where did he even find that picture

Someone give me seventeen-year-old Yakov Feltsman at the 1964 Olympics wearing bell-bottoms and a peasant shirt with a scarf around his head, hair cut into a moptop and skating to The Twist. He landed the first triple flip in competition and, in an interview, announced that his inspiration was the most beautiful girl he’d ever met, his girlfriend of three weeks Lilia Baranovskaya.

Yakov’s coach is banging his head against a wall somewhere just off camera.

Forty years later and Viktor Nikiforov, he of the fae-like looks and waist-length silver hair, wants to wear a bondage costume on the ice and Yakov can’t even tell him not to because when he tries Viktor starts screaming “COME ON BABY LET’S DO THE TWIST” and Yakov is immediately paralyzed with shame.

“I mean, really, you have no room to talk,” Lilia tells him, examining her nails as Viktor announces that he’s engaged to a skater he’s barely known for eight months. Who he’s still actively coaching.

Yuri shows up in his exhibition skate outfit and doesn’t even wait for Yakov to open his mouth before he’s holding up a picture–an actual printed picture where did he find it–in full color of Yakov on the podium at the 1964 Olympics.

“Bell bottoms, old man?” he says, flipping his hair as he skates onto the ice.

(Lilia frames the picture. It hangs in her office underneath a laminated poster reading “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”)

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How would the rfa and Saeran react to MC being an irl princess of some foreign country? Like... honest to goodness royalty? Thanks!

A/N: I hope this was everything you wanted! I don’t really know much about royalty so I just kinda rolled with it.. If it’s not good I’m sorry! Anyway, if there are parts that don’t make sense i’M SO SORRY I HAVE A FEVER but i’m using this time to write requests because my bby followers deserve it. Sorry for being gone for so long! Thank you all for the support you give us, 404 and I are working hard on requests right now <3 ~ 626


  • this poor boy had no idea, he doesn’t pay much attention to pop culture like that
  • one day you invite him over to play games at your house because you have a super huge tv and you knew he’d love that!
  • when he’s at the gates of your mansion house, he calls you because there’s no way this can be your house???
    • “MC, are you pranking me??? It was bad enough last time when you put toothpaste in my oreos!”
    • “Just come in, you dork”
  • when he hears the gate buzz, he finally realizes that you’re rich as hell
    • it all makes sense now??? You always take him out to super expensive restaurants and for Christmas you got him an amazing gaming computer???
  • he’s about to faint oh my god yOU’RE SO RICH
  • when he’s roaming around the hallways of your mansion looking for your room (he refused the butler’s help, he could do it himself), hE SEES A PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR PARENTS AND YOU’RE ALL WEARING CROWNS???
    • nah, no, there’s no way you’re royalty, you guys probably did a photo shoot, there’s no way this is possible
    • wait is that an entire row of pictures where your dad is meeting important people
    • is that Barack Obama? Is that the pRIME MINSTER OF SOUTH KOREA???
  • he faints
  • when he wakes up, he finds himself in a huge bed and you’re sitting next to him playing a game
    • “You’re finally awake! I’ve told you that you need to take care of yourself, did you even eat today?”
    • “No, but I will be in the future”
    • Aaand he faints again
  • Once he finally gets used to the idea of you being a princess, it makes so much more sense to him!
  • You’ve always sounded really polite and elegant when you speak, and you handle the RFA fundraisers so easily, no matter what crisis comes???
  • He loves seeing you all dressed up, you’re so cute and beautiful!!! <3
    • You’re his Princess Zelda


  • He thought your name sounded familiar when you introduced yourself in the chat, but he didn’t really think about it
  • But when he finally gets to meet you, he’s in so much denial???
    • It can’t be, a princess fell in love with him
    • If you thought his ego was big before, it’s the size of the Titanic now
    • It’s even bigger when you tell him you watched his movies before you talked to him on the app
  • It never really hits him until you go shopping with him one day and you buy him a Louis Vuitton suitcase aS IF IT’S NOTHING???
    • Like yeah he makes decent money from acting, but holy hell you’re rich
  • He honestly loves this so much though
    • You two are an amazingly dressed power couple!
    • You’ll take over the political world and he’ll take over the pop culture world <3
  • You end up giving him “prince” lessons
    • You teach him how to deal with the pressure of the public and how to speak politely but firmly
    • You make him walk with books on his head and record him even though that’s something you never had to do
    • You get him to quit smoking by telling him a true prince would never do such a thing
    • He almost cries
    • “it’s your half birthday”
    • “it’s national best friend’s day”
    • zen pls no
  • He wears his future crown at home when no one is around
  • He’s really happy that you’re a public figure so he can flaunt you when you guys go out <3


  • She knew the second you introduced yourself in the chatroom!
  • She’s honestly dazzled, a real life princess??? What is this???
    • But she kept herself in check, she realized you probably have a lot of people who hound you on a regular basis, she didn’t wanna be one of them
  • But she honestly loves talking to about your country’s political system
  • With your leadership skills and Jaehee’s organizational skills, you both work together to implement programs for underprivileged children
    • You two are a power couple omg, literally unstoppable, you two even consider starting clean water projects in other countries???
    • Unstoppable
  • Jaehee considers opening a coffeeshop chain in your country
  • She loves seeing you dress up!!! You’re so adorable and beautiful in all the elegant clothing <3
    • She totally doesn’t take pictures of you when you aren’t looking, there’s no way she has an album of 300 pictures of you
  • She’s really afraid of how the world will react when they find out you two are actually together???
    • Dumbass tabloids think you two are “gal pals”
    • But you don’t care, even if you have to step down, you don’t care
    • “Listen Jaehee, I love you. You’re my best friend and I would not trade that for the world. If my country wants me to step down because I have a girlfriend, I will. I’ll find a life with you because I cannot imagine a life without you.”
  • Jaehee  highkey lowkey uses you to meet famous people (but she loves you, es okay)
    • You don’t really mind though, it makes her happy
    • So you take her to as many events as you can, you want to make her smile as much as you can
  • You love this precious little bean and you are going to give her the world


  • Of course he knew who you were, he wasn’t an uneducated idiot
  • And while it was nice to know that you weren’t with him for the money
    • He was kinda disappointed???
  • You’re a princess, you have the entire world at your feet
    • He wanted to spoil you, but you??? Have??? Everything you want or need???
    • But with the help of Zen but with his brilliant mind, he was able to come up with stuff he knew you never got!
  • He started making food for you <3
    • And yes it tastes terrible at first but it got better after awhile!
    • At the beginning he was the type to just put the entire egg with the shell in cake mix
  • He takes knitting classes???
    • He knits you everything he possibly can, a sweater, scarf, gloves, beanies
    • He totally doesn’t knit a baby blanket and baby hat for your future kids
  • He supports your decision not become queen because you decided you wanted to do other than things than run a country
    • Like be his totally hot secretary
  • You eventually move into his place and he lowkey feels ashamed bc it’s so much smaller than what you’re used to
    • But you assure him that you prefer his place because smaller places feel so much more homey than mansions
  • You’re actually much busier than Jumin when it comes to work so he’s always home before you and he spoils you so much
    • When you come home, you can always expect a shoulder/back massage
    • There’s always a warm meal that he makes because he’s not letting someone else do something for you that he can
    • When you have really bad days at work, he runs a nice, hot bubble bath couple with candles and rose petals
    • He’s pretty much ur house spouse, who knew Jumin could take on such a domestic role???
  • But he’s still senpai in the sheets


