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A Choice with no Regrets and Eruri in a Nutshell.

I swear that I still can’t understand the Eruri shippers.

Ok First of all the reason why Levi joined the recon corps was to kill Erwin Smith, TO KILL, not to snuggle, not to smooch each other, not to check him out, but to kill him.

Other reason was to have a happy life outside of the drained where he and his beloved friends isabel and Farlan lived and wanted desperately to leave. (Is that a Crime?)

I don’t think the Levi will forgive or forget Erwin and Mike for pushing him against a filthy water the first time they meet each other. (Remember that he have an ost with cleanliness)

A Friendly Reminder that Erwin used to have a girlfriend before that he loved named Marie, which it means that Erwin isn’t gay.

Erwin selfishly, egotistically carried the papers of Loboff with himself, even knewing that Levi was behind them to break free with his friends, using Levi the whole time.

They told Levi’s friends to not move from the castle but Erwin also knew how reckless they were, so he should’ve anticipated that.

Erwin never told to Levi that he was carrying the Loboff papers before the mission, causing that Levi risk his own life looking to kill him, and the death of his beloved friends.

The pride of the Ackerman’s and the reason of their hunting and barely extinction is because they protect the persons they love with their great strenght and power, so imagine how broken the pride of Levi could’ve be carrying the guilt that he couldn’t protect his beloved friends.

Levi decided to stay in the Recon Corps because Erwin make him realized that his childish attitude could be the end of him.

You know why Levi have a deep trust in Erwin? Because he lost the trust of himself.

He don’t regret the choice he make to stay in the Recon Corps because with his skills and power he can help to prevent the death of more innocent people. (Since that you know that he hate unecessary deaths)

I know I wear all black all day every day, but today is very special. As some of you may know, the Polish government is going to pass a bill to ban abortion all legally, without exception. Even if the child is deformed, if the mother isn’t going to survive, or if she was a victim of rape. This bill also includes a clause where the woman can be criminalised if she miscarries her child, under the suspicion of abortion. This kind of bill is lobbied for because of the power of the church over the government, and, me not being of age when the conservative government was elected, I could not vote to choose this style of politics. Therefore, I join #czarnyprotest to show my dissent and anger towards the puppets of the Catholic Church, and the government that attacks women specifically, even if their miscarriage is a biological process.

Some Sister Imperator Headcanons

Alright I’m doing it. I’m putting down some Ghost Headcanons: Sister Imperator edition (just so I can pretend I’m organized) . Thank you @stayneurotic​ for the prodding.

  • Sister was born into the church, and can’t remember a time when her religion wasn’t a part of her life.
  • She was invited to join the Clergy at an age young enough to cause a scandal among the church (which was probably close to 40 or so since the church’s authority figures all look like the local senior center).
  • She’s harsh on the Ghouls, true, but she’s harsh on everyone. She worked hard to get where she is, and doesn’t have the patience for incompetence anymore. It’s not enough, especially for herself, to be anything less than exceptional.
  • The Ghost project was her idea, first proposed years before its beginning. It took a massive amount of convincing on her part to get the rest of the Clergy to take a chance on her proposal, and even when they relented, they refused to put in the money and resources it needed at first (hence why the first era’s costumes were so…like that). No one expected it to be any kind of success, and when it took off Sister wouldn’t let anyone forget who came up with it.
  • Yet another reason she feels justified in being so harsh on the Ghouls–she thinks it reflects badly on her if they’re not performing their best, and she wants to be remembered as a significant figure in the church’s history.
  • In her mind, no one in the church can even hope to be as faithful as her. She thinks of herself as one of Lucifer’s appointed beings to spread his word. But she’d never claim to be one of his children; that would be blasphemous.
  • She isn’t nearly as ancient as members of the church like to say she is. The Papas’ bullshit has just aged her twenty years. 
  • Sister developed her over-the-top manner of speaking as a way of making sure people paid attention to what she was saying at ministry meetings, and it ended up becoming a habit. She won’t say that everything is going wrong at once, she’ll say that their problems are “multiplying like the locusts of Egypt.”
  • She’s a female-leaning bisexual, something she figured out and embraced fairly early in life. She’s not really one to engage in flirting (a waste of time, in her opinion) and would rather just state exactly how she feels.
  • Regarding how she expresses her interest:
Come read this:

Join us at the disco where we will panic. Walk down the boulevard of broken dreams with us. Come be stressed out with us. We’ll take you to church. We can all sleep with sirens together and pierce veils. We can look at the Arctic monkeys at the zoo together while we fall in reverse. Let’s bring the horizon, where? Idk man. Let’s go in one direction in our 5 seconds of summer. Then we can go to the Neighbourhood on the weeknd and watch the twenty one pilots in the sky under the sea. Let’s get 2 matching chainz so we can feel our hearts. We can get scared together even if it gives us migraines. We’ll go as Romans and be victorious wearing the emperor’s new clothes. We can cook M&MS in skillets in Arabella singing an arsonist’s lullaby. Hopefully there won’t be an avalanche because then we’ll have to run. We’ll have to go to Nirvana because there are bulls in the Bronx. We don’t even need to put gasoline in our car because we’re fairly local and know our way around town. Just don’t fear the reaper, because in 3005 we’ll be remembered for centuries. We could have a chemical romance, but do I wanna know if you feel the same way? Because if not is there anyone who would buy a heart? But I’ll be okay because I have a happy song to sing. So let’s travel to Linkin park, maybe hit an all time low, take a trip on a carousel, decode some mysteries, and then call the cab to get a ride. Because without you I have an identity disorder, but that’s just a casual affair. So what do you say? You me at six? Or nah?