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Reborn Chapter 1

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Chapters: Intro

Chapter Description: When Y/N keeps having weird dreams she slowly realizes their real. And just when she thought things couldn’t get any weirder a certain blue eyed boy gets attacked and it awakens her powers

Chapter word count: 3,524

Chapter warnings: Y/E/C=your eye color

A/N: Yes! I was able to finish chapter 1 in one and half days. I’m so happy right now! I’m already head over heels in love with Y/N and Liam and I can’t wait to write how they get together. Anyway, I’m so happy that I was able to get this part out faster than what I expected. I have no idea when the second part will be released. But I will be planning the part out tomorrow. But I’m busy Thursday and I have something else to do tomorrow at some point so if I don’t start writing the chapter tomorrow then I won’t start until like next week. Anyway, I’ll stop bothering you now and let you get to reading the chapter if you haven’t started already. I love you guys! See you later!

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why indeed, John?

Why, when TFP leaked, did they make sure to call attention to it and ensure everyone and their dog knew it had leaked (which therefore had people watching it early)?

Why did they show TFP three days early when they showed TLD an hour before it aired to stop spoilers?

Why did Steven Moffat allude to a secret, lost episode when literally no one else was asking about it?

Why did radio times publish that article ten times?

Why did the mainstream media write about the Sherlock fandom vs Apple Tree Yard? Literally no one gives a shit seriously

Why is MSM talking about us at all? we’ve always been the crazy side of the fandom, no one gave us the time of day and suddenly our opinion is valued and even revered throughout certain articles?

Why has everyone gone into radio silence?

Why are there so many coincidences both within the writing of this season and the events happening around us?

Why do tv channels keep hinting at more Sherlock and then the listings magically disappear when people become aware of their existence?

Why did a Sherlock episode called ‘The New Friend’ appear in the listings? Where did that come from?

Why do they keep disappearing whenever we get close enough to the dates (almost like they’re saying watch this space)? Why was PBS showing three unknown episodes airing in February back to back?

Why were they going to call The Final Problem 'Backlash’ if they didn’t expect to get backlash?

Why would they have instances of Chekhov’s gun dotted all over the series with no intention to finish what they started?

Why, in TLD, is there a poster saying 'March 8th’ and 'the secret will be revealed’?

Why did they not have anyone sign NDAs for TFP unlike tld and previous episodes before it?
Why did the BBC scour the internet for the chess piece promo and have their lawyers crack down on tumblr blogs and place copyright infringements on everyone that reblogged them?

Why, then TFP was released early, didn’t the BBC lawyers follow up the way we know they can when the finale of their biggest show had gifs, spoilers and meta running rampant on Tumblr? Why ignore all of it and go after the chess piece promo?

Why release the s1 scripts if not to tide us over and keep us playing the game?

Why teach us how to play the game without following through on their own damned story? They placed this subtext into their narrative. They knew what they were doing. no one stumbles onto subtext this beautiful: No one will ever convince me that you told me a lie.

Why is TLD a masterpiece in cinematography and story (but not necessarily characterisation: still not happy about John vs Sherlock) when, one episode later, TFP is a giant shitshow of awful transitions, characterisation and fucky scenarios?


Why does Derren Brown keep cropping up and why does all of this stuff about subliminal messaging make so much damned sense, when certain phrases, words and catchphrases always stick out amongst the entirety of fandom? Things like, ‘there must be something comforting about the number three, people always give up after three’. ‘it’s never twins’. ‘no one could be that clever. you could.’ ‘this is a lie. yes.’ and there are so many more, that’s just off the top of my head

Why would they say ‘insane wish fulfillment’ if this isn’t an ARG? why did BBC say ‘be part of making history’ if there’s nothing to interact with?

Why advertise this whole series around love, and more importantly, why advertise ‘Sherlock’s in love, but who with?’

Why plant the seed and disappear right when it’s about to get good? 

Why say ‘to hell with deferred gratification’ if that’s all we’re getting?

Something fucky, that’s why. Add more if you got ‘em

I’m done.

