where did june go

WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY - Brian and Justin edition

Who: hugs like this? The answer is NO ONE.
What: kind of human being chooses to hug another human being like this? UNREALISTIC.
When: did they decide they wanted us all to die by hugging like this? (The answer is June 10, 2001 when 1x21 aired)
Where: did all their fucks go? Did they just decide “fuck it!! let’s hug like we’re 90 years old, waiting to die like we’re in the damn Notebook”
Why: are they like this?

Who: gave Gale the instruction to move in that close and touch Justin’s face like that? I want a name so I can shout at them years later about how I’ve been in pain since this moment. 
What: is up with their non-stop banter and flirting in this one scene? Please slow down so us fans can BREATHE.
When: did Justin know he had Brian damn well wrapped around his little finger? (The answer is 1x03)
Where: does Brian get off telling everyone they aren’t in a relationship? Hun, your mouth is saying one thing but your body language is saying another.
Why: are they like this???

Who: raised them to act like actual twelve year olds? 
What: kind of “couple” acts like this? The answer is there is NO couple who acts like this. I checked and there’s NONE.
When: will they give us a damn break? I was already exhausted from s1-early s2 and yet they continue to give us moments like this. Rude.
Where: do I go if I want to completely erase this moment from my brain? I’m still suffering.

Who: do they think they are, making Brian and Justin’s final scene together arguably their most visually (and just in general) beautiful scene in the entire show? Couldn’t y’all just have made it basic af so I could move on??
What: did they expect us to do when we heard Ambition playing in the background? Say “aw this is sad” and move on? NO. Put your damn hand up if the lyrics of Ambition have scarred your brain forever. PUT IT UP. 
When: did they decide that the fact this was their final scene together wasn’t enough? They had to say “okay, now you’re going to NUZZLE”?? Like??? No boo, I’ll pass. 
Where: ‘s like a good place to go? If I wanna just die?


Today Gerald did some jogging! He got as far as his mailbox before he passed out and a passerby had to call the ER. That’s some spectacular improvement! He was very proud of himself when he woke up surrounded by doctors and nurses as they tried to find a way to chack his vitals (they were somewhat incredulous when he told them to check the soles of his feet, but they tried it and managed to listen to his heartbeat. They refused to listen to his breathing, however. Humans are weird).

When he for home​ he binge watched Supernatural and ate left over cake.

Gerald intends to set himself a grand goal of reaching the front of his neighbour’s house when he does his next jog in June. He’s looking forward to it!

Right Here, Right Now | Marvan AU


Evan and Marlene had been together for a good long while, and since they’d been together, they’d had seven children together. Of course, they’d started off a bit early, having their oldest son Will when they were still kids themselves. It had been difficult to get through the first couple years, and it didn’t take long for Andrew to Join them, but they got through it and came out stronger because of it. 

Andrew and Will had finished their Hogwarts schooling now, but they were still accompanying their family to the train station come September first so that they could see off their younger siblings. Charlotte, June and Isaac would be heading off shortly, Isaac starting his first year, June her third and Charlotte her fifth. 

Evan was carrying the owl that the girls had picked out when Charlotte first started school and holding his youngest son Francis in his other arm. They were all walking through the station, and they could have been doing a much more orderly job of it, but Evan knew they would get where they were going eventually. They always did. “Come on June,” Evan said, looking over his shoulder to see her trying to use her trolley as a scooter. 

“You’re going to hurt someone,” Charlotte told her sister, carefully pushing her own trolley. Isaac seemed to nervous to say much of anything at the moment and had looked like that since yesterday afternoon when it finally settled that he’d be leaving home for a good stretch of time. 

2 June 2016 ||

Here’s my new June spread! Where did the time go, though? I feel like it was April only yesterday. 

Voicemails (Kellic)

A one-shot in the form of a series of voicemails from Kellin to Vic. It was supposed to be cute/funny, I swear.

June 5, 2014

Voicemail #1:
“Vic Fuentes, I can’t see you right now, but I bet you look hot as hell. You’re probably still sleeping, which means that you’re probably almost naked, which begs the question: Why am I not in your bed with you right now? Call me when you wake up, you adorable bastard.”

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Twist of Fate?

BTS - Jin - Angst/ Smut/ Fluff Imagine. 
Word count : 3649.

This just came up XD 
And it’s been so long since I posted a scenario :3


‘June! How can you do that!’

‘Baby where did I go wrong?’

June. Where are you? Let us know what you want, we will hear you out. ‘

“No answer” you muttered looking pale. Jin was looking like he was about to breakdown any second. Of course he would, it was all so unexpected. He loved her so much and you loved him so much.

June and Jin were your best friends since school. You developed a huge crush on Jin, but when you got to know that June also had feelings for him you stepped back. You didn’t want to ruin the perfect relation you three had and Jin showed more interest in June than you.

On June’s birthday Jin had finally confessed to her. It was so magical; he had arranged everything so perfect for her. That was just a proposal for dating him, imagine how grand he had arranged the proposal for asking her to marry him.

The house was covered with the red and yellow roses, the white flowers, the staircase held each flower with a message stuck on it. The special times they shared together for four years was turning to a lifetime.
Jin was so nervous you still remember. He was pacing around the house thinking if she would like it? If she is ready?
But during their random conversations he had asked her in hints and she was pretty happy and ready to be married.

You remember how every time he had forgiven and neglected her mistakes. She even cheated on him once but he still welcomed her with open arms.
 Whereas you never dated because your love for him never ended and confessing it was not something you’d take the risk of. At times when it got too much for you too handle some one night stands was your way of escape.

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“Where Did Our Love Go” was released on 17 June 1964.

Written by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier, and Eddie Holland, Brian Holland and Dozier, who produced the record, argued with over who should sing lead. And even though the song was written for Mary Wilson‘s voice, it was decided that Diana Ross should sing it, but in a lower key. 

Ross wasn’t happy with singing the lead, and Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard weren’t happy about their backing duties (which consisted of singing “baby” over and over), but they were encouraged once they heard the final result.

The song was the first single by The Supremes to reach #1.