrian and had no chance with him but a girl can dream. Jesus came here with Ricks group, they want us to fight Negan with them and the Hilltop. Ezekiel wasn’t with it, but y/n wanted to, that could give her an excuse to talk to him.

“Daryl, you should stay here” Rick says to Daryl.

Her heart skipped a beat. Daryl, staying here? Even for only a few days, she’d be fine. She concealed a smile that spread across her face as her brother and Daryl were nearby.

“I ain’t stayin here” Daryl refuses throwing his hand back, motioning at the Kingdom.

She looked up, she was disappointed. But then again, who can she blame? The guy wants to go home, it isn’t a crime. She looked to Ezekiel, he had no opinion on Daryl staying or not.

She opened her mouth to speak but Ezekiel quickly stopped her.

“He must make this decision for himself” He explained himself.

She nodded and let the scene play out. It ended with Daryl standing alone as the gates closed behind his friends. Morgan turned to Ezekiel.

“I’ve got class with Ben” He excused himself.

“Daryl,” Ezekiel spoke, he turned to the duo “y/n, my sister, will show you around and get you set up with sleeping quarters”

“I ain’t stayin long” Daryl spoke.

“Well you gotta sleep somewhere tonight” y/n spoke as she walked towards Daryl.

“Farewell my dear sister, see you at dinner, I’m expecting you bring Daryl”

“Of course” She said with a smile.

Daryl walked beside her as she led him to the laundry square. Piles and piles of clean folded clothes sat on tables, damp clothes hung on drying lines.

“This is where you’ll find any clothes you’d need, but I know,” She turned to him with a pile of clothes “You aren’t staying long”

He nodded with a smirk and a stifled chuckle. He walked next to her once again as she walked. He couldn’t really focus, but her voice was so pretty and so was her face. He kind of wishes he wasn’t leaving but Alexandria is home. She pointed and spoke, looking back making eye contact to see if he understood, he gave empty nods.

“W-why can’t you go home?” y/n asked looking straight ahead.

“Negan took me after killing two of my group, I escaped and they’re gonna be lookin for me real soon” He said, he said it with emotion, it was obviously a sensitive topic.

“I’m sorry” She whispered.

The air became still and silent as they walked. He held a pile of clothes while she picked him up a towel from a friend. She stopped once they reached his door, it was a room with an empty bed and not much else.

“Ezekiels your brother, huh?” He asked.

“Yeah” She agreed.

“Get him to stand up to Negan, try, if not for yourself, me”

She shifted on her feet “So you think I care about you?” She asked with a smirk.

Daryl shrugged, she handed him his towel, they brushed hands and she felt her face get hot. He gave her a nod and opened the door to go inside, y/n went to go to her room.

“Wait, y/n” Daryl spoke.

She turned to him.

“Wait for me? I won’t be long but you gotta show me to the dining hall, yeah?”

“Yeah, I do” She nodded with a smile.

“You can wait inside if ya want, I’ll change in the bathroom”

“Okay” She nodded and stepped inside.

He went into the bathroom while she took a seat on the bed. There wasn’t much to do while she waited except wait. Counting cracks on the wall, broken window panes outside and floor tiles. Count how many times someone walked past the window or the florescent light flickered.

The bathroom door opened and revealed a wet Daryl, towel low on his hips. She tried to keep her eyes on his face.

“Are you okay?” She asked him.

“Just forgot my clothes” He spoke timidly, he was unsure of whether he should come out or ask her to get them.

“I can get them” She said.

“Are you sure? I can if you don’t want to get up”

“No, it’s fine” She nodded and got up.

She picked up the piles of clothes and met him at the door. Hands touched once again and a look was exchanged.

“I, uh, thanks” Daryl stumbled over his words.

Y/n skipped the bullshit and kissed him. She hoped he’d kiss back and he did. He dropped his clothes and kissed her back. Their hands caught in one another hair. y/ slid her hand down his slick abdomen and underneath the towel. She grabbed his cock and he groaned into her mouth. They pulled away and y/n fell to her knees in front of him. She undid his towel and his cock sprung up. She smirked and looked up at him, he looked embarrassed but so turned on at the same time.

She wrapped herself around him and he threw his head back. She steadied herself with her hands on her lap, Daryl was holding onto the door frame behind him. She took him in until she gagged around him, as unattractive of a sound and sight, Daryl moaned out in pleasure. 

“Fuck” He cursed from above her, one hand now wrapping into her hair.

He guided her up and down his cock, the top hit the back of her throat every time. Daryl moaning turned her on, her making him feel that good made her clench her thighs together for some kind of relief.

“Stop” He suddenly spoke and pulled her off of him.

She worried she did something wrong and looked at him with concern. He picked her up and moved her to the bed, laying her on her back. At this point she assumes she didn’t do that bad as Daryl was yanking her jeans down her legs. She lifted her hips to help him, he took them off along with her underwear and boots. Daryl positioned his face between her legs and got to it. His tongue exploring her, it had been so long anything would feel better than her hand at this point.

“Shit” She panted, her fingers in his damp hair.

Daryl continued to eat her out. He’d look up every now and then to see how he was doing and if she was satisfied. He eventually had to lay an arm across her hips to keep her from bucking. His scruff hit her thighs the right way, his nose wold bump her clit every now at then making her writhe beneath him. When he added fingers she was done. She pulled her head closer to her so he wouldn’t stop. 

“I-I’m gonna come” She cried out.

“Not yet” Daryl spoke and stood up.

She was left on the bed, just for a moment. It wasn’t long before Daryl pushed himself deep inside her. Both of them now equally desperate for a release, Daryl wanted them to come once and together, after all, he wasn’t staying long. They had to finish up quick either way for dinner.

He was up on his elbows above her as he thrusted. Her body moved with every thrust, she held onto his shoulders for something to hold. She moaned and he grunted occasionally. Both finally excited to have someone to fuck after so long.

“Shit” He groaned as she clenched around him, signalling she was close. He lowered himself to her ear and told her,  “Come with me”.

She could only nod, her mouth agape and panting.

“Now” He spoke and they both came together.

After not having anything in so long, coming together was even better than one at a time. She sighed in relief as she finally got what she’s been needing, and the guy she got it from wasn’t too bad himself.

A knock on the door startled them, y/n rolled off the bed, grabbing her pants and hid on the ground while Daryl answered the door.

“Hello, Daryl. I am so sorry to interrupt you but I was wondering if you know whereabouts of y/n , dinner is soon and she isn’t in her sleeping quarters” Ezekiel asked.

“Nah, but she should be stopping by soon to show me to dinner”

“Okay, very well, I will see you then”

Daryl nodded and closed the door. He turned and sighed with a chuckle. y/n rose up shimming her pants onto her hips.

“What?” She asked.

“He always talk like that?” He spoke while pulling his shirt on.

“Yeah, it’s his thing. Goes with the title of King Ezekiel”

“That makes sense”

After dinner, Ezekiel pulled y/n aside. Daryl didn’t leave the table as he needed her to get around.

“Don’t get attached, he isn’t staying” He spoke.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw your shoes in his room, y/n”

“Oh” Her face turned red “You can’t blame me”

“Goodnight, dear sister” Ezekiel said turning around.

Y/n turned to the table where Daryl sat alone. The rest of the hall had cleared for bed. She sat across from him, she got sad knowing it wouldn’t last long.

“How many walkers have you killed?” Daryl asked.

“A lot”

“How many people?”



“To save myself. Why are you asking me all this?”

“I want you to come back with me, to Alexandria”

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Jack Maynard - Naked

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy :) And don’t forget to send in your requests!

Word count: 863

You currently in London visiting a couple of friends and just having a little holiday for yourself. The Maynards and Josh had very kindly offered to let you stay over at their place. You really appreciated their kindness, but the lack of space was starting to get a bit uncomfortable. You were rooming with Jack, since the both of you had been friends for the longest time.

You had cooked them a nice dinner, and was in the midst of clearing up. The boys really don’t get a lot of proper home cooked meals so you wanted to treat them. And they also clearly didn’t know very much about cleaning up. You took it in turns to teach the boys how to look after themselves and keep the pests away. Today was Jack’s turn. He barely knew how to clean a plate well. “Jack. Don’t just put the dishes in the dishwasher will you? At least give it a little rinse.”

“What’s the point of the bloody dishwasher then?”

“There’s broccoli and chicken skin stuck on it Jack”, you pointed out. Huffing, he pulled the plate back out to rinse it. You gave him directions to rinse the other dishes as well. When he tried to get soap onto the sponge, it ended up flying right into your eye.

“Shit. You okay (Y/N)?” he asked laughing.

“You idiot! I’m gonna go blind now!” you exaggerated. He laughed, helping you to wash the soup out of your eyes. You felt goose bumps form on your arm as his body was pressed against yours, bending around you. He had one hand holding your hair back, out of your face, while the other was helping you wash the soap out. You blinked the water out of eyes, finally able to open your eyes and see clearly again. Stepping back, you noticed Jack’s eyes widen considerably, and he tried to awkwardly clear his throat.

