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Is it alright if I ask about your sketching process for your portraits? Like guidlines and how to use them and such? I'm trying to learn realism, and I was wondering about it! If not, thats alright!

Hey Anon!
Of course! :D Happy to talk about it. I just say all this with a grain of salt- Everyone has different ways for constructing faces and starting a piece, and I don’t think there’s any one “right” way better than another. Just how I do it? I even have gotten frustrated with my construction methods in the past, and purposely ground-up re-taught myself a new technique. So it’s always fun to add more things to your repertoire!

I basically start with like a circle + middle vertical line, and then make the overall shape of the skull. Past that I add lines for where the eyes & nose will fall (middle, then middle of the bottom half respectively), and I often use vertical lines for “boundaries” on the sides of the face that double as cheekbones, because I have a tendency to Anime-out and make the face fill up too much of the skull for that realistic look. :B;;;

Here’s a breakdown of a Seb portrait I did where I used those guides to help build in the face, lightened my sketch and bumped up the important parts, then added shading and such.

Here’s the same kinda guidelines broken down really quickly in a profile sketch.

That’s basically what I do! I love starting with shapes: circle and especially boxes- because when it comes to complex angles, simple shapes with these guidelines can really help get all those bits in the right places where your eye can be tricked.

Thanks for the ask! I’m also tickled you find my art style to be realistic, gack, it’s all eye of the beholder! I’m always trying to improve my realism too. Best way to do that: reference! All the reference!! :D hahaha! But just keep drawing, you’ll get there! (and me too)

According to this interview Brendon did a song with Halsey for the Fifty Shades Darker movie
  • Kevin: This weekend is double exciting because you're in the soundtrack to what will be the sexiest movie of the year maybe, Fifty Shades Darker. You find out before they put your song in the movie if you're gonna be over a really sexy scene? Do you have a say over that?
  • Brendon: No, I'm always betting on the most raunchiest scene, the most uncomfortable, those movies you're watching with your parents and then that scene pops up. [...] If they can somehow remix it to where every hit is like a whip or something, something really raunchy and kinky.
  • Kevin: You did that song with our friend Halsey....
No More Cats! (Dean X Reader)

You sat across from Sam, occasionally taking small sips from your warm tea as you scrolled through the depths of the news for the day. It was one of those days in the bunker where you and the boys did nothing more but sit around in pajamas, finding interesting or funny stories to tell each other while drinking tea and coffee. This was a rare day to have, and you cherished every minute of it.

“Find anything?” Sam asked, looking up from his laptop. You shook your head, glancing at the older brother walking into the library, taking a seat next to you. “Mornin’ sleeping beauty!” you called out. Dean’s eyes were a light scarlet puffy, and the tip of his nose was a deep shade of red. He reached over your laptop, grabbed your cup of tea, taking a sip before gagging and spitting it back into the cup, placing it next to you.

“That’s disgusting!” he called out as you scoffed. “Because it’s tea, you don’t like tea!” you exclaimed as he leaned back in his chair and sneezed. “You feelin’ alright Dean? You don’t look too good” Sam spoke as Dean sneezed once more, groaning as he shook his head.

“I think I’m getting sick. Which is weird, because I never get sick! Dean Winchester never gets sick!” Dean shouted, as you frowned.

“We all need to get sick sometimes, Dean. C'mere, let me make sure you aren’t running a fever” you spoke, as he leaned towards you. You pressed your soft hand against his forehead, feeling his warm temperature radiate through the soft pads of your finger tips.

“You’re a little warm. Why don’t you lay down, and I'all get you some soup. Sound like a plan?” you smiled, watching him nod. Dean slowly got up from his chair, walking back to his room as your eyes met with Sam’s. “It’s not gone, right?” Sam angrily muttered as you bit your bottom lip. “W-What? Y-Yeah, it’s gone!” you exclaimed nervously, as Sam slammed his laptop shut.

Sam leaned forward, pressing his hands down on the mahogany table. “(Y/N), where is the cat?” Sam asked as you shrugged. “Somewhere.. In.. The bunker” you quietly spoke as Sam abruptly stood up and groaned. “Dean isn’t getting sick, he’s having an allergic reaction to.. to Snoopy!” Sam shouted.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” you shouted “The cats name is Schmoopy, Snoopy is a dog! Get your facts straight!” you shouted, before hearing a loud yell emerge from Dean’s room. You and Sam shot each other glares as you both rushed to Dean’s room, watching him poke Schmoopy with one of his shoes. “Get it out! Get that thing out!” Dean cried as you picked up your cat, and held it close to your chest.

