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The Cascades - Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Summary: It’s raining outside, and the reader is determined to spend a lazy day in bed, but Oak wants to get work done. He needs to be convinced otherwise.

Warnings: Probably the purest, sweetest, nicest thing I have ever written IN MY LIFE. 

Word Count: 1,247 (short but sweet)

Request: @lawnmowerswig - “Maybe a Oak fic where its a rainy day but you guys got stuff to do but you just convince him to stay in bed and cuddle all day??”

A/N: This is to match up with the first request I have officially achieved! I really hope I did it justice, because I really enjoyed writing this. There’s a song that goes along with it, so I’ll link it below. If possible, please listen to it as you read. They go together so wonderfully.  

Rhythm of the Falling Rain by The Cascades

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The best part of a rainy day could be summed up in two things: the soothing sound of a constant rhythm on the roof, and the wonderfully warm arms of your boyfriend.

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Do you know of any cute/fun AU fics where darth is a single dad to teenage luke and leia and has to put up with han and the wookie, too?

I don’t really read many fics featuring Anakin so I don’t remember anything like that, sorry. I did read this series of stories where the twins were raised by Padmé and Anakin and it’s pretty fun, more like a parody? it starts off when Han shows up to spend a weekend with them – Meet the Skywalkers. Honestly, I can’t recommend this enough.


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(Everyone should go check out Nana’s fics btw! The singalong one still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy ♥)

  • <p> <b>me:</b> damn i just read the cutest Hamilton/Laurens fic! they were totally obsessed with each other and wrote letters to each other that were so gay that they had to be bleeped. And Hams invited John to have a threesome with him and his wife ^_^<p/><b>friend:</b> wtf where did u read that?<p/><b>me:</b> wikipedia<p/></p>

I commissioned this breathtaking piece of art from the brilliant, incredible, amazing @panda-capuccino for @juulna‘s fantastic Reylo fic, Mitzvah. It’s a wonderful tale where Rey is actually a lost princess who, in a twist of fate, finds out she is betrothed to none other than Kylo Ren. 

This is her stunning wedding dress <3 

Thanks so much Panda for creating this beautiful piece! 

And if you haven’t read Mitzvah, what are you waiting for? Go read it NOW! And then come thank me later ;) 

You can read it on AO3 or FF.net :D



Pansy wasn’t certain she wouldn’t have done it again if it had meant surviving in a world where the Dark Lord had won. Despite what the Wizengamot believed, self-preservation was not a crime in her book.
Neville shrugged. “You did what you thought was right to keep the other Slytherins safe. After the war, it didn’t seem like it was worth letting you go to prison for. Other people did much worse. I know,” there was a sharp intake of breath, “I witnessed a lot.”
“I’m sure your friends think otherwise,” she scoffed.
“I don’t give a toss what they think. We’ve all done awful things to survive. It’s just that our side won, so… we’re seen as the good guys.” (x)

I read a Klance fic the other day where the writer literally said “Lance is impulsive and Keith thinks things through” and I had to back-button so fast because… how can you get these characters so WRONG when Keith is constantly presented as the human incarnation of LEEROOOOOOOOOOY JENKIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS and Lance is the one with the strategic smarts?


So let us get the elephant out of the room dealt with now...

Okay I get how you all think Hang the Fool is suddenly this racist fic. Not even bothering to read into symbology put behind words. The fact you won’t even respect the fact the author was pressured into rewriting a lot just to appease you pitchfork wielding people. This is her first fic. We all had that first fic where we messed up big time. Where we did stupid shit and assumed something morally grey. The author changed things for you and apologized yet you still crucify her. Every action behind the bad guy Gabe thing was foreshadowing how bad he had been brainwashed by Talon. The noose was symbology as is calling Gabe a beast. Or calling Hanzo a dragon. You are amateur writers if you have never used the concept of symbology or foreshadowing. The scene where Hanzo yells at McCree while he has a panic attack caused you issues? They were on the run for their lives. Panic attack or not I can see where Hanzo was coming from and that was a place of fear. He was acting out of fear and concern to get the man he loved as far away from the ghosts of his past. And McCree ran off on a suicide mission without much to go off on so he was far from innocent in all of this.

tldr: grow the fuck up. This is a fanfic and let people like what they want. And please actually stop acting like children who whine at everything that is supposedly politically incorrect to you. I’ve seen poc on both sides of the argument so this is not a crusade to fight. You make the fandom more toxic so kindly either read the changes made for you before you bitch and complain or kindly shut your trap.

I apologize on behalf of the asshats to @arcanebarrage Sam you are a gem and keep being such a sweetheart and be perfectly okay to say fuck you to the haters. You earned it, lovely

anyway i also want to see the timetravel au where anakin goes back. like. to TPM.

i guess ideally (for me) it would be after he’s discovered Palpatine = sideous, but before he actually slaughters the Jedi? Or perhaps just a little after he literally bends knee to Sideous. So he can suffer lol.

it would be an immediate divergence from the timeline, because this is anakin we’re talking about here, but still.

(I did read some of the fic where vader goes back to TPM but it wasn’t my cup of tea)

Did You Write This?

This is why I asked about your favorite Sami fic from me! It was close, but That Dress won out. So here we go…

Sami Zayn/OC. For Anon: I’ve been into your fics so much that I started to wonder what would happen if you got caught reading them? So can I put in a request where Sami Zayn catches you reading one of your smutfics about him? And he starts to get “inspired” by the fic.

