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“Baby, let’s take a walk in the snow.”

“Mm, but I like sitting here with you. We have heat, blankets, hot chocolate–”

“But wouldn’t it be nice to put a fire on and cuddle once we’ve been outside?”

“We don’t have a fireplace?”

“We can find a fireplace video on YouTube.”

Even takes Isak’s face in his hands, studying him. “Who are you?” he says. “And where is my Isak?”

Isak rolls his eyes, and oh. There he is. “I like it when your cheeks get all red,” Isak says. “And that you always hold my arm when it’s slippery.”

Even can see there’s more hidden behind Isak’s blush. While Isak surprises him every day, Even was teasing before. Yes, he is grumpy and occasionally cynical, but he also cried when they watched Love Actually. Isak Valtersen is a hopeless romantic at heart. 

Even tilts his head and smiles, knowing how to prompt Isak’s sappiest side. Isak huffs like he’s lost a great battle. 

“And it’s fucking romantic to kiss in the snow, ok? Like one of those shitty Hallmark movies.”

“You mean the ones you suggest we watch?”

Isak tries a new strategy, leaning in close enough to kiss, but pulling away when Even tries to close the distance. “Take a walk with me?” 

It’s a whisper on his cheek, and Even is helpless against it. “Evil.”

“Maybe, but you are so fucking in love with me.”

He’s right, and Even is a hopeless romantic too. He gets his coat to go outside.

“You’re going to die tonight.” 

So, the mood’s changed a little.

Isak and Even are in a face-off, each holding a snowball in their hand. Isak started it, the little shit, but Even’s not one to surrender in a fight.

“Come on, Even. How could you hurt me?” Isak widens his eyes and Even regrets ever telling him that he’s cute. “When I am your sweetheart, your angel, your baby–”

Even fires and clips Isak’s shoulder. Isak retaliates by throwing one right at his heart. Their laughter is louder than the wind, and Even suspects it’s even more capable of carrying them away. 

When they’ve exhausted themselves, Isak lies down in the snow like he’s about to make an angel–a self-portrait, really. Even places his hands on either side of him like he’s pinning Isak down, leaning over his lips.

“Do you know what my favourite thing to do is?” Isak asks. 

Even shakes his head, smiling at the way Isak’s biting his lip.

“Just telling you that I love you.” And oh, fuck this hopeless romantic. It’s incredible Even can feel this warm in the cold. “Whenever I feel like it. I love you so much, Even.”

“You’re ok.”

“Fuck you.”


Isak grins in a way Even’s only seen since they got together. He’s still discovering all of Isak’s smiles and laughs, and each one is the best present Even’s ever received.

“Now kiss me in the snow.”

  • My friend: soooo what are you looking for in a guy?
  • Me: kind. sweet. approximately 6'2". ginger. messy hair. wears bow ties and a blue coat. no one can ever figure out THE FUCK his eye color is. has to have solid cheek bones just saying. also jawline. freckles are a thing. wizard. Hufflepuff™. author. magizoologist. is actually Newt Scamander.


Marks--Billy Hargrove

Written by @rune-of-a-writer

Request: Honestly god bless you for writing for billy… it’s so hard to find stuff for him. would you be interested in writing a billy piece where he and the reader are sort of fwb and both assured the other that feelings wouldn’t develop but the reader catches feelings hard… ending can be angsty (billy doesn’t feel that way about reader/just wants sex) or fluffy (mutual admission of love lolol) I’ll let you decide THANK YOU you’re amazing ❤️❤️

Warnings: Smut, cursing

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x female!reader

Summary: You and Billy both promised each other that during your arrangement you wouldn’t grow feelings for one another. But now that you’ve broken your side of that deal, it’s getting harder by the day.

Word Count: 3,190

Listen To: Meet Me in the Hallway by Harry Styles

You had given Billy a call after waving goodbye to your parents. They were leaving for the weekend to head down to the casino for their anniversary. The second their car pulled out of the driveway you were dialing his number and telling him to come over. It was late, almost 7 o’clock— part of you wished he’d stay the night, but you knew he wouldn’t.

After calling him you rushed to the bathroom to get ready. It’d take him ten minutes to get to your house which was enough time for you. You brushed your teeth and put fresh lipstick on, fixing your pajama shorts and tank top. Once you had finished getting ready, you sat yourself down on the couch and waited for Billy to show up. You didn’t have to wait long because almost two minutes later your doorbell was ringing. Biting your lip to withhold your smirk, you got up and answered the door.

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Fun ML Fic Idea I Don’t Have Time For;
  • Chloe and Alya are forced to hide together during an Akuma attack. Metaphorical fur flies.

  • At the end of the attack, Ladybug unknowingly hides in the same spot, completely unaware the girls are there, and detransforms.

  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng leaves as casually as you please. Alya and Chloe have a mental breakdown.

