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Where did you get the name Rythlen? :)

Made it up :D Sat in front of the PS3 for a couple of hours and it came to me. LOL

Awkward boss who never talks told me I was doing a good job. Gave me a small raise, apologized it wasn’t a lot. 

Me on the inside: HE SAID I DID A GOOD JOB! I DID GOOD!!

Gee Archer. I have NO idea where you get it from.

No idea

Stick (Final Rose AU?)

“If you poke me one more time, I am going to break your arm.”

Neo rolled her eyes and poked Yang again. The blonde wasn’t going to be breaking any of Neo’s bones, not while she was in a hospital bed.

“Seriously, where did you even get a stick from?”

Neo shrugged and signed her reply.

“Diana? Of course, she’d have a stick. She’s like that.” Yang made a face. “She didn’t break that off from a tree in a garden or something, did she?”

Neo studied the stick more intently. It was actually in very good condition. Carved onto it were two words: Averia poker. Hmm… that explained a lot, like why the end of the stick had been worn down to bluntness. How Diana had actually survived poking her sister with a stick so many times was a mystery.

“I just wish I wasn’t stuck in here,” Yang grumbled. “I already told them that I’d be fine with crutches. But, no, I have to stay here while they run further tests to make sure I’m not poisoned or anything.”

Neo poked Yang again. Honestly, the blonde was a bit of an idiot sometimes. That stuff about running more tests was an obvious lie. They’d already run the tests. The medical staff simply didn’t trust Yang to not go off and chase after people while on crutches. It wouldn’t surprise Neo if Yang ended up using her crutches as clubs to whack people.

“I suppose I should be happy,” Yang muttered. “Not everybody lives through an encounter with a Grimm like that.”

The Grimm in question had been a massive, hulking specimen that had seriously wounded one team of huntsmen and huntresses and killed two others. Yang and Neo had run into it while coming to the aid of the survivors. After a long battle, Yang had managed to force an opening in the creature’s defences, allowing Neo to strike a killing blow.

Unfortunately, the Grimm had broken one of Yang’s legs and hit her with some sort of poison. Neo had panicked the whole way back, only relaxing once the doctors had pronounced that Yang was going to be fine. With her Aura, Yang might only be out for a couple of weeks, and if they used some of the things the professor had back at the lab, they could cut that down even further.

In the meantime, Neo got to keep Yang company while the rest of Yang’s team made their way over. To help keep Yang occupied - because a bored Yang was never a good thing, least of all in a hospital - Neo had decided to annoy her. It was working wonderfully.

“And don’t even get me started on this so-called pillow,” Yang grumbled. “It’s like sleeping on a box of rocks.”

Well, that was something Neo could help with. Ignoring Yang’s questioning look, she hopped onto the bed, moved the pillow out of the way, and then settled Yang’s head on her lap.

Better? She signed.

Yang grinned. “Better.”

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Where did you get the idea for Anti?

Well the character itself was made here on Tumblr but the idea to put him in vids came when I was late to playing FNAF:SL and tried to think of another way of doing it than the regular let’s play

We stopped talking, and now I can feel it again

Missing you, it comes in waves

One minute I’m fine, then a song comes on the radio

And I break down

It feels like losing you for the first time all over again.

—  It’s 2am, I can’t sleep, and I miss you.

every mitch outfit: ptxperience edition (part one)

Since Leia was in a star wars rebels episode, I wonder if we are going to see Luke in the Twin Suns episode. Like maybe he gives Erza directions or we see him in the background crowd of in town, or he pokes a collapsed Maul faintly muttering “Kenobi” with a stick or something.

It would be cool to see him animated style.