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Shinee as the Mafia + How He Met You

||| Anon asked: Can I request something for shinee like the Monsta x reaction: they’d win the mafia+how they met you? Please and thank you! |||

Onew/Lee Jinki

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  • Was actually working in the gang till he killed the previous leader declaring himself the boss.
  • A lot of people didn’t support him so he had to deal with them himself.
  • Even nowadays he tends to kill the ones that look even a little bit suspicious.
  • Because of that (and fear) he gained everybody’s respect.
  • Likes planing and going on the missions himself, much to his men displeasure as the gang would surely fall without him.
  • Is really good with all types of weapons but prefers not to make a mess.

He was going to kill you after you talked back to him but found your courage amusing. 

“Where did you come from? Don’t you know the rules in this gang?”

“I follow no rules.”

“Is that so?” he asked standing up from his desk and pressing his gun to your forehead.

“Are you trying to scare me? Because it’s not working.”

He fired a shot into the wall near your head. You just closed your eyes and exhaled deeply.

“How about now? Still nothing, huh? How interesting! I’m going to enjoy your company.”

Key/Kim Kibum

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  • Only the most trusted members have seen his face as he works as a spy for the group.
  • He doesn’t actually hide but likes to remain in the shadows.
  • Works quickly, silently and without a trace.
  • Can infiltrate any building in 5 min or less.
  • If paid enough would also assassinate anybody, doesn’t matter who - men, women children.

 You were working as a guard for a government building he infiltrated. According to his resources you were not supposed to be there, so he when he landed through the vent on the floor he was surprised to see you there just you were. He quickly grabbed your arm before you could take your gun out and slammed you against the wall.

“Now you’re going to listen to me and not make a single sound or I would have to kill you, that would be unfortunate though seeing how pretty you are, so do you understand?” he asked and you nodded quickly.

“Great.” he smiled. “Considering you work here you must have all the key cards to access guarded areas, right?” he searched your body.

“Everything is accessed by identifying the fingerprints.” you told him.

“Really now? Then I guess we are going to spend some more quality time together.”

Kim Jonghyun

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  • Unwillingly works as an assassin for the gang.
  • That’s because he would rather make the people disappear than kill them but as he’s the best shot in the whole gang the leader often asks him to care of business.
  • Talking about disappearing he’s the one you should come to. 
  • The people he dealt with would either end up in prison, be sold on the black market or end up in unknown, deserted places in less than 24 hours.
  • Tends to put on a serious face while on the job but is actually horrible at controlling his emotions which gets him in trouble most of the time.

He met you by accident when he was disposing of a body in a forest you were jogging. You just froze in your tracks out of fear and disbelief.

“Who the fuck goes jogging in these types of forests at this hour?” he thought. Seeing as you were just standing there and not running away he wondered what to do with you. He didn’t want to kill you and he was not afraid if you reported him to the police as most them were bribed. So he just took the body and dumped it in the hole, hoping you will take off. He didn’t expect to see you armed with a stick when he looked up. He just barely avoided your hit.

“Whoa, missy. Calm down.” but you were already swinging the stick in all directions. Annoyed he tried to pull it out of your hand which made you lose your balance and for him to fall on top of you.

“Well this is rather unfortunate for you.” he smirked but when he saw how sacred you were he just got back on his feet, picked you up and threw you into the backseat of his car.

“Maybe Minho will give me some advice on what to do with you.”

Choi Minho

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  • Right hand of the boss and sometimes even more reliable than him as he their leader tends to be reckless.
  • Doesn’t take shit from anyone.
  • Has a really short temper if you get him angry. 
  • Even though that happens rarely he just whips out his gun and kills whoever annoyed him on the spot.
  • Takes care of the gangs documents, finances, resources and such.
  • Likes to plan everything carefully before taking action.

You had nothing to do with the mafia as he often met you in the park, where he came to relax from the stress and tension in work. You would always sit at the same bench at the same time reading (he later calculated everything, so he would be able to see you whenever he came to the park). You could often feel his stare and whenever you looked up he would quickly avert his eyes. After a few weeks of staring you decided to talk to him changing your position every single day to get close to him. When one day you came and he was not there you were quite disappointed. Suddenly strong hands grabbed you and made you sit on the bench. His face was inches from your and he looked angry.

