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4.2k of smut, I’m not even sorry

‘OUCH! Stop, st- STOP IT PANSY! Argh, fuck, I think I broke a rib.’ Draco sat down on his bed, a painful expression on his face which was paler than usual.

‘You’re an ungrateful bastard’ Pansy flopped beside him, pouting ‘the whole Slytherin house knows I’m the best on giving massage’

‘Well, I better look for someone from other houses then’ Draco made another pained expression as he got up. ‘I can’t, I can’t walk. Argh, fuck!’ He laid down slowly. Pansy only stared at him from the door, the look on her a face a mixture of pity and remorse.

‘I’ll get someone. Even though you were a little bitch just now.’ She glared at him before leaving.

It’d started three days before then. He was getting ready on Wednesday morning to practice quidditch. Everything was fine when he bent down to tie his shoelaces, but the second he straightened his back an acute pain hit him on his hips. It’d gotten worse the past two days to the point now he couldn’t even sit properly without feeling it.

He laid there, thinking maybe he would have to look for Madam Pomfrey after all. But fuck, those potions always messed up with his stomach, he’d do anything to avoid taking them even if it meant asking for someone he didn’t know to give him a massage. Pansy had told him she knew what she was doing but at the end it’d only worsened it.


‘It’s for a friend, you see. He’s in a lot of pain at the moment and I was hoping you knew someone good on giving massages’ Pansy flopped down on a chair at the eighth year common room.

‘Well,’ Hermione started, closing her arithmancy book. 'I do, but… who exactly is this friend of yours?’ She gave Pansy a look that could be translated as 'Are-we-talking-about-who-i-think-we-are-talking-about?’

'Draco’ Pansy sighed, predicting the other’s answer. 'But… I swear he’ll behave. And you owe me this one, right? After I brought you those French hair products’ Pansy smirked.

'You really are a Slytherin’ Hermione sighed 'but they were actually amazing. I’ll help you with this one but I can’t guarantee it’ll go well.’

Pansy gave her a quick hug, grinning. 'Who is it then?’

'Harry’ Hermione murmured to herself.

Pansy gasped and then laughed until tears were streaming down her face.

'Holy. Shit. Are you sure he’ll want to do it?’

Hermione gave her a little smile.

'He owes he a favor’

Pansy’s giggling was catching the attention of everyone around them.

'Who’s the Slytherin one now?’


'Tell me how amazing I am’

The girl bursted inside his dorm an hour after she’d left to find Draco in the same position.

'You found someone?’ He got up, regretting the decision immediately. 'Ah, shit! Are they outside? Please tell me they’re outside’

'They’ll be here in ten’ Pany sat by his side and poked his cheek 'go on, tell me how amazing I am’

'You’re amazing’ he grunted. When he looked at his friend, though, she wasn’t paying attention, busy with a little pink bag Draco hadn’t noticed she’d brought before. 'What-’

'Oils. For the massage’ she smirked and Draco felt blood going to his cheeks.

'There’s no need for that’

'They have properties. They could help’ she started to take the little flasks with different colors out of the bag and pile them on Draco’s bed.

A light knock on the door told them Pansy’s friends had arrived.

'C'mon in!’

'I just don’t understand why… No. No fucking way.’

'Harry, please, Pansy said-’

'What the actual fuck, Pansy!’ Draco started talking at the same time Hermione tried to stop Harry from leaving the room. 'This is… ah, shit shit- ARGH!’ Draco’s attempt to get up brought back the striking pain on his lower back and he felt his knees failing. The next second he was tumbling to the ground with a loud thud. Tears came uninvited to his eyes and he bit his lips as hard as he could to stop from screaming.

Draco didn’t look up to see who it was that was trying to help him get up. A firm hand went on the underside of his thigh as the other grabbed his shoulder firmly, pushing him to his feet just long enough for him to get to his bed. When he collapsed on his bed, flushed cheeks and tears still streaming down his face, everything he could think about was that maybe his time had come. Die would be better than suffer so much humiliation in front of Saint Potter, who was panting by his side.

Harry stared down at the boy in front of him, Malfoy’s face twisted in an ugly expression. It was like he was trying to sneer at Harry but the pain was too much even for that. Harry sighed and turned to see he was left alone in the room with an incapacitated Malfoy. Well, shit, that was just great. Why couldn’t people just leave him alone? Peace, it was all he was asking for after everything. But, oh no, he had to have asked Hermione for help with his potions homework the week before, and now he owed her this. Harry wouldn’t have denied giving a massage to any of his friends if they’d asked him. He’d helped Hermione, Ginny and even Luna in the past. But Malfoy? Give Malfoy a massage, after everything, almost sounded funny.

Except it wasn’t because Harry had a hero complex and he knew Malfoy wouldn’t ask for such a thing if he wasn’t desperate. It wasn’t even Malfoy who came looking for Hermione, it was Pansy, which meant he probably was in a lot of pain. He couldn’t walk, from what Harry could see.

Small flasks caught his attention, all of them pilled up beside Malfoy.

'What’s this?’ He grabbed one and put it against the light. The liquid inside was thicker than water.

'Oils. Pansy brought them. She said they could help. Not like you need to know this anyway since you won’t use them.’ Malfoy spoke through gritted teeth, facing the wall opposite to where Harry stood. So he was expecting him to leave, that cocky bastard.

'Take off your shirt then’ Harry levitated all the tiny flasks to the ground and picked up one randomly. When he opened it the smell of cinnamon filled the room. Malfoy stared at him like he’d gone insane.

'What do you think you’re doing?’ he asked slowly.

'Well, maybe a massage since that’s what Hermione asked me to do and I can’t have a fucking moment of peace in this castle. And since you seem to be unable to even walk I advise you shut the fuck up and take off your shirt so I can see what’s wrong and finish in time for dinner’ Harry looked up to find Malfoy gaping at him.

'Do you even-’

'Yes, I do know how to do it, you prick. And I’m using this one, so take off your shirt’ Harry signaled to the open flask in his hands as he sat down on the far end of the bed.

He didn’t quite know how the oil would help since he’d never used them when he gave massages before. He liked the smell of it, that was all.

Malfoy struggled to sit down. He undid his tie, opened every button and started to take it off, really slowly trying not to move too much, wincing everytime he did. He folded his shirt and put it on the chair beside the bed. Harry couldn’t help staring at the huge scars on his chest he knew he was responsible for. Guilt settled on his stomach as he tore his gaze away.

'Lay down on your stomach’ Harry got up and sat beside Malfoy’s body as close as he could without brushing their thighs. It was ridiculous, he knew, since he would be touching him quite soon. Malfoy did as he was told and stilled, realising what that meant.

And what it meant was that, like that, he was completely vulnerable. He turned his face to Potter’s side and searched the other boy’s face for any sign of danger but all he could see was a frown as Harry dripped the oil in his fingers. Draco felt his cheeks heat up for some reason he didn’t understand.

'I’m going to start’ Potter’s voice was low when he spoke. Before Draco could say anything Potter’s hands were on his shoulders, placed at the same distance from the centre of his back. They were warmer than Draco’s skin, soft and sticky with oil. His breath got stuck on his throat  when Potter squeezed and, even though his lower back still hurt, Draco felt some of the tension leave his shoulders. He exaled, relaxing into the matress.

Harry maintained the rhythm for a while, squeazing and releasing Malfoy’s shoulders, his thumbs pressing small circles on the other’s neck as he did. Harry, then, started to let his hands go lower, maintaining the pressing of his thumbs as he did until he reached the high of Malfoy’s kidneys. He stopped there to smear his hands with more oil.

'Where did the pain start?’ Harry found his voice was hoarse when he spoke.

'Hm… my hips’ Malfoy sounded sleepy when he spoke. He was so relaxed Harry had to hold back a giggle. He must really be great at giving massage if it meant even Malfoy was enjoying it.

He stopped shortly.

'Your hips?’ Shit, he wasn’t expecting that. 'Er… okay. I’ll- I’ll need you to lower you trousers a bit.  

'What?’ Draco opened his eyes, snapping out of his daze. What did Potter just say?

'So I can reach your hips. I can’t do much with them in the way’ he said slowly, almost like he expected Draco to start yelling at him.

'So you want me to take off my pants?’ Draco couldn’s believe what the fuck was going on.

'No! Just- Just open it, okay? I can do the rest…’ Draco stopped for a second. He reached for his buttons, opened them and laid down again. He turned his face the other way since he was pretty sure he was blushing. Shit, Potter better know what he was doing.

Harry exhaled gradually. He most definitely didn’t know what he was doing. Well, he did, but he shouldn         ’t be doing this. He should’ve stopped, told Malfoy to go look for Pomfrey and got out of there.

Instead he placed his hands on Malfoy’s lower back again. He rubbed his thumbs in circles there, with less pressure this time, and started to press lower as he did. He reached his trousers but since the buttons were open it hang loose on Malfoy’s hips. Harry let his thumbs go under the waist and Malfoy froze.

Harry exhaled again. 'This will probably hurt but if it doesn’t work I’ll know what I have to do, okay?’ He pulled his trousers lower until he could see the other’s boxers. They were black, just like his trousers. Harry could see the fine blond hair that covered his lower back was up.

'Just don’t break my bones’ His tone was sarcastic.

Harry had his weigh on one knee which was pressed against the matress, both hands on Malfoy’s hips.

'Inhale’ Harry instructed. 'Hold’ Malfoy did as he was told.

'Exhale’ he pushed all his weight on his hands as quickly as he could. Malfoy screamed and Harry cursed. They were panting, Malfoy still too shocked to say anything.

'It won’t work, not like this’ Harry got off the bed to take off his shoes. When he looked back Malfoy was staring at him with a strange expression on his face, fear mixed with something else. Was it anticipation?

'This will work’ Harry got on the bed again and before malfoy could say anything he passed one of his legs over the blond’s body, straddling him. Harry sat on Malfoys thighs, trapping him so he couldn’t turn around.

'WHAT THE FUCK, POTTER?’ Malfoy tried to free himself but Harry pinned both Draco’s hands above his head in a strong grip.

'I’m telling you this will work! Stop fidgeting and shut up!’