  • Alya then comes to the realization that not only is her SUPERHERO IDOL her BEST FRIEND, but said best friend’s bully now knows her secret identity.

  • Cue Mama Bear Alya.

  • Chloe does NOT take the accusation that she’d blab Ladybug’s secret identity well, at all.

  • (I mean, yeah, she’s a little horrified that Marinette is Ladybug, but LADYBUG is Marinette and like hell is she gonna endanger her hero)

  • Especially since Alya runs a blog dedicated to finding out Ladybug’s secret identity. Which she now knows.

  • Alya takes the accusation that SHE’D blab even worse than Chloe does.

  • “-And besides! I’m her best friend! I’m probably the FIRST person Marinette would trust with a secret like this! I mean, she’d tell me before she told YOU!”

  • “Oh? Wanna bet, Cesaire?”

  • Somehow, Chloe and Alya end up in a weird competition where they’re trying to prove to Marinette that she can TOTALLY trust them with her biggest secret, without actually telling her that they already know what that secret is.

  • Marinette is confused (and slightly terrified of both of them after a while).
sentence prompts
  1. “What if I say no?”
  2. “Get out.”
  3. “I dreamed of you last night.”
  4. “I don’t know if you noticed… but we’re in a party”
  5. “You can dance with me… if you want!”
  6. “DON’T LOOK!!”
  7. “I think people hug at this point.”
  8. “I’ll take you.”
  9. “Why didn’t you call me?”
  10. “Would you stop that?!”
  11. “I loved you.”
  12. “Yeah I was there.”
  13. “Don’t say that.”
  14. “I’ll take the couch.”
  15. “You lied to me.”
  16. “Maybe you didn’t love me after all.”
  17. “Take my hand.”
  18. “SO… you think I’m hot?”
  19. “What are you doing?””Hiding.”
  20. “Let’s run. Together.”
  21. “Wow! you’re good at this!”
  22. “I think we should stop seeing each other.”
  23. “You have a picture of me? On your fridge?” 
  24. “Do I know you?”
  25. “I thought we could go back to whatever the hell we were!”
  26. “Did I just say that?”
  27. “Breathe, okay? Just breathe.”
  28. “Stand behind me.”
  29. “But I don’t want to leave.”
  30. “Tell me a secret.”
  31. “DON’T PRetend with me!!”
  32. “I saw you, right there.”
  33. “I-I just wanted to say that I uh, I missed you.”
  34. “I’m not lying.”
  35. “You look… okay. I MEAN-”
  36. “I knew I’d find you here.”
  37. “You still remember?”
  38. “I guess I just wanted to know if you missed me.”
  39. “All I needed was my friend.”
  40. “I like your new place.”
  41. “You left!”
  42. “Do you know any jokes?”
  43. “Are you hungry?”
  44. “I’m not supposed to be here.”
  45. “Do I even wanna know?!”
  46. “Take me home… please?”
  47. “Hey just be cool.”
  48. “You have pretty hands.”
  49. “I’m sorry.”
  50. “Sorry I woke you up.”
  51. “It’s about to rain, get inside.”
  52. “So… friends?”
  53. “I’m his/her best friend.”
  54. “I got you, it’s okay. It’s okay.”
  55. “We can leave, you know?”
  56. “Did I interrupt something?”
  57. “I’m trying, okay?”
  58. “OH MY GOD YOUR EYES!!!”
  59. “Why didn’t you ask me instead?”
  60. “Sing to me.”
  61. “What’s my prize?”
  62. “I don’t want to see you anymore.”
  63. “You’re so cute!!!”
  64. “I was trying to protect you.”
  65. “I’ll kill you.”
  66. “And then you laughed.”
  67. “I didn’t know where to go to.”
  68. “I was having a nightmare.” 
  69. “I know this song.”
  70. “I need someone to hear me.”

snapdragon-princess-deactivated  asked:

Do you know of any au/alternate canon fanfic where Yuuri is a more confident person? Can be due to time-travel, or any other reasons.

Thanks for these requests! I think I have a few here that may fit what your looking for! I love confident Yuuri! (Psst… you can find more confident!Yuuri fics on my role reversal AU list!)

Confident Yuuri

Escort Me by lucycamui, Explicit, 5k
On a ‘business’ trip to Tokyo, Victor picks up a captivating escort… ft. Confident Yuuri! Thumbs up! (The ending is not what you’d expect hahaha)

Surprise, Motherfuckers by LazyPotatoo, Gen, 5.3k
When Yuuri and his friends stumble upon an unusual bar, Yuuri is forced to showcase a skill of his past. Oh, and then he accidentally becomes an urban legend. Thumbs up!