  • Ofc he found out when he did a background search on you
  • And he’s so fascinated by you???
    • You help run a country??? You do so many good things
  • He’ll never understand though
    • How did someone as great as you fall for someone as terrible as him
  • Everything you do is so great and he’s stuck in a field of work that could get him killed
    • But with your power, you’re able to get him out of his job
    • And he’s so, so thankful to you
    • He doesn’t really let himself be vulnerable in front of you but when you told him you could help him, he cried for hours
  • What did he do to get someone as amazing you???
    • He doesn’t know it but you totally got someone to assassinate his dad
  • You actually help him get a job as an engineer <3
    • He hates using you for your connections but he knows he deserves the job, he’s not going to deny his talent and ability
    • He’s so thankful for you
  • And he becomes your right-hand man??? Anytime you need to make a difficult decision about your country, he’s there for you!!!
  • He gets a pet monkey so he can compare himself to Aladdin
    • “Listen children,,, you don’t know how hard life was for me,,, I was a beggar,,, always stealing food to survive,,,”
    • “Saeyoung, stop lying to the children and actually teach them, I wanted you to get the kids interested in computers”
    • “I was nothing but a boy with a monkey and a magic carpet,,,”
  • You two come up with a plan to get kids more interested in computers and he’s in charge <3
    • He loves teaching all the children! They’re all silly and goofy like him
  • He has no idea where he would be without you and he’s so glad he met you


  • This boy has no idea, like none at all
  • Rika chose you to retrieve the phone, and he was just supposed to follow you
    • And he knows like nothing about pop culture “It’s useless information that’ll take up space in my brain” so he didn’t know who you were
  • He finds out one day when he sees an article about you helping open up a school in a third world country???
    • Like he thought you were amazing before
    • You were the one who helped him through his therapy, through all the nightmares that plagued his nights, through all the bad thoughts that overwhelmed him
    • In his head, you’d always been his queen
    • But it turns out you’re actually a princess?!?!
  • And you help so much around the world
    • He could deal with you being a princess if it weren’t for the fact that you were a huge philanthropist
    • You educated women in India about reproductive health??? You helped teach disabled children in China??? yOU DONATED 25 MILLION DOLLARS TO A HOSPITAL IN SEOUL???
  • He actually killed someone and you helped people live longer and better
  • He actually avoids you for a few weeks after he finds out
    • He’s just having a hard time coming to terms with it? You’re a goddess and he’s the devil, why are you with him?
  • But you weren’t having any of it, you literally kicked his door down, you gave him his space and now you were going to talk
    • He ends up crying in your lap
  • But you manage to talk it out with him and you make it very clear that you aren’t going anywhere
    • “I love you, okay? You don’t have to understand why I do, but you need to know that I do. I don’t care if you think I deserve better because I choose you, Saeran. I will always choose you.”
  • He eventually decides he wants to help people with you
    • Yes, he made a huge mistake in the past, one that he is so sorry for, and he will spend the rest of his life trying to make up for that
    • He’s no V, he’ll never be an angel, but he’s sure as hell gonna make the world a less crappy place
  • He comes up with so many great ideas!
    • Music programs for underprivileged children! Reading classes for uneducated adults! Programs that help teenagers get work experience!
  • He creates so many outreach programs and he’s so happy that you gave him the chance to do that
  • Started from the bottom now we’re here


  • This boy is as clueless as Saeran
  • Between photography and Rika and being a dumbass, he doesn’t pay much attention to the world
  • ·      He ends up finding out through Jumin??
    • “Oh by the way MC’s father is going to be visiting my father, we’re going to talk about having MC model for one of our products”
    • “wHAT”
  • He’s honestly so happy though
    • You’re such a fantastic person who else could put up with him pining after Rika for so long and you deserve everything
    • You deserve all the praise and attention you get
  • He totally doesn’t fantasize about becoming a prince
    • And he so doesn’t go around singing Disney songs
    • “what was that honey?”
    • “Thinking about the top 10 things a blind person will never say”
  • This boy is such a saint, you two implement a program to help disabled children
    • And not only does he help implement the program, but he actually participates in it???
    • Crying cause V deserves the world
  • He becomes your family’s official photographer!
    • This happens because he was lowkey salty when you hired someone else for an event
    • “Oh you need my help getting something from the high shelf??? Why don’t you ask that photographer?”
    • V pls shut up
  • But you do drag him to one of your photoshoots and after that he’s as addicted as Zen
    • You two make such a beautiful couple, how could he not be addicted???
    • He has pictures of you everywhere in his house
    • And he knows how much you love him, he can always feel it, but he absolutely adores the expression on your face when you’re looking at him and seeing it from an outside perspective makes him want to cry
  • He loves you so much, you’re his goddess <3

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Hi! Can I have a model MC with RFA+Saeran+V? Thank you very much in advance! :)

Hope you like it!^^

RFA + Saeran and V with a model MC


  • Guess who made it to the hottest celebrity couple’s list this year?
  • At first, he doesn’t really enjoy the sexy photo shoots you eventually do, but he won’t judge or get possessive.
  • Because he tries to be understanding of you career as much as you understand his.
  • Plus, he loooooves the attention you two get. He reads social media comments about how people can’t help but imagining you two fucking… which… arouses him more than he would admit to you or to himself.
  • It’s so great when you go with him to his premieres, and he’s always on the first row of your fashion shows, and there’s so much buzz all over the media because of that.
  • That photo shoot you two did together almost got banned for being too sexy, the chemistry was too obvious and everybody could tell you two definitely had sex after it was over.
  • Sometimes, the attention bother you two a little, which makes the private and reserved moments more special.
  • In moments like this, you two go to your family’s house, or just hop on his bike and leave to his secret place.
  • You two take a lot of selfies, but just the closest ones have the right to see such exclusive pictures.


  • Well, he did not see that coming…
  • Poor boy gets even more insecure, why would someone so talented, beautiful and relevant date him?
  • He getting all self conscious only boost your need to show your affection in public. People will know you’re taken by him, and nobody can say shit about it.
  • And most of the time, it works, he’s looking at all these guys envying him, and he won’t lie, it’s a great feeling.
  • But media can be really mean saying you’re dating a minor or weird shit like that, and there goes all the confidence you’ve been trying so hard to build up on him.
  • So you take him to your photo shoots, introduce him to everybody you work with. Designers, photographers, editors, everybody! Just to show them you’re dead serious about this relationship.
  • One day, you took him to one of your fashion shows, you even managed to make him meet you backstage.
  • All the other models l o v e him, he’s so sweet and devoted to you, and it’s cute how he is trying not to look at them so you won’t get mad.
  • They are all around him as if he is a puppy, and you keep telling them to go easy on him, are you jealous? He won’t deny he kinda likes it.
  • Next day, there is a photo of boy Yoosung being pampered by all those gorgeous models all over the news
  • No need to say it would take a lot to make his confidence go down after that.


