where did he find such a thing

Okay, so I’m rewatching the Will-free moments of 4,722 Hours, and like, Jemma spent weeks next to the pond with the monster plant. WEEKS. Which, you know, is smart, since it’s the only water source that she could find. 

She says something about losing her way to the entry site, which means that she tried to find her way back to where she left her necklace, and she couldn’t find it. Basically, she’s consigned to camping out at the pond until she can figure out her next move.

And then, she goes to investigate a noise, walks what, fifty feet(?) away from her campsite, and literally falls into Will’s cave place thing.

I mean, it makes sense that Will would stay near a water source. But he was right next door to a human woman for WEEKS, and didn’t give her any sign that she was there. Did he not need water at all that whole time?

AND THEN, according to the deleted scenes, when he does actually meet her and learns her story, he hands her the necklace that she left behind. Just hands it right over.

So did Will know she was there the whole time? Did he assume that she was Hive? I mean, he would have seen a young woman sitting next to a fire, talking to herself. That’s not a thing that scary sand monsters do. They certainly don’t keep it up for days and weeks and months.

And it seems to me that at one point, Will must have tried to figure out where she came from, right? Or maybe he just stumbled upon a necklace by accident? At the bottom of an arrow made of rocks? An arrow that was clearly made by a human and points in the general direction of the pond? 


I mean, I love Jemma for 85% of that episode. I loved her most of all in the pre-Will parts where she survives on her own. I also love her when she tries to find her way home despite Will the Downer. But we all know nothing this episode doesn’t match up with the rest of season 3 (Hive and the sand monster act completely differently; Will is apparently a completely different person with a different background; Jemma’s reactions don’t line up with her experiences). But, I mean, it doesn’t even make sense internally. 

They got such praise for this episode, and there is some justification for that because Elizabeth’s performance was fantastic, and we did get a lot of great character moments. But between the character-assassination of an ending, the way that the episode fits into the season, and the way the episode fits together as a whole, you really have to wonder what the heck everyone in the writing room was thinking.

FFXV [Ending SPOILERS] Noctis’ Cape

So you guys remember that final battle, right, and like, you warp down to where Ardyn’s waiting for you, then he greets us, we clash with the swords, and then we’re thrown away.

Did you notice Noctis loses the cape of his royal attire somewhere as he was thrown away?

Can you imagine when the chocobros find it?***

Like, when Noctis dies he shatters and there’s NOTHING left of him; no corpse, no ring, no weapons, no clothes…

Except his cape.

Because he was not wearing it when he died; he lost it somewhere in Insomnia. So the only thing that’s physically left to work as some kind of memento would be the cape.

I’ve been thinking for weeks on how, when people get back to Insomnia, they’re going to clean up the mess it became, so sooner or later somebody has to spot the cape. It’s gonna be sad to the people of Insomnia because that’s what’s left of their king, but also it’ll be so happy because ohgod, our king gave up his life and dreams at such a young age for us, what a man. :)

But the bros.

What do you think their reaction was?

Because, yes, they lost their king but…They lost more than just that.

It was their life time best friend.

Idk. I can’t stop picturing a random citizen finding the cape then bringing it to the bros like
“Mister Ignis! We found this while cleaning (X) street. It belonged to our King Noctis, didn’t it?”
Then Ignis just holding it with a hand like, staying quiet and just feeling it because he literally can’t see if they handed him the cape or just a random piece of cloth, but this, the smell of rain and the stupid smell of grilled wild barramundi, and the tickling sensation of the fabric of the cape under his fingertips…

It feels the same than Noctis’ bedsheets from the times he slept with the prince whenever he had a nightmare, even though the fabric is not the same.

And then him bringing it to Gladio, and Gladio just like,
Omg, holding it and then grinning because awman, this looked so stupid on him the first time, but then made him look like the real king he turned out to be. And then just staring down and holding the cape so weakly and probs even starting to cry because
Because I was his sworn shield. He wasn’t supposed to die before I’d do, but here I am. Holding this stupid cape, that’s supposed to be on his shoulders. Not my stupid hands. 

