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I know there have been posts on this before but it simply boggles my mind, as someone who has been involved in fandom for over a decade, this new trend of needing your ships to be canon and then just…….giving up on them when they’re not?

Like that’s never been the point of shipping. It was never about “I ship these two because I think they’ll be canon” it was just a dynamic, or a desire, or whatever. You didn’t need it to be approved by the creator(s) to be validated. And this new trend of “canon blew holes in my ship so I can’t ship them anymore” or three pages of bullet points analysing this One Look the characters had and how that Proves they’re Canon is mind boggling to me.

Like, do you think my 13 year old ass ever thought Draco and Ginny were gonna be a thing? No! Why would I? But that never stopped me!

I see this mostly in the Voltron fandom, like ppl crying out that Shatt is dead or Klance is dead or Sheith is dead and like, y'all…..they were never alive. That’s what fandom IS. You don’t need a thesis on why you ship two (or three or whatever) people. You don’t need justification or validation. And you can multiship!! Where did multishipping go??

The whole point of fandom is that it’s not canon. Don’t let canon influence who you ship. It never used to.

i fully expect jack & bitty to become fandom cryptids for this next hiatus. where did they go? my brother’s cousin’s girlfriend swears she saw them at a denny’s in albuquerque. pack ur bags kids we’re goin zquatchin’ in new mexico,
Where Did You Go?

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairings: Analogical

Based on the headcanon from @sanders-sides-safety-squad

Summary: Virgil has perpetual nightmares. Logan is always there to make sure he knows he’s not alone. 

A/N: I hope you don’t mind if I suffer with you too :’)


The darkness comes and goes.

He’s used to it though.

Being around the other sides makes the darkness around him fade somewhat and Virgil has always been okay with that. Some light in the darkness was good.

It didn’t save him from his own thoughts though.

It started happening at random.

Waking up in cold sweats, the sensation of dying… it was horrible.

Virgil could only hope he was suffering these alone and not Thomas or the others. Anxiety was his burden to bear and he would never want Logan, Roman, Patton, or Thomas to feel the way he consistently did.

He was strong. He could handle it.



It’s dark.

Where am I?

Laughter can be heard from far away. It’s dull but it’s recognizable. Patton’s short chuckles, Roman’s boastful laughs, Logan’s sighs of annoyance at yet another pun at his expense, and Thomas’s pure laughter that made Virgil himself feel like smiling too.

Where are they?

I can hear them. But I can’t see them.

Virgil begins running but it’s nothing but black all around.

The laughter begins to fade away…

No… no please.

Don’t take my light away.

Virgil pleads with the darkness as he runs. He can feel his lungs about to burst, his face flushed, and his legs burning. But he can’t stop running. He needs them. He can’t be without them.

Don’t take my family away.



The anxious one tossed and turned, his eyes closed tightly. His face was distorted in pain. His knuckles were white holding onto the bedsheets as if it was a life saver.

“Virgil, please… I’m here.”

“Logan!” Virgil’s eyes snapped open and he sat up in one fluid motion as he spoke. He sensed someone next to him and immediately fell towards the wall. His breaths were raspy, his face was drenched in sweat, and he felt like he had just run a marathon.

After his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he realized who was there next to him.

It was Logan.

“Virgil… are you okay?” Logan asked softly, his voice barely above a whisper. Virgil tried to speak but had no voice. He swallowed. It hurt. His throat burned. “…alright. I understand.” Logan stood up to readjust himself on the bed. He put himself right next to Virgil but didn’t touch him. “I’m right here if you need me.”

His voice was so soothing. It seemed so unlike the logical side. Virgil took a deep breath and put his hand onto Logan’s. The smart one didn’t react. Virgil then interlaced his fingers with Logan’s and squeezed tightly.

“…thank you.” Virgil managed to say. His voice was hoarse and scratchy.

Logan turned to meet Virgil’s gaze. Their eyes locked; Virgil felt a sense of calming wash over him.

“I’ll always be here for you, Virgil, should you ever need me.” Logan promised, squeezing Virgil’s hand in response.

Logan’s here.

I’m not alone.


The nightmares continued frequently. Virgil hated feeling weak, but the thoughts wouldn’t let him rest.

However, without fail, Logan was always there when he woke.

Sometimes the logical side would be sitting in a chair next to his bed reading a book when Virgil finally came to. Other times, if the nightmare was particularly vivid, Virgil would wake to Logan laying next to him, asleep, holding his hand ever so gently.

Virgil knew the nightmares wouldn’t end but at least when he opened his eyes, he knew Logan would always be there. It allowed him the peace he needed to continue on.


Wait what’s going on?

Logan, Roman, Patton, and Thomas are talking but he can’t follow.

The words are going so fast.

The light is blinding.

The future…

“Their anxiety worsens.” Logan said finally, directing Thomas’s attention to Virgil.

“Virgil, that’s not happening, right?” Thomas asked, his voice slightly concerned.

Virgil could barely hear them.

I can’t lie.

I have to tell them.

This is bad.

I can’t do this.

It’s too much.

I can’t… I can’t…


Virgil slaps his hand over his mouth, stopping his own actions.

Yes yes it’s getting worse…

Why can’t I tell them?

Am I losing control?

Virgil looked up to see Logan trying to prove his point. Virgil struggled and managed to focus his eyes to Logan. The frustrated anger on his face was easy to see.

“All of this because Patton can’t let go of one person-?!”

“Logan, can you stop?” Patton’s voice was laced with sadness but it was firm. “….please?”

Virgil looked from Patton to Logan.

My family….

Why is this happening?

“You know what? Fine. If you don’t want to listen to me, this is your issue to resolve.”

Please don’t tell me…

Logan mocked Roman once last time before leaving the room. It was silent.


I need you.

Don’t leave me alone.

Virgil looked to each of the others, his face plastered with fear. He closed his eyes.

This is a nightmare.

Just another nightmare.

I need to wake up.

He opened his eyes only to see Logan gone and the others still standing there.

Virgil reached around with his hand, desperate to grab that one person who was always there, but it was hopeless. 

He was gone and he was not coming back.

The light became even more harsh.

The memories too strong.

The worry too much for him to take.

“…where did you go?” Virgil mumbled before losing himself to the light.


It’s so bizarre when handwringing posts lump Cassian in with Characters Who Should Be More Popular, But Fandom!!!

Like … I know it’s hard to accept, but Jyn/Cassian fans are, in fact, Cassian fans, and Jyn/Cassian fic and gifs and art are Cassian fic and gifs and art, whether you like the ship or not. On Ao3, Cassian is the most written-about RO character by a solid margin.

It’s like people actually want to live in the depressing alternate reality where Cassian is undeservingly unloved?? I mean … why? Since when are fans of the most popular character intent on arguing that people don’t like him?

Me to myself last night: I’m just gonna sketch something tonight.. nothing too overdone…
*two and a half hours later*
…i failed.

But the good news is everyone gets some Star struck Lance!

amazoniankryptonian  asked:

You wrote the best Trimberly fanfic out there so you should stop lying to people hahaha. You're awesome!

yoooooo, it’s been so long since i wrote those fics that i don’t even think i’m still relevant to anyone in the trimberly fandom!! but thank u anyway 😅😭

  • INTJ: *yawns*
  • Friend: Why are you so tired? I thought you were going to work on getting more sleep.
  • INTJ: I was but last night I was on Tumblr and there was no love for my favourite character, so I had to go and photoshop flower crowns onto a bunch of their photos because the fandom wasn't pulling their weight.