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I Still Love You

Request: I Still Exist is so amazing! I was wondering if you would consider doing a part 2? Actually, I BEG YOU PLEASE😂🙏🏻😍 I need that happy end🌞 PLUS other lovely comments

Word Count: 2,297

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1

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As though… as though he means to marry you.

You drop the journal back onto the table, shock, guilt, and excitement mixing into a terrible concoction that makes you want to both fall onto the ground crying and start jumping up and down squealing. Instead of either, you just lean against the table with one hand, shaking. Marriage. Newt wants to marry you.

Everything around you, every smell bubbling out of the boiling liquids nearby, every creature sound creeping out of the fields, the pain of every splinter of wood poking into your palm… it all fades, becoming nothing more than forgotten thoughts as a picture of Newt in a tux at the front of a church paints itself in your mind.

You see his fingers fidgeting with the corner of his black jacket, hair still messy despite his mother’s obvious attempts to corral it into something proper for a wedding, eyes gleaming. You can picture the way a warm smile replaces his nervous grin when you reach the aisle and meet his eyes. You imagine him taking your hand into his as his long fingers slide a thin ring onto your left hand while he promises to love you forever.

You sink to the ground, eyes wide, unable to breathe. The two of you never discussed marriage, not seriously, at least. It’s not that you don’t want to marry Newt. In fact, it’s the exact opposite: You’re realizing just how desperately you want to be with him. How desperately you want to wake up with one of his arms carelessly slung over you every morning. How desperately you want to be the one he whispers jokes to at parties the two of you are forced to attend for Theseus. How desperately you want to know that he’ll be there to help you up when you’re old and teach your children to walk and kiss you at random times in the day.

You want Newt, there’s no two ways about it. You want Newt, and you may have just lost him with your impatience.

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I Can’t Make You Love Me (Kaldur x Reader)

Requested: Yes
Summary: After Tula joins the Young Justice team, you get pushed aside.
Word Count: 998

You smiled to yourself as you felt Kaldur’s hands brush over your arm. You sat cuddled against him on the sofa in the lounge while Conner flipped through the channels trying to find a movie. You were finally settling into being apart of the team, and as you looked across the room at Dick, M’Gann, and Wally, you felt a sense of home and warmth.

“Ahh,” Kaldur sat up quickly. You gasped as you saw the red marks. You frowned and pulled your arms close to yourself.

“I’m so sorry, Kal!” you apologized for the millionth time since the two of you had started dating. “I was distracted,” you added. He sighed and pulled your hand into his, caressing your knuckles lovingly.

“It’s alright, (Y/n),” he smiled. He was so understanding of your pyrokinesis. He was quick to put out your accidental fires and actually worked with you to practice control. As you settled back against, his side, you focused hard to control your body temperature and not burn anyone else.

After the movie, you slipped off to your room. The walls were charred from frequent night terrors, but it didn’t bother you. You changed from your civilian clothes, into your training clothes and headed to the training area. You were headed to the punching bags when you noticed the team was gathered around someone. You couldn’t deny your curiosity as you walked towards them. You frowned as you saw Kaldur with his arms tightly around another girl. A lump settled in your throat as you recognized the girl as Tula, his long time friend from Atlantis.

“I’ve decided to join this team,” she announced. “Atlantis has many protectors and does not need me right now,” she explained with a wide smile, her hand never leaving Kaldur’s. You felt jealousy surge into your thoughts, clouding your mind. Flames licked across your clenched fists, and without being noticed, you slipped away to the punching bags.

You’re not sure how much you burned through after your hours of angry hitting. Enough for Batman to give you another lecture on control, you were certain. You huffed a sigh and reigned in your emotions, concealing the fire that burned in your veins. You did your best to clean up your mess, and returned to your room. You showered away your sweat and frustration, reminding yourself that Kaldur cared about you and he chose you.

You put on casual clothes and forced a smile on your face as you resigned yourself to officially meet Tula. You took the stairs slowly, back down to the common area. You expected to hear everyone talking and laughing, like normal, but instead you found silence. When you stepped off the last step, it was obvious to you that the building was empty. The team had left.

Panic surged, as you wondered if a mission popped up while you were in the shower. You rushed to the control room and found the monitors were blank. You even found the communicators still on their chargers. There was no mission, they had just left.

“Red Tornado?” you called out for the chaperone. It took you a moment to find him in front of the tv watching an old soap opera.

“Yes?” he replied as he acknowledged you.

“Where did everyone go?” you asked as you hugged your arms around yourself.

“Wally spoke of a carnival in town,” he answered. You frowned. They hadn’t mentioned going to a carnival to you. “They left about twenty minutes ago, perhaps you can catch them,” he added. You nodded and found your way to the garage. You climbed onto your old motorbike and sped off towards the closest town.

It didn’t take you long to find the carnival. The bright lights of the rides were easy to spot. You parked your bike and made your way inside. You weren’t comfortable with being in crowded places alone. If you could find the team, your anxiety would ease even if only slightly. Being surrounded by strange faces only made you want to combust.

“Kal! You shouldn’t have!” you heard a familiar feminine voice call. You turned to see Tula squeeze a stuffed bear Kal had obviously won for her. Your heart stopped dead in your chest as you watched her pull him into a passionate kiss. Hot tears slid down your cheeks, sizzling as they met your hot skin.

“Kaldur?” you called out softly. It was loud enough for him to hear. He pulled away from Tula and looked at you with wide eyes. “What’s going on?” you asked. A frown marred his handsome features.

“(Y/n), I didn’t mean for you to find out like this,” he started. Your already broken heart began to crumble at his words. “Tula has been my friend for as long as I can remember and I love her,” he admitted.

“But, what about us?” you asked motioned to the space between the two of you. “Do I not mean anything to you?” you asked with tears in your voice.

You do,” he nodded. “You are a wonderful friend, but I don’t believe a relationship would work between us,” he explained. “I can’t even kiss you without getting burnt,” he reasoned. You felt a brand new kind of pain. It was as if he had pulled your heart from your chest.

“I never wanted to hurt you, (Y/n),” he told you with a gentle voice. Anger surged through you. How dare he!

“But you have hurt me,” you grit your teeth as you tried to contain the inferno raging inside you. “No one will ever hurt me again,” you growled and stormed off, setting the grass ablaze with your retreating steps. As soon as you were away from people, you screamed out as the flames engulfed you entirely. Using the fire to propel you, you took off flying without any direction. When you finally calmed down enough to rationalize your thoughts, you realized you were in Gotham City.  

Closed My Eyes || Fire Emblem Heroes Alfonse x Kiran (Reader)

A/N: Happy @ferarepair-week2k17 everyone! I’m going to be doing several rare pairings this week wish me luck.

Prompt: Blessed / Cursed / Rest

It was late at night in the castle and it was very quiet at this time of night. Nothing stirred much, except for a few heroes and servants who were all carrying on their business. However, this did worry Alfonse.

He hasn’t seen you since you excused yourself early from dinner to head to the library. You’d been doing this every night for the past few weeks and frankly, he was starting to get worried. You’ve been beating yourself up over simple mistakes in your strategies and he hoped that you weren’t harming yourself behind his back.

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Sleep - pt 9

Originally posted by jminies

Jimin was surrounded by girls tonight. You picked up the plates from the tables and brought them back to kitchen.

A few minutes later, you felt someone pull a headphone out of your ear. You turned off the water and spun around to looked at him.

“These are the last ones.” He said, bringing a handful of cups and plates. “Can you close up and call Hobi to pick you up? Here are the keys.”

“Where are you going?” You asked as he stuffed them into your pocket.

He was breaking the routine of going home together on the bus. You liked seeing the empty streets at night and listening to anything funny he experienced at work that day.

“Out with some friends. I’ll see you tomorrow morning okay?” He smiled charmingly.

You nodded and he ruffled your hair before jumping away. You watched as he burst through the door like a giddy teenager and walked back to the small group of girls who seemed to be waiting for him.

He threw arm around around two of their shoulders they walked out with him excitedly.

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Land of All | Chapter IX

Originally posted by bwipsul

You’ve been told that the Land of All is a myth. A place of beauty that could never exist in this cruel world you call home, but you believe that there is always something beautiful in everything that is ugly. But your life held nothing but ugly, and it would be nothing but ugly. You would never belong in the Land of All, yet you somehow found yourself in that beauty. Such beauty existed, and you hated the idea of being the one to destroy it.

