where did my feels go

Ok,but imagine Kylo saying to Rey:

Luke failed you. I won’t.”

and that’s when he reaches for her.

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hap dad day!


Kuroo from @eicinic‘s Superman AU. 
Because Gin is amazing and deserves all the Kuroos in the world (so he better save it).

I’ve been listening to this song a lot while drawing, and I think the first verse is awfully fitting

There’s a war we can’t ignore, waging silence on our lives
We will overcome, let the cowards run and hide

We were born to take it back
This is revelational

I am not afraid

– Dillon Francis - Love in the Middle of a Firefight


i was serious

i am doing these stupid things

cause surprisingly sai can allow as many layers as i need to do them all

u know when ur watching a broadcast on v app and they go for like half an hour and ur all having fun but then all of a sudden they’re like “BYE” and ur like “oh what-” and the broadcast cuts off and ur just left there,, cold,,, alone,,, w the words “BROADCAST JUST ENDED”…. its a genuine feeling of loneliness….. where did my friends go.? they left u, boo

I want to see the hands of those who seriously thought I’d be able to not draw this when @my-allisondiamond-world mentioned Tony with a crown of lilies and gem jewels in their Winteriron Bang fic! None? Well, you must know me well then. I still can’t believe I did trade drawing Bucky with wings for flowercrowns though. That’s a bit disappointing. Anyway, if you want to see some merman!Tony and angel!Bucky having a snarky time of their lives, check out A Chance Encounter ;)!

Also Blue’s piece as well here!


“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

good morning to everyone except voltron season 3 which took 20 years off my lifespan

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Excuse me?

And now Jujubee just, like, walks?

She went from tentatively standing to standing up from the floor and taking steps on her own with no coaxing the fastest I’ve ever seen.

Tonight she just started walking herself across the kitchen while I made dinner, and later she emerged from walking under the dining room table.

Keep that motivation, love. It’ll serve you well.

okay guys but listen

what if Sauron did not make the One Ring

what if Melkor did

what if all Sauron knows about rings of power he learned from Melkor

and then when Melkor is gone the Ring is the only thing Sauron still has from Melkor and he keeps it and calls it precious

and later on he teaches Celebrimbor what he knows 

and desiring to control the other rings he does some kind of “magic” to transfer a large part of his being into the Ring

into the last piece of Melkor he has

Me: *Goes to otp’s tag*

Me: When did I lose control over my life?