“Are you trying to seduce me or something to get some info? What’s the deal with you?”

“I, I-” you started.

“You what?” he shouted.

“I just wanted to talk to you that’s all.” you said trembling. Only now did he realized how stupid and suspicious of everything he his.

“Oh fuck, you don’t know anything about me, do you? I’m sorry for scaring you. Could I treat you to coffee or something as an excuse?”

Lee Taemin

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  • His job is to gather information. 
  • As much as he enjoys torturing it out of someone he would often use other means to get it.
  • Is actually a really good thief and manages to snatch the things he needs without trouble.
  • He also learned from Kibum to sneak in and out without being noticed but that doesn’t always work as he needs more practice.
  • Dances his way out of trouble when the need arises
  • Likes small weapons like scalpels and such because they let him inflict more direct and precise pain.

He was about to steal your purse (just for fun) when you unexpectedly turned around and saw what he was going. You gave him a big slap and ran away asking for help. Not wanting to draw any attention to himself he quickly caught up with you and pushed you into an alley. He slammed his hand on the wall near your face, securing you in place.

“Look lady, I didn’t actually want your bag. You were even not supposed to see me but now that you know how I look, it might get dangerous.”

“Please, take whatever you want, just don’t kill me.”

“Whatever I want, huh? Then I guess I will take you.” he said knocking you out and throwing you over his shoulder before you could protest.

A/N: Woah this got longer then expected!! I laughed a lot at my own jokes while writing this, their are not even that funny, their are not even a lot of them here, I think I need more sleep 😂 Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups both male and female!! 😃

so while looking around for kacchako art, i’ve found that like. there’s apparently a thing in the japanese fanbase where they like to draw Uraraka touching Bakugou’s chest

and like. it’s not sexual at all. she just. seems incredibly fascinated by his chest and how big his muscles there are or something

like i’ve found at LEAST 5 or 6 different fanart with this and it just seems like a very oddly specific thing

and it’s never the opposite either, it’s always Uraraka staring at or touching his chest and he’s always like nonplussed or confused and i’m just

where did this come from

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what did namjoon when he said "I don't care if you're blue, red..." ??

are u asking what did he mean when he said that??? he meant that he doesn’t care what ur race is, ur nationality, ur ethnicity whatever, music brings all of us together no matter what we look like and where we come from….WOW! can’t believe namjoon invented equality and destroyed racism!! :)

My friends and I did a good deed today.

So you all know I had went to a Smackdown live house show today in Johnson City, TN. Well when we got there me and my squad headed over to where the performers park and come into the building (WE HAD JUST MISSED AJ STYLES. SNIFF). Well this little girl and her dad came up to us and asked us if we could be a hawk from above while they stood below us (hoping to meet a wrestler). The little girl had a present she made for Alexa Bliss in the bag and she wanted us to yell if we saw her.

Well an hour later more and more performers came trickling in. Well here comes Alexa. The little girl spotted her and yelled but there was so many people with us on the balcony cheering as Alexa walked in that the little girl was drown out. So my loud lunged friend blurts over everyone that there was a girl who had a present for “you Alexa.” Well it either caught her attention or the security’s attention because Alexa went inside to put her gear down and came back outside to greet the girl! We watched in aww as the girl cried and showed Alexa her drawings and a shirt she got Alexa. We watched them take pictures and Alexa had to leave. But the girl ran back to her spot crying and fangirling with her dad.

I’m so fucking glad that we made that girl’s life a little bit happier. I teared up as she galloped away clutching her signed Women’s belt. Because I had the exact same feelings when I met Dolph Ziggler, Kane and Cesaro last year. I got to meet a few of my favorites. You just can’t forget that experience. I really just wanted to thank Alexa for taking the time to meet the bright eyed girl who had a gift today in Johnson City, TN.

Too hurt to dance

“I’m sorry, you seriously are too gorgeous…”

She rolled her eyes in a fury as she downed her… She couldn’t remember, she stopped counting the shot being bought for her as she downed them one at a time. It didn’t matter how much she consumed, she could still hear his voice at the back of her head.

