where did you hear such lies

Baby girl

CEO!Ash - This is pure fucking filth alright

Words: 6.1k

“Miss y/n, what’s your input on this?”

You heard your colleague’s voice in the background. But you didn’t react to it. You were focused on something else. Rather someone else. Your boss, that was sitting on the other end of the table, twisting and twirling a pen between his long, slender fingers. He was completely staring at you, head cocked to one side in a rather smug attitude. He was young, not much older than you. Only by a year or two. It always amazed you how successful he was for his age, but with that charm - although he most of the time radiated arrogance… and that smile, his success did not surprise you.

You’d lie if you said you weren’t attracted to him. Hell, that man could have his way with you without you even questioning it, you wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, you wanted it. You wanted him to fuck you, and by judging the look he was giving you, you understood he knew that, too. What made your chest rise and your heartbeat increase, was the fact that he tugged on the collar of his shirt. Then, he gazed up at you again, and the look he was shooting you this time made you weak. He wanted it, too.

“Miss?” your colleague repeated.

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I’m falling deeper and deeper back into my own hell again. Every where I run I get flash backs of what you did. And I can still hear all your lies ringing in my ears. Did it satisfy you telling my brother that it was me who wanted you? Nobody believed you, they could tell by the look on my face and all the marks on my skin. I wouldn’t have tried to do what I did after you left that night if my story was the one with lies. Now I’m so desperately trying to get back to normal. But it was only days ago, you destroyed everything within a matter of minutes. I’m stuck here reliving it, though I try to drown it out. But at the bottom of every bottle your eyes are still tearing holes in me. You didn’t even know me, we met just that day. I wish I could have known how it would play out, I wish I could make it all go away.
—  K.N.B.
Not Entirely Make-Believe

Request: “Could you please write a reader x Cedric where the Reader needs a fake boyfriend to present to her parents and Cedric volunteers (but she is actually in love with him). Then soon afterwards someone asks the Reader on a real date and she says yes because she was convinced that everything with Cedric was fake but when he finds out he gets extremely protective and jealous? Thanks ^^ Love your stuff! 💙”

Pairing: Cedric Diggory x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: this is short n shitty lol enjoy

Originally posted by cedricdiggoryfans

Before anyone could voice their own reactions to the letter you had just read out, you pulled your wand out, casting a quick inferno spell and watching it burn to a crisp. Your head fell into your hands as the embers drifted to the floor, the ashes blowing away without a trace. Cedric popped his head down beside you, pulling your hair away from your face as you massaged your temples.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine.” He cooed, placing a comforting hand on your back. You had to fight the urge to hum in content as he rubbed.

“Yeah,” your other friend chimed in, “I’m sure the wedding won’t be that bad. You’re overreacting.”

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Another BatIM fanart for the fanart contest, Here comes Inky Bendy! I like him, although his running model is  quite funny. But let’s move to Sammy again.

I pray you hear me.

After receiving a bunch of emotions (and thanks for faving my artwork, pals) I decided to re-do some idea from my past sketches of Sammy without mask, Also I plan to do more but if I get more feedback (cause I need some to start comissions). 

The idea of this artwork also lies in  thing called religion. Religious people can see the light where no one else can, and have their own way of seeing reality. It may be good or bad. So, I believe, Sammy’s twisted mind did the same thing. He does see the way of escaping in Henry’s death. Because he knows that he is the same sheep and tries to be not.  Sammy, in my opinion, is simply man who tried to connect with his Lord because of the lost hope. His Lord is cruel but it is not Sammy’s fault. 

|| heartache ||

[[request prompt: ahhh i have a request! peter and reader have been dating for quite a bit, though reader doesn’t know that he’s spiderman. when she finds out though, she’s *mortified* bc once she was held hostage and he actually came to save her, though he abandoned her when the criminal was caught and the police came, so she’s held a dislike for Spiderman since then, since he didn’t save her. so, angst?]]

Yeah, this was another one of those Drabble requests that I couldn’t condense into 500 words lmao, and I apologize if this wasn’t angsty enough ;w;

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @literatureandimmature, @daydr3ams-away, @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: a bit of angst with some fluff at the end.

**dont repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


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Out Of Sight Part 4 - Auston Matthews

Originally posted by willynylanders

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1854

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

*Your POV*

You press your ear to the cold wooden door waiting for conversation to be made, hands on either side of your head. Your insides are bubbling up from curiosity. A part of you wanting to stay in the bathroom and listen, the other part begging to jump out and into his arms. The moment Willy opens the door he invites Auston in. The love of your life now standing on the other side of an inch-thick plank.