  • She’s legitimately proud for all of your accomplishments.
  • Also, she loves how you don’t let fame get the best of you, you manage to keep sweet, humble and it’s nothing like a diva.
  • Of course sometimes she’s a little insecure, what someone like you could even see on a dull owner of a coffee shop?
  • But just a little affection in public and some public statements from you about her on interviews, and she forgets her insecurities.
  • She helps with everything she can, she cooks for you, trains with you (she taught you some judo stuff) and makes sure nobody bothers you when you’re resting before a major campaign or fashion show.
  • Seriously, she basically manages you better than your own manager.
  • You’re constantly bringing her along in your gigs, and she’s legitimately honored to be surrounded by so many talented and inventive people.
  • People you work with really like her because she always offer coffee to them, courtesy of her coffee shop, of course.
  • And they always manage to pay her back, giving her hair products, make-up, designer clothes, everything that fascinates her about your world.
  • She often gets shy because of all the attention she usually gets through you, and sometimes she has to excuse herself from all of this.
  • But she felt so proud when you got a GLAAD Award for being such an LGBTQ icon on the fashion industry.
  • Which you two celebrated by yourselves, on her coffee shop.


  • The elegant stride, the perfect posture, the look in your eyes… you felt very familiar to him at first.
  • Then he remembered, you modeled for one of his company products! You did such a great job, and you were so professional and hardworking.
  • His father noticed that too and made a move on you during break, that’s why he remembers so vividly, oh god…
  • Apologizes one hundred times and makes his father apologize too, which flusters you, because you were completely fine with this before.
  • He doesn’t like seeing you just in underwear on billboards all over town, but he would hate to see you act unprofessionally and not doing a gig just because your boyfriend told you so.
  • But he will introduce you to all the most renowned photographers and designers to get you to the more high artistic fashion, think less Calvin Klein ads and more Vogue Japan editorials. (shhh, don’t tell him some of them can be really sexy too)
  • When you two get tired of the spotlight, he plans a trip to one of his private beaches (Yes, one of)
  • And will sue any magazine who gets exclusive shots of your little vacation
  • Talking about another power couple. He doesn’t really like the attention, but he can’t hold back a soft smile whenever he hears things like “just imagine their kids”, because he’s definitely imagining.


  • When he hacked into your phone and saw you through the CCTV, he fell off his chair in shock
  • You’re… you’re that girl from the car show! The one who convinced him to take one of his babies
  • He wasn’t really fond of the idea of getting that particular car, but you managed to convince him with strong arguments about the car’s features and maybe with your sweet smile.
  • So yeah, he’s pretty much a fan now he knows your name and where to find your portfolio.
  • When you two get together, he doesn’t really enjoy the idea of seeing you in car shows like a product that comes along with the cars
  • So he does what he did to Zen, a Tripterbot to spam pictures of you so you can get better gigs.
  • Which slowly starts to work, as you’re getting more job offers for photo shoots and even some fashion shows.
  • Even with the whole agency thing being over, he’s still not confident to be seen in public with you
  • So he starts to wear masks and paper bags when you start getting famous, and people think your boyfriend is trying to make public statement or he’s a mysterious dj or something like this, which only helps increasing your popularity.
  • He feels like a proud mom when you get to be spokesperson for a famous car brand. You’ve come a loooong way since being an accessory at car shows.


  • You weren’t a big deal when he led you to Rika’s apartment, so he thought you would still be suitable according to all his research
  • And let’s say he really wanted to take a pretty face to paradise when RFA would get finally destroyed…
  • But as he got to know you, he noticed you were so much more than a pretty face, you were actually a very smart lady starting a business with hair products under your name
  • When you get together, he takes as his personal mission to help you with your business and make you a big deal in this industry.
  • Congratulations! You got a boyfriend who works as your social media analyst, he knows exactly what you should post to get attention from model agencies and customers to your business.
  • He feels really weird and flustered though all the process of taking pictures of you, but deep down he loves to help you and you both know that
  • When it comes to your relationship, he’s obviously not comfortable about being seen in public, so yeah… he keeps it at a low profile
  • The media just knows you’re taken thanks to a mysterious tattoo you have on your nape, and there are all the speculations about your boyfriend being that famous singer who last music video had you as a feature, or a politician, maybe someone from the royal British family? You never confirm or deny, so the buzz keeps going and boosting likes on your Instagram.
  • Another move your social media analyst made sure to pull it off.


  • Match made in heaven
  • It’s just… perfect! He wants to be the photographer of every one of your photo shoots
  • And when is not possible, he makes sure to get you to work with someone he trusts that will do a good job.
  • Of course he’s very professional and won’t mind you sharing the camera lens with another model
  • It’s not because he’s your boyfriend, but he’s genuinely your favorite photographer to work with, you love how he’s able to capture so many different nuances from you, you can be sexy, you can be high-fashion or very pure and ethereal with just a few clicks from him.
  • But he’s modest and says it’s all your doing, he’s just capturing what it’s in front of his eyes.
  • He also always have the best shots of you in fashion shows, well, not only you, but of all the other models. The media, however, always points out how your pictures are obviously being taken by someone who’s in love with you.
  • Both of you think it’s cheesy, but… it is kinda true, actually.
  • Again, power couple. You’re so respected on your work fields. If separated, you two are great, together you are able to make it look it’s magic.
  • However, you’re both very discreet. But he’s planning a book of random pictures he took of you when you weren’t modeling (though it looks like you were)

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Hey, I'm curious. Is there anything psychologically different between Novel-Izaya and Anime-Izaya, and is there any difference between Novel-Shizuo and Anime-Shizuo?

Oh my, where do I even begin?

There are definitely things psychologically different from Novel-Izaya and Anime Izaya. 

(Fun fact - Anime is an anagram of Namie, I just mispelled it lol) 

I talked about it in this post some time ago. Generally, anime Izaya is made to seem invincible especially in the first season. And because they left out important novel scenes, there’s inconsistency in his character. For example, how did he get knocked out so easily by Slon while talking to Kujiragi when he had the advantage before? It was actually because Kujiragi mentioned Shizuo and Izaya ‘fell silent’. She spoke about Shizuo being a hindrance and thanked Izaya for landing him in jail. 

Whether he was worried about Shizuo or not, Izaya’s moment of silence and the description of his bad feeling shows that he’s not invincible even though he suddenly seemed to gain the upper hand. He was affected by his human feelings and emotions when Kujiragi mentioned Shizuo, for whatever reason. 

I took that as a Shizaya moment because it was very unusual for Izaya. But the point is, Izaya has human feelings and emotions that can render him vulnerable to unexpected consequences and is definitely not invincible, even though he may seem like it. 

This link was something the anime left out, the novels expands on this further with his conversations with other characters and the telephone pole scene where he punched a telephone pole as he thought of betraying Shinra. 

In retrospect Shinra, who lived confidently above this world, did invoke some jealousy in him.

Yet he was attempting to betray even a friend like that. Not a friend by Izaya’s standards, but a “friend”  as defined by most people in the world.

He’ll probably be mad at me if he finds out that I went to meet Celty taking the head with me.


Izaya couldn’t help but laugh slightly as he pictured his only “friend” by the world’s standards getting mad at him.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

This is the way I have lived my life all along, he laughed as he thought  –

                                                                                                     Laughed  –

                                                                                                       Laughed –                                                                                                            
                                                                                                         Laughed –

He clenched his right fist and slammed it hard into the telephone pole next to him.