He had come into the coffee shop where she worked and stared at her until she threatened him with a stale bagel. She could remember all of their impersonations of him and his innocent fascinations with her from only a moment of meeting her.

She did her best not to blush when he came into the shop a few hours later and sat as he smiled to her. She tried to weasel her way through the back door but she felt that her job was more important. Besides, everyone approved of him and he was a bit handsome for his age, however old he may have been. It was hard to get a proper answer out of his. She felt the heart pulled from her chest when he came back for her with a smile. She sat across from her and he held her hand.

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I was wondering what is your opinion about G & D not living together. For G is a deal breaker if her bf doesn't live in London and D in the past moved the production of The X-Files to L.A. to be with his wife. Doesn't concerned you that they don't live in the same country?

Where did you hear Gillian say not living in London is a deal breaker?
I think we can’t compare his relationship with Gillian to his relationship with Tea. It’s a different time, they’re in a different state of mind, and most of all, they both have kids. Kids come first, no matter what. Gillian moving to NY would mean either relocate her kids and take them away from their father, which he probably wouldn’t agree, or going away from them, which would be the toughest decision to make. David moving to London would mean going away from them too, and even if they’re older, they still need him around.
Maybe one day, one of them will make this step, but for now, I think long distance relationship can still work. Gillian spends a lot of time in the US anyway. Probably more than what we know.



Okay I never expected???? I’d get this far?? Where did half of y'all come from t bh-  

Anyway,time to talk about amazing people!!!

@cliickboom y'all!!! Red!!! Is!!! So!!! Nice!!!! She’s like!!! My twin!!!

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@laurensisalive Jae is shaped like a friend please protect her

@the-plxce-to-be MoM!!! MOM!!! I was so scared too talk too them before,and now they!!! Are!!! My!!! Momma!!! Please protect them they are shaped like a mom.

@daycarelancelot   sis!!!!!!!!! Once again,afraid too talk too,now she’s my sis!!! Protect her too she’s pure

@hamilton-at-your-service-sir I’m sorry sir I couldn’t find where in the legal documents aLLOWED YOU TOO BE AMAZING.

@popdrop-sansdy *flips table* HAINZY IS…SHAPED LIKE A BIG FRIEND PLEASE HUG ME.

@bxdtimes weren’t you the first undertale blog I interacted with? Cause tHANK YOU FOR THAT


I’m missing 1000 more probably but!!! Thank you all for the support!!!!! And love!!!!!

Thank you!!

im sitting alone next to a partially frozen lake looking at like 7 dead fish wearing sweatpants and superman converse and suDDENLY I HAVE 178 FOLLOWERS??????????? WHERE DID YOU COME FROM????? WHO PAID YOU……..


Seventeen - 17 Day Challenge

Day 1: First Impression

- First Kpop band I ever watched
- aju NICE
- This is dangerously catchy
- How many
- So many cute boys in such a small space
- 13?? Thirteen??
- Where did this white man come from I swear
- How are they so in sync
- Why aren’t they running into each other more
- Their practice room is tiny
- They deserve a bigger practice room
- The short one can seriously jump
- Those hip thrusts are ruining my ability to think rationally
- Their legs are so perfect and it hurts me
- The short one is my son
- Why are they all yelling at the same time
- They look like they have so much fun together
- Wholesome and pure
- Thank you for this purity
- Dance moves so sharp they cut me (that was lame I’m sorry)
- Little pieces of the sun and moon live on in their smiles
- Flawless skin
- Hold on is there a girl in this group
- I want to know everything about them now goodbye life

So, I just received an ask I never thought I’d get.  I deleted it because I don’t want to fuel the troll’s madness, but I thought I’d address it here all the same. 

*inhale* So, person just sent me something to the effect of, “You really need to ease up on the nymphophile culture because there are plenty of healthy relationships between adults and not-of-agers.  You can’t pick and choose which LGBT cultures you support.”

First of all, nymphophile?  Not-of-agers?  Did you take a course on “Using Pretty Sounding Words to Excuse Pedophilia: Sarcastically Narrated by Vladimir Nabokov”?  