Word Count: 2227

Group: Bangtan Boys

Member: Kim Taehyung

Genre: Romance and Angst


Taehyung was sitting on the sofa in a leisure manner, one arm draped over the couch while the other rested on the arm rest. He was staring at the television, but he seemed to have a blank look on his face while the television played nothing but mindless commercials.

It was in the middle of the night when you walked over to him, placed yourself on his lap, wrapped your arms around his waist, and placed your head at the crook of his neck. He froze under your touch, but slowly, he wrapped his arms around you. His thumb moving in a circular motion on your bare arm.

“What’s wrong,” he whispered, his body finally relaxing.

Just minutes ago, you were trying to go to sleep, but your mind kept going to the fact that you had your powers back. And you didn’t know what you could do. You were so mad that when you finally calmed yourself down, the room was completely thrashed. Everything was scattered around the room, and the walls were covered in claw marks as if a wild animal was kept in there. Taehyung heard none of it, and it was because you finally realized you had the power to stop time. You should have realized it when the guys were quiet during your conversation with the man in black, but you weren’t expecting the seal to break.

“I accidentally thrashed the room,” you shyly confessed, burying your face in the crook of his neck. You felt embarrassed because you didn’t even remember anything flying around the room.

“Did you throw everything around?” he asked.

You shook your head. “I’m sorry. I didn’t even know I was doing it—I was just mad. I’m sorry.”

“So, it was telekinesis?” He turned his head to look at you, but you knew he couldn’t see your face.

All you could do was nod.

You couldn’t remember using your powers, and that’s what scared you the most. If you continued to get mad, you might attack someone without even knowing it. You were already weak for not being able to control yourself. What are you going to do? There’s nothing you can do because one way or another, you’re going to let your emotions get the best of you, and someone will get hurt. Or worse, die.

And that’s what scared you the most. The thought of killing someone because you’re dangerous. Because you can’t stop yourself or save anyone from you. You’re a monster.

A monster that cannot die.

A monster that is going to hurt those you care for. What if you hurt one of the guys? What if you kill them? Seokjin, Jungkook, Jimin—Taehyung. The one holding you at this very moment. The one you cared so deeply for. No matter what you do, you’re going to kill them.

You’re going to kill him.

It’s not an imagination anymore. No. It’s running in your thoughts. As if it were a part of the future you are seeing. And you can see it so vividly. Too vividly.

He’s on the floor, eyes wide open, and mouth slightly agape. There’s a hole in his chest—big enough for you to put your hand through. He’s lying in a pool of his own blood. His blond hair mixed with the color of red. And when you look up, everything is engulfed in flames. People are screaming, running, begging to be saved by no one because no one can save them.

Whether it was you or not, everyone in All is going to die because of you. Their deaths fall upon you because you entered this world. Because you existed when you weren’t meant to. They were going to die, all of them. Every single person that is breathing is going to die—

“Y/N,” Taehyung said, bringing you back to the living room. You finally realized he was cupping your cheeks, his thumbs brushing along your skin. “We can fix the room. You’re okay—everything is okay.”

You felt guilty because he was trying so hard to reassure you that everything would be okay when you knew that it wasn’t. He wanted to make you feel like you were normal when you weren’t. You could never be normal, but you were grateful towards him for trying.

You pressed your lips against his, wanting to feel human again. Wanting to forget everything. Taehyung was quick to reply as he kissed you back. Your lips moving against one another in sync. Your heart slowly increasing as you moved your hands from around his waist to his cheek and hair. You ran your fingers through his short hair, earning a sigh from him. His hands moved to your waist, his tongue brushing along your bottom lip. You gasped, pulling back in surprise. You stared at one another, heavy breathing filling the room as nothing was said between the two of you.

His eyes seemed darker than you had ever seen. He moved one hand to the back of your neck, and he slowly pulled you back towards him. Your lips reconnected, and you didn’t hesitate to kiss back. The sound of your racing heart filled your ears. Taehyung wrapped his arm under your legs, lifting you off him before lying you on the couch, his lips never leaving yours. Placing both his hands on either side of you, he remained on top you, his tongue brushing along your bottom lip once again. You couldn’t help but shiver as you opened your mouth, letting his tongue explore yours.

You’ve never been kissed like this before. Your body feeling as if it were on fire, butterflies fluttering in the pit of your stomach. You haven’t felt this kind of passion since Taehyung last kissed you in the kitchen, but this passion was different. Better. You couldn’t help but move your hands to his shirt, pulling him as close to you as possible. You wanted more. More of the fire that was coursing through you. You felt his hand snake under your shirt, his cool hand running over your stomach, moving higher. You wanted him—

Taehyung immediately pulled back, sitting on the other side of the couch, a hiss escaping his lips. “You’re fucking hot,” he told you, his hand touching his lip. You sat up, watching him as he pulled his hand back to exam it. He licked his lips.

You couldn’t help but look down in shame only to see that your pant leg was on fire. You shot to your feet, backing away from the couch as you tried to put the fire out with your hand. When it was out, you looked up to meet eyes with a surprised Taehyung. “I-I’m sorry,” you stuttered, moving back. You fucked up. You burnt his lips. “I’m so sorry,” you whispered before running out of the apartment.

Couldn’t you be normal?

Couldn’t you be born and raised in a world where no one saw you as a monster?

Why are you suffering?

Why are you looked at like some sort of monster?

You didn’t want any of this. You didn’t ask for any of this. If anything, you wish you had never existed. Sure, you could ask for a normal life, but you had never been given any happy moment. What makes you think you could get any now? You should have stayed in the Nether. At least there you can’t hurt anyone. No one would die because of you. The fire that lies within you won’t engulf the Land of All—

You fell to the ground, body jerking.

Not now—please not now.” You groaned, trying so hard not to scream from the pain that was flowing through your body. Over the sound of your small cries, you could hear footsteps approaching and Taehyung calling your name. “Stay back,” you yelled, getting to your knees, eyes shut.

“Are you okay?” he asked, completely ignoring your demand.

You could hear him getting closer. “I said stay back!”

“Would you shut up! What happened back there was an accident—I need to take you to Seokjin hyung,” he yelled, frustration evident in his tone.

“If you come any closer you’re going to die, you idiot!” You balled your hands into a fist, scooping up a handful of gravel in the process.

“You’re the idiot—” He was cut off, the ground beneath you turning from gravel to mud and grass, rain hitting your back, and thunder roaring over you.

Opening your eyes and looking up, everything around you changed. There were no tall buildings, street lights or cars. The only thing you could see was tall grass, a rickety looking building, and a fence surrounding that building. Taehyung was nowhere in sight.

You got to your feet, calling out for him only to receive a roar from the sky above. Your clothes clung to you from the heavy rain pouring as you made your way towards the building. Getting closer you realized that it was an abandoned barn. Hopping the fence, you made your way towards the barn.

You really wished this hadn’t have happened, but it did. Every day, you were discovering something new about yourself. Now you discovered that you had the ability to teleport.

Fucking great,” you mumbled. “As if lighting on fire wasn’t enough, I can officially teleport while tossing flames around.”

You really hated this. Every time your body went through that ridiculous jerking phase, you ended up with a new power. Maybe it was Ryan obtaining new powers, or your body remembering what it could do, but either way, you wished it would just go away.

Finally reaching the barn doors, you pushed it open. Not even taking a full step inside, you felt lightheaded before falling to hardwood floor. Groaning, you got to your feet and looked around. The familiar setting made you realize that you were back home.

“Y/N,” a voice called from behind, a bit confused and surprised.

Turning around you met eyes with Taehyung. You said his name through chattered teeth. In an instant, you were in his arms. “You’re warm,” you whispered, slowly wrapping your arms around him.

“Where the hell did you go?” he asked, his hold around you tightening. “You’ve been gone for hours.”

“Hours? It was only a couple of minutes,” you told him, trying to stop your teeth from chattering.

“It’s midnight, Y/N. I was looking everywhere for you—you just disappeared into thin air.”

Before you could respond, a loud bang came from the front door followed by a female loudly calling out for Taehyung. The two of you separated, staring at the door in shock. You watched as Taehyung walked towards the door and opened it. On the other side stood the familiar black haired woman.