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Either/Or: Green Lantern

All alone, above the checkered skyline, the singular light glowed from the two-corner office. A few floors below, some lights remained on, though the employees were long since gone for the night. A few more below that, the lights came on and went off in an almost rhythm as the cleaning crew worked through the offices and rooms, headphones on and disinterested in much of the actual happenings of the business.

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the light of day

Because it’s the Inquisition, and apparently everyone has an opinion (a.k.a. the companions are idiots with no sense of boundaries). Fluff.

Dorian wakes wondering why he’s wrapped in an extra blanket - he’s been meaning to requisition one, they aren’t in the hotter months yet and the Plains can be cold - until he realises that said blanket is actually an astonishingly warm, asleep man. He doesn’t particularly mind. This far south, he’ll take any heat he can get. He absentmindedly examines one of the arms around his waist, plucks at Gal’s sleeve with half-conscious curiosity, and touches the hand that’s glowing slightly in the dim light.

He’s certain they started out with separate bedrolls, or at least nominally separate ones. He wonders when the gap was closed, but considering it in any more detail would require proper thought, and for now he’s quite happy to enjoy the haze. He lies there, on the edge of sleep and thinking in circles, until he finds himself closing his eyes and savouring the feeling. It’s far too comfortable, and it shouldn’t be.

He extricates himself as gently as possible, shifting and rolling over. It’s an art, leaving without waking a bed partner, and really he should be finding his leathers and his gear. But he glances at Gal, and for some reason he lingers.

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Mr. Laufeyson's Ward

TITLE: Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit.


NOTES: This is another short chapter, but I promise the upcoming one’s will be much longer! Hope you enjoy, and please comment, like & share. I always love to hear your opinions ♥︎

“I was certain that you would have went back to bed.” stated my master once I met up with him at the stables. He held the reins of his horse Dorian, who was directly at his side, ready to be mounted. I looked up at him through the veil of black netting that partially covered my face.
“It was indeed what I desired, but I thought it’d be best to concur with your wishes, master.” I teased, with an overemphasized bow.
He chuckled. “You will not regret coming with me, I promise you. Now, up you get.” He gestured towards Dorian.

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Never the One - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Originally posted by allpeopleareincredible

It’s going to go back and forth between present and past

Bold/Italics are quotes from Caroline of The Vampire Diaries
Italics are flashbacks
Based on this


Why didn’t he go for me?

I held my head in my hands as the tears streamed down my face. My heart was torn remember the events that just occurred not too long ago. What had I done? Why had I done it? I couldn’t answer myself as I wept.

Stiles is my best friend but I was hopelessly in love with him. This being a problem since he was in love with Lydia. The girl he’s loved since the 3rd grade which so happened to be the same year I fell for him. 

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anonymous asked:

You should do a ghost!Laurens thing.

Philip’s fingers roamed the ivory keys, creating a familiar melody that echoed through the large room. He knew the song well and didn’t need to look at his music to play it, so he let his eyes drift closed. He jumped in shock when he felt a weight over his shoulder, it was almost as if someone was touching him but… not. He stopped playing and looked around. When he found nothing out of the ordinary near by, he brushed his shoulder off and returned his attention to the piano. He felt the weight again. A murmuring, wailing, perhaps even could be described as a moan, in any case it was a sound that penetrated the comfortable melody and it was completely out of the ordinary. 

“What?” He muttered to himself.

“I said, ‘that sounds nice’!” A voice returned, it was hoarse and resembled in sound to when someone blew bubbles into a glass of water through a straw. “I’m sorry,” It spoke again, “I haven’t said anything to anyone in a while.” Philip squinted at a sort of shimmering that had appeared next to him, he began to notice more distinguished features- a freckled nose, a curly ponytail, a military uniform that Philip recognized from the depths of his fathers closet. Philip remembered how his father would tear up whenever he tried to ask about it, something about that uniform would strike a sort of sadness into him that nothing else could. Philip watched as the figure scratched the back of its neck nervously.

“Oh my god.” He jumped up from the piano bench, it’s legs scraping across the floor.

“Don’t be scared!” The human-esque shimmering said urgently. “I’m not going to hurt you… I couldn’t if I wanted to.” Philip scanned the figure, more of its features becoming clear, most prominently a glimmering smile.

