where can i sign up to lose my virginity to dylan

You work in the same place after breakup - Harry

You hadn’t been back to LA in two years. You had gone through med school dating your high school boyfriend/ best friend Harry for four years when he broke it off. You really didn’t see it coming. Not the breakup or the heartbreak. You moved back to your hometown, worked as a nurse in your community hospital and avoided Harry’s family as much as possible. It was a task quite difficult to achieve considering you two had been childhood neighbors.You had gotten so close to his parents you had even called them mom and dad.

You thought you had run away from him, but by moving back you realized it just got you close to insanity. You slept on the bed you lost your virginity on. You stared out the window you snuck out of.The car you guys drove to the pier was parked permanently in their driveway  Friends who hadn’t seen you asked you how you two were.  Your prom dresses were still stuffed in your closet, each one Harry had a matching tie to. It was awful. But today is the day you had enough.

Their was a sign. And it read “Engagement Party” in their front lawn. You didnt even have to ask who it was for. You saw his car park itself on the side of the road and him exit with a blonde practically glued to the side of him. That was it. You couldnt be here anymore. Granted your mom thought you were being a bit over dramatic but you didnt care. You called your old boss and got your job back. You were going back to LA.

In med school Harry had been studying to be a surgeon, since you were only going for nursing  schooling for you had ended quite early. You quickly found a job at the hospital and worked while Harry went to school. Thats what separated you both. He studied away with some new people and you worked with a while other set of people.You drifted so he said. He had found someone else that he felt drawn to, someone who shared his same passion and that could be there to help him achieve is dream. So thats where you left it. He wanted to talk to you more, remain friends but you couldnt take it. As far as you knew he was still in school, and thats all you cared to find out.

“Y/N! I have never been more happy to see someone” Your boss said. “Its been way to long.”


“Now i don’t have much time to catch up with you but after you get off work we must go out to coffee. No one has heard anything about you”

“I am sorry. I should’ve tried harder to keep in touch”

“Nevermind that. You will be working temporarily in surgical outpatient till I can find you a more permanent position. You kinda sprung this on me but there is no way I’m gonna lose you again. You weren’t top of your class for nothing.”

I smiled. She always liked me. When I quit so suddenly I thought sure she would hate me but she sent me cards and kept writing. She was way too nice too me. Actually the majority of the people here were. I knew most of them. Some I had studied with, some I had worked with or for and there were some new people I introduced myself to. All in all today was going great. It didn’t take long for me to get going in the swing of things.

“Y/N, Can I have you come here for a second?”


“There is a paitent in room 208. Still needs a few things done before going into surgery would you mind taking a break from outpatient and taking the paper work to him?” the desk nurse said.

“Sure” It wasn’t your job but you didnt want to make any enemies so you went.

The gentlemen was my age. Goodlooking, nice, He had torn a ligament playing football for his charity team. And by the looks of things he was flirting with you. A couple quick signatures turned into a whole new conversation on sport teams. Sports had never been your thing but had picked up some of the news from your brother and just went with it.

“Mr.Green, I’m Dr…” a voice said. “Y/N?”

You sprang up from the window pane you were leaning against and tried your best not to faint. “Harr.. I mean doctor styles?” You said reading his name tag. 

“So you must be the new nurse?” he said an interesting smirk on his lips.

“Yes. I didnt know you were out of school already?”

“Hard work and studying payed off. I graduated early.”

“Im sure. You loved to .. study.” You sais your voice trailing off

“Excuse me, but I’m I interrupting something?" Mr. Green asked.

"Of course not Dylan.” You said noting Harrys raised eyebrows when you talked to the patient like you had known him for years. “Good luck on your surgery today”

“Well with the luck I had in nurses, I cant see really anything less than perfect.” he said. “How about after I get out I take you for some food or something?”

“That sounds…”

“You will have a lot of recovering to do, I doubt you’ll be up for anything."  Harry interuppted.

"Have you seen here? Any girl like that will put in a speedy recovery.”

“I have seen here Mr,Green trust me” Harry said earning I glare from you as you walked out.

The rest of the day your usual charm had worn off. You just did your job. You tried your best to comfort but you didnt know how well it was working. You were barely there. Your mind spinning. How could this eve happen? Your exboyfriend who is now engaged works at the hospital he claimed made you “drift apart”? You considered your options in writing an episode for Greys Anatomy as you sat in the break room.


“Harry” You mumbled.

“its great seeing you. Im sorry if it didnt seem like it I just was surprised”


“So I didnt see you at my parents house a couple weeks ago. It was a big party”

“I was busy,”

“My sister was pretty bummed you didnt show up for her engagement party.”

“Your sister?”

“Yeah, she is marrying her college boyfriend”

“Oh well lucky her. Someone gets to”

Harry sighed and finally sat in the chair in front of you. “I know I messed up Y/N, I knew that the minute you wouldnt take my calls. The second you werent next to me, I lost focus. I almost failed. My parents said you had been going out with some people back home so I just thought I would let you be happy. But I came home way more than you probably know. I stared at the bench I first kissed you on, I ate the same food I ate on our first date, and I even stole a photo album my mom had of just us. I carrying this around in my wallet now.” He pulled out the picture of you two in 10th grade. “I can not believe you came back. After a while I never thought you would. But I’m taking my chance now. ” He leaned over and kissed you. The feeling of his hand on your face, the edge of his jacket tickled your neck. You couldnt help but kiss back. When he stopped and looked in his eyes, you suddenly realized you didn’t know what to say.

“That may have been too forward but I had to do it” He said. “My shift is off in thre hours and I happen to know yours is too. SO if its alright with you I want to take you to get something to eat and catch up. Ive missed talking to you.”

“I dont know Harry”

“oh C'mon. I know you too well. Your gonna go home after this turn on your tv to the history channel while you make something to eat, all while humming your favorite song. Then your gonna change into whatever you feel like sleeping in after you shower and watch eighties movie till you fall asleep. If you go out to eat with me, I promise you I will rent dirty dancing for you another time?”

“Your not the only person who has given me this offer you know”

“I know. Which is why Mr.Green has been on bed rest. He isnt going anywhere tonight.”

“FIne, but I want to go to…”

“Papa Gregio’s?”

“If you dont mind.” you smiled.

“I dont at all”