“Uh (Y/N)? Erm you’re uh-you’re not wearing a bra”, he trailed off awkwardly. You stood there, stunned, as your cheeks burned.

“Well yeah I mean I never wear bras at home.”

“It’s just uh I can, I can see everything” he tried to get his point across.

“FUCK!” you looked down to realise that the water had made your t-shirt pretty much see-through and it was sticking to your bare chest. The cold water was also making your nipples poke through the thin t-shirt.

Conor walked into the kitchen then and his gaze immediately fell on your chest. “Woah (Y/N)!”

Jack quickly jumped in front of you to protect your nakedness from his brother. “Don’t look you twat!”

“What’s all that racket about?” Josh called, joining in.

“Oh my god! Get out all of you”, Jack wasn’t sure why either, but his face held a deep blush.

“Erm I think I’ll just go change then”, you mumbled, trying to manuver around the three boys, while awkwardly covering your wet chest.

“Woah okay what did I miss?” Josh’s eyes widen as he took in the view of your soaking figure, that was quite well on display for them all.

“Stop perving will you?” Jack was flustered by time, but also wanted to make sure the boys did not see anymore than they had too.

“I think Jack got lucky mate”, Conor sniggered. Josh and Conor high-fived on Jack’s behalf, while the main man in question turned a bright shade of red.

“Damn! Jack!” That earned the boys a couple of whacks from Jack.

Jack walked into his room where you were getting changed, just as you had put on his guns ‘n’ roses t-shirt. “Don’t mind do you? I can’t exactly walk around like, that” you asked him, referring to your exposed chest.

“Nah. Looks better on you anyway”, his eyes lit up as he smiled at you. His gaze lingered on you a little longer than usual, but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from him either.

You narrowed your eyes in confusion as you heard shuffling coming from the door of his bedroom. Walking over, you swung the door open, only to have Josh and Conor stumble through. In their wake, they had pushed you down with them lying on top of you. Their combined weight was definitely more than you could handle. From your position on the floor you could see Jack huffing as he made his way over to pull the guys off you. Well, he more like kicked them off you. “What the hell are you doing?”

The duo looked at each other, then you, and back at Jack. “We just thought y’all’d be getting down and dirty. Ya know,” Conor spoke first as he started to make inappropriate gestures with his hips and hands.

“Oh Jack don’t tell me you’ve been able to resist?” Josh teased.

Jack’s face heated up for what might have been the millionth time that day. “Just get out will you? And stay away from my room”, he added. “Sorry ‘bout that”, he mumbled.

“Jack, since when have we ever let something like this make things awkward between us?” you walked over to him and wrapped your arms around him. You felt his body relax against yours, as you both moved over to his bed, where you spent the rest of the night watching random videos and reliving your most embarrassing moments.

Oath | Ch.5 | Jungkook

Genre: Angst | Mafia!AU

Members: Jungkook | You/Reader | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin |

Summary: What if one day everything you ever wanted is taken away and your whole world comes crushing down? If you were to forget today, who would you be tomorrow?

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Word count: 3787

A/N: I am sorry I could not finish it yesterday, I was dead tired after the exam and I don’t like doing things halfheartedly. It’s better to wait and have a good result than to rush, right? I hope you enjoy this chapter as well! ^^  Also, thank you for your nice words, they mean a lot to me!  ❤

“Bring him in. Put him on the bed and let Jin take care of the rest.” the tall man ordered the other two that were carrying  Jungkook’s lifeless form.

They followed his words and pushed open the double doors that led to the emergency room of the group’s headquarters. He looked at them as they faded out in the distance, entering the surgery room. He heard rushed footsteps coming from the opposite direction and turned to face Jin whose face was flushed red, probably due to the fact that he ran to get there as soon as possible.

“Where is he?” He was out of breath, panting hard.

“I told them to get him ready. You’ve got a lot of work to do. Can you bring him back?” The man’s words were a perfect mix of sarcasm and seriousness, giving off a leader-like feel. He had his hands in the pockets of his white strapped navy blue suit pants, his white half unbuttoned shirt showing enough skin to make heads turn. His tall and slender figure made him seem intimidating. He had the eyes of a charmer that would sweep girls off of their feet and his smile was even more enchanting.

“And because of whom is that?!” Jin threw him an angry look before he continued. “Just give me a few hours and bring some of the other guys here, I will need help.” He made a few steps ahead and turned to look back at the man one more time. “And Namjoon-ah, next time you do something like this, give me a heads up, would you?! I am tired of running around all day.”

“Yeah, yeah, got it. Just go and save the kiddo. Come to my office after you’re done.” he said as his feet started to move towards the exit.

“He’s going to make me lose my mind one day.” Seokjin mumbled in a bitter manner and made his way to the surgery room.

Just like expected, Jungkook’s body was a mess. The strong smell of blood filled the room where 6 people were working hard to repair the damage. It was a hard task as several bones were smashed to pieces, the internal bleeding was hard to stop, the loss of blood was massive, tossed bloody bandages covering empty bags of blood, he had a severe head trauma that could keep him in a permanent state of coma for a long while and his bullet wound looked pretty bad. It surprised Jin how he was still breathing in this state but he always knew the kid to be strong so he had faith that he will get him out of this alive and well.

Unlike Hoseok, Seokjin had the privilege of going to a prestigious medical school, following his dad’s steps, and a lab equipped with all the new technology and high-end materials he needed. Some of the other members of the gang were also trained by him to be able to help him with serious cases and be able to deal with small ones by themselves. Being under Black Tiger came with this kind of privileges and now they had to make sure they kept them by bringing Jungkook back to life.

It was a hard battle to finish and it took him almost a day but when he came out of the room and tossed his red stained mask, Jin almost collapsed due to exhaustion. It had been a while since he spent so much time in surgery and all this after helping Jungkook escape from Yoongi’s group. After he did so he ordered the other to retreat and head back to the safe houses they had around the area until everything chilled down. He was on his way to the headquarters when a call from Namjoon made his step on the gas as the car almost took off from the empty streets. His words were still lingered in his ears: “Hyung, Jungkook needs help. Make sure you get here before he dies.”

He was so confused by those but had no time to actually question Namjoon’s actions. Now, on the other hand, he wanted answers. So he gathered the last remaining trace of strength and burst into his office smashing the door close behind him.

“Oh, you’re done.” Namjoon calmly said.

“What the fuck is this, Namjoon?! Are you out of your mind? If Black Tiger finds out about this, we are all dead. You better pray for the best!”

“I take it that the surgery went well.”

“Are you kidding me right now?”

“Listen, I did what I had to do. This kid left our group for a bitch and then was stupid enough to get caught by Yoongi. He deserved a good beating.”

“That was more than a kick in the balls, Namjoon. He got the beating from those rats, you fucking crashed him like a cockroach.”

“Yeah, but he’s one hell of a cockroach.” he scoffed. “He will make it through, don’t worry.”

“Don’t you think I should be the one saying that?”

“Sorry, my bad!” he laughed before going on. “Tell me, Dr. Kim, how is our patient?”

“Are you mocking me right now, Namjoon? `Cuz I have no time for your games.” Jin turned to leave the room.

“Stop. Who told you I am done speaking? I am serious. How is he?”

“Just like you said, he will be fine….eventually.”


“Look, the amount of damage he suffered is no joke. He will need time to heal.”

“Time we don’t actually have. Our boss won’t like this.”

“You don’t say?! I told you to always ask me too before making any rash decisions. I am amazed how your smart brain does not know the term ‘patience’. Your strategies would be a masterpiece if you took more time looking into the details of a mission. Black Tiger promised you the leader seat but are you actually ready to take it?”

“This is not the time to talk about me and my actions. And you are not the one who should say that, Black Tiger is. How long will it take `till he’s back on his feet?”

“I can’t tell right now. He’s still in a dangerous zone. His heart could stop anytime. If the passes this faze, he’ll have to stay in a induced coma for at least one month for his body to recover a bit.”

“After that?”

“He might or might not wake up. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.” Jin crossed his arms.

“If he doesn’t wake up…” Namjoon looked down at his desk, lost in thought.

“Let’s just hope he will. But if he wakes up and finds out you are behind this, what do you think he’ll do?” he raised a brow.

“He won’t. He will think Yoongi did this. He wanted to finish him and we managed to get him out of the car before it exploded, burning his beloved fiancé along with it.” A dark smirk took over his lips.

“That dark mind of yours…This is why I never want to be on your black list, I swear. You can make me vanish without a trace and who knows who you’ll put the blame on.”

“Still think I can’t be a good leader?” Now it was Namjoon’s turn to raise his brow at a tired Seokjin.

“Fine, I take it back. Pleased?” he mocked him in return.

“Very.” Namjoon laughed softly.