- Durarara Volume 9

This was a very important scene in Izaya’s character development especially after they showed his past with Shinra, his only friend. It shows Izaya’s conflict over his own desires which has governed the way he has lived all along and one of his only two relationships - the friendship he has with his only friend. Izaya was affected by a human relationship, and it really shows he isn’t some villain but just an abnormal human who is eternally true to his own desires (but is still affected by relationships like everyone else)

I’m working on a theory for Izaya’s attachment to humanity. It’s taking much longer than I thought since I lack the time to sit down and finish it. But I intend on showing how Izaya is actually very human. It will of course include reference to the Shinra stabbing incident as Izaya said himself it was probably the only thing that affected the formation of his personality in a significant way. I’ll also refer to the interviews about Izaya in his novel. So I’m currently integrating all the information together, both old and new about Izaya to formulate a theory that may explain Izaya’s attachment to humanity. You might want to look out for that if you’re interested in the psychology of novel Izaya. 

Other than novel Izaya not being invincible (both psychologically and outwardly), I guess another psychological difference would be that Izaya is actually a very private person. The impression I got from the first season was that Izaya was a very open person (not open-mindedness, as in socially open). 

But Izaya behind all his talk and interaction is actually very private. You don’t see it in the anime, but in the novel he thinks to himself a lot, reflects quite a bit, and generally is…very confident in his own identity internally. For example, Mikado’s first impression of Izaya was not that he was a weird person, but that he looked like an ‘intellectual that gave tuition in some remote district’. It speaks to the demeanor novel Izaya has that Mikado would form such an impression of him. 

Even though he might seem open with humans, Izaya actually keeps to himself a lot. Shinra said himself in his interview that Izaya’s not the type to stand in front of people. You can see that in both the novel and anime version of middle school Izaya. While he was portrayed like a rebel in the anime, in the novel he was just distant and enjoying observing humans. He was actually a model student, not a rebel, so that’s another difference in portrayal there. 

What a strange guy. 

I’ll just keep observing him in the future.

But I have to watch out. Getting too close to him might be dangerous.

So this is just a small scene when Izaya thinks as he watched Shinra leave to go home to Celty (though he didn’t know that yet). But even with Shinra Izaya is already distancing himself. He tells himself he can’t get too close to Shinra, can’t let himself be too affected and involved in their friendship. Perhaps he’s apprehensive Shinra wouldn’t satisfy his expectations, perhaps he just doesn’t want to become like everyone else - whatever the reason is, Izaya has, since young, kept a distance between himself and humans. So much that he has to be ‘wary’ when he feels himself getting closer to Shinra than necessary.

At first sight, he looked like a gentle-natured man of slender build, but his features had a relative sharpness in them, making him the perfect exemplification of the word “handsome”. He was smiling as if willing to accept anything in the world as part of him; yet at the same time his eyes shone without mercy as if he held contempt for everything except himself. The way he dressed was idiosyncratic, but it was hard to point at why. Overall, he gave an elusive and mercurial vibe.

- Durarara Volume 5

What are the implications of this? Well, it just shows how distant Izaya is from humans. And how he keeps to himself. Even though he’s handsome, it doesn’t matter to him, and he may only use his good looks for human observation and not any socialization. He has a stable internal perception of his love for humans, so he’s willing to accept anything, but at the same time he’s the only one who understands his love for humans so he holds a contempt for everything except himself. 

One reason why could be his tendency to keep things to himself and how he’s a private person. Like, he says he loves humans and declares love for humans but except with Shinra (and a reluctant Shizuo), doesn’t try to form any sort of relationship with them. He doesn’t try to connect to them in a way they can understand (maybe because he can’t because of his upbringing) and so they can’t understand him. And so he’s left with him only understanding himself and being shunned and outcast from society, which will naturally breed contempt.

That might be why Izaya seems mysterious and ‘elusive’ - because he’s such a private person. He’s more introverted in the novels, in that it seems natural for him to be alone with his thoughts. I guess you can kind of see this in Volume 5 where he’s shown to have stayed at an internet cafe alone while working on his plans for the city, left alone and walked away alone, he basically just does things alone.

Novel Izaya is also not in control of everything. Well you can see that in the anime as well when he got knocked out twice. But I mean, he’d move the piece that will give him the most advantage, but generally he’s open to any result. He just seems like he’s in control all the time because he accepts everything that happens (except with Shizuo). Because he loves humans unilaterally and doesn’t have any personal feelings or relationships with them (except Shinra and Shizuo) So again, he’s not invincible in his predictions. He does have some idea of how things will go and what he wants to see, but he’s less of a ‘mastermind’ in that sense. He’s still a mastermind, but has less of the ‘mastermind mindset’? In that he doesn’t expect everything to go according to plan. 

And I suppose novel Izaya is more sensitive. You don’t see it in the anime, but when he was left out of hotpot, it was mentioned he ‘felt more lonely than usual’. Tsukumoya said that he’s lonely but accepts that loneliness. And he was not happy at being left out of the events of Volume 4, which is part of the reason why he wanted the ‘city’s holiday’ to be over. He’s more human in that sense. Like, he’s a logical minded man, but he actually acts on his feelings quite a bit. He is affected by his feelings, sometimes even driven by them (like in the death match with Shizuo) and is definitely human.

Also, novel Izaya is more like a child. As in, there are various times in which he’s described like a kid having fun. So in that sense he really doesn’t have any malice. He just wants to see, like a kid discovering more about the world. Shiki agrees with this, in both the novels and his interview for Izaya’s novel. I’ll be expanding on this with my Izaya attachment theory in the future. 

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just think about it tho. We really have no idea if their landlord has any clue about their fame like how fucking confused is the poor guy gonna be when he's showing it to people and they're fangirling and taking pictures and squealing and he's like wtf this place isn't even that great and there's four gas leaks these people are crazy or he find out through them and he's like damn those fuckers I should've kicked them out years ago and made people pay extra for living where they did idk man think

i think about this all the time because their landlord has probably seen them holding hands or has just always assumed they were an obvious couple without having any idea of the relevancy of their relationship? to their landlord, to the people who live around them, to the people who work in the shops nearby their apartment, and to ordinary passersby, dan and phil are just… an every day couple?

Fetish [Pt. 2]

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Fetish Part 2

Part 1

“Jinyoungie, please,” you whined as he gently washed your body.

He was still so hard from your little show and it had been weeks since the two of you were intimate. Regardless of the mind blowing experience you and Jaebum had just shared, you wanted Jinyoung.

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A Love Like on the Screen

Pairing: MatsuHanaIwaOi
Wordcount: 5283
Summary: Matsukawa didn’t really care much for youtube or youtubers, beyond cute cat videos at least. But Hanamaki did, and since Hanamaki did, this was clearly going to be a thing.
Author’s note: This is a Valentine’s Day Exchange Gift for @seijouho ! I’m so sorry that it’s late, I ended up with a flu and completely lost track of the days, but here it is. I hope you enjoy it! It’s my first MatsuHanaIwaOi fanfic ever, and also my first Youtube AU. Hopefully I did it some kind of justice. 

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Resistances and Dalliances

Chapter 1: Stormy Skies

“You did what?” Evfra demanded, leaning fists onto his table as he loomed over it towards Ryder. Aya’s peaceful, bright sky seemed entirely out of place behind that dark expression, just a hair’s breath away from throttling her, she was sure. He had sent everyone out reluctantly at her request, but seeing his face she wasn’t sure if it had been prudent after all. Private matter or no, she wanted witnesses around her suddenly with him in that mood.

