where did all of you come from so suddenly

Take my breath away (a fluffy one shot)

(Bucky x Reader) (Steve x Reader)

We all know the ‘bring a fake date to the reunion’ trope, I’ve tried to use that one but do it a little differently. I hope you guys like it! 

This is a Steve and Bucky AU fic.

Story: You’ve had a huge crush on Bucky all through college but nothing ever happened between you two. You are determined to change this when you see him again at the reunion 15 years later, but another man shows up to disturb those plans.

Word count: 4110

No warning. This is mostly fluff and feels, a lot of kissing and soft touches but nothing beyond that.

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t fucking cry.

You could do this, it was just one stupid night, one stupid reunion and then you’d never have to see him again. You could go back to forgetting all about his existence and get back to your life.

Your life as a hopeless, desperate, single woman in her thirties who hadn’t been on a date for as long as she could remember. Back to table-for-one restaurant visits and girls nights out where you were the only single girl in the group.
Back to your empty apartment with no one waiting for you except your cat Noodles who didn’t really care when you dragged your ass home as long as she got fed.

You shouldn’t have come here tonight. You knew this reunion was a horrible idea, you hated these people back then and you hated them just as much now.

Well, not all of them.

Not James, you could never hate James. James Bucky Barnes had been the only one who made your college years somewhat bearable, not that he was ever aware of that fact.

You’d had a crush on him all through college and you never had the guts to tell him. He didn’t even know you existed.

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BTS Reactions that you two have a fight | Part 2

Hey guys admin Sunshine is here again!! I’m so thankful for all of your good comments, you guys have no idea how much it made me happy, thanks!! So I’ve wrote part 2 of that fight but I can’t decide what should I do with members that’s why I’ve made a mess, I hope all you can enjoy my writings. Feel free too message me!! xoxo.

Part 1 | Part 2

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Movie nights.

Movie nights with Harry were always the same. He would come to your house or you would go to his and he would be all excited and happy that he would spend the night with you and with a good movie as well. He was the one who had a say in which movie you would watch and you were perfectly fine with that.

On the other hand, you would always choose what snacks would keep your tummies full during the movie. Pizzas, ice cream, popcorn and other fattening items were always the first options. This made Harry feel a bit odd, because he was used to eating healthy most of the time. But with you, this was not the case.

Of course, your movie spots would be ready some time ago in order not to waste any time when the movie would start. Your spot was the same every night; on the couch, with many cushions, especially when the movie was a horror one so that you had something to shelter your eyes when a horrifying scene came up on the screen. Blankets were also surrounding you two, to protect you from the cold of the winter when it was winter. Harry would always make a cheeky remark such as “Why do yeh need this blanket? I am here to make yeh warm” or  “Isn’t my body warm enough fo’ yeh pet?”. These comments would instantly plant a smile on your face.

During your movies, Harry was the watcher and you were the sleeper. Most of the time. You hated the fact that sleep was just around the corner for you because that meant that Harry would make fun of you at least for a week. For Harry though, you being the sleeper, was something he always took advantage of. It was the perfect time to admire you. How your eyes rested perfectly closed and how your long eyelashes decorated your upper cheeks so delicately. His next stop, was your lips. He would stare at them for a good amount of time, considering every single detail; from the colour of them to how they would taste on his.

One of his favourite things to observe while you were asleep, was how your chest rose and fell, with every breath you would take. He didn’t understand why he liked it so much to see you breathe while asleep but what he came near as a reason was that it relaxed him. Your steady inhales and exhales and how tranquil you looked, made him the exact same way. Like he had no problems. Like, even if he had some problems, he would be strong enough to solve them or at least learn. In other words, you were his source of strength and he loved you for that as well.

There were a few nights when Harry would fall asleep and you would continue watching the movie. But that hardly ever happened and you were used to your movie nights being like this. As you were reminiscing you felt that this time it would be different. Heck, you didn’t even know if there would be a movie night tonight. All thanks to an argument between you two.

Casually, you were waiting for Harry to arrive to your house for your movie night. It was 11:45 by now, and Harry was never late. Especially when it came to his best friend; you.

You were beyond worried so you rang Niall. You knew that Niall and Harry were the closest out of the other lads so you thought that maybe he knew where Harry was or what had happened in general.

“Ya? Who’s this?”, Niall’s voice spoke through the speaker.

“Hello, Niall. It’s me, Y/N. Sorry if I woke you up but do you have any idea where Harry is? His phone has probably shut down and I can’t reach him. I am so worried here”. Before he had the chance to reply, a really deep voice spoke in the background. You could recognize this voice any time.

“You know what Niall? Screw it. I am sitting here, all worried and he just decides to disappear. Let him be then. Enjoy your night guys and thanks for trying to help”. You were frustrated.

“Y/N, wait, it is not wha-“. Before Niall could explain you had hung up. You felt humiliated. Betrayed either. You thought that Harry would at least call to tell you that your movie night was cancelled or something. You would be pissed because you loved your movie nights, but you would appreciate the fact that he would be straightforward with you. But this? This was ridiculous.

While you were sitting down to relax a bit, frantic knocks were directed to your door.

“Y/N, Y/N open up. Please. I need to explain to yeh”. Yeah now he wanted to explain.

You opened the door, but you didn’t let him come into your apartment. His eyes scanned your face to understand what you were feeling, and the realisation hit him hard. His eyes also fell upon your spots, which were already prepared to welcome two bodies as they were always eager to.

“I don’t want to keep you back from your lads’ night. I have to thank you though! For notifying me and for not having me worried sick! Just the fact that you thought you had your best friend waiting and you decided to let her know you would be absent, is really appreciative!”. Sarcasm was dripping with every single word you spoke. Harry’s eyes soon fell to the ground.

