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I often find myself wondering if Jake is okay :/
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I’ve been avoiding tumblr because of the election but oh my gosh i just watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

-Newt Scamander is  precious and pure he must be protected at all costs.

-Also he’s totally bisexual, And I’m not usually one for theories but that one line about strudel or pie where he respond that he’s frond of both is totally meant to be taken that way. 


-Newt’s awkwardness was too adorable and i totally related to his better with animals than people quality.

-Jacob and Queenie, I love how Queenie’s ability to see right through a person has her totally ignoring their outer appearances.

-The aura of fear and terror from the Grindelwald era was so well portrayed it was there but subtle but still enough to really impact the story

-the american magical leader was a woman of color (!!!) and i try not to objectify other women but hot DAMN

-All the other female aurors and ministry workers doing their jobs awesomely and no one made a big fuss about it

-The erumpet mating dance. I died.  And usually those kinds of scenes make me anxious from secondhand embarrassment but the way Newt unabashedly did it because he had to make sure his creature was safe made it alright for me.

-I nearly cried when he was begging the MACUSA not to hurt the creatures and insisting they weren’t dangerous


-Jacob. All he wanted was to open a bakery but he helped them anyways omg i hope you and queenie live happily ever after.

Anyway, it was amazing. I did not like the harry potter movies and i was skeptical about this but it was great. In fact, one could even say it was (wiggles eyebrows) fantastic. And i know there are going to be five movie but i don’t know whether they are doing sequels to FBAWTFT or making movies of other textbooks. Because if its the latter, i have two words for you: Gilderoy Lockhart.


Request- Hello beautiful I was hoping I can request an imagine and if yes can you do an imagine where when Lucifer comes back in Castiel’s vessel he comes to find you but you don’t know it’s him. But little did he know you had a kid with him so then out of nowhere little boy comes holding your hand and Casifer just doesn’t know what to do

A/N- OMG If any of you recognize the name… I’m sorry I had to!!! I really REALLY like the name and even when I tried looking for a different one they just didn’t click wit me… If you don’t recognize it… Then well that saves me a bit of humiliation… ha… ha ANYWAYS! i really liked writing this! Tell me what you think! x)

Casifer x Reader

Word Count- 963

The very same day Castiel said yes to Lucifer, worried as you were; you send Cas a message, not knowing what had occurred.

From: Y/N


Hey Cas, how’d everything go? Is everyone fine?

Lucifer found it strange that you of all people were texting Castiel. ‘Why?’ he thought.

From: Castiel


Everything went as expected. Everyone is fine.

Lucifer sighed. It was going to be annoying to act like Castiel all the time.

From: Y/N


… And how is he? Is he… No never mind Are you still gonna come over tomorrow?


“What?” Lucifer said aloud. “Are Castiel and…” he started with a scowl that didn’t suit Castiel’s face. “We’ll see…”


From: Castiel


Yes. Of course.



From: Y/N


Great! See you tomorrow then


“Castiel… Just what is your relationship with Y/N?” he asked as if though Castiel would answer him.

Now all Lucifer had to do was wait around. As simple as it was, waiting, it was hard for him. After all, you were always the one who got to him. He was never himself around you, or; one could say he was an older version of himself. Someone he longed wanted to leave behind and forget.

A part of him was happy that you asked for him. His eyes soften even if just a bit, and a small smile appeared on his lips.


The Next Day~

Lucifer appeared in your home in form of Castiel. He had been here many times before but never as Castiel. He leaned against the kitchen doorway- watching you wash the dishes before he smiled a little. “Y/N,” he said in Cas’ monotonous voice.

You turn around, “Hey Cas!” you beamed. “Um… Sorry about just springing it on you… But I was super happy that you actually want to meet him.”

Lucifer was more than confused, “Yes- well,” he starts but something or rather someone stopped him.

A child, half his size, rushed passed him. He ran to you and hugged you.