“Bora? What are you doing here?” Taehyung asked.

“Why don’t you want to get back together?” she asked, her words slightly slurred. She put her hand on his chest. “We had something special.”

“Bora, we broke up years ago, and you ended up with Jimin shortly after our break up. I’m not getting back together with you because Jimin broke up with you, too.” Taehyung grabbed her wrists and pulled them from his chest.

You could see her face turn red, her expression contorting to anger as she ripped her hands from Taehyung’s grasp. “Is it because of her?” she asked, pointing a finger in your direction. “What does she have that I don’t?” When Taehyung said nothing, Bora was stalking right towards you.

“Bora,” he began, but she ignored him standing right in your face.

She poked at your chest. “Who are you? You think you’re special? Taehyung doesn’t love anyone, and that includes you, sweetheart. Why don’t you just leave because you’re not getting anything out of this relationship.” She pushed you, causing you to stumbled back a bit.

Her words invaded your thoughts, eyes gleaming with hatred, and mouth continuing to run. However, you couldn’t hear her speak. You were blocking everything out, trying your best from not hitting her. You really just wanted for her to shut up. Close her mouth and keep it closed—maybe even watch her disappear. You really wanted her to disappear.

She continued to yell at you until she gasped, being lifted off the ground by Taehyung. You watched as he carried her out of the apartment. When silence filled the room, you let out a small sigh. You jumped at the sound of clattering. Turning your head towards the kitchen, you noticed all the knives were scattered on the floor. Letting out another sigh, feeling disappointed in yourself, you walked into the kitchen to pick up the scattered knives.

When you placed the last knife in the drawer, you felt a hand take yours. you turned towards Taehyung, feeling him lightly pull you towards him. You complied, being pulled into his arms.

“I’m sorry,” you apologized. He shook his head, kissing your neck lightly when you were in his grasp. “I burn your lip, and with what happened earlier—”

Taehyung pulled back, cupping your cheeks, his thumbs brushing along your skin. “What happened is not your fault.” He kissed you, and you felt yourself beginning to relax. When he pulled away, he said, “You should go shower, you’re still wet and cold.” You nodded, but didn’t pull away.

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Exo Reaction #12 - They pretend to break up with you as a prank, but you don’t fight it, thinking it’s real

Anon asked: reaction for BTS. EXO, BIG BANG and Monsta X about how they break up with you as a joke and you don’t fight it because you thought it was real and don’t want to force them to keep dating you?

Xiumin: I see him grabbing your hand and looking at you with one eyebrow raised. “You thought I was serious?” He’d smile and shake his head, “I promise I’m not and I won’t joke like that again, okay? I love you.” He’d brush it off unless you brought it up again.

Suho: “Nonononono!! I’m not serious! I’m never serious! It was a stupid joke!! I really need to stop the stupid jokes, I know I’m so sorry.” He would ramble for a while before you assured him that you accepted his apology. He’d then insist on taking you to lunch or shopping for “being the best s/o ever”

Yixing: He’d stare at you blankly as you begin to cry, watching as you get up to leave. He’d stand up with you and grab your arm, “where are you going? What did I do?” He’d be so confused when you told him you broke up with him, and he’d pause and think back to what he said, realizing what he said could have sounded like him breaking up with you when he never meant it that way. He’d hug you and apologize a thousand times, tearing up a bit.

Baekhyun: “Oh, shit! Y/n, no It was a joke! I’m not serious?? You thought I was serious??” He’d back peddle so hard-core. He’d realize after you got super pissed at him and started leaving that you took him seriously when he didn’t mean you to. “Shit, babe you know you should never take me seriously!! I would never break up with you that way!”

Chen: “Come on Y/n… I said I was sorry!” You’d still be fighting with him an hour later after he said “We should break up you know.” to you as a ‘joke’. You kept telling him if it were a joke, he wouldn’t have said it so seriously and he keeps telling you that he has a dry sense of humor ‘and you know it’. You guys might fight for a while on this one.

Chanyeol: Realizing he took things too far the moment the words left his lips, he immediately started rambling about how stupid he was for saying that, even as a joke, and you never got a chance to respond. He would be more self-aware then the others when it comes to realizing that he shouldn’t have said what he said. He’s a super silly person, but I think he’s really in tune with others feelings and though he screws with people, he knows when he takes it too far. He’d ramble about how much he loves you for so long that you’d probably have to kiss him or hit him to shut him up.

Kyungsoo: Like Yixing, he wouldn’t even realize what he’d said could have been taken as a break up. Since you knew he’d never joke like that, you took him seriously and started crying. “Jagi, why are you crying?? Did I say something…?” Then it dawned on him what he said and how it sounded and he broke down, hugging you and apologizing so fiercely that you knew that he hadn’t meant what he said as a break up. He’d place kisses all over your face and pamper you for the rest of the day, constantly telling you he loves you.

Kai: “I’m so stupid oh my gosh, please ignore me!! I never said that, I didn’t mean it seriously!!” You’d ask why he even said that then and he’d look at you with wide-eyed panic, and shrug, at a loss of words from his own stupidity. He’d probably be unsure how to fix what he said, so he’d ask you how he could prove that he loved you and would never do that.

Sehun: He would look at you with tears in your eyes and think ‘Well shit.’ You’d start to walk away and he’d sigh loudly and say “If you took that seriously then you don’t know me Y/n. You know that if I broke up with you, I’d never do it that way.” He’d smile at you and do whatever he could to make you laugh after that, hoping you forgot his stupid slip up.

Luhan: “I was…practicing for a part in a drama…?” That was the only thing he could think to say to cover up his horribly insensitive joke. You’d end up hitting him, telling him that he could have warned you if you were practicing lines and he’d apologize profusely. He’d swear to always warn you from then on, and would mentally note to never joke like that again.

Kris: He’d spazz out. He would NOT know what to do. You’d probably get halfway to your house and he’d still be stuttering in his apartment, pacing the floor, unable to speak in coherent sentences. He’d call you, urgently trying to get you to come back and when you answered the phone, he’d still be sputtering nonsense to try and explain himself. It would be a while before you finally understood what he meant by saying “Come I didn’t mean- apartment! Come back to mine!”

Tao: He’d be pissed that you took him seriously. “What, I haven’t proved my love to you over and over? You know you’re my world and I need you in my life. You should know how irreplaceable you are to me.” He’d end up crying with you after his speech and you’d finally realize he was as in love with you as you were with him. You’d hug and kiss it out, probably still crying (him at least) and you’d patch things up soon after.

A/N: I wanted to write too much for them so half way through I gave up trying to put gifs that matched what I wrote for them lol

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 28

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 28


Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there :)

Enjoy :)

(Takes pace in 1x10)

Originally posted by shekissedklaus

It was snowing, but you weren’t cold. You were alone but you could hear someone calling your name. You had no idea where you were. You could only see white.


“Who is this? Where are you?” you call, but you couldn’t see anyone, you were alone.

“Y/N, you need to wake up! Open your eyes! Wake up! You can’t stay here! This isn’t your world! Go back to your world!”


“Open your eyes, Y/N!”

“Mom? Where are you?”

“Open your eyes!”

You gasp as you open your eyes and see Elijah’s worried face. You look around to see if your mother was there, even though you knew she couldn’t be, you were sure you heard her voice.

“Where’s Davina?” you hear Klaus’ angry voice.

“Brother, not now!” Elijah says as he pulls you close to him. “Are you okay?”

You didn’t know how to answer that. Your head hurt. You get up and get out of the room.

“Y/N?” Elijah calls your name but you don’t answer, you need to be outside, to feel the air. But Klaus is in front of you in a second.

“Where’s Davina?” he asks again and he wasn’t going to let you go until you tell him.

You sigh. “She’s gone. She left after she learned you killed Agnes, thanks for telling me by the way!” you say before pushing him out of your way but he takes your arm to stop you.

“Where did she go?”

You frown and push him against the wall with the gift of air. “I don’t know.”

Once you’re outside, you take a deep breath and feel the air around you. Your eyes closed you let go of the power that was giving you a headache.

“Y/N” you hear Elijah’s voice and you open your eyes. It was snowing.

“You have to stop, you need to get control over yourself” he says as you look around and see everything was frozen.

“It’ll thaw” you say before walking away without even looking at him.

You were angry he didn’t tell you about Agnes. He took your hand, stopping you from taking more steps.