The cat purred as he rubbed his head against your chest, feeling the comfort it was looking for as you camped out in the library with Sam. “Dean, I’m so sorry! I didn’t think Schmoopy would leave my room!” you exclaimed as Dean threw his head forward with a sneeze.

“H-How long was this thing in the bunker?” Dean asked. “Nine months, but only because he was hurt! I found him with Castiel, and Castiel can barely take care of a plant! I wasn’t gonna let this cat suffer and be fed hamburgers! I’m pretty sure we all know Cas would take a cat to a diner!” You said as Sam and Dean nodded in agreement.

“Just, let’s bring the cat to a shelter, and call it a day!” Dean exclaimed as you looked down at your feline friend with a saddened glare, as he continued to purr against your body. “Fine. Let me get dressed” You muttered, walking back to your room as Sam looked at his older brother. “Goddammit. All because (Y/N) likes animals, I had to.. to.. AHH-CHO!” Dean shouted as he released a groan. “I sneezed 30 times today, all because of a friggin’ cat!” Dean shouted as Sam crossed his arms and sighed.

“She really loves that cat, Dean. Are you sure you want her to give it away?” Sam asked. “Yes!” Dean scoffed, throwing himself onto his bed. “I will not sneeze every five seconds because of some fat fur-ball sneaking into my room! I don’t care how much she likes the damn thing, it’s going bye-bye!” Dean said, before Castiel suddenly appeared in the doorway, holding the cat.

“Cas!” Dean shouted as the angel flashed a small grin. “(Y/N) prayed to me, over a cat” Castiel spoke, as you stood on your tippy toes, peaking your head over Castiel’s shoulder as you stood behind him. “I don’t like shelters, and Cas is the next best thing!” you spoke as Castiel shifted his head towards you. “I never agreed to keeping this” He said as Dean groaned. “J-Just get th-this thing o-out of m-my r-r- AHH-CHOO!” Dean sneezed, shooting saliva and mucus all over Sam, as he groaned in disgust.

“I do not want this cat” Castiel looked at you as you scoffed. “Let’s be honest Cas, you want the cat. You could name him, Cat-iel! Haha! Get it, like Castiel but instead of Cas it’s-”

“I understand. Thank you for my cat, though I really, really-” Dean groaned, cutting the angel off. “Just take the damn cat!” Dean shouted, and in the blink of an eye, Castiel and the cat were gone, leaving the three of you all alone again. “(Y/N), you still owe me soup” Dean grumbled as you chuckled. “Alright, soup it is. I’ll be back in 20. Maybe I’ll pick up another cat on the way” You winked towards the eldest brother, hearing him yell as you walked away.

“No more cats!”

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Hey Cassie! I know TMI was a Harry Potter fanfiction and i really want to know who the characters was in Harry Potter's world. Can you tell? You inspire me so much, i'm a brazilian ficwriter and is really awesome know that you started with fanfics. Thanks, love you.

The Mortal Instruments was not a Harry Potter fanfiction.

 I did write Harry Potter fanfiction, that much is absolutely true. I understand that we live in a world now where people often “file the serial numbers off” their fanfiction and publish it with the names changed. Fifty Shades of Gray is the most famous example. After is another, and so is Beautiful Bastard, and you can find people talking about planning to file off the numbers and publish everywhere now. In every case those fanfics were an AU, or alternate universe, story. Edward Cullen is a billionaire, Harry Styles is a college student, Edward Cullen is your boss. I can’t swung a cat on the Tumblers without running across someone talking about pulling their Avengers AU high school fanfiction to change the names and publish it. (“In which Loki is a hockey player and Thor is a hockey stick.”)The publication of Fifty Shades of Gray has made this common and indeed it’s worth noting I never saw this rumor about TMI before 50 Shades was released.

 Anyway, I did not write an alternate universe fanfiction. I wrote a story about Harry Potter who was sixteen years old and went to Hogwarts and visited Hogsmeade and lived in Gryffindor and had all the same friends and the exact same magic system with wands and Latin spell names and thestrals and what have you. I mean some things were different — Draco was in love with Hermione, etc. — but I could not possibly have turned the fanfic into anything publishable without stripping out the magic system and replacing it, changing the location, making all the characters completely different, changing their relationships, and changing the plot, because the fanfiction story I wrote (“Let Us Defeat Voldemort, Using Wands”) would not make any sense outside the realm of the Harry Potter universe. 

