where di everybody run off to

what i think the sgfg songs mean/what the songs meant to me

  - where you just wanna be with that person idk this song confuses me lyrically to be honest??????

she’s kinda hot
  - people are gonna have shitty thoughts about you but don’t care bc you’re great and you don’t care that you don’t fit in right now because you’re gonna go on and do shit and they won’t. it’s okay not to fit in.

hey everybody
  - everyone’s been in that stage where you’re broke af but hold out bc eventually we’ll be fine in the end

permanent vacation
  - we’ll all different and idgaf if you think i’m weird bc i don’t have the average job and have the average life bc my generation is running the world after urs dies off lets be real.

jet black heart
  - i’m a broken person and i leave people i care about behind to protect them // i leave before i get attached to protect myself, but you’ve found out that i’m vulnerable all the time and i’m wondering if you’re the one i can hold onto without leaving because i really want you to stay.

catch fire
  - a relationship that broke off that you still want to fix and you’ll do anything to get them to want to be with you again.

safety pin
  - a relationship with somebody where you both know you’re broken but you want to fix yourselves together.

waste the night
  - when you’re involved with somebody but aren’t committing and you’ve fallen for them and you don’t want to waste any more time without them.

  - somebody who is bad for you bc they keep leaving you and lying to you, and it’s a really toxic relationship but you can’t quit the relationship because you’re so addicted to loving them.

  - after somebody has ended the relationship and left you behind and you’re left in the aftermath of it and trying to make sense of why they left and feeling alone like a castaway.

the girl who cried wolf
  - an on and off relationship and you never know if she’s coming or going, and you’re so confused whether to trust her again because the relationship keeps leaving you broken hearted, and you’re wondering if they actually love you.

broken home
  - watching your parents constantly fight and being confused about what happened to how happy they once were - and understanding what your mum goes through because she always dreamed of this beautiful and loving family but it’s all falling apart. michael’s solo in the bridge kills me and to me that’s the child begging to let their relationship go because it’s breaking his mum down.

fly away
  - having the chance to do what you’ve always wanted and run away from your home town where you dreamed of leaving and wanting a perfect life with a bit of the entire world.

  - when you’ve grown up in a house full of people who are supposed to love you but nobody notices you, so you leave home and you have no idea who you are because nobody knew you because you felt so invisible, this is a song i relate to the most and it’s really important to me so this is what it means to me story wise and how i perceived it.

  - spending your life not doing much and holding in what you thought all the time, and realising you could be amazing and soar through the sky and deciding that you’re gonna do shit that’s gonna change your life and living instead of just surviving.

san francisco
  - having an amazing relationship and it breaks off unexpectedly and you really wanna get back to where you started to fix it to have it back.

outer space
  - a relationship with somebody who makes everything feel amazing. they make the darkest places feel the brightest and you’d always run back to them if they want you to.

carry on
  - things can be shitty but keep on going because it’s gonna get so much better.

Now What?

This is a vague, meandering, sort of illogical short that’s set… sometime after BoO, with the assumption that everybody lives

I played around with that one dumb narrator again

the really casual one that everybody liked? From that one stupid short that everybody inexplicably loved? THAT ONE

Also contains stupidity and also overuse of italics

(implied one-sided Nico/Percy, discussed Percy/Annabeth, probable future Jason/Nico, ??? POV)

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