I Want to Skate like Him by IdunAurora, Mature, 27k
At age 27, five time consecutive world figure skating champion Yuuri Katsuki decides to retire. He has barely made it home to Hasetsu before he finds an eager and all too enthusiastic silver-haired Russian on the doorstep of Yu-Topia Akatsuki, demanding Yuuri to coach him. Well, it’s not as if the Japanese legend has been able to get 23-year-old Viktor Nikiforov out of his mind since the young man enchanted him at the GPF banquet in Sochi months earlier, anyway. Role swap AU!

Faded by martialartist816, Explicit, 6.2k
Victor knows only two things: that he’s very drunk and that Yuuri looks very good in that suit.

Exactly What I Wanted by SharkGirl, Teen, 722 words
“That depends.” Yuuri scooched closer, bumping their noses. “Are you hungry?” Quick, cute one shot!

Bedroom Warfare by RedishBlueRose, Explicit, 2.1k
In the middle of the night, a war commences inside a hotel room. SPICY KATSUDON

Drape me in your warmth by Miiika, Teen, 27k (WIP)
So Victor being Victor, he kidnapped Chris, bought less aristocratic clothes to wear and went to the brothel. It wasn’t his first time in a brothel, god no, but he heard that the dance, which was performed there, was something to die for. Prince AU!

Weakness by Flightless_Bird, Teen, 1.8k
“Some might have thought it was a poor choice, pointing out a skater’s flaws. But to him, it was a symbol of both his biggest weakness and his greatest strength. It was something that could push him to do better or bring him to his knees. And that something was watching him from across the ice right now.” VERY sweet!

stay young (go dancing) by ryuuzaou, Explicit, 7.2k
“Do you do this with every pretty boy that serves you champagne?” Yuuri asks, finally a touch of humor in his tone. “I’ll admit, I’m the flirty type,” Viktor says, “but I haven’t asked to kiss any.” Oh, fuck it. Yuuri throws caution to the wind and says, “You won’t have to.” Shy on the streets, eros in the sheets… ;)

Age as Fireflies at Dusk by Adel Mortescryche (Mortescryche), Teen, 4k
In which it’s more than obvious to Lilia Baranovskaya that Yuuri is trained in ballet, and Yuuri proves to have more of a backbone than anyone in the Russian contingent except Yuri expected to see. Especially when Victor isn’t around to act as a buffer. Great fic!

last year’s offer (this year’s guarantee) by persephoneggsy, Explicit, 3.5k
When Victor gives Yuuri more details about what happened the night of the banquet, the Japanese skater ends up finding out that he did one more embarrassing thing before he inevitably passed out. HOT!!

Live, Laugh, Love by Lucien_King, Teen, 9.4k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki, a 23-year-old Japanese actor, was a veteran top star. He has been in various popular movies as both main and supporting actors, creating a massive fan base. And then, he met the Viktor Nikiforov. WOW!

Love Wins! by QuinnTuha608, Explicit, 4.6k
After Yuuri ends the Cup of China short program competitions with a new personal best and a spot at the top Viktor decides to celebrate by going out on a date; later in the night Yuuri explores his more dominant side in the bedroom. HOOOO BOY IT’S HOT UP IN HERE

Masquerade by Ashida, Explicit, 60k (WIP)
Yuuri is part of Japan’s most notorious mafias. Victor is the head of the Russian mafia. After brief meetings throughout the span of five years, they decide to go off together and leave everything behind. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS FIC!


I love the amount of fanfiction that is written about IT, but like any large fandom, mass fanfiction has its difficulties; it’s hard navigate through everything that is written, smaller writers don’t get noticed, ship tags are full of general posts, etc.

So, I decided to make the blog @itfanfiction as a sort of catalogue for all the IT fanfiction written. There will be specific categories to separate AUs, series’, general writing, x reader, as well as a specific page for ships. Writers can request their work to be reblogged for more recognition, someone searching for a specific type of fanfic can have an accessible directory, readers can ask questions about fics that they’ve read in the past, trigger warnings will be easier to sift through, and many more positive interests,

I love supporting this fandom, I love to support writing, and I know the same goes for most everyone. I think having a blog where all the fanfiction is in one place would be a really dope platform for smaller writers, a bigger boost for more popular writers, and an easy way for readers to find the work that they like.

I hope y’all like the idea as much as I do. If you do, please reblog this so the blog can grow and become a supportive resource for all of us to use!

Taken By Force (Taeyong!)

anon(s) said:Hey guys! I was wondering about a Dom!Taeyong smut where he’s really rough and forces you to blow him? Of course including consent but still, can it be really hot and stuff? :D sincerely, whose life is now complete 😌 thanks for your hard work guys❤

Can i request Taeyong smut when he finds out his gf search history was “Taeyong SMUT fanfic” “Taeyong 18+ fanfic” etc Lolololol Thank-you and have a great day

could you do a rough!taeyong super steamy smut? please make it as hot as you can sorry im just too thirsty for this guy lmao

author: admin hyo

word count:1863

a/n: What have I done~ this took me forever, but it’s here. The only real warning is that there is some consensual non-con. So if you’re not into that don’t read. But please enjoy.

