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Promptis in Episode Prompto (spoilers)

So at the end of this episode, as the last scene (aka secret ending), we get to see a discussion between Noctis and Prompto.  (Warning : SPOILERS)

Basically what I understand is that Noctis wants to unite the Kingdom of Lucis and the Empire (by invading Niflheim maybe? Since their Emperor’s dead anyway), for Prompto. Yep, I don’t remember him mentionning his wish to have their countries getting along until he knew about Prompto’s origins. He changed his mind, for this blondie.

So… He implies that he wants some kind of union between the Lucis (Noctis) and Niflheim (Prompto). 

“We come together as one nation.”

Did you guys Noctis’ flustered/shy reaction when Prompto looks at him? (0.56) 

Noctis looks away after checking Prompto, crossing his arms. “I mean, what does it matter where you’re from anyway?” (translate this as : “Not that I care that you’re from Niflheim but since it bothers you so much let’s just do this so at least you’ll feel better.”)

Then asks if Prompto’s with him.

And Prom replies ’‘Ever at your side.“

Guys, this is just… So big. Noctis wants a union between the Lucis Kingdom and Niflheim… All of sudden? Just for the sake of Prompto. And asks him if he’s with him, to make the world a better place (through said union).

(+ note that neither Gladio nor Ignis seem to be in the same room with them, Noct waited for them to be alone???)

The Promptis shipper in my heart’s still screaming. If this doesn’t sound like some kind of indirect '’let’s take it further and be one” confession then idk what this is.

Sum up in one convo :

“I want to break the borders and unite our countries, wipe away all of your fears of being different so we’re both the same through this union. Will you be with me to build this better world ?”

“I’ll always be by your side.”

(feel free to share your thoughts guys, I need to share the excitement)

FIC: Miracles and Storms (Otayuri pre-slash)

This was meant to be a 5 Times Otabek Kissed Yuri and the 1 Time Yuri Kissed Him fic, but I’ve been such a slouch in the writing department lately. I doubt I’ll ever finish it, although you never know!

I decided to post the first part (”forehead kiss”), which can stand on its own, so here y’all go:


“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” Yuri mumbles into the thing he’s lying on. He’s almost positive he’s still in the bathroom stall, so it might be the toilet seat. With his luck it’s the floor. It doesn’t matter, not when it’s so cool against his burning cheek that it’s completely worth every strain of hepatitis he’s getting from it. “I’m here to win a gold medal and fight crime.”

“Yakov is looking for you.”

“Tell him I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Victor and Katsuki are looking for you, too.”

“Tell them I’m dead.”

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the-lifeboat  asked:

ok so i see all over twitter the little smile, and i get it's THE paramore meme. i mean it's even on THE box for tour one, but where did it come from? i just don't know where it came from🤷🏻‍♂️

Well, it all started because this magnificent piece of art  (I mean it. Hayley’s facial expression is mine 24/7) was posted on ig by a fan and Paramore reposted it on their account.

Immediately after that, they posted this one picture.

Everyone started posting it like a loooot and even Hayley posted it on her own account several times in a row.

And that was it. The meme was created and the next thing we knew was that it was on the Paramore box too and we all freaked out because that was too damn awesome!!

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Between my laptop critically messing up on me again and again and the fact that I can't seem to get anything productive accomplished in any areas among other things, I'm having a very bad week/month and would reeeaaaallly really appreciate words of encouragement from Rosemary and/or Pyramus (or Deerling for my matter, all three are my favorites) if you have time! I feel silly for asking, but I am just about frustrated to tears with everything.

“You can do it! All you have to do is put your back into it.”

“Hehe…you say that as if you don’t really know what you’re encouraging her on, dearie.”

“Oh, shut up, you…creep? How do you look under that blanket? Why are you even wearing that like a hood? Did you just roll out of bed or something?”


“Kyaaa! W-Where did you come from? You aren’t here to steal the snacks I hid from Lady Ambrosia, are you?!”

“Oh, I think he is. You better hurry and save them.”

“Oooo…seriously, who are you?”

“My darling kitten, you say you are frustrated to tears with everything? Non, non, do not cry.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for us. I live for you, after all. And we all have our rough patches, do we not? 

If you are feeling bad, just take a step back. Spend a little time with me - or a lot. Let me help you forget about this entire month. Then, all you will have to focus on is…putting your back into it, as she says.  ♥”

“W-Why are you putting it in that perverted way? Lady Ambrosiaaa, heeeelp!”

“…”  (He’s here to encourage you…probably?)

“Eeeee! Go away, go away! DON’T TOUCH MY SNACKS.”

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Yuri squatted in the center of the rink, smiling warmly to the timid girl who was still holding on to the wall. "Alexandra, you can do it! Don't you wanna show your papa you're a big girl? Don't worry, Uncle Yura isn't going to let you fall.", he says holding out his arms to her.