“Hey sweetheart,” you say in a happy soft voice. You steer his attention to Castiel, “Hun, this is Castiel.”

The boy held your hand and shrank back behind you. “Mom…” he whispered.

‘Mom!’ Lucifer shouted in his head.

“This is?” Lucifer questioned.

“Well… this is Luciel… I told you about him already,” you respond.

Lucifer shook his head, “Right… Wait… Luciel?”

“Well… I guess with all that’s been going on it slipped your mind,” you respond.

“Forgive me I-” he stammers, not knowing what else to say. He was too shocked to think of anything else.

“No it’s fine. This is a happy occasion. Luciel- this is Cas; he’s your uncle,” you tell him.

“His father..?” Lucifer questioned.

You sighed, “Um… Luciel go play with your toys honey.” He happily complied and ran to his room. “Cas… I’ve only ever been with one person… and I haven’t exactly told Luciel that his dad is Lucifer; the king of hell himself.” You sighed again, “I’m really sorry for asking you this of you but… Luciel’s powers are starting to kick in and… I have no idea how to teach him to control them. Will you please teach him? Please Cas,” you pleaded.

“Powers?” Lucifer asked.

“Well yeah… He’s half human, half-”

“Angel,” he finished for you. “Don’t worry… I’ll look after him,” he said.

“Thank you so much Cas,” you say giving him a hug, “You’re literally the only angel I could rely on… we’ve been fine on our own but I’ve been pretty scared that another angel will come and-” you stop yourself from saying anymore.

Lucifer, internally struggling with whether or not to reveal himself, he pulled away from your embrace, and place his hands on your shoulders. “For as long as I’m alive, he will not be harmed,” he said, continuing his Castile impression.

You smiled sweetly, “Thanks Cas…” you looked toward Luciel’s room then back to Castiel. “So… How… How was Lucifer?” you managed to ask.

“Do you really want to know?” he inquired.

You smiled sadly, “Yeah… I didn’t want to ask… I mean- after all these years, you would think I would have forgotten all about him but… I can’t.”

“I… He hasn’t forgotten about you either,” he responded with the smallest hint of a smile.

You smiled back, “Well… um… When does the training start? He’s pretty eager to start,” you inform.

“We can start right now if you’d like,” he answered.

“Great! I’ll go get him… Oh and… When Luciel gets serious… he kind of resembles his dad,” you inform him.

“Like m… his dad?” Lucifer questioned, hoping you didn’t catch that he almost said me.

You thought about how to explain it, “He- has Lucifer’s confident gleam in his eyes. He’ll try to get two or three steps ahead of you.”

“I see… Can he transport himself?” he asked.

“Only short amount of range I think. He still can’t quite land where he wants,” you respond.

“Luciel!” he called. “Try appearing in front of your mother,” he commanded.

It took a few tries but he did it.

“Hun- Uncle Cas is going to train you,” you tell him.

“Train me? With my powers?” he asked.

You nodded, “Yes. He’s an angel- remember I told you.”

“Like Dad?” he questioned.

You smiled, “Just like your dad.”

Lucifer started freaking out, “Excuse me,” he said quickly, before teleporting out.

“Cas?” you called, but it was too late- he was already gone.

Lucifer reappeared in hell. He let out a long almost shaky breathe, “A kid…” he whispered to himself. “I have a kid with Y/N…” he whispered again. He laughed in disbelief. He took a few more seconds to calm down and let it sink. He let out another breathe and went back to you and Luciel. “Let’s get started.”