And then them bringing it to Prompto.

And Prompto just like, YOOOOO, THAT’S SO COOL

And the guys confused at first bc “how can he be so happy about it?”

But then Prompto just starts crying like he’s hiding all of the cygillian sea in his eyes, but never stopping to smile because “I thought he had left without leaving us something to remember him, but he did! Daylight, peace, and a memento. Noctis’ always thinking on everything,huh!”

And then he just laughs, and keeps laughing until the other two smile, and he keeps laughing until the laughter turns into sobbing, and then the sobbing turns into bawling until he just goes down to his knees and cries into the cape and the bros kneel down at his side for a silent group hug because

Holyshit, Noct.

King’s Knight party games have been so boring without you.

*** In case you tell me the bros can’t mourn on it because they died too, here I present you to my theory on why I believe they are alive [and let’s just remember it’s my personal opinion, but the ending remains open for you to interpret it the way you want. So if you want them dead, that’s okay; just keep it cool not bashing on us who believe they survive. It’s all just theories :)] 

My Aesthetic
  • Even noticing Isak the first day of school, weeks before Isak ever even noticed him
  • Even probably having his own moment when Isak had some sort of epic slow-motion walk as he went by
  • Even probably staring at Isak a lot 
  • Even sitting himself in the cafeteria in a place where Isak could easily see him just in case
  • Even joining Kose JUST TO MEET ISAK
  • Even seating himself near Isak and then looking at him when Vilde says to group up
  • Even leaving to go find Isak after he leaves bc “no it took me weeks to get near you where the f did you go you adorable boy”
  • Even doing that dumb thing with the tissues as a conversation starter
  • Even looking at Emma when she comes up to them outside like “this bich…”
  • Even immediately claiming Isak as his partner when Emma intrudes bc “back off chick I saw him first. I’ve been after him for WEEKS there ain’t no way you steppin up on this now. yeah you heard that right. WEEKS.”
  • Even “forgetting” his id just so he can invite Isak over
  • Even knowing about Isak’s rapping skills which mean he did so much stalking of his own
  • “like hey that cute dude in the snapback whats his name?” “oh he raps that’s cool” “what year is he” “yo is he single?”
  • ((CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS JUST UP TO EPISODE TWO! I know Even probably won’t be the main for season 4 but I want to know more about him and him noticing Isak and what he does and ughhhhh)
People fear someone falling out of love with them, but no one usually questions what it’s like to be the one falling out. They can’t picture feeling that something must be horribly wrong with you because there’s no other plausible explanation for why your heart doesn’t flutter when you look at him like it used to. It was the position I never thought I would find myself in, yet here I was, looking at the man I supposedly loved and not feeling a thing. If there was anything there, it was negative. Annoyance, anger, sadness, the complete opposite of everything he used to make me feel. It wasn’t right to let him believe things were okay, so I told him. Watching his facial expression drift from a quiet seriousness into a brokenness I never thought I would cause, I wished I didn’t mean the words I said but I knew I did. I couldn’t keep running away, after all, where could I go when the person that used to feel like home no longer did?
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: Telling the guy you love that you’re falling out of love for the same reason you fell in love with him.
Gray - chances to walk away

When they met at Akane Resort

and didn’t mind the idea of her joining

When she joined the guild….

and he had the biggest smile on his face.

When Ultear intended to kill Juvia…

but he saved her….

When Erza told him to “make things clear”….

but he didn’t respond….

When he DID reject Juvia during the GMG Banquet…

and rejected her scarf…

it contradicted what happened four chapters before, where he had something important to tell her…

and died for her.

In 413 Days, he ran back to find her scarf and wore it….

and apologised to her about it later. (Juvia too.)

He could have refused her Gruvi-bread….

but he didn’t…

Gray could have really walked away when JUVIA suggested it herself….

but he didn’t…

He’s had many opportunities to say no to the things he doesn’t like…..