I have had it with this fandom and its discourse. First it was anti-shaladin discourse, then it was discourse for liking Lotor as a character, and now there’s this whole: “Shallura is pedophilia now too, ermahgerd I hate the creators” drama. 

It sickens me that you have watered down the meaning of the term pedophilia (at this rate, it’s going to become the new “triggered”). It sickens me that you equate like for a character as defense of the character’s actions. It sickens me that you push your own moral values upon others, when morality is SUBJECTIVE and societal. It sickens me that you attack people and then parade around with some sort of moral superiority as if you are entitled to being pandered to. It sickens me that you have attacked the TEAM for following their own vision and not pandering to you. It sickens me that many of you seem to be so out of touch with reality and unaware of how your actions effect others. Over the years, I have been in many different fandoms with terrible discourse: including the ATLA, Free!, SNK, and Naruto fandoms and in my personal opinion the Voltron Fandom beats out all of them in terms of how terrible it is. The Voltron fandom has created such a toxic environment for itself, it isn’t even funny.

Because here’s the thing: people shouldn’t be SCARED. And everybody is scared. Even the Voltron Team is so fucking scared of this rabid fandom. Josh Keaton, who is a great guy by the way, was one of the most active supporters of shipping in our fandom. And what did he get for it? Attacks (including personal ones) to the point where he isn’t allowed to discuss shipping anymore. And now people complain when the team doesn’t want to talk about it. You did it to yourself people.

No ages have been confirmed. We have been given ranges - sometimes hypocritical ranges - by multiple members of the team. And from what I’ve seen, I don’t even think the team is on the same page when it comes to their ages. So until ages are explicitly stated, you have NO REASON to label a ship as “wrong”, and you NEVER have reason to attack somebody over a ship. Feel free to say: “I’m not comfortable with this ship” all you want, but you have no right to force your opinion down other’s throats. 

I will NOT be participating in fandom matters on this site until shit dies down and people finally start admitting that this is all due to some dumb shipping war. (which I highly doubt is going to happen). If any of you reading this follow me on Youtube for my edits, do not worry as I will still be active there. 

Thanks, and goodbye.

anonymous asked:

Don't you find it ironic that Mark ask us to respect Felix even though Felix never showed us (Jewish People) any respect? I get where he is coming from but I'm sick of seeing Mark being held as some kind of messiah in the fandom.

No, I don’t find it ironic. See, it doesn’t matter how a person treats you, words are words. Standing up and being the better person is more important than falling to their level, or below, and slinging insults, stripping away their humanity over a joke. Felix did not mean to have his joke interpretted the way he did. A joke does not equal how you actually feel. Watch his video. Take away your biases for a moment and watch the video.

I see it like “Oh i’m gonna drink bleach” or “oh, you stupid little shit, i’m gonna kill you”. You don’t take those jokes seriously. And with that, seeing how there are legitimately disgusting people following Felix, that doesn’t matter, either. You are not your followers. People I disagree with followed me before I spoke out. People Felix disagree with may have left, too after he openly told them to fuck off.

Taking words to heart is bullshit in my opinion. You give meaning to those words. You allow people to speak and allow them to dig themselves their own graves. I am a free speech absolutist. I will defend ANYONE’S right to speak as long as they aren’t making bomb threats, or other threats of the sort. What Felix did was not that, simply something to point out how ridiculous those sites were. 

Censoring language is more oppressive and dictorial than allowing someone to speak. Personally, as someone with Jewish people in my family, I couldn’t give a single shit what Felix said because I’m not thin skinned and I know he didn’t truly believe in what he was saying. Dark humor is dark humor. You hate it or you love it. And censoring what people find funny is bullshit. Humor can be a way to cope, and a joke does not equal what you truly feel. Ie) Dead baby jokes.  Disney had every right to drop him, though it’s bullshit that all that hard work was lost.