Hope you liked it! x)

charlenestudies  asked:

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[pt. 2 of stream] How Giriboy made the song We Can’t Get Married

From his stream to 50:00

What was I going to do? I forgot again (scratches face). I forgot again…
Ah! Now, WuGyeol… that like ok so WuGyeol was just out of nowhere. I was just going like whoahowaho (piano) and it just came out like that. So… there’s WuGyeol and That Should Be Easy. And I made those on the same day. It was a really depressing day. I was like hhdsdfsl;…. and I wrote the lyrics like tatata and I don’t know where… it is… I forgot… I’m trying to find it. Did I delete it? I… made… the songs on the same day… and… where are they? It’s… omg I hate when this happens. Oh here it is!
(WuGyeol plays) Can you hear it? Can you hear it? (I think it’s the demo ver. it’s a little different)
(Smiles) I don’t want to hear this, anyway, I made it like this. Could you hear it?
So I wanted to finish this song… so I called Yohan… there’s a guy named Yohan. I was like oh do this and that and finished the inst. and I have the girl part too… and I have to find that. It’s not just my room that is messy, but my computer is messy as well. So I have to fucking find it every time. I want someone to organize it. Is it this? No… Did I delete it? No (plays song) No (inst.) (open mouth) (sighs) Where is itttt
Okay, I forgot where it was. There’s a part that I sang and I gave the girl and every time I give a melody to a girl… like I don’t know. I don’t know girls. I don’t know how girls feel and like that. And I just write lyrics that I want to and I don’t know if they are the lyrics that girls feel… so it’s kind of difficult for me. And the range of vocals for a female… like it’s different. You know how it’s different from a guy. So I was worrying about that as well. But I just did it however I wanted it at first and sent it to her and Fromme nim did it so well for me. I’m not like a FAN of her, but I liked her. I liked her music and her voice… like yeah. There’s a song called ‘Under The Daylight Moon’ and 'I Like You’… well I didn’t like that that much and there’s also 'Zzing.’ There’s a song called 'Zzing.’ That’s good, too. And uh… there’s a long title as well. Anyway, all of those are good. So please check out all of them.
(video cuts off)
I thought people would hate the song. But people really liked it. Like they were saying that I was fucking awesome and stuff. heh. so like yeah. So I was like you’re fucking awesome as well.
So I went to the studio and I’m more comfortable here so I took the company’s mic and recorded my part here and her’s… I got it from her studio. And I met her at the studio… and she was… really pretty. HA so I was surprised. And she was really… serious and calm. So I kind of didn’t know what to do. Like I fucking… don’t know how to talk to people I have just met. I’m just like haha… haha… and if the other person talks a lot, then it’s easier for me to talk more. But she was serious and very put together so I felt a little overwhelmed… like… it feels like she belongs in Yeonnamdong…. yes. So I was like yeah.. yeah you want to record??? record? And I need a personal translator as well so Yohan did the translation for me.
When I first went in, I was like hello. I like you. and Yohan did everything. He would say this is good~ then I would be like no I think this is. and Yohan will know what I’m talking about and explain it to her. And she did well. Like I talked about it with her and a good song was born.
So when it was finished and I took everything and heard it at home, I was like oh… good..! Oh~~~ gooood. So it was good. But and I was listening to the mixed ver. and it was really good and I was like really good at singing. ha I’m usually not good at singing. BrotherSu directed me and he complimented me saying that I improved a whole lot. Anyway, I sing in whatever way I want. And I heard myself and I was just sounding so good… so like… ahhh I really don’t know how to say it. heh Okay. So to put it together and explain it, I was listening to the mixed version and it was so good and Fromme came out of nowhere and she was so good. Like ohhh woooowwww whoaaaaaaaa
Anyway, it was good.
And I’d forgotten that song. Like I didn’t listen to it for a while. Because I listened to it too much for a long time. I got tired of it. I even listened to it when I was working on other stuff. I always listen to my music. So I forgot about it because I stopped listening to it the day before the day it was supposed to be released. The day before the day it was going to come out, I was like okay, it’s going to come out in 2 days… and
(video cuts off)
Aishh, I don’t know how to say it. Anyway, so I was like oh, today’s the D-day. And after few hours, it came out and I was listening to it. And I was like ohhhh, it’s more good. I think it will be good for people to listen to this song after they’ve forgotten about it for awhile. So I was excited for it because it was better than I expected. Like… well, there’s a difference in how you feel before you release a song and after you release a song. I don’t know if any other musicians can agree with me…
Anyway, after I release something, I really like it more. And I really liked it, so I was like “Fromme nim thank you… it was already a good song without you, but it became very high quality because of you. It was a song made with whatever, but you made it high quality. If you need something, I will do anything for you. I will like fucking… do stuff for you. Like if you need someone to feature your songs, I’ll do it.” I didn’t say with no pay though, but she should know what I was trying to say, right? (smiles) Yes. There was a time like that when I was like I’ll do anything for her