“Anything else you need to know? I need to crash, my head is killing me.”

“No. That’d be all for now. Go get your beauty sleep, princess.” He teased the other.

“Fuck you, Kim Namjoon!”

“Love you too!” he screamed as Jin made his exit.


The faded light of the sun brushed your cheeks as it crept into the room through the slightly opened window. Taehyung was resting his head on your stomach, sleeping, hand clasping yours, his hair covering his eyes from the disturbing light.

“Taehyung-ah! You’re still sleeping?? Move yo` ass, bro, we need to go!” Jimin laughed at the other’s startled and confused face as he jumped awake from his sleep.

“What do you want?! Let me sleep!”

He hated early mornings, being forced to wake up after working all night and stand in broad daylight, being exposed like that. He preferred the cold and darkness of the night, it was what kept him going. He would spend the silent hours of the night trying to make new deals, spying on the rival’s moves and working on new plans with Yoongi and after all that was done, as exhaustion took over his body, he would crawl back to the small emergency room and fall asleep next to you just like a habit.

“No time for that. And you call this sleeping? When are you going to sleep like normal people, in your bed?”

“When she’ll be there next to me.”

“Then move her to your room.”

“I can’t. Hoseok-hyung said she needs these to survive for now.” he pointed at the medical equipment that surrounded your bed.

“So you’ll just sleep here till she wakes up?”


“You’ve gone crazy…How long has it been already?”

“One month and two weeks.” he smiled.

“You are hopeless, I swear. You’ve totally became her dog.” Jimin laughed as Taehyung’s expression became dark.

“Come again? I am her what?” he got up, feet moving slowly towards Jimin.

“Chill, I was just joking. It was a joke! But seriously, Taehyung-ah, you need to stop. She’s just a girl, just like any other on the street.”

“She is. But she is my girl.” he stressed the last two words.

“No she isn’t. You don’t even know what she’ll do once she wakes up. For all I know, she might just run after Jungkook.”

“She won’t. I won’t let her.”

“Fine. Then you’ll have to deal with all the crap she’ll throw at you for that. Trust me when I say she will never love you more than Jungkook. They were fucking engaged.”

“And how do you know that?”

“Because I found her ring back at the crash site.” he said as he pulled out the delicate item out of his pocket.

“You’ve been carrying this around all this time?!”

“Yeah, why? Am I not allowed to?”

“That’s not yours! Give it to me.”

“It’s not yours either, Taehyung-ah. Come to your senses!”

“What are you going to do with it? Give it back to her?”

“I don’t know. I’ll keep it for now. Who knows, I might give it to a girl one day.” he smirked.

“Fine. Now leave. I don’t have time for your stupid jokes. I want to sleep.”

“Taehyung-ah, I’m being serious, she will bring only pain to you. Let her go. I can get you a girl to keep you warm at night. You were not like this. What the fuck happened to you? I don’t understand why you’re acting like this.”

“I don’t want any of your fucking girls. If anything, I can get them by myself just fine. I want her. Why? Am I not allowed to?” he said in the same tone Jimin did earlier, mocking the other.

“Screw you, Kim Taehyung! Anyway, we need to go.”

Apart from his interest in you, Taehyung staying by your side was nothing more than following orders from Yoongi. He was supposed to keep what he discussed with Yoongi the night they came back from the crash site a secret. The leader called him into his office after Taehyung finished with the blood transfusion saying he had to talk about something with him. Turns out it was about you.

“Do you like her?” Yoongi asked all of a sudden.

“What?” Taehyung looked up in surprise.

“That girl. You seem interested in her.” He shook the crystal glass half filled with whiskey he held in his hand, the sound of the ice cubes smashing against each other tingling his ears.

“Oh, well, yeah, I am interested, but going as far as liking her…I don’t know about that. You know me, hyung, I don’t like getting attached to people. It’s bothersome and useless.”

“I know. And that is why I chose you for this. Taehyung-ah, as far as I know when you get this kind of hit to the head the possibility of waking up not remembering anything is high. But she can also start screaming for Jungkook as soon as she opens her eyes. In any case, we need her if we want to lure Jungkook out of hiding and find out more about this Namjoon. It bothers me but I have a feeling he’s one of Black Tiger’s men.”

“And what does that have to do with me?”

“It does. You will have to make sure she doesn’t run away. I don’t care what you do; make her fall for you, lock her in your room, just don’t let her go.”

“What if she doesn’t remember Jungkook?”

“That makes your job easier, doesn’t it?” Yoongi raised a brow.

“Yes, it does, I guess.”

“Good. I’ll tell Hoseok that you will look after her from now on.”


The month you spent sleeping without a care was unexpectedly calm, no sudden attacks, no deal was compromised and no careless moves were made by Yoongi. It seemed weird that Black Tiger was so silent all of a sudden and this only made Yoongi believe that Jungkook had a connection with them somehow. And who was this Namjoon? He kept hearing his name around the city but he never saw his face. The nights Yoongi spent only thinking about this were countless. He kept his boys on the move, following leads in hopes of finding something but it was to no avail. That is why he only counted on Jungkook trying to find out who took his girl and fighting his way through the doors of the building only to fall right into Yoongi’s hands once more. And that is why you were so precious to him right now. As long as you were still laying in that bed, he had nothing to worry about but that was soon about to change.

It was another lazy summer morning with the sun still fighting the last traces of the night’s darkness. But in your mind, there has been no sunlight for such a long time, it was hard to imagine you still knew what it felt like. There was only an ocean of nothing that surrounded you and only sometimes soft voices could be heard in the distance, too far to reach. But still you fought it, day and night, you wanted to get closer to where they came from. And now, here it was again, a voice you could hear so often.

“Hello sweetheart, I’m back.”

This time I can’t let you go! I won’t! Keep talking, please, I will find my way to you. Call my name, take me out of here! It was all you could think of in your desperate attempt to follow it.

“Have you been well? When are you going to come back to me? It gets boring with only me talking. You look so beautiful today.”

That’s it. Keep talking.

“Is it dark in there?”

Damn, it is. So you better keep talking. As you went on, you could hear it clearer, it was stronger. You were on the right path. It was the voice of a man, young but with a low tone, soft but with rough edges.

“Don’t you want to come here? I bet you miss watching the sunset. It’s so beautiful from the rooftop. We should go there together. I will take you there.”

But then the voice suddenly died out. What happened? Where are you? Not now, damn it. I was so close…I could feel it, the touch. And you were right, your senses were coming back at you but you needed an anchor in the other world. And now it was gone. Or so it seemed. For the few seconds it lasted, it felt so good, to feel a touch again. You started to cry as you fell to your knees. Why did you stop? I can’t do this any longer. I am tired.

“How is she?”

“She’s still the same…”

What? You looked around, eyes wide, ears following the direction of the voices. There were two now and not far away. You could do this, you thought as you stood back up and ran towards them.

“Hyung, do you think she’ll ever wake up?”

“I don’t know.”

I will!! I will wake up. Wait for me, I am close. Please…

“I hope she does.”


“I am tired of talking by myself. She never says anything, she just lays there.”

You are not talking to yourself, idiot, I am here. I listen and reply. I am the one who’s tired. Tired of not being heard.

“Maybe she does, you never know.”

See? Listen to him!

“Yeah, maybe…”

There it was again, the warm feeling of someone’s touch. You were almost there.

The room was dimly lit as the sun rose slowly. Taehyung was sitting next to you as usual, fingers brushing against your arm, cheeks and hair. From the entrance, leaning against the door frame, Yoongi looked at you.

“I wonder what she’ll do when she wakes up. We still need to find who Namjoon is and why is Jungkook working for him. We need Jungkook to come after her.”

“We do, but, hyung, how will he do that? For all I know, he might not even be aware that she’s alive. I told you that when I went back there the next day after the crash, the car was completely burnt. And it seemed like someone made sure to put a body in there too to make it look like she died there.”

“I know. And it’s been on my mind ever since. Why would they try so hard to mask it? They want Jungkook to focus on work, that’s for sure. And maybe fuel him with hatred. But they are too silent lately.”

“Maybe he’s also like her.”

“Could be. I am sure they will strike one day and we need to find more about them before they do. I am sure they are connected to Black Tiger too.” Yoongi looked down to the floor, his mind flooded with questions.

“I will go after those guys again to-” his words were cut short.

“What?” The leader looked back up at Taehyung.

“Hyung…I might be wrong, but I think she just moved her finger.”

“What?!” he was now moving towards the two of you.

“I was holding her hand while we were talking and I could’ve sworn she moved-” He felt it again, this time stronger. He was not wrong, you were moving your fingers. “See!! Look. She moved!”

“She’s waking up. We need Hoseok. Go and bring him!!”

“But, hyung…”

“GO! She’s not going anywhere. You’ll see her when you get back.”

Taehyung looked at you with sorrow, stood up from his chair and flew out of the room. Yoongi hovered over you, eyes focused on yours. Your brows started to twist too and your eyeballs were dancing under your lashes.