Friend, I think Mark had a point. Despite this being a Markiplier blog and me kinda focusing on him everyday, I’m able to step back and realize his faults. Analyze the whole situation. People deserve to be treated civily and with respect, no matter what comes out of their mouth, again, as long as it isn’t a threat. You need to step away from this super sensitive, don’t hurt anyone’s feelings for a second and realize, that that is only causing more hatred.

We cannot fight hate with hate. We need to stand up and be bigger people, friend. Sinking down and allowing anger to control us does not make us better. We better this world by showing kindness and respect to people, even if they spit the worst of venom. What I’m seeing is hate being combated with hate, and more hate being produced. This battle is dividing us, friend. Please, take a look around at the world. How divided and hostile we’ve become towards each other. I’ve been in the center of politics for years now, and I’ve watched things be torn apart.

You don’t have to like a person, you can even hate them, to respect them and treat them like another fellow human. This isn’t about Felix right now. But people you see as your enemy, see themselves making the world a better place. They are not set out to destroy this planet. They aren’t sitting, petting a cat and twirling their mustache.

Until this site learns to treat people in a civil and respectful manner, we will only further divide and increase this tension with one another. Spreading hate over meaningless things. We don’t have long on this planet, and worrying about being victims instead of being survivors and working with each other will get us nowhere.

Pitch Perfect Fandom

Dya know what I love about the PP fandom? It’s that the fanfiction has turned so many of the minor characters into major characters. Particularly in the Bechloe fics.

Take ‘Tom’ for example. The dude is in the first movie for 6 seconds at the end of that shower duet, and 3 seconds making out in the back of a scene with Chloe at the aca-initiation night. But he’s actually considered quite a major antagonist in Pitch Perfect fanfiction - particularly Bechloe fanfiction (I see you ‘Experimentation’)

Stacie, who I love in the movies despite really not being in them that much, has become this awesome best-bud-to-Beca in many fics. She’s the out-there girl who tends to drag Beca along to parties or events in their post-Barden years, which often leads to Beca reuniting with/meeting/finding Chloe. In the movies I do believe the only interaction Beca and Stacie ever have is Beca saying “You call it a dude?!” mid-way through PP1, and “Keep it in your pants maybe?” in PP2. Yet in fanfiction she is often written as one of Beca’s closest friends.

And if she’s not written as one of Beca’s best buds then she’s often written in ‘Staubrey’ fics as being a love interest for Aubrey - even though the only real ‘interaction’ the two had in the movies was in PP1 for 12 seconds during Stacie’s audition, 12 seconds when Aubrey used the word ‘penetrate’, 8 seconds in the riff-off, and that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment lasting 2 seconds when Stacie hisses “Where did he come from?” to Aubrey while they’re stood in the wings waiting to perform with The Bella’s. 

Basically, this fandom is aca-awesome, the fanfiction is aca-awesome, and I bloody love being a part of it. 

Kudos to ALL the fic writers out there, whether you’re brave enough to post your work or not. You guys are all aca-awesome!

Ramble over.



I published my first story in my By the Grace of God series on September 29, 2016 on AO3/FFN–and didn’t join Tumblr until sometime in October.  I’d noticed that a lot of my favorite authors had Tumblr accounts, and many amazing stories were born out of prompts from here. 

Folks, I joined here knowing NO ONE!  All I knew was that I wanted a place in this fandom–somewhere to discuss the show and meta with others who loved it as much as I did.  I started writing my series as an offering to the gatekeepers in hopes that they would find me worthy. 

I never expected to find friends.

So, this is me–thanking all you beautiful people. 
THANK YOU for inspiring me with your own creative works!
THANK YOU for motivating me in my own creative endeavors!
THANK YOU for talking to me in chat about literally everything!
THANK YOU for making artwork and stories based on my own work!
THANK YOU for making me feel welcome and loved!!!

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Whenever I think about the Rey/o discourse, and the whole thing about people being attracted to villains above all, I wonder why, if this is the case, people don’t ship Buttercup with Prince Humperdinck? Because if we go by this logic everyone in The Princess Bride fandom should’ve ditched “boring” Wesley long time ago, and hopped onto the Humperdinck/Buttercup train. Their relationship dynamics are practically the same as with Rey/o.