“I’m not scared.” Philip said, straightening his posture and puffing out his chest. The figure chuckled,

“You’re just like your father.” It said, “I’m John by the way. John Laurens.”

“Umm… Philip.”

“I’m a ghost. In case you were wondering. I didn’t die in this uniform, but in most of my best memories I was in it, I was shot in a gunfight in South Carolina,” John poked his side where he remembered being shot, “ouch! Anyway, that’s about all you need to know. Questions?”

“You-You knew my dad?” Philip asked,

“He didn’t ever mention me?” John questioned, looking a little hurt. 

“He doesn’t like to tell stories about the war.” Philip said.

“Really? That man thrived on the war when I was with him.” John shook his head sentimentally. “Maybe something happened after I died.” He wondered aloud,

“Or maybe,” Philip started, contemplating the thought himself, “Maybe what happened was that you died… Were you two close?”

“We were closer than close.” John smiled, remembering his best moments with Alexander, “I still can’t believe he never talked about me.”

“I think it makes him too sad.” Philip’s brow furrowed, in deep thought, he was beginning to warm up to this ghost. “I used to ask him about his uniform” Philip pointed to John’s jacket, “when I was younger, but he’d always tear up.” John raised his eyebrows, “Here, come with me.” Philip walked to the door, gesturing for John to follow him. 

Alexander sat at his desk, consumed in his writing, spectacles balanced on his nose. “Dad?” Philip poked his head into the door frame, 

“Yes?” Alexander put down his quill and looked up at his son. Philip waited as John walked into the doorway next to him. Laurens grinned widely, doing nothing to stop the full laughter that bubbled up from his chest,

“Alex!” He said.

“Did you want to speak to me?” Alexander asked, eyes still focused on Philip. 

“You can’t see him?” Philip said, taken aback.

“See who? Philip are you alright?” Alexander said, worry etching into his voice as he got up to press a hand to Philip’s forehead.

“No. Dad, nevermind. I’m fine.” Philip swatted his father’s hand away and glanced at John, who’s smile was now a heartbroken frown. Philip tried to place a hand on his arm comfortingly but found that it only glided through and caused a shiver to run up his arm. 


“You know I hate it when you call me ‘son’.” Philip rolled his eyes. However heartbroken he was, John couldn’t help from smiling at Philip’s words just like his father.

“You are my son.” Alexander said.

“Nevertheless, did you… did you know a man named John Laurens?” Philip asked. Alexander straightened and frowned. 

“John Laurens?” He prompted for clarification. Philip nodded.

“Yes.” Alexander said, “We fought in the war together… it could be said that um… that I loved him.”

“I love you too.” John whispered from beside Philip.

“He died right after you were born.” Alexander looked to the floor, working to hold back a flood of tears.

“Loved him like…?”

“Yes.” Alexander said after a moment’s contemplation. Philip raised his eyebrows in shock and turned to look at John, who was staring at Alexander with tears in his own eyes. “Well, why do you ask?”

“Umm… no reason, I’m going to go back to the piano.” Philip said quickly.

“Philip, where did you hear that name?” Alexander asked, more insistent.

“Um, mom mentioned him.” Philip lied, “Briefly.”

“Oh.” Alexander added quietly. Philip turned and walked back toward the door down the hall. John took one last look at Alexander before finally following him. 

Yugyeom imagine where you give him the silent treatment

“Babe?” You heard Yugyeom call from the kitchen. “Y/N!?” He called again. “Why don´t you answer me?” He asked as he walked into the living room to get your attention where he found you lying on the couch watching TV. “I didn´t hear you” You lied. “Anyway, where did you put the cereal?” “I don´t remember” You said not really paying attention to him “How can you not remember when you put away the groceries an hour ago?”. You kept your mouth shut and payed attention to the tv screen instead. “Whatever” Yugyeom said annoyed as he made his way back into the kitchen.

“Why are you being like this?” Yugyeom said walking into your shared bedroom. You shrugged your shoulders. You had pretty much ignored him the whole day, but you had your reasons of course. You were currently laying on the bed with your back facing Yugyeom, “Whatever it is, please tell me what´s wrong” He said making his way over to the bed. “Your lady friend is what´s wrong” You said. “Yeon Jae?” He asked in confusion. “Mhm” You let out. “Don´t you remember when you hugged her yesterday? How you caressed her face? Also how you held her hand?” You said, this time properly facing him.

