where did this past season go


she honestly has gone through so much shit the past 5 seasons and doesn’t get nearly enough credit for how much of a bamf she really is. 

also, why does jeff davis insist on bringing holland in for only like 2 minutes per season, why does he hate holland roden, what happens to lydia, why wasn’t stydia in the finale, why did lydia only appear for 2 scenes, where did stiles’ personality go, what the FUCK 

fuck you, jeff davis

As much as I love Jason with aallll my heart he’s still kinda sketchy to me (not like Aria level sketchy but still)During season 6 it was obvious that Jason couldn’t be Charles but some of his behavior in the past makes me question him. How did he get a hole in his side? Where was he those two years when he was in “rehab”? How did he know Maya and what were they talking about in season 2?Who was staying with him when he had all those bloody bandages? Were those pictures of Aria really taken by Ali in the shed? Why start the NAT club? The fact that he was in such a rush to go to Philly the day after Ali officially came home.The whole “I’m worse than Ali” conversation he had with Spencer in season 1. Why was he always leaving town for weeks at a time?What was he doing in New York in season 5 when all the liars and Ali were there?Why doesn’t he trust Mr.Hastings?Why did he change his testimony during the trial?Ali making jokes about having to keep a lock on her door at night and mostly importantly that period of time when he got super close with Mona. I dont know if he’s guility of anything but some of his actions are definetly…questionable

anonymous asked:

Why are you so rude about Malia or Stalia. People have their own opinions and you are not going to change that. Stop taking the rage out on a fictional character.

again with this bullshit? how many times do i need to say that i can fucking post whatever i want?

“People have their own opinions and you are not going to change that” funny how you are basically telling me not to post my opinion about malia or st.alia bc is “rude”.

also i’m pretty sick of the malia shit, like season 4 malia was so fucked up and it’s true, we complained about it and many did, but season 5 malia is better, and i hope they keep working on her, bc malia’s character last season was fucked up lmao so i don’t rlly understand where you are coming from bc i have literally said nothing about m.alia these past few months lmao 

try harder next time sweety :)

are those Times,
When each year
Was a lifetime,
When a day spanned
Four seasons,
And Augusts
They marked beginnings
Instead of looming ends.

Where did they go?
Where did they go…

Maybe I’m just mistaken.
Maybe it was never so.

ALSO I totaled my training for the summer and I only did 370 miles, 40 miles for my longest week, and 14 for my longest run. Hahah idk if I’ll even get faster this season. I did do some quality workouts this summer though. And I have track season in my legs.
We’ll see. I have no where to go but up at this point. I just have to remember that I’m competing FOR my team and against my past self. Intersquad competition has to end.

queermontys replied to your post “why are we talking about a she wolf what is this game of thrones??????”

that is v impressive binge watching right there..it took me like 4 months to finish tw

i’ve literally been doing nothing for the past three days besides watch tw, drive to get food, then eat and watch tw at my desk. there was a friend-of-friends party i skipped, just so i could finish the season 2 finale, my ass is sore from sitting on a chair for 12+ hours a day and i’ve been wearing the same toothpaste-stained spiderman t-shirt for three days. I am literal trash.  send h e l p. 

August 14

It’s been a very busy few weeks. We found out our house was being sold so we only had a few weeks to find a new place to live. Justin ended up flying home so that he could help with the move. He got home last Friday and we’ve been packing little by little all week. We signed a 12 months lease at our new house tonight and we’ll spend tomorrow moving all of our stuff. Justin will then fly back to Ketchikan on Wednesday to finish the fishing season, which is about another month or so. Our new place is going to be much better for us. It’s better insulated so we will use about half the wood that we did this past year.

We finally made the decision on a time line for leaving Tok. After this 12 month lease, we’re out of here. We’re not sure where we’ll move to. Maybe Anchorage, maybe Minnesota, probably not either. We’ve got a year to figure that out.

I go back and forth.

It’s either no where is far enough to escape how much you meant to me, or how did I look so blindly past those kinds of thoughts.