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anonymous asked:

Hey so I need to know where all these people get this gay kpop smut because I hear about it and I want to know if you know where to find it. Please I'm a disappointment to mah family and I'm proud. Sarange.

Hahaha, don’t worry, I think I am for my family too (?). And I don’t really know what type or group smut are you talking about, but I’m leaving here some fanfic (that has smut) examples that I’ve read and their webs. Some of them are chaptered, other are oneshots, and some others are just hot asf. I tried choosing only the smutty ones, hope it helps!

EXO Fanfics:

• [Baekyeol/Chanbaek] Before Graduation

• [Baekyeol/Chanbaek] Fan Service

• [Baekyeol/Chanbaek] Can You Shut Up? (OneShot) 

• [Baekyeol/Chanbaek] Beauty In The Breakdown 

• [Hunhan] Addicted

• [Hunhan] Perfection’s Definition Must Be You

• [Hunhan]  Toybox 

• [Hunhan] Branded

• [Sebaek/Baekyeol/Chanbaek]  Bad Boys Receive Punishments 

• [Hunhan] Be Mine

• [Kaisoo] Sensitive

• [Kaisoo]  Underneath Me

• [Kaisoo] Under My Skin

• [Kaisoo] A Lover’s Greed

• [Kaisoo] Challenge Accepted

SHINee Fanfics:

• [Jongkey]  Life’s hard, but so’s my dick. 

• [Jongkey]  What He Didn’t Know 

• [Jongkey] Pumpkin, Cinnamon, and Sex 

• [2min]  Two Kings 

• [2min] Notice Me

BigBang Fanfics:

• [GTOP] Needs 

• [GTOP] Little Secrets

• [GRi] Lucky 

• [GRi] Wicked

• [GRi] Evil Urges

• [TOPRi]  Pretending Like We’re Someone Else

• [GDYB] Reversed

GOT7 Fanfics:

• [Markjin] Baby, I Love Your Company.

• [Markjin]  (You Are) My Wonderland 

• [Markson] Wholehearted

• [Markson] Body Party

• [Markson] All Tied Up

• [Markson] A Good Fuck

• [Mark/JB] Even Leaders Have Needs

• [2Jae] Dance Practice


• Asian Fanfics
Archive Of Our Own
• Live Journal
KPOP Fanfiction

Hope that was what you meant, If not, you can always spicify, i’ll be happy to help!

Protective Angels

Characters: Michael, Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, Y/N (no pairing)

Word Count: 1,271

Warnings: fluff, bullying

Requested by anon:  Hey! Can I request an imagine where reader is being bullied in school (she’s 13 or 14 in middle school) and the angels protect her/defend her? Thanks! ❤ (Spn fanfic and by angels I mean Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael and Castiel) <3 <3

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this fic! I find it cute and I am proud of how it turned out! I love you all so much! <3

Middle school was a time for growth and development for all kids.  Unfortunately for some kids, it was also a time consisting of name calling, shoving, and rumors.  Bullies were relentless in your middle school.  Luckily for you, you had angels looking over your shoulders.  

You first met these angels when you were having a hard time adjusting to the new elementary school last year.  They were your first friends.  They were a great help and you loved them from day one, and they loved you.  It was a silent promise that they would protect you from danger.  Even if that danger involved your teenage peers.

As you were walking home, you decided to dig your headphones out of your backpack.  Listening to music was better than hearing the constant ridicule of your peers.  Lately things had gotten worse.  They started throwing your lunch away and shoving you into the lockers in the hallway.  Every book in your arms would fall to the floor.  Castiel would usually help you fetch your books.  He was more helpful than aggressive, which didn’t bother you.  

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anonymous asked:

Can you please suggest some fanfics with the,"non au- jimin loves jungkook, jungkook pushes away, jimin moves on and jungkook is jealous" cliche plot. I'm a sucker for those. Please! I would love some non au jikook fics. But I can't find them! Help a girl out 😭

Sure babe :)

Please check the trigger warnings if there is any but I will include them just in case.

          Warnings : None          
          Genre : Smut, Angst          
          Length : 17 k+          
          Summary :  Where a cute insecure Mochi is tired of constantly pining after a Kookie and a Kookie doesn’t like other things touching his Mochi.

          Warnings : Starvation, Self Harm
          Genre : Fluff, Slow burn, Smut         
          Length : 20 k+           
          Summary :   The story of how two lovely dorks came to terms with their feelings ~ Slowly but surely, Jikook is happening!