“Come, kiddo, you’re doing good.” He was almost excited watching you finally snapping out of your dream.

Your lashes felt so heavy as you pushed yourself to open your eyes. Through a crack in the wall you tried so hard to break down all this time, a ray of light came in. So you kicked it harder and harder, making your pulse rise. And you saw it, the outside world. It was so blurry. Your eyes hurt as the touch of the sun burnt them. You closed and opened them several times and the image became focused, clear. In front of you stood a man with sharp eyes, beautiful, fair skin, and soft lips, gray locks of hair falling over his wide forehead. You could have sworn you knew him from somewhere, but you did not know from where. You took a deep breath. Oh, how you missed it, living.

You heard footsteps getting closer and in the next second, another face captured your attention. This one had a wide smile as his almond eyes met yours. He had this mysterious aura around him. He pushed the other man aside and reached down to press a kiss on your forehead. You were so confused about everything. The last one that you saw came on the other side of the bed with a small flashlight and pointed it to your left eye, holding it open with his fingers. You flinched at the sudden shock.

“It’s ok, princess, I’m not going to hurt you. I need to make sure everything works properly.”

“How is she?” the gray haired one asked.

“She looks fine. We will still have to keep an eye on her though.”

“You really did come back.” Taehyung said, hand brushing your hair.

“I will ask you a few questions. If the answer is yes, blink once, if the answer is no, blink twice, got it?”

You blinked once, slowly.

“Ok. Here we go. Do you know where you are?”

You blinked twice.

“Do you know who we are?”

Again, you blinked twice.

“Do you know what happened to you?”

You hesitated for a moment as somewhere in your mind you saw flashes of red painted shards of glass and big lights coming towards you. In the end, you blinked twice. It was too little to count as a yes.

“Ok, then. We will tell you all you need to know later. Rest for now.” Yoongi intervened. “I am Yoongi, he is Hoseok, the one who saved you and this is Taehyung, the one who stood by your side all this time. He will continue to do so. If there is anything you need, tell him, ok?”

You blinked and he nodded in your direction.

“Hoseok, I need to talk to you a bit. Come with me.”

They left the room and closed the door. Now there was only you and Taehyung there and the only times when he looked more excited were when he went 'hunting’. You kept switching between looking at him and looking around, getting to know your surroundings. You body felt so numb. It was like everything hurt. You could not remember anything, only flashes here and there.

“It’s been a while, sweetheart. You really took your time, didn’t you?” His smile was contagious so you found your lips curling as well under the oxygen mask.

You made it through. You were back. Now all that was left to do was to find who you were.

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hi!! i don't know if you guys are taking anymore request for the seventeen dates but if you are,my name is lauren!! i'm about 5'3 and curvy!do you think you can make a date with jihoon where we go to an amusement park and it includes fluffy things like cotton candy and maybe a first kiss? thank you!

A Date with Svt: Jihoon at the Amusement Park

admin seri: hope you enjoy :))

  • you really hope you’re not reading any emotion wrongs
  • but your relationship with Jihoon is just different compared with any other guy
  • especially the other members of seventeen
  • i mean your not completely clueless,
  • you notice the members teasing and Jihoon’s side glares sometimes
  • hearing your phone ding,
  • ‘hey, are you busy today?’
  • no your not screaming nope
  • ‘nope, why?’
  • ‘do you wanna go to an amusement park? i have two tickets’
  • this guy really
  • you where talking to Seungkwan like three days ago about how amusements parks are your favorite
  • coincidence? you think not
  • ‘yessss okay lets go~’
  • most nerve wracking getting ready of your life
  • and when you see Jihoon your internally screaming
  • with his simple blue shorts, gray t-shirt, and red hat
  • does it count as matching if your socks are gray and blue
  • “let’s go so we can ride as many rides as we want”
  • even walking side by side was nerve wracking
  • especially when your mind wouldn’t stop thinking about how far Jihoon’s hand was from yours
  • “hey Lauren, you alright?” Jihoon says ripping you from your daydream
  • you blink, and immediately smile, “yeah of course! come on i wanna go on that!” you excitedly point to one of the high spinning rides
  • throughout all the rides you wanted to cling onto Jihoon’s arm but you were scared to make him comfortable
  • ‘Jihoon doesn’t like skinship’ you think
  • yeah well Jihoon was HOPING you would
  • getting off the last ride the both of you decide to take a break
  • “hey i’m hungry, let’s get some food” Jihoon suggests
  • “ooh we should get cotton candy!” you start walking towards the stand
  • until yourself being stopped
  • by Jihoon’s hand grasping your wrist
  • he stares into your eyes as he intertwine his hand with yours
  • “now we can go” he grins cutely, eyes turning into crescents
  • your cheeks feel hot, “o-okay”
  • your internally curse yourself from stuttering
  • but taking a glance at his side profile, you can see the corner of his mouth twitched into a smirk
  • “what color?” he asks
  • you suddenly think of his pink hair
  • “pink” you grin
  • he squints at you for a moment, noticing your mischievous smile
  • “hmm alright”
  • he hands you the cotton candy stick, hands still intertwined
  • “wait Jihoon” you stop him giggling
  • he raises his eyebrows
  • “look” you hold the cotton candy up to his hair, “you have pink hair again!”
  • he lets out a snort, obviously amused at your bad joke
  • taking a chuck of the cotton candy, he hold it to your mouth
  • naturally, you open, and feel the sugar melt in your mouth
  • “let’s go find more food, we can’t just eat this”
  • you immediately grab a chunk yourself and hold it to his mouth, “you haven’t even eaten any yet!!”
  • eating from your hands, you watch as he closes his eyes for a second as he tastes it
  • “okay i’ve tasted it, lets go” he laughs
  • “yep,” you say, totally pretending you weren’t distracted by his face at all
  • after getting two hot dogs the two of you sit on a bench, with his hand on top of yours, playing with your fingers
  • the two of you sit in a comfortable silence, the only sounds being the other people in the background
  • “Lauren?”
  • you turn you head at his voice, opening your mouth, getting ready to speak
  • but you can’t
  • because your frozen as he leans down and softly presses his lips against yours
  • you come back to reality and smile a bit into the kiss, moving your lips
  • he pulls away, ending the sweet kiss, the smile never leaving his face
  • “i like you a lot Lauren, i’ve been wanting to do that for a while”
  • you resist the urge to touch your lips and smile
  • it all felt like a dream
  • “then you should have done it sooner”

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Submit a Pairing for a Date with Seventeen! CLOSED!

MASTERLIST (where the other date scenarios can be found)

~ admin seri

The amazing people from the Team Sterek and McLahey  [ yeah we don’t like Scisaac that much] on facebook asked me for a rec of the trope:  Stiles Stilinski Has a Big Dick. I blame this gifset and also Dylan’s behaviour. Enjoy!

I wanna take a ride on your  Sheepnamedpig 21k -  Stiles is…endowed. Derek…likes it.

Or the fic where everyone tries to warn Derek about Stiles dick but Derek doesn’t really want to hear it, and when he finally gets his hands on it [ and his everything else] he can’t really function right.

swallow me down raw, like you mean it  bleep0bleep 7k -  Derek isn’t quite sure what to do, but he can’t look away from the way Stiles’ mouth moves while he talks, and then Stiles’ shirt rides up a little with a particular wild gesture, revealing an expanse of pale skin. The comment I have these in red reverberates in his mind, and now Derek is frozen, imagining the man before him clad in nothing but a pair of lacy red panties.

So many of my kinks, big dick Stiles, they both wearing panties, rimming, bottom!Derek, amazing smut!

i don’t believe in fairy tales (but i believe in you and me)  callunavulgari 3k -  Derek scrolls to the next picture. Stops. Blinks. For a moment, they just freeze. He can see Stiles’ hand hesitating just next to his out of the corner of his eye, stopped mid-air, like he was reaching to take the phone back. Stiles’ heart is loud — so fucking loud — in the quiet of the loft, drowning out Derek’s own heartbeat and the many varied sounds coming in through the cracked window.

“So,” Stiles says, voice wobbly and pitched high in what’s probably mortification. “That’s my penis.”

Seriously I’m such a slut for cockslut Derek, Size queen Derek and unabashedly bottom Derek. Ugh perfection.

Sugar Daddy?    EloquentSavage 8k - Busy, attractive, professional male seeks male artist, musician, or college student for mutually beneficial live-in arrangement. Compensation fair and generous. Must be intelligent, enlightened, quiet, and useful.Stiles meets the ad’s requirements, easily, but is he crazy enough to answer it? Is Derek crazy enough to follow through?orPrompt fill porn with just a little plot. Cute, funny ending, a tiny bit of angst.

I love craighlist fics, everything can go wrong and at least in the fic it doesn’t. Also, really sexy and cute.