But focusing on Potter’s words was hard since all he could sense was the warmth and pressure on his thighs, so close to his ass. He’d never felt anything like that before, something disturbingly intimate and his whole body was reacting as if it was. He closed his eyes, cursing inside his head as blood rushed into his cock. Fuck fuck fuck, this wasn’t happening, it couldn’t be…

'Inhale’ Potter’s words resonated closer to his ear than before. He shivered, inhaling as deep as he could. 'You need to relax’ Potter’s voice came out hoarse, his thumbs still tracing circles on his hips. Draco shuddered but felt his shoulders lose tension again.

'Inhale’, Harry repetead. 'Hold’ And Draco did.

Potter shifted on his thighs and Draco almost forgot what he was supposed to do.

'Exhale’ he did it again, placing all his weight in his hands, his thighs pressing hard against Malfoy’s as he did. A loud crack made Harry smile and Draco scream.

And then Malfoy let out a loud moan and Harry lost his train of thought.

Suddenly all the blood in his brain was going down, making his pants too tight. His ears felt like they were full of water when he heard Malfoy hum against the pillow.

'It worked’ Draco breathed, lifting his hips a bit to check if the pain was still there. The motion caused his ass to rub against something hard.

Draco gasped.

Harry moaned low.

Draco’s hips rose up again, higher, rubbing harder against what he knew was Potter and fuck, he didn’t know what he was doing anymore. And then Potter pressed down, literally pressed against Draco’s ass so he could feel it, the whole length even through the fabric. Potter was hard, really hard and Draco felt his own cock twitching at that.

Draco moaned, the sound ringing in Harry’s ears. He should go, he knew he should, but Malfoy was panting, and lifting that roundy ass for him, to rub against him, and Harry saw his face when he turned his head to the side. His cheeks were flushed and lips parted.

Harry pressed again, leaning forward until his mouth was just above Malfoy’s left ear.

'Do you want me to go?’ He needed to be sure, to be certain he wasn’t imagining all that.

Malfoy gasped, his eyes tightly shut. 'No’ He lifted his arm, grabbing Harry’s thigh and craving his nails on it. Harry bit his earlobe, went for his jaw and started sucking there.

Draco’s cock was throbbing beneath him, so hard he was sure he might faint any second.

The next minute the pressure against his ass was gone making a small cry escape his lips. Fuck fuck, Potter must have come to his senses before he did…

His pants were suddenly yanked down to his knees, his boxers with them. The sudden movement ccreating friction against his cock, now leaking on the matress. Draco was sure he couldn’t blush any harder but it didn’t stop him from moaning when hands grabbed his arse cheeks. How come he didn’t know he could get pleasure from there? Potter’s hands were everywhere, squeezing, pinching, scratching the soft skin.

Harry opened his cheeks, exposing his hole and run his thumb there tentatively.

'Ah- ha fuck…’ Draco buried his face in the pillow again. This wasn’t right, this was so fucking wrong, what was he doing moaning for…

'I wanna eat you up’ Harry didn’t mean to let the words escape his lips. His gaze was fixed on Malfoy’s pink hole and when it contracted under his thumb the thought of licking there, fucking him with his tongue, assaulted his mind immediately. Malfoy shivered under him.

'Wh-What are you saying?’ the tips of his ears were even redder from where Harry could see them.

Harry got off of Malfoy’s thighs and pushed them apart. He grabbed Malfoy’s hips again, pulling his ass up a bit. He could see the blond’s cock was hard and swollen, rubbing against the matress. Harry got on his elbows, squeezed Draco’s arse again and bit the already marked skin.

Draco gasped, his head jerking to the side so he could get a glimpse of Potter between his legs. Potter was sucking him at the spot he’d bitten before, his hands massaging the place where his thighs met his ass. He run his fingers there, grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled them apart. Draco drew a sharp breath.

He could hear Harry fidgeting with his own pants followed by the sound of clothes hitting the ground. Draco waved his hand towards the door, a click signalling it was now locked. He couldn’t even begin to think what would happen if anyone decided to come in.

Draco felt something wet, warm and firm press against his hole.

'Fuck fuck, you can’t- ah… ahhhh P-Potter this is…’ he gave a choking moan when Harry began to lick him relentlessly, his own moans reverberating in Draco’s skin.

Harry licked, savoured until his tongue got past the tight ring, and then he was fucking Draco, fucking him with wet and hot thrusts of his tongue. Draco kept pushing  back, gasping as he did, completely out of control.

Harry had never done that before but the second he had laid eyes on Draco’s ass, naked before him all he could thing about was opening him, filing him up to get all those delicious sounds out of him.

Draco moaned, and moaned, louder each time. The words that came out of his mouth were incoherent, interrupted by sharp intakes of air.

'Yes… This- fuck Potter… I-deep-deeper’

Deeper, he wanted it deeper. Harry grasped the tiny flask he’d left on the ground and smeared his fingers with the oil again. He retreated his tongue earning a whimper from Malfoy that turned into a sob the second Harry’s middle finger replaced his tongue, getting in smoothly. Draco gasped, shivering uncontrollably and Harry just stayed there, mouth hanging open at the view. His finger disappeared and reappeared, Malfoy sucking him in while rutting against the matress. Harry curled his finger experimentally getting Malfoy to jolt and scream, throwing his head back. Harry caressed his thigh marked with purple bruises, another finger going inside his hole. The blond hissed but didn’t tell Harry to stop so he thrusted them to the base.

Draco’s brain was shutting down. The lewd sounds filling the room paired with the smell of cinnamon overstimulating his whole body. He wanted more heat, more pressure, more skin against his but the words kept getting lost in his throat everytime he tried to voice his needs. And Potter, fuck, he knew what to do with his hands, with his mouth. That fucking tongue worked like magic inside him. Potter was moving his fingers inside him in a way Draco didn’t even know was possible, scissoring them, thrusting them to the base.

The fingers were suddenly gone. Draco inhalled sharply but before he could complain Potter grabbed his shoulders and turned him around. He laid there on his back, legs spread open, cock dripping with pre come. And Harry stared him down, took in every inch of his light skin shamelessly. Draco felt exposed even though they were both naked. His hole twitched, stretched and leaking all the oil Potter had rubbed inside him and Potter stared. He fucking stared, jerking himself as he did.

Draco grabbed his own cock and began to do the same. It was unfair, having to do it all by himself after all Potter did, that bastard. The gesture caught the Golden Boys’s attention, though, and Draco smirked.

'i want,’ Harry bent down, their chests flushed against each other, his mouth whispering in Draco’s lips. 'I want to put it in you’ he sucked Draco’s lower lip. Holy fuck, he was on the edge already. Potter moved his lips to Draco’s ear and shifted, the head of his cock now poking Draco’s entrance. Draco felt it tingle as Potter cast a protective spell. 'I want to fill you up’ he whispered against his ear.

'Fuck, fuck…’

'Has anyone ever done that?’ he nuzzled Draco’s temple, his glans rubbing against his hole. 'I’m going to take you’ Harry hold his cock steadily as he pushed an inch, stretching Malfoy for him. The blond was panting on his cheek, small sobs inbetween gasps for air.

Harry’s ability to dirty talk, even as his own mind wasn’t working properly was something he didn’t know he could do. He was blushing, panting, but the possessivness he felt made him talk. Malfoy was his, all his, he just never thought that that anger, the rush of adrenaline he felt every time they were close could be hiding something else. He always thought Malfoy was his to take down, to fight against. But he also was his to consume, to bury himself into.

Harry thrust slowly, taking in the tightness, the heat engulfing him. Malfoy was fisting his cock under him, eyes tightly shut and mouth hanging open. Harry stopped Malfoy’s hand with his own and, with a tight grip, trapped them both above his head. Malfoy opened his eyes, his grey irisis thin rings around blown pupils.

'Touch my cock’ he whispered against Harry’s lips, more a command than a pleading. Harry smashed their mouths together instead, refusing to let go of his grip. Draco shivered under him, opened his mouth, let Potter invade his mouth with that tongue. Fuck, that tongue that’d fucked him just minutes ago. And Harry kissed him, his cock deep buried to the hilt inside him. He was full, so fucking full he felt his whole body collapse when Potter started to pull back.

He thrust again, the friction, the pressure, sending shocks of pleasure to Draco’s cock, up his spine, everywhere. Through half opened eyes Draco saw Harry gazing at him, his glasses gone, his lips red, parted as puffs of air escaped them. Harry thrust hard when he realized Draco was staring back. His complex changed immediately.

'I-yes fuck ahh-ah…’ Draco’s whole body was trembling, his ass thrusting back against Harry’s cock, trying to get him to go deeper.

Harry released Draco’s hands, grabbed his thighs instead and lifted them, shoving in until his fingers were numb from the tight grip. He’d leave marks there, crimson lines, and the thought made him moan. Harry bent down again, his mouth reaching Draco’s neck. He sucked him there while he fucked hard and fast. Draco fisted his cock with one hand while the other scratched Harry’s back repeatedly.

His moans were louder now, loud enough Harry was sure people could hear them from outside the dorm. Draco didn’t seem to care, or even realize he was making those sounds.

The next moment Draco was contracting around him, trembling violently and coming on their stomachs. The pressure was enough to send Harry over the edge, his thrusts erratic as he came deep inside Draco.

Draco moaned again when he felt something hot filling him up, Harry’s last thrusts too much to handle.

Harry flopped beside him, his limbs drained of strengh.

'Merlin’ he whispered to himself.


'That was…’


They didn’t speak for the next couple of minutes. When Harry got up to leave, though, Draco reached for his arm.

'You could… we- uh… we could…’

Harry kissed him softly, almost clumsily before speaking 'Yeah, I- I’d like that’


Draco sat down that evening with Pansy and Blaise at their common room to warm themselves in front of the fire. He couldn’t help wincing a bit when he did.

'What’s wrong? I thought Potter had fixed you back’

Draco felt his face flushing immediately.

'He did! I just…’

'I’m sure he did. Just remember to go somewhere else with thicker walls next time you call him to fix your back’ Blaise didn’t even care to lift his eyes from the book he had in hands.

His cheeks were in flames and the expression on Pansy’s face wasn’t helping.