         Warnings : None  
         Genre : Angst and Fluff       
         Length : 9 k+ 
        Summary :   Theirs was always a push and pull relationship. Right from the start. Jimin chased after Jeongguk, and Jeongguk would pull and push back. But that can’t last forever. Right?

          Warnings : Attempted Rape/Non-con 
          Genre : Angst, Drama & Romance
          Length : 135 k+

          Summary : He had always known… his sexuality, that is. Not that it had been easy to accept, never that. However, Park Jimin was intent upon coping with that part of himself, after all who ever heard of a gay pop star? Besides, how hard could it be to hide?It turned out it was harder than he’d thought. And he would pay in the worst way for making such a mistake in judgement.They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but when something breaks you- then is it possible to but the pieces back together again? Will that person ever be fully whole once more? Can the support of his group help Jimin make it through… and quite possibly find love along the way? Or has the group as a whole grown much to comfortable with their lies?A story of love, pain and healing as boys become men and men learn that maybe it’s okay to love another man after all…

          Warnings : None
          Genre : Angst & Fluff    
          Length : 3k+           
          Summary : A year ago Jungkook would have pushed Jimin away, purposely closing himself off from Jimin’s affection. But as he watched him play with Hoseok on the set for their new music video, he felt sad that Jimin wasn’t next to him, bugging him like he always used to.He wasn’t jealous of the other members. Not at all. He was more upset at himself. Angry for rejecting Jimin all those times when now all he wanted was his attention. He had been so selfish.

          Warnings : Homophobia
          Genre : Angst & Fluff, Drama 
          Length : 37k+ (ongoing)          
          Summary Jimin is in love and so is Jungkook, but one knows how to deal with it better than the other.


          Warnings : None
          Genre : Angst & Fluff ; MAKNAE JIMIN
          Length : 10k+         
          Summary Jimin’s too proud to admit that he feels the most at home with Jeongguk’s hands on him. 


Mods answer your questions!! (σ'∀’)σ*。・゜+.*.  I’m Toffee aka @klanceforthesoul​ and my partner in klance is @anetteloli​ and here are answers for some of the questions that are for us and not Keith and Lance!.


I don’t read fanfic anymore, for a huge-ass reason I don’t wanna bore you with here but I can recommend some fluff I’ve written?? ( °-°)シ ミ★ ミ☆

I’ll be your mothman 2,613

When Lance discovers that the reason Keith’s been so down lately is because he misses the mothman books and theories he left behind Lance decides to create Arus’ own mothman…

I Found Your Smile In The Rain.  1,518

Keith knows Lance smiles a lot but they don’t seem genuine to him. He wants to see Lance smile for real.

http://klance-net.tumblr.com/library - there’s more fluff here, not sure how they are but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Let Them Have The Ride Of Their Lives!36,838

Keith moves to Planet Altea to study in his new academy, (which it is Voltron) on the same day that he moved in he decides to explore his new living area when he finds a Blue Cat guy driving wildly a motorcycle. He finds himself in a situation where he’s somehow attracted to him and doesn’t know why until he finally meets him.

(Keep in mind! That this story has strong topics in it.) - HAVE FUN~(๑•̀-•́)و✧  Have fun crying  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


as mentioned above I don’t read fanfic BUT I certainly do write it!!!

You want angst i got your angst!!

In The Shape Of A Boy 61,511

When Lance meets a boy in the middle of a rainy night he doesn’t expect to see him the next day at his new school, but, turns out the dude is an asshole.

Tragic memories and horrific events have changed them but can Lance find the truth behind Keith’s mask?. Can he learn to find happiness in a world that seems so keen on tearing it away from him?.

(read warnings on Ao3) 

The Hardest Part Of This Is Leaving You - 4,478

Forever is a farce.

Lance has been in a relationship with Keith since their college days, so why did cancer have to come to take him away?.

Inspired by ‘Cancer’ a cover by Twenty one pilots of a My Chemical Romance song.

(read warnings on Ao3)

remember to check out Anette’s fic too ( Let Them Have The Ride Of Their Lives! -  36,838)

More answers under the read more!! (^O^)~♪

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Hermione + Anybody = Perfection

Let’s talk about Hermione Granger. How does one create such a perfectly flexible character who can be paired with EVERYONE from the Potter universe? I’m really talking everyone here, from Neville to Harry to basically any and all Hogwarts students, to the Weasleys to the Malfoys to the Death Eaters to the Marauders to the Founders to bloody Lord Voldemort himself (though I’m partial to a young Tom Riddle myself)! She can work with absolutely everybody and make a steamy, romantic AND convincing pairing. All while staying in character. I applaud you, fanfic authors, for creating a world beyond J.K.Rowling’s, where Hermione can find love in the unlikeliest of places. Since I was never a big Romione fan, you have saved me! Kudos to you!

Originally posted by jonathanbyersh

anonymous asked:

Which Korrasami fanfic (fanfics) would you recomend me?