“Y/N, I-” “Don´t!” You said with tears in your eyes. “I don´t need your stupid excuses, whatever, please just get out.” Yugyeom stood in front of you full of shame. How could he do that to you? “I´m so sorry Y/N, I didn´t mean for this to happen, I sw-” He tried to said but got interrupted. “I SAID I DON´T NEED YOUR STUPID EXCUSES, NOW GET OUT!” Without saying a word Yugyeom walked out of the bedroom, eyes filled with tears. You made sure you would never forgive him after how badly he hurt you, which is also the reason why you haven´t seen him since.

I decided to go with an angsty end, please don´t hate me lmao. Anyway hope you liked it!!

-Admin Karoline

@ 20TH FOX CENTURY MOVIES don’t you DARE ignore us this time, DO YOU HEAR ME? remake your PJO movies with CHRIS MCCARRELL as PERSEUS JACKSON. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? i can’t HEAR U, do you GOT IT? GET! ON! THAT! SHIT!

Butterflies ~7

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Part 6

@laochbaineann @streetlightthisdarknight @thebutterflygirl16 @rum-and-whiskey-gypsy @leadmetothedarkness @cethleann @georgiadean37 @xsimplynaex

Note: This is just a filler, I’m in college. Thought I post something, I’m all day in classes till 8 something p.m. Thought I give you something <3

You slept in most of the day, not believing what Finn had told you. Was he really that mad? You hadn’t slept with Enzo or anyone. How could he say something like that? You wondered how many times your phone rang by the beside table as you laid in bed staring at the ceiling. 

It played a familiar tune over and over again, Sami kept calling you so many times you lost count. Reaching for your phone, you unlocked it looking at the screen seeing 32 missed calls from him, 12 text from him and two face time calls from him. 

You scrolled down seeing Enzo had called you as well, 21 missed calls and 15 text messages from him. They both asked you if you were asking and asking were you were.

 You didn’t answer them, putting them on read. They would know that you were ignoring them but for what? This wasn’t their faults, it was Finn’s. He disrespected you making you run to your hotel room and cry. He no longer cared about you, you could tell from the look in his eye. He was hurt but he hid it well with spiteful words, you never heard him call you such names. Sami is probably looking for him and asking him if he talked to you at all. Enzo and Finn were probably at each other throats once more, singing you sat up in bed throwing your phone next to you rubbing your face. 

Shaking your head, if Finn was going to treat you like you were the last person he wanted to talk to then he’d get a taste of his own medicine. You weren’t going to cry over him anymore, he didn’t deserve your smile or the way you looked at him anymore. He didn’t even deserve anything from you. If he was going to be an asshole, well your going to be the biggest bitch he came across.

Texting Sami back that everything was okay, that you’d come see him. He texted back right away that you should come to his room and have a movie night. You agreed, getting ready in a pair of sweat pants, tank top with a sweat shirt over it. Putting your hair up in a messy bun, you had no make up on your face. 

All natural look, it’s not like Sami hasn’t seen you without make up before. He had, he always was traveling with you or staying over. He was like family to you, when he was concerned about you there was no lying to him. Knocking on his door, it opened in seconds as a worried Sami pulled you in.

“ What happened to you?” your lips formed into a thin line, sighing looking away from him. He placed a hand on your shoulder, looking around your face for any sign that he should be worry about. 

Your silence worried him. 

“ Y/N?” 

“ Look Sami don’t worry about it, I can handle it on my own” 

“ Doesn’t look like it. You didn’t answer my calls or texts. I thought something happened to you”

“ No, I’m fine. I just needed alone time”

The bathroom door opened and someone emerged from it walking into the room. You could clearly see who it was from the back of his head, the familiar hair. Looking away, not even bothering to greet him.

 Sami noticed the change of things in the air as he looked from you to Finn who sat on his bed. His head turned seeing you in the room, he sees your averting gaze else where. Usually you greeted him but not this time.

 This time it was different, he was sorry for what he called you earlier but he had no choice. He was hurt and this was his way of telling you. Even if it meant to hurt you and to spite you, he knew it angered you from the way you were taking things. 

“ I have to go Rami” you spoke, catching Sami’s attention back to you when you used his real name. “But, you just got here” “ There are some things I need to handle” “ At this time?” you shrugged turning around to walk out the door when his voice stopped you.

“ It’s the only thing she know is to walk away or run away” your hand formed in fist as you turned around. 

“ The only thing he knows is to know is to throw bullshit around”  

Finn’s nose flared, his gaze harden turning his body towards you as he pointed a finger at you, “You only know how to use those legs, open and close them for anyone that walks with a pulse or even say something to you to catch your attention” 

“ STOP!” Sami shouted adding, “ Both of you. What is going on?” 