‘You owe me two favours now!’ She smirked, leaning against the couch like she’d won a bet.

‘What- Why two?’ Draco shifted and winced again at the new burning ache.

‘Because,’ She stuck up a finger like she needed to count all the favours Draco owned her. ‘I found someone to fix your back’ She lifted another finger. ‘And,’

Right that second Potter walked through the portrait followed by Granger and Weasley. He spotted Draco immediately and, well wasn’t that great, strode towards him, leaving Weasley with a confused look and Granger with a knowing one. He glanced at Pancy and saw her waving at the Gryffindor girl. Fucking amazing.

‘Hey,’ Potter stood awkwardly there before sitting on the arm of Draco’s chair. Draco knew his cheeks were already flushed but when Potter bent down and whispered in his ear he was sure he probably looked like a tomatoe. ‘Fancy a game of Wizard’s chess later?’

Pansy was shaking trying to keep herself from bursting out laughing.

‘Your dorm?’ Draco found himself playing with the hem of Potter’s hoodie. The bastard blushed at Draco’s words, but nodded with a smile on his face.

He’d barely turned his back when Draco heard Pansy’s voice loud and clear.

‘And, I got you a cute boyfriend. Two favours!’



Wrong Loves My Company Pt 6 (NSFW 18+)

A/N: I don’t have much to say on this one except THANK YOU to @writing-obrien per usual. She helped me soooo much with this one, because contrary to popular belief, I suck at writing smut.


Word Count: 4526

Parts 1-5 [Here]

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flames (m)

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❝you have always been my everything.❞
→ park chanyeol
→ in where he has superpowers, and you are one of the very few people who know (a collaborative series with @soowritings)

Quick pants of breath replaced the sound of the movie that played on the background, long forgotten as the night continued on in a form of a much more pleasurable excitement.

Chanyeol’s hands found their place on your hip, while the other slid up from your hip to your chest to your cheek, holding your jaw and pulling you closer towards him as he kissed you roughly, passion emitting from the way his lips moved against yours.

You were straddling him, sitting on his lap while both of your legs stayed on either of Chanyeol’s side. Beneath you, his desperate want was caressing you, making you shiver at the small satisfaction and push your hips towards him, enjoying the friction made.

Although he really wanted to, Chanyeol contained his moans in fear that people would find out the naughty act you both were starring on. What meant to be a movie date turned into something much more intimate than planned out. It started the moment you felt his warm hands crawling up your thighs, lightly pinching the inside of it when it got closer and closer to your core. You couldn’t let him have fun without you, so you took the risk and placed your hand right about him, palming it through his shorts. Though the both of you seemed to tense, there were no regrets in picking the seats at the very back of the cinema, hiding your sinful touches and soft whimpers from the audience.

“You’re amazing,” Chanyeol said in breathy voice, the deep tone of his voice sounding much more sexier than it usually was. A smirk played on your lips as you kissed him, your hands gripping onto his bicep and neck, feeling the muscle beneath his skin and the warmth radiating from it. He groaned into your lips when you grinded your hips against his, enjoying the feeling of bliss.

Before you say anything, you pulled away from him, taking into sight his swollen lips and his messy hair with the help of vibrant lights coming from the screen as the movie played. You were out of breath, but not just by losing yourself in Chanyeol’s lips but by also in the way he looked at you as you sat on his lap, hands now on his shoulders to find balance, your hair equally as messy as his and lips probably more swollen than his when he softly took them between his teeth, biting your lips gently before swiping his tongue over them.

Short and almost inaudible moans may have escaped your lips just at the sight of him, it only hit you now that the popular hot business major who was more of a cutie was now yours and more specifically, beneath you, breathless as you continued pushing your hips against him, your core feeling his hard want. His head rolled back, his neck resting at the very top of the chair, eyes closed as the pleasure took over his tall frame. “Only for you, baby,” you whispered into his ears, nibbling on the lobes of his ear, licking them softly before leaving a trail of kisses from his ear to his neck. You sucked the skin of neck, calling out the hot blood that ran in his veins.

The moans and whimpers did leave your lips. His hands were working on you, one on your breast, massaging it beneath your shirt and bra, taking your nipple between his two fingers and pinching it, while the other has resting on your thigh, his thumb caressing your inner thigh, slowly finding their way to your front, rubbing against the sensitive area, pushing your euphoria further into its limit.

His name left with every moan, whimper, and groan that seeped from your mouth, and you could tell he liked it as his own lips spilled out your name in a growl, his deep voice now heavily raspy.

You were too lost at the moment, you didn’t realize that heat coming from his hands, his neck, and his body. Maybe it was just the immense exhilaration you’ve created in a heist to orgasm, that beautiful white hot bliss.

It never occurred, not even when your shirt was no longer on your body, its material nonexistent as you continued to please yourselves. The thought only hit you when Chanyeol’s warm hands were against your skin, the heat from his hand radiating to your cold body.

“Chanyeol,” you said, confusion mixed into your lust filled voice, “where did my shirt go?” Chanyeol’s trail of kisses abruptly stopped, however, his hands remained on your waist, warm and comforting despite the lack of coverage from the unknowing audience.

Chanyeol muttered curses beneath his breath, his hands now on his lips, his fingers playing against each other as he bit his lip in concentration. He was very conflicted for some reason. All that has happened was your shirt getting lost… for no reason at all… except one. “Chanyeol?” His name came out like a question, wondering if he was still sane and still had his wits to answer.

His eyes darted across the cinema, looking like he was searching the area for any signs of danger before placing his attention towards you. In his eyes, a deep fire flashed behind those deep brown colors, pulling you into a trance as you stared at it, slowly leaning towards him, your lips attracted to his and the warmth he provided. “I have to tell you something.”

“What?” You sounded like you didn’t know what was happening like as if you’ve never noticed this type of thing before, but Chanyeol was wrong. “I know you’re not like me,” you told him, sitting on his lap diligently like a kid, explaining to him how he was such an idiot that he could keep his powers hidden to you.

“Chanyeol, you always leave burnt handprints on our mattress after every time we do it, and you always also seem to be too warm even at the coldest places. Like please explain to me how on earth were you so warm when we were at the ice skating rink after your Economics lecture yesterday. I know you have powers, Chanyeol. Although it defies each law of our universe, I will accept you as a person with a heart, mind, and soul. I just wish you were open and honest to me about it.”

Somehow, your hand ended up in Chanyeol’s, seeking warmth in the comfort of his hidden flame within him. The only response you received from him was a steamy kiss, almost returning you back to your original intentions as the back of a theatre. “You’re so fucking amazing, Y/N,” he said, smiling as he pulled away from your lips.

“I’m not sure how the hell you’re taking this so well, but damn, I’ll take it. If only I wasn’t so afraid of revelation, I would have told you everything.” The fire within his eyes reflected a sad and mellow color of blue, his hands slowly losing their heat. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to tell you about this absurd talent of mine, and it’s not just me who has these special talents. The othe-”

You butted into his statement, “Oh, is that why the room always seems brighter whenever Baekhyun laughs?”

Chanyeol let out a small giggle, unable to comprehend your calmness despite the insane topic of unreal supernatural powers given to him and the rest at birth. You joined him as you’ve realized every weird event with him and his friends were all connected to their own unique powers. You laughed even more when you’ve realized one thing.

You were shirtless, your bra exposed to the curious eyes of the world or more specifically, the audience as the credits rolled on the screen. Chanyeol caught up to the idea without you having to say anything, his eyes once again lost in concentration. The next thing you know, a big comfy shirt was on your body, and your hands could feel the hard lines of Chanyeol’s abs.

“Well, I can’t let others think that my girl is open for viewing,” Chanyeol said, raising from his seat as he held onto you, making sure your feet were firmly on the ground before releasing you from his strong hold.

The people’s eyes were now turned towards Chanyeol and his toned body. Each muscle was mesmerizing as his movements made them flex before your eyes… and the audience’s.

The familiar overprotective feeling of yours resurfaced, and you tried to cover him by placing your back directly against his, making sure it remained that way until you’ve reached his car which thankfully wasn’t far.

This time, the heat surging through your body was of anger and was your own, created by jealousy and anger at the selfish eyes of young women in the crowd. You slapped Chanyeol’s thigh as soon as he sat down on the driver’s seat. “Idiot! Next time you’re thinking about doing that, you better think again. You also have to learn how to have better control over your powers. I can’t go topless every time you get horny, Chanyeol!” You scolded him, although your cheeks were burning out of embarrassment. Chanyeol merely chuckled, his deep voice awakening your lust to complete your unfinished business.

“Okay, baby, but first,” his hand traced your thigh’s skin, lighting fires within you as its warmth drew closer and closer towards your core, your breaths started to sound like whimpers, your hand squeezed his shoulder beside you while the other held onto the soft cushion of the car seat, Chanyeol’s eyes burned with a red hot flame, and an all too familiar smirk appeared on his lips, “let’s finish something we’ve already started.”

Hey folks, it’s August now, which means my birthday’s in about 19 days. I normally hate doing ANYTHING for my birthday, but this year I’d like one thing in particular, and that’s to be able to get out of an unhealthy and dangerously toxic living situation with my mother. Please bear with me because I… Hate making posts like this. I hate having to make them. But this is going to be my last chance to get out of here while I can still have a hope in hell on my future.

When I was entering 11th grade, my mother pulled me out of school and made me move back across the country to live with her again. This was for a lot of reasons. She had been diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, and wasn’t sure if she’d live through it. She had learned that I had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and suddenly wanted me “close to home” where she could keep an eye on me. I was still a minor. I was living in student housing. I had no choice, because if I didn’t go back, she would cut off everything and I would have been on the streets.

That was in 2014.

She promised me she would re-enroll me somewhere local so I could finish highschool, get my diploma and go.

She didn’t.

She did go bankrupt, however. And drag both me and my father, whom she had divorced YEARS prior to this, into her downwards financial tailspin. My dad was lucky to get out when we moved- She didn’t want him with her when she moved into her boyfriend’s basement with me, and he didn’t have the stability, space or resources to send me off to school with him. She left him in an empty house. She even took the stove. The fridge. He had a dog with him for christ’s sake, and she knew he wouldn’t be leaving for another three days.

