where did this fandom go

Me to myself last night: I’m just gonna sketch something tonight.. nothing too overdone…
*two and a half hours later*
…i failed.

But the good news is everyone gets some Star struck Lance!

We’ve known about the existence of Paige Tico for less than a day and already multiple people are concerned that it means Rose and Paige are going to be paired with Finn and Poe to make it “heteronormative” and/or to “reduce them to love interests.” Literally pulled out of thin air, with no basis or SW precedent whatsoever. Like there just HAS to be something negative going on.

2000+ Followers Milestone~

Dear followers, thank you for your continued support of my blog! 

It’s been one and a half years since I started this blog for the purpose of sharing my writing with the Voltage fandom. Woah, where did the time go to?

It has also been a while since I did a giveaway, so I will be doing that once I reach 2222 followers. 

I’m planning to write a week’s worth of stories, similar to the SLBP week I did last year. This time it will be extended to all Voltage apps that I played. You get to choose four out of the seven characters that will be featured in the stories. How? By voting~! 

All you need to do is send in the character of your choice via ask. The top four characters with the most votes will be featured! Anon votes will not be entertained. You can vote only once and votes are open until 23 June 2017.

And, there’s more! I will be randomly opening my ask every so often for prompt requests. I’ll write the first two requests that come in. Hint, you might want to be around this Friday night, GMT+8.

Once again, thank you for all your likes, reblogs and comments!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

~ dianna

i wanna talk about how much i love d gray man, how glad i am that i watched it 5+ years ago, how nice the hoshinos art is… and how it made me overcome “problems”

there isnt even a association between my “problems” and d gray man, i just love it so much that these “problems” dont matter anymore

its such a beautiful series, it really love it with my heart. it became so precious to me, i dont even know where to start 


I mentioned my fear of Hakoda’s character getting sabotaged in the comics, and I base that on the fact that all of my other favorite AtLA characters and their development went seriously downhill in those series, in my opinion.

I mainly ship Zutara because it would make for a more compelling story. There was momentum for it, loads of rich symbolism, and obvious parallel characterization between Zuko and Katara. I was honestly blindsided by the Kataang ending. Especially after Zuko sacrificed his life for Katara.

I was also blindsided by this…

Um, excuse me? This is from The Promise, Part Three. Where did the scar go? Now, I joined the fandom late, and I’m not interested in all the ship wars. I am interested in good story-telling. Good CONSISTENT story-telling. So what if Kataang is canon? So was the damn Agni-Kai.

Do not take away the significance of Zuko’s sacrifice. Just don’t.

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Heaven 03)

(Today I felt like a change, I changed my hairstyle a little but…)


(It seems like Shuu-san hasn’t noticed, he’s listening to music like always…)

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~ Not to be salty or anything but there has to be that ONE person who loves poking your bubble like??? Please do educate yourself on the matter prior to dishing out ill advised opinions.  Yes, I do know it’s not a nickname but just FYI;

-ie (이) is a diminutive suffix attached to the end of a person’s name as a sign of closeness and affection. This is only done to names ending in consonants; there is no vowel-ending equivalent.