Another Undertale AU guys, this time is Reapertale, I love this AU so much (fangirl screaming).

AU made by: @renrink

Thanks for the new followers, where are you finding me guys?!? Anyway, hope you enjoy the art :3

Edit: so many notes, OMG thank you >
In Our Stars

Title: In Our Stars

Pairing: SamXReader

Word Count: 3,689

Request: First of all, can I say what an amazing writer you are? Can I ask how you aren’t a published author? Cause DAMN! I would be so humbled if you could write a oneshot where one night the reader can’t sleep so she decides to go look at the stars through the bunker’s giant telescope only to find Sam already there. They both have feelings for each other but, unlike everyone else, they don’t know. Then Sam compares the reader to a constellation or something? Ends with fluff of course. PLEASE AND THANKS

A/N: OMG THIS REQUEST MADE MY LIFE LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE FLUFF IN HERE MAKES ME WANNA CUDDLE TO THE MOON AND BACK. Oh gosh but anyways I did some major catching up on my Greek mythology for this (Going to Greek school for 7 years of my life helped), and then I would have posted it like a half an hour ago but, I might have gotten a little side tracked, I wont say by what…(Crying over Sam and Jess…) Anways I hope you enjoy it and Anon you are so sweet but how do you not know I am not a published author. I might be. You never know… but I’m not so you made the right assumption!

You rolled over in your bed; breathing a sigh and then shaking your head, letting your eyes snap open.

“Yeah not gonna happen,” you said quietly to yourself, letting out a small sigh as you ran your hand through your tangled hair, letting your fingers get caught on the knots before giving up on running your fingers through the rest of your hair, not needing anymore pain than necessary. It had been like this ever since you laid in bed to go to sleep; the tossing and turning not letting up for even a second. Your eyes hurt and you could feel a headache coming up, but whatever you tried to do sleep couldn’t come to you. Your body felt sore from not being able to relax and your muscles were tense; not being able to ease up for days. You occasionally had restless nights and it didn’t bother you; life as a hunter usually didn’t lead to a good night sleep, but this was just ridiculous. You hadn’t been able to sleep in a week, and although you could feel the tiredness creeping up on you, every time you would allow your body to give in to the temptation of sleep it was as if someone jolted you awake and took your ability to relax away. You tried everything you could think of; counting sheep, taking a bath, reading, exercising , hell, you even tried drinking warm milk. But nothing helped, and your lack of sleep was obvious to the people around you. Sam and Dean weren’t oblivious, and they noticed how your eyes would slowly close at every stoplight, only to be jolted open as soon as the car started moving. They told you you needed sleep, and although you tried to explain to them how you felt, you could tell they didn’t truly understand how serious you were. And so every night in this past week you had just dealt with the lack of sleep; staying in your room in the bunker and waiting out until the morning. At first it wasn’t hard staying in your bed and letting your thought drift of to different things; you controlling that the things were good. You thought about you life and your friends, all the good you had done and all the bad you had killed, and you would be lying if you didn’t say that sometimes, well most of the times, your thought drifted toward the taller glass of water that you lived with; Sam. Oh the things you could say about Sam. How his muscles tensed as he fought, or how he looked in his FBI suit, making your mind wander to places that you had to quickly retrieve it from. Or how he would so relaxed as he slept, something you had caught up on the more than once times you had to share a motel room with him and Dean when they had no extra room. Usually thinking of Sam relaxed you and helped get you through the night, even if you couldn’t fall asleep, but for some reason this night thought about him just wasn’t cutting it for you. You could feel you thoughts travel to the darker side of your mind, a place you didn’t want to visit at the moment. You knew you had to do something more than lying in your bed to get you mind off of those thoughts.