She is emotionally and at times physically abusive with me. I had bruises on my neck for a week where I was choked out when she lost her temper in an argument. I thought I was going to fucking die, but I was too afraid to call the cops. She told me that they’d never believe me, that they’d always listen to the mother, that even if I did win I’d just lose anyways because I’d be homeless without her.

She regularly tells me that I am not a man, that I am not trans- I’m just confused. It’s just me being manic, or whatever. Not like she will acknowledge my bipolar issues at any time other than to dismiss me. She will tell me that I can tell her anything, that I can trust her and she’ll always support me. And it hurts. It really fucking hurts, because that’s all I want to do, but I know she’ll just store those vulnerabilities like weapons to be used against me later. My dysphoria is just psychosomatic, I should toughen up and deal with it. I’m not having a depressive episode, I’m just being lazy. I have aspbergers when she wants to brag about it, for whatever fucking reason, but when it negatively impacts anything, I just need to grow up. 

And here’s the hardest part for me to ask, to get to, but… God do I ever need help. I’m never going to get out on my own because of this. I already have friends waiting to take me in once I have the money to renew my passport and shell them the cash for gas to drive all the way up here. I already have citizenship both in Canada and the USA, so that’s hardly an issue.

I have a ko-fi link on my blog as well as on my art-blog, @mavosathra. I have a paypal at Jennalele@hotmail.com. I will do commissions, I will write for you, if that’s what you want. But all I want for my birthday is to get out of here. I want to be free and safe.


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Byun Baekhyun x Reader - Angst

Words: 4K

Summary: Childhood friends before you moved away and took his heart along with you, Baekhyun soon debuted as EXO’s singer in hopes of finding you again. So why were you standing in front of him as an EXO fan with no memories of your childhood?

Part 1 | 2

He didn’t know when he gave his heart to you. Maybe it was when you pushed some bullies off of him. Or maybe it was the time you came over to help him with his math homework. He wasn’t sure how it happened, all he knew was that it did happen. He entrusted his feelings when you stepped inside your car, tears staining your face and your small hands wiping the tears away.

The vivid scene of your tied up (h/c) hair and swollen red eyes as you gripped your teddy bear was ingrained his mind. He remembered your little bunny backpack that complemented your bright yellow dress. He remembered the tears peeking from his mother’s eyes as she said her goodbyes to your mother. And he remembered the bracelet of the moon hanging from your wrist, his bracelet matched with the sun.

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The List

When Killian comes across a list that Emma made when she was a teenager things get awkward but then soon take a sexy turn!

Read more of my work on ao3 and FF!

Sorry that it took me so long to write this! I’ve had the craziest past two weeks. I struggle with chronic pain and it’s been on bitch of a week so focusing enough to write has been a struggle. I hope to have another story or update done this week! Let me know if you want me to continue with this story. I think it could be kind of fun to write another chapter! There sure is a lot of possibilities! This idea just kind of came to me. And I mean we all have a list… No? Just me? Okay… heheheh I hope you enjoy!

Chapter two!

Rated M

“I think this is the last of it. Is this really all you own?” Killian questioned with a rather large box in hand, kicking the door shut with his foot before swaggering back to Emma. He set it down on the dining room table amongst the other boxes while she smiled endearingly up at him from the floor where she was sorting some old childhood photos and knick knacks.

“Yup, this is it. Seven boxes is the rest of my life. It’s mostly clothes anyways,” The blonde explained, ripping the tape off another package. Emma had just gotten the rest of her belongings out of storage from when she lived in New York from the missing year. She had meant to do it a lot sooner, but between her family, being sheriff again, and the newest threat the Snow Queen, getting her old sweaters and silverware were the least of her worries. She thought she would have to drive back into the city to get her possessions but she was able to get her old neighbor to mail them to her instead, making her life a lot easier. Killian had generously offered to help her unpack and sort her things allowing them to spend some much needed quality time together.

They had been officially dating for just a few weeks and things were surprisingly going very well. He had broke down her walls and proved to her and her family that he was worthy of their trust. Even her father had taken a shine to her new boyfriend. Emma was pulled from her train of thought when her phone rang. She quickly reached for it on the kitchen table before picking it up.

“Sheriff Swan,” She answered officially. “Oh, that was fast. Thanks I’ll be there in two minutes,” Emma responded with a delighted smile upon her face.

“Who was that, love?” Killian asked as he tore open another box with his hook. He really did look for any excuse to use that thing.

“It was Granny. Our food is ready to be picked up. I’ll be right back,” She told slinging her purse around her shoulder before heading for the door.

“Are you sure you don’t want be to come with you?” He replied walking towards her.

“No it’s okay. I’ll just be gone a second,” Emma smiled with a sarcastic twinkle in her eye. Leaning in she placed a chaste kiss to his lips before making her way back to the door.

“I’ll miss you,” Killian voiced, calling to his Swan. She flashed him a saucy grin, rolling her eyes at him.

“I’ll miss you, too,” Emma laughed, closing the loft door with a soft thud. Once his girlfriend had left he went back to his task of opening boxes and sorting their contents. He lifted a particularly heavy one onto the table, tearing the flaps open. The package was filled with a variety of books and what appeared to be journals.

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The Banana Fic

It’s safe to say that the entire phandom now has a banana kink, thanks to Dan and Phil’s little session hitting each other with a banana peel in the last amazingphil video. I’ve seen multiple posts about a “banana kink fic” or “the banana fic” and am now taking it upon myself to make it happen. So, here you are, phandom: The Banana Fic. 

Genre: Smutty smut 

Warnings: Kinks and shit 

Word Count: 700

A/N: The beginning is all what happened in the video and then after the banana scene, where there’s a jumpcut… That’s where my imagination gets to work. 

A/N Part 2: Lol I love when I don’t even have to come up with foreplay because they did it for me in reality 

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Sorry for the delay guys, I have been working like crazy to get this turned out in such a short amount of time! Enjoy :)

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Nessian Part Thirteen by L.J. LaFleur  


Nesta, Nesta, Nesta…

Unearthly whispers chanted in my ear. They were singing to me in the darkness—through the massive cloud of pain and discomfort.  

Nesta, Nesta, Nesta…

Gods-damn it. I opened my eyes, staring at the intricately painted ceiling, hoping it would stop.  

Nesta, Nesta, Nesta…

“For cauldron’s sake,” I groaned, pushing myself to a seated position on the edge of the bed. Strands of black hair fell into view as my head bobbed down. My eyelids fluttered shut, unwillingly drifting back to sleep.  

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Clumsy (Arkham! Jason Todd x Reader)

     "Is the shipment ready?“.  A gruff, male voice reached your ears, and you felt your muscles tense. It had been what…three hours since you’ve been cramped between these boxes? Steadying yourself, you bit your tongue so as to keep quiet. All you wanted was a damn picture. Was it so hard for  you to stay alive for a picture? "Yeah, the shipment is here. Boss already took care of it.” Something clicked in the distance, and you bit your lip anxiously. Was that a gun? That sounded like a gun. You palmed your camera as if it was a child, jiggling your leg softly to keep it from falling asleep. If you don’t get a promotion or a pay raise after this rig, your boss was getting an earful.

     Cue the record scratch. How did you get here? Why are you doing this? It felt like one of those sitcoms where it was your cue to look at the camera, stare at the audience, and ask how they probably were wondering how you had managed to get yourself into this situation. To be it shortly, you were a fresh faced reporter with a hunger to play with the big dogs. As a woman, it was difficult to be noticed as people went straight to the looks–it irritated the hell out of you, and resulted with you asking to only be put on to professional interviews or leads. Your boss had laughed at this, daring you to find the most dangerous lead you could find on your own. Something in the back of your mind rang ‘STUPID CHOICE’, but impulsiveness won over. It had been three weeks since you’ve been following a certain looming threat unknown to the public, although you had never expected it to have gotten so far.

“Well Butch, I’m leaving. No one’s gonna be in this warehouse anyway, and I need a drink.”

     A quiet sigh of relief left your lips, and you arched against the stacks of boxes to peek over it. Finally. The pair of men let out a bark of a laugh before exiting, and you absently thought of their arms could probably easily snap your neck. Legs wobbling, you managed to stand up and took a long look at your surroundings. Your camera snapped a few times, and you began to breathe more freely upon realizing you were alone. “And they thought I couldn’t get a story.” Shifting a few boxes away, you carelessly tossed a lid and ignored the noise. A huge smile crossed your features as you eyed the piles of guns, most likely illegal–I mean who does business in a warehouse that isn’t shady, and snapped a few photos before coughing due to the mustiness. “Idiots. Should have never underestimated me anyway…I’m not a little girl. I can take care of myself on my own–”. Feeling something stub your toe, you tripped over something wooden and collided with the ground with about as much gracefulness as a chicken. You let out a long “ow” as you felt blood fill your mouth, sticking your tongue out like a dog. Tears itched your eyes as the irony of your confidence simmered, and you wobbled your way back up towards the exit.

     Going towards the back area of the warehouse, you were just as glad that no one saw your lackluster fall as you made for a quick getaway. Shoving the camera into your jacket pocket, you rubbed dust from your leggings before blowing a few strands of hair from your face. “And to think I almost got caught.”

“You’re gonna have to take that last comment back, sweetheart.”

     For a second, you paused. Were you imagining things? Turning around, you saw no one in front of you. “Up here, princess.” Was that a robot? Sensing someone indeed above you, you stared at the figure standing on a few crates looking below at you. Air caught in your throat as you stepped quickly backwards, falling backwards before skidding onto your back. A deep laugh erupted from your watcher, though it sounded altered and menacing. “Oh my god, that was priceless. How the hell haven’t I noticed your clumsy ass before?”. Glaring, you checked your camera’s wellbeing before your own, making sure now to wince at the gravel that was sticking to your skin.

“Who the fuck are you?”.

     The man sobered down, the laugh halting as he jumped down. His strides were long, so it didn’t take him long to get to where you were before you even had a chance to scramble away. You were sure that your heartbeat was clearly audible as he bent down, tilting his head so that his helmet was close enough to hit your nose. “You shouldn’t be rude to someone who outpowers you.” A well built arm hoisted you up, though you were quick to shake off it’s assistance once you were standing. “I think the question you asked earlier is towards the wrong person.” Your muscles tensed as something cold pressed against your neck. “How the hell did you get past my men?”.