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Tell us the life of Geauppie Geaubeaoppe

Geauppie Geaubeaoppe “Merci Bocoop” Tapir One Of The Best Cosign Alive

This Big Fellow With A Warriors Blood In His Heart He Wandered My Sands For Countless Millennia Searching For A Smack To The Face

But Only In Years Did This Boy Find His True Calling… Geauppie Geaubeaoppe Regimental Sergeant Major Of Tapir Blazing Shooting Gang Of Rowdy Men

(Geauppie Geaubeaoppe Not Pictured Here, Tapir Boy Was Flying Saucering High Above The Blistering Blustering Battle Field Zamping Hot Death Upon The Foe)

Geauppie Geaubeaoppe Kills Thousands Every Day And He Dosent Even Know Why. Geauppie Geaubeaoppe Where Ever The Fock You Are I Wish You Good Luck 

Time After Time (Part 8 of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,587 (omg why)

Warnings: language, drinking, FLUFF, potential swooning hazard

A/N: I’m proud of this one. It made me happy to write and yes I went overboard but idc. PS - This is NOT the end. I have, at minimum, two more pieces I want to write, maybe three. Thanks for reading!

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 22

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I think when Sana does find the picture of Yousef and Even, there’s a really big chance the first person she’ll ask about it is Elias.  And not in like a “Yousef is friends with Even???” way where she outs herself, but more like a “oh did you guys go to school with someone named Even? he’s dating one of my friends hm small world” type thing

Behind the doors || Theo

Request:Making out with Theo when youre supposed to be in class but you get caught by Stiles, who snaps a photo of it. He shows the photo to Scott, your brother.??? (I LOVE THIS BLOG

word count:1595

A/N : Well… this turned out way different than I thought it would but I hope you liked it!I am not so sure about this one..I think the request was something different and I originally wanted that Theo was already your secret boyfriend but I thought it would be a little bit better if he just was not. enjoy!


Theo was always a mystery to you. He just popped up at Beacon Hills one day after years, wanting to be in the pack of your brother Scott. He still tried to make them trust him, but Stiles for example did not trust him at all, where your brother seems to start getting along with him very well, but he would still not want you to be around him.

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Hello!!! I was wondering if you knew some mpreg fics where tae is the carrier???? Thank you so much

Heya! I thought i’d do all these together since there aren’t many of each request. Check out the genderswap and parent!AU tags for previously recommended fics! ^-^

I tried to find fics with serial killer!Jungkook but my quest unsuccessful but maybe the Assassin!AUs I found are close to the original subject?

  • mpreg fics 

Can We Fix Us? After Taehyung tells Jungkook, his boyfriend, and rest of BTS that he is pregnant, they all turn their backs on him. Not only that, they present him with an ultimatum - abort the child or leave the group… and Taehyung leaves, broken hearted and hurting from betrayal. He leaves to Korea and makes a fresh start.3 years later, when Taehyung has settled in his new home, new life, old wounds are re-opened when Jungkook and rest of his ex-group members reappear in his life. (Ongoing) deleted

Pregnancy Just a not so funny happenings through Tae’s pregnancy

  • female!Taehyung

First Days are Always the Worst The first indication that something is wrong is when Jeon Jungkook wakes up to a quiet apartment.“Kookie, Kookie, I think I’m gonna die.” Taehyeon moans, curling further into herself, and Jungkook downright panics. “Oh god it hurts, it hurts so much I don’t know what to do, Jungkookie help…”In which it’s Kim Taehyeon’s first day and Jungkook is an overreacting, panicky boyfriend.Fortunately, he has hyungs and noonas helping him out.

Video Express Girl Where Jeongguk is new in town, working at the brand new video rental store, Taehyung never wears shoes, and the Hoseok & Jimin pair are such bad influences on Taehyung. (Ongoing, fem!Taekook)

Stay Up ‘til The Lights Go Out This cashier smiles too brightly for two in the morning and jungkook just wants some damn noodles.

  • Assassin!AU

Hit & Run Jimin and Jungkook have been the top hitmen duo in Seoul since the day they picked up their first revolvers and shot a man without a second look back. But when they cross paths with a skilled hacker by the name of Kim Taehyung, things start to change up a little.

Mutual Fiend “I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.“An AU where Jungkook needs to kill Taehyung, but Taehyung also needs to kill Jungkook, and things get (more than) a bit complicated.

Identity Unknown Jungkook was frozen staring at him, because he was alright looking on pictures but he had never seen such a beautiful person before. Kim Taehyung was the embodiment of beautiful.His hair wasn’t like in the picture, where it was pink. It was brown now and the colour suited him perfectly. His eyes were to fucking die for. Even from a distance of three metres Jungkook could see how beautiful they were. Even his eyebrows were perfection and not to mention his lips. Jungkook stood up on shaky legs.Namjoon had to elbow Jungkook and he suddenly remembered that this was work and he had to get a grip. Taehyung smiled at them with a grin that reminded Jungkook of a box and why the hell did he find that cute.

Check the tags before reading! ^.^

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Demure Dalliance pt. 1 (V, Angst)

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3  // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6  // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10

Chapter one for my Detective!Taehyung series!!!! Hopefully this is the start of a good series. My dad Stacy @storiesofthirst helped me w/ the title and I love her. PEOPLE WANTED TO BE TAGGED SO @hyongtae, @unpretty-writer, and @infireation!!!! CAM IS PERFECT FOR MAKING ME THIS COVER AND I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words:  3144

It was very obviously premeditated. No windows broken, or evident struggle to get into the house. Although there was drawers open and clothes strewn about it all seemed…forced. As if murder was the only thing on the mind of the one committing this crime. Taehyung glanced around at everyone in the house, snapping photos of the scene before them. Neighbors left their apartments, wondering just why police scattered around every corner of the floor with their yellow tape.

Taehyung knelt in front of the body, lying on the floor around his own pooling blood. He’d been stabbed multiple times, he knew well enough. It was hard to see the stab wounds from all the blood, but whoever it was left the victim a mess of a person he once was. It was obvious the signature of this murderer was a Chelsea grin, and this was probably the first of many murders, unless they’re caught.

“Wrap him up before he gets too cold.” Taehyung instructed anyone who was listening. He got a languid answer of yes from two men waiting to take the body. He stood, stretching his legs and wafting the air around his nose to drink in some clean air. The body had obviously been dead a good amount of time, from the rank smell filling the home.

Shouting outside the door interrupted Taehyung’s contemplation, so he walked through the cluttered kitchen and toward the front door of the apartment. Taehyung spotted you first, standing outside, arguing and sobbing with a clearly distressed Jungkook who wouldn’t let you spend your last moments with your father, very clearly dead and being concealed away in a body bag for further examination by none other than Seokjin.

“I’m sorry miss…I really can’t let you in there until they’ve done a proper look through. We still need you to come in for questioning…”

“How dare you ask me to come in for questioning when my own dad was murdered!” You cried, hugging yourself. Jungkook looked completely unnerved, but Taehyung didn’t blame him. It was his first real murder case. You were already being difficult and nothing had even happened yet, which was a dread of Taehyung’s.