Georgi wouldn’t come out from where he stands, but he smirks as he sees the soft side of Yuri, and how his young daughter, barely five, was clinging to the boards. “U-Uncle Yura! I’m scared! I-I don’t wanna fall down!”  She squeaks, in her frilly skirt, thermal leggings, and princess coat.  

“oh, sweetheart, you’re doing so well…be good for your uncle, da?”

Alexandra was not shy, but she did get nervous easily… she took after her father after all.

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Neon: A-13, C-5, E-8, H-2, L-9

A-13: Does your OC have any phobias? If so, where did they come from?

Neon has a lot of phobias! Her main one is loud sounds, but ESPECIALLY thunderstorms. She basically just hides herself away when a thunderstorm is starting up and waits for it to pass. As for where it came from… that’s a story for another day :>

C-5: Do your OC’s morals and rules of common decency go out the window when it comes to those they don’t like, or when it’s inconvenient? Aka, are their morals situational?

Nope! She sticks to em, though she does struggle a lot, and there’s usually a lot of inner backlash for deciding to forgive/show mercy to someone she doesn’t think deserves it. Sometimes she wishes she could be harsher if only to protect herself, but at the same time she doesn’t want to be cruel, at least in her own eyes. 

E-8: What’s one of your OC’s biggest regrets?

AAAAAAAAAHAHAHA. We get into major spoiler territory here. Sorry! 8D

H-2: Is your OC a thoughtful partner, in whatever aspect of that you want to cover?

She is! In fact she’s overly so. That’s one of her main issues in life. c8 She’s gonna overthink everything. Everything. If she trusts you a lot (which she probably has to in order to date you, at least seriously) she is going to talk to you a lot about what she’s thinking but in a seeking assurance/making sure you’re ok kind of way. Like are you sure what she did the other day was fine you’re not mad because you were a little quiet today and she’s been thinking about everything she’s done since we met and that was the most recent goof up she could think of and she’s sorry 

L-9: How did you come up with your OC?

Embarrassingly enough, her first incarnation was sortttt of a sona kind of? She was my very first mlp oc and when I created her I didn’t have any personality behind her (really bad) first design, and then a friend wanted to use her for a fanfic she was writing at the time and needed me to come up with SOMETHING, so I panicked and made her like me because I didn’t know what else to do. 

All of that got scrapped when I started the askblog, though! When I first started this blog I was still a little shaky on her personality but it’s really developed since I started drawing her a lot. She’s gone through a lot of transformations and developed a lot and I’m proud of my baby ;w;

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was there any point 2x13 where you thought, "oh my god, jace and maia are so going to hook up by the end of this episode.". when i read someone saying that half of a endgame ship character would hook up with another character, i first thought izzy/sebastian would hook up. but then someone said sebastian was not going to be in the episode. of course malec had to be safe. i thought "why not jace/maia?" and halfway through the episode with all their interaction i thought "OH MY GOD" and I screamed!

jkffkjsjkafkjs this is where livetweeting comes in handy because i literally did not expect them to hook up at any point in the episode tbh, i was loving their scenes from the beginning but i didn’t think it’d end end up like that??????? especially when i also thought sebastian and izzy would hook up (i mean they did say sebvil wasn’t in this ep, but it honestly slipped my mind)


i was truly stressed, 213 honestly stressed my life

Make It Cannon Plz

Allura and the Paladins go to a planet to form an alliance, and the aliens want to play their planet’s national anthem, so out of respect they listen to it and…it’s fuckin Toxic by Brittany Spears. Pidge would probably die from laughter and Allura and Shiro try to control their team like the mom and dad they are while Lance just starts crying, wraps his arms around Keith and Hunk, and starts screeching the lyrics.

SU WANTED THEORY: The Pink Conspiracy; Homeworld Civil War Imminent!

Holy hell. Thanks to the Wanted special, we have a timeline granted a very rough timeline of the gem war, and now know around when Pink was shattered. 

According to Blue Zircon here, Rose Quartz and her terrifying renegade Pearl started the rebellion, then a few hundred years later, Pink is shattered. The way it’s explained, we don’t know if there was any more warring immediately following that, or if that’s what caused the order to evacuate before the Diamonds used the corruption song. For this theory, I’m going with the latter.

Then we’re hit with a bombshell;

Gemkind was lied to. Not just a huge bunch of the population. Gemkind.

The people of Homeworld were told the Earth was destroyed. From what we’ve seen so far, we can safely assume only the Diamonds and a select few elites know of the Earth’s existence. (Peridot, Jasper, the Rubies, etc), and by “the Diamond attack”, of course, they’re probably referencing this;

This changes everything. Why did they lie about the Earth? Besides the obvious; You’d want your people to think you’re all-powerful, what i mean is that’s quite a lie to keep up. Why go through all the trouble?