So why….

hasn’t he…

said no?

Because just like he stopped the rain for her….

She healed him from the ghosts of his past.

His light…

in his life where he only knew of loss and pain.

Because she reminds him…. 

to see the good…

Proves to him that she won’t be like the others… 

by coming back.  

And because, throughout all of this…..

He is grateful that she is always there.

So imagine:

Keith getting a bad fever, but he keeps trying to push himself into working and training to the point where Lance finds Keith in his room achey and basically unable to move. Of course Lance quickly starts to lecture Keith about how he should have told someone and being too proud can get you killed, so on, but then Keith paws at Lance and whimpers for water. Lance is quickly too flustered not to help him, and he goes into mom mode like he always did with his younger siblings. He spends the next three or four days nursing Keith back to health, and when Keith is back on his feet, everyone asks him about Lance taking care of him, so of course Keith says he doesn’t even remember Lance being around until the last day while Lance screeches about how Keith was the one who asked for help.

what i find really cool about the dance pics is that you can really tell who the characters are by their dancing? like, yurio dances with a lot of anger and without a lot of finesse - he does a lot of cool stuff, sure, his body can do all sorts of things - but he doesn’t have any beat or flow. he’s just making his body do impressive things to impress, he’s not giving a good overrall experience. that’s something he’s struggled with in his skating, where he did amazing technically but had no feeling behind the routine. chris, of course, uses a pole. he’s a very strong man, proud of his body, and very sexual. pole dancing really highlights his skating, and his interactions with the other skaters so far. he’s got nothing to hide. then viktor - viktor is clearly moving his body with a lot of finesse and style, but he looks like he’s still on the ice, not really dancing. he throws his legs out like one would during a routine, poses his hands in the same way, doesnt use his hips. its got class, sure, but its not super dance-y. at the same time, it’s not nearly as serious as his skating can be - he’s there to have fun. viktor wants to have a good time, and dancing with yuri, he is. and speaking of yuri: he, of course, dances like his body is the music itself. just like how viktor described his skating. on top of that, interestingly enough, he seems to go along with the styles everyone else is doing. he breakdances with yurio, pole dances with chris, dances like he’s doing couples skating with viktor. going along with the flow - that’s something that yuri has admitted to struggling with, particularly in regards to choosing his own music for his routines. even though he started the dance-off, he still went along with the styles that everyone else chose. it’s really cool to see all of that reflected in the pics

Cole Sprouse & Roberto on Betty & Jughead

Although there is trouble with his dad, and the teenager is still without a permanent home, there is some light in Jughead’s life – his budding relationship with Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart). The two shared a kiss in last week’s episode. Betty’s response to the kiss was unexpected as she changed gears, turning her attention to finding Jason Blossom’s car. Jughead did make note of Betty’s response – saying, “Wow, that’s what you were thinking of in the middle of our moment?” – but he didn’t take it as a slight, Cole said.

“I had sort of read it as, well, if Jughead can be a force of clarity in Betty’s life in that moment where she’s sort of hyperventilating and panicking – if his romance with Betty can be the thing that allows her to see clearly, that’s something I think he [would take] pride in,” Cole told Access.

Then Roberto finally shared that he intended to put Betty and Jughead for a while now hehe…he’s a long time Bughead shipper from the comics just like us!

For those fans (like us!) who are already loving this unconventional couple, we’ve got the inside scoop on how Jughead and Betty’s romance came to fruition.

“From the very earliest days [of Riverdale’s development,] I kind of knew I wanted to tell a Jughead-Betty romance because,” Riverdale executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa dished to ET over the phone. “I was rally really taken with the idea that Archie’s best gal friend was Betty and his best guy friend was Jughead and I thought that it would be an interesting way to reframe the love triangle.”