Is this how you were going to die? By the hands of a well built, robot looking man? You noticed the similarity to Batman from enblem on his chest, but didn’t bother to ask.

     "I-I’m j-just a reporter. I was taking a few pictures, I-I don’t want any trouble.“ Although his grip loosened, he only tilted his head like a puppy confused. What an innappropiate time to have such thoughts. "I’ve only been following for a few weeks. I-I just needed the story, my boss said I couldn’t do the same leads as the men and I wanted to prove him wrong and I’m really sorry Mr. Boss man and–”. He held a gloved finger to your lips, and although you couldn’t see his facial expression, you could hear a smirk in his voice.

    “That’s all I needed to know. My question was how did you get past my men? And more specifically, how did you manage to stay alive all this time after evacuation in Gotham?”. You explained with a mumble of how you had just avoided the buses and that since you lived innercity in a pretty run down place, no one was interested in even nearing your location.

     "As for getting in here, I heard one of your men one day talking about some 'equipment’ shipment a couple weeks ago when I was trying to go outside. I figured that would be my oppurtunity to do the story.“ You were much more relaxed upon seeing him put the gun away completely, crossing his arms and listening intently to your words. "I would just walk after them and take pictures. Sometimes I would have to climb through vents or hide in the boats they would use to find out what was going on.” Having finished your explanation, you looked at him eagerly, hoping this answer would suffice to his question. You were shocked to find him turning around, shaking his head.

     "You tripped over a damn lid and were loud enough to the point where I’m a little disappointed no one caught you yet.“ Biting your lip, you frowned at the teasing tone. "Although…I have to hand it to you. You sure as hell a lot braver than a lot of people I’ve met.” He lumbered back towards the warehouse, leaving you stooped and confused. You shouted after him, almost tripping as you paced yourself towards him.

“Wait! Where are you going? Aren’t you going to…”. He stopped, barely looking over his shoulder.

     "I’m feeling nice today. You’re lucky.“ He made a "come here” gesture with his hand before making his way back into the warehouse. You followed warily, still confused with what was going on. Was he still going to kill you? Who even was he?

    “The Arkham Knight.” You stared at him, eyes widening. Shit, did he have mindreading powers? “I figured you would ask eventually, so that’s what I am.” As you made your way by him, a moment of silence passed and you felt as if you would burst. Who exactly did he think he was?

“Where are you taking me?”.

     He didn’t bother slowing his walk. “To base, obviously.” You squinted your eyes at him, opening your mouth to ask why. He beat you to the punch, looking down at you. You could only imagine the shit eating grin on his face and you had barely known him for five minutes.

“How are you supposed to get your story if you don’t have the details?”.

Safe || Jay x Reader

Summary: Can you do a jay x reader with some angst about not letting the reader meet jafar bc its too dangerous

Warnings: Some angst, mentions of abuse.

Words: 1.1k

A/N: Female pronouns, you didn’t specify so that’s what I usually use. I





“Not happening.”


“No, Y/N.” 

“Okay,” Y/N relented. “But, if you jus-” 

“Y/N,” Jay said, firmly before softening his gaze. “It’s not safe.”

Y/N made herself comfortable on her boyfriend’s bed. “Why not?”


Y/N shook her head. “Well, I’m going to need a better answer that “because”, Jay.”

He said nothing, just turned his head to look out his window. 

“Fine,” She huffed. “Come find me when you figure out a decent answer.”

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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 16

<<…Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 /  Chapter 12 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 15 / Chapter 17 / Chapter 18 /  Chapter 19 /  Chapter 20…>>

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

In this chapter: These feelings. I can’t feel them. I can’t love him. I can’t afford to fail again.

Word count: 3077

A/N: Sorry for the delay! But I have good news, I’ll be able to write more! I was taking care of my mom because she broke her wrist but now she’s feeling better!  I moved the tag list to the end of the chapter because it started to take too much place XD but don’t worry, the tag list will always be open! (and as always the gifs aren’t mine)

“What are you going to do with all this money?” Stiles asked me with a quick glance at me before looking back on the road.

“Paying off my debts,” I mumbled, staring at the pile of greenbacks in my hands.

After the nightmares I had in class, I finally decided that it was enough. All this because of that stupid phone that was the only object connecting me with the other world and giving me even more horrible nightmares. So I decided. After classes, I went straight to Stiles to ask him for a service. Obviously, just the idea of going to see him and talking to him put me all upside down inside and my heart accelerated. After spouting a few words, I finally asked him for the service and he accepted without any problem. A smile stretched my lips and something changed in his gaze.

I didn’t understand what it was, not right away.

In short, we had left school after I told Scott I had to go somewhere and that even if I found his bike very beautiful, I preferred to go by car. Stiles took me to a pawnbroker who, seeing my cell phone, didn’t hesitate to buy it full price without even asking where I got it. It was functional and it was a futuristic and impressive model according to him.

 He didn’t know how much.

I hesitated a long time before selling it. After all, it was an important clue, but the nightmares it brought me were enough to make me choose.

So I went out with no problems with enough money to pay for everything I would dream of. But it wasn’t for me. And during the ride once again very silent and embarrassing to the house, I never ceased to worry about what was going to happen now. What I was going to do. I couldn’t stop Derek from falling in love with Jennifer, it was too late and he wouldn’t believe me. I couldn’t stop the alpha pack from continuing to sow chaos, but I had to save Boyd’s life. And I had an idea how I was going to do it.

I was very focused on what I was going to do with the series, so much I forgot that I was in the jeep. Next to Stiles. I got out of my thoughts and turned to him as I swallowed, my fingers playing nervously with the money I decided to put in my bag before tearing the pieces of paper so precious.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled with difficulty and he turned to me raising an eyebrow.

“Why?” He asked.

“F-for last night,” I confided, lowering my head. “You had to come all the way late at night to see me like that. ”

It was one of the few times I had the courage to confess to him. I was really ashamed that he did all this just because of a nightmare. See me like that. It was pitiful and it was a weight on my heart I had to get rid of, even if that meant I had to talk about it to Stiles. And every time his brown eyes are looking at me and his voice answered or asked me questions, my whole body was melting from within.

“No need to apologize. I am in a good position to understand you, you know,” he began, not leaving his gaze out of the road. Shortly after we arrived at Scott’s place, Stiles parked in the parking lot, stopped the engine and then continued talking. "I often … had nightmares, after my mom died. My anxiety increased so much I had panic attacks and terrible night terrors,” he continued, raising his head towards me and I met his eyes that were sincere but also sad. My breath was stuck in my throat for a moment. In movies, this kind of moment only announced one thing, a kiss wasn’t long in coming. Alone in his jeep, talking about sad but emotional things. Perfect moment to be kissed.

 "So don’t apologize, please. It wasn’t your fault. “

"All right,” I whispered, unable to leave his gaze, feeling an irresistible attraction to his appealing lips.

Then, without warning, Stiles grabbed my hand and a pen and inscribed something in my palm, breaking the moment. I wanted to laugh. What moment? There were none. What was I thinking?

“If you need anything, here’s my number. I’ll take yours but you just sold your cell phone so…” He laughed softly.

“Yeah …” Was all I could say before I got out of the car quickly, muttering a goodbye and heading quickly to the house. As soon as the door was closed behind me, I let myself slip to the floor, placing my hand against my chest and felt my heart beating wildly.

“Y / N … stop … you can’t afford to feel that … he’s not yours, he can’t be …” I repeated myself, raising my hand to look at his phone number. His writing, the shape of his figures. I even learned his number by heart. I could repeat I can’t love him all day, it was too late for that.

“Y / N?” A voice made me jump and I leapt to my feet to look at Scott who seemed about to leave. He looked at me with a strange look.

"Hey Scott!” I nervously said, scratching my neck. ” You are going to work? “

"Yes,” he said, placing his hand on my shoulder. “ Everything’s fine? I’m very worried about you.”

“Oh, it’s only some nightmares, I’m fine!” I lied even if I knew he was going to know. Then, before he added anything, I changed the subject. "I have something for you! ”

I hastened to take the money out of my bag and gave him a good part of it.

“Y / N … where did you find that much money?” He asked, very suspicious.

“I sold my cell phone,” I said, swinging the money on one side and the other.“ I promised you I’d pay you back, didn’t I? And promise me to go get tattooed, like you planned to. ”

“Y / N … you don’t have to …”

“ I insist!” I said as I put the money in his hands.

"Alright …” He said taking it, still suspicious. “ And the rest? ”

“To pay back Melissa. Angiography, my hospitalizations, school fees, food … it’s probably not enough, but … ”

Scott then took me tenderly in his arms, under my surprise.

“That you think so is already a lot. You are very attentive, Y / N.” Then he left me after he gave me a kiss on the top of my head. "I’ll try to come back before bedtime in case …” He didn’t finish his sentence, but I understood it.

In case I have nightmares.

I had left all the lights on, even those in the corridor but I couldn’t sleep and my door was open. The hours passed and I even had time to finish my homework and now spent my time staring at Stiles’ cell phone number.

It was getting very late and Scott hadn’t come back yet. Then I had an idea. I got up from my bed, dragging my blanket with me, a little paranoid and walked over to Scott’s room. I opened a light and touched his bed with hesitation. Then I felt suddenly heavily tired so I let myself fall on his bed with my blanket and closed my eyes with Scott’s scent with me, as if he were there. I was automatically reassured and fell asleep.

And I still dreamed that I was in a large room without walls or ceiling, stripped of color and warmth.

But no nightmare.

The next day I woke up in my room. Someone had to take me there. And when I glanced at the dial, it was to notice that I was going to be late. I got up abruptly, looking around with a little panic and jumped out of my bed. And that’s when I noticed that I was wearing a too big for me hoodie. Scott’s hoodie.

“Ehhhhhh ?!” I exclaimed and it was at that moment Stiles passed in front of my open door and saw me.

” Oh.” He said before turning around and leaving.

“Stiles ?!” I exclaimed, following him. ” What are you doing here? “

"I remembered that you didn’t like traveling by motorcycle so I went to get you,” he said without turning around, which made me blush.