Second, where the hell are these people coming from?  For years, my mom (a hardcore Democrat, by the way) warned me that, as soon as they legalized gay marriage, weirdos would start coming out of the woodwork crying “discrimination” against pedophilia and bestiality.  I always thought she was being paranoid and maybe a bit homophobic, but, no, apparently she was right - these assholes do exist.  

Human Sample #12

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Chapter 12: A Day to Remember

The fuel Rick was using for the ship was nothing like Ford had ever seen before. He wasn’t sure where he was getting it from, but it was far more efficient than any fuel Ford had come across. It burned cleanly and produced far more power per litre of fuel than any fuel from Earth. Rick hadn’t told him what it was called, however, or how he was getting hold of it.

“Say, Rick?” Ford asked, looking across the table at him. They were eating dinner later than normal, having spent the majority of the evening out flying the ship and testing it thoroughly to make sure it was all working fine.

Rick’s gaze shifted upwards from his food to his boyfriend. “Yeah?”

“Where did you get that fuel from?”

Rick looked back at his plate and continued shoveling food into his mouth. “I made it.”

Ford wasn’t all that surprised. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Rick shrugged. “It’s just concentrated dark matter. It’s easy to make if you’ve got the right ingredients.”

“Can I ask what those are?”

Rick shook his head. “Sorry, Fordsy, no matter how much I trust you, I ain’t telling you. These Zigerion scammers have been after the recipe for ages and they’ll do anything to get it from me, even manipulating those close to me. Can’t let that happen.”

Ford was slightly hurt, but shrugged the feeling off. Rick had a perfectly acceptable reason for keeping the recipe to himself. Ford shuddered to think what might happen if the wrong person got their hands on that kind of information. “Fair enough.”

“Damn right,” Rick snorted. “Can’t be too careful, Fordsy. I mean, what if that triangle bastard got hold of that recipe?”

Ford shuddered at the mention of Bill, the mere thought sending an icy chill down his spine. “That wouldn’t be good.”

“That’s an understatement,” Rick smirked. He finished off his food and put his fork down. He rocked back in the chair, his arms stretched out above his head and his feet on the floor to prevent him falling backwards. “It would mean utter chaos.”

“That’s an understatement,” Ford grinned. He got up from the table and picked up the dirty plates, placing them on the counter beside the sink. He paused, his head down. He remembered all the times Bill had told him he was special, that he was unique, destined for greatness. It made Ford feel sick to his stomach as he reminisced all the times he actually believed Bill. His hands shook and he gripped the edge of the sink hard enough to turn his knuckles white.

“Ford?” Rick got up and stood behind him, one hand on Ford’s shoulder. “You alright?”

Ford swallowed and shook the thoughts away. “Yeah, it’s nothing.”

Rick crossed his arms. “You’re lying to me. Come on. Spit it out.”

Ford sighed, his shoulders slumping. “I was a fool to think that Bill ever wanted to help me. I can’t believe I let him into my mind.”

“Hey,” Rick moved around to Ford’s side. “You’re not a fool, alright? Bill’s tricked millions of people in hundreds of different dimensions.”

“But I was so smart, I should have seen him for what he was. It wasn’t until my best friend almost got lost in the portal that I finally saw him for what he was.” Ford’s eyes slipped close, his head turning away. “I could have ended the world.”

Rick put one hand on Ford’s shoulder and the other underneath Ford’s chin, pulling his head round to meet his eyes. “Hey, quit it. You’re not the only one who’s almost ended the world.”

Ford still avoided Rick’s gaze, the guilt settling into the pit of his stomach. “I came the closest, though,”

Rick put a hand on the side of Ford’s face. “So what? You stopped him before he could get through. You blocked him from getting in, didn’t you?”

“I guess,” Ford shrugged.

Rick pressed his lips against Ford’s gently in a soft, brief kiss. “You’re a real smart guy, okay? Bill is a sadistic monster who’s been tricking people since before he could wipe his own ass. Don’t beat yourself up because he tricked you. You could be tricked by a damn chicken and I’d still love you,”

Ford couldn’t stop himself smiling. He wrapped his arms around Rick’s waist and pulled him into a hug. “I’m pretty sure I’m smarter than a chicken, Rick.”