  • A privileged white guy who has everything, but wants even more.
  • Genocide and random murders of innocents won’t stop him from getting what he wants.
  • Has a torture chamber where he tortures innocent people.
  • Not above abusing and torturing women.

All these bullet points can be applied both to Prince Humperdinck and Ky/o Ren. Yet, I’ve never seen a single H/B shipper. And that movie / book is a fairly popular one, even to this day, even on tumblr. However, for some reason, everyone loves and gushes over the blond blue-eyed “boring” Wesley, who was framed as a heroic protagonist by the narrative - vs. Humperdinck, the main villain of the story… So, where are all the H/B shippers?

Also, speaking of which, Finn gets so much crap from white feminists for “grabbing” Rey’s hand. But I have rarely seen people (including these same white feminists) being disgusted with Wesley’s sexism and very much transparent abusive behavior - for exapmple, a scene from the book:

“I’m very capable of love,” Buttercup said.
“Hold your tongue, I think.”
“I have loved more deeply than a killer like you can possibly imagine.“
He [Wesley] slapped her.
“That is the penalty for lying, Highness. Where I come from, when a woman lies, she is reprimanded.”
“But I spoke the truth, I did, I - “ Buttercup saw his hand rise a second time, so she stopped quickly, fell dead silent.

Sure, they’ve improved that gross scene for the movie adaptation, but Wesley totally does raise his hand to hit Buttercup even there:

How is ^this^ okay by white feminists’ books, but an innocent hand grabbing is seen as some volatile act of sexism and abuse? (A purely rhetorical question, because we all know the answer)

That’s it I’m done playing nice. You bitches want war you can have it!

Stop whining about Mon-El and Karamel, because guess what? IT’S PART OF KARA’S STORY ARC IN THE COMICS!!! YOU CAME INTO THIS FANDOM KNOWING THE SHOW WOULD FOLLOW THE COMICS TO AT LEAST MOST EXTENT. So you DON’T get to complain. And like many others have pointed out, if it wasn’t Mon-El it would have been Brainiac she’d be with! That’s CANON! Kara is not going to be with Lena, it’s not gonna happen, Lena is a villain in the comics! Get over it, that’s CANON! Kara is not going to be with James, he is not with him in the comics! Get over it, that’s CANON! (And yes i agree the writers shouldn’t have started something between those two if they weren’t intending to follow up but that’s not an excuse to hate on Mon-El or Karamel, but the writers)

I’m done people being entitled little bitches and having the AUDACITY to DEMAND we change a whole comic universe to cater the show to suit your fanfiction! I’m NOT having that again! YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS FANDOM! I’ve had that happen to so many other shows that I loved, where a part of the fandom destroyed the show for the rest of us because they were entitled!

You bitches moan about Mon-El being a white frat boy but he’s been nothing but sweet and NOT abusive like some of you claim (like where did that even come from? And as someone who’s been through shit like that YOU DON’T TAKE TERMS LIKE THIS LIGHTLY!) You’re just salty he’s in the way of your non-existent, NON-CANON ships! You call us homophobic and racist because we ship a ship that is CANON in the comics and don’t ship your little fanfics! You do realize the show is called Supergirl and it’s about a high middle class white girl that looks like barbie and is by no means a saint right? I could sit here and call Superc*rp racist because you’d rather see Kara with a rich privileged white woman (who by the way believes humans ‘have a right to know if their neighbor is an alien’) instead of a black man. Or i could say that Kar*lsen is homophobic because they don’t want to see Kara with a woman. 

But nooooo it’s just us for shipping the canon ship. Like you do realize a big part of the Karamel fandom also ships Sanvers or Winn x James and is LGBT+ & non-white right? So stop ASSUMING we’re all straight white people not wanting to see progressive material on screen. We ship chemistry nothing else! I’ve honestly never encountered a fandom this disgusting and abusive, you guys make me sick! You are making it so hard for us to enjoy the show and many of us have said it’s too much negativity and that it’s no longer fun to watch or be a part of the fandom or that it’s weighing us down emotionally. You people are bullies and nothing else, because the moment you start abusing someone else because they enjoy something you don’t then you’ve become monsters! You can choke!