“Wow it’s… you didn’t have to …” I mumbled, unable to say anything else.

“I’m waiting for you in the car,” he said a little dryly, which severed my intense joy. Why was he so cold suddenly? It was when I went to get dressed that I understood. But was it possible? That he misinterpreted the reason I was wearing Scott’s hoodie? I didn’t even know myself!

“Ah, Y / N,” Scott greeted me in the kitchen as I went down for lunch. “Sleep well? “

"Why was I wearing your hoodie?” I asked by grabbing an apple and adjusting my school bag on my shoulder after putting my dinner in it.

“When I arrived you were sleeping in my bed and when I wanted to take you to your room, you stuck to my hoodie so … I took it off to give it to you and you kinda put it on yourself. You seemed to feel safe and I could also sleep well so… and the best? You didn’t have nightmares,” he finished smiling.

Oh crap. Did Stiles think I had … Scott and I had … I shook my head as I rushed out, followed by a worried Scott who was also going to benefit of Stiles’ jeep ride. Seeing me, Stiles quickly avoided my gaze. How could I rectify that?

In the end I couldn’t talk to Stiles during the ride to school. He left immediately without giving me time to speak. The first class was gym and he mumbled something about having to change in sports clothes. Then I had to go into the girls ‘dressing room while Scoot was joining Stiles in the boys’ room.

Why did Stiles care if I slept a few times with Scott and if he lent me his clothes? He did this only to help me sleep, something every brother would do and I only see Scott as a big brother! No … Stiles can’t be jealous. He loves Lydia and it must stay like this.

I’m just getting too stupid. Stiles, have a crush on me? Pff, I wasn’t in a fanfiction, it was impossible. I thought as I got dressed as well.

It was only outside with all my class and Coach that I realized my mistake. I recognized the place where Coach wanted us to run. I had been so naive and imprudent, I hadn’t paid attention to detail.

We were in the beginning of episode 4 and I could already see the twins coming dangerously near Isaac to provoke him.

This meant that the first warrior victim was already dead. The dog owner.

I saw Scott trying to hold back Isaac.

“ Isaac!”

“It’s them.”

“Isaac, wait! Isaac!”

And so the whistle sounded and all the students started running, including the twins in the lead who would quickly be catch up by Isaac and Scott. And then, and then the body was going to be discovered and …

“Wow, wow young lady,” Coach told me by holding me by the collar to keep me from running. “You. Do not run. I received a notice from your mother about a medical condition preventing you from doing any kind of physical activities. ”

“ My mother? ”

“Melissa McCall? You know the woman who … Hey, come back here! ”

But I didn’t listen to him. I had gone to the race even though I knew that with my backwardness and meager physical abilities, I would never catch them. But I had to try.

My lungs burned me and especially my wound where Boyd’s claws had cut my skin was very painful. Each stroke gave a shock to my legs and the burn was only increasing. Until I heard a cry at the very moment I arrived where everyone were gathered around a tree. And I knew all too well what was attached to it. However, this time I forced myself to look at the corpse. I couldn’t keep avoiding them. The victims I failed to save. And this one died because I had been distracted by something, aka Stiles Stilinski, who was also among the crowd.

The body was full of blood and it was hard to believe that he had been alive. The smell of blood was strong and horrible and I only wanted to close my eyes and stop breathing.

The poor guy…

“It’s him?” Stiles asked Scott who nodded. Then the two saw me and approached as I took my breath.

"Y / N? Everything’s fine? ”

“You’re bleeding,” Stiles said, pointing at my leg and my blood-soaked pants.

“It’s nothing,” I said between two rapid breaths and I saw him hesitate to come to me. He stretched his arms slightly in my direction and it was then that the sheriff chose to arrive and spoil the moment.

“Hey, get out of the way! Get back. Get this area cordoned off before they trample every piece of evidence.” Seeing him, Stiles walked to his father pointing at the body.

“Back up! Everyone back! Get these kids out of here! "An officer ordered.

"Dad, just come here. Look, look. Look at it. It’s the same as the others, you see? ”

“Yeah, I see that. Do me a favor. Go back to school. Coach, can you give us a hand here? ”

“You heard the man. Nothing to see here. Probably just some homeless kid. "Coach tells us trying to look convincing.

"Coach.” Scott started looking at the ground.


“He was a senior.”

“Oh. He was not on the team, was he? ”

I wanted to hit the coach for his lack of tact.

“Kyle! Oh, God, Kyle! ”

The victim’s girlfriend.

“Go on. Go. Go. ” The Sheriff ordered us before glancing at me. The slight time I was able to cross his gaze wasn’t enough for me to know if he was rather sad or desperate to see me again where a corpse is found.

“You see the way the twins looked at him? Like they had no idea what happened. ” Stiles began, walking away from the crime scene with Scott and Isaac while I followed them behind.

 "No, no, they knew.” Isaac mumbled, sure of himself.

“The kid was strangled with a garrote, all right? Am I the only one recognizing the lack of "werewolfitude” in these murders?”  I almost laughed when I heard Stiles talking about werewolftitude, but held back. It was neither the time nor the place.

Well, it was a little because of them that the darrach was killing in order to become powerful enough to take revenge on the alpha pack, so in some way Isaac was right. But I didn’t pronounce on that.

“Well, no, but I still don’t think it’s them.” Indeed, Stiles was right. And poor Scott in the middle of the two boys didn’t know where to turn.

“Scott? How about you? ”

Waiting for an answer, everyone stopped walking and Stiles folded his arms.

“I don’t know yet.”

“You don’t know yet?”

“Well, he’s got a point.” Scott said about Isaac and Stiles got a little frustrated.

“Seriously, dude, human sacrifices? Scott, your eyes turn into yellow glow sticks, okay? Hair literally grows from your cheeks and then will immediately disappear, and if I were to stab you right now, it would just magically heal, but you’re telling me that you’re having trouble grasping human sacrifices?” Throughout his monologue, Stiles never ceased to gesticulate, a habit he had that always made me smile.

“That’s a good point too.” I would’ve said the same if I wasn’t afraid to get involved with something that didn’t concern me. And as Isaac didn’t ask for my opinion, I concluded that my opinion didn’t matter.

“I don’t care. They killed that kid, they tried to kill the girl that saved me. I’m gonna kill them too.” Isaac finished by leaving Scott, Stiles and I behind.

“And you Y / N, what do you think?”

I raised my head to stare at Stiles. He had just asked for my opinion. I would’ve jumped at this idea because it meant he really trusted me and probably had forgotten about the incident this morning, but the moment was again badly chosen.

“I agree with Stiles.” I sincerely said, hoping they would believe me. Then I took the opportunity to add something, hoping that this detail wouldn’t trigger the pain. So I carefully chose my words.

"But they’re for something,” I added and when Stiles was about to ask me something the coach’s aggressive voice echoed in my ears.

“McCall!” He screamed and Scott and I turned to him. “Not you McCall, McCall! ”

Scott and I exchanged a confused look.

“I forbade you to run,” he angrily said as he took me by one ear. “Look at the condition of your leg!”

“Coach you’re hurting me.”

“Oh,” Coach said, letting go of me, surely realizing his gesture. “Habit. Stilinski! Take McCall to the infirmary! And find a way to differentiate yourself! ”

“I swear Coach, I’m fine! ”

“ Now!” He ordered and I sighed, turning to Stiles who raised his eyebrows at how irresponsible Coach’s behavior was.

"Let’s go,” I mumbled without looking at him, feeling very well the questions that were soon to cross his luscious lips and his hands that would move in every direction in the hope of understanding and …

Fuck Y / N! It’s because of these thoughts that you let this poor boy die! Pulled yourself together!

“You want me to help you walk?” Stiles asked as he touched my arm but I pushed him away more brutally than I would’ve liked.

“Sorry …” I started but he understood the message and only walked by without saying anything. I turned to Scott one last time and met his sad look. If only I could tell him everything.

In the next chapter: Isaac and his anger towards the twins. I gotta do something… right?

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Your prompts brighten my day 😍😍 sooo how about Isak and Even are out and Even is very very adamant that they need to get yellow curtains for their place.

“baby are you sure you don’t need any help-”

“Even I AM FINE!” Isak huffed, as he waved Evens outstretched hands away with a quick jerk of his head. his own hands completely wrapped around the giant box that carried their ikea bookshelf. 

he held it close to his chest as he wiggled his feet slowly like a penguin to the trolley Even had in front of him. 

“I- am” there was a pause as Isak tried to catch his breath and the words the weight of the box was taking from him. “THE MASTER” he finally reached the trolley and stood there for an achingly long minute trying to work out how to place it in the trolley. “of-” 

It was killing Even not to take the damn thing from him or to laugh…

finally the box landed in the trolley with a very ungraceful thud that made Even cringe involuntarily. 

“LIFTING THINGS. see? told you i didn’t need your help” Isak bragged before holding onto his stomach and desperately trying to catch his breath. 

Even grinned at his ridiculously adorable and stubborn boyfriend. 

“you never cease to impress me baby” Even replied, unable to resist winking at the pink blush those words caused to spread on Isak’s cheeks. 

“yeah yeah yeah” Isak scoffed while smiling so bright Even felt his heart palpitate at the sight of his golden boys dimples. 

“what’s next on the list?” he asked trying to get this entire thing over and done with so he could take Isak home right now and test their new bed for the 50th time….just to be safe. 

Isak squinted at his phone “ahhhh kettle?” 

Even looked at him surprised “do we need a kettle” 

Isak shrugged “i mean….it wouldn’t hurt right?” 

Even laughed “um isak when do we ever need a kettle?” 

he watched as the younger boy shifted on his feet awkwardly and ducked his head “i don’t know i mean you like tea right?” 

Even had no idea where this was going “yeaaah….so?” 

“well maybe if we had a kettle you could…” 

“baby i don’t need a kettle.” 

Isak nodded like this information wasn’t new to him “i know but what if” 

it finally dawned on him “oh my god did you try to make tea without a kettle” 

there was his favourite eye roll “even nei, I-”

“Isak what did you use?” 

he watched the pink spread across his angel cheeks “nothing! fucking hell I didn’t even” 

Even stepped closer and grinned down at him as he brushed his fingers on Isak’s soft neck “come on baby tell me…how did you make tea without a kettle”

there was that pout he could kiss a million times and never get tired of. 