Rick snorted. “I dunno, I’ve met some surprisingly intelligent fowl before.”

“Right, I forgot one of your friends was that bird guy.”

“Hey, Birdperson is not a chicken!” Rick scoffed. “He’s a wonderful bird… man… thing.”

Ford snickered and stepped back. Rick raised an eyebrow at him. Ford frowned. “What?”

“You ever been to a theme park?”

Ford blinked at the unusual question. “Not really. I mean I went to a couple of carnivals on the pier as a kid, but we could never really afford to go to a proper theme park.”

“Well then, you’re in for a treat.” Rick grinned, waving around two tickets. They were printed on pale blue paper with a small roller coaster logo in the corner.

Ford’s mouth fell open. “You’re serious?”

Rick winked at him and grabbed his hand, giving it a light squeeze. “Dead serious,”

Ford felt like a young child opening their birthday presents. There was no other way to explain the exhilaration bubbling up inside of him. He let out a strangled squeak, unable to process any meaningful words. He launched himself forward, embracing Rick into a tight hug. Rick snorted. “You’re acting like a little kid,”

“So what?” Ford pulled Rick down into a kiss. His arms slid around Rick’s neck. He pulled away, pressing their foreheads together. “I’ve never been to a theme park before.”

Rick pressed a kiss to Ford’s forehead. “Well then, get your coat. Let’s go.”

Ford grabbed his coat off the hook by the door and pulled his boots on, following Rick from the apartment. He was buzzing with excitement. Sure, at his age that was a little sad, but he couldn’t help it. He was utterly thrilled - he was finally getting to go to a proper theme park! He was just about to get into Rick’s old Toyota until the scientist whistled to get his attention.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Ford frowned. “You said-”

“It’s off-planet,” Rick explained. “We’ll have to take the ship. You seriously didn’t think I’d be taking you to one of the shitty theme parks on this planet, did you?”

Ford coughed and scratched the back of his neck, following Rick towards the garage where the ship was being held. “No, not really.”

Rick rolled his eyes. “The places on this planet look like shitty parking lot burger vans compared to some of the places elsewhere. Come on, I’ll show you a real theme park.”

Ford grinned as they approached the garage. He climbed into the passenger side as Rick got in behind the wheel. Rick started the engine and pulled out of the garage, ignoring the concerned glare he was receiving from Ford. “Yeah, yeah, seatbelt. I get it.”

“You could die,” Ford pointed out. “What the hell would I do then?”

Rick heaved a sigh and pulled his seatbelt on, steering the ship upwards into the sky. “Fffiiine, you win,”

Ford smirked. “Much better. At least now if we crash you won’t be sent flying through the windshield.”

Rick scoffed. “You saying I’m a bad driver?”

“No, I’m just saying that if we crash, at least you’re safer with the seatbelt on,” Ford looked out the window as they drove, the distant stars passing by like glimmering droplets of water in the darkened sky.

Rick snorted. “You don’t have enough faith in me, Fordsy,”

Ford laughed. “Rick, if I had no faith in you, I would have left a long time ago,”

“That’s reassuring,” Rick grunted, letting a small smirk play onto his face. He steered the ship towards his left, heading towards a small, mostly-green planet not far from their current position. As they approached, Ford could make out all sorts of theme park attractions on the surface. Rick flew down to a large parking lot and landed the ship. The pair got out and headed towards the main gates. Rick fished the tickets out of his pocket.

They got to the entrance gates and Rick handed the tickets over. The attendant, a pale purple, almost human creature checked the tickets over and gave them the all clear. The pair passed through the turn stalls and into the main park.

Rick wasted no time in taking Ford’s hand in his own, muttering into his ear, “Who knows what kind of people are here. I don’t want you getting lost.”

Ford scoffed, but didn’t pull his hand away. “You’re acting like I’m a small child who can’t be trusted not to wander off. Honestly, Rick, give me some more credit.”

“I’m not worried about you wandering off,” Rick replied. “I’m worried about someone grabbing you and running off with you.”

Ford rolled his eyes. “I’m not some damsel in distress. I can take care of myself.”