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more check please fics

because i read too much and i have essays to be writing


  • Phone, Please! by twentysomething (”"Bits, you live tweeting this?“ Shitty asks.”)
    also Positive Image (”When Bittle first showed up at a meeting with management, sitting next to Sara with wide, scared eyes, Jack didn’t think he had a chance in hell. Sara hired new assistants all the time, most of whom barely made it through a season.”)
  • Hockeyed Up by Sophie (”There are many things on Jack’s mind. Namely: hockey, hockey, Bitty, hockey, anxiety, hockey, hockey, anxiety, Bitty, hockey, hockey, anxiety, and hockey.”)

nurseydex (pt. 1):

  • Derek Jr. by Literally_No_One_Cares ("Bitty made Nursey and Dex take care of a flour baby when they just wouldn’t get along”)
  • In the Past by @loveandallthat (”Dex and Nursey hooked up when they first met and now they don’t talk about it, but it’s fine…”)
  • Howl by @dexsnursey (”Over his first few weeks at Samwell, Dex becomes sure of three things. 1) Eric Bittle is not entirely human, 2) Larissa Duan is most certainly a Druid, and 3) Derek Fucking Nurse is the most annoying person he’s ever met in his life.”)


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when steve calls bucky beautiful in fics   ಥ‿ಥ

This drawing is inspired by the fanfic “Secret Santa” by @thelastpilot it is literally the CUTEST THING I’VE EVER READ!! This is supposed to be the scene where Adrien and Marinette take their first selfie together :3 I hope I did it justice!

(for those who’d like to read the fic, here’s the link to all of the parts so far!)

like one time i read an artemis fowl fanfic where the whole first page was lifted verbatim from an episode of “the suite life of zack and cody” and the rest of the fic was just zack and cody encountering artemis fowl, recognizing him from having read the artemis fowl books, asking him if all that stuff in the books actually happened, and artemis was just like “yep, it totally did” and then left. that was the whole fanfiction, and that’s why no arguments like “but she called Voldemort ‘Tom Bombadil’ instead of Tom Riddle” or “but Marty McFly showed up” will convince me that “My Immortal” was a satire piece. 

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Any fics where Clarke meets lexa and she's like athletic and hot

okay, well, i’m gonna answer this in sections, mostly for my own shits

first up are the fics from my sports au tag that i’ve already read and enjoyed enough to have posted them! so like, these fics come with my stamp of approval basically

Love Me ‘Till My Heart Starts
- ok so it’s not exactly your traditional hot athlete lexa. she plays golf. clarke plays golf. but objectively, they are both very hot and they are both athletes and this is a great fic so there.

break your plans
- lmao i feel like this fic has been around since the Beginning of Time but it’s still going strong and i love that! lexa’s a Hot hockey player, so there you go. feat. friends with benefits with accidental feelings so you can’t go wrong.

- lexa is a hot soccer player and she is very hot and that is a problem for clarke and also me

But still good
- so lexa’s a soccer coach, and as we already established, objectively hot. but real talk, this is one of the best and cutest fics you’ll ever read REC REC REC REC

Thirty-Two Minutes
- lexa’s a (hot) star basketball player but she’s also a tragic homosexual and keeps getting distracted by the (hot) blonde cheerleader from the other team on the sidelines. gdi lexa

jump then fall
- really really really really cute high school au where lexa plays hockey and, bonus, is hot

- yoooooooooooooooooooo. remember that olympics thing people wouldn’t shut up about this summer? WELL. clarke plays soccer and lexa swims and they meet and it’s pretty hot. and great. and amazing. and this is a great fic.

- lexa is on the football team and she is really hot and this story is really cute!!!!

this one gets its own section, idk

A Soccer Love Story
- ok i actually did read this one awhile back, and funny enough, i’ve been meaning to come back and reread it. lexa’s a soccer player for the US women’s national team (so of COURSE she’s hot) but when i read this i didn’t even know who they were. so a lot of this went over my head. since then, however, i’ve become about 1000% more invested in soccer and i’d probably enjoy this much more (clarke and lexa are still v cute but the fic is a bit heavy on the uswnt stuff). so just be warned! it was a great fic though and even though i didn’t understand a lot, i remember i couldn’t stop reading it so that probably says something :)

the following fics are ones i bookmarked AGES ago to read for another sports au rec i never answered, but i never got around to reading them. so i’m going to share them with you, but i can’t personally recommend them. let’s hope lexa’s still hot though!

No One Else Like You
- The story of how Clarke and her friends just want to play hockey and Lexa just wants to professionally skate, but there’s only one rink at the university. or the story of how Octavia and Raven (and company) have always been little shits except now on ice.

picture this
-  Ice Hockey Player Lexa is injured during a game and ends up needing phsyio (and guess who is her physio therapist ?) Or: Lexa thinks her physiotherapist is cute

The Weekend
-  Lexa is a professional soccer player and she’s got a simple, semi-charmed life. She’s never dated, not finding any need to. Her roommate Raven and her own a house in Polis, but Raven is away when one of her childhood friends comes to the house in need of help.

How big, how blue, how beautiful
-  Clarke plays tennis for her team in Ark University, Lexa for the Polis University. They’re rivals. What happens when you fall for the one person you’re not supposed to?

and uh, this one, idk, it’s been on my list to read but i haven’t gotten around to it

Waiting for Love to Strike
-  After the death of her father, Clarke Griffin had lost everyone that she had cared about and all she had left was the sport that made her feel most connected to him. So with nothing left to keep her home, the college freshman left for her first year of school with a hope of replacing all that she`d lost. But when her new soccer captain, Lexa Woods, turns out to be more of a dictator than a teammate will Clarke find that she’s in over her head? Or will she find herself ready to take the plunge when love strikes?