“Archie used to be the only thing that these two characters have in common and now, as their friendship and their relationship develops, Archie is more peripheral to their lives and I thought that was a really interesting thing,” he continued. “And in the comics over the last 75 years, there had been big, big hints that Jughead had fond feelings for Betty, so it felt like we were honoring that tradition as well. 

More from Cole Sprouse and Roberto below! Love reading the actors perspective on their scenes!

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things i love about taliesin jaffe
  • his full name is taliesin axelrod jaffe
  • the thing where he drags his hands over his face when he’s nervous or thinking esp hard about something
  • when he goes full Nobility Percy and tilts his head up and looks down his nose at Matt
  • the fact that his professional public fucking twitter handle is executivegoth like. first of all who did he kill to get that.
  • he blushes like a motherfucker whenever he’s complimented
  • the ever-changing hair
  • the golden snitch
  • easily the quickest to catch on to matt’s plans and almost always finds a way to work around them
  • *describes a tinkering idea to matt* *sees the look on matt’s face* “just a simple-”
  • clarota costume. tHE FUCKING CLAROTA COSTUME!!!
  • his roleplaying during the entire briarwood arc was so fucking hot leave my goth ass alone i was so into it
  • his music taste is gothic as fuck, he is goth as fuck, i love goth men so much
  • love him
  • support him
  • protect taliesin jaffe at all costs
Voltron Frozen!AU


-Ice Queen Allura

-Her younger (and lonely) brother, Lance

-Coran, the faithful royal advisor and caretaker 

-The charming Prince Lotor of the Galra Kingdom

-Ice boy Keith and his reindeer, Red

-Hunk loves warm hugs don’t fight me on this

-Lance ofc falls for Lotor bc Lotor is nice and sweet and makes him feel worthwhile (like a lot of Lancelot hcs)

-Then he has to deal with Keith, who talks to his reindeer and is rude (and possibly a little crazy wt the boulder thing)


-Hunk is ready to melt for Lance and also this sunshine boy needs some sun

-Fuck yeah Lance punches Lotor in the face

-L a n g s t

-White haired! Altean Lance bc that happens too in this story

-N then theres Shiro with the white streak

-where did it come from?

-another snow wielder?

-who knows

-find out in the sequel

EDIT: For those asking about Pidge, I’m not really sure but I think she/they would come in like Shiro-after the original plot. Feel free to add your own ideas if you’d like

Jacob Kowalski though. Who is he?? How did we deserve him???

This motherf****r has a silver egg hatch in his hand, gets whisked through space multiple times, is attacked by a naked mole rat porcupine thing, and lured into a magical briefcase where he–instead of freaking the f**k out–starts FEEDING THE MAGICAL CREATURES WITH HIS NEW WIZARD BEST FRIEND. 




After Cassian knew where Galen was, he didn’t have to go back for Jyn when she was on that platform. He had no orders to bring her back, nor did he have to go and get her before leaving Jedha. He didn’t even have to keep her alive after finding out that Galen was on Eadu. In fact, the smart thing would have been to leave her on Jedha, or put her out of her misery so that he could complete the mission without further complication.

She was expendable at that point, and not imperative to his orders. She was a liability, because any reasonable person knows that she wasn’t just going to stand aside when she had a chance to be reunited with the father she hadn’t seen in 15 years, who sacrificed himself out of love for her and for the sake of the rebellion. Cassian especially would know better than that. The smarter thing would have been to dispose of her just like he disposed of the informant on the trading outpost.

He couldn’t even pull the trigger to fulfill his orders because of Jyn. He not only knew in his heart that Jyn was right, but he couldn’t hurt her like that. “I had every opportunity to pull the trigger, but did I? Did I?”

He even tried to call off the Rebel Squadron on Eadu because “Jyn’s on that platform!” At that point, she was entirely irrelevant to his orders, but instead of running away from the fight, chaos, and distraction, he runs TOWARDS it to go get her and save her from the Alliance bombs. He wouldn’t leave her behind, or let her get hurt beCAUSE HE LOVES HER.

I didnt really feel like Uncle Andy was being xenophobic. I think some people are taking his characterization the wrong way–his whole thing was he was afraid of change, and his family barn literally got invaded by actual, outer space aliens, so he was upset. Like, try to rewatch and find instances where he actually got upset at weird shit the Gems did. There really aren’t any. They are flying around, pounding carrots out of the ground, presenting him with a tombstone, raising their plates in a toast, and none of that upset him. It was stuff like when he realized they took the engine from the plane he learned to fly in and turned it into a cooktop that made him angry, because it meant that things weren’t staying the same.

Of course I’m not trying to say that Andy is a perfect character, but I think that interpreting him as “Steven’s racist uncle” is kind of unfair considering he didn’t discriminate against them at all–he seemed really understanding and accepting of the Gems, even though they were obviously really different from him and did stuff that he didn’t understand. He was close-minded when it came to changing the way that things were traditionally but not when it came to accepting the Gems for who they are. I thought it was a good message? just my personal 2 cents, it’s perfectly fine to disagree


clary’s reaction to finding her mother’s body

My favorite thing about Newt is he did nothing wrong throughout the movie????? He only came to America to release an endangered creature back to its’ natural habitat and study some more creatures and that’s it. That’s all he wanted to do

Newt is just a pure, innocent hufflepuff wondering around New York and is trying his best 


GET TO KNOW ME MEME  [1/5] Favorite Relationships Joana & Rafael (3%)

“Joana we may have gotten where we are doing things the wrong way but I believe we’re doing the right thing now. In our own way. I don’t know what you did or what you saw in the tunnel. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t wanna know. I know, I feel  that you’re a good person. You’re the only one who doubts that.”

Some Things Never Change

When Bruce had finally revealed to his wife that their son was alive, the first thing she did was yell at him for keeping it a secret for so long.

After letting out her frustration and anger, Y/N Wayne made it her mission to find Jason Todd.

Jason was unsurprisingly fantastic at covering up his tracks and was a pro at making sure no one could find him.

But Y/N knew him. She knew how his brain worked and she knew from what Bruce had told her, where he was.

Even after five long years, she still was able to read him like an open book.

She could tell by the way he was avoiding interacting with anyone in their family that he was bitter. She could tell that he was angry at Bruce for not avenging his death and for ‘replacing’ him so quickly with Tim. And lastly, she could tell by his absence that he felt betrayed by her for showing the same love that she had showed him to his replacement

Never would Y/N regret loving Tim, or adopting him from his neglectful family who were always away. Never could she tell Jason that Tim was a mistake because he wasn’t. And neither was Jason.

But Jason has always been insecure, and Y/N didn’t blame him for being that way.

When he was first introduced to her, she immediately greeted him with the motherly love that he had been deprived from since his birth.

Shockingly to many if they knew how he was now, he had been the shyest kid she had ever met.

Though Jason quickly warmed up to her, he was still insecure.

Jason never felt like he belonged. He could tell by the looks he got from people at galas and fancy get-togethers that they thought the same thing.
They only saw him as the lucky street rat who the prestigious Wayne family had taken in as a charity case.

And he hated it.

After his death, Y/N fell into a deep depression. Not many knew as she hardly ever went outside anymore, but when Tim came along…it was like a light came back into her life.

Never could the third Boy Wonder replace Jason, but that didn’t make Tim less of a son to her then Jason and Dick.

Now, as she stood at the front door of the anti-hero’s apartment, which was located in one of the baddest neighborhoods of Gotham (though all of the city was bad), she took in a deep breath and knocked.

“Whoever the fuck you are, go away!”

Y/N jumped at the loud voice, but she couldn’t help but smile at how…grown up he sounded.

The last time she’d saw him, he had been a mere fifteen-year-old boy going through puberty. It saddened her to know that she had missed half a decade of his life thanks to a psychopath.

She knocked on the door again and this time all she got as a response was an annoyed grunt and stomping.

The matriarch of the Wayne family held her breath as the door flung open, revealing a shirtless boy who was a full head taller than her with a white streak in his black hair.

His eyes immediately widened at the sight of his mom standing just a few feet away from him with a blank expression on her face.

Though she was now in her late-30s, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Y/N Wayne was beautiful.

“Mom?” Jason whispered in total shock.

Her emotionless facade broke and as hard as she tried to stop them, the tears that had been forming up in her eyes since she had heard his voice, rolled down her cheeks.

Y/N lets out a joyous laugh and pulled her son into a tight hug.

It took a moment for Jason to finally realize that this was actually the woman who had practically raised him since he was a child, but he soon hugged her back just as tightly.

After almost five minutes of hugging, Y/N pulled away and wiped away the tears that had fallen. She gazed up at her son and placed a warm hand on his cheek.

She sent him a tearful smile, “I missed you so much.”

Jason’s eyes suddenly hardened at her words. “Not enough apparently.” He said, scowling as the picture he had seen of Tim and his mom flashed into his mind.

Y/N scowled back and crossed her arms around her chest, “Don’t start with that, Jason Peter Todd.” She warned.

Ignoring her words, he snapped, “It hadn’t even been a year, mom! A fucking year! And you were already treating my replacement like he was your son!”

“Because he is my son!” retorted Y/N.

Not wanting anyone to hear them argue, she walked into the apartment and rolled her eyes at how untidy it was. As she was use to it, she didn’t really care anymore.

“And so was I!” Jason shouted, the hurt evident in his voice as he slammed the door closed.

Y/N sighed, her former anger forgotten as she stood in front of Jason.

His green eyes held such vulnerability and she knew that if she continued to argue with him, he would later do something completely reckless.

“I never said you weren’t.” Y/N said, softly.

“Then why did you and Bruce replace me so quickly. Like I was…nothing to you?” Jason asked, his voice quieted.

Her eyes teared up again and she laughed a shaky laugh, “Tim is a very bright kid,” she winced, instantly regretting how she started off with that. “He figured out who Bruce and Dick were long before you came along and when you appeared and Dick moved out, he put two-and-two together to discover that Dick was now Nightwing and you were the new Robin.”

There was a silence.

“How?” Jason questioned.

“He was there that night when Dick’s biological parents…”

“Oh,” was all he said, “that’s rough.”

She nodded in agreement, “Yes, but he’s a strong kid.” She said, “After you…died,” enter wince, “he saw how impulsive Batman was acting and knew that your death was the reason why.”

“What do you mean?”

Y/N sent him a sad smile, “We all had different ways of dealing with your death, Jaybird.” She said before continuing, “so Tim offered to become Robin because he knew that Batman can’t be Batman without Robin.”

“We never wanted to replace you, Jason.” She told him, “You’re our son.”

Jason slowly nodded his head, “Okay.”

“Okay?” Y/N questioned with raised eyebrows.

The boy smirked at his mother and nodded again, “Okay.”

Y/N’s lips broke out into a grin and she wrapped her arms around him again to give him another deadly hug.

“Goddamn, mom! One death squeeze was enough for one day!” Jason complained, wincing.

She laughed and released him from his misery, “Lunch at your favorite diner?” She suggested.

Jason raised in his eyebrows in his surprise. “That place is still there?”

Y/N threw him a smirk that was oh-so-identical to his. “I own it now.”

A warm feeling erupted in his chest and Jason smiled, “Then sure, but I have to get back before the sunset. I have patrol tonight.”

She rolled her eyes, knowing what he does during those patrols.

She wasn’t comfortable knowing that her son was murdering people in unmerciful ways, but she couldn’t deny that with the Red Hood, crime rates sure has plopped down by a lot.

“Some things just never change.” Y/N chuckled, remembering all those times where Jason would remind her that he had patrol with Bruce when she would suggest they’d do something together.

Jason replied with a smirk, “Just because I died and became a little looney doesn’t mean I changed completely, ma.”