“I know I should’ve called yeh and notify yeh but when I went to Niall’s house, it was still early and I was positive I would make it! But the conversation just kept going and I lost track of time while he helped me solve this problem I have! Yeh have to believe me Y/N!”. He was at the verge of yelling and crying out of desperation all at once.

“And I am sure I have no idea what that problem of yours is as well! Harry I thought we were best friends. I thought I was there for you to rely on and help you through your problems! That’s what we always did remember? What changed?”, you were trying to remain calm but it was very hard.

“Y/N yeh can’t understand! I couldn’t tell yeh wha’ my problem was just yet!”. The fact that he was getting angry, pissed you off even more! You had the right to be angry not him, right?

“And what problem is so important that you can’t share it with me Harry? I don’t understand you anymore!”. That was it. You were officially pissed.

“The fact that I am in love with yeh damn it! I needed a piece of advice on how to let yeh know! There! Now yeh know!”. Whoa. Where did all of this come from? You never imagined that Harry would have such feelings for you.

“Wha- what?”, your brain suddenly forgot how to function.

“Yeh know wha’? I know yeh don’t feel the same way. That’s why I didn’t want yeh to know. Because now things will be complicated and awkward between us!”. He said broken. Before you could protest or even call after him, he was already out of your door.

Now, here you were, waiting for Harry to come to your house for your famous movie night. Since the night he confessed his love to you, you called him but he never picked up. On the third day, he decided to be courageous and talk to you. The only thing you asked him was if he would come today for a movie night. Harry’s response came out bitterly because he lost hope but he said yes nevertheless. He wanted you to be part of his life even as a friend; no matter how much this killed him.

You, though, invited him to a movie night as a camouflage. You wanted to see him. Talk to him. This was the only way.

Just then, you heard his knocks on your door. Now or never.

“Hello Harry. Come inside”, you said casually and he thought for a moment how insensitive you were. But he regretted it as soon as this thought came. What really caught him off guard though was the fact that your spots were not prepared and there were not any snacks on the table.

“Y/N where are all our movie night stuff?”, he asked worried.

“You really thought I am that heartless? You confessed your love to me and I would just invite you for a movie night? I thought you knew me better than that”, you were slightly offended but you remembered why you told him to come to your house in the first place.

“No, yeh are right love. Yeh are not heartless and I am a fool for even considering it.”. Relief washed over you that he didn’t think of you as a heartless being.

“Then why did yeh call me for pet?”. As his nicknames for you made their reappearance, you knew that this was the perfect time.

“For this”. Before he could comprehend what was happening, your lips were on top of his and you felt yourself explode. How could you be so blind to your real feelings for Harry all this time? A kiss was the perfect way to find out obviously.

Harry felt incredible. Not only was he kissing you, the girl he loved for so long, but he knew you loved him too. He could feel it from the way your whole being was responding to him.

“I think now you know the solution to your problem”, you smiled sheepishly and he touched his forehead on yours before the next words left his lips.

“I know that yeh love me. And this is the solution to me every problem baby”, he said and then kissed you again, trying not to waste any more time.

Here it is! The one shot I have been preparing! This is the longest I have ever written and I would love to hear from you guys! I really hope you like it as much as I do! Remember that you can ask me anything you want, or even message me! Happy reading!


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                   Old Dog, New Tricks: First Installment

                                                  Part One

                                                  Part Two

                                                  Part Three

                                                 Part Four

                                                 Part Five

                                                  Part Six


Bucky Barnes was someone you never thought that could lead you to danger after your sex filled summer - it led to only that. After months of playing between the sheets, you were suddenly in the line of work you never expected to be - part of the Avengers. With the help of the team, you learn to transform into something else. Someone else.

Word Count: 2,470

Notes: Cursing, Angst, Some fluff.

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the best thing about the 50 yr timeskip is that some time in the near future there’ll be people who just decide to watch this random cartoon who don’t know beforehand that there was a 13 year wait for the story to finish, and they’ll have absolutely no context as to why the rating went up or why the plot suddenly started moving forward after 4 seasons. can you imagine tho like season 4 ends with jack stoically walking away after bringing a traumatized baby back to it’s mother, good filler-esque episode, and then season 5 starts and he immediately rolls in on his giant fuckign motorcycle, sporting a 50 year angst beard where he keeps his guns holy FUCK where did this all come from?????? i’d love to be a part of that crowd

I’ve always thought that a Stony!The Mummy AU would be awesome and I’ve talked about it quite a few times. This night, I felt like writing something and this popped into my mind! 

“Are you sure this man knows where the city of the dead is?” Tony asked, glancing up at the Cairo prison warily before eyeing Clint.

“I’m pretty sure,” Clint assured Tony, beckoning Tony to follow him as they approached the front gates. “A friend of mine told me that he had been found near there.”

“On his own?” Tony questioned, nodding politely to the guard who opened the gate for them. “That would be a stupid thing to do.”

Clint snickered but shook his head. “Nope, he was a captain of a foreign legion,” He stopped in his tracks for a moment before looking around. “He was captured by the enemy…well, his enemy.”

“Shame.” Tony murmured, his eyes softening sadly.

“Indeed.” Clint agreed.

After locating the warden and asking for the captain, Steve Rogers was his name, they were escorted over to his cell.

“I’ve gotta warn you,” The warden said, his English heavily accented. “He’s a feisty one,” He then frowned deeply. “Knocked two of my men out before we managed to pin him down.”