“Even I swear to god I didn’t fucking-”

“your not getting a kettle until you tell me”

“jesus christ” 

Even kissed his cheek and then raised his eyebrows “comeeee on Isak” 

“oh fucking hell i just used warm tap water” 

Even’s laughter was so loud it echoed and bounced off each corner of the store, causing people to look at them in curiosity. 

Isak was bright red and sulky “Eveeen shut up!” he whacked his boyfriends arm, but there was a smile touching his lips because how the fuck can he not smile when Even laughs like that because of him. 

“oh my god you are a disaster” Even says shaking his head as he gazed lovingly at the mess of a boy in front of him. his arm curled around Isak’s waist as he pulled him towards his own body. 

“but you’re my disaster” he whispered before pressing his lips against the lips of the boy who couldn’t make tea. 

“you’re an asshole” Isak said in a way that said he didn’t believe it for a second. 

Even took his hand and led him down the aisle, “come on lets find your kettle” 

they were halfway there when something caught Even’s eyes. 

“baby” he breathed as warmth spread through him at the sight. 

“Even what is it n- oh my god” 

that’s when Even knew he saw it too. 

“Isak please” Even begged already lifting a set of the yellow curtains in his arms. 

Isak shook his head “no we don’t need another pair of curtains.” 

Even raised his eyebrows as his mouth formed an O in shock “um well excuse me but we don’t need a kettle either until someone proved they just HAD to have one” 

Isak groaned “Even that’s different” 

Even shook his head “no it’s not, baby pls” 

“we already have yellow curtains” 

Even tilted his head and frowned “yeah but they are metaphorical curtains, these are real yellow curtains.” 

Isak sighed and then stepped closer to take the curtains for himself. “listen, we can’t have yellow curtains” 

now Even was amused “is that so?” he asked grinning as Isak tried to convince him out of this. 

“yes, because there is already an Isak and Even in a parallel universe that have the ugliest yellow curtains in their apartment.” 

“well that is true” 

“yesss and come on baby, don’t you think we need to outdo those bastards by having something better?” 

Even laughed “you really don’t want yellow curtains do you?” 

“Nei! i just want to be the alpha Isak and Even” 

there was that cocky grin Even loved. 

“god you’re a dork” Even breathed before kissing that smile right off his dorks lips. 

“so? no yellow curtains?” 

Even thought about it for a second. “fine but we are getting a yellow kettle” 

Isak laughed and it sent shivers down Evens spine. 

jesus christ he was lucky. 

“Sounds great baby” 

“just promise me one thing” Even said as they walked towards the kettles. 


“just please don’t go electrocuting yourself with this thing…dear god, warm tap water REALLY Isak?” 

“I hate you” 

“yeah yeah well your stuck with me now love” 

and they were the best words Isak had ever heard. 

Finally gotten the time to answer one of these beautiful prompts <3 thank you for this I hope this was okay <3 and also I love you my angel.

disclaimer: credit for these prompts goes to their rightful creators. the prompts come from too many different sources to list

request fics with the following prompts by sending me the number(s) and the character you want it/them with

i might have already written for certain prompts so make sure you check out my masterlist before requesting

  1. “Come over here and make me.”
  2. “Please, don’t leave.”
  3. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
  4. “Sit back and enjoy.”
  5. “Tell me what you’re going to do to me.”
  6. “I think we need to talk.”
  7. “Kiss me.”
  8. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
  9. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
  10. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
  11. “Just once.”
  12. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
  13. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
  14. “It’s not what it looks like…”
  15. “You lied to me.”
  16. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
  17. “Please don’t do this.”
  18. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
  19. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
  20. ”Bite me.”
  21. “I wish I could hate you.”
  22. “Call me tonight, and I’ll make it feel like I’m there.”
  23. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”
  24. “Tell me a secret.”
  25. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
  26. “No one needs to know.”
  27. “Well, this is awkward…”
  28. “Do you want me to leave?”
  29. “You can’t keep doing this.”
  30. “Don’t ask me that.”
  31. “I might have had a few shots.”
  32. “Say it!”
  33. “I could kiss you right now!”
  34. “Are you still awake…?”
  35. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”
  36. “I could kill you right now!”
  37. “Just admit I’m right.”
  38. “That doesn’t even make sense.”
  39. “Just pretend to be my date.”
  40. “Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”
  41. “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”
  42. “I’m not going to apologise for this. Not anymore.”
  43. “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”
  44. “Can I sit here? The other tables are full.”
  45. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”
  46. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”
  47. “How long have you been standing there?”
  48. “Have I ever lied to you?”
  49. “Have you lost your fucking mind?”
  50. “His ego is so visible; I can almost watch it grow.”
  51. “I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”
  52. “I’m flirting with you.”
  53. “I’m yours.”
  54. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you are trying to seduce me.”
  55. “Oh my god! You’re in love with him/her/them!”
  56. “What are you afraid of?”
  57. “You weren’t supposed to hear that.”
  58. “You’re safe now. I’ve got you.”
  59. “It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”
  60. “Here, let me.”
  61. “If you don’t like my teasing, then why are you moaning?”
  62. “You’re such a good girl/boy.”
  63. “Don’t be gentle.”
  64. “I don’t care if it’s wrong.”
  65. “Do you like it when they watch?”
  66. “Put on a show for them, baby.”
  67. “Ruin me.”
  68. “I’ll make it up to you.”
  69. “That’s gross. Unless you’re up for it.”
  70. “Get on your knees.”
  71. “I’ll meet you in the changing rooms.”
  72. “I’m trying to drive here!”
  73. “Don’t test me.”
  74. “I’m the one in charge here, silly girl/boy.”
  75. “Does this turn you on?”
  76. “I’ll do anything for an A, sir.”
  77. “Everything about this screams ‘recipe for disaster’. You do realise?”
  78. “Things change around here when it hits midnight.”
  79. “Feel free to admire me.”
  80. “Are you really trying to cover my face up with a paper bag?”
  81. “Somehow you don’t even have to open your mouth to make my head hurt.”
  82. “You just give off the impression that you want to murder everyone you look at.”
  83. “You make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.”
  84. “Friends don’t get each other off.”
  85. “I did some calculations, and I’ve been able to determine that you’re full of shit.”
  86. “I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle.”
  87. “I’m not going to die in a hospital where the nurses aren’t even hot.”
  88. “Do you need me to kill someone for you?”
  89. “It’s not a double date. We’re just… third and fourth wheeling.”
  90. “Are you wearing my shirt?”
  91. “Did you just… finish?”
  92. “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”
  93. “If you don’t get turned on by having your neck kissed there’s something wrong with you.”
  94. “What the fuck do you mean there are security cameras in every room?”
  95. “You know what rhymes with drunk? Sex.”
  96. “What’s with the pigtails?”
  97. “And that’s how I ended up standing naked on the Brooklyn Bridge on Christmas Eve.”
  98. “Do you’ve any idea how thin the walls are?”
  99. “That’s… not mine.”
  100. “Shit, my parents are back early!”

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Yes!! It’s been awesome! Earlier today, there was a Voltron meet-up at the Hilton next to the Sheraton where Anime Boston is held. Obviously, most of the people there were cosplayers. And they were all so amazing!!!!

I’m honestly Blown Away by how many people showed up. I risked my neck to climb up on this wall in order to get a group shot, and even then I barely managed to fit everyone in. I had to take a couple of panoramas! That’s how many people there were!

And there were so many artists selling Voltron stuff! Like, I dropped about $50 worth of stuff today alone, and there are still things I plan on buying tomorrow. I’m drained rn so I sound kind of mellow, but believe me- I was literally bouncing off the walls, that’s how excited I was. I lost my voice because I was chatting so much lmaooo.

I didn’t talk to too many people because again, lost voice, but the energy was so positive? People were there to have fun, and it showed. Every time a certain character/ship/scene was called to come up for photos, people cheered. There was actually quite a bit of screaming, but we kept getting scolded for it lmaoooo.

So yeah. Thank you, so much, to the mods of @relatablepicsofvoltron for arranging this amazing get together. I got to connect with so many people!! I took so many pictures!! I’m still deciding which ones to post, lmao


even if it’s a lie, say it will be all right by 1000_directions
Louis/Eleanor, 9k

“Did I fuck it all up again?” Louis asks quietly. “Did I just lose you again?” Eleanor leans over and kisses the back of his neck, right where his wet hair meets the bumps of his spine.

“I love you so much,” she whispers into his skin. “You can’t lose me, Louis Tomlinson. I love you with my whole heart.”

Eleanor knew that it wasn’t going to be easy when she got back together with Louis, but she wasn’t prepared for how hard it would be.

how you get the boy - fourteen

“So,” I repeated, clearing my throat as I nervously fumbled with my fingers, suddenly unsure of what to do with them. Harry gently poked my side and I took that as a sign that I should start talking. “I’m sorry.”

He looked confused, “What for?”

read below // story page

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Fearless (Shawn Mendes)

Classy jazz music played in the background as people swayed on the dance floor in their gowns and suits, enjoying the night. I wasn’t one of those people. My parents had dragged me to this thing, knowing I wasn’t social and hated dressing up.

So here I sat, uncomfortable in a gown, alone as my parents made small talk that would supposedly further their business careers. I was used to it, though. They wanted so badly for me to be like them, social and successful, taking the world by storm. But I’m not, and I think they’re starting to notice that.

“May I have this dance?”

Startled, I look up to find a dude standing in front of me holding his hand out in an all black suit. A cute dude. He flashes a big bright grin as I look up. All I can do is sit there, paralyzed. His big brown eyes were friendly, but staring at me and putting me on the spot.

“Umm.. I, uh, I don’t really dance.”

“That’s a shame,” he said, taking a seat next to me. Oh God. “And why don’t you dance?”

What do I say now? “I-I just don’t.”

“Well there’s gotta be a reason,” he returns. “Maybe it’s the crappy music, or the crowdedness of the dance floor. Or maybe you’re just completely uncoordinated and really can’t dance. It could also be that you’re completely unstable on those heels, which I don’t blame you. I would be too. It could also be that you just don’t like me. So?”