It depends on what you like anon… I’m going to recommend a variety of fics and hopefully you’ll find one that you’re interested in. Also the fics I’m going to recommend aren’t super well known(as in around 10K hits or less). The list is in alphabetical order of the author’s names.

Blood Red by deeperinmyhead
A Legend of Korra modern day (dark) AU set in a small town. Korra returns to her hometown after being away for three years. The nightmares from the past still haunt her along with the side-effects of her Blood Bending and some lost memories. She meets Asami, a woman she’s having an unexplainable attraction to. Together, they go through a lot of pain as Korra is haunted by the past - killer with a personal vendetta.

Comforts of Home by Emirael
Single Mom AU/Modern AU - Sweet and family-centered. Korra is new in this part of the city, and she’s not particularly interested in romance at this point in her life. But then her son makes a friend, and, well, what kind of mother would she be if she didn’t meet the friend’s mom at some point?

The College of the Holy and Undivided Elements by Fuhadeza
Korra is overwhelmed by the first formal dinner she goes to at university. Cambridge AU!

Brittle Wires by golari
It became clear very quickly that Asami Sato was a bit of legend at Future Industries. You weren’t surprised, exactly, but it was funny how much she actually fit the word. The exaggerated—because they had to be—stories about her that floated throughout the cafeteria. The way everyone would immediately snap to attention in her presence. The way she could command a room, even if she was only breezing through it. To your co-workers, Asami Sato was an enigma not to be decoded, just viewed from a distance. But Asami Sato was not the reason you had come to work at Future Industries. Against all odds, Future Industries had not only decided to give you a grant straight out of university, but they let you hand pick a team to make your dream a reality.

All These Broken Hearts on That Pole by Gummy
Korra knew this was insane. Absolutely utterly mad. The first time she ever stepped foot in a strip club and of course she had to fall for one of the strippers. The entire thing felt like a tired, worn out cliche. But cliche or not, something was happening and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let it slip through her fingers. Strip Club AU with Korrasami.

Just a party by Iterdei
Asami and Korra are drunk at a party and Korra might be a little protective over Asami.

Blizzard by n1nastill
During the Biannual Winter Games, snowboarder Korra became captivated by a certain United Republic athlete, the renowned Asami Sato.

Black Blizzard by theinvisiblekunst
In the early 1930s, severe drought struck the Great Plains. Unanchored soil picked up by the prairie winds would turn in to massive clouds of dust, covering everything in it’s path. It became known as The Dust Bowl, the worst man-made ecological disaster in human history. Asami Sato, on her way to Chicago for business purposes, is delayed in a small Dust Bowl town when a duster rolls in. She comes to care for the townspeople she meets, especially the blue-eyed farmhand who helps her when she’s injured. Unfortunately, in the small town of Republic City, Oklahoma, where Asami finds herself, residents and visitors alike will be witness to the worst storm yet, known as Black Sunday.

Mecha Tempest by Vxnatori
I guess you could call it a borderlands au crossover thing. Korra, a seasoned bounty hunter ends up in over her head after meeting a hot mechanic in Three Horns.

Camp Amon by ziraseal
Welcome to your new life, free of the evil and sickly homosexual spirit within.

I have now realized that these are all AU’s, lol. If you wanted fics that are cannon compliant I can recommend some, but I tend to read AU’s.

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Hey👋🏻, I just wanted to ask if you have any more lovebug au fics? I've read all the on in the tag... Thank you all so much for your hard work!!!

@skinny-pencil: can u find some sweet lovebite au fanfics to help my soul while im in school 👀👀 
Anon: Any new love bug au fics to rec? I’ve read all the ones you guys have so far and I’m d e s p e r a t e (p.s. I love you all, you are the true heros) 
Anon: Do you have any good love bug fics where Keith gets bitten?

hi! have some moree <33
- Vallie

love bug au tag

Pink Bug Drug by Lxie (1/1 | 6,281 | General)

It was supposed to be an easy mission. Check out the Galra base and head back, but of course, Keith had to go poke at some weird bug thing. But, hey, at least there are no side effects…

the pulse (of my heart) by effervescence_halcyon (1/11 | 1,213 | Teen and Up)

In which the crew land on a new planet, the security sensors accidentally squirt Keith with handicapping love-inducing chemicals on account of his Galran blood, and Lance was the first one he saw. Or, that one where Keith is drugged and attached to Lance’s hip, and Lance is doing everything in his control to not blurt out his undeniable crush while Keith nuzzles his neck.

Branches off season 3 when Keith was still leader and Shiro was missing because season 4 was freaking traumatic.

Let Me Take a Bite Out of You by carpemermaid (1/? | 8,840 | Teen and Up)

Lance and Hunk are just looking for a night out to celebrate his promotion, Keith and Pidge are searching for answers, and the Galaxy Garrison has unrevealed secrets that will change everything as they know it.