Rick snorted and pressed a large, embarrassing kiss to Ford’s cheek, eliciting a yelp from Ford. Ford flushed bright red and Rick laughed. “I dunno, you blush like a damsel in distress.”

Ford elbowed Rick in the ribs as they walked through the park. Rick grunted, before smirking and rolling his eyes. “Fine, point made. Now would you just pick a ride so we can quit wandering around?”

Ford pulled Rick over to a large roller coaster. “C’mon then, let’s try this!”

Rick looked up at the attraction. “I dunno, Ford, it’s awfully high. Sure you won’t get sick?”

Ford laughed and dragged Rick into line with him. “I’ll be fine.”

The queue was fairly short, considering how busy the park was. There was a booth by the side of the ride’s exit where visitors to the park could purchase various pieces of merchandise printed with a photo. A large camera was mounted on a stand beside the tracks, taking photos of the people on the ride. Most of the creatures in the photo were screaming, their arms thrown up in the air. Ford made a mental note to get a good pose in for the photo of himself and Rick.

It took less than five minutes for Rick and Ford to make it to the front of the queue. The coaster slid to a stop in front of them and they got into the front two seats, Ford sat on Rick’s left. The ride attendant pulled the safety bar down over them and fixed it into place. Rick cast a sideways glance at Ford. “Last chance to bail, Fordsy,”

Ford snorted and gripped the bar with both six-fingered hands. “Fat chance!”

Once the rest of the customers were strapped in, the ride attendant pressed a button on a panel and the coaster was pulled forward by a set of motors on the track. Ford leaned back slightly as the coaster was pulled up the main slope. When they got to the top, they had perhaps a moment to admire the view of the whole park before the coaster slid forward, rapidly gaining speed and swerving along the track.

Ford threw his arms up in the air. “WHOA!”

Rick snorted, his arms up in the air along with Ford’s. His breath was stolen away as they plunged down another steep incline. The coaster moved gracefully along the tracks, momentarily going upside-down as the tracks inverted. Ford figured it was a miracle he hadn’t lost his glasses.

Rick spotted the camera rapidly approaching and grabbed Ford’s chin in one hand. He pulled Ford’s head around to face his and he smashed their lips together in a kiss, just as the camera took their picture. As soon as they’d passed the camera, Rick pulled away and grinned wordlessly.

Ford was grinning from ear to ear, laughing. The coaster slid to a stop back at the start of the ride and the attendant pulled the bars up, allowing Rick, Ford and the other riders to get out. Ford’s hair was windswept and sticking up all over the place, Rick’s even more so. Hand in hand, the pair walked through the exit to the photo collection booth.

Their picture came up on screen and Ford couldn’t hold back an exhilarated laugh. The kiss looked out of place in the scene, with the other riders screaming behind them, but it was fantastic. They both had their eyes shut, Rick’s hand framing Ford’s face and mouths locked together. The attendant behind the desk brought the photo up onto a smaller monitor for them. Rick handed over a small handful of coins and random notes, buying each of them a small photo and a keyring. They tucked the items into their jacket pockets and headed towards the rest of the park.

Over the course of the day, they went on a total of six different roller coasters, three toboggan rides, one set of teacups (Ford nearly vomited once he got off - he had to lay down on a bench while Rick slowly gave him some cold water to drink), two go-kart rides and eight different miniature arcade-style games. They’d had lunch in the park restaurant halfway through- Ford had had a club sandwich and Rick had fish and chips - before exploring the rest of the park. By the end of the day, their feet hurt, they were almost out of money and they were exhausted. Ford had a stuffed toy tucked under one arm. Rick had insisted on playing one of the childish hook-a-floating-animal games and had won the top prize. So now Porky the Alien Pig was apparently a thing.

Ford climbed into the passenger seat of the ship, tossing the stuffed toy into the back and let out a relieved sigh. His feet ached. “Wow, that was amazing!”

“What did I tell you, eh?” Rick grinned as he got into the driver’s side. His eyes seemed to be avoiding Ford’s.

Ford frowned. “What’s up?”

“Nothing, just thinking about how much damn money we spent.” Rick chuckled.

“Good thing we’ve got leftovers in the fridge, then.”