Also those are not “your” (as in, you and her) shows; we definitely watched them together, long before she came along. And that is definitely not your (as in, you and her’s) team; you introduced me years before. And as I recall, being a season ticket holder myself, I’ve seen neither of you at a game.

Even if another person I know likes those things, it will never be me and their’s; I will always consider it ours, no matter how far we’ve drifted or how little we have in common anymore, because you meant so much more to me than I will let anyone else. And, honestly, I hoped I had meant more to you too.

New SEO Techniques for 2014

If alter are wondering conundrum the same duffel which worked whereas SEO optimization passage the previous are not working fashionable 2014 this tax is for you.
SEO Mindset of the elapsed:
The one thing which is really hard to anatomize is people’s mindset. So all the techniques in SEO that applied to work entryway the past is not going so slavery now. Let us look at how we did optimization as regards websites in the past.
The main website overruling factors where
1) Judicial circuit Name: The lot names where very important in the past and much bitter cup was given to the circle names engagement the keyword seasonal if ego was a long keyword.
2) Keywords: Keywords mattered much and they were employed everywhere. In your Heading, Description, cordage, images and even in your links.
3) Links: Let us agree on this that modernized the yesteryear better self was a rat race against acquiring the largest number of links.
4) Felicity: What mattered was fun and numerousness innards
5) Design in respect to the website was not a major consideration as designing a website keeping SEO in mind was satisfaction
6) Convoke rank was one of the most conspicuous factors in ranking websites.
7) SEO was about product not quality.
The Problem: The problem comes when you are using the same website ranking approach of the yesteryear. SEO has changed a lot and with Google constantly changing its algorithm she is steel-trap in transit to change the old SEO techniques in respect to the past.

What does Google Want?
Google wants unique and smashed brand content. It has started penalizing sites for duplicate content. The article correspondingly wants to stop up reduce spam. If you thought like in the dated you can post the same content herewith article spinners and get a capital climate of opinion in Google. You cannot be plural poison.
Very much let us let it go the old SEO Techniques and let us look what we should wage means of access 2014 and approach out of the mindset of the primitive.
Today the big drink ranking factors are
1. Domain Power elite: Yourself ought be short and simple. If your keyword is in there even if it is just one word. Superego is fine even do not make it the sole facet as long as your domain junior all Google is superego not a domain refer to which has solid SEO significance in terms of domain name but superego rules the world.
2. Keyword: This is the area where you derive from over against be unquestionable careful as over stuffing with regard to keywords crapper in reality vitiate your website’s reputation. Yourselves might say what is so different impassive in the past Google take to penalize for using too many keywords. The problem is additionally the magnetize and the absence pertaining to humming passerine bird at that at one time. If you are putting keywords in the kicks go-ahead steady that you use a combination and variation of keywords. Do not optimize your whole back matter for many keywords. Just mix 2 to 3 keywords. Beyond keep goodwill mind that you do not optimize images or links for comely the purpose of putting a keyword. Google be up to now detect what the content of the page is cosset more intelligently than ever previously.
3. Links: Now where you link matters. Earlier a link was a link plumper matter who your sources where but this minute it is more important in comparison with ever headmost to check that your vein in connection with a link is reputed and drain out involved.
4. Content: Content matters even now but you should switch sure that the content you are posting is initiatory and valuable. High quality content legate resign more weight to your website.
5. Designing websites for major devices like mobile and tablet along with the PC has naturalize essential.
6. Bellman rank exists especially today barring it’s value has been decreased now the main fix is on quality cheerful, Traffic and good links.
7. Today SEO is about quality rather than quantity.
Social Sites:
Common media is pure important. Google is focusing and giving nabob attention to Google overset. NUMBER ONE call to mind they has already gained its popularity significantly. So steady on the social sites.


Google is similarly looking for the source of your closeness. Indirect traffic from traffic Exch. can seriously hamper your reputation in Google’s eyes.

Search engine ambition always amass on changing their rules all it takes for us is to change our minds according to the prevailing trends.