When Keith and Pidge’s latest snooping into the Garrison results in a live specimen taking a shine to Keith and biting him, his whole world turns upside down. Again. He feels fine, he does—that is, until he runs smack into Lance and Hunk while they are sneaking out—and then it hits him all at once. Before any of them are able to make a move, Keith is launching himself at Lance and hugging him like his life depends on it, and Lance, Hunk, and Pidge have to deal with the fallout.

Together, they learn how to become a real team on their own terms while the four of them fall deeper and deeper into the truth the Galaxy Garrison is hiding.

[ A mishmash Love Bug/Soulmates/Fake Dating Garrison AU that kicked down my door and took over my life. The Love Bug AU is based on @eyugho’s brilliant LoveBug Fanart! ]

//implied homophobia

My (last) two cents.

I must say I’m not usally prone to let my opinion be known, or less writting long ass post because of my poor english grammar (since it’s not my main language) so I apologize in advance. And because I want to keep this blog out of opinions/theorizing But I just needed to let this out of my system since it has become an issue that is a affecting people who are really important in my life.

I’ve decided that ignoring the things that happen in the western fandom and pretend that these people don’t exist doesn’t work anymore from me, and doesn’t improve my fandom experience, but just contribute to bottling up my emotions to the point of being unable to scroll tumblr anymore.
So i’m just going to leave this here, you may agree or disagree, is up to you, I have made up my mind and I won’t answer to any hate this may originate. In case the hate is too much I’ll just move to another Tumblr.

This is about black butler, story and spoilers, so if you don’t want to spoil yourself please don’t keep reading past this.

And if you may think it’s just a manga and really is not that important, well then, same as above.

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Nap Date, in the beginning. 
Find other parts Here!

He’s just gotten home from a short tour in the states. 
She’s been here, alone, by herself. 

“Shawn can you do me a favor?” She asked walking out to the kitchen, his hamper in her hands.

“Yeah.” He calls getting up from the couch where he was seated.

“I need more laundry detergent.” She says smiling as she sees him at the end of the hallway. 

“Oh okay.” He says digging into his pocket for his keys.

“Sorry, I thought I had some but I just used the last of it for that last load.” She says looking through the hamper still full of his clothes from his last trip.

“No worries, got a preference to which kind?”

“Just get he kind we always get.” She shrugs. He nods, but then lingers.

“Which is?” He says quietly. She laughs and shakes her head at him. 

“Tide.” She laughs, “I don’t care about the scent, whatever you want.” 

“Okay.” He nods, smiling. “Anything else?”

“I wouldn’t turn down a soda.” She bites her lip.

“Laundry detergent, soda, and lunch. Got it.” He grins walking out of the hallway towards the door. 


Where the fuck is the Tide detergent?

He asks his himself, he looked up and down the aisle eyes finally landing on the colorful box. 


He looks at the green box and can smell it from the wall.

Good enough.

He turns to walk out of the aisle but bumps into someone, dropping the box of detergent.

“Oh sorry man.” He says taking a step back.

“No worries.” The guy says looking up at Shawn. He looks familiar. Why does he look so familiar? “Shawn right?” The guy asks.

“Yeah.” Shawn says, eyebrows coming together.

“You don’t remember me, don’t blame you. Jake.” He says offering a hand to shake. Shawn goes to shake it, wondering why that name sounds familiar too. “Y/n’s ex.” 

Click, there it is. 

“Oh yeah, sorry.” Shawn says and he doesn’t know if he’s saying sorry because he forgot who Jake was, or if he’s saying sorry because he lost Y/n. 

“How is she?” 

“Good, she’s good.” Shawn says, taken a back as to why this guy still cares.

“I hope so, I see her on campus every now and then.” 


“Must be crazy having a relationship with your life huh?”


“I mean, how often are you really home with her.”


“How are her nightmares?” 

“Nightmares?” Shawn asks with his eyebrows raised.

“She had a lot of nightmares when we broke up, are they getting better?”

“Yeah, not so frequent.” Shawn lies, he had no idea she had nightmares. 

“Anyway, I have to go.” Jake says walking past Shawn. Shawn just stands in the middle of the detergent aisle wondering what the fuck just happened. 

Why does her ex know more about her than Shawn does?

He picks up the rest of the things he needs to, stopping somewhere to get lunch before going back home to her. 


“Babe?” She calls as he sets the bags on the counter.

“Yeah.” He mumbles, still lost in his own thoughts.

“Ooo Chinese, thanks babe.” She smiles meeting him in the kitchen. He doesn’t respond, just starts taking the food out of the bag. She smiles grabbing plates and setting them on the table. He moves the boxes of food to the table and sits across from her. 