Also, stop pretending like Supergirl is some super progressive piece of entertainment or that Kara is somehow a super progressive feminist icon, because at the end of the day she’s still a privileged white girl and by no means representing the diversity of women AND YOU WALKED INTO THE SHOW KNOWING THAT! Shows like Orange is the New Black, Eyewitness, Shadowhunters etc. are way more progressive than your precious Supergirl will ever be. Yes, Supergirl will not follow everything from the comics since they’re like a dozen AU’s but you CANNOT DEMAND they change whole story arcs to suit you, specifically wipe out a PRIMARY character like Mon-El/Superboy out of existence just because! Mon-El wasn’t kidding or exaggerating when he said he’s ‘The Other Superman’, in the comics Superman is his mentor and Clark uses him as a substitute when he’s not around to save the city! Yes i know some of you will say ‘but there are lots of AU’s’ and yes Kara is not with him in all AU’s, but guess what? Your fanfics DON’T EXIST IN ANY AU! Kara is not only with Mon-El because she loves him (yes that’s also canon, you mad?) but because their stories are linked due to the history Daxam and Krypton have. Again you would know that if you were following the story. So Karamel SERVES as a key plot point and not just a ship. 

You say Mon-El destroyed everything but guess what? Some us actually came into this God-forsaken fandom because of Mon-El/Chris Wood. And the ratings have been fairly steady to say the least, so no you cannot say he’s ruining the show.

Also the very fact that you assholes are sending Chris hate is absolutely despicable and disgusting. You can hate on Mon-El all you want (like I said in your own fucking tags!) but YOU DO NOT SEND CHRIS HATE! Chris is nothing but a sweetheart, he’s an activist, and outspoken about issues that matter like women’s rights, and BLM, even having started his own organisation for mental health issues and you would know that if you weren’t so far up your asses! But even if he wasn’t all those things YOU DO NOT SEND THE ACTORS HATE. Like,  am I supposed to send hate to Iwan Rheon or Jack Gleeson from GOT for playing homicidal, psychopaths that rape women? NO! Because unlike you some of us are not bratty little children and can tell the difference between TV and real life.


I’ve been seeing another spate of rumbling about the death of Tumblr/exodus from Tumblr. I’ve got no idea whether it’s likely to happen for my fandoms in the near term (I mean, I know it will eventually–no platform lasts forever–but I have no idea whether we’re talking six months or three years, say). But I wanted to share a bit of advice as a Fandom Semi-Old.

The thing about fannish migrations is that they aren’t organized. Any given fandom larger than about ten people is a herd of cats; we cannot readily be organized. Friends may coordinate; comparatively small and cohesive groups may coordinate (LJ RPers made a pretty impressively coordinated jump to Dreamwidth some years ago now); but fandoms are cat herds. Individuals saunter away when they feel like it and make a new home. Pretty much nobody who I knew in the LJ days wanted to go to Tumblr–and yet here we are, because fandom is not something you organize; it is an emergent property of people plus communication technologies. It happens, and God only knows where it will happen next.

(And yes, I include mail in ‘communication technologies.’ I am too young for the age of zines, but I am aware of them.)

So what I am saying is, if/when your particular fandom starts to decamp from Tumblr (if they have not done so already, and if they are on Tumblr at all–some fandoms never did come to roost here), the members of the fandom will probably not go at the same time, or to the same place. They will saunter away like cats and wander around for a bit and some will end up in one place and some in another and maybe there will come to be a collective consensus that Here Is Where This Fandom Is, but maybe there won’t; and even if there is, it might take a long time to happen. I remember when mailing lists and Usenet gave way to bboards, and thence to various blogging platforms and LJ, and then to DW and Tumblr, and also Twitter–and there were always people who just… didn’t, some fandoms never jumped from bboards to Livejournal, some still thrive on mailing lists, some went to Dreamwidth rather than Tumblr, some are mostly on Twitter, at least one of my favorite nostalgia fandoms is still mostly doing ZINES (although admittedly most of them are now webzines rather than mailed zines), and on and on and on. And a lot of them splinter, too.

