where did his pants go

I cant write smut - like I’ve tried and its just as stupid as any other noobs. But like occationally I’ll be reading something and the smut scene happens and I just know I could fix it.

Like its so fucking terrible please just let me fix it. … And thats how I realized I don’t have much personal investment in writing smut - like I’ve got no plan or reason for this shit to be happening and I dont really care.

But I always get invested in reading stuff so when the quality is bad I just neeed to fix it. Not even in a “i can write better than this” way because thats NOT true, just in a

“where the fuck did his pants go? Your neck doesnt bend that way. I swear to god if you continue to try to write this like a bad hentai I will vomit. At least make the grossness sound like something they want. They liked it and wanted more is a cop out seriously. Look this guys got six hands and shes what being floped around like a doll? Um no that sounda painful and not in a fun way. WHY DOES EVERYONE FORGET LUBE”

Sort of way you know?

And sometimes ita like obvious where the author themselves got bored cause everything rushes to an end all at once but not in a way that speaks of passion.

And all noobs sound the same writing this shit you know? Like cliches out the wazoo. Or like we all know what happens and are stuck conveying that sort of shrug I know how this works but i dont know like… How this works sort of feeling.

Just like. I cant write it myself but please god let me fix whats wrong in yours because i can see it and somehow magically know what to do to fix it.

Its just frustrating because an otherwise good writers quality goes like three levels down on smut scenes. And its painful to watch.