“Yeah,” Rick said. His mind seemed to be in a different place. His eyes were distant and calculative.

Ford sighed. “Rick would you just tell me what’s bugging you so much?”

Rick’s heart pounded in his ears and his palms were sweating. “I’ve got somewhere to go before we go home.”


“It’s a surprise,” Rick winked. His left hand slid from the steering wheel and laid on his hip, just over his pocket. He seemed to relax slightly.

Ford shifted in his seat. His mind was buzzing, trying to work out what Rick might be hiding. He didn’t say any more. He kept his gaze out the window, an excited grin on his face. If this was anything like their theme park trip today, Ford was looking forward to it.

Rick drove the ship down towards a bar, setting it down at the edge of the parking lot. The parking lot was almost full. Rick parked the ship and turned the engine off. Ford could see his hands shaking. His eyes were avoiding Ford. Taking a deep breath, Rick got out of the ship and gestured for Ford to follow him. Ford got out of the ship and walked over to stand by Rick’s side.

Rick held a piece of paper in his hands, a few details scrawled onto it. A date, a time and a location, along with a name. He looked up at the bar in front of them, his heart thudding painfully in his chest. This was it - he couldn’t turn back now. He checked his watch. One minute to go.

Ford put a hand on Rick’s shoulder. “Hey, Rick? What’s going on?”

Rick took a deep breath, refusing to look at Ford. “You’ll see.” His voice wavered and he jammed the piece of paper into his pocket. He strode forwards, heading towards the large rubbish bins at the side of the bar’s entrance. Numerous creatures of many different species were filing in and out, some hanging around outside smoking. None of them paid the two humans any attention.

Ford frowned and looked at the doorway. “Aren’t we going in?”

Rick shook his head. “No… not yet, anyway.” He turned around and looked Ford dead in the eyes. Ford could see that the scientist’s eyes were full of fear.

Ford raised an eyebrow. “What’s wrong? Why do you look so worried?”

Rick swallowed hard. There was a noise behind him and he turned around. A large, green portal was splashed on the brick wall of the bar. Three figures stepped out. Ford was shocked to see that they were Gromflomites, all wearing matching uniforms and holding large blasters. They all had an identical Galactic Federation logo pinned to their uniforms.

“Rick…?” Ford turned a sceptical gaze onto the scientist standing in front of him. “What’s going on? I thought you hated these guys.”

In an instant, two of the Gromflomite officers seized Ford, pulling his arms around behind his back. His wrists were cuffed together tightly. Ford let out a startled cry. He looked over at Rick to see the third officer handing Rick a large sack and some documentation papers. “R-Rick…?”

Rick swallowed and cast a quick glance at Ford. He took the money and a pen from the officer, signing the documents. He handed one copy of the documents back and put the others in his pocket.

“Rick!” Ford shouted. “You’d better tell me what the fuck is going on right now!”

Rick took in a deep breath, his hands trembling. “I’m sorry, Ford.”

Ford’s mouth fell open and his heart skipped a beat. “WHAT?! What the hell are you doing?! This had better be a joke Sanchez!” He struggled violently, trying to break free.

“It’s no laughing matter.” The Gromflomite with the documents stood in front of Ford. “Stanford Filbrick Pines of Dimension 46’\, you are under arrest by the Galactic Federation for crimes against the Federation and its citizens. Crimes include robbery, assault and murder.”

“WHAT?!” Ford cried. “This is ridiculous! Rick! Tell them I didn’t do it!”

“Mr Sanchez has already handed you over.” The Gromflomite said. “A bounty for ten thousand Schmeckles had been put on your head for your capture. Mr Sanchez here just so happened to be the one to claim the rewards.”

Ford turned a furious gaze onto Rick. “You sold me out?! You lying, cheating motherfucker! After I helped you?! Did I really mean nothing to you?!”

Rick’s gaze turned cold. “No, you didn’t.” His voice was venomous. “I only kept you around so I could hand you over and make a ton of money. Were you really stupid enough to believe I’d keep you around?!”

Ford felt hot tears stinging his eyes. “Rick please! Tell me you’re lying!”

Rick scoffed and turned his back on Ford. “Take him away.”