Tony didn’t have time to react to that surprising fact when the door behind the cell opened and a man was dragged out, grunting. His hands were in front of him, cuffed, and he was struggling against the slowly weakening holds of the guards.

Well the captain has seen better days, Tony thought as he took in the man’s tattered form. His hair was past his shoulders, dirty blonde, and extremely tangled. He had a full beard of the same color, probably darkened from dust and dirt. He was brought down to kneel, another loud grunt escaping his lips, before he looked up at them with startlingly clear blue eyes.

Steve Rogers looked tense, all muscle bunched up like a tiger who was about to pounce at any chance he could.

Tony took a cautious step forward, unaware of Clint who outstretched his arm a little, having gone into protection mode. Tony took another step before shaking his head slightly, finding it a little humorous and appaling that he was treating this man like he was a dangerous animal.

He did look like one, in a way, with narrowing eyes and a frown marring his features.

Tony needed to talk to this man though and went to bend down in front of him before a firm hand was placed on his shoulder. Looking over his shoulder, Tony realized that it was Clint’s.

“Don’t worry,” Clint said, his voice serious. “I’ve got it.”

Tony pouted, displeased but barely noticed Steve watching him before he turned his attention to Clint.

“So,” Clint said, squatting in front of the bars. “Hamunaptra? You know it?”

“Who’s asking?” Steve asked roughly, his voice deep and hoarse.

“I am,” Clint then gestured to Tony. “We are, we want to know where it is.”

“Why?” Steve looked genuinely curious. “Most people who go there never come out alive.” A bitter laugh then fell from his lips. “Except for me.”

“Well we’ve never shied away from an adventure,” Clint grinned. “Besides, you’d be making Tony here very happy,”

“Clint.” Tony warned and Steve looked at him once again, holding his gaze, until Tony suddenly found his shoes awfully interesting. Why on earth did his cheeks feel warm all of a sudden?

“So, will you help?” Clint asked, hoping for a positive response.

Steve hesitated for a moment before nodding his head over to Tony. “I’d like to speak with him before I decide anything.”

Tony looked up, eyes widened slightly while Clint shook his head.

“No, this is between you and me-” Clint began, a tinge of protest in his voice but Tony pushed him aside, uncaring of the loud yelp that Clint gave as he met the ground.

Steve and Tony stared at each other for the fourth time in ten minutes. Tony did his best to not look away, meeting Steve’s gaze dead on.

A few moments passed and Steve finally spoke, “Why should I help you?”

“Because you want to.” Tony stated.

Steve raised an eyebrow.

“Listen,” Tony started. “I don’t know if you’re a good man or not but I do know that you have the same thirst for adventure that my brother and I do.” He then smiled. “You wouldn’t deprive a fellow adventurer an experience of a lifetime, you’d feel bad.”

At that, Steve laughed and it was oddly nice to hear without the bitterness swirled in.

“You don’t know me at all.” Steve told him and Tony shrugged.

“It’s true, I don’t,” Tony admitted. “But I need this and you’d be doing me a huge favour.”

Those words hung between them, and Tony stayed quiet as he allowed Steve to soak up those words. It was then he sighed before lifting up a hand and gesturing Tony closer.

“No, closer.” He commanded when Tony wasn’t near enough and Tony moved in until the unexpected happened.

A warm and rough hand grabbed his chin before pulling him in for a hard kiss. Tony’s breath hitched, too stunned to do anything. Steve’s lips were chapped but feel hot against his own, a swipe of tongue on his bottom lip that sent Tony’s mind reeling.

It felt like forever but it was only a few seconds before Clint dragged Tony, yelling at the man as the guards hit Steve on the back.

“Then get me out of here!” Steve shouted before he forced out of the holding cell.

“Tony, are you alright?” Clint asked, alarmed and checking him over but Tony wasn’t listening. He was busy replaying the kiss in his mind, passionate and so much like a lover’s. It had been a long time since he been kissed like that and he found himself short of breath.

But he was soon brought back to reality when he heard,

“Bring him to the execution stand!” The warden yelled, enraged and Tony knew he had to save Steve, no matter what the cost.

A New Neverland.

Request from anon:Do you do requests? Well if you do can you do a Peter Pan smut where both the reader and him now live in storybrooke and you both are trying to get used to the new technology? Thanks!!

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1,744

Warnings: Smut…not LOADS but enough to certainly put it in the warning so if you are under 18 PLEASE DO NOT READ! There is also some language too and some mild intimidation and threatening behaiour.. Anything I have missed just let me know.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3

Originally posted by kevinskeller

“Damn it!”

For the second time that morning you found your foot connecting with the kitchen worktop and for the second time you instantly regretted the move as an agonising pain shot through your big toe. You needed to find another way to unleash your frustration, something that wasn’t so……painful.

“What’s going on?” A tired Peter stalked out of the bedroom, both hands rubbing the tiredness from his eyes, as he sent a rather perplexed expression your direction. “Still can’t figure out that toaster? I figured it out days ago!”

Your eyes immediately narrowed into dangerous slits as you grabbed hold of a nearby knife and pointed it in his direction in a threatening manner.

“Shut it Pan or I swear to god I will find a new place to store this knife…..” Your voice is low and it is more than evident that your words aren’t only a threat but a promise too should he continue his smugness. “…it’s this stupid thing they call a ‘radio’ here. It’s not, well, it’s not doing anything!”

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Reaction to You Crying During Sex. . .