“Ah fuck it,” you said softly, swinging your legs off the side of your bed, quickly picking up the sweater that was balled up at the foot of your bed and throwing it on over your bra and underwear; you not bothering to wear more to sleep when you were the only one in the room. You stood up, putting on the big sweater that you owned and zipping it up in the front. You then quietly made your way to your door, careful not to make to much noise opening and closing the door, not wanting to disturb the two brothers, whom you could hear from the end of the hall peacefully snoring. You rolled your eyes and shook your head, letting a smile come across your face as you started walking down the hall opposite of them, not quite sure where you were going. The bunker was huge, with many rooms, and many more rooms you were sure you and the brothers haven’t even come across yet. You could do more exploring and find something new, but you weren’t in the mood for an adventure at the moment. You could also read up, but even though you loved your moments that you got to read, you just couldn’t wrap you mind around reading currently. You wanted to do something completely relaxing to the mind, and that’s when it hit you. You lit up, a smile forming on your lips as you quickly made your way up the stairs, making sure to be quiet. You got up the stairs and turned around the corner, seeing the room you wanted to go to at the end of the hall, and then your smile disappeared. The door was cracked slightly open, and the light inside the room was on pouring out of the tiny crack, illuminating the hallway a bit. You immediately straightened and walked toward the door, careful of being quiet now for a completely different reason. You didn’t know who or what was in that room, and without a weapon you sure as hell weren’t going to let whatever was in there to find out who you were before you it. You tiptoed toward the door, holding your breath as you looked in the crack, but then quickly releasing the breath when you realized who was there. You let yourself get a better look through the crack, and you could see Sam kneeling a bit at the telescope, looking in it to see the stars up above. Of course you didn’t need the telescope to see the stars though, for most of the ceiling of the room was open up to the sky, allowing you to see the clear dazzling specks and all their glory. You smiled to yourself and straighten, moving your gaze from the crack and turning around, leaving Sam to his stars, when all of a sudden you heard his voice.

“You can come in here you know,” you heard Sam say. You looked back through the crack for a moment, seeing Sam still looking through the telescope, not seeming to take his gaze off it even once since you saw him. You quickly obliged though and walked into the room, opening the door slightly as you slipped in and closing it behind you, not wanting to allow the light to escape the room.

“How did you know I was out there?” you asked, tearing your gaze from the stars above to him. He quickly looked away from the telescope then at you, shock barely evident in his face but still showing.

“I knew someone was there, but I honestly didn’t think it was you. I thought it was Dean,” you let out a small chuckle and shook your head.

“Sorry to let you down Sam but I’m not Dean,” you said.

“No that’s alright! I just- why are you awake?” Sam asked, tripping over his words.  You made your way toward the telescope and Sam moved aside a little bit, allowing you to look through it.

“I told you guys I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t lying,” you said simply, noting the stars that shone brighter than the others.

“Well shit,” Sam said, scratching the back of his neck, his action unknown to you as you kept looking through the telescope. You pulled away from the telescope and shrugged your shoulders letting a small smile take over your features.

“It’s fine Sam. What about you? Why isn’t the famous Winchester sleeping?” you asked with a smirk, playfully punching his shoulder. He rolled his eyes and rested his hand on the telescope, looking up at the stars through the glass. 

“Couldn’t sleep,” Sam said simply. You frowned and walked up to him, resting your hand on his shoulder, getting him to look at you. 

“Hey are you alright?” you asked him sympathetically.