People were beginning to suspect things, and half of the floor was standing outside with their loved ones safely tucked away behind the doors. It was for their own good, but Taehyung wished they would step up to tell him anything rather than him going to each of their doors separately to question them.

Before it got anymore out of hand, Taehyung was striding to the front door. Pulling the tape up over his head, he made his way toward the both of you. “I’m sorry about my partner, he’s still relatively new and untrained for this sort of thing. You’ll have to excuse the poor manners.”

You glanced over at him, brows slightly furrowing as your bottom lip pouted with a sob. Jungkook didn’t look much different, minus the sobbing part. It would have made Taehyung laugh and poke fun on him, if it weren’t for being on the job and professional mode activated long before stepping on the scene.

“Who are you?” You wondered, crossing your arms tightly over your chest. Taehyung held out a hand, but you didn’t take it. Without much thought, Taehyung dropped his hand to his side.

“Detective Kim Taehyung, I’m head of the case and I will find who murdered your father.” It sounded like more of a threat than anything, but Taehyung didn’t dwell on it too much.

“Isn’t that the point of a detective? To solve crimes?” You blubbered, unable to meet his eyes. Taehyung perked a brow, watching you glance around the halls. If his instinct was correct, you were either nervous because you’d murdered your father, or-


Or waiting for your moral support to arrive. Relieved, you turned to see your friend who was rushing down the hall. Her cheeks were reddened as if she had been running, but it also could’ve been the early morning chill. Taehyung looked away from them, shoving his hands deeply into his trench coat pockets as he backed up toward the yellow tape. Jungkook glanced over at Taehyung, eyes sharp.

“Hyung, where are you going? We need to-”

“Not now, Jungkook.” Taehyung said with unnecessary bite. That shocked Jungkook to silence. Taehyung made a mental note to apologize later, but placed it on the back burner of his mind. “Give her a little time, her father is dead.”

But, Taehyung kept an eye on you, knowing full well that you were a given suspect. You were the main suspect as of yet, but he was still figuring out minor details that could possibly put you off of conviction. Yet, he didn’t feel too good about where you stood in all of this. The very middle.

He went back inside, searching for anything but finding nothing of the sort. It was too perfectly executed, aside from the fact that everything added back up to you. Who else would know their house well enough to set up a crime this well and get away with it, aside from someone living there? What was your motif, though? Taehyung’s head was always dizzy with idea’s as he thought back to everything he had to be on his toes for.
“Get the body back to Seokjin to evaluate. Did anyone find the weapon used yet?”

Taehyung got a unified answer of sluggish no, sir’s from everyone in the room. He sighed, turning his attention back to everything he could possibly see in the house as of where he stood. A picture of a female sat on the living room coffee table, and Taehyung assumed it was your mother. Where was she? Was she even alive?

Taehyung could already tell this was going to be a long case. Unsuccessful if he didn’t get his act together, right this instant. He moved out of the way for the stretcher to allow them to take the body. Taehyung tensed, waiting for what he knew was about to happen.

You screamed from the hall, and a loud thump on the floor confirmed that you were either an amazing actress or completely devastated that the only father you’d ever have was murdered in cold blood. Taehyung sighed, kicking the mismatched floorboard that rattled senselessly. He furrowed his brows, kicking it once more, twice more, and a third-

“-Taehyung? Taehyung!” Jungkook was waving a hand in front of his face, snapping Taehyung out of his riviera. “Are you finished here? We should get back to the station before Yoongi tries to get involved.”

“That won’t happen, I told him to stay out of it unless I asked.”

“Hate to break it to you, asshole, but he’s our boss. Even if you get on your knees and suck his dick he won’t stop himself from looking into it.”

Even if Jungkook was right, he didn’t have to be so crude… Taehyung reached into his pocket, pulling his phone from it. He pressed the first number on speed dial, holding the phone up to his ear.

“Hoseok, I’m going to need you to come pick us up. We have suspect number 1 in our custody and I need to interview her while she’s still emotional and willing to crack under pressure.”

You, on the other hand, finally got picked up off the floor, holding your friend tightly as you sobbed.

“We’ll get through this. There’s no way you’ll be convicted for something you didn’t do. We’ll give your dad a nice service and we can visit him whenever you want” She promised, holding your face against her shoulder. You nodded, trying to level your breathing as she held you.

“Thank you, Ha Eun…” You wiped a few tears off your cheek.

“Will you stay with me until your house is cleaned up? I’ll drive you to work a-” Her voice faltered, her expression souring at the sound of heavy boots clicking against the floor that neared you. You turned your head, merely capturing a glimpse of the mysterious detective from earlier.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry for interrupting.” His deep voice rumbled slowly, speaking every syllable as if it were a word of his own. A faint, harmless smile touched at his lips as he held his hand to you a second time. This time you turned, placing your significantly smaller hand into his and giving a firm shake before pulling away. Ha Eun kept her hands on your shoulders, inching you away from him despite the strides he took to keep close to you.

“Do you mind coming to the station with me for some questioning? I know you’re upset but it’ll be over faster than you know it, and you’ll never be in there again.”

“You’re asking a girl who just lost her father to a murderer to come in and be questioned as if she murdered him?” Ha Eun snapped, attempting to pull you away, but you stopped in your tracks. A good move on your part, Taehyung’s patience was wearing thin already.

“That’s not it at all,” he promised softly, shaking his head. “(Y/N) could give us a clue we may have overlooked to helping find the murderer. Innocent until proven guilty, that’s the rules, Miss. I don’t want to be forceful, but if you keep resisting a professional law enforcer I’ll have to use harsher measures.” He hated using force, but if your friend was going to continue to be a problem he didn’t mind cuffing her and handing her over to Jungkook to deal with. The kid needed someone to bash heads with, anyway. Someone with enough of an attitude was perfect.

“Can’t you just give her some time?” She continued, expression flickering in discomfort at Taehyung’s blatant threat. You felt tired from all the crying, and you stepped out of Ha Eun’s grip.

“I’ll come in for questioning.”

Ha Eun whirled you around to look at her, eyebrows raised to her hairline. “I’m going with you, if you go with him.”

“That’s fine, but you’ll be waiting outside unless you have anything to tell me 1 on 1.” Taehyung checked the black watch on his wrist. Hoseok should be there by now, waiting outside. “My ride is probably here, shall we?” He placed a hand on the small of your back, directing you toward the elevator. Ha Eun placed an arm around your shoulder, pulling you away from Taehyung and standing on the other side of the elevator to evade him. Jungkook had taken the easy way out and left when Taehyung had commanded him too. At least he took orders seriously. Jungkook kept Taehyung’s mind out of unrealistic places and always shot his idea’s down when they sounded more fictional than real world.

Getting downstairs, Taehyung held up a finger to Hoseok, who whipped open the back door of the car for you and Ha Eun. Nodding in delight, Taehyung opened the passenger seat of the car and slid inside. Once you and Ha Eun were in, the car purred to life and was driving at a steady pace down the street.

Taehyung didn’t miss the sideways glances Hoseok was shooting you from the mirror, despite his subtleties. His eyes were cut to thin slits, as they always were when Taehyung had the first suspect. Usually, the first suspects were in fact the only suspects. Taehyung didn’t like to brag, but he’d watched more criminals get put in orange jumpsuits after questioning than leave the interrogation room as a free man or woman. He’d spent days in a room, cracking even the hardest of cases. Nobody denied he was one of the most dedicated men in their sector, obsessed with the greater good of the world over sleeping or eating.