Anonymous said: Hey are you accepting requests?? I hope so 😰 if so, could you do a BTS, EXO, and iKon reaction to you (gf) crying during sex? Ah, also it’s because it’s so intimate. Not cause you got hurt. That happened to me one time 🙄 thanks Eonni 💖 Also please add Jungkook. i love him. I love your work as well hehe~. Please continue~

Reaction to You Crying During Sex [Smuty-ish??]…

[EXO Reaction Here >click, iKon Reaction Coming Soon…]

A/N Jungkook is four months older than me, so i have no problem doing him. i know there was a whole debate and mess about it, but as far as i’m concerned, if they’re older than me by two months or more, i’m gunna write for them. this is interesting, i think most would be worried that they had hurt you tbh. this is going a shorter reaction, just ‘cause most would be similar. hope that’s okay. enjoy Anonie! Requests are always open.

Kai Eonni ~


He would be thrusting at a hard pace, when suddenly he notices the tears streaming down your cheeks. During sex or anything intimate, Namjoon would always be in tune to his girlfriend, looking for signs, so as to be sure not to be moving too fast, or hurting her. He would slow down his pace and watch your face closely while asking, “Are you okay? Should I slow down?”

When he learns that it’s just because you felt so much pleasure he would smirk, showing that cocky smile of his where his dimples show and lean down to kiss you neck, keeping his pace slow so you could feel all of him. “It feels good for me too baby.”

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He would have his fingers interlaced with your own, breathing hard into your neck, letting little whimpers past his partly open lips. Suddenly he hears a whimper come from you and backs away, stopping all movements when he sees your eyes filled with tears. “Jagi! What’s wrong? Did I go too fast? Do you want to stop?”

When you tell him it’s just because you feel so good, Jin would become flustered and chuckle slightly then seal your lips with a passionate kiss, continuing on with more confidence. Wanting you to feel so much more.

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Oh lord help you, you def will be feeling unbearable pleasure. He would be moving his hips expertly against your own. It would take sometime for him to realize that you were crying. He would be too involved to realize, but once he does, he would know why you were crying. He would just smirk and lean his forehead against your own, closing his eyes. “You feel that…” He would pant, pushing into you a little harder, those words being all he says as he brings you to your high.

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J-Hope would be putting his dancer hips to fantastic use. The room filled with his panting and whimpers. He would be another that would take sometime to realize that you were crying. However, as soon as he sees tears painting your cheeks he would jump off of you. Terrified that he had hurt you. He would crawl back over you and place his hands gently on your cheeks. “Jagi… Speak to me, what happened? Are you okay?” He would ask, his eyes racking you over from your head to your toes looking of any sign of injury. 

After you explain, he would laugh and say, “Ahhh, Jagi you scared me! I thought I hurt you.”

Originally posted by chimchams


Your lips would be locked together, unable to separate, too infatuated with one anther. However, Jimin would eventually feel your tears as your cheeks brush against one another. Jimin would lean away and stare into your eyes while he brings up a hand to stroke your tears away as he slows down the pace of his hips. “Jagi sweetie, what’s wrong? Too hard?” He asks in a gentle voice that could sooth anyone.

Once you explain Jimin’s face would light up. “I love you…” He would whisper as he leans in to connect your lips to his once again.

Originally posted by vivacioustae


Taehyung would be holding you close, his arms wrapped around you as he moves into you as at a steady pace, his lips brushing your neck. You would whimper out a “Tae…” He would lean back, thinking you want a kiss when he notices your tears. He would pause, not pulling out of you, but looking at you shocked. “Did I do something wrong?” He would ask.

When he hears your answer, a big sigh of relief would leave his lips as he leans down to kiss your lips. “I thought I did something wrong…” He would push into you once again, leaving wet kisses up and down your neck, giving you extra affection for how sweet you are.

Originally posted by bwipsul


He would be so scared when he notices tears spilling out of your eyes. The first thought to come to mind would be that he had hurt you in some way. He wouldn’t pull out, but like Tae, he would pause and hold himself over you. “Jagi… Jagi, what’s wrong? Where does it hurt?” He would ask.

He would move to pull out, but you would wrap your arms around his waist and explain that it just felt so good. He would smile bashfully at first, then would come his cockiness. “It feels that good huh?” He would whisper leaning down. He would place a quick kiss on your lips then trail down your neck, collarbone and to your chest while his hips snap into you, giving you 10x more pleasure than before.

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It’s Starting To Feel Like Home

Characters: Bucky x Reader 
Warnings: talks of miscarriage, blood, angst, swearing
Prompt Number(s): 06 - “I lost the baby.”, 113 - “Where did all these puppies come from?”
W/C: 1.3k+
A/N: I know that there is never really a replacement for something like this, like losing a child and the intention of this story is to bring hope and a smile. I hope I don’t offend anyone with this piece. Thank you for sending prompt numbers @stevette60 <3

Originally posted by coporolight

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Power (Jason Todd x Reader)

Requested by: anon
“Maybe a Jason x Reader who is like Jean Grey (ridiculously powerful but lacks control) and the reader loses such control, but Jason is her anchor and like is able to stop the reader before she destroys like everything”

Summary: You find out about your powers and feel betrayed, hurt and angry. You have no clue what you can do and how to control it.

Warnings: non? Angsty maybe? Bruce is fucking up…

Note: Hope it’s what you had in mind 💜

Your heart felt like a void as you approached Bruce. Darkness was spreading from the depths of it, making your body numb and your emotions run wild.
Your breathing displayed the anger you felt. Your chest rose and fell steadily but heavy, loudly.
You clenched your fists. The hole in your chest bled, poisoning you.

Jason looked up and the smile he wore disappeared in an instant. “(Y/N), what’s up?”