“Yah I’m fine Y/N it’s just one of those nights you know?” he asked you, to which you nodded to. You then pulled away from him and walked over to one of the couches in the room, pretty much made for stargazing. It was a sort of long couch like recliner, except it was always in a slanted position. You let yourself get comfortable in the couch and then looked up at the sky, but then frowned at the fact of the light coming from in the room.

“Hey Sam,” you said, propping yourself up on your elbows to see him staring at you already. You quickly blushed and then looked away from him, setting your gaze on the light switch. 

“Would you mind if the lights were off? It’s so much nicer to look at them when the only light that is being produced is by them,” you said.

“Oh yeah sure,” you heard Sam say before he made his way toward the light switch. He then turned off the lights and you let yourself rest against the couch again. This time when you looked up at the stars you smiled, the stars being much more brighter and prominent then they were before.

“They’re beautiful ,” you said quietly, awe-stricken by the sight.

“Yah they are,” Sam said. His voice startled you and you quickly looked over at him to see him looking up too, craning his neck to look out of the glass.

“You know you can come here Sam, it’s a lot easier on the neck,” you said nervously, hoping you weren’t sounding to desperate. But Sam just looked at you and nodded, making his way towards you. He then took his spot on the couch and laid down next to you, your arms just barely touching. You felt your breath hitch and you had to force yourself not to let the butterflies completely eat you up, and little did you know Sam felt the same way. You tried to bring your attention back towards the stars, trying to find constellations within them, and eventually you got lost in the vastness of them. You were so intrigued by them you didn’t think you would be able to pull away from them until Sam spoke.

“Hey Y/N,” Sam said, snapping you out of your thoughts.

“Hmm?” you said, letting out a small noise instead of speaking.

“Do you know anything about constellations?” Sam said. You looked at his and tilted you head, not knowing why he was bringing it up. But then again you two were stargazing… 

“Not really no,” you said, keeping your gaze on him.

“The stories about them are really interesting in my opinion, especially the ones from Greek mythology,” Sam said, looking at you. 

“I never knew you were into that kind of stuff,” you said, raising your eyebrow.

“Well the bunker has a lot of reading material,” Sam said with a chuckle. You let out a small laugh and nodded.

“Yeah you have a point there,” you said. It then became silent and you felt yourself craving to hear the sound of his voice again and the calming nature his words carried.

“Could you maybe tell me some of the stories,” you asked, biting your bottom lip in fear of his response. But Sam just looked at you and smiled, nodding and looking back up at the stars. 

“Sure,” he said simply. He pointed at the stars that made one constellation, but you didn’t move your gaze from him.

“So that constellation there is Cancer. Do you see the shape o-“ Sam said before stopping himself when he turned to look at you to see you weren’t looking at the stars. You quickly looked up but then looked back at him, knowing you were busted.

“You know Y/N if I point toward something that usually means you look at it,” Sam said, giving you a little smirk.

“Yeah yeah,” you said, brushing him off and looking up at the sky, letting a little smile out.

“Alright so you see that shape over there that kind of looks like a line with two sticks branching out from it,” Sam said, pointing to the sky. You tried to follow his direction but you couldn’t see what he was talking about.

“I can’t see it,” you said, trying to make something out from the stars.

“Here come closer, it’s like right above me,” Sam said. You scooted closer to him, mentally shushing your speeding heartbeat as you tried to find the constellation again. 


“Sam I can’t find it and you pointing something out is like you speaking in tongues,” you said. he sighed and let his had fall and the turned to you and back to the sky as to expect something. 

“Here let me try something,” Sam said. He then scooted his body closer to yours and lifted his arm closest to you, raising it and draping it around your shoulders so your head rested mostly on his shoulders.

“Is this alright?” he asked, looking at you, his face merely inches apart. You nodded, afraid to speak for fear that what would come out would be an inhuman noise, or worse, your true feelings towards him. He looked at you deeply, as if to study your face, and you broke away from the intense stare, looking up at the sky.

