where did my feels go

u know when ur watching a broadcast on v app and they go for like half an hour and ur all having fun but then all of a sudden they’re like “BYE” and ur like “oh what-” and the broadcast cuts off and ur just left there,, cold,,, alone,,, w the words “BROADCAST JUST ENDED”…. its a genuine feeling of loneliness….. where did my friends go.? they left u, boo


They can’t be stopped; just like before,
you understand how he felt
and that’s why you couldn’t stop him.

Me: *Goes to otp’s tag*

Me: When did I lose control over my life?

A certain elf finally convinced some people to do their hair. Some are more into it than others. As for Elora? Well… 

Someone got a little excited.

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“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 


okay guys but listen

what if Sauron did not make the One Ring

what if Melkor did

what if all Sauron knows about rings of power he learned from Melkor

and then when Melkor is gone the Ring is the only thing Sauron still has from Melkor and he keeps it and calls it precious

and later on he teaches Celebrimbor what he knows 

and desiring to control the other rings he does some kind of “magic” to transfer a large part of his being into the Ring

into the last piece of Melkor he has

Alright, so my mom is watching Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in the living room. I’ve never seen it. Haven’t really had an interest in seeing it. Not really paying attention while Mom watches it.

But I look up and I just kinda stop because…Batman is using a gun? What the actual fuck? Batman doesn’t use guns. EVER.

My little bro, who is also watching the movie, gave me this look like I was stupid and was like “Uh, post-apocalyptic dream world hallucination thing, of course he’s gonna use a gun.”

And I’m just here like. No. Child, no. Nope. NO. N-O. I thought we were making progress in your superhero education. Clearly I was wrong.

Where did the days go when a smile was the only expression I  wore on my face? I often wonder where my sense of security went, my sense of belonging. But no matter how far I try tracing back into my mind, the only things I stumble upon are thoughts of hatred, thoughts of loneliness. And now, I fear, the only question I can truly ask myself is… 
Where did I go wrong?

anonymous asked:

Do you think Luke HATES Kylo? I hear from people who are not fans of Kylo that Luke HATES him and is going to kill him and I feel not good about that tbh.

Luke no doubt loves his nephew; that’s probably what made Kylo’s betrayal hurt the most.


All I had to do was hold on.


  • Hook: thanks for healing my injuries, Swan
  • Hook: and... my clothes?
  • Hook: wait, did you fix my hair too?
  • Hook: why are my pants so tight?
  • Hook: where did my shirt buttons go?
  • Hook: why do I feel so---
  • Hook: did you poof away my undergarments Swan?
  • Emma:
  • Hook:
  • Emma:
  • Emma: well uh look my magic is still a little erratic okay, sometimes it just... does... things
  • Emma: but I'm learning! Baby steps, right?
  • Hook: right
  • Hook:
  • Emma:
  • Hook: now to be perfectly clear, when you say "baby steps"...
  • Emma: listen the house was like this when I got here

Ahh that promising burst of morning energy that leaves you in a slump by 2…