“Oh your soda.” He says getting up and grabbing it off the counter. He sets it in front of her, and she watches him. He’s acting weird. 

“You okay?” She asks as he sits and starts dishing food on to his plate.

“I ran into Jake.” He blurts. She drops he fork onto her plate. 


“At the store.” 

“What? Um, what did he say?” 

“Nothing much, just asked how you were.”

‘Ew gross, why does he care.” She says repulsing at the thought. 

“I would care.” Shawn shrugs.

“What?” She asks, still dishing herself up.

“If we ever split up, I would care how you were doing.” Shawn explains.

“But we aren’t gonna split up.” She says looking up at him.

“Did you have that mind set when you were with him?” Shawn asks looking up at her.

“Excuse me?”

“When you were with him, did you say things like that.”


“How are your nightmares?” Shawn blurts, not letting her answer his questions.

“My what?”

“Nightmares, Jake said that you were having nightmares when you guys broke up. He asked how your nightmares are.” 

“Oh um,” 

“How long had you guys been apart before we started dating?” 


“Do you still have feelings for him.”


“Maybe this is too much.” Shawn says standing up. She sits there in shock, what had just happened.

“What do you mean?” 

“He can be normal for you, I can’t be. With my career, with my crazy life. It’s not fair that I don’t get to be here for you. I don’t even know what fucking detergent we use, like how dumb is that. How can I call myself your boyfriend if I don’t even know the little things.”

“Whoa, hey.” She says standing up too. 

“I mean I’m just not enough for you.” 

“HEY!” She yells, making him stop talking. “If you would slow down and shut your mouth for two fucking seconds,” She sighs. “Just let me answer your questions so I can tell you how wrong you are.” 

“Whatever.” He mumbles, running his finger threw is curls.

“So first off, you have that mindset with every relationship. But I quickly realized that that was the wrong mindset, because he was fucked up.” She says standing in front of him. He goes to say something but she cuts him off. “My nightmares, gone completely. I haven’t had a nightmare since I met you.” She shrugs. “You make me feel safe and I know that I can always go to you when I need to. I had nightmares towards the end of our relationship because he scared me.” 

Shawn steps forwards reaching for her hand. 

“We had been broken up for almost five months when I met you. Then we started officially dating a month after that.” She says taking his hand. “And do I still have feelings for him? That’s the dumbest question you have ever asked me. I didn’t even have feelings for him when I was with him.” 

Shawn sighs in relief.

“And you’re wrong. You are more than enough for me. I don’t want anyone else but you. And I don’t want normal.” She says caressing his cheek. He leans into her touch closing his eyes. “I want you, and your crazy job. I want you and your sassy remarks.” She giggles. “I want you and all your sleepy cuddles. I want you and weird friends.” She says making him laugh. “I want you and your adorable lazy eye. I want you and the beautiful scar right her.” She says touching his scar with her fingertip. “I want you Shawn.” She’s whispering now. “I want you Shawn Peter Raul Mendes.” 

“God I love you.” He sighs slumping into her embrace.

“I love you too, even when my ex tries to fuck my relationship up.” 

The wash is going off, indicating that his clothes are done. 

“Time for another load, got the detergent?” She asks. Shawn turns towards the counter where the bag from Target is. But his eyes go wide when he realizes he never picked the box up when he dropped it. 


“Shawn I sent you out for detergent.” She giggles, leaning her forehead on his shoulder.

“I know, and I got some. Then I legitimately ran into Jake and dropped the box. He started talking about you and distracted me.” Shawn says hanging his head.

“Let’s eat and then we can both go to get some detergent.” 

“Okay.” Shawn says walking back over to the table. But she grabs his arm, making him turn to look at her.

“Wait a second.” She whispers. She leans up and kisses him, fingers tangling in his curls. He inhales sharply, grabbing at her hips to pull her closer. She runs her tongue across his lips and he parts his lips touching her tongue with hers.

She’s sweet, minty. He pushes her up against the wall, thigh between her legs.

“Wait.” She says breathless.

“Hmm?” He asks, kissing her neck. 

“This is not what I wanted to have happen, I just wanted to kiss you.”

“You’re the one that deepened it?”

“You distracted me.” She argues, voice shrill.

“You distract me too.” He grins against her skin. 

“Cheese.” She laughs. He pinches her side causing her to laugh harder.

“Well what do you want?” 

“I want to eat lunch, get laundry detergent, maybe tease you in the car, and then come home and jump you.”

“Why don’t we do exactly what you just said, but backwards. Come jump me now.”

“Hmmm, tempting. But food first.” She says pushing him away.

“You’re such a tease.” He whines as she sits at the table. 

“Oh well.” She shrugs, smirking at him. He groans and sits across from her, playing footsie under the table. 

“I love you.” He says looking up at her.

“I love you more.” She smiles, biting her lip.

Her and that damn lip.