You ignored him, your eyes were glued to Bruce. “Bruce, we need to talk.” You were surprised at how calm your voice sounded the complete opposite to the seething rage you felt. Your fingertips tingled.

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Bts react to you being sick

Yes this is my personal imagine, as i have explained here im starting off with it because ive been sick for fifteen hundread years and i just wanna be taken care off, lollolol,so here’s my debut i guess. i hope it offers you a scope of my writing and how i would portray each member please tell me if you like it, or if you have any comments (IT WOULD MEAM THE WORLD TO ME) and hit me up for more Requestsss im readyyy!! Thanks in advance for all the support, i am literally s excited to wriTE IT ALLLLL

  • Seokjin

Low-key freak out, does a bad job of hiding it, starts  nervously Pickering with you instead. ‘I TOLD you to take a jacket!’ *huffs* Tries not to hover, but cant help it, starts on that chicken broth IMMINENTLY, has to feed you himself. Scary mama bear. Loses his shit whenever one of the guys teases you, ‘Jungkook if you don’t put her down this instant…’*glare* although he himself cant stop the teasing ‘You just want a kiss to make you feel better, don’t you? *smooches you as you laugh and try to push him away* ‘I am sick, you dork!’

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  • Rapmon:

Monie wouldn’t really know what to d He’d pull you against his chest while simultaneously reaching for his phone. “Do you have a fever? are you feeling dizzy?” Instantly cancels all daily activities to be with you. Insist on dragging you along when you refuse to go so you won’t get in the way. Wouldn’t stop trying to self-diagnose you. Unsatisfied when you tell him you just need some rest. “just get in the car babe, for me? i know a really good doctor close by” keeps your hand his at all times.

Originally posted by shin-heerin

  • Suga:

Being the most observant member, he would probably notice that you are tired before you do. Instantly picking-up on your depleted energy levels. "Are you feeling okay baby?” He’d ask while running a palm along your side. You’d sigh, realizing that you are leaning at little heavily on him, you borrow closer into his warmth. That would be all he needed to see before he pulls you to a couch and runs for some Aspirin. He’d keep-up a quiet light discussion to intimately keep tabs on you without making a big deal out of it. Keeps a hand on your hip, a few fingers just under the hem of your shirt to measure your body temp. Takes you to a pharmacy before you even realize where you’re going, insists you at least drape his jacket on your solders when the cold air hits you, cuts off any protests with a kiss. 

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  • JHope:

Hobi would f r e a k out. He would baby you with everything. Asks Jin hyung what to do, unconsciously gets super quiet and sulky without realizing it, chin on your shoulder. Scandalized once you call him out snaps instantly out of it, jumping up and exploding into a silly dance to make you feel better, not stopping until you crack a smile. *100 watt smile on*  He would calm down at the sound of your laughter, keeping up a light overly dramatic attitude acting like a kid until you’re clutching your sides from laughing. Gets super clingy and touchy, starts off any conversation with ‘Y/N is sick, BTW’. Won’t stop no matter how embarrassed you get. Pats your back as you hide your face in his shirt.‘Laughter is the best medicine after all’. *Nodes *

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  • Jimin:

Next to Suga, this mochi will be the most aware of it and definitely the most attentive. He won’t be softer than usual because he’s Park Jimin and it doesn’t get softer than that. He’d know how to take good care of you, being the caretaker of Bangtan, it comes naturally to him. I also feel like he’d be the one of the most mature about it, Calmly tucking you to bed and putting the kettle on. He’d keep an overall serene and healing air, that would calm you down like palms on a burn. Already big on PDA this sneaky fluff ball would abuse the situation to the extreme, caging you in his arms and clinging to your waist. He’d let you pat him and spoon him more willingly though, knowing that it makes you feel better. Shamelessly nuzzling up to your chest and neck, leaving sloppy kisses as you giggle ‘Sweetheart, you smell just so good!’ 

Originally posted by nnochu

  • Taehyung:

Tae would be a lost puppy i’m afraid. He is very sensitive though, so i feel like he might mistake your sudden calm for distance. Consequently getting hurt. He’d try to get a read on you discreetly, reaching for stuff around you or stretching to test whether you flinch or pull away. He would keep dancing around it, pulling on your shirtsleeve, gaze unable to meet yours , until he can’t stand it and has to know. ‘What’s wrong?’ he’d ask roughly, voice dropping. once you throw your arms around him though, he would instantly know, despite your muffled "nothing". Melting into your touch, he’d wrap your thighs around, as he heads for the bathroom. ‘Let’s find a thermometer yeah?’ Get ready to be showered with affection once everything settles down tho.

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  • Jungkook:

Jungkook would unconsciously pick up on it, offering his physical support more than often but it might take him a bit to realize. Being one to value personal space. He’d chalk up your quietness to something mundane, and try not to get in your way instead. It wouldn’t really hit him, until later in the day when you wont’t finish your food and stay silent through dinner discussions, thinking back to how out of it you seemed the entire day, his worry takes root. He would stew in silent turmoil, stamping out his uneasiness as best he could. He’d think carefully about what to do, opting out of teasing you. He’d gently rub your thigh, knowingly. You’d hold out as long you could before giving in and slumping down against him, with a heavy sigh. He ducks down catching your eyes before you think to look away. Understanding glints in his , and your sigh turns into a groan. You could never keep anything from those doe eyes. He leans in pressing his lips to ur forehead and a twin pair of callused palms descend on your neck and upper arms eliciting a myriad of emotions, not stopping until you’re halfway sat on his lap. He run his fingers at the nape of ur neck “Is your throat acting up again? Im pretty sure we still have some medicine left from last time”. Mmmm is all you can muster in an effort not to moan under his heavenly menstruation. 