For a second I just blink, taking in everything he’s said. “It’s all of that.”

“Except the last one?” he says with a hopeful smile.

I think about denying it for a second. “Except the last one.”

“Great!” he exclaims. “Then let’s go somewhere other than the dance floor,” he says, hopping up.

“Like where?”

“You’ll only find out if you come on.” There’s his hand again, just waiting for me to take it.

My parents will probably be mad if they come back and can’t find me, but who cares. As soon as our hands make contact, his clasps around mine and leads me out of the ballroom this thing is hosted in.

As we arrive back in the lobby he turns to me. “So what do you want to do?”

“You’re supposed to be leading me, remember?”

“Right,” he says, looking down in a way that makes it clear he’s thinking. “I really didn’t plan past this.”

“I can tell.” I say, as we just stare at each other wondering what to do. “Tell you what, I heard this place has one of the most beautiful gardens in the state.”

“You wanna go to it?” he asks.

“Well what would I mention it for if I didn’t?” He’s my only friend at the moment, who else am I gonna be sarcastic to?

“Good point.”

“Anyways, I think it closed at 7.”

“How much you wanna bet we can still get into it?”

I can already tell some part of this night isn’t going to end well. But does that stop me?

“Come on.” He follows me through the hotel to the double doors that lead to the garden. Immediately there’s a gate, connecting to the fence that surrounds it. The lock was a card scanner, only to be unlocked by I’m assuming managers and gardeners at the hotel.

Embarrassing as it is, I shoved my hand down the side of the top piece to my dress and dug around until I grasped what I was looking for. Shawn’s bewildered eyes said everything he was thinking as I held out the blank card that displayed only the hotel logo.

I waved it in front of the scanner and to my luck, it went green almost immediately. I quickly pulled the lock off and open the doors enough for us to enter.

“Where did you get that?” he asked. “Are you staying here?”

“No. My parents are good friends with the owners of this place. They told me if I ever need a place to stay to just ask at the front desk for an empty room and this would work for any of them. We just got lucky that it works on facilities too.”

We closed the door behind us but took the lock with us so we couldn’t get locked in. Immediately before us was a labyrinth of rosebushes and hedges and thousands of other gorgeous plants and flowers. All I wanted to do was look in amazement, but I was soon drawn out of my daze.

“Well?” he asked, looking down at me. “Is it everything you hoped?”

“Even better.” I began walking, slowly through the garden, passing roses and peonies.

He followed closely behind, reaching out and touching something here and there every once in a while. About halfway down one of the aisles I heard a bush shake behind me. I turned to find him behind me with a yellow rose in hand.

“A flower for my lady,” he said, on his knees.

All I could do was laugh. “You know yellow roses mean friendship right?”

His eyebrows furrowed and he turned and gently set it back in the bush, making me laugh further. He then plucked a new flower, a red rose, and returned to his original position and repeated his line.

“Thank you,” I said, wiping away a tear. “Where am I supposed to put this?”

“I don’t know,” he said, “in your hair or something.”

“How about we put it in your hair,” I say, heading up to him and sticking it into his fluffy curly hair. Suddenly I gasp. “I have an idea. Let’s make you a flower crown!”

“Oh gosh,” he said, scratching the back of his neck. “Why not?”

“Come one!” We raced through, picking up flowers from bush after bush. “Don’t touch that one!” I told him, “It’s known to cause breakouts on open skin, won’t kill you but it isn’t pleasant.”

He quickly pulled his hand away and followed me, helping me carry all the flowers. We eventually made it to the end of the garden, where there was a huge gazebo lit up with fair lights. It reminded me of the scene in A Cinderella Story at the dance.

“We need a long, bendy stick to make it into a crown,” I told him.

”How about this?” He asked, pointing to some connected to the gazebo.

“No! If that one is broken the entire plant dies.”

“How do you know so much about these plants? I thought you’d never been in here?”

“I haven’t. But I’ve been studying botany since I was in middle school. It’s what I want to go into when I’m older.”

“Ah,” he nodded his head in understanding. “But I thought the party was for  people in the music industry?”

“It is. That’s my parents, Mr. And Mrs. Executive Producer. I’m not really a part of that,” I explain quickly, “Here it is,” I tugged a skinny wooden twig and tied it into a ring big enough to fit his head.

Together we stuck the flowers on it and I crowned him with it, smiling at the sight.

“You look beautiful,” I tell him, meaning it sincerely. It wasn’t the flower crown that made him, it was the wide smile and excited eyes.

“Why thank you,” he said, flashing a grin and adjusting his crown. He pulled out his phone and an unrecognizable slow song sounded out of the speakers. “Uh, I know in there wasn’t exactly your crowd, but now that it’s just me and you.. May I have this dance?”

“You know I don’t dance,” I told him again.

“Come on,” he said, clasping his hands together. “Please? For me? Do I have to get on my knees again?”

I laugh, knowing he’s already won. “Fine, fine. Yes, I’d love to dance with you.”

One of his hands clasp mine and the other lands on my waist. Normally I’m uncomfortable with people touching me in any way, but it feels different this time. It feels right.

A voice is soon incorporated into the beautiful melodies and I recognize it almost immediately.

“Is this you?”

“Yeah. I wondered if you would notice.”

This night suddenly took a turn. It was always something else, never me. No one ever came to me because they liked me. I pulled away. “Look, my parents are the record producers. If you’re looking for recognition show them—“

“No,” he pulled me back, “this is a new phone, all I have right now is my own music. I’m already signed, if it makes you feel better.”

“Oh,” was all I could let out.

“Look, I really like you. You, okay? Not your parents.” He says, still swaying with me to the music.

“I like you too,” A half sigh, half laugh comes out of me. “And I don’t even know your name.”

“It’s Shawn,” he finally tells me.

I smiled rest my head on his shoulder, rocking with the music.

“Feel free to tell me yours,” he says.

There he goes, making me laugh again. “Y/N.”

“Your name is just as gorgeous as you are.”

“You sound so corny.”

“But I mean it,” he said, gripping my waist a little tighter. Weirdest part was that I already knew he did.

The song ended and we took a seat on the bench, just talking about our lives, where we came from, where we were headed.

As we stood back up to find something else to do, my phone rang from inside my boob. It was slightly embarrassing digging it out of my chest but as soon as I did reality snapped back.

“It’s my dad, probably wondering where I am. I’ve gotta go.”

“Wait!” he calls out, holding onto my hand.

I turn and he brings me close, even closer than when we were dancing. He places his hand on my neck and and brings his lips down to mine firmly. I immediately feel the connection and can’t help but return his affection.

He moans a little as I wrap my arm around his neck and kiss him harder.

“Hey! Who’s back there?”

We both jump away from each other, hearing the quick footsteps of a guard or whoever called from the entrance. I leave the lock on the bench and grab his hand.


“I thought you said the owners gave you access!” He says, running behind me.

“Did I say me? I meant my parents.”


Prompt List - to be updated

Song Prompt List

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! To the requester, I’m sorry this took so long to get up. I told you Thursday and it’s now Monday (technically Tuesday). It just took a while to configure an ending I liked, but it’s here, I’m satisfied. And as always, if you want a part 2, I’m open to making one. I have a couple more Shawn imagines t make, an one JG imagine that’ll be coming up soon. Btw this isn’t proofread, so if you see mistakes point them out to me!


Dating Jackson would include

- grabbing the wheel from him when he’s driving because he thinks it’s a good idea to pick up a cd from the ground or eat fries at the same time he drives n ur like wtf Jackson

- y'all’s kitchen is bare, lmao, there’s like a two year old box of oatmeal and a jar of pickles because all you do is order out together

- Jackson placing a little heart the same color as your favorite color in his bio as a little tiny symbol for his love for you

- Jackson trying to drag you out of bed at ass o clock in the morning all like “let’s go for a hike babe :-)” but then 5 minutes later he’s trapped between your thighs because no babe :-) lets go the fuck to sleep

- y'all almost about to get it on and you’re all in the mood then out of nowhere jacksons like “here comes ur wild and sexy man” and the moods ruined, you’re going to bed, he’s standing there in a bright yellow thong probably all confused

- mark and him always eating your goddamn snacks and you’re like this is why I bought you guys your own???

- him trying to take selfies with you at the most inappropriate times like you’re eating breakfast and still have sleep in your eye and he’s getting all weirdly close to u with his camera

- you and bambam giggling together and playing games on his phone while you played w his hair and Jackson walks up and plops himself between you guys like hey what’s up :-) what’s going on here. :-) leave bambam :-)

- trying to watch movies with him but he keeps asking questions the entire time until you shut him up by shoving popcorn in his mouth (or your tongue, depends on ya mood)

- surprising him during Christmas time with tickets back home so you can both see his parents, and it’s cute and all until you have to deal with him crying on your shoulder for like 2 hours but even then he’s still cute

- Jackson probably repeatedly shushing you while you’re making out in his room but then when sex comes he’s probably the type to want to hear u scream and ur like Jackson make up ur mind

- scaring him by blowing into his ear from behind him when he’s not paying attention and he almost like throws himself on the floor because he’s so dramatic

- “I hurt myself, now you gotta kiss the boo boo” “where did you hurt yourself?” “My lips” “….anyways,”

- tucking him into bed and takin off his shirt and putting him into pajamas when he comes home and passes out after an incredibly long day

- feeling Jackson pepper little kisses along your cheeks and neck before he leaves in the mornings, spending too much time so they have to send Jaebum in to come grab him but even jaebums like … omg aw…but we gotta go Jackson

- sometimes you’ll go swimming together and whenever you get into your bikini Jackson literally shields your entire backside as you walk and glares around him like he looks like an irritated seagull and you’re like Jackson stop

- him putting all his weight on you when you sleep together and when you push him off he the type to take all the covers and leave you cold as hell

- Jackson….aka the cutest little love bug who you want to squeeze because you love them but also because they probably annoying you half to death, but he works with you so well and you both would be so in love it’s ridiculous, what the other doesn’t have the other makes up for and it just makes sense. Plus Jackson the type to love you hard once he realized he did, so that’s always a plus