where did my feels go

Jujubee crawls. Eight months, expert crawling. She went from a very grumpy, mostly immobile blob to a much happier crawler, pulling herself into seated and starting to pull up on her knees baby basically in a week, I swear.

Now that Jujubee and Bean are both mobile, life’s harder. I’m adjusting. Bean is a little too close in age to treat Jujubee appropriately - tries to “help” her, ends up hurting or annoying her (mostly the latter). Jujubee, for her part, curiously grabs fistfuls of Bean’s hair, which Bean is not old enough to understand will happen Every. Damn. Time so she doesn’t avoid it. Etc.

There is a reason the gaps in nature are usually at least a little bit bigger than 10 months. Also, at this age with all my other babies I was considering being ready for another newborn - Boo was barely one when we got Bean, Bean was 10 months when we got Jujubee. I cannot add a newborn right now but the memories are all there so I’m having weird memories and ideas about it. But no, no newborns at the moment.

hap dad day!


Kuroo from @eicinic‘s Superman AU. 
Because Gin is amazing and deserves all the Kuroos in the world (so he better save it).

I’ve been listening to this song a lot while drawing, and I think the first verse is awfully fitting

There’s a war we can’t ignore, waging silence on our lives
We will overcome, let the cowards run and hide

We were born to take it back
This is revelational

I am not afraid

– Dillon Francis - Love in the Middle of a Firefight

u know when ur watching a broadcast on v app and they go for like half an hour and ur all having fun but then all of a sudden they’re like “BYE” and ur like “oh what-” and the broadcast cuts off and ur just left there,, cold,,, alone,,, w the words “BROADCAST JUST ENDED”…. its a genuine feeling of loneliness….. where did my friends go.? they left u, boo


“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

okay guys but listen

what if Sauron did not make the One Ring

what if Melkor did

what if all Sauron knows about rings of power he learned from Melkor

and then when Melkor is gone the Ring is the only thing Sauron still has from Melkor and he keeps it and calls it precious

and later on he teaches Celebrimbor what he knows 

and desiring to control the other rings he does some kind of “magic” to transfer a large part of his being into the Ring

into the last piece of Melkor he has

Me: *Goes to otp’s tag*

Me: When did I lose control over my life?

anonymous asked:

Saw you were asking for poly head canons. Logic is the one who proposes, but Roman is the one to go "Damnit Logic, I was going to buy the rings, you beat me to it!" (This is based on what happened with my partners. It was hilarious to watch) -EC

Roman would be sooooo irritated that Logan beat him to proposing

He plans to make up for it on the wedding day, by beating everyone to the cliché wedding happenings. Shoving cake in the others faces, taking the garter off -you know mo is wearing one- tossing the bouquet, and the first dance.

This leads to Anxiety face planting the wedding cake (they all laugh it off, and honestly none of them think they’ve ever seen Anxiety laugh harder than when he laid there on the collapsed table covered in cake and a smile that would make Angels weep), the garter accidentally ripping -Morality blushing when he reveals he was wearing a second one and logic “maybe I should get this one Prince” *wink*, Prince just straight up launches the bouquet at the ceiling fan *poof!* petals are now raining from the ceiling and Morality is hysterical at the beauty of it, and then finally, the dance. Roman is trying to show off his skills for everyone and ends up tripping the four of them up into a pile on the floor.

And that’s it. Roman knows he’s officially ruined the wedding. What was he thinking? How could hw be so stupid and blind to ruin his beloved’s special day- they’re laughing.

They all lay together across Roman, large smiles on their faces, bowties pulled, glasses askew, hair ungelled, and all laughing the purest laughs Roman’s ever heard. And they’re happy, and excited and all of them are teasing Prince, and telling him that he’s the greatest, and that he’s adorable, and “oh my gosh Mo you should see your face” “where did my shoe go?!” “You still have frosting on you!”

And Roman feels tears in his eyes. He didn’t ruin anything. The day is perfect. It’s perfect because they’re in love, and that’s all they need to be.

The guests attending are just flabbergasted because this is insane, but they can’t atop laughing along, and the grooms are all so happy and “what a happy ending ❤”


They can’t be stopped; just like before,
you understand how he felt
and that’s why you couldn’t stop him.