The whole ride there was silent to the point of awkwardness, besides your random outbursts of sobbing, which wasn’t unusual in Taehyung’s cases. Hoseok didn’t pay any mind to it, but Ha Eun was doing her best to shush you as she strained against the tight seat belt. She was doing her best to keep quiet as well, and Taehyung felt a small tightness in his chest at the remorse he felt for threatening her earlier. Yet, he couldn’t be bothered to apologize. It was his job.

Taehyung held the door for you to step out of the police vehicle, leaving Ha Eun in the car to get out herself. He gave her eyes that said don’t-interrupt-anything-or-you’re-in-big-trouble. She visibly gulped excess saliva in her mouth and tipped her head down in acknowledgement. Turning on his heel, Taehyung left her to guide you up the steps to the station and open the doors for you.
“Just down the hall on the right, last door.” He instructed, following you closely. You side stepped the door, allowing him to unlock and open it to let you inside. He held a hand forward, and you walked into the room.

“Sit in either chair, the camera is on right now.” He ordered softly, pulling his jacket off and slinging it onto the back of the chair you didn’t sit in. Placing his hand into his pocket, Taehyung pulled a notebook and simple silver pen free. You sat into the chair, fidgeting with your fingers in your lap as you tried to get comfortable on the cool wood holding your weight.

During the whole time you spoke to him, Taehyung felt as if you were getting nowhere. He couldn’t put a finger on it, but even after you’d evidently had a clear alibi so to say, he still felt like you were leaving things out. He couldn’t fully confirm that you were clear of charge until speaking to witnesses; if there was any.

He pinched his thumb and index finger on the bridge of his nose, taking a deep breath and exhaling for a long moment. 3 hours, stuck in a room with you and you were still so vague Taehyung was almost at a loss of questions. If detectives had a hand book, he’d asked you every question he could and more. There was no way he could let you off, but there was still no reason to keep you in there. If Yoongi was watching right now, Taehyung knew he was going to get his ass handed to him on a silver platter for figuring out nothing.
“(Y/N), I know you’re not telling me something.” Taehyung plainly stated, trying to keep his voice from wavering to the brink of annoyance. He’d been patient for the past 3 hours, from your outbreak of tears to your full on angered shouting.

“What would I not be telling you? I told you, I-”

“I know you said you didn’t kill him. That I can’t confirm with only the evidence you’ve given me.” He sighed, willing himself to not slap the table out of frustration. You were a tough cookie to crack, but he’d get there. Eventually. “Do you know how long it takes to put the criminal behind bars when even 1 measly person doesn’t cooperate with me? Longer than I’m willing to take,

(Y/N). I’m trying to figure out who did kill your father. Who has your dad been hanging out with lately? Is someone at work not getting along with him? How about a girlfriend? Boyfriend?”

Taehyung noted the flicker in your expression at the sound of work being mentioned. You looked down at the plastic water bottle in your hands, gently squeezing it in your grip.

“At work…?” You mumbled, looking up at him through blurred vision. He placed both his notebook and pen down, standing up only to kneel down at your side.
“Don’t be scared to tell me anything.” He murmured quietly, looking up at you.

“I’ll protect you, if someone threatened you. Or-”

“Nobody threatened me.” You promised, letting go of the water bottle onto the table. It was bent bizarrely from how hard you held it.

“So tell me,” he urged you gently, standing up straight. “nobody will hurt you. Not with me here every step of the way.”

“Well, there has been a man at my dad’s work…” You hesitated, voice catching in your throat as a spill of tears fell from your eyes. Taehyung swiveled back to his chair, picking up his pen and scribbling things into it.

“Continue, please.”

“He’s younger… Working at the hotel across the street before my dad. Still, my dad got the job even though he’d been working for it longer.”
“Why did he get that job, (Y/N)?” Taehyung looked up at you, narrowing his eyes slightly in concentration. This was a lot of information for you to be spilling, as if you’d practiced it beforehand.

“My dad had a better record than him? I don’t know…the resume. My dad is older and has been working far longer.”

Record? Does your dad have a criminal record? Did that man you were speaking of have a criminal record? Taehyung would have to check into later. He wrote a little note for it.

“I need a name on this man, (Y/N). Do you know this man’s name? What relationship does he have with your dad?” He was getting closer to knowing things. The familiar itch and anxiousness was returning to Taehyung’s exhausted body when he got closer to knowing significant information to a case.

You exhaled loudly, placing your shaking hands on the table. “His name is Namjoon. I’m sorry, I don’t know his last name. The past few weeks he’s been coming to our apartment and having drinks with my dad. I didn’t really like him…He just seemed so odd.”

“It’s fine,” Taehyung promised, writing as quickly as he could. He tapped the pen on the messy paper, leaving smudges of ink. “I don’t need a last name. Lotte Hotel across the street from your apartment building?”

“Mm, right.” You agreed.

Taehyung wrote down these things, circling hard evidence he’d need and stood abruptly. Your eyes shot up to his, shock freezing you into place.

“Thank you for answering so well.” Taehyung murmured, sliding his arms through his tanned trench coat sleeves. “I have enough information to go on right now. Call me if you think of anything else, alright? Can I trust you to answer my calls if I’ve got questions?”

“…Yes.” You promised, weakly getting to your feet.

“Don’t leave town (Y/N).” Taehyung commanded, gaining a nod from you. He hurried to the door, opening it for you and watching you walk back toward Ha Eun and almost collapse into her arms.

Walking toward his office, Taehyung pulled his phone from his pocket and began to dial a number.

“Lotte Hotel on the line, who’s speaking?”

“This is detective Kim Taehyung from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Do you mind if I come and speak to an employee of yours?”

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1. Stay in on a rainy Friday night curled up on the couch. Grab a fuzzy blanket and a cup of tea to comfort you while you watch sappy movies.

2. Wake up early on Saturday morning. Go run errands with your mom and drink coffee together. Sing on the top of your lungs in the car and laugh as you drive by a guy who is driving with his cat in his lap.

3. Stop by an old friends house. Catch up and reminisce.

4. Take your dog for a walk. The fresh air is good for him and you.

5. Meet your friends for dinner at your favorite place. Forget about him. Your have your friends. And that’s all you truly need.

6. Call your dad back. I know you do not want to talk to him but give him a chance.

7. Volunteer at a church. You’ll smile to yourself as you’re surrounded by old people who are filled with faith and love. Even if you do not know what you believe in, this will help you to believe in yourself.

8. Go to the mall and splurge for yourself. Buy that dress that you’ve been eyeing. And the lipstick that you’re afraid you can’t pull off. The heels that you’re in love with too. Buy it all. It’s important to do things for yourself.

9. Be spontaneous. It’s 11 o'clock on a Tuesday night and you don’t want to be alone. Call up your best friend and drive to the beach.

10. Stop worrying so god damn much. Talk to the cute guy at the coffee shop. Even if it goes no where, at least you did it.

11. Take lots of pictures: with your friends, the trees, your stepdad’s dog, old buildings, the sunset, your coffee, anything and everything. Print them and hang them all over your room.

12. Most importantly never forget that you are the only person you have to do anything for. Leave if you’re unhappy, do not stay with him because he loves you. Study for the test because you want a good grade, not because you’re afraid of disappointing your parents.