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

You sigh “You’re keeping things from me” you say and he frowns “Why am I even here, Elijah?” you ask as you think back to what Klaus said the day before. “This is a family matter, Elijah, you made that very clear, don’t let me stop you, I’d hate to be in your way!”

“What’s gotten into you? Where does that come from?” he asks, surprised by your mood.

“Leave me alone, don’t you have a witch to find?” you say and walk away. He looked hurt but let you go.

What has gotten into you? He didn’t deserve that. But you were so angry, you didn’t even know why. How did you get here? How did you become “a couple” like Marcel asked yesterday. Were you even one? You never talked about it. You just kissed, and kissed again and you never talked about it.

You were walking down the streets of the French quarter, trying to calm down, to figure out why you followed him here. Why you stayed, why you would stay. You spent the entire day thinking about it and the answer became clear to you. But was it clear to him?

It was dark when you decided to go back to Klaus’ place. You see Klaus unconscious on the ground as you enter and hear Davina talking.

“You’re a killer, just like your brother. For a thousand years, you fed on innocent blood. Why don’t you choke on it?” she says and Elijah started throwing up blood.

“Davina! Stop!” you shout but she doesn’t.

“And you? You didn’t want to be my friend, you wanted to manipulate me so I would do what they wanted!” she says and you start having a headache again, but you didn’t care about yourself, Elijah was in pain until he passes out.

“Elijah!” you try to go to him but end up banging on a wall. Davina was now walking towards Marcel.

You could feel a strong wind in the courtyard that was coming from you, the chairs, the tables were on fire, you didn’t know what you were doing. You didn’t want to hurt her you just wanted to stop her so you could get to Elijah without being thrown on a wall again. But Marcel falls down on a ground and you see Rebekah standing behind him. She come to you with her vampire speed and put her arms around you.

“Calm down, you’re going to destroy this house” she tells you.

“Tim!” you hear Davina say. Her friend was about to fall because of the wind and Rebekah manages to catch him.

You rush towards Elijah and take his face in your hands. He was unconscious. “Elijah?”

“Y/N, the wind!” you hear Rebekah shout “Y/N!”

You look up to see everything was on fire despite the strong wind. Tears were falling down your cheeks as you close your eyes to take a deep breath to calm down. The wind and the fire disappear. You were sitting on the floor, pulling Elijah close to you. “I’m sorry” you whisper, your face close to his.

“Now, before you turn on me” Rebekah says to Davina “I have a surprise for you”

“Josh what are you doing? Get out of here!” you hear Davina say.

“Davina” Tim says “Did you do all that?” he asks, pointing at the mess “How did I even get here?”

“I’ll explain everything, I promise” she says to him before hugging him.

They all leave, following Rebekah who wanted to show them something.

You were just waiting for Elijah to come back, you needed to apologize for what you said this morning.

Klaus wakes up first, of course.

“What happened here, love?”

“This is all your fault” you tell him and he looks at you, hurt. “Can’t you do something nice, ever?”

“My methods are extremes but I always get results” is his only answer.

You look down on Elijah, stroking his cheek with your thumb. Finally, he moves and he opens his eyes.


“Hey” you smile at him “I’m so sorry” you tell him, a tear falling down your cheek.

He looks confused, sit up and wipe off the tear.

“Sorry for what?”

You shake your head and hug him, crying, burying your face in his shoulder. He hugs you back whispering everything was okay.

You hear Marcel groans as he comes back to consciousness and you all get up.

“Where is Davina?” he asks.

“She left with Rebekah” you say and he frowns.

“Is she the one who killed me?” he asks and you nod.

“What is she plotting?” Klaus asks you.

“Why do you ask me?” you say.

“Did Davina do this?” Marcel asks, pointing at the mess.

“No, that was me” you say and he frowns.

“You’re a witch?” he asks, feeling threaten and you look at him, but don’t answer.

Klaus’ phone starts ringing. He picks up, it’s Rebekah.

You put your hands on Elijah’s face “Are you okay?” you ask and he nods.

“Rebekah where are you?”

“Well, I tried to talk to her out of respect for Marcel, but she made it clear she is not our friend. My apologies if you thought she was yours.”

“No. It wouldn’t.”

“What’s going on?” you ask Elijah who could hear the entire conversation.

“You see, the poison I compelled Timothy to feed her is quite potent.”

Marcel was going after Klaus but Elijah stops him.

“It’s just a matter of time for her”

“There is no dealing with those who threaten us. Davina sealed her fate when she stood against me. This was her choice, not mine.” Klaus hangs up.

“Davina’s dying” Elijah tells you.

Klaus laughs as he sees all of you give him a disapproving and angry look. “Come one. The stench of your judgement is overwhelming. Need I remind you that Davina just bested the lot of us? Even you, Y/N! I did what had to be done. Don’t worry Elijah, I remain as redeemable as ever.”

“She’s 16 Klaus, you just killed two children!” you shout at him.

“So, you compelled the boy to poison Davina without consulting with Marcel or myself?” Elijah says.

“You know what the worst part is?” Marcel says “Is that you’re so predictable I had to make an alliance with your brother, who I don’t even like”

You frown and look up at Elijah, whose chin was cover with dry blood and he gives you a little smile.

“Judging by your expression you have something you’d like to share.” Klaus says.

“Damn straight I do. I got a call for Kieran earlier, right after Sabine and some witches almost got their hands on Davina first. Sabine used a protection spell so she would come back if she died. I made her use the same spell on Davina.”

“So, when you slipped away to allegedly check on your nightwalkers you were in fact colluding with a witch.” Klaus says. “Very clever. I suppose I should be proud”

“Eh, I just wanted to make sure I had a failsafe just in case, as Elijah expected, you started acting like you.”

“Except that now you’ve involved the witches who, last time I checked, were enemy to us all, to everything we have, and to our family”

“Davina is Marcel’s family, Nicklaus, or did that somehow slip your mind as you tried to take her life?” Elijah says “You will call Rebekah, you’ll tell her that Davina will recover. Do wish the same could be said for that boy” he says, taking your hand and dragging you out of there.

You got into his room. “Where have you been today?” he asks you, taking his bloody shirt off.

“I needed to think” you tell him.

He washes the blood off his face and walk towards you. You were staring at the carpet. He gently lifts up your chin to make you look him in the eyes.

“I’m sorry about this morning” you say “I just…” you sigh.

“Tell me” he says “did I do something?”

“Why didn’t you tell me Klaus killed Agnes?”

He sighs “I wanted to spare you my brother’s… slaughters” he sighs and shakes his head.

“Did you know that Davina was safe now that the last elder is dead?”

“I thought she was… But the witches need to complete the Harvest, they will find a way to do it without the elders” he says and you sigh.

“She thinks I wanted to manipulate her…”

“She’ll learn to know you better. To see you could never do that” he says and pulls you closer to him.

You keep looking at each other for a while before he speaks up again. “You asked me why you were here this morning…” he says “You’re here because I want you here…Because I need you here” he puts his hands on each side of your face. “Why are you here” he asks you.

Your heart is beating faster, you don’t know if you’re going to have the courage to tell him. You were too afraid he didn’t feel the same. “I’m here because…” you take a deep breath “I think I’m…” he’s waiting for your answer “I’m here because I want to be with you” you look down, blushing.

He lifts up your chin again and kisses you. You slowly move your hands to his bare chest and up to his neck. You pull back to breathe but he keeps kissing you, your cheek, your jawline, your neck. His hands are on your lower back and he lifts you so your feet don’t touch the ground anymore. In the second, your back is on the bed, he’s on top of you, kissing your neck, your jawline, your cheek, your lips. Your fingers in his hair, his lips go back to your neck once again. His lips, his hands, wonder to parts of your body he never touched before. You don’t want him to stop and he doesn’t.

When you wake up, it’s still dark, it’s around midnight. The bed is empty so you sit up to look for Elijah but you’re alone in the room. You look for your clothes and get dressed before stepping out.

You find Elijah in the study, looking at drawings.

“Hey” you say and he looks up and smile when he sees you.

“You’re awake” he says.

You smile back at him. “I thought you’d be there when I woke up”

“Sorry, I’m going though Davina’s sketches. Marcel said they were announcing something bad” he says.