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You’re body’s so loosed up that you barely register the effortless lift, his arms and he’s suddenly skipping from room to room, asking the hyungs and collecting things. ‘Remember what was it called? Something that sounds like a Pokemon?’ Finally at he end of the impromptu treasure hunt, he’d sit you in his lap, back to his chest, as you two sort out the mess his haul. Where did a fully functional hot water bag come from? And why does it feel so good against the back of your neck. After a bit of experimentation. And Jk’s protective instinct you would end up more burrito than human, sort of cocoon filled with all manners comforting gadgets with kookie holding it together. Cuddles Cuddles Cuddlesssssss

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lmao sorry i couldnt wit the laundry mountain on the last one

Housemates!NCT Part 11

Your university runs out of dorm space, forcing you to find a last minute living arrangement with some international students. In other words, you’re basically screwed.

Warnings: alcohol, drugs, sex, profanity

Word Count: 1577

I’m sorry I’m such a dick guys… so sorry. I’m not really happy with the quality of this either but :))))) everything’s fine. 


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 12

Also check out my College! thing too to help you tide yourselves over as i’m a shit head :)

I’ll also be updating with a College!Yuta soon!


Jaehyun | Ten

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@connormurphweed read this I crave validation @her-biness too I love you both

Jeremy is in the kitchen at Michael’s house, and he has no idea how he got there.

He’s tired, eyelids slipping down until he opens them again, crossing his eyes and struggling to get them focused again.

He’s standing, legs apart so that his thighs aren’t touching, and he knows he should go back to bed, Michael’s bed, but he can’t move. It’s like he’s in a trance.

He woke up about twenty minutes ago, Michael’s back pressing warmly into his, and he felt blood trickling down his thighs. Shit.

He had gotten up quickly, not wanting to get blood all over Michael’s bed, went to the bathroom, and saw that he would have to quietly go downstairs, because surprise, Michael doesn’t have pads in his personal bathroom. Double shit.

He goes downstairs, changes his pad, then decides to just camp out in the living room until the morning.

He gets a glass of water from Michael’s fridge, where the water is so cold a film of frost ices over the top of the water if he leaves it alone for a bit, and takes a long drink.

It burns his throat going down, but he likes it like that.

He then just sits on the couch, dozing off, until he hears the creaking of steps going downstairs. He startles, pulling a blanket over his head but peeking out.

He sees red pajama bottoms, then a pac-man shirt.


He’s rubbing his eyes tiredly, and his hair is a mess, and he doesn’t have his glasses on. Jeremy suddenly feels guilty.

Michael is stumbling over himself, which makes sense because, you know, his glasses aren’t on… his face.

God, Jeremy is more tired than he thought.

Michael is fumbling with his phone, but he looks more awake then Jeremy feels, so there’s that.

Then Michael’s phone flashlight sweeps brightly right into his eyes, and Jeremy resists the impulse to hiss loudly.

He covers his face with the blankets, flushing as he hears Michael walk over to him.

“I know you’re under there, Jeremy,” Michael says. His voice is low and husky, and Jeremy falls in love with him a bit more.

“Sorry,” Jeremy whispers back. “I woke up then I didn’t want to go back upstairs because of my fucked up sleeping schedule and-” He’s rambling, but then Michael pulls back the blanket, and Jeremy shuts up. “Sorry.” He finishes quickly. Michael smiles a little, then pulls him up off the couch and into the kitchen.

“Dance with me,” Michael tells him, and Jeremy nods.


The night took a turn, but it’s a good one.

Michael clicks on a playlist from YouTube Music that’s labelled Calm Songs For Dates.
‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’ starts to play. Jeremy is standing awkwardly, then jumps a little when Michael turns around and grabs his hand lacing their fingers together. Jeremy’s other hand goes up to rest on Michael’s shoulder, and Michael puts his hand on Jeremy’s hip.

“Dance with me,” Michael says again, then starts to sway with the music. Jeremy sways with him, both embarrassed that he doesn’t really know how to dance, and feeling a bit cliche.

“This is what they do in movies,” Jeremy says. Michael huffs out a laugh.

“Shut up, my favorite part is playing.” Michael starts to hum, then sings quietly in Jeremy’s ear.

“Take my hand,” Michael squeezes their linked hands a little, making Jeremy’s mouth quirk up at the corners, “take my whole life too, for I can’t help falling in love with you.” Jeremy then joins in singing.

“Like a river flows, surely to the sea, Darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be,” Then the two boys sing together, their voices melding together to make a pleasant harmony.

“Take my hand,” this time Jeremy brings their hands together, placing them in between he and Michael’s chests, then leans forward, trapping their hands between them, “Take my whole life, too, for I can’t help falling in love with you, for I can’t help falling in love with you.” The song fades out, leaving the boys to be swaying together, their foreheads touching.

The two then look towards Michael’s phone as ‘Here Comes A Thought’ from Steven Universe starts to play. Jeremy giggles and lets his head plunk against Michael’s shoulder.

“I can’t believe you, Michael.” Michael grumbles and steps on Jeremy’s foot. “Ow!”

“Screw you, it’s a good show, and this song is relaxing!” Michael sounds offended, which only makes Jeremy smile more.

Jeremy starts to softly sing along, stopping Michael from skipping the song from spite.

“Here comes a thought that might alarm you, what someone said and how it harmed you, something you did that failed to be charming,
things that you said are suddenly swarming,” Michael joins in, and Jeremy stops singing to start doing simple footwork that he remembers from dancing in sixth grade.