When I close my eyes,
I can feel the champagne settle into my bones.
I can feel my fears seep from my pores,
sit on my skin like clothing.
How desperately I wish
you could be here to peel them all off,
to kiss the exposed flesh beneath.
One more sip, and I remember
All the reasons
I’ve made up
why you never can, and only will
within the sun-stained
Daydreams that get me through
these Monday blues.

The cork on the next bottle doesn’t want me to
Pop it off.
It holds fast to the glass,
and the effort I’ve put into ripping it out
feels desperate and sad.
It doesn’t matter anymore;
What’s another drink going to do to me?
Just drown me in all my ugly thoughts,
tear me apart and reveal the things
I love to loathe about myself?
My skin feels heavy.
I swear my bones are made of lead.
Each finger wrapped around my champagne neck
falls limp as everything begins to sink into the couch cushions;
where, oh where, did my heart go?
I can’t seem to feel the beats anymore.

  • Hook: thanks for healing my injuries, Swan
  • Hook: and... my clothes?
  • Hook: wait, did you fix my hair too?
  • Hook: why are my pants so tight?
  • Hook: where did my shirt buttons go?
  • Hook: why do I feel so---
  • Hook: did you poof away my undergarments Swan?
  • Emma:
  • Hook:
  • Emma:
  • Emma: well uh look my magic is still a little erratic okay, sometimes it just... does... things
  • Emma: but I'm learning! Baby steps, right?
  • Hook: right
  • Hook:
  • Emma:
  • Hook: now to be perfectly clear, when you say "baby steps"...
  • Emma: listen the house was like this when I got here
bsd hospital au

there was art on twitter that i couldn’t stop thinking about and it evolved?? into this?? so please have this next installment of shitty AUs

  • atsushi as a young medical student doing an attachment programme at the hospital! has the misfortune of being picked up by dazai and being roped into his shenanigans. 
    • atsushi gets lost on his first day and ends up running into dazai of all people, their exchange kind of goes like this
    • “um i’m lost” “hi lost i’m dazai”
    • “it’s easy to be a doctor! here just put this white coat on” - dazai, probably
      “it’s really that easy!” - atsushi, probably
  • dazai is the doctor no one trusts because he isn’t a real doctor he’s one of the patients who pretends to be a doctor in a white coat and snoops around the hospital consulting people like a conman
  • head nurse kunikida kicks his ass every goddamn time because dazai is always flirting with (harrassing) the female nurses he doesn’t even work here!!
  • yosano of course, works in er she’s one of the best surgeons when it comes to open wounds but doesn’t tell anyone the secret that she’s actually just using her ability
  • kenji handles the gardens! he’s a great hit with all the old people (they’re pretty young in his opinion)
  • tanizaki is also doing attachment at the hospital!! he’s much meeker and shyer than atsushi though. they’re really good lunch buddies (naomi brings bentos for her big bro… tanizaki shares them with atsushi)
  • fukuzawa the hospital director, feared by all.
  • mori as head of pediatrics!!! everyone knows him as the creepy greasy doctor with ethical issues (no one has proof on any of this) but he doesn’t care because he’s surrounded by cute children it makes him so happy and a happy mori is a mori that isn’t fucking everyone over
  • akutagawa as a surgeon while using rashomon… imagine white coat rashomon or scrubs rashomon (or just akutagawa in scrubs tho)
  • kajii’s one of the researchers… suffice to say he doesn’t get along much with yosano they bicker constantly
  • kouyou who specialises in tcm kind of medicine and natural healing. very good with acupuncture.
  • kyouka is her cute little assistant. she knows a lot for a very young girl who just sterilises the acupuncture needles tbh
  • idk where chuuya fits in all this although maybe he works at the mortuary which is why he has an acute sense of smell towards death
  • you know who else is in pediatrics odasaku odasaku is the favourite amongst kids because he’s the nicest doctor… 
  • (gide is also there) (gide doing a clinical exchange sort of thing in japan… mori conveniently arranges for him to be in pediatrics for unknown reasons)
  • ango works the most depressing and heaviest cases, like oncology/mental disease etc… he works too goddamn hard ango needs a break
    • odasaku refers cases of kids to him now and then so they become quickly acquainted
    • after particularly depressing cases odasaku takes ango to the bar and they find fake doctor dazai already chilling there with a drink and they?? ? ? end up friends? ?
    • this is literally the friendship no one can explain