I can’t answer your question, because none of the characters in Mortal Instruments are based on any characters in any fanfiction I ever wrote. When I have run across this rumor I have noticed people cannot even agree on which character they think was which. Simon is often Harry because he has glasses (Simon may also be Clark Kent.). Ron is Sebastian—eeesh, Ron, how could you? (I wrote Ron as a perfectly nice guy as far as I remember, it was a long time ago, but you’d think I’d recall him being the villain.) Alec is also Harry because, dark hair. Not sure how Simon and Alec are both Harry when they are nothing like him or each other but—go with me here! Clary is Ginny because she has red hair. They have nothing in common either but, you know, hair. Tessa is Hermione because she likes books. I don’t recall Hermione liking fiction, but hey, a female-shaped person who likes book-shaped objects, pretty rare, am I right?  I mean, this is a game you could play with literally any book. “Percy Jackson is Harry Potter because they have black hair and green eyes and are heroes.” It is not how books work, though. 

In a post-50-Shades world there is no harm in saying “My books are rewritten fanfiction” if they are, but — they are not. Having some jokes or the same sense of humor in common in two stories doesn’t make one thing based on another thing. It just makes them written by the same person. I understand why people want to think that it is true that The Mortal Instruments was once Harry Potter fanfiction — either because it is encouraging, if you like fanfic, or because it is a handy way to dismiss the books, if you don’t. It is, however, not true. I don’t even know how you’d get a book series about demons and angels and demon-fighters and seraph blades and alternate dimensions and Downworlder politics out of a fanfic based completely in the canon of Harry Potter (circa book four) that contained none of those things. As rumors go, this one is silly and harmless. But it is also false.

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Rebekah drags Klaus to New York and it's fashion week, and Klaus sees Caroline walking in a show

This drabble was written by one of our new guest writers, @cupcakemolotov! And just between you and me…this one definitely got me hot ‘n bothered ;)

Flashing Lights

You show the lights that stop me turn to stone

You shine them when I’m alone

And so I tell myself that I’ll be strong

And dreaming when they’re gone

-Ellie Goulding

Rebekah liked to collect pretty things.

With Mikael dead, the doppelgänger in her gilded cage, and his curse finally broken, Klaus was mostly indulgent of her whims.

Sometimes she wanted jewelry, sometimes artwork and then sometimes people. Her little menagerie had always been filled with her lovely little pets, with hidden blades. And Fashion Week was the perfect opportunity in all her favorite hunting grounds. London. Milan. Paris. New York. Amusingly, Berlin. All hotbeds of fashion and decadence; vices that killed as often as they satisfied, a deluge of pretty faces and waif like bodies.

Klaus was bored.

Hunting didn’t really start to become fun until they were a little further into the week, when indulgences just started to become desperate vices. When the night life became a touch feral, the ruthlessness of the business on full display. It was amusing, to watch the rat race, too see the new ‘it’ girls clash with the ‘has beens’, all polite smiles and blunt predator’s teeth.

Usually he just ate a few, to watch the chaos explode around him. But he’d inadvertently eaten a favorite of Rebekah’s previously, and she’d retaliated by devouring the minions he’d been so carefully cultivating for their werewolf connections. More of an annoyance than a true blow to his plans, but he had no mood to sift through her bloody wake to do damage control

So he’d sat and studied the colors and styles with a bored, yet critical eye. Until something caught his attention. As Klaus watched the tall, leggy blond walk down the runway, it wasn’t the sharpness of her cheekbones or the figure that reminded him of years past that caught him. It was the fire behind her eyes, that drive that burned and could catch flame.

He ignored Rebekah’s commentary about the colors and model choices, her irritation at being bothered by minions. Lips curling, Klaus tilted his head as the girl spun, the sway of her hips enticing. What a pretty little thing she was, but he was most curious - what was a girl with that face doing with those eyes?

He intended to find out.

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Yin huffs as he stops running around town to catch his breath. The muscled body drenched in sweat as he walked over to a small store and saw a familiar face. "Hey Blake is that you?" He said as he took his shades off and walked over to the woman. It had been years since the team had disbanded and he was surprised to see her.


All of places he had to find her, it had to be somewhere where Blake wasn’t ready. All she had wanted was to pick up a new book, but instead she found the one who made her heart race all those years ago. Still did apparently.