So here is what I will tell you, as a veteran of many jumps. The most important thing is to figure out who you don’t want to lose touch with and find a way to keep in touch with them. I usually use email, because I am an Old, but it works. Texts, too. Various chat apps. Comments on AO3. Twitter, if you use it–I have tl;dr stamped on my forehead so Twitter is not for me (who can say anything in less than three paragraphs, I want to know???), but it works great for a lot of people. But something. That way, you can keep in touch with the people you care about, the people who make fandom fun for you, the people who enrich your life, even if a given platform dries up and blows away.

I was heavily involved in LJ back in its heyday. And because I reached out to them, I still email on a regular basis with some of my old LJ friends. And… the ones I didn’t, I don’t know where they are. 

So yeah. Redundancy. When a platform is in flux, that’s the best way to make sure you don’t lose what you love about your fandoms.

coming from a small company who barely had anything to becoming this big and successful. from having fansigns with 200 fans to having sold out concerts here in the us. from wearing fake brands to wearing real designed expensive clothing/accessories. from working their fucking asses off sacrificing part of their physical/mental health day and night to reach where they are now . it’s just so fucking amazing and impressive like they really did that it’s literally crazy. coming from a stan that watched them grow since debut like i can really see it, they really grew A LOT. i remember when the fandom was really that small and when i look at bts now and its just wow… i dont even know how to describe it myself imagine how they themselves are feeling right now. their hard work truly paid off im literally so so proud of them idk how to put it in any other words. 

dont you just love it when youre crushing on a character thats not an LI and/or ship your mc with a character thats not an LI 🙃

Can we all just imagine the teachers of Hogwarts betting on who Harry will end up with? Like you have your Harmony, Hinny, Rorry, and even Snape is throwing in Drarry eye fucks in class and then one day McGonagall bursts into the teacher’s lounge and is like, “WHERE THE FUCK DID CHO CHANG COME FROM?!” and the whole room just explodes with rage and annoyance and Umbridge is being trampled because she has no idea what the hell is going on and all the teachers are breaking shit and hexing everything in sight.


Follow this advice from a - at heart - fandom grandma (not even that old, just seen my share of shit). 

You know that thing where you go to tags and you come across insults/bad/toxic content?


You feel quilty doing it? Yeah, me too.

You feel scared someone might come up to you on day being like “hey why did you block me? We’ve never talked”. Yeah, me too.

But duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes! I must have blocked 40 people yesterday for spewing hate and I come home to quiet tags now. Do yourselves that favour.

anonymous asked:

Can you explain to me what "alpha omega" means in Destiel fanfic? There seems to be a LOT of it (on Ao3 it seems like every other DeanCas fic is tagged as "alpha omega" something) and I don't understand what it is. Is it something to do with werewolves? How/why is it such a THING in Destiel fanfic? Where did it come from? I am at a loss.

Alpha/Beta/Omega is a thing in any fandom, not just the Supernatural one, and its origins? You can read up on it here on FanLore, though that’s just a general explanation of it, since no handling of any trope is the same.

Generally, it seems to be for PWP reasons. It’s categorized as a kink, but there are authors who try to focus on more than that and write it like any other fic, where the characters just happen to be Alpha/Beta/Omega– even if there’s sex within it (or even a lot), the sex isn’t the main point. I was extremely averse to it in the beginning because I don’t like PWP, being ace, and it bothered me that it seemed like people were bypassing this opportunity to write a fic where there’s a society built around there being numerous biological genders where in some males could, in fact, get pregnant. I think there’s a lot of fascinating potential there.