“ Ask asshole over there” you pointed to Finn. 

“ Asshole? Who are you calling an asshole when your the slut sleeping from every guy in the locker room” your mouth dropped open hearing the lies coming from his mouth. Eyes blinking with tears, you screamed, “ FUCK YOU BALOR!” with that you walk out the door slamming it. 

“ Way to go Fergal. She never did anything to piss you off. She didn’t sleep with anyone, that night she went out with the girls. Enzo didn’t touch her in that way. He respects her unlike you. You disappoint me, you better fix this before it gets ugly. That girl” he points to the door where you walked out off. “ She’s been through much worse imaginable things that you ever known. I don’t know how she survived for so long but she’s here, she’s the better person right now”

“ What do you mean been through worse imaginable things?” 

“ Ask her, I’m not going to tell you. It’s not my place to say. You apologize to her and tell her how much she means to you before someone takes her away from you” 

“ You’re right, fuck…” Finn mutters hanging his head down. He had to fix things quick before things gets worse between the two of you. 

You couldn’t believe him, he had the nerve to say something like that. Make up some lies about you, where did he even get that idea? You never slept with anyone from the locker room. 

Maybe flirted here and there but nothing like that. Your blood boiled. If he wanted to throw rumors around and start something, well he has another thing coming.

Just a fight

this is gonna be my first time writing a tc story thingy, so sorry if it’s bad :((

You were walking through the hallways, on your way to 7th period. You turned the corner, and all of a sudden you were face to face with one of the popular, snotty girls of the school. “Oh hi there Y/N,” she said, raising her eyebrows. You smiled a fake smile, and raised your eyebrows back at her. “…hey,” you replied, unsure of why they were talking to you. They grabbed your arm and continued to walk with you, clearing their throat. “So, I was wondering if you had a tumblr account.” Your legs went weak at what you were hearing. Did they find out about your account? Would they tell anybody? Would they judge you? Questions consumed your mind to the point where you almost forgot to respond. “Umm, no. Why?” You lied, hoping she would believe you. She smirked, a spark of evil flashing in her eyes. “Good try, Y/N. I’m not a dumbass. I know about your little crush on TC/N, and I will make sure to tell the whole school about it. About your blog, about everything.” Your heart sank deep into your chest, and you immediately felt your heart rate begin to increase. Your mouth opened to speak, but you got cut off. “Oh, and most importantly…” She leaned closer, whispering into your ear. “I’ll make sure to tell TC/N all about your feelings, you fucking slut.” She smiled at you again, and you felt another emotion come across you. It was anger. Before you knew it, your hand came up and hit her face in one quick motion. Her hands grabbed the spot where you hit her, and she gasped in response. She didn’t speak. She just looked at you with her devilish eyes, and tackled you to the floor. She kept throwing punches and slaps with her skinny, boney arms. You tried to pull her off, but she just kept going. All you could do was cover yourself, hoping she would just stop torturing you. Before your hands could move down to defend yourself, her arms went down to your neck and grasped it tightly, choking you. You couldn’t move, your couldn’t breathe. Although you tried to grab her arms, it was useless. “You’re a fucking slut, you here me? A fucking slut. He doesn’t give a shit about you, and he never will,” She spat, her hands still on your neck. Your thoughts were interrupted when her weight was lifted off of you. Relief instantly rushed over you as your breath came back. “Woah woah get off of her!” You heard a male voice say. Your eyes wandered in front of you, and saw TC/N grabbing the girl who was choking you. “Oh, hi TC/N,” she winked, looking down at you. TC/N eyed her suspiciously, and then looked down at you. “Goto the office. Now.” He yelled, causing her to slowly walk down the hall to go to the office. TC/N bent down to your level, gently grabbing your hands to help you up. “Are you okay? What did she do to you?” His eyes filled with concern, which caused your heart to beat a few times faster. “Uhh-” you attempted to speak, but your throat was immediately filled with pain. You yelped, and decided that it was best to just point to your throat instead of attempting to speak. “Your throat? She choked you?” He yelled, causing you to nod. Tears stared to fill the corner of your eyes. Soon they then fell down your face, as your hands went up to wipe them away. TC/N’s hands slowly moved up to brush away your hair, so your neck was exposed. He was greeted with fresh new bruises on your skin. Then, his beautiful eyes met yours. His hands slowly moved up to your face, caressing your cheeks. This just caused more tears to fall down, but this time he was there to wipe them away. He pulled you into a hug as you sobbed into the crook of his neck. You felt calm with him, even with the terrible things that had just happened. “How did this happen?” He said softly as his breath hit your skin, sending shivers down your spine. He didn’t know what he did to you. He didn’t know that he had any affect on you at all. “Just…a fight,” you managed to say slowly, subsiding the pain. “What were you two fighting about?” He whispered against your ear, moving closer to you.