During The Trial, Blue Diamond makes clear the story everyone knows,  

But that’s impossible. Bismuth says in her debut, “It can cut a gem’s physical form in an instant, destroying the body, but never the gem.”.  Our only other eyewitness is Eyeball Ruby, who couldn’t tell Ame-Jasper apart from the real Jasper. 

She can’t tell Purple from Orange? Color plays such a huge role in their society, so important the Crystal Gems called themselves that because crystals have no color! It’s a symbol of their independence from the Diamond Authority. You’re telling me a war-hardened Ruby missed such an important detail as Jasper’s color? The others I can forgive, one of them didn’t even know who Pink Diamond was so we don’t know how new they are, but Eyeball? Is she colorblind?? Either way, we don’t know if she mistook whoever shattered Pink Diamond for Rose Quartz, or if Rose just used a different sword. Her testimony is unreliable.

Oh, and by the way?


the fuck

Is your problem Yellow D?

Yellow Diamond was clearly obstructing justice, and she lost it when Blue Zircon accused them of Pink’s shattering, almost as if the lawyer got too close. At first with her song “What’s the use of feeling Blue?” , we think Yellow Diamond wants to help Blue move on. But now that title’s double-meaning rings out to me and it scares me. “What’s the use of feeling, Blue?” Blue wants closure, not just the cheap revenge Yellow is offering her. Closure means knowing the truth so you can move on. If Yellow Diamond cares as much for Blue as she shows, why is she in such a rush to get Blue to bury this? You don’t just rush someone’s grieving. It’s clear Yellow doesn’t want her to know about something. 

Still not convinced? Look at Yellow Pearl here.

Wtf was that worried glance for? Since when does Yellow Pearl give a damn about anyone but her Diamond? That’s not a “oh shit are you okay Blue?” look, that’s a “Shit, are we screwed?” look.

Now. Personally, I never believed the rebellion was strong enough to fend off all 4 Diamonds and their homeworld forces alone. It never made sense, especially with Rose’s message of peace and Bismuth being bubbled for essentially advocating for murder. (though in these circumstances I really don’t blame her someone un-bubble my bb) Something’s wrong here.

Pink Diamond loved humans remember? Where did that come from? Sure, she plucked them up as trophies, but hold on. They’re not on display here, or in any way a display of her power. They’re kept nice and safe and com fortable, like pets. Rose Quartz didn’t understand the concept of love until Greg and her “fused” in the episode “We Need To Talk”, what if this was all Pink knew how to do? Would she have been fine seeing the Earth destroyed just to kill off Rose’s Rebellion? Blue doesn’t think so. Yellow Diamond does call it a “silly zoo” in her song after all, she doesn’t seem very supportive of Pink or Blue Diamond.  

Then there was this little scene.

Idk if anyone else has mentioned this, but I think Blue and Pink were in love. That’s what’s implied here, at least to me. They just paralleled Greg’s grief over Rose to Blue’s over Pink Diamond. That can’t be an accident.

What if Pink started to help Rose Quartz and the rebellion grew into such a threat that White Diamond needed her…removed? Rose did get her Pearl after all.

Listen fam, you can think whatever you want about our Pearl, she’s formerly White Diamond’s. Her gem’s in the right place. Rose would have needed someone on the inside to help her rebellion, and it would be a great show of power to say.. steal the Big Boss’s favorite slave?? The one servant White Diamond would have taken everywhere? Pearl must have known all of White’s secrets, and because of who White Diamond is, all of Homeworld’s secrets. All it would have taken is an offer of freedom. 

With Pink Diamond and White Pearl on her side, the Crystal Gems would have been a massive threat to Homeworld.

I think Pink Diamond’s shattering is a conspiracy that White and Yellow are keeping from Blue, because she and Pink were too close. They couldn’t allow Pink’s side to bolster the rebellion and start a gem civil war, so, Yellow and White found a way. Once Pink was shattered, they corrupted the survivors to silence any witnesses from the other side and pinned it on Rose Quartz to unify all of Gemkind against her and her Crystal Gems forever. They could accept the lie that the Earth was destroyed in a great retribution for their fallen Diamond, making her a martyr instead of a traitor and saving the Diamond Authority legacy.

Now, there’s the question of who. Well, White Pearl did betray White Diamond… wouldn’t it just be so poetic, to if not have Pink Pearl kill her master, not warn her about it?

Also, about what Yellow D said last..

Uh are you sure you want that Yellow D?  His mom started a rebellion. He has everything he needs right there now, plus, maybe an unlikely ally? 


Just a simple set of cutiepies. My gif maker has a crappy day,but I hope you’ll like it anyways.Love you guys.

Those smiles. AHHG.

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