A/B/O (do not write it ABO since that actually means something else and is a slur) is where there are some select animalistic traits applied to humans, increased sense of smell, mating for life, true mates (soul mates), possessiveness of mates, sometimes ability to growl or purr, mating cycles called heats (omegas)/rutts(Alphas). I still take a lot of issue with many of the A/B/O’s I’ve tried to read, since they seem to only enforce the misogyny and sexism already in our society and them amplify it.

Below are a few A/B/O’s I’ve read and really enjoyed, so please feel free to check them out:

Violator series by @moosefeels

Dean’s dumped by his pack.
He lives a new life.

Oh What a Beautiful City by @moosefeels

Castiel is an omega prince, who will let himself starve to death before he can be fetched by his betrothed. Things change a little when his betrothed comes for him a bit earlier than he expected.

(Note, there is a scene where Cas goes into heat, though no sex happens, but the dub-con mentality behind it was still squicky for me, but it’s also acknowledged and thus the reason no sex happens.)

Rain by @museaway

Dean Smith has experienced passing attraction to other alphas before, but never dreamed he’d act on it until he falls in love with his best friend. Even though he’s certain that Castiel has no interest in him beyond friendship, Dean can’t bring himself to move on. But when Castiel is outraged by a derogatory comment at work, he shows up uninvited at Dean’s lakeside cabin to demand his help, and several truths come out.

A Hole in the World by AnnelieseMichel

Dean Winchester never wanted to go home again. Going back to Lawrence meant people who knew what he was, who didn’t buy into the lie. But with a tragic accident, he’s back and dealing with the death of his father, the social stigma and objectification of being an out Omega, and the lingering aftermath of a long-ago crime.

(This is probably the most popular A/B/O fic in fandom, because it very much parallels our world and how women are blamed for crimes against them, and you constantly have to be aware of your surroundings, etc. There’s an entire movement that takes place in this fic, all of it revolving around court cases and counter-lawsuits, as well as Castiel’s family drama and illegal dealings on his brothers, one of which has ties in Dean’s own preferably forgotten past. There’s no explicit non-con, but it’s a close line, as Dean recalls traumas of his past, either within his head, or if he’s having to recount them on the witness stand. It is an excellent fic that will have you wanting justice and cheering for characters, and idk, hit close to home because how familiar it is in our world).

I hope that helps? It’s like any trope/AU, you’ll have to find the ones that work for you.

I’m starting to feel like an old geezer in the DMC fandom. Even though I’ve only been a part of it for 5 years, so much has changed. Where and when did the consensus that Vergil is ‘the hot twin’ come from? Why is there suddenly so much more love for him (not that I’m complaining, though)? Will Capcom ever release DMC5? Has the DmC v. DMC discourse finally stopped? Where did all these good Tumblr blogs and art come from?

Guys…let’s please not start making Escalus vs. Benvolio comparison posts. Like I understand where it’s coming from and while I’m currently very upset with Escalus after what he did/said to Rosaline last episode, it will take about .02 seconds for fandom to show its ass and turn this discussion ugly and racist and let’s just…not go there. Let characters be complex and dynamic and let’s all stay in our lanes.

Lynn’s 500 Followers Giveaway!

This week, I reached 500 followers! Wow! Where did y’all even come from? 

Anyways, to celebrate, I’ll be hosting a casual giveaway! 

The prize: One digital drawing (like this) or a one-shot fic (like this) involving the characters/pairing/fandom of your choice! Wow!

The Rules:

1. You must be following me. This is a giveaway for my followers, after all!

2. Both reblogs and likes count, but only one reblog will be counted - this gives you a total of two entries.

3. Don’t tag your reblogs with giveaway, and no giveaway specific sideblogs.

4. Giveaway ends on July 31st, 2017, at 11:59 EST.

The winner will be chosen with my good friend, random number generator, and I will draw most everything, including any ship. The exclusions here include pedophilia/incest/rape, and I reserve the right to refuse to draw a situation that makes me personally uncomfortable. If you want me to draw an OC, you must have a visual reference!

Good luck!