You sit on the couch behind him and put your hands on his chest and your head rest against his on his shoulder. “It’s like a puzzle” you say and put a kiss on his neck.

You help him figure out what the drawings were about when Hayley got into the room.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she asks.

“We’re trying to make sense of some Davina’s visions, it’s supposed to warn us of something bad that’s gonna happen, we’re almost there” you tell her.

Finally, the drawings make sense and you get up to take a better look at it. It was a face. You frown “Is that…?”


[EXO One Worded Series] Luhan - "Again."

If you want more explanation about this series, do check out the description there!

A quiet groan came from you as you woke, your eyes still finding a way to open as you writhe in his arms. Your body was against his as his chest plastered on your bare back. His masculine arms keeping you in place from the back, his face centimeters away as he was fast asleep.

Man. What a rough night last night was.

You recalled back the way his arms locked around your frame as he assisted you up and down on his member, his lips whispering sweet nothings into your ears as he made love to you - the feeling was exquisite. Need you remember, the two of you manage to head as far as three rounds before you were the first to call it quits, falling asleep in his masculine arms. You had that vague image of him smiling in your hair when he heard you purr in delight as you snuggled against him last night. He felt like he was walking on cloud nine, too. Finally, all sexual frustrations building in could be released. Who would’ve thought it would take place last night?

It caught you off guard as well. You merely came back from work seconds after Luhan and the moment you entered the bedroom, everything was out of your hands.

Not that you mind…

Thank God for the weekend or you might skip work, calling in sick.

After lazing in his arms for a while, you decided that you should do some groceries. You remembered roughly that in the fridge, you were running out of eggs, milk and some of Luhan’s favorite cereal. With that being thought, you looked over your shoulder only to land your eyes on a very peaceful looking Luhan who was still in a deep sleep. His eyes were closed, his steady pace of breathing and the way he looked when he was sleeping… he was too perfect looking.

It still surprised you on how he is for you to call ‘yours’.

You gave a small smile he couldn’t see before you looked down om his grip around you. Your hands gently peeled his hands off but you froze in an instant upon hearing a quiet whine. When his tiny shift on the bed stopped as he leaned away from you unconsciously, you took this moment to quickly remove his arms to roll off the bed, onto the floor where a soft thud could be heard.

You fell down.

You managed to mute your yelp when you noticed in the quiet room, Luhan’s stable breathing echoed - he was sound asleep. You let out a relieved sigh, pushing yourself up where you winced as the fall hurt a little but you walked it off to the bathroom.

With the bag of groceries on the table, you could take a breather and relax. You reached for your elastic to tie your hair up but a hand reached for it quicker than you did. Your head shot to look over your shoulder where you caught a glimpse of Luhan shirtless but in his boxers - he always looked handsome even in the morning.

You couldn’t look at him when he tilted your head to look ahead of you where you stared at the fridge with your fingers tapping the island counter. You felt his hands pulling your hair back delicately, before he tied your hair up in a messy bun. You had the urge to look at him again but you held it back when you felt his arms snaking around your waist, tugging you back into his embrace. And then you felt his lips at your neck, planting a soft kiss as he hugged you appreciatively, “Where did you go?”

You smiled, rubbing your palms on his arms smoothly, “I was out to do some grocery shopping. We were out of milk and eggs.” As you went on, he hummed in response, “Plus, you said you wanted some more cereal.”

You could hear the smile in his laugh as he kissed your neck again, “Oh yeah… I remember that.”

You snickered, looking down on his arms - this felt similar to last night and this morning… “Of course you do. You remember everything you like.”

He managed to chuckle, his head lifted up where he pressed the side of his head beside yours, “Now I know why I think about you all the time…”

You gulped, moving your head a little to meet with his gaze. When you saw the sparkle of concupiscence and mischief in his eyes, you looked away instantly. You gasped when his arms spun you around. His eyes looked up and down on your figure, making you do the same. Was wearing his shirt with a pair of sweatpants that bad?

You bit on your tongue when he dipped down, his nose nuzzling with yours as his thumb rubbed circles on your waist, “Mei li…”

You blinked at him, your hands reaching up to place it behind his neck with a shy smile, “Y-Yes…?”

He nudged your head up with his nose on your nose just so he could align his lips with yours, purposely letting his breath touch your lips, “I love it when you wear my shirt…”

You could only let it all sink in when his lips pressed against yours, his hands smoothening over your clothed waist just to hug you. He brought you close, with your lips enclosed onto one another passionately. You felt the tip of his tongue poking past your lips, entering without a warning. You aided him further when you gasped upon feeling his hardening member against your thigh the moment he pressed you against the counter. Your eyes could only flutter shut as you relished on the kiss, your fingers tangled in his hair.

It was only for a matter of seconds before he broke the heated kiss, his eyes clouded with lust as he smirked at you. You received the silent message when he hoisted you up onto the counter with his hand pushing your legs apart so he could stand in between.

“Again?” You asked, making him smirk slyly as his hands were already busy stripping your clothes off you, it seems like you understood immediately.


Shy - Monsta X

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Originally posted by kseoulsunshine

Kihyun’s eyes widened once the words left your mouth, you looked down afraid of his response, he stuttered not pronouncing full words.

“I” he paused sighing, “I like you,” he finally said, a breathy laugh coming afterward. You looked up shook covering your features, he looked down a giddy smile covering his features.


Originally posted by beastdw

Your body froze once Minhyuk started laughing, you had just confessed your feelings to him and he was laughing. He covered his mouth his eyes showing his smile, he stopped laughing.

“Y’N,” he said giddily, you bit the inside of you cheek sucking in a deep breath, “I thought we both knew we liked each other,” he laughed out softly bringing his hands to the top of his head looking down, a wide smile on his face, you released the breath you had been holding into a sigh of relief.


Originally posted by kihyeun

You pulled at the sleeves of your jacket waiting for Changkyun’s response, he had looked flustered when you confessed to liking him. Your eyes focused on his hand when he reached into his pocket. 

“read these messages,” he mumbled pushing his phone towards you. You quirked an eyebrow looking up at him, he looked up at the sky, you lifted your hand taking the phone from his. 

The conversation he was showing you was between him and Jooheon.

‘I don’t know how to confess to her.’
‘Just be a man and confess to her, you walk her home after her classes, do it then.’

You handed him his phone back looking to meet his gaze which had shifted to you.


Originally posted by dhjung

“Y’N,” Jooheon grabbed your arm making you turn to face him. “Where did you and Hoseok go,” you tried to pull your arm from his grip again.

 “He was helping me get my confidence up to confess to you,” his face turned a slight shade of pink, he let go of your arm looking down. He stuffed his hands into his pocket. 

“oh,” he said softly, you sighed. 

“Why did you care so much, that I went out with Hoseok,” he glanced up to look at you.

“I was jealous he spent time with you.”


Originally posted by wonhuff

“stop crying please,” Hoseok placed his jacket on your shoulders. you looked up wiping your eyes, “you ran off before I could say anything,” he sat next to you letting out a sigh, “I’ve liked you for awhile too,” he covered his face, “you ran off before I could say anything,” he pushed his hair back turning to look at you,“I got scared when I couldn’t find you,” he paused, “don’t make me worry like that again,” he warned.


Originally posted by kmess

Hyungwon looked flustered, a confused smile adorned his features after the words had left your mouth. 

“you like me,” he asked, you nodded slowly, his smile widened. He stepped towards resting his hand on your cheek pressing a light kiss to your forehead. 


Originally posted by wonkyuns

Hyunwoo shyly looked away from you rubbing the back of his neck. You could see the smile on his face while he was looking down at his feet. 

“You like me,” he asked swaying slightly, you nodded not wanting to repeat yourself, “That’s cute,” he looked up at you still smiling, 

“What,” you asked.

“You like me,” he said rather confidently to himself.

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reaching-for-love  asked:

Is it possible to request a fic on son mccree and papa reyes making up after a huge fight where turns out mccree did nothing wrong and Reyes might have realized it a bit to late after having been rescued by mccree and seeing the poor kid in medbay(1)

(2) hurting real bad and he feels guilty and tries to make thing better after? Also I finally found your account!! I really liked your stuff but forgot to follow so it’s been a while looking for you!!!:):):) Glad I finally did keep up the good stuff!