Ford could have sworn he felt his heart stop. The two officers holding him dragged him towards the portal. Ford struggled with all of his might, but it was no use. “RICK PLEASE!”

Rick didn’t turn around as Ford was pulled through the portal. The final officer stepped through after him and the portal closed, the alleyway going dark again as the light faded. He was trembling again. His heart pounded in his chest and a sickening feeling settled into the pit of his stomach. His knees buckled beneath him and he hit the concrete, head bowed low. He covered his mouth to repress sobs. The sack of money lay on the ground by his side, forgotten.

“I’m sorry,” Rick choked out, tears running down his face. “I’m so sorry.”



(Was once originally based off this post by @looloolalalol - it seems to have diverged an awful lot)

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minister-of-silly-walks  asked:

Requests are open you say? Mmmmm I ve got a couple if you give me a moment to think.... Oh oh oh! MarcoAce in a Magic Bites or Steels Edge AU!

I’m going to apologize, but I don’t know either of these, but Steels edge was about the fey and stuff, I think, so I’ll do that. (Sorry)

“Ace, come take a look at this,” Marco says kneeling beside the body that they had been sent to investigate. “Ace?”

Ace frowns at him from eight feet away, “There’s a salt ring.”

Marco glances down, easily spotting the circle wrapped around the body and a large amount of space, swiping a line from it and waiting for Ace to join him beside the body.

“Is that silver?” Ace ask, gloves already on as he prodded the metal fragments. “That’s strange.”

“I know,” Marco agrees. “Where did all this silver come from? It doesn’t make sense, I thought no one was authorized to work with it in the city limits.”

Ace wrinkles his nose, “We have two, but they’re working on silverware, nothing like this. Do you smell bread?”

Marco didn’t, but he trusted Ace’s nose since it was hardwired to pick up the scent of fresh baked bread and cream, he was bound to see what Marco didn’t. He pats the body down pulling several, still almost fresh, loves of bread hidden on her person.

“She didn’t want to meet a fey.”

“And keep them away. Not even Sabo carried this much and he was a noble. You know the courts love to steal mortals. It’s strange.”

“That the courts love to steal nobles or that she was that paranoid about it?”

“That paranoid. It’s weird. Even the mortals that refuse to believe I exist aren’t this obsessed with protection. I think I might be worried about what happened here because it probably wasn’t fey.”

“And you like when it is?”

“Easier to solve than humans murdering humans.”

Marco had to give him that, though neither of them were humans and had to guess at human when interacting with them. Humans had the strangest motives. At least fey were straight forward.

((( ま!り!も! )))

Name: Madoka Tamotsu (保 円)
Age: 8
Birthday: December 1st (Sagittarius)
Bloodtype: ???
MBTI:  INFP (The Healer)
Enneagram:  7 (The Enthusiast)
Allignment: Lawful Good

Traits +: curious, excitable, peaceful, gentle, helpful, loving
Traits - : very attached to her parents, naive, clumsy, gullible, nosy, childish

Likes: her papa and mama, flowers of all kinds, sea animals, making friends, exploring, rainy days
Dislikes: warm weather, loud noises, being scolded, being cooped up for too long, large animals, when her papa is sad

A very mysterious little girl! Where did she come from, and just who is she exactly?

Regardless, she’s friendly, polite, and always willing to make a new friend! Just be careful not to upset her…otherwise you may be in deep trouble.

  • dirty harry: about the iraq war
  • 911: about 9/11 and terrorism
  • kids with guns: about gun control and school shootings
  • plastic beach: about marine waste
  • gorillaz fans: ...cool
  • hallelujah money: about donald trump and the rise of money-based power
  • gorillaz "fans": what is this :(( where did all this politically charged crap come from :(( gorillaz has never done social and political commentary ever before :(((((((( it's not normal

u know what fuccs me up. the fact that the paladins have never actually seen voltron. bc every time they form voltron theyre part of it. they prob dont even know it has a face. where tf did the face come from. whos face is that

okay but imagine this, james and teddy are in a secret relationship. they’re at the burrow for big family dinner and someone makes the “all potters marry redheads” joke. while everyone is busy laughing teddy morphs his hair to red and james chokes on his water