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Mimi tell me everything about howon..i miss him and miss ur tag also

oh god where do i even begin with this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

ok howon hoya hodong hoaegi usher enthusiast…. WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL HIM, he’s one hell of a boy… i don’t even know where to start with this and i’m positive i’ve done this like two times before but it’s like… there are so many things we can talk about… 

but anyways… the first thing that comes to mind no matter who’s asking me or no matter the amount of times anyone’s asked me is determination. i find hoya to be a really inspiring person but the one thing that stands out to me the most is his determination. he’s the type of person where when he sets his mind up to do something, he’s going to do whatever he can to achieve it even if it meant risking his health or anything similar to that. like his desire to grow and develop is so ??? i mean i’m really happy he has high standards and expectations and is constantly trying to better himself but WHAT IS LEFT FOR YOU TO DO, YOU LITERALLY DO EVERYTHING like there’s dancing, singing, rapping, acting, composing, playing piano and drums, ACROSTIC POEMS, GAGS and the list just continues to grow ok like how can he become better when he’s already amazing at everything ㅠㅠ not only that but his dedication for his dreams and goals is also one thing that really stands out to me. i’m pretty sure by now, everyone’s heard of his story where he went against his father’s wishes and dropped out of school to chase after his dreams and i think it takes a lot of courage to do something like this and i really commend him for being able to make it through his difficult times to get to where he is today. he’s also a really stubborn person… not only is he stubborn but he’s also a really big perfectionist too and those two personality traits seem to go hand in hand with each other. even if we were to tell him a million times over and over again that we were fine with something he did, he’s not satisfied if he’s not pleased with it yet and this is where i grow a little worried and concerned sometimes because i just think he’s a little too hard on himself and should give himself a little break too ㅠㅠ another thing that really attracted me to hoya was his mysterious personality? i’m sure there’s a better word to describe him but since i’m lacking in vocabulary terms right now, that’s what i’m going to go with LOL he’s the type of person where when you first look at him and meet him, he’s super quiet and awkward??? but like it turns out, he’s really not? i think this is where his super rare ab blood type comes into play because i think he’s a really… unique person and this is what really attracted me to him? like he seems quiet but i feel like if you spent an hour with him and he was able to open up, you’d be laughing at his witty personality (WHICH I LOVE BTW), his lame jokes/gags and all the ridiculous stuff that tends to leave his mouth. this is pretty typical but i literally love his the sassy/bitchy side to him too ok i think it’s so funny i die every time omfg ALSO HIS CUTE SIDE i’m going to be real here, hoya really sucks at aegyo but he’s naturally cute… i don’t think he realizes it ever and if he did he’d probably try to prevent it but he’s the cutest little squish ever. one of the things that really worries me is how he always keeps his feelings and worries to himself. i guess he’s just your typical “busan man” where he wants people to think he’s tough all the time but i know deep down, he’s a really soft hearted person and has moments where he cries by himself omg ;;; i just think keeping all of this to himself will only make him feel lonelier so i hope he’s able to find someone who he can talk about his feelings and share what’s on his mind with ;; and omg his confidence… idk about everyone else, but i think it’s really attractive when a person is confident in themselves and hoya is just BASKING in his confidence sometimes. and i hate how sometimes he just LOOKS SO GOOD that it makes me feel so many things and fall off my bed so many times. tbh i kinda have really mixed feelings about this because at one point, he did mention that he has low self confidence because he feels as if he’s lacking a lot but because he knows there are people out there and because he trusts in the love fans give to him and who love him dearly, he doesn’t want to let them down, therefore he feels as if it’s not right for him to have low self confidence??? idk if i worded that out well but uGH i also absolutely love love LOVE seeing him on stage because i think this is when he shines the brightest??? i don’t know about anyone else but seeing someone doing what they love with the people they love surrounding them is actually like… a blessing to see? idk i just feel like whenever he’s on stage, he’s radiating brighter than the sun ever could. ALSO HIS SMILE AND LAUGH OH MY GOD I COULD TALK ABOUT THIS FOREVER i know people are obsessed with dongwoo’s laugh because it could literally cure any disease but if you listen closely to hoya’s laugh, it all starts out really soft and then explodes like “eu hahahAHAHAHAHA” AND I THINK THAT IS SO CUTE IT MAKES ME FEEL SO GOOD AND HAPPY LIKE RAINBOWS AND SUNSHINE AND WHEN HE GENUINELY SMILES LIKE SUPER WIDELY, I LOVE IT BECAUSE I GET TO SEE HIS PERFECT PEARLY WHITE TEETH AND HOW TINY HIS EYES GET JUST CAUSE HIS SMILE IS SO WIDE IT’S LITERALLY BRIGHTER THAN SUNSHINE I AM SO IN LOVE 

ok so basically, this is all i got 

and my tags will make a comeback eventually i promise

Oh my god, lmfao. Went into the Sebastian Stan tag (prepared for some girlfriend wank or something, among tons of pretty pictures), and what do I see instead? Someone complaining about us ‘whitewashing’ him. 

Oh dear. Where to even begin. Erm, honey, you sweet (probably American, probably in your teens, am I right?) social justice bee, you probably didn’t know this, but the vast majority of people from Romania are actually white. And even if his grandmother or someone somewhere in his family tree was a Roma (which is pure speculation at this point), the way Romanians and Europeans in general identify by what is predominately present, visible and known. 

And furthermore, you are confusing race with ethnicity. Russians are a different ethnicity than Germans, but they’re still both white. And same goes for Romanians. Even Roma are counted among the Caucasian race (but those approaches vary depending on which anthropological system of classification you follow). 

Nevertheless, and by any of those systems and definitions, Sebastian Stan is definitely nothing other than white, so nobody is whitewashing him.