“I don’t think I should tell you about that.”


Rolling over and waking from a restless sleep, your shocked to find the bed next to you empty. Well, not really shocked seeing as Michael would never come to bed until everything was off his mind. It was something you both loved and hated about your new husband; his ambition; his drive. It’s what drew you to him when he first showed up at the offices as Polly’s newfound son. You had a bet with John he wouldn’t last a week; it safe to say you were more than upset when you had to buy John drinks at the pub. Noting it was coming on two in the morning, you forced yourself out of the warmth comforts of your bed, roaming the empty halls of your big house. You weren’t surprised to see the light in his study still on. You slid the huge doors open, Michael’s head popping up when the abrupt scrapping sound pulled him from his deep concentration. He sighed when he saw you standing there in you’re billowing robe, the light illuminating you like the angel he saw you to be.

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Squipped!Reader X Jeremy



Requested by anon

Promty thingy- if it isn’t too much of a problem, could you please do a BMC Jeremy Heere X Reader that takes place after the whole SQUIP thing and the reader is new to the school and her parents somehow found out about the SQUIP and got it to help with social anxiety before they moved, but it brings her to come closer to Jer and Michael (and get a crush on Jeremy) but the SQUIP kinda starts the do the evil thing (lol me being lazy) and they have to help eject it? Srry hope makes sense. And thank you

The squip in nice at the beginning??? Not for long??!!

Warnings: Cursing.. As expected. Fluff.

Readers thoughts towards the squip

The SQUIP’s, uh, dialogue

SQUIP controlling the reader’s actions/words

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anonymous asked:

How would the RFA react when they find out that MC has been lying to them about their career? Like they're working a very low income job but don't want them to judge them for it? Love love love your content thus far by the way, you've got so much potential!!💖

Thank you bunches!! These were all super fun to write!

Originally posted by xeptum

o   Yoosung

·         Yoosung always left for class before you left for work

·         You split the bills so he didn’t have to know about what you made

·         If he saw the uniform that slipped on, he would recognize it immediately and you didn’t want that

·         You knew lying to him about where you worked wasn’t healthy for your relationship

·         But you couldn’t help feeling down on yourself about where you worked

·         One day you got off of work early so you bounded back to your shared apartment

·         Maybe you could surprise your sweet boyfriend with dinner once he got home!!

·         Before that you could hop into the shower and wash off from the day’s activities

·         Shirking off your uniform in the bathroom you stepped into the stream of water letting it flow over you as you began to relax

·         Around twenty minutes later Yoosung was striding through the apartment, and hearing the shower running he got an idea *wink wonk*

·         Deciding to “surprise” you he quietly opened the bathroom

·         As he began undressing he looked down to see your uniform crumpled on the ground and… hey it looked familiar

·         Pulling it from the floor he let out a quiet gasp, “M-Mc… what’s this?”

·         You let out a yelp as you yank the shower curtain back to reveal a half-dressed Yoosung holding your work uniform

·         Oh… oh no.

·         “Yoosung, babe, I can explain…” but Yoosung was already hurt.

·         You tripped out of the shower, soap still in your hair, grabbing a towel to wrap around yourself

·         You reached for him but he turned away, and at that you couldn’t help but let a small sob escape your throat

·         “I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to be disappointed in me so I lied, and it was wrong and I get that you’re upset and…”

·         Yoosung turned to you and wrapped his hands around your shaking shoulders, “Mc you should know that I wouldn’t judge you for something like that.”

·         You nodded and apologized again as he pulled you closer, hugging you tightly while asking you to promise to communicate with him more.

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Pilot- Part 3

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,939 (10,614 words total)

Warnings:  Typical Supernatural violence, angst (a lot), language, blood, you know the usual

Author’s Note: I do not own anything from Supernatural. All credit goes to their respective owners. Please, if you want to be tagged for this series, let me know and I’ll add you! If you want to be tagged for my other fics, I’ll add you! I want to hear what you guys think about this.

Part One

Part Two

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