“And, oh, you’re losing sight, you’re losing touch, all these little things seem to matter so much, that they confuse you, that I might lose you,”

And they go on like that. There’s a part in the song where there’s an tinkling of notes getting higher and higher, and, at that part, Michael tries to pick up and twirl Jeremy.

He isn’t able to do it because Michael has pretty much no muscles whatsoever, but Jeremy appreciates the effort.

Then that song ends, and Michael pauses the track, letting the two stand in silence. It’s nice, Jeremy thinks, it’s nice to be standing in your boyfriend’s kitchen as the sun is rising, holding hands, dancing, and enjoying each other’s company.

Michael then yawns. A squeak comes out of his throat as he does, Jeremy snickering.

“Shut up,” Michael says mock-angrily, swatting Jeremy’s bicep. Jeremy holds back his laughter, his cheeks puffing out.

“Sorry.” He and Michael both laugh together, then Michael starts to lead them both upstairs.

“I’m going back to bed. Join me?”

“I’ve heard worse ideas,” Jeremy teases him. Michael flushes red.

“Shut your face.” Michael mutters as they crawl under the covers. Jeremy smiles widely.


“Maybe ‘okay’ will be our ‘always.’” Michael says sleepily, rolling on his side and opening his arms so that Jeremy could lay by him.

“I can’t believe you.” Jeremy mutters, but still lets Michael hug him.

“Night. Well, morning.”



“Maybe-” Jeremy knees him in the calf.

“Go to sleep.”

“O- alright.”

Wow that was cheesy

a hand in the sand [m]

COUNT → 16.076

GENRE → smut

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → hand kink | pirates | chuck e. cheese | horses

i worked really hard on this all weekend you guys!!!!!! i hope it’s not too bad :-( let me know what you think!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!!!!! this was a special request from my bff @tinkerbeom so if anyone to blame its her fault!!!!!! :-)

Your nails dug into the wall, but lost your balance every few seconds from all the sweat in your palms. Jungkook was behind you, thrusting into you so fast that you couldn’t even ask yourself where you were. All you could think of was the word “dick” as it went through one ear, out the other, then did a little turn around your head and back inside your ear to repeat the process.

“That feel good, baby girl? Come on. Let me hear you.”

“It feels so goo—”

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  • him: so. what kind of things do u like doing? ;)
  • me: well i love reading jily fanfic like give me anything thats jily and i'll be happy, i live and breathe them. coffeeshop and university aus are The Best in like any and every situation and i'm happy for the next three centuries. muggle aus are incredible and in any time setting they're amazing, give me those fake-dating tropes where it's so cliche but so brilliant and i'll love you forever where they're making someone jealous and pretend to date and 'oh where did all these weird romantic feelings suddenly come from???', give me the baby driver au where lily's a badass and james is the helplessly-in-love-with-baby waiter at The Diner, give me the fics where they live and interact with harry in every situation like

Where Harry has been forced to choose between two of the things that mean the world to him.

He didn’t want to do it.

He really didn’t. But it wasn’t like he had a choice. All he wanted was a good relationship, and he had been fortunate to find a girl that he absolutely adored. Luckily enough, she loved him back just as much, if not more.

Harry knew that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him in his life. He wasn’t ready to let her go, he wasn’t ready to let his happiness slip right out of his hands.

As he entered the house, her sweet aura welcomed him. Her lingering smell made him want to just back down. But he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t risk destroying his best friend’s carrier, even if it meant ending his own happiness.

“Harry, is that you?”

Her soft, velvety voice rang in his ears. He heard small feet running down the stairs, and soon the love of his life came running into his arms. He held her tight, afraid that this could be the last time he would be able to feel her warmth, to feel her tucked into the safe haven of his arms. Oh how he would miss coming home to this. He knew that without her, it would be just a simple house. Her loving presence made it feel like home.
She was home.
His home.

She wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world. No, not even close. She didn’t have the most beautiful eyes, the prettiest smile, the perfect laugh; she wasn’t perfect, but she meant everything to him. Her flaws were what made her so unique, so perfect for him. He knew he could never find love like her again. She was his everything. But the cruel world just wouldn’t let them be together.

Tears blurred his eyes at the thought of losing his wonderful fiancé. The one he ‘oh-so-perfectly’ promised to spend his life with. The one with whom he made all plans to marry, have children, and grow old together.

He remembered when they started dating. She was so shy at first, blushing at every compliment, trying to hide from his intense gaze; he thought it was the most adorable sight he had ever seen.

He knew that she was nervous, but so was he. The both of them felt something about each other that they hadn’t felt with anyone else before. After 2 years of dating, they had become the best of friends. They could talk and talk for hours on end about anything and everything under the sun. They were there for each other in every condition, with warm cuddles and kisses.

He remembered the night he proposed, it was their 2nd anniversary and he had taken her to the place where they had had their first date. He remembered being nervous about asking her, but just looking at her made it better. He remembered the way he professed his love for her, then asked her to be his forever, officially. He remembered how she had jumped in his arms, crying and screaming, “Yes”. It was one of the best nights of their lives.

As strange as it sounded, the both of them had never really had a fight. They had silly little arguments here and there, but nothing too serious. They were both mature and understood other’s feelings. He loved her all the more for that.

But now, all that was about to end.
In just a few minutes, his world was going to come crashing down.

“You don’t seem alright, Harry. Are you okay?”

She asked, her expression showing pure worry and concern as she cupped his face in her petite hands.