“Mercy, you have to let me in there, I need to see Jesse,” Gabriel implored, leaning against the door. As harsh as his tone was, it was plain to see: his face practically shined with guilt. He squeezed a wrapped present tightly in his arms, his hand clearly wracked with tension.

“I understand why, Gabriel, but now is really not the time. He’s in a lot of pain, and there’s no way I can let him have any visitors in this state. It’s nothing personal,” Angela murmured softly, looking down at her hands to avoid any possible eye contact with her superior. Only being eighteen and being in charge of the entire medbay was nerve-wracking as it was, not to mention the new patient from Japan being covered in wounds on over 90% of his body. All of that, she could deal with. But looking directly at Blackwatch Captain Reyes and speaking choked her up, it felt like her mouth was being stuffed with cotton,

“You may be the doctor here, Angela, but I’m above you. So, you’re going to get your skinny little ass out of the way and let me in, or so help me…” threatened Gabriel. The growl in his voice sent a shiver up the doctor’s spine, and she immediately stepped out of the doorway. As young as Angela was, she knew better than to argue with him. That steely, cold glare was the kind of thing that could kill an anxious little thing like her if he gazed too long into it, losing herself to the abyss.

The 6’1 bulky Chicano man stepped right past her with a set goal in mind. He needed to see Jesse and make sure he turned out alright. All his blonde bimbo of a husband had mentioned was that Jesse was in the medbay and looked like absolute shit. After years of marriage, Gabriel could read that man like a book. That stupid twink was hiding something from him, and he was going to sniff it out.

Striding through the hall, every room he passed had some other horribly injured individual. He even got a peek at that rich Japanese boy who had been attacked by his older brother. For a second, he craned his neck as he was walking to gawk at the kid. Patches of obnoxious green hair were missing on his head, likely ripped out in the heat of the fight. The poor boy’s face was beyond fucked-up; long, crooked scars ran up and down his entire body, showing signs that he had been brutally cut up with some sort of sword. There were even rumors that when he arrived, his innards were visible, and he had to immediately get patched up. Whatever happened to this fifteen year old boy, it wasn’t humane. Gabriel shuddered at the thought of the pain he must be in.

Once he realized the boy saw him staring, he quickly kept walking along, the embarrassment glowing on his face. The other rooms in the medbay were filled with men and women of varying injuries- everywhere from faces burned so badly that they didn’t even resemble humans to minor broken bones and little cuts. Right at the end of the metal hallway was one last door with a cowboy hat hanging off of it. Without a doubt in Gabriel’s mind, he knew that had to be the kid’s room. He hoped whatever happened, the hours he spent on the present would be worth it.

Inhale. Hold for seven seconds. Exhale.

He was ready.

The metal door swung open much louder than he intended, disrupting the cartoon Jesse was watching. With a quick look of irritation, Jesse’s hands flew to the remote on the bedside table and hit the pause button. He leaned back in the clinical bed and sighed. His once wild, outlaw look had been stripped away by Angela. She’d mentioned briefly that after treating his arm she’d cut his hair shorter, but Gabriel had never assumed she really did that much to it. But looking at it now, she really did tame his unruly, angry-looking brunette mane. Every last hair on his seventeen year old chin had been shaved clean, and he was developing his first ever five-o'clock shadow. Two uninterested eyes looked up at Gabe.

“Hey, Old Man. Come here to apologize or what?” He stretched back, and the Blackwatch leader’s mouth dropped, along with the box that was in his hands.

Where his left-arm once was now held nothing but a little stump. It was neatly bandaged, and had obviously stopped bleeding a while ago, but it was enough to put Gabriel into a shock, of sorts. This was what had his idiot husband so nervous?

“Jesse, where’s your arm? Where did it go?” stammered Gabriel.

“I dunno. One of those shitty tin cans cut it off after we got separated.” Gabriel thought back, and that brief moment where Jesse was there one moment and gone the next flashed through his mind.

It was his call to keep moving through the shredded city block. Jack agreed with him, believing they’d dealt with the last of the omnics a little ways back. However, Jesse had a bad feeling about the whole thing, and insisted they just turn around and get somewhere safe. What did he know? He was just a kid; a little boy hanging out with the grown-ups. Gabriel told him to shut his mouth and keep walking. Seconds later, the familiar sound of metal feet stomping became audible, and the two men and the kid realized they were surrounded.

It was just three of them, surrounded by a horde of omnics. Jack was pounced on by one, and Jesse was way closer to him than Gabriel. Using his bare hands, he ripped the piece of junk off of Gabriel’s husband and wrestled with it. The harder he struggled with it, the greater the distance grew between him and Gabriel. More of the metal bastards flooded in, and soon it was just him and Jack defending each other. A black hole opened up in Gabriel’s stomach the longer the battle went on without any sign of Jesse. Once most of the piles of gears were pushing up daisies, Gabriel searched desperately for Jesse.

There wasn’t a single sign of him anywhere, and he wasn’t seen again for hours, until Ana and Reinhardt went back to scout through the rubble and found him hiding in a tree. How he got there with his arm in that condition was a mystery to Gabriel.

There was only one word Gabriel could bring himself to force out. “Why,” he stammered. It wasn’t really a question.

“Why, what? Old man, you gotta be specific,” Jesse chuckled, and nonchalantly reached over for the remote to start his cartoons back up. Gabriel swiftly grabbed his hand, eyes seething with anger.

“Why did you grab that omnic?” he hissed, releasing his rough hold on the boy’s hand.

Jesse rolled his eyes and sighed. “Because you love him and if he died out there, then I’d have to listen to you cry about it for months. No one wants to hear you crying, Gabo.” He leaned back and sighed, just wanting to go back to the television and get sucked into his show again.

“I could have saved him, you know.” Gabriel softened his voice. There was no need to snap at this boy. His real anger was with himself, not the kid.

“Yeah, no. You’re slow and old, and you two were like a billion miles apart. Let’s be real here, Gabo. If I hadn’t yanked that rust bucket off of him, it wouldn’t be my hand missing: it would probably be his head. I haven’t seen you since we got separated, my arm is missing, and all you wanna do is stand there and lecture me? Come on man. Either quit being a tool or leave and let me watch TV.” Jesse huffed, slouching in an exaggerated way.

Gabriel stood there speechless and looked down and the cold medbay floor.

“This is all my fault, Jesse. You were right.” His eyes were widened like saucers, the words he spoke slightly muffled by his right hand covering his mouth.

A smug look crept across the boy’s face. “What was that? Couldn’t hear you. I think fighting all these omnics has fucked with my hearing. Can you say it one more time?”

Slowly, Gabriel moved his hand. “I said, you were right. This is all my fault.”

Jesse looked insanely satisfied. “Didn’t catch it that time either. One more time?”

Gabriel’s brows furrowed, and he shot a dirty look to the kid. “Your arm is missing, do you think this is some kind of game? I’m the reason you’re in this hospital bed right now, don’t you get that? Your life will never be the same again, and you’re sitting here trying to get me to apologize again and again,” he snarled, making faces like an angry dog.

Jesse rolled his eyes. “Chill out, Gabo. It’s a fuckin’ joke, it’s funny.”

“This is funny to you? Dammit, what part of this seems funny!? None of this is a joke. Dios mio, I’m the reason a seventeen year old boy lost his arm…” He buried his face into his hands.  “I have to live with this…” His knees buckled underneath him, and he sank to the floor like crumpled paper.

Realizing what a mess Gabriel was, Jesse sat up and crawled out of the bed and stepped over to him. Seeing the kid in a hospital gown was a little funny, but Gabriel couldn’t bring himself to laugh, or even crack a smile. He was too guilt-stricken to hardly utter a word.

“Hey, Gabo. I don’t blame you. So uh, please, don’t blame yourself.” He placed his hand gently on Gabriel’s shoulders. “Come on now, stand up. I see that you got me a present. Let’s open that, alright?”

Gabe could barely look up, but reluctantly rose to his feet and picked the package he’d dropped after seeing Jesse’s lack of an arm. The least he could do is let the kid open his present up. Without another word, he handed the nicely wrapped- though now slightly dented- box. Jesse’s eyes greedily lit up, and he began trying to open it. There was definitely a struggle, but Gabriel knew he would never accept any help in tearing the package open. He resorted to tearing off the wrapping paper and ribbon with his teeth, and got the box’s lid off with his good hand easily.