“So where is this constellation,” you said, trying to recollect yourself. You knew that Sam only considered you a friend, and while it was sometimes frustrating, you didn’t want to push you extremely good friendship with him. You heard Sam sigh but quickly rase his hand to pint to a section right in the sky. 

“Right above you. I’m tracing it with my fingers,” Sam said.

“Oh ok I see it now!” you said.

“So that’s a constellation?” you asked, not quite impressed with the shape.

“Yeah that’s the cancer constellation,” Sam said, dropping his hand. You expected him to pull away from you, but instead he kept his arm around you, draping it on your shoulder.

“Tell me about it,” you said, moving slightly closer to him, hoping he didn’t notice.

“Well in Greek mythology, you know how Zeus was always getting together with people he really shouldn’t have?” Sam asked. You laughed and rolled your eyes.

“As in he kept sticking it in to places that caused a lot of trouble?” you asked, glancing over at him. He looked at you and laughed, and then you both looked back at the sky.

“Well you know how that made Hera really pissed, and when Hercules was born, Hera didn’t take that to good. She pretty much made Hercules life a living hell, and when Hercules had to do the 12 impossible tasks, one of them being killing the nine headed water serpent, Hydra, Hera sent a crab to pretty much annoy the crap out of Hercules and kill him. Hercules stepped on the crab though and killed it, but it goes that Hera placed the image of the cab in the sky to reward it for its service,” Sam said. 

“Well damn,” you said, looking at the constellation a bit differently; with more awe.

“Yeah that annoying crab in the sky has always reminded me of you in a way,” Sam said. You looked at him with fake hurt and smacked his arm, scoffing at him before resting your head on his shoulder again.

“You’re a dick,” you said, looking at him and letting out a laugh. He looked at you and laughed too, shaking his head. 

“I’m just kidding, you’re not annoying,” he said, moving a piece of hair that fell in your face to the side and behind your ears, letting his hand linger on the side of your face.

“I was worried,” you said sarcastically, addressing what he said, but very aware of what was going on at the current moment.

“Tell me another one,” you said, slowly looking back up at the stars, Sam letting his gaze on you linger for a moment before following your stare.

“Well there’s this other constellation, Taurus, but it’s not out right now,” Sam said.

“Tell me what it looks like so I can picture it,” you said.

“Alright close you eyes” Sam said. You looked at im with a raised eyebrow but he rolled his eyes at you.

“Oh come on it will help you picture it better,” he said. You smiled softly at him and then looked up again, letting your eyes shut.

“So imagine a long line, kind of straight in the beginning and then in the middle getting kind of crooked,” Sam said. You stayed silent, trying to picture it.

“Ok now imagine in the middle of the line, right before it starts getting crooked, a small line juts out toward the side with the straight line,” Sam said. You then felt his finger on your shoulder move slightly, and you realized he was tracing the constellation with his finger onto your skin. You smiled slightly and let yourself get closer to him, loving the feel of his touch on you. Sam smiled, looking down at you and feeling you get closer, loving the intimacy he felt from you, or maybe the intimacy he might have been making up in his head, but at the moment he didn’t care for over-analyzing. 

“Ok you with me so far?” Sam asked. You nodded and let out a “hmm,” keeping your eyes closed, just wanting to hear his voice again.

“Now imagine from that little line comes two other lines, going in different directions. One going this way,” Sam said, tracing the one line on your skin ,

“And one going that way,” Sam said, tracing the other line on your skin .  

“And that’s the constellation,” Sam said, not removing his hand from your arm.

“I like it,” you said, remembering his touch tracing the shape into your skin, “I like it a lot.”

“Tell me the story now Sam,” you said, resting your head closer towards Sam, letting your eyes stay closed.

“Well once there was this beautiful girl named Europa. One day she was picking flowers when Zeus saw her and of course couldn’t control himself. He disguised himself as a white bull and went where Europa was and was very gentle. So gentle in fact, Europa felt safe enough around it to get on its back,” Sam said.