“Baby, I-I have to talk to yeh.” he said, using all his strength. He shouldn’t have called her that. He should be trying to break up with her, but that term of endearment had stuck with them throughout their relationship. The first time he called her that, she was lying with her head in his lap, and on hearing the words, she had looked up at him, with her eyes sparkling with happiness. The way she reacted to his words was something that he could never forget.

God knows how difficult it was for him. It was one of the hardest things for him to do, knowing what was coming next.

“Sure. Let’s go inside and sit, yeah?”
she said, worried about what could be bothering her fiancé.
He rarely ever came home in a bad mood. There were some times when he was fed up with his life, or maybe when he had had a bad performance. But this, this was something absolutely new. And she didn’t know what to do. All she wanted was for him to smile that radiant smile of his that made the entire world swoon at his feet.

He reluctantly followed behind her, watching her beauty from behind. Her long hair looked gorgeous as it spread around her shoulders. Her hand holding his, him holding it even tighter as he realized that this could possibly be the last time he’d be able to envelope her small and feminine hands in his.

As they reached the living room and Y/N bent to sit down on the couch, he tugged at her hand, keeping her from sitting down. Worry once again covered her expressions as she looked at her fiancé, his eyes already watered because of what was coming next.

“What’s wrong, Haz?”
she asked, her voice like music to his ears.

Others may think that he was too obsessed, but the truth was that he had just fallen too deep in love. He loved the beauty in front of him with every part of him, and knowing what he was going to do next, broke his heart into a million little pieces.

“Y/N, we-we can’t do this anymore.” he said, his voice merely coming out as a whisper.

Tears immediately sprang to her eyes as she felt her heart stop. It was like the ground slipped away from her feet. The pain she felt almost seemed physical. She could feel her chest hurt. Never in a million years would she have imagined her fiancé to come and say this. He had asked her to marry him after all, every day he told her that he loved her, that she was his world. So where did this come from?

Despite the words leaving his mouth, his eyes showed pure misery and pain, begging her not to believe what he was saying. She was confused, hurt, angry, stunned, but most of all, she was broken. They were so happy together, then why was he suddenly doing this?

Harry tried to hold his tears back, assembling himself before saying:
“Y/N, look, I don’t think we can be together anymo-”

“Harry please! What’s happening to you? You were perfectly alright till yesterday! Why are you doing this to me? To us? We’ll make it work. We’ve made it work for the last two years! You even asked me to marry you! I love you, why are you doing this?” Fawn said, her last words coming out in a whisper, as tears ran down her face, crying heartbreakingly.

And that was all it took for Harry to break down. Right then and there, in her arms. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, promising himself to never let go of the best thing that had ever been his.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. They-they threatened me that they’ll end the contract with the band if I didn’t break it off with you. I couldn’t do it baby, i couldn’t risk the other guys’ career because of me. It killed me to do this to you. But now, I promise that I’ll fight against them.” he was sobbing by the end, his words coming out in a rush, before Y/N wrapped herself around him, her head on his shoulder as she said:

“We’ll fight against them. Against the world, together.
All of the rumours,
All of the fights;
We’ll find a way to make it out alive.”

Harry squeezed her tightly as he thanked God for the perfection in front of him. He couldn’t imagine what he would’ve done if she wasn’t there anymore, he nuzzled his face in her hair, holding onto her with all of his might. Y/N soothingly ran her hands through his hair, a few tears making their way down her face.

“Shhh, it’s alright, I’m here. I love you.”

“I love you too, so, so much.” he cried. “Please don’t leave me pet, ever.”

“I could never leave you, Harry. I love you too much.” Y/N replied.
And there they both stood, in each other’s arms, promising to never leave the other alone. And there was nothing anyone could do to break them apart as they both stood together.

Two against the world, they were the winners.

Their love was the winner.

Can’t say no to that

Requested by anon: Can you please do an imagine with Brett where he’s in love with the reader who isn’t like other girls who spend their time desperately try to get his attention but rather spends her time reading books. The reader wears glasses.

A/N: so I guess this is a imagine based on my preference which (for the ones who are interested) you can read (here).  Sorry this is so short…

Words: about 980
Warnings: nothing.
Pairing: Brett Talbot x reader

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Livin’ On a Prayer (Auston Matthews)

Word count: 1495

Warnings: Kind of a sex scene

Author’s note: This wasn’t requested, but I had the idea for it when Bon Jovi came on Throwback Thursday while I was driving to work last week. My first attempt at something even remotely coming close to smut. Let me know what you think!

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You absolutely adored the Matthews family. Between the constant dry heat of Scottsdale, a vastly different climate than Toronto, Auston’s sisters always finding the time to tease him and tell you embarrassing stories about him and Ema trying to include you, the hopeless cook who once managed to actually burn water, in the Matthews family tradition of cooking large meals together, Auston’s family quickly became another family to you, in addition to your actual family and the Leafs family. Even though you loved all of the Matthews, you missed your hometown. After a really nice month in Arizona at the conclusion of the season, you were more than ready to show Auston where you had grown up.

Turns out, your family loves Auston just as much as Auston’s family loves you, if not more so. They found your quiet giant of a boyfriend incredibly endearing. Even your dad, the man that was the reason that none of your friends wanted to go to your house in high school, wasn’t his intimidating self around Auston. Even though your family was more than welcoming they, much like Auston’s family, are very overbearing to two people who really just enjoy the company of each other.

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Wait... you're the pinapple queen, we all know that... but did this all come from you drawing pineapple on the pizza ages and pages ago? Suddenly it just blew up with the pineapple stuff and I guess I just went with it... where did it start?

It honestly
I think
someone sent me an ask about not liking pineapple on pizza???
and so I went lololol
I’ll have Yuri and Victor eat pineapple on pizza