He dove right in, and pulled out an expertly sewn article of clothing. His face lit up at the realization of what it was. “Gabo? Did you make me a serape?” His eyes darted up to look at the man struggling with the worst guilt of his life.

Gabriel nodded, and hoarsely added. “You always talk about wanting one. I figured I’d, you know, finally get to sewing one together for you.” It was red, with a golden hexagon pattern along the borders.

“So cool.” He looked up with a big childish grin on his face, as he tried to figure out how to put it on with only the one arm. A small smile crept up on Gabriel; it made him happy to see him acting like it was the best thing  in the world. Quietly, he leaned over, and helped the boy in the hospital gown put on the serape. Jesse’s smile extended from ear-to-ear, and a small giggle he was trying to suppress escaped.

To try and make Gabriel feel better, Jesse began to talk about every thought that ran through his head. He hoped that this would take his mind off of it, and maybe relieve the tension. He was, to an extent, successful. Gabriel smiled and even cracked up at some of his crappy jokes. As much as he loved to give the old guy shit, he didn’t ever wanna see him sad like this: it was just depressing. In his mind, the arm thing really wasn’t a big deal. Angela fussed way too much, talking about how he ‘couldn’t handle visitors’ or whatever. They stayed like that, just the two of them, for a couple hours. Gradually, the sadness left Gabriel’s face and tone, though he did remain a tad somber for the rest of the night, and for very long afterwards.

Before he left, Gabriel stood still in the doorway for a moment. “You know, Jesse, I really do care about you. And I’m so sorry I didn’t listen to you back there.”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s whatever. Love you too, dad.” Aw, shit. He never meant to call him Dad. His eyes quickly averted to the window in embarrassment.

Gabriel turned around to look at him. “What did you just call me?”

“Gab. I said Gab. Get out of here, old man. Go drink your prune juice or put tennis balls on your walker, whatever you old fucks do.” He spat all of his words out like somehow getting them out quicker would change the fact that he just called Gabriel dad.

Gabriel laughed, “Love you, too…” He began shutting the door, but left it open just a crack, and whispered. “… Mijo.”

How To Save A Life

Summary: The Reader goes to the Cortez with her abusive husband that she hates but is scared to leave him and James steps in and saves her when he sees them fighting

You dreaded getting out of bed this morning. Your husband had planned on spending the whole day with you. He reserved a room at the Hotel Cortez and said you two would order room service and watch shitty TV all day. But you knew that’s not how the day would turn out. You knew the second you got out of the bed and got dressed you would be yelled at for waking up too late. You sighed and got out of bed and walked to your closet. You picked out your favorite t-shirt and pair of jeans, put some shoes on, grabbed your overnight bag and walked into the living room. You saw your husband sitting on the couch waiting for you.

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Title: Freedom (reader x bff Steve)

Summary: reader’s best friend Steve rescues them and the rest of Team Cap from the ‘creepy psycho prison’. Excited to be free, the reader starts asking Steve questions about the final fight. 

Word Count: 1403

A/N: *CACW Spoilery Content* This was UBER fun to write. ALSO we have 1400 FOLOWERS OH EM GEEEEE. I hope you enjoy this! :) 

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Oneshot, The Idiot Couple: Secret

“Kanda! Seriously, don’t you think it’s just weird?,” Allen wasn’t really mad, but― didn’t Kanda see how ridiculous he was being?

“What the fuck are you even sputtering about, bean sprout?,” the swordsman gave him a look and went right back to sipping his tea. They were in the cafeteria, tucked into a corner, because Kanda was an antisocial prick.

That,” Allen said urgently, but then rolled his eyes when Kanda just raised an eyebrow at him. “This whole ‘bean sprout’ thing. Can’t you just call me by my name like normal people?”

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Request: A cute one where the reader gets really bad hiccups and Dean, Sam, and Cas all try to help them make the hiccups go away but nothing works until Gabriel poofs in and scares the reader and the hiccups go away and everyone laughs and its just cute :)

You woke up to your entire body shaking. You sat up right, and waited for it to happen again. You prayed for it to be just a single hiccup, but after a minute another came, and you fell back into a laying position. Damn. You kept your mouth shut, you were sharing a motel room with the Winchesters and didn’t want to wake them.

Hiccup. One minute passed. Hiccup. Another minute. Hiccup. Thirty seconds. Hiccup. Your stomach was hurting, but you couldn’t stop. You tried holding your breath, but you’d just hiccup during your attempt and ruin it. 

“Oh my God, shut up!” Dean moaned from his bed.

“Sor-”Hiccup-“Sorry.” You managed to say. 

You watched as a lifeless Sam got up from his bed, walked into the little kitchenette and poured a glass of water. “Drink this.” He mumbled, handing you the glass.

You tipped the glass back and chugged it. Of course, when you were about halfway through, you hiccuped. You spat water everywhere and started choking. Hiccup. “Sorry." 

Dean sat up in his bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, then turned on the lights. "Boo.” He said, not very enthusiastically. 

“Dean, I’m a hunter, it’ll take a lot more than that to scare me.” You informed him, Hiccup. You rolled your eyes at your own body. 

Sam and Dean were silent for a moment, trying to figure out how to help you. Hiccup. Hiccup. Hiccup. Hiccup. Every time you hiccuped your body shook and your stomach hurt. 

“Cas, help.” Dean said at last. 

“Hello.” The angel greeted, standing next to Dean and making him jump. You, on the other hand, weren’t fazed at all. Hiccup. 

“Cas, can you fix Y/N?” Dean asked.

“What is wrong?” Castiel asked you, tilting his head.

“I have the-" Hiccup. "Hiccups.” You finished.

Castiel moved towards you, and placed a hand on your head. Hiccup. “I"m sorry, but nothing is wrong with you that I can fix.” Castiel said, looking sad.

“Cas, it’s fine. It’ll go away eventually.” You assured him. Hiccup. 

“What’ll go away?” A cheerful voice asked next to you, making you practically jump out of your skin. 

“Jesus!” You exclaimed, heart racing. “My hiccups. And don’t sneak up on people like that!" 

Gabriel smiled widely and said, "But I love scaring you.”

“You didn’t scare me.” You grumbled, crossing your arms.

“Oh, I didn’t? Because where did your hiccups go?” The angel asked, raising an eyebrow.

You stood silently for a moment, waiting for the horrible noise, but nothing came. Sam and Dean laughed at you for being scared of Gabriel, and Cas stood watching, not fully grasping what had happened. Once you were sure you were done, you smiled. 

“Thank God.” You sighed in relief.

“What? Thank God? I did all the work!” Gabriel exclaimed. 

You rolled your eyes, but moved to the angel and gave him a quick hug. “Thank you, Gabriel.” You said. 

(I hope you like it!)

Rib Fractures (Team Free WillxReader)

The motel bed you were laying on was lumpy and uncomfortable, but you barely noticed because of the pain you were in. You were still pretty banged up from the last hunt and your arms and ribs were covered in aching bruises. Anytime you moved shooting pain could be felt running up your back and sides, which was why you were laying facedown, trying your best not to move an inch.

“Everything hurts and I think I’m dying,” you said, the pillow muffling your words.

“Well that’s what happens when a witch throws you into a wall and down concrete stairs,” Dean said from across the room. “I’d bet good money that you have about three fractured ribs.”

You groaned into the bed, knowing Dean was probably right judging by the pain that was present in your sides. You heard Sam get up and, judging by all the noise, he began rummaging through his duffelbag.

“Here sit up and take these,” he said as he sat beside you.

“No it’ll hurt too much,” you whined.

“(y/n),” Sam sighed. “C’mon just get up.” You reluctantly did as you were told, even though it sent pain all throughout your body. Sam handed you the pills and a bottle of water and you easily swallowed them down.

“You’ll feel better here in a few minutes,” he said sitting down across from you on the other bed. He pulled out his laptop and searched for nearby warehouses, knowing the vampire you guys were hunting had to be in one of them. Dean sat across the room searching for the same thing but instead was using a map. You just sat on the bed and waited for the meds to kick in. After a few minutes of sitting motionless, you looked down at your hands and for some reason became fascinated by them.

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Exo Reactions To You Burning Yourself

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *sitting on his bed when you come in & show him your hand* “What happened?”

You: “I burned myself on the curling iron.” 