No Glove, No Love? -  Trenchcoat Hunter (Reedt) 1k-  “These are too small for me.”
“Too SMALL?!”

I have to say that the first time I saw this I laughed, a lot. Scratch that I’m still laughing, it’s very sexy thought.


Get Lucky  Sexonfire24 2k There are two things about Derek Hale that you should know.
Thing one is that there a lot of things about Derek that people just assume.
The second one is that he has like, no luck.

Shamelless self promotion because why not? Maybe I’ll write the smut part of it *wink wink, nudge, nudge*

And this ficlet by the amazing bistiles, seriously everything Ali’s write is amazebals go read it.

I’m Actually a Red Sox Fan- (Peter Parker x Reader)

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REQUEST: could you do a peter parker (the new one from civil war) where peter gets assigned with you as his lab partner & he starts to like you and always teases you about wearing Red Sox shirts in New York? ((just a cute thought i had and i can’t write so i wanted to ask someone who did))

TOM HOLLAND IS SO CUTE I CAN’T. Okay. Story time :)

I’m Actually a Red Sox Fan Masterlist

“Alanna and George. Thea and Jack. Maria and Crystal. (Y/N) and Peter.”, the teacher continued announcing lab partner pairs.

(Y/N) sighed as she heard all of her friends get paired off, and then turned around to look for Peter. She didn’t know him well and usually stuck within her own circle of friends, but she was confident in herself and knew that she was always a good commander in partner projects. They should get a good grade.

She saw Peter already sitting at one of the lab tables around the room, looking at her. When they made eye contact, he immediately looked down at his open notebook. She smiled and got up to go sit with him.

“Okay, so we have to drone on and on about a molecule used in the medical industry, so let’s try to pick something interesting, maybe something with a weird history?”, she said.

(Y/N) waited for a response but noticed that Peter was just frowning at her chest.

“What? What is it? Is there something on my shirt?”, she said, a frown on her face now.

“Red Sox? We live in New York.”, he said with a smile.

(Y/N) laughed in relief, and replied:

“My dad was from Boston, so I grew up rooting for them.”, she smiled, looking at the Spiderman logo on his shirt as well.

“Stick to being a closet fan like everyone else, I don’t want you to get jumped.”, he said, a humorous smile on his face as he wrote his name on the paper to avoid the butterflies he felt in his stomach.

“Well, if I do get jumped, Spiderman would be there to save me.”, she said with a sweet tone of voice.

Peter’s head shot up and he looked her in the eyes, with a bit of fear. His mind filled with panic. Does she know? Is she hinting that she knows?

“Your shirt. Your shirt has Spiderman on it.”, she said, feeling a little stupid.

Peter’s face relaxed and he laughed with her.

“Sorry if that was corny.”, she said. It was now (Y/N) who was in fact trying to avoid eye contact and staring at her paper.

“I’ll go get a class laptop so we can do some research”, Peter said. (Y/N) nodded in agreement.

For the next few days, (Y/N) and Peter worked on their project together, and as the awkward fog between their conversations cleared, they grew very fond of eachother. They even talked about baseball a little bit, gushed over Superheroes, and talked about their dreams.

They decided on doing their project on the hormone “Epinephrine”, which ironically, is Adrenaline. After they presented in class they got a 99, which they were both very excited about… but also kind of disappointed they had no other business together.

Peter sat in class, back in his normal seat, and forced his eyes not to wander towards (Y/N).

When the bell rang, the classroom cleared. (Y/N) lingered behind and started putting her books in her bag, when suddenly, she felt a shadow over her. That was when the Green Goblin kidnapped her.

Just kidding.

It was only Peter. With an envelope.

“Hey Pete. You didn’t respond to my text last night.”, she said as she wiped a fake tear with a smile.

“Yeah, sorry I dropped my phone at.. Uh.. at my internship… you know with Stark Industries? t’s cracked now.”, he went on, looking at his feet.

“Oh, that sucks.”, (Y/N) looked down as well, now getting up with her bag on her shoulder. “What the envelope for?”, she asked.

“Oh well, remember that Sox shirt you had on the other day?”, he asked, his eyes following the teacher who seemed to be leaving the room for some reason.

“Yeah?”, she replied.

“I got these tickets from my boss. He didn’t want them anymore. The Red Sox are playing Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Well, uh, you know where Yankee Stadium is. Do you wanna go?”, he asked.

“Like a date? With you? Of course! That’s so awesome, I’ve always wanted to go to a game!”, she said.

“Really, you’ve never been to one?”, he asked, a smile on his face.

They started walking out of the class and into the almost empty halls together.

“No, but it’s going to be so much fun! You have to wear a Yankees shirt! I’ll wear my Red Sox shirt!”, she said.

“Uh, I don’t like the Yankees. I’m more of a Mets fan.”, he said, brushing the back of his neck.

She stopped in her tracks and stared at him in a humorous rage.

“What? Is there something on my face?”, Peter said as he started wiping his cheek and staring at his hand to see if he wiped something off.

She pushed his hand back to his side.

“You judge me for rooting Boston, but you’re secretly a Mets boy? You’re incredible Peter.”, she said before she kissed him on the cheek.

She walked down the hallway towards her class, a wide smile on her face, completely amazed by her bravery.

Peter smiled, his feet frozen to the ground. Her kiss left an implant on his cheek and he ran to class bursting with joy.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”, Peter said as he ran into Tony’s lab. He gave Tony a hug and a kiss on both cheeks.

Bruce and Pepper laughed at Peter’s entrance.

“What’s got you?”, he asked as he watched Tony pull the teenager off of him.

“The tickets! I’m going to the game with her!”, he said to Bruce, still overwhelmed.

“Oh my god, Bruce! She’s so pretty! I honestly thought she was just going to take the tickets for her and a friend, but she assumed I was asking her on a date instead! How could something go so possibly wrong in a good way!”, he said as he collapsed into a desk chair.

“I think I’m gonna barf.”, said Tony.

“I think it’s romantic.”, Pepper said as she leaned onto his shoulder from behind his seat, and Tony sighed.

I’m Actually a Red Sox Fan Masterlist

Soulless Mate Part 7

Summary: Sam and the reader were a happy couple until Sam lost his soul. Now the reader can’t stand to be around him, which Soulless!Sam doesn’t seem to mind until he starts having these ‘feelings’ that go beyond attraction.

Word Count: 3,778

Warnings: None, I think

A/N: So I struggled a bit with this part, which I think is why I’m not too particularly fond of it. Yeah, I’m not too happy with it. Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy it. Also, this part turned out to be more angsty than I thought. I wanted it to be a little lighter than last chapter but it didn’t turn out that way. Like I said before, I go where the story takes me. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

“Bobby, I’m gonna hang out on the swing for a little while. You’re welcome to join me after you’re done in here.” You tell him as you hold your mug of coffee.

Bobby nods. “I’ll be out in a few minutes or so.”

You exit through the door of the kitchen that leads to the back porch behind Bobby’s house. Being aware of the steaming hot cup of coffee in your hand, you carefully sit yourself down on the porch swing. You sigh to yourself as you look out at the acres of land before you. You take a sip of the coffee, enjoying the slight burning down your throat.  It’s a different burn from the whiskey you usually would be drinking in the evening. You’re not going to be enjoying that burn anytime soon. But you’re fine with that.

It’s weird to think that you’re going to be a mom, especially when you think about the life you’ve been living. You know it might seem crazy to everyone, even to you, that you’re going to bring a child into this world. But it’s not so crazy when you consider that Sam, your sweet and pure Sam, might not come back to you. He might be soulless forever. You hate to think about it but it’s a big possibility. This baby, when you think about it, is actually a blessing. You’ll always have a piece of his purity with you, because that’s what this baby is. He, or she, is the last, pure piece of Sam. With this child, you’ll always have him with you. And if you’re lucky, he or she will be just like their father. But what really helped you make the decision to keep the baby is Sam, Sam with a soul, would want you to keep the baby. He would never consider anything else. You know how much Sam wanted to be a father. There were times when he wanted to quit the life and just settle down with you. He knew it would be the only safe way for you and him to have children. You miss him so much it hurts.

You don’t notice you’re crying until your vision of everything in front of you gets all blurry. You shut your eyes, causing more tears escape and trail down your cheeks. When you open them, you see a black Range Rover car in the far distance. You quickly wipe your tears with the back of the hand as you watch the car get closer and closer. The rev of the engine as the vehicle approaches and you stand up, confused as to why there’s a car on Bobby’s land. Your gut is telling you to go inside and get Bobby but for some reason, you stay where you are. You watch carefully as the Range Rover stops about a hundred feet away from the porch. You watch carefully as a man comes out of the car. He looks like your traditional redneck, what with the plaid shirt, denim vest and jeans, cowboy boots, and a red bandanna wrapped around his shoulder length hair.

“Sorry to disturb ya, darling.” His southern accent is thick as he apologizes. “I seem to have to lost my way. Do you think you can help me?” He asks as he scratches his head.

He seems genuine but it’s seems pretty weird for someone to just drive up like this. You’re gonna listen to your gut feeling and get Bobby. “This is my grandfather’s house. He’ll be able to help you. I’m just gonna go get him.” You answer with a smile before you turn around.

“I don’t think that’ll be necessary.” You hear him say before you hear the click of a gun.


You turn back around just in time to see the man’s eyes turn black. You raise your hands in the air. “You’re a demon.” You swallow the bile that threatens to come up. “Of course.”

The demon smiles and shrugs with his gun still pointed at you. “Right you are, darling.”

You watch as two men in black suits emerge from the vehicle. Their eyes are also black. “You’re coming with us.”

You close your eyes for a brief moment. “Okay, okay.” You open them and start walking towards them. “Just don’t-”

“Hurt your precious Winchesters.” He finishes for you. “Don’t worry, they’re safe. The boss has plans for them.”

You know exactly who they’re talking about. “Crowley.” You say out loud as you make your way to your kidnapper.

“Hurry up!” The demon yells as he shakes the gun at you, making you jump.

“Alright.” You say softly, hands still up in the air as you take faster and longer strides. Of course this would happen to you at a time like this. You find out you’re pregnant, The father, who’s soulless, wants you to get rid of it, and now the King of Hell wants you in his possession for reasons unknown. Awesome.

Y/N!“ You hear Bobby yell. You’re about to turn around when demon grabs you roughly by the waist and thrusts you into the arms of one of the suited men behind him. The suited man quickly turns you around and cuffs you before turning you back around so that you’re looking at Bobby over the redneck demon’s shoulder.

The redneck demon now has his gun pointed at Bobby, which makes you angry. “Don’t hurt him!” You honestly don’t know how you could stop Bobby from being shot but you’re not really thinking rationally right now. You thrust yourself forward but the suited demon behind you pulls on the chain just in time to send you crashing back into him. This doesn’t deter you as you bend your right knee, bring it back up, and the heel of your foot with, what you assume to be, the suited man’s genitals. The demon loudly grunts and you waste no time in surging forward, brutally tackling the demon to the ground. You’re roughly pulled up by the other, uninjured, suited demon just in time to see the demon you tackled slowly stand up and holds out one finger to Bobby, signaling him to stop and listen.

“Tell the Winchesters Crowley wants to make a deal.” He tells Bobby before he turns around and his fist connects with your face, knocking you unconscious.


Dean’s been walking for about five minutes God knows how far those long ass legs can take him. He jogs for about forty five seconds before he sees the shaggy haired giant. “Sam, wait up!” His yell causes Sam to turn back for a fifth of a second but Dean still manages to catch Sam’s eye roll.

“Go away, Dean.” Sam says roughly, not bothering to look back at the elder brother.

“Yeah, I’m definitely gonna turn back just because you said.” Dean replies, his words dripping with sarcasm. “Why don’t you just stop being a dick and listen?” It’s more of a statement than a question.

“God, you’re annoying.” Sam’s obviously exasperated but he stops in his tracks. Even soulless, he listens.

“I’m your older brother. It kind of comes with the job description.” Dean shrugs as he approaches the taller, but younger, brother.

“What do you want?” Sam asks as he turns around to face Dean. He shoves his hands in his pockets as he waits for Dean to start talking.

“Look, I know you’re soulless and everything but it doesn’t give you the right to be a douche bag.”

“I’m sorry, did we not hear the same news back there?” He points towards the direction of the house. “She’s pregnant. Do you have any idea what that means?”

“It means you’re going to be a dad.” Dean says simply.

“God, don’t say that!” Sam grimaces. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I don’t do relationships and I sure as hell don’t do babies. It’s not in MY job description.”

Dean raises an eyebrow. “I bet you weren’t complaining when you were having sex with her.”

Sam gives Dean the ultimate bitch face, which Dean promptly ignores. “Listen, soulless or not, you have a responsibility to Y/N and that baby. And I’ll be damned if I let you run away from that responsibility. Be a man and suck it up.” Before Sam gets a chance to respond, Dean’s phone rings. “Hold that thought, Sam.” He pulls out his phone and sees Bobby’s name on the screen. He doesn’t understand why Bobby’s calling but picks up the phone nonetheless.


“You and Sam gotta get back. They took Y/N.”

Dean’s heart almost jumps out of his chest. “Who?”

“Demons. They said something about a deal with Crowley.”

“We’re on our way back.” Dean hangs up.

“What’s wrong?”

“First, you gotta relax.” Dean says calmly. He knows Sam’s not going to take the news lightly so he’s trying to make this as easy as possible.

“What?” He asks, confused. “Why?”

“Y/N was taken. By demons.”

Sam’s features harden. “Demons?”

“Crowley’s henchmen. He wants to make a deal.”

“Let’s go.” Sam grunts, his jaw clenching with overwhelming anger.


You wake up on concrete floor. Your jaw throbs with pain and you remember the redneck demon hitting you before everything went black. You rub your jaw as you sit up, already imagining the bruise that’s probably forming at the moment.

“You got a hell of fight in you.” You look up and see a different suited demon with his black eyes staring down on you. The smirk on his face makes you want to punch him.

“What does Crowley want?” You ask nastily.

“You don’t waste any time, do you?” He replies.

You roll your eyes. “No, dickwad. I don’t. Now, why am I here?”

“Calling people names isn’t going to get you anywhere, honey.“

Your nose wrinkles out of disgust. "Don’t call me that. I’m not your honey. I’m not your anything.”

“Do you really expect me to give you information when you’re being so impolite?” He places his hands behind his back and walks from side to side, revealing the steel bars behind you. You’re in a cell. Great.

“Maybe I wouldn’t be so rude if you actually gave me some answers.” You bite back.

For a second it looks like this demon is about to slug you when you hear a familiar voice. “Cesar, leave the poor girl alone.” You know that accent all too well.

The demon named Cesar takes a few steps back, revealing the King of Hell in all his glory. You watch him behind the sliver bars as he unlocks the cell door, pulling it all the way back before stepping in the three walled jail cell with you. The red rose in the pocket of his black blazer pops out at you.

“Hello, darling.” He greets you.

You don’t say anything to him.

“Cesar, take that thing off her. She’s not an animal.” Crowley gestures to the metal chain around your ankle that you hadn’t noticed until he mentioned it. “I don’t know why she’s chained in the first place. She’s not an animal.”

“Bowery insisted on it.” The demon informs Crowley as he bends down to the side of you, pulling out a key from his pocket and opening the lock. “She tackled him.” He adds before getting back up and going back to standing beside his leader.

“And I suppose that’s why she has that bruise on the side of her face.” Crowley assumes. He turns to the demon beside him. “Did I or did I not give specific instructions to you lot?” Even though you can see Crowley’s profile, you can see that he’s extremely annoyed. “No one’s supposed to lay a hand on her.”

“I know, sir, but it wasn’t my doing.” Cesar tells him.

“Of course not. Get rid of him.”

“Of Bowery?” He asks.

“Yes, you twit. Now get out of my sight.” Crowley shoos the demon away and if it were under different circumstances, you would chuckle.

Crowley lets out a sigh before turning his attention back to you. “Idiots, I tell you.”

Again, you say nothing. You’ve never really had a conversation with Crowley. Whenever you’ve been in contact with him, you’ve always been with the boys. This is the first time you have ever been alone with him. And to be honest, it’s pretty intimidating. But you’re not going to let him know that.

“What do you want, Crowley?” You ask, getting off the floor before dusting yourself off.

He shrugs. “What do you think I want?”

You roll your eyes.“I’m not in the mood for a guessing game.”

“Fair enough. I want your precious little boys to complete a task for me.”

“What do you want them to do?” You ask, confused. Why would he need them to do anything for him? Why can’t he just get his demons to do it for him?

“Simple. I want an alpha.”

“An alpha?”

“Yes. Alpha as in the first of their kind.”

“Whose kind are you taking about?”

“Any monster’s kind. But in this case, I want the Alpha Vampire.”

“You want them to bag the mother of all vampires?” You scoff. “Yeah, okay. Good luck with that.”

“What, don’t you think they can do it?” He smirks.

“They’re not going to do it.” You state, promptly ignoring his question.

“Why do you think you’re here, darling?” You’re my leverage.“ He says smugly, giving you a knowing smile.

You don’t say anything. It makes sense now. Sam and Dean would never do anything for Crowley, not in a million years, not unless one of their loved ones are being threatened. That’s you. You’re about to respond when you hear shouting and glass breaking on the floor above you.

Crowley looks up at the bare ceiling with a smile. "If you’ll excuse me, I believe my guests have arrived.” You watch him as he steps out of the cell, locking it behind him before walking away. You sigh out of defeat and walk to one of the corners of the cell, sinking against the wall before finally sitting down. All you can do now is wait.


You’re staring at the floor when you hear the clang of metal, causing your head to snap up in the direction of the noise. The demon, Cesar, is opening the cell and you quickly get up, firmly pressing your back against the wall just in case black eyes tries to do anything funny.

“You’re being summoned.” He tells you as he steps into the cell. As he’s walking towards you, you see him holding a pair of sliver handcuffs. You stare at the dangling handcuffs as he’s approaching you. He’s wearing a devilish smile when he sees you eyeing them. “That’s right, sweets. You’re getting cuffed. Now turn around.”

As much as you want to resist and kick his ass, you know it’s only going to end up badly for you so you do what he says. Not without hesitation, though. You put your hands behind your back and feel the cold metal touch your wrists. There we go.“ He says when the cuffs click together.

"Douche.” You say under your breath as you turn back around.

“Let’s go.” He grips your left arm and tugs you forward, almost making you lose your footing.

Cesar practically drags you out of the cell and down a bare hallway leading up to a creaking staircase. You’re careful while you’re going up the stairs because if you go down, you’re sure as hell going to bring this demon down with you. Once you two make it up the stairs with no incident, he unlocks the door with a skeleton key. The door opens and you two go down a long corridor. The walls are covered with red velvet and there are several paintings of people who are most likely deceased by now. Cesar halts when you get to, what you would say, is the midpoint of the long hallway. He turns to the knob of the door you two stopped in front of, opening it and revealing what seems to be a study. You’re scanning the room, looking at all the bookshelves that cover the walls when you see Crowley and several of his lower level demons. Crowley and the demons lined up next to him have their backs to you, which makes it difficult to see past them.

Crowley seems to hear the footsteps and turns around with a smile. “Y/N. How nice of you to join us.” He says with a clap of his hands. You sneer as you and Cesar approach him. The demon passes you on to the king, who gently places his hand on the small of your back and puts you in view of Sam and Dean. They’re surrounded by a small group of demons, probably to ensure that no funny business goes on. You glance at Dean and give him a small nod, which tells him that you’re okay. You don’t want to look at Sam. You’re still upset with him.

“Alright, Crowley, we agreed to your stupid deal. Now let her go.” Dean orders.

“Don’t get testy, Dean. You know I’m a man of my word.” He replies before he releases you from the handcuffs. “Gentleman, please escort them out.”


The drive back to Bobby’s house is mostly silent, aside from the occasional “Are you sure you’re okay?” from Dean. When you arrive to the house you get out first, wanting to avoid any more questioning from Dean or anyone else. You’re about to halfway to the door when you feel a large hand on your arm. You know who it is and your immediate reaction is to swat it away. “Don’t touch me.” You mutter as you keep walking towards the door.


“I don’t want to hear it.” You cut him off. You start walking even faster, wanting more than anything to get inside. You’re almost to the door when a tight grip on your arm stops you. You think about yanking yourself away from him or yelling at him but you don’t do either. You were going to have this conversation. It might as well be now. You stop and cross your arms while you wait for Dean to pass the two of you. You don’t look at Sam.

“Let me know if you need anything.” Dean asks. He slows down as he waits for your response. You just nod and he walks right past you.  

You take a deep breath before turning around, meeting Sam face to face. Or face to chest, really. “What is it, Sam? You ask, arms still crossed.

"Are you okay?” He asks. For a second, it almost seems like he cares.

“What’s it to you? You said you were going to leave.” You retort, the resentment clear in your voice.

You can tell that he’s bit surprised by your response. He bites his lip, nodding his head as if to say ‘Yeah, I probably deserve that’. “Okay. I didn’t mean what I said back at the house.”

You sigh, annoyed. “Don’t lie to me, Sam. We both know you meant what you said.”

He shrugs exaggeratedly. “Okay, fine. I did. But can you blame me? You’re crazy for thinking that this could work.“

It’s like he doesn’t listen to anything you say. "Do you hear yourself? I already told you I don’t have to explain myself to you.”

There’s a pause before he answers. “Fine, you don’t, but you have to think about what I’m saying.”

“I have, Sam. I get it, I don’t have a real job, you’re soulless, and once this child is born, it’ll have a target on its back because of your household name. And it might be selfish and stupid, but I don’t care. I want to have this child.” You feel your eyes start to get watery. He’s never going to understand why you’re doing this. He doesn’t know how much this means to you.

“How am I supposed to take care of a child, Y/N? I’m soulless, okay? I don’t care for kids.”

“You think I don’t fucking know that, Sam?” You reply, your voice raised.

“No, it doesn’t seem like it.”

You’re so upset, a few tears escape your eyes and make their way down your cheek. “God, you’re such a dick!” You say as you roughly wipe away the tears with the back of your hand.

“I’m just trying to do what’s best for you!”

You let out a sarcastic laugh, which causes more tears leave your eyes. “Are you serious? You’re doing what’s best for you! Not me, you! You could care less about me, asshole.” You push him and he stumbles. “I could run away and get killed and you wouldn’t give two shits!”

He steps closer to you, his expression now angry. “That’s a lie and you know it!”

“Is it? It didn’t seem like it. You were willing to leave me and your unborn child!”

“I was never going to leave, Y/N!” He yells. “Ever! When I heard Crowley took you away, I wanted to rip through every single one of those demons to get to you!”

You turn your head to the side, trying to hold in the rest of your tears, not wanting to listen to him talk anymore. It just makes you more upset. Your breath hitches when you feel his fingers brush over your skin. “Look at your face! Looking at that bruise and knowing that one of those demons did that to you makes me want to feed him his own limbs.”

I’m fine.” You lie, still not looking at him as you wipe away more tears.

“You’re not. I’m soulless and even I can see that.”

You don’t say anything.

“Look at me.”


“Y/N, look at me.”

“I said no.”

You gasp when his fingers grip your chin. His grip is strong enough for him to turn your face to meet his but not enough to hurt you. “Think or say whatever you want about me but I would die in order to save you, you hear me?” He releases his hold on you. “Fine. Have the baby if you want. I’m going to be the father? Fine. That means it’s mine just as much as it is yours, which means it’s my job to protect you both. This doesn’t mean I love you or it. It just means that I have a responsibility to you both.”

“You don’t owe us anything.” You say quietly.

“I don’t. But as long as I have this attachment to you, I’m not going anywhere.”

Bleach characters' greatest nemeses (that happen to be inanimate objects)

Author’s choice list. :)

Have you ever gotten really really angry at an inanimate object? Like, maybe your computer keeps shutting down without warning. Maybe you cannot get the ziplock on a ziplock bag to close properly. Maybe your red pen leaked in your pocket and now your favorite white shirt looks like something from a crime scene. So what sorts of inanimate objects do Bleach characters get, just, really angry at?

1. Grimmjow: Duct tape

Ever since it kept him out of that tent where Ichigo was on video chat, Grimmjow has carried around anger and a strong, strong desire for revenge.

Urahara: Grimmjow-san, I am not even going to ask why you are lying on the floor completely encased in duct tape.


2. Yamamoto: Hoodies

He just can’t seem to wear one without getting his eyebrows caught in the zipper.

Sasakibe: Head Captain! I heard you yelling! Are you okay?

Sasakibe: Why are you bent over like that?? Did your back go out?

Yamamoto: Just tell me you brought the scissors, Sasakibe!

3. Hinamori: Glasses

For obvious reasons, she just feels an overwhelming urge to punch people in the face when she sees that they are wearing glasses.

Nanao: Hinamori, did you just….growl at me?

Hinamori: I-I’m sorry! You caught me off guard!

4. Riruka: Furbies

They are fuzzy. They have large eyes. They should be cute. But they are not. They are creepy and they stare as though they want to eat your soul.


Yukio: Why do you assume it was me?

5. Bazz-B: Trick birthday candles

You know, the ones that keep relighting themselves if you blow them out. 

Bazz-B: Fuck!

Bazz-B: Fuck!


6. Halibel: 4-blade razors

As Apacci learned one sad day when she wasn’t careful enough with the shopping.

Halibel: Four blades? Four??


7. Rukia: Juice boxes

They haunt her still.

Ichigo: You seriously just poke the straw in - how is this hard?

Rukia: You don’t know my life, Ichigo!

Ichigo: ….I don’t?

8. Byakuya: Bobby pins

No matter how many he buys, he never seems to be able to find more than one when he needs them.

Renji: Wait….you use bobby pins?

Byakuya: Even hair as perfect as mine needs help sometimes, Renji.

9. Meninas: Pickle jars

She keeps accidentally breaking off most of the top half of the bottle when she tries to unscrew the lid.

Candice: Why do you smell like pickles?

Meninas: Oh come on, I already changed clothes!

10. Yoruichi: Can openers

She knows intellectually that as a human, she can operate can openers. But there is so much pent up frustration from her time in cat form that she just can’t stop being angry at them.

Urahara: I really don’t think you can peel off that lid with your bare hands, Yoruichi. Why don’t you use this -

Yoruichi: DON’T YOU SAY IT

11. Ikkaku: Socks

There is a reason he never wears them.

Yumichika: Ikkaku, you do know, don’t you, that everybody loses the occasional sock in the dryer.

Yumcihika: It’s not that big of a deal.

Ikkaku: Not that big of a deal??



12. Grimmjow: Laser pointers

The kitty part of his brain just doesn’t understand why he can’t catch the red dot.

Ichigo: So…..you have two inanimate nemeses?

Grimmjow: I’m an angry guy.


“Ruby, you’re staring.”

She’s spilled hot chocolate on her sweater and changing in Granny’s laundry room had suddenly become a public activity. Emma is not amused.

(No matter how much her skin flushes feeling Ruby’s gaze on her.)

“What? You’re hot,” she grins as she says it but her smile falters a touch when Emma doesn’t respond right away.

“Is that okay?”

Emma ducks her head, her attempt at indifference cracking at Ruby’s tenuous tone, a tiny smile growing on her face.

“Yeah,” she breathes, looking up at her.

Ruby’s grin comes back immediately.

“Well, I’d hope so. I mean, you did spend like an hour staring at my butt this morning.”

She feels the blush creep up her cheeks and it is ridiculous that her heart is beating hard and her breath is getting shallow. She doesn’t even think it’s possible anymore but Ruby smiles wider, moving closer to her, her hands fiddling with the buttons on her shirt.

“Do you maybe wanna go get dinner or something later?”

“Not here!” She adds hastily, looking up at her and Emma doesn’t know where her courage comes from but she says yes, a laugh on her breath.

For Nini (niniadepapa)

Welcome Back

For 4always7caskett, may you never feel neglected ;). Maks and Meryl in LA after Japan. Just a very tiny splash of Jenna. 

Okay so this is just a little drabble I wrote because Gretchen wanted me to write a fic and this is it! I hope YOU enjoy it as well! Love you! Always- J.

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anonymous asked:

imagine hiccstrid having a mud fight :)

“Don’t you dare throw that clump of dirt at me,” Astrid warns.

Hiccup dons a mischievous grin. “Since when do you care about getting dirty? You’re almost always covered in dirt.”

“Not today. I’m having my first official Girl Time with your mom and I want to make a good impression.”

“Hey, if I like you, then she’ll like you.”

“Hiccup -”


Gasping, she looks down to find a big, brown, wet glop on the front of her freshly-clean red shirt. Nervous laughter comes from in front of her where her nervous boyfriend is.

“Sorry,” Hiccup says in a way that makes her think she’s not very sorry at all.

She yells angrily and tackles him into the mud. He’d expected their fight to be flirty and full of banter but it’s mostly just her sitting on him and shoving him deep into the mud so it fills his mouth and gets in his hair.

Ten minutes later, Astrid skips up to Berk. Dried mud is caked on her boots and the front of her skirt, but she’s smiling like she’s gotten away with murder - the exact look everybody in Berk knows all too well.

“How does Hiccup look?” Valka asks knowingly when Astrid approaches her.

“Let’s just say he’ll never try to have a mud fight again,” she says lightly.

And he never, ever does.

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L ereri

L. A stolen kiss.

I’m nervous about this, I haven’t written these characters much…

And don’t ask me why it’s set in the Wild West. It has nothing to do with anything other than I haven’t seen cowboy Eren and Levi yet. A shame. 


Eren landed with a thump, coughing dirt out of his lungs and rubbing it from his eyes. He moved to jump up, back into the fray, but was stopped by a boot pressing down on his shoulder. He knew that boot (on the small side and clean, how’s it always clean) and knew to stay down. Looking up, Eren squinted against the sun shining high and bright to grin at the man stepping on him.

“Deputy,” he greeted.

“Shit head,” Levi said, crossing his arms and adding pressure to Eren’s chest. Eren liked to think the nickname held some amount of fondness. He was the only one Levi called that, so that had to count for something. “Pretty sure I warned you t'cut this shit out.”

Eren’s grin dropped a notch and he tried not to sound too petulant, but it was hard to appear terribly mature and serious while being pressed into the dirt on his back with food spilled all over the front if his shirt. “They started it.” He winced, tried again. “They were fucking with Armin, for no reason. I wasn’t just gonna stand there an’ do nothing.”

“That’s why you run and get me or Erwin. Hell, even Hanji would be better than you gettin’ your ass kicked-” Eren started to protest but Levi spoke over him, “and havin’ that sister o'yours pissed at me, like it’s my fault you’re an idiot.”

With a sigh Eren relaxed, getting comfortable on the ground since it didn’t look like Levi would let him up soon. He wished he still had his hat as the sun glared in his face, but it had been lost somewhere between the third punch and being flung across a table, which is when he got covered with his own lunch. He noticed the deputy could easily block the sun if he moved four inches to the left. Levi probably had noticed that too. "Did you get ‘em all?“

Rather than answer, Levi fixed Eren with a flat look.

“Okay, thanks,” Eren mumbled. Levi continued to stare and Eren squirmed a little. “I won’t say sorry.”

“That’s not what I want, shit head. I want you to stop jumping into every fight in town.”

It was an old argument. Lecture, really. They both knew what Eren would say next, but he said it anyway. “I’ll fight them’s need t'be fought.”

Usually at this point, Levi would throw Eren in the direction of his home and tell him to apologise to Mikasa and disinfect the cuts on his knuckles. This time he crouched down and lowered his voice, tone softer. “I gotta take you in this time. Erwin said you clearly weren’t learnin’ a thing, and maybe a night in the jailhouse might do you some good. I know it won’t, but he needs to see it ‘imself.”

“Yeah,” Eren breathed. He’d been expecting that. Surprised it hadn’t happened sooner.

Levi stood and pulled his foot off, the spur on his boot jingling with the movement. “C'mon,” he drawled as he turned toward the Sheriff’s office, leaving Eren to trail after him.

“Hey, Levi.”

Levi shot a look over his shoulder. Eren rolled his eyes.

“Hey, Deputy. It’ll be one night?”


“No matter what?”

“I guess. Unless you plan on pullin’ a real crime. You gonna highjack a train on the way?”

“But if it’s not something serious, you’re not gonna lock me up all week?”

Levi stopped and turned around. “What the fuck are you askin’ for? What kind of trouble could you get into in the next quarter mile?”

Eren seemed like he was talking himself into action. Or out of it. Suddenly he leaned forward and pressed an awkward, chapped set of lips onto Levi’s. He pulled back after a moment too long and went red. He looked so silly, blushing and dirty and beat to hell, mashed potatoes smeared into his shirt. Levi wanted to laugh. Or something. He wasn’t sure.

What he ended up doing was snatching Eren by the hair and marching him back where they’d come from.

“Ow, wh-what are you doing?”

“I just decided, you’re gonna clean the saloon you made a mess of. The whole thing, till it fuckin’ sparkles.”

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"Who is Santa and why is he bringing you gifts?!" Clexa

Clarke grabbed Lexa’s wrist that was going for her sword. “Hey, it’s just…it’s something we tell kids okay? If you’re good Santa brings you presents on Christmas.”

Lexa stopped moving and frowned, “And they believe you?”

“Yeah,” Clarke let go of Lexa’s wrist and took her hand. 

Lexa laid back on the bed, “Is he coming this year? For your children?”

“I don’t know,” Clarke shook her head, “I don’t think so. The Sky People are just now learning to survive. There isn’t anything left for gifts.”

Before she could stop her, Lexa got out of the bed and picked up her pants from the ground. 

“Where are you going?” Clarke asked. 

“What does Santa look like?” Lexa asked, moving to her dresser to get a shirt. 

Clarke sat up, covering herself up with the sheet. “Red suit, white beard, kind big…what are you doing?”

Lexa pulled her shirt on and called a guard in. Clarke pulled a blanket up over herself as he stepped in. “Big like that?”

Clarke slowly nodded from behind the blanket. “Lexa, what is going on?”

Lexa gave the guard clipped orders in Trigdasleng and followed him out the door, “Christmas.”

Ficlet: Being Neighborly (Sebadam, NC-17 [??], Project NAGERTUTWP)

Knock, knock

Adam checks the clock. Seven on the dot, he thinks, grinning as he reaches for the bag of sugar and the measuring cup. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at exactly seven in the morning, there’s that light double knock at his door. He knows that when he opens it, there will stand that lovely tall green-eyed fellow from 715 with the impressive upper arms and a bottom that gives Adam very, very naughty thoughts.

It’s happened this same way just like clockwork since shortly after the fellow in question had moved in two weeks ago. 

He decides today he will leave off his shirt, padding over to answer the knock in nothing more than a pair of loose lounging trousers. Why not? He happens to think he has rather impressive upper arms himself. And the neighbor is so very, very pretty.

Swinging the door open, he leans against the frame with a lazy grin. “Hello there, Seven-Fifteen.”

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