—  12 Things To Do in Order to Find Happiness Again
Pentagon When You Try To Snoop In Their Phone When They’re Away.

Jinho: comes back from the bathroom to see you trying to open his lock combination. Will probably get more disappointed in you than angry, because trying to go through his phone means you obviously don’t trust him. “You think I’m hiding something?”

Originally posted by tinyjinh0

Hui: Confused and not sure what’s really going on. Walks slowly up to you, not breaking eye contact while his face expression just screams ‘Are you really doing what I’m thinking your’re doing.’ will not let it go without an explanation and tries to solve the situation. He knows getting mad at you won’t fix anything. “What’s up, you obviously wanted to find something in there.”

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Hongseok: honestly the type of boyfriend who would just give you his password/lock combination if you asked him, however snooping around without his permission- he’s going to scoff and say “I can’t believe you right now.” To him, trust is really important in the relationship. “If you can’t trust me, then what exactly are we?”

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Edawn: Been standing there for a while now and looks at you, catching you in your act. “Do you want the lock combo? You’re not going to find anything anyways.”

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Yeo-one: The type to get hurt instead of being mad. Doesn’t want to lose you and feels like it’s his fault that you don’t trust him. Sits you down and opens his phone in front of you, showing you everything. “Where do you want to go first? Text messages? Look, there are only pictures of you in my photo gallery.” Probably in the verge of tears so please hurry up and apologize with a hug to this cutie.

Kino: Didn’t even think you were trying to find something because you don’t trust him. “Sweetie did your phone die? My lock combo is your birth date.”

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Shinwon: “What are you doing?!” he would say, sort of laughing, not taking the situation seriously much. when you tell him why you did what you did, he will just be like “And what made you think this way? Why would I even cheat on my wonderful girlfriend, you weirdo.” 

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Yuto: During a movie night together you could just be like “I want to check your phone just in case you are talking to any girls”. And He will just hand you his phone like “Ok, I have no other girl’s number except yours anyways.”

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Yanan: His phone isn’t even locked, his phone is basically yours to use everyday anyways. Plus why would you even check, it’s not like he’s ever dated any other girls except you in his life, let alone try to hook up with anyone else. So basically, the scenario never even happened.

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Wooseok: The type to get really defensive for no reason and fly across the room to grab the phone from you even if he wasn’t hiding anything. Honestly, that is kinda dumb and I don’t blame you if you have trust issues from him-he just doesn’t know how to act sometimes. “Ok sorry I didn’t mean to do that, here. Go ahead and check babe, I have nothing to hide.”

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Ok but what if it’s after Ronan and Adam are officially together but they keep it on the down-lo for a while, not even telling the gang. And then Ronan finds out that Adam has no problem with people knowing they’re together.

So then the group meets at Nino’s and Ronan shows up in a tank top that says “I ❤ “ and a big picture of Adam’s face.

And he sits down and throws an arm around Adam all casual like, “Hey.”

And Adam just glares at the shirt like it had kicked his dog and Gansey takes turns between gaping and frowning. And Adam’s like,

“Where in the hell did you get that?!”

And Ronan’s like, where do you think? implying he dreamed it. (except maybe what he actually did was go to some photo centre with Adam’s yearbook picture and get an iron-on made and ironed it onto one of his old shirts, who’s to say).

and Adam’s just like, “I refuse to be seen with you wearing that.“

and Ronan’s like, “Aw but I got matching ones for everybody!”

and he gives Adam a shirt that says “I ❤ Celtic Boys” and one for Gansey that says “I ❤ Glendower” and one for Noah that says “I ❤ Memes.”

And then Blue comes to their table and Ronan holds up the shirt he got for her that just says,

“I ❤ DICK”

And she tips his glass of water into his lap.

Sleeping With the Wrong Winchester

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Pairing : Dean x reader
Words : 2,028
Warnings: Smut, penis talk
Author : Mel

A/N : I got tired of Winchesters forever having big dicks in fics, so I wrote about smaller Dean who’s a bit self-conscious about his size when someones a cunt, but he still rocks your fucking world.

Dean fucking Winchester. Gods gift to women, if you listen to the bullshit he spews. And it is that. Bullshit. Or so you thought, at first.

You had met the Winchester boys when your suddenly jealous and abusive boyfriend turned out to be a werewolf. And something had happened between you and Sam. Apparently, that happens to him often. He swoops in to save a girl, fucks her, and sometimes she ends up dead. Or turns out to be a monster. You were lucky to be neither. Thanks to Dean.

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Thomas sat outside of the warehouse in his four door eco-friendly sedan. The place hadn’t changed in the slightest bit since he was here last. It almost felt like a whole other lifetime.
Stepping out, he saw nothing but rows of glossed over black and chrome, an obvious sign that the family has definitely grown.
With the door at hand, he took a deep breath before walking back into a life he’d thought was forever behind him.


His smiled went big as he was truly happy to see old familiar faces.
“Uncle Hap!” He embraced the tattooed biker.

“Jesus kid, where have you been hiding?” Happy grinned, his more than obvious wrinkles deepening.

Thomas steps back and shrugs, “Oh you know, just here and there.”

With a smile still on his face, Happy eyes Thomas, “Oh yeah? Last we heard, your brother said you had moved down to L.A.”

Tommy clears his throat with a chuckle,
“Ha, yeah, well I’m still trying to get settled-er Where’s Abel anyways?” He takes a peek past Happy, his brother nowhere to be seen.

Happy drapes an arm around Thomas’ shoulders,
“Takin’ his pretty boy sweet time getting here- Come on, Rat and the guys are over here.”
He leads them over to the small bar where all the others were there to greet him.


Abel pulled into the TM lot, staring out at the empty flat space on the opposite end. Memories of the explosion flickered through his thoughts like a slide show, he turned his back before the pictures had a chance to start moving.

He made his way into the small office, his sights aimed directly on the fairly new filing cabinet that sat in the corner. Pulling the top drawer out to it’s full extent, Abel reached far back inside.


“Shit!” Abel jumped, accidentally slamming the drawer on his hand.

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Slumber Party (Trolls Fanfic)

FINALLY! It’s done. It took me days to finish this and it’s not even that long. But it’s here, at last. 


Summary: Branch tells Poppy he wants to throw a party. She loses it.

Warning: In this fic everyone is a shipper, I complete my Eskimo kisses head-canon, and also, there’s a reference from this Troll 2 Troll.

Poppy was a dutiful queen. Now that they were living in Bergen Town, new rules had to be made, and each and every single one of her decrees was a perfectly colorful scrapbook.

Recently, she had been working in some rules to prevent accidents in the Parties that the trolls shared with the Bergens.

“What happens if one of us gets stepped on?” Branch had pointed out the day before. And Poppy had to admit, even being careful accidents did happen. So now, she was working on a scrapbook with some party rules and a copy to get to King Gristle in their next meeting. She also told Branch she would be bringing up the subject of building some paths for the trolls to walk safely and faster through the Town at the reunion.

She still remembered the face Branch made when the word “safely” left her mouth. He looked so proud that she felt warm and giddy inside. And since working on scrapbooks was her second nature, it left her mind free time to wander. She realized that Branch made her want to be a better Troll, a better person. Branch was good for her because he inspired her.

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