“Oh Europa,” you sighed, keeping your eyes closed. Sam smiled, unknowingly to you, and nodded.

“She got on the bull’s back and suddenly the bull charged towards sea and brought her to the island of Crete, where Zeus showed himself and made her his lover behind a Cyprus tree. Europa had three of his children and became the first queen of Crete, and Zeus cast the white bull’s shape into the stars so she and everyone else could remember the story,” Sam said.

“Well that’s intense but, lets be honest, it has a better ending then most Greek myths,” you said, opening your eyes to meet his.

“That’s true,” Sam said, “And actually this myth makes me think of you.” You rolled your eyes and shoved him, letting out a sigh.

“Really Sam?” you said, letting out a chuckle.

“I mean it though, but not in a bad way. Europa was beautiful, so much so Zeus disguised himself to be with her. She seemed nice and gentle and, while Zeus could have handled things differently, she reminds me a lot of you. Though you are a badass hunter, you have that soft spot to you that is honestly such a relief from the life we have. My go Y/N you keep me sane in this fucked up world,” Sam said. You just looked straight into his eyes, your shock thoroughly evident.

“Sam I had no idea,” you said, drifting off.

“As corny as this sounds, you’re the light in my world,” he said, looking into your eyes. You looked at him speechless, not knowing what to do. You looked from his eyes slowly to his lips, letting your gaze linger a bit before looking at him in the eyes again; subconsciously licking your lips. Sam caught that action, watching you intently, and within a second his lips were on yours, his body shifted to face yours while his hand behind your head was gripping your hair and the other was on your waist, bringing you closer. You rested one hand on his chest while the other landed to rest on his face, caressing his cheek. You interlocked your legs with him, wanting to move closer to him, craving his touch. You both pulled away, needing to breath, you looking at the lips you just touched before moving your gaze towards his eyes, which was just looking right back at you.

“I feel the same way Sam,” you said, resting your head on the side his face, the edges of your lips merely inches apart.

“One day the Y/N constellation will be up in the sky, and it will be shinning brighter than the rest, and it’ll be my favorite story to tell,” Sam said.

“And I can’t wait until you tell it to me,” you said, kissing him again before pulling away and laying you head on his chest, hearing the steady beats of his heart .

“Until that day comes though, tell me another story,” you said, closing you eyes.

“Well once upon a time Zeus couldn’t keep it in his pants…” Sam started with the story. You didn’t remember how long after those words you finally fell asleep, with Sam following suit almost instantly after you. All you knew was that when you both woke up next morning with the sun in your face and in each other’s arms, you had finally found a cure for your restless nights, and it was the best cure in the book.

(SPOILERS FOR the avgengers!!!!)
SOOOOOO I SAW AGE OF ULTRON YESTERDAY (YAYYYY FINALLY) and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT, I LOVED the plot and the message that the movie wanted to be heard and basically everything. And it was also pretty fucking hilarious omfg I mean my favourite scene was the one where Vision (fuck new fictional character to drool over) lifts Thor’s hammer and EVERYONE IS LIKE “????????????? :O :O :O :O so that happened….ANYWAYS” lol everyone in the theater laughed their asses off in that one and Omg the one where Clint is considering (jokingly) to kill Petrio and nobody would ever find out hahaha my love only grew stronger for him in that scene but my poor baby Petrio ;( and LAST BUT NOT LEAST, SCARLET WITCH AND THE VISION ANYONE???? Did anyone witnessed the little moment between them? No? yes? Maybe? Well when I saw Vision saving Wanda I knew that I was fucked lol *HELLO NEW OTP*
Yeah anyway, in over all i really enjoyed the movie, I can’t wait to watch again and I really don’t understand why most of people hated the movie. Like I almost feel bad for loving it so much :/
Okay, I’m sorry this turned into a rant (again) COME TALK TO ME ABOUT SCARLET VISION HEHE <3

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