Baekhyun: *lets out a loud sigh & rests his head in his hands, amazed that you managed to burn yourself again*

Chanyeol: *he’s making a snack in the kitchen when you tap him on the shoulder* 

You: “You were right. I burned my hand on the stove.”

Chanyeol: *smirks* “Sorry, I didn’t hear you. I was what?”

Chen: *rolls his eyes at you & gives you a very sassy scolding look because he told you not to try & light the fireworks without his supervision in the first place*

D.O.: *when you find him in his room reading, his eyes widen as you show him the burn on your arm*

You: “I was taking dinner out of the oven & my arm hit the top of it.”

D.O. *stands up to get a better look at it, leading you into the bathroom to take care of it* 

Kai: *feels helpless, not sure what to do so he just asks you if you’re okay a million times as he watches you treat it & gives you hugs like crazy to make you feel better*

Kris: *when you tell him that you accidentally put your hand in the flame of a candle, he claps & shakes his head at you, being a dick & feeling smug because he warned you*

Lay: *pauses, giving you a puzzled look when he runs into you in the hallway & you’re holding your hand close*

You: “The hood of my car was hot & I touched it.”

Lay: *blinks a few times* “Are you going to have to have your hand removed? I saw that once on TV.”

Luhan: *you show him your burn & he stares at it for a moment* “How exactly did you do that?”  

You: “I was trying to light candles & my sleeve got in the way. I could have died.” 

Luhan: *gives you a pity smile* “You’re so helpless when I’m not around. It’s really adorable.”

Sehun: *falls over laughing before you even tell him what happened because he already knows*

Suho: *hounds you for hours about if you’re okay & keeps offering to take you to the hospital even when you insist that you’re fine*

Tao: *tilts his head, noticing the bandage on your arm when you reenter the room* “Where did you go?”

You: “I spilled dinner on myself & got burned.”

Tao: *stares at you in awe* “How did you burn yourself on a bowl of ramen?”

Xiumin: *gives you a long questioning look at first when you tell him that you burned yourself but then goes into action immediately & helps you treat it*

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Three’s a Zoo

seiya234: (I would love to know what happened in the basement. If not that-anything with dipper and the triplets!)

Not the basement, but something with Dipper and the Triplets! Thanks oreramar for helping me think of the situation. 3/5 fluff drabbles, even though this isn’t quite fluff.


           It had been a great idea; Dipper got some quality bonding time with his niblings, and Mabel got some quality alone time with Henry. Too bad this idea went the way all great ones concerning the triplets went.

           “Willow, where did your sister go?” Dipper asked after coming back with an armful of expensive park snacks for the kids. He had left them at the rubber-coated picnic table with strict instructions to not leave, and he really should not have been surprised to come back to two children instead of three.

           Willow shrugged and snagged a bag of mini Oreo cookies out of his stash. She looked dangerously bored. “I dunno, she just said she’d be right back.”

           “I think she went back to the aquarium,” Hank said, sneaking a cookie out despite Willow’s protests. “Even if she did go to the bathroom first.”

           Dipper sighed, then handed his niblings the rest of the snacks. “Put these in your bags, we’re going to go find your sister.”

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Dean Ambrose x Reader - Splash

You had just pulled your tshirt over your head when you heard a harsh knock on the door of your hotel room. “What in the world…” You mumble as you shuffle your feet across the room. “Its like 2 in the morning…” You stand on your tip toes to peek through the peep hole. You throw the door open coming face to face with a shirtless Dean Ambrose. “What in the world… Did Seth and Roman lock you out?? You aint sleeping in my room you snore.” You laugh. “You brought a swim suit with you right??” Dean questioned rubbing his hands up and down his cold arms. “Yeah why?? Oh no… Its super late.” You shake your head knowing what he was wanting to do. “Oh come on please… It will be like the old days come on it will be fun.” Dean barged into your room and started going through the duffel bag you had open on your bed. He pulled a red bikini out of your bag and walked back over to where you still had the door wide open. “Dean… SeriouSLY” You squeal as he throws you over his shoulder shutting the door behind you as he walked down the hall to backdoor of the hotel room. He sets you down only when he is standing beside the pool. “Hurry up.” He tosses your suit to and jumps into the pool causing a big splash that sprayed up on your bare legs. You sigh and roll your eyes knowing that there was no telling him no now. You race to hide behind the pile of large umbrellas so you can change into your swimsuit. You toss your clothes onto a chair and make your way back to the pool where Dean was now making a few laps. “Come on in the water feels great.” Dean dove back underwater as you sit on the side of the pool letting your legs hang in the water. “The water is freezing.” You announce as Dean breaches the water to now hang on the side beside you. He rests his chin on his crossed arms as he looks up at you. His wet hair hanging all over his forehead. “Jump in all at once and you wont notice.” “No thanks I think I am fine right here for the…” You didn’t get to finish your sentence as Dean grabs your arms and pulls you under with him. You flip your hair back out of your face as you come up for air. “Oh my gosh!!” You scream. “Shut up we don’t want to wake up everyone in the whole state.” Dean laughed as he swam around you. “You are such a brat.” you glare as you keep your eye on him as he circles you. “You could have said no to coming out here with me.” “Bull crap you kidnapped me.” “Eh… Not really…” Dean smirked as he is now face to face with you. “Remember when we went swimming in the pool at Cena’s place last year??” “Yeah and he kept trying to take a pick with Nikki under the water??” You giggle at the memory. “Yeah… The one of them kissing underwater was really cool.” “Yeah it was… I always wanted to try that.” Dean looked up at the glowing stars as he talked. “Me too.” You laugh as you advert your eyes up to the sky as well. “Wanna try it now??” You snapped your head down in shock. “What??” “Me and you try the kiss thing… I don’t see any harm in… We could both check it off our bucket list.” Dean shrugged. “Uhhh… Sure??” You were hesitant to answer because it was such an off the wall question. Dean sank down in the water and tugged on your hand from below as you tried to comprehend everything that was going on. You slowly sank down underwater to where you were now face to face with Dean. He wasted no time to put his hand on the back of your head pulling you to him to place a kiss on your puckered lips. Your heart pounded like crazy as lingered his lips on yours. He pulled away and went up for air as you quickly followed suit. Your mind raced as you paddled through the water to the side of the pool so you could get out. You knew your cheeks were bright red from the kiss. You always thought Dean was a handsome man. Every girl at WWE did but not until now did you realize that you actually really really liked him. It was like the kiss was a stamp of approval for your feelings to take over your mind. “Where you going?? Am I that bad of a kisser??” Dean laughed following after you. “Uh… No it was nice. I just realized that I have to be up super early tomorrow and need to get some sleep.” You lied as you pulled yourself up out of the water. As you put your foot up you slid a bit and fell back in the water. You plunged down in the water and scrambled back up to surface. “(Y/N) are you okay??” Dean was now at your side as you shook hair out of your face. “Yeah sorry I slipped…” You turned to him and found him staring at you with a bright red face. “What??” You look down to where his eyes focused. Your bikini top was gone. You scream a bit and throw your arm around yourself. “Where did it go??” You look wildly around the pool. Dean snaps out of his trance and looks for your top as well. He finds it all the way across the pool. “I got it.” Dean muttered as he swam. You had never been so embarrassed in all of your life. Dean handed your top back keeping his eyes anywhere but on you. You turn your back to him and quickly put the top back on as best as you could while you stayed afloat. “I think… I’m gonna try the steps this time.” You mumble as you swim to the steps in the pool. “Wait.” Dean grabs your wrist and spins you around to face him. He still keeps his eyes down cast as he spoke. “I gotta know tonight… If I don’t I’m gonna be a mess until I do…” He swallowed the lump in his throat before he looked into your eyes. “What do you think about me… Like brother, friend… Something else??” Dean chews on his lip as your mouth hangs open as you try to find words. “I… I don’t know… I always consider you a friend but… Lately… And especially after all of… this… I don’t know…” you just shake your head and shrug. Dean just nods and swims toward you until his chest is almost against yours. “I’m willing to give it a try if you are…” Dean wrapped an arm around your waist as he kept himself afloat with the other. You look up into his beautiful eyes and just nod as a smile forms on your lips. He smiles back before placing kiss on your lips. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… and a big thank you to @xxuso-ambreigns-chick-4lifexx for the request… please let me know what you think… any and all feed back is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING