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Where to Buy Fidget/Stim Toys IRL

Fidget toys are great- I couldn’t function without them! Some of the best ones can only be found online, but sometimes it’s more convenient (for whatever reason) to buy them in person. With some creativity and a good eye you can find great stim toys almost anywhere. That having been said, here are some of my favorite places to shop for them:

Target: There is always something to fidget with at Target. Check the dollar spot, the party favor section, and the party favor/generic cheap things area of the toy section. Sometimes puzzles and games can be repurposed for stimming as well. I’ve also heard that the baby section has chewable items.

Stop&Shop: The toy section has playdoh and squishy things! Silicone pot holders are also great stim toys.

Claire’s: Depends on the day because their stock rotates quickly, but they can have stretchy wristbands (coiled or otherwise), tactile pens and device cases, and other stuff.

Specialty Toy Stores: A lot of these places will have stuff like Thinking Putty, pop toobs, stress balls, wooden fidgets, and fancy games/puzzles that have parts that can be taken to fidget with. Oftentimes blind bag items (such as Mashems/Fashems) can be used for fidgeting while bearing the likeness of your favorite character!  

Specialty Bookstores: Depends on the store, but book stores that have toy sections often carry fidget items or puzzles/games that can be used as such.

Any store with a Toysmith Kiosk: This category often falls under the above two. As a kid, all my fidgets came from toysmith displays. Nowadays you can even get Tangle Juniors in some of them. There is something for every fidgeter at one of these.

Drugstores: This one can be a hit-or-miss, but I’ve seen stress balls and squishy seasonal items at CVS and independent drugstores.

Tourist trap souvenir/junk shops:These places often carry stress balls, weighted animals, fidgety pens, or practical joke items that can be repurposed for your needs.

Museum Shops: You can find Tangles, themed rubix cubes, hand puzzles, and other handmade or local fidget toys here. Science museums often carry physics toys, slime, or squishy dinosaurs/the like. Pro tip: you can enter most museum shops without buying a ticket to the museum.

Happy Stimming/Fidgeting!

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can you give me a scientific explanation as to why ripped jeans look so awesome on all SHINee members? cuz i've seen ripped jeans in real life and so NOT appealing. But put them on any one of ot5 and i'm literally exploding inside from how good they look.....even the ridiculously excessive rips where their legs are almost completely exposed anyway (which i find so ridiculous irl) what is this phenomenon????

a question i’ve struggled with for years, my friend. why is it that the shines can work such styles? what is it, exactly, that makes them look so damn good? i’ve worked strenuously for months and i’ve yet to find a scientific explanation for this. i have, however, developed a hypothesis:

  • undeniable fact #1: shinee’s got good leggies. the best leggies. best leg.
  • undeniable fact #2: denim is a superior material
  • when u have beautiful legs, the more u can show em off, the better.
  • additionally, jeans hug the curves of good legs in beautiful ways.
  • therefore, with the multitude of rips, holes,and tears that come with ripped jeans, and with the curve hugging denim material, we get the most of those shine leggies as we can get.
  • and therefore, in your words, ripped jeans look so awesome on all SHINee members

to test this hypothesis out, let’s check it with kibummie.

so if we start with a regular pair of pants:

we have an undeniably beautiful boy just glowing but the pants just are Not doing him any favors (and before some1 gives me garbage for this just know i have a specific tag for these pants because i love them so much but that’s not the POINT)

so we give him some jeans:

look at those leggies!!!!!! so much more defined!!! so good….but these still do not give him the love he deserves, and he knows it too…..

so just…cut the knee holes:


but we still know….we can do better.

and there it is…….the end all be all for good leg fashion. the alpha and the omega for all good looks of all time forever. the earth spins on its axis and revolves around the sun all for this look. the sun shines just so that this look may be seen by the world. this is it!!!! ripped jeans!!!!!! the best look!!!!!!!!

✓ hypothesis proven

this can be supported with evidence from all shinee members


Shokugeki no Soma

Eishi Tsukasa- Current Number 1 Seat of the Elite Ten a.k.a. the biggest dork i’ve ever seen

Night & Day [Jason Todd x Reader]

Anon requested: “Hi I love ur writing so much. Please could you do a imagine where Jason Todd and y/n are rivals when they’re out at night but irl they’re bffs. They find out about each other one night. But can u use prompts 1 and 25. Btw y/n is a girl xxx”

A/N: It took me forever but I finally did it! Forgive me for taking forever to do it!

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 2048

Prompt 1: “Are you sure he/she doesn’t want to kill me, because he/she looks like he’s/she’s gonna kill me.”

Prompt 25: “You’ve been undressing me with your eyes all night.”



“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Red Hood groaned when he spotted a familiar figure in the distance, no doubt targeting the same gang he and his accomplices were targeting.

“Who is that?” asked Robin, narrowing his eyes. “Someone you know?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” was the solemn reply before they crossed your path, stopping you. You immediately slid to a stop and a smirk made its way to your face when you saw the familiar helmet.

“Gosh Red, I know you’re jealous of me but stalking me to get my secrets? A bit much, don’t you think?” you said in a playful voice.

“I’m not playing games today [S/H/N], this one is ours. Back off.” Red Hood growled, not in the mood for your attitude and sass. You placed a hand on your chest.

“My, how rude. Is that how you talk to a lady? No wonder you’re still single.” your smirk widened when his accomplices sniggered. “And who are your friends? Mind introducing me?”


“Hey there!” You waved a hand. “The name’s [S/H/N], I think we’ve seen each other around when I was kicking ass.”

“I’m Nightwing.” He was the first to introduce himself, offering a hand. You took it of course.

“You’re cute.” you commented, winking at him.

“Oh please.” Red Hood muttered under his breath, feeling strangely more angry at Nightwing than you.

“Red Robin.” the other hero said, “and that’s Robin.”

“We have a gang to stop?” Red Hood reminded, growing more impatient.

“Right.” You nodded. “Say, why don’t we work together? [S/H/N] and Friends! What do you say? Has a nice ring to it huh?”

“How about no.” He snapped, glaring at you.

“I don’t know Red Hood, we can use an extra person.” said Nightwing, smiling at you. You smiled back, since it’s rare to meet someone so nice during your patrols.

“Seriously? She’s not even that good!” Red Hood exclaimed.

“She must be pretty good if she got under your skin.” Red Robin chimed in.

“She didn’t–”

“Don’t mind him.” you interrupted, “he’s always like that towards me. Never wants to work together, always wants to get more baddies than me even though we all know I get more.“You stretched and said, “tell you what, I’ll back off, but only because you all–except for that asshole,” you motioned towards Red Hood, “have all been exceptionally nice to me tonight.”

You jumped onto another building. “May fate cross our paths again.” And with that, you were gone.

“She seems nice.” Nightwing stated, smiling. However, that smile instantly dropped when he saw Red Hood’s death glare. “Um…” he turned to Red Robin and Robin and pointed at Red Hood, “He looks like he’s going to kill me.”

“He’s overreacting.” Red Robin sighed.

Nightwing continued to look at Red Hood. “Are you sure he doesn’t want to kill me, because he looks like he’s gonna kill me.”

“He’s just jealous.” Robin informed with a smirk.

“I am not jealous!” Red Hood exclaimed defensively, “why would I be jealous, over her?

“He’s in denial.” Red Robin said, smiling as well.

“Fuck you.”

“Definitely in denial.”

A squeal escaped your lips when you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist. You felt vibration on the broad chest that was against you as a familiar chuckle rang through your ears.

“Jason!” you exclaimed, “don’t do that!”

“Was that a squeal I heard from you?” he asked, that smirk appearing on his lips. You blushed and glared at him, but to him you looked like an angry chipmunk; in short you looked really cute.

Jason felt heat rise to his cheeks but he just tightened the grip he had on you and said, “oh come on, is that how you greet your best friend?”

You rolled your eyes. “Jason, I saw you literally one day ago. It’s not like you’ve been gone five years.”

“Well… I missed you.” Jason said quietly, and if he wasn’t right behind you, you wouldn’t have heard the statement. But you did, and it caused your face to grow red.

“W-What was that?” you questioned, turning to him just to make sure you heard right. You were sure, but you could never be too sure.

“It’s nothing.” Jason mumbled, releasing you and scratching the back of his neck. His nervous reaction told you it was definitely what you heard.

When you opened your mouth to say something, the sight of his bruised face made the words get caught up in your throat.

“Jason… what… what happened to your face?” you asked, looking horrified. 

“Oh… uh… got into another fight.” Jason muttered, trying to look away. You placed your hands on his cheeks and turned his face back to yours, inspecting the new bruises.

Jason was incredibly nervous. Not only did you see the bruises he got last night when that damn criminal somehow managed to bruise his face even with a helmet to protect it, you were also cupping his cheeks and looking extremely attractive with your eyes filled with concern over his safety. 

It didn’t take a great detective to see that Jason was attracted to you. It was so cliche, falling in love with his best friend, but his best friend was also the woman who didn’t mind his crude sense of humor, or his fluctuating self-esteem and bullshit. In fact, you loved those features of him. Of course, Jason hadn’t informed you of his nightly activities yet in fear that he may get you hurt someday.

“You have to be more careful Jay.” you scolded him, using that nickname of his. “I’m worried you may get seriously hurt someday. I don’t want to lose you.”

He smiled at how worried you were. It was just a bruise, yet you acted as if he had been shot. It was another reason why he didn’t tell you about Red Hood; you’d worry yourself to death for him.

“I’ll be fine.” he reassured, “you know I can take care of myself.”

“I’m starting to doubt that…” you commented, smiling playfully as you dragged him to a seat so you could treat that wound of his, both of you oblivious to the fact that you were staring at your rivals.

“Ooo, they look tough.“

Red Hood almost jumped when he heard your voice in his ear. He turned and gave you a glare.

“Not you again.” he snarled, “go away, as you can see I’m busy.”

“You mean sitting around contemplating on your miserable life?” you gave him a grin. It was too fun to mess with him.

Red Hood stared at you, asking himself how someone could be so annoying.

“Just kidding, can’t you take a joke?” You positioned yourself next to him and frowned. “In all seriousness though, there’re a lot of them. You may need help.”

“I don’t need help.” Red Hood scoffed. You raised an eyebrow at his stubbornness.

“Red, come on. You will need help and I don’t see any of your friends with you.” you stated. When he didn’t respond, you couldn’t help but sigh. “I know that I distract you while you fight, but you’re going to really need an extra pair of hands for this!”

“You–I–what the actual fuck are you talking about?” Red Hood sounded flustered, something he rarely became. You took the opportunity to tease him.

“Oh really? Red, you’ve been undressing me with your eyes all night.” you laughed.



“I’m wearing a fucking helmet.”

“… look, I’m offering you help. Take it or leave it, either way I’m still going in there so are we gonna work together or not?”

In the end, you and Red Hood ended up working together after all, though reluctantly from him. You didn’t understand what his problem with you was; sure you two were somewhat rivals but it didn’t mean you two couldn’t be friendly to each other. In the end you all wanted the same thing; to rid Gotham City of criminals.

However, just because you two were working together, didn’t meant there wasn’t a little competition.

“What’s your number?” Red Hood questioned as he took down another criminal.

You shrugged. “Lost count after 40.”

“Liar.” Red Hood scoffed, “you just don’t want to admit you lost.” He took down the last criminal with a punch.

“Nah, I was too focused on saving your ass.” you stated. It was meant to be another joke, but as soon as the last word left your mouth, you saw a gunman you two must’ve missed. His gun was raised, and he was aiming straight for Red Hood.

As Red Hood voiced his response, you yelled, “Red, watch out!”

You didn’t know what possessed you to do it, but you found yourself shoving him away. A gunshot was heard, and you felt the unmistakable sensation of a fast-moving object piercing your stomach.

“Shit–[S/H/N]!” Red Hood shot the gunman that injured you and was by your side in an instant. “Fuck. Okay, you’re gonna be okay. I know people that can help.” He sounded panicked, as if he was actually worried about you. It was strange hearing him like that.

“Ah… this is humiliating.” you chuckled, but it came out as pathetic wheezes. “I am so dead.”

“Don’t say that.” He picked you up, and you bit your lip to stop yourself from crying out. You’ve been shot before, but the pain was always an ugly experience.

“You know… it seems like you actually care about me Red.” you grinned, ignoring your darkening vision.

“Oh don’t get the wrong idea, you insufferable idiot.” he snapped, “I just owe you one. Better repay it as soon as possible.”

“Ha… keep telling yourself that.” Your words were slurred, you struggled to stay awake. “You like me… admit it.”

Red Hood sighed. “You’re talking bullshit. Just shut up and let me get you fixed up.”

“Oh well… too bad, you’re missing a lot.” Even wounded, you still found a way to tease him. “But even if you did confess your undying love to me… which we all know you want to… I would totally reject you.”

“Why?” Red Hood found himself asking.

“Curious now… are we?” Your voice was growing quieter and quieter. “Well… I guess someone should know, just in case I don’t make it.” By now, Red Hood had reached the entrance of the Batcave. “I’m in love with my best friend.”

“Your best friend?” Red Hood repeated, confused. You nodded weakly.

“Yeah… his… his name is Jason… Jason Todd.”

Under the helmet, his eyes widened. That’s when everything clicked; why he was so drawn to you in the first place, why the two of you could never seem to leave each other alone. 

“[F-F/N]?” Jason whispered, the panic in his heart multiplying when he realized that the bleeding woman in his arms, [S/H/N] as she called herself, was really his best friend that he had been in love with all these years, that he had just discovered returned his feelings.

“H-How…?” You felt yourself being laid down, and then you saw your rival reach to take his mask off.

And then you saw the familiar pair of azure eyes staring back at you, filled with worry and fear. You saw the unmistakable white streak that contrasted raven hair, and that large bruise on his face you just treated this morning.

That was the last sight you saw before you black out.

It was several enduring hours before you stirred, eyes fluttering open and wandering around, studying the strange new environment. Confused and frightened, and realizing your face mask was taken off, you tried to sit up, but a calloused hand pushed you back down gently.

“Easy there. You shouldn’t get up yet.” It was Jason. At first you panicked, but upon seeing the Red Hood costume he was still wearing, you remembered the events before you blacked out.

“Y-You’re… Red Hood?” you uttered.

“I could ask you the same question, [S/H/N].” Jason stated.

You two sat in silence before you groaned and covered your face. “What is it?” inquired Jason.

“I basically confessed my love to you.” You shook your head. “This is really awkward.”

Jason couldn’t help but smile. “Not if I return your feelings.”


And the next thing you knew, Jason was kissing you.

Promise (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Request from anon: “okay so i have a sort of odd request… could you write one where grayson x reader are dating and they’ve vowed to save their virginity until marriage but it can be hard sometimes?? i’m not sure if grayson would actually do this irl but it’s something that i’ve been trying to find an imagine about for a long time and it’s literally nowhere… thanks :)“
Word Count: 920
Warnings: Talk about sex.
A/N: Sooo guess what?! My Macbook broke last night so I couldn’t be arsed to write anything. But I hope you like this! It was very cute and fun to write! Sorry if it’s short xx

It was happening again and you weren’t even doing anything special. Grayson had been working out, he’d come straight over to your apartment and had a shower there. A meal was waiting for him in the kitchen, and you were eating a plate of your lunch by the television, completely wrapped up in your series.

He had walked out, feeling like a whole new person and halted in his steps when he caught sight of your body sitting, knees drawn up to your chest, bare legs on display and a hoodie that was too big covering the rest. He suspected that it was one of his hoodies that he’d left behind.

Grayson was feeling all sorts of things, staring at you, lost in his thoughts that were beginning to get too sinful than usual. And that’s when you looked up, confusion written all over your face.

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As a final post on this “discourse” sideblog, I want to talk about something not specific to the ace discourse, but rather something that cuts across all groups, all people online or off. Whatever you are arguing or whatever side you are on, we as humans are prone to confirmation bias and the online world is no better place than to create echo-chambers.

I have always felt that teaching myself skepticism was one of the best things I could have done for myself. It was during that time I was also active in the atheist community, online and off. The skeptic and atheist community often overlapped and it was from these groups that I became a feminist.

New atheist groups often wonder why they are largely made up of white men, and if you challenge them on their sexism/racism etc… it becomes obvious why, which is what happened to me. I was the darling women on a majority male forum agreeing with them that religion is the source of all evil, therefore exempting atheist men from things like sexism and all other bigotries. It wasn’t until an argument about rape culture came up that I saw just how deeply misogynist some of these men were.

So my venture into skeptic and atheist groups not only taught me the scientific process and logical fallacies but it also steered me towards social justice. I am no longer friends with any of those people in real life or online. Once I became a feminist and was able to identify their sexism, I wasn’t their darling atheist spokeswoman anymore. It was another valuable lesson in the way people form their groups and their echo-chambers within. How people will ignore some really bad things just to stay included and how they will turn when someone strays. Some people may be thinking of trump supporters now, but everyone is susceptible to this type of behavior.

Fast forward a few years later, but still a few years ago and I had to deal with a callout on an anonymous forum I moderated bc they monitored my tumblr and I made the sin of reblog from and being in mutuals with the wrong people, (who were just ppl they didn’t like including people I’ve since met IRL.) I was dubbed a transphobe not for anything I explicitly said or did that was transphobic, it was guilt by association. Had to leave the forum, as this was also invitation to make up other horrible things I never did bc they could and now ppl were ready to believe.

This is around the time TERF started catching on, and while I certainly agree with calling out transphobia in feminism (I would never insist a trans woman is male, I think thats a violent act against trans women! And I despise it being done in the name of feminism) but at the same time it turned into a witch hunt for anyone who talked about sex-based oppression that even ended up attacking other trans woman for not towing a certain Tumblr rhetoric on these issues!

I’m no LGBT elder by any means, but I have been online since I was about 12 and I’m 32 now. I remember a time when the internet was far more horrible on SJ matters but also far more anonymous. People never dropped their real name; now one of the biggest social media sites requires it. And before that even happened I still saw a lot of petty bullshit happening online that wound up really hurting people IRL. So now with it easier to find out who people are and where they live, I can only imagine how online drama has ruined lives. We know it has driven people to suicide, and so as fun as it is to get self righteously angry at people for whatever your cause is, there’s still a person at the other end and no one’s perfect.

I am truly disturbed at how incredibly cliquey SJ groups are online, how callout posts aren’t for extreme racist sexist bigots, but for some drama I can’t even parse in their so called “proof”. And then you have activists on this site who block anyone who disagrees with them so their criticisms can’t show up in the notes. Some even go so far as dox people now for daring to disagree! K(And let’s be clear, I shed no tears for literal nazis being doxxed and losing their job, that’s just not what I’m seeing)

It’s easy, its human nature to fall into social pressures and conform to whatever the Big Names in your group are saying without question and to defend an absurd position based on emotional attachment than logical assessment. And we know it’s also easy to fall into a mob mentality and scapegoat people for all our problems. It’s also super fucking easy to plead mental illness and pretend you should be allowed to say anything you want without criticism, something that I hate so much as one who suffers from many mental issues including anxiety. (That’s why I created rules for myself when arguing online so I didn’t end up giving myself panic attacks over an internet edge lord)

I say this knowing I have participated in this behavior myself as well as having been a victim of it. But a lot in my life has changed and I am an older and sicker… and still likely to make similar mistakes. Point is I have learned and I have trained myself to not to fall into these traps and it does help. Experience is one hell of a teacher but it doesn’t have to be the only one.

No one can know if they are 100% right on any given issue, we all have our convictions for a reason. The difference is are you willing to listen to dissent? Are you willing to challenge your opinion and put it to the test? Or do you make block lists and shun anyone who entertains any different opinion? (a classic tactic amongst anti-vax groups when a parent sees the science) My convinction of many of my beliefs comes from the fact I have argued them over and over again, discharging beliefs that did not pass the test, while strengthening my arguments for and belief in those that do.

Make no mistake, when it does come to the so called “discourse” both sides can be guilty of this shit. I claim no purity.
And I am in no way implying that we tolerate hate groups and violent hate speech, like those of nazis bc unfortunately nazis are actually relevant again, but I am saying some of you need a reality check on what that exactly entails, because a lesbian speaking her truth is not it.

And for god sakes don’t put teens on block lists, you know it invites harassment, you fucking know it.

News Nerd Rants: The Perfect Crime and the Balance of Power

Okay, with the return of @thestormwindguard and Shadowstep, I’ve been thinking about some recent stories I’ve been reading, and about how some people write crimes. And Frankly, there’s a lot of areas we can improve.

For example, the other day, in the Pig, there was a body, it was murdered. No information on how. No knowable identity. Nothing.

As someone who A) is a law RPer, B) watches enough crime shows to understand something of forensics, and C) RPs ins a world where there is MOTHER FLIPPING MAGIC that can track blood, summon and steal souls, resurrect the dead and more, I find this extremely unrealistic and not very fun to write about.

In fact, I’m even gonna go as far as to say it’s lazy as hell for the writer. 

There is no way that one, in a world like ours, can leave no evidence whatsoever. And it’s no fun for anyone if you do.

In IRL, it is possible for a case to be inconclusive or have insufficient evidence. No doubts there, even with our technology. But the person always leaves something behind. Finger prints, DNA, smudges, personal belongings, even just the skinflakes off of their back. 

Add into that the varying levels of magic available to us, and honestly…we could probably catch every single bastard out there if we wanted.

This was something I learned firsthand while writing out Lat’s death scenes and investigations. People wanted to find out what happened, so they started digging and poking around Icly. They didn’t just -look- at the scene and accept it at face value. They actually dug around and attempted major things (kudos to @summerbloom-fae and @wiedaashcroft for actually doing some hard-hitting work to pull that off.)

The other thing that bugs me is when people act like they’re amazing thieves or assassins or serial killers, but only use NPC victims to cement that.

“He has never been caught.”

That’s likely because you’ve never let a Player attempt to catch or investigate you, ya silly! 

Honestly, this is one of the things that bugs me about the difference between NPCs and Player characters. Technically, they all have the same level of value as you,  but NPCs let you do ANYTHING to them. I could literally write up an NPC for @casyril who appoints her the high priestess of Stormwind. Will others recognize it? Probably not. But that’s the flaw in the things.

The most prominent case of this overuse of NPCs to make you seem ‘edgy’ or like an over-amazing criminal are these stories where single player characters claim to slaughter ‘entire towns’ or camps. First, I’ll just put this out there. IT’s your story, it’s your character, do whatever you like with it. I am not the RP police, and this is solely my opinion being expressed.

THAT SAID, I’m honestly quite skeptical that you could do such a thing without A) leaving evidence,  B) leaving witnesses, and C) getting injuries. Unless your power levels are as high as Kel’thuzad, you’re a mortal being, and your victims are too. They will flee, yes. But they will also fight back, things will hurt you, and you won’t get out unscathed. Even the oldest and greatest of assassins are not unbeatable. and even KEL’THU-FREAKING-ZOD would leave some evidence. It may not scream ‘hi I’m an all powerful lich’, but it’d be something. Magic is naturally corruptive, after all.

Honestly, my personally favorite crimes as of late have been the ones performed by @vulpes-and-co in the last two months. While I do not know what the DMed scenario is like,  I usually get a report afterwards from either @misspleo or @huntress-verlai, and it is VERY detailed. Not only does it note bodies and damage, but they also cover number of potential attackers, leftover evidence, and even flubbed attacks! (such as a missed arrow embedding itself into the wall.) There is enough there to build a profile, but not enough to directly connect it to them.

They’ve honestly been some of my favorite crime scenes to report on. 

So, the TL:DR of all that?

  • Stop saying you didn’t leave any evidence. you did. Everyone does (even more so in this world of magic, auras, undeath and more.) It just doesn’t have to lead directly to you. But you did. Saying you didn’t is just an easy copout to avoid getting caught.
  • You wanna claim that you’re uncatchable? Try having a player character attempt it some time. You may be surprised.

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But why isn't nobody talking about Touka? She looks sooo fucking perfect! I don't know the actress but she's literally what I thought Touka would look like irl. When I saw the trailer I was like holy shit where did they find her?!? She looks badass, cute and elegant just like Touka! Her ukaku is also freaking cool! I mean everyone looks good in the movie (especially Kaneki) but Touka looks perfectly on point!! I'm soooo hyped for this movie now I can't even!!!!

SHE LOOKS AMAZING, and I know the hair-over-one-eye style is impractical for a live action but you can see in scenes her hair flops down to cover half her face and I’m YASSSSSSSSSSS

like look at that

thats nice

I guess for me though…. I’m trying not to get too attached to that rendition of Touka because if there ever is a sequel, they’re going to have to get another actress :’)

pedaling-backward  asked:

One more q for the mods: this may seem simple, but is it easier to confuse aux and tert functions, or dom and aux? I know people who are close on aux and tert (myself included), but I also have friends who, for example, are between ISFJ and ESFJ, which difference significantly shifts their functions. I tend to see the types as a spectrum of sorts, because most people are not their type to its fullest extent. Do you believe in the possibility of a person being no one type in particular? -S

I have never met a real introvert who thinks they might be an extrovert, but I know plenty of extroverts who think they might be introverts.

Since introverts know how much social situations drain them after awhile, they don’t often mistype as extroverts. Extroverts, on the other hand, underestimate that the right kind of stimulation (depending on the type) winds them up, and assume their need for “down time” in order to process the day, their feelings, etc., means they might be an introvert. The difference is, they’re usually ready to socialize again right away.

I should have known I’m an extrovert when this conversation happened:

ISFJ: I’m thinking how awesome it would be to rent a house on the beach and stay there for a week. All alone. Read, walk in the surf, process my thoughts.

ENFP: … that would be cool… wait, you want to go alone?!

ISFJ: Yes. I’m so tired. I need some down time.

ENFP: Like… alone-alone? ALONE? Like, not even one other person there with you? Wouldn’t you have more fun with a friend with you?

ISFJ: I think you fail to understand the concept of alone. Yes, ALONE. By myself. With my thoughts. I could entertain myself just fine. I do it a lot.

ENFP: Okay then, weirdo. ;)

ISFJ: Well, what would you do if you rented a house on the beach?

ENFP: I’d take my friends along, of course! I’d be bored out of my mind after about four hours alone. I like having people to talk to!

ISFJ: Whatever, freak. ;)

Good rule of thumb: if someone feels they MIGHT be either an extrovert OR an introvert and really struggles to decide, assume they’re an introverted extrovert. It happens all the time.

Dominant functions can be hard to spot in oneself (since it’s like breathing, and you’re unconscious of using it), but shouldn’t be too hard to spot in other people once you’re familiar with what the function does, though it is way easier to spot extroverted dominant functions than introverted dominant functions.

When in doubt, look for the extroverted functions. In both introverts and extroverts. They’re there. They manifest. On a regular basis. How? When? Why? That tells you something.

I could not see Fi in myself (my Ne was screaming so loud) until I acknowledged that… yeah, I use Te. A lot. And it kicks in under stress, and I am not myself.

The best possible thing everyone confused about types on the internet can do is stop trying to figure out introverted functions (which are subjective, impressionistic, and different based on each person using them) and look for the extroverted functions. Learn what they do, how they manifest, what they look like, and how to spot them. Where you get one, you get the other. You find two of those, you’ve narrowed 16 types down to 4 options.

Extroverts are easier for me to type IRL than introverts, because there’s at least two extroverted functions screaming at me at all times. (The order can sometimes be wonky – I mistyped an ESFJ as ENTP when I was first starting out, because he was in a Ti grip and therefore more critical than he would be otherwise; but his endless focus on “we should be doing more for society,” made me realize: DUH. FeSi, high up. Fe = “WE, SOCIETY,” and Si “get up off your ass and contribute to your community in some way” (also Fe).)

Ne/Se is easier for me to spot in introverts than Ni/Si, and it doesn’t take much to suss out a preference for logical precision and correctness with an aim toward a good work ethic and results-oriented ideas (Te) and the warm, people-centric tendencies of a Fe.

The type profiles are stereotypes; real functions are blueprints on which a personality is imprinted, but it also has an Enneagram triad, past experience, past traumas, upbringing, religious beliefs, political beliefs, etc., etc., on top of it – so no one is going to be the same.

I think everyone has a dominant personality type, yes; the only exception would be people with literal multiple personalities. :)

- ENFP Mod

dannyxv-deactivated20170916  asked:

[1/2] Hi there. I wanna preface this by saying that this isn't hate, because I honestly want to know how you can ship Chloe and Marinette. I personally can't see the appeal, mostly because canonically, Chloe is downright EVIL to Marinette on several occasions, and it is clear that there isn't any (apparent) love between them on Marinette's side either. Would you be okay explaining what makes the ship appealing? (I may be partially

[2/2] biased because I’ve known people like Chloe IRL, and part of me hopes they never find happiness) thank you very much for any answer you can give.

okie dokie so i tried to explain this succinctly but it wound up just a touch long, so i’m gonna leave this under a cut for you and everyone else :)

i wanna first say that, for me, chlonette necessitates chloe pulling out of her cruel behavior to some degree. bc you’re right. a ship btw a nice girl and a girl who treats her cruelly isn’t healthy, and i don’t like to imagine a scenario where they’re in a relationship and chloe is still cruel to her. personally, i think that goes for all chloe ships. so! that being said…..

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under the cut, you’ll find a thorough guide to bandom rp. i realized my old one wasn’t actually very detailed, so i made this obnoxiously lengthy so that all of the bases were covered. i included how everything works, some common trends, and a few opinions on certain things for your viewing pleasure. if you’re a rp group, feel free to link to this page on your main. give a like or reply if you find this helpful! this was made in the spirit of my old slasher rp (screams) being revamped. if you have any questions that weren’t answered here, let me know, and i’ll elaborate where necessary. 

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Ai/Ignis- Playing Playmaker?

Random VRAINS theory time!

So re-watching episode 1 and I notice something funny: there’s several times in the episode where we see Yusaku through the lens of a nearby camera. Interesting, but then it doesn’t happen again in future episodes.

Not only that, but in the first on-screen duel Playmaker has, we see Ai/Ignis clearly watching the duel in hiding. Then a few episodes later (I think ep 3 but I’m not positive), we learn that Ai knows that Yusaku doesn’t like attention. He dismisses it as “knowing many things when you’re on the net,” but that got me thinking.

What if the camera-scenes in Episode 1 aren’t just funny shots- what if Ai was actually watching Yusaku specifically? If so, it explains why Ignis knows that “Yusaku doesn’t want to stand out” and tries to excuse having this knowledge with a vague statement about the internet itself- he doesn’t want Yusaku to know that he used to spy on him. As I looked into this, I started noticing a number of interesting things.

Long ramble-list beneath the cut, you can skip to the second list to find the conclusions I draw from the evidence listed in the first list.

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i consistently think about how the yogs fandom is like, slowly dying in terms of content, hardly much art posted now i guess, in comparison to how it used to be and like
i mean .. i understand Why but, i also feel like that drives me? (the lack of content not the reasoning lmao ppl made a good decision there imo)

i feel like. even though im not content with my art? im in the place i wanted to be years ago. improving. finishing more pieces and doing more than just shitty paint drawings to mooch off of humour notes.

like… im just better. ive gotten better. im still not at the point where other people were in regards to their art years ago but im getting there. i want to be one of the people who draws like, most of the characters, i need to branch out but there’s not really a lot of people anymore who’ll be like, “oh! lom!” or “oh! nilesy!”

it kinda sucks but .. idk. i want 2 branch out w more yogs but i can hardly find the inspiration for it. either way im happy im still drawing yogs. im trying to post in the main tag more. there’s more irl stuff than art now and i don’t want that to die out. i want to keep pushing to make this kinda content. i want to fill a million holes. i just don’t want to give up, i guess

anonymous asked:

I know I asked this already, but do you know any fics where Bughead adopts a baby? Maybe they can't have their know (Idk if my last ask went through) Thank you.😘

Yes, your last ask went through - but I’ll answer this one instead. Sorry about the delay. It’s been a super busy week for me irl. I could only find a few fics that sorta fit your request, actually. This isn’t a really common trope. However, I’ve found a couple - and one fic where Bughead put their child UP for adoption. Hopefully that will scratch your adopty fic itch. 

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! <3 Jandy

Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil by @it-happened-one-starry-night (49/?)

WIP / Rating: M

Summary:  Jughead is demisexual in this AU. Betty and Jughead are both around 18 years old; they are seniors at Riverdale High. Polly is older, she became pregnant during her senior year. (*adoption doesn’t happen until WAY close to the end of what’s been written)

Snake Skin by @bughead4days (8/?)

WIP / Rating: Gen

Summary:  He left her years ago but now she’s back and currently taking care of one of his fellow Serpents children. Being apart of this life style may be more dangerous than she had planned but Betty Cooper has never been one to go down without a fight. (*Betts is fostering a Southside child)

To Be Strong by xxxShyxPrincessxxx (8/?)

WIP / Rating: T

Summary:  “Hey you two, are you ready to go home with Auntie Betty and Grandma?” she questioned, watching the bright smiles that stretched across their chubby cheeks before they began to babble happily. Betty fought the tears that were threatening to fall. She could allow that right now. She needed to be strong for the twins, for her mother, she needed to be their anchor. (*not Bughead adopting… but sorta they adopt?)

Together (series) by @juggyandbetty (2 fics)

Summary:  Jughead is a self proclaimed loner before his sister dies, leaving him as the primary caretaker of his three year old niece. He turns to his best friend Betty for help in a time of heartbreak and disaster. (*Juggie is doing the adopting)

after 6 years of silence by @bugheader (2/3)

WIP / Rating: T

Summary:  Betty got pregnant at the age of 16, much too early into her relationship with Jughead. 9 months of struggle later, Betty and Jughead begrudgingly gave a baby boy up for adoption. Almost exactly 16 years after that day, they received separate calls from said child’s parents. Oliver Williamson, formerly Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper’s son, wanted to meet them. 

cry-me-a-jimin  asked:

Heyyyyy could I please request a fic where Tae finds Cat!Jimin in heat? Thank you~

Welp, this is practically going straight into the smut I hope you don’t mind, this is actually the first smut I’ve ever written. Lol, I hope you enjoy this though!



Forgive me father for I have sinny sin sinned…

I added a few things here and there so here are the warnings, sorry if you don’t like it requester! I can make a less kinky one for you if you’d like:

-Porn literally without plot
-Sex toys
-Cat hybrid!Jimin
-Self lubrication
-Rimming/Rim Jobs/Fingering

It was Saturday evening and Taehyung was working late in the office. His boss had requested him to do some more paperwork and how could Taehyung refuse. His phone vibrated with a ping signifying that he had recieved a message. It was from Jimin, Taehyung’s cat hybrid roommate.

Jimin: Hey, when are you off work?
Taehyung: Not anytime soon, why?
Jimin: No reason, take your time. See you.

That was odd. Usually Jimin would have kept the conversation rolling for a while or would have asked him how he was or how his work was going. He could only guess that Jimin was busy doing his own things. Sighing slightly, he put his phone down and continued his work so that he could come home and ask Jimin what was the matter. It was always around this time of the month where Jimin left somewhere for the week but he was home this time and was acting strange to Taehyung. He just hoped that Jimin was alright.

Jimin was laying on his bed with nothing but a sweater on, his cheeks flushed red and his tail was shifted to one side as he gripped at the sheets to try to control his arousal. He had been keeping up his efforts to mask his heat from his roommate for the past few days. He was supposed to go out to a hotel to stay at for the week to wait out his heat but his car broke down leaving him here, just as broken down as his car. He didn’t know what Taehyung would think if he saw him like this. As soon as the blonde thought of Taehyung, a whimper escaped past his lips imagining those dark eyes staring him down and his large, slender hands carressing his small frame while whispering dirty things in his ear with a low growl. “No, no, no, no…” Jimin murmured to himself as his knees squeezed together tightly and squirmed on the bed trying to rid himself of the thoughts. It was wrong to think of his roommate this way, but he couldn’t deny the way Taehyung was making him feel these past few days.

Jimin reached over his nightstand and took out a light pink vibrating dildo, the toy he used to get some sort of relief until he started to act up again the next few hours. Seeing as Taehyung wouldn’t be home for a few hours or so to speak, Jimin had time. Jimin switched the toy on to the lowest setting, wanting to tease himself a bit more and pressed it on his puckered hole that was already wet due to self lubrication. Jimin felt the tip vibrate softly on his rim before pushing it in earning a sigh as he pushed his ass further up with his upper body pressed onto the mattress. Once the toy was fully inside, he reached for the remote turning it up a few notches.

He cried out, not feeling fully pleasured yet as he clenched around the dildo and swirled it around himself in efforts of relieving. Something, anything. The third and fourth day of heat was always the worst and Jimin was always so impatient just wanting satisfaction. His breathing sped up as he brushed his prostate, leaving the toy right there. The vibrations whirred loudly as the blonde’s thighs trembled, pressing the tip right up against his prostate and thrusting the toy in and out as he stroked his leaking cock, feeling a knot form in his stomach quickly and a few more thrusts of the vibrator and Jimin came undone but he still craved for more. He didn’t feel sated at all. The vibrator shook his entire body as he buried his face in the pillows beneath him. He could do this for 30 minutes straight and he still wouldn’t feel enough.

Taehyung unlocked the door to the apartment and was greeted by an unfamiliar scent which smelled of musk and roses and he heard faint whining noises coming from the hallway. Those were Jimin’s whines no doubt but Taehyung knew exactly what was happening and why the house smelled like this. Dear god, Taehyung would have been lying if he said that he didn’t fantasize about Jimin being in heat. Taehyung knocked on Jimin’s door, coming in anyways and was greeted by an utterly sexy sight that shot right down to his groin. There laid Jimin, ass up, back arched beautifully with his tail pushed to the side, his heat leaking from his hole down his thighs. Taehyung could barely think straight and Jimin didn’t seem to notice his presence until he felt a warm hand stroke his thigh and the mattress dip beside him, earning a gasp from the hybrid. Jimin turned his head to the side with wide eyes, his ears flattening while looking at Taehyung who sat on the edge of the bed and looked right back at him with a smirk. “T-Taehyung! I can exp-!” He was cut off by a pinch to his plush bottom. “My, my… I didn’t expect to see this when I got home. So this is why you’ve never been home, kitten?” Taehyung inquired. “Because of your heat?” Jimin trembled under his dark gaze and he could only nod meekly. Taehyung dragged his glare across Jimin’s body and saw a pool of cum prominently seen on the black sheets.

“Aw, poor kitty. Is that vibrator not enough for your pretty little hole? Are you not pleased by how it makes you feel?” Taehyung talked to him with a tone used for a pet and kept asking him filthy questions. His hand slowly snaked down to Jimin’s perineum making Jimin shudder and press himself onto his hand. Taehying tutted and moved his hand away making Jimin whine at the loss of contact. “Now, now, kitten. Don’t get too impatient. Do you want Master to pleasure you, babyboy?” Taehyung murmured huskily as the nicknames slipped out of him before thinking and took hold of the vibrating toy, giving it a harsh twist earning a mewl from Jimin. “Y-Yes Master, I want it so much!” Jimin moaned out in the midst of the vibrations abusing his prostate once more as Taehyung unzipped his own pants and removed his boxers, leaving his dress shirt on and using the remote to set the toy inside the hybrid to maximum speed. “Master-!!!” Jimin gasped, clawing at the sheets. “Work for it. Suck Master’s cock like a good boy, keep that vibrator in and don’t cum and I’ll reward you. You cum and you’ll get punished.” Taehyung smirked and stood up, snapping his fingers in front of him. “Here kitty. On the ground and on your knees.” Jimin quickly obeyed and slid to the ground on his knees with Taehyung’s length standing proudly in front of him. Jimin looked up at him and wrapped his lips around Taehyung’s cock, slowly sinking down.

Taehyung’s length was no joke, Jimin didn’t even think that Taehyung was so well endowed. It was a wonder if it all could fit, but Jimin’s mouth watered tasting the saltiness and the bitter taste of the liquid that seeped out of his Master’s slit. Jimin nearly gagged after engulfing three quarters in his mouth so he used his hands to rub at the areas he couldn’t cover. Taehyung groaned lowly and stroked Jimin’s hair when Jimin began bobbing his head up and down. “Good boy, just like that.” Taehyung praised and Jimin purred into his cock adding vibrations to his pleasuring. Jimin went faster at every hum of appreciation the younger drawled out. “Open your mouth baby, with your tongue out.” The brunette ordered and Jimin pulled away, doing what he was told with lust-blown eyes looking up at him. Taehyung was fisting his slick member rapidly with occasional grunts and climaxed into Jimin’s mouth, who eagerly drank it all up. “What do you say to Master for letting you drink his load?” He looked down at Jimin. “Thank you, Master.” Jimin breathed out with saliva-slicked lips, his voice oddly grateful but it made Taehyung coo. “You’re welcome, kitten.” Taehyung pulled Jimin up without thought and smashed his lips onto Jimin’s. It wasn’t until 5 seconds later that he realised what he had done and went to pull away but Jimin only wrapped his arms around Taehyung’s neck and kissed him back.

The air was thick and things became more heated again and they got desperate, Jimin unbuttoning Taehyung’s dress shirt and Taehyung pulling off Jimin’s sweater. Taehyung pushed Jimin onto the bed, his dominant act back on. “Hands and knees baby boy.” Taehyung sat on the bed and Jimin immediately complied, the vibrator still whirring inside him relentlessly. Taehyung effortlessly slid the dildo out of him and turned it off, quickly replacing it with his tongue. Lewd slurping sounds and whines filled the room as the wet muscle travelled from Jimin’s inner thighs and to his hole to lick up all of Jimin’s heat. “O-Oh…!” The blonde gasped, his back arching up quickly as Taehyung’s tongue pushed past his rim. His eyes fluttered shut, feeling his tongue thrust back and forth. “Master… Please. More…” Jimin whimpered, wanting to feel more. He wanted nothing more than Taehyung’s cock in his ass. “Patience, baby. Can you take a finger or two?” Jimin immediately nodded as a finger was plunged into him, slowly going in and out before another one was added and began scissoring inside while pushing in his tongue again. Jimin moaned and sighed at all these sensations at once. “How much do you want Master’s cock?” Taehyung mumbled, his hot breath ghosting his hole as he slowly bit onto one of Jimin’s plump cheeks.

“I want it so badly! Please! I can’t take this, I need you inside me right now, Master!” Jimin whined, earning him a harder bite to his plush ass. “Good boy, you deserve Master’s cock for being so good today.” Taehyung praised lowly as his hands snaked to Jimin’s hips and slid on top of him. “Ready baby?” Taehyung grunted, positioning his member to Jimin’s entrance as Jimin nodded quickly, pushing back against him. Taehyung slowly entered as they both groaned loudly. Jimin finally felt filled and Taehyung loved the tightness and the warmth. Stopping at the hilt, they remained there, basking in the feeling of satisfaction before Taehyung began moving. “So tight, even after being fucked open by that dildo… That’s my boy…” It started out slow and sensual, moans and groans eventually sped up and turned into yelps and high pitched whines paired with husky growls and low hums with skin slapping against skin. “There! Right there! Please!” Jimin gasped out and bucked his hips up and backed himself up against Taehyung to angle him to his prostate. Loud mewls escaped past Jimin’s lips as Taehyung thrusted up against that exact spot over and over again “Fuck, feels so good baby.” Taehyung bit on Jimin’s shoulder and continued his thrusts, going harder and faster until eventually they both had their orgasms and collapsed, panting heavily. Jimin reverted from his submissive state and looked back on what they just did and blushed slightly. “Shit… I’m so sorry for making you do this…” Jimin mumbled, turning on his side, facing away from Taehyung.

“Shh, baby. It’s okay, I actually wanted this…” Taehyung murmured sleepily and wrapped his arms around Jimin and stroking his hair, making Jimin ease up. Taehyung wrapped a blanket around the two and let out a small sigh of both exhaustion and content as Jimin rolled the other way to snuggle into Taehyung. “We can clean up later, how does that sound babe?” Jimin groaned. “Sleep first, discuss later.” Was all he said before closing his eyes. “Hmm… Sassy much? Whatever, love you. Goodnight.” Taehyung mumbled, burying his face into Jimin’s hair, inhaling his scent. Jimin was a bit taken aback my the sudden statement but it would be a lie if he said that he didn’t love him back, especially after this. “I… Love you too… ‘Night.”

Again I’m really sorry if this wasn’t what you expected or wanted. Just a quick note for any others to be precise in what you want happening if you don’t want my imagination to run wild.

anonymous asked:

Are there any blogs that can give me feedback on whether I pass? I don't like to talk to my friends about me being trans but I really want someone's opinion

Lee says:
I worry that kind of blog would develop a hostile or judgmental atmosphere, so be careful if you do find one.

I know there are forums on Reddit where you can submit pics to see if you’re passing, but I’m not sure if there are any Tumblr blogs that specifically do the same.

I would try to figure it out IRL if you can. When you’re in a public space, how do people refer to you?

Followers, do you know anything that might help anon?

anonymous asked:

Hey! I have read quite a lot of fanfiction in the past weeks and I stumbled over a few where a guy named Charlie was mentioned as Phil's former boyfriend ( and not in a nice way!). Could you tell me if that is just an accident or if something like that actually happened to Phil? I'm sorry if this is a very sensitive topic but I am just confused. Btw I really really love your writing! Have a wonderful day!

I’m also relatively new to the Phandom (only been here since October-ish, hi!) so I don’t know if I’m the best person to ask, but I can tell you information based on what I’ve gleaned within that time, but I can’t promise any of it is factual. Please respect that these are all real people and any reference to them in mine or anyone else’s fic should be taken as a fictional depiction only.

I can’t speak for all phanfic writers but ‘charlie’ usually refers to a person with the username charlieskies who was a friend of Phil’s back in the day. There is some controversy surrounding what actually went down so I won’t go in to too much detail but, and this is all speculation, people tend to think he and Phil were together before Dan and Phil met, but then Charlie started dating someone called Stephen and Phil met Dan and the rest is history. But mostly, Charlie and Dan didn’t seem to get along (thought I don’t believe they ever actually met irl) and at one point he got into a bit of an argument with Dan on Twitter where he threatened to ‘reveal’ some stuff. I think this has since been all deleted but you can find if you choose to by Googling. I certainly won’t link to any of it, as I don’t really want to get in to all of this, but the information is there if you want to seek it out. 

He’s often depicted in a not very nice fashion in fanfic because all of this but we can’t be sure if anything he said was just for the controversy/views or if it’s real. 

All of this should come with the caveat of course that fanfiction is exactly that, fiction, and when written about real people shouldn’t really be taken as fact or as casting aspersions on what happened between people in real life based on the limited amount of information we are given. But Charlie is often made the villain in the same way that Cat is made the rival love interest or Louise is the ever-supportive best friend. It’s kind of become a phanfic trope that hints at a story that people know about but has kind of slipped into something half-remembered by those that were around at the time.

Hope this helps, thank you for saying you enjoyed my writing!! :D

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okay tbh i hate those glitter mixing videos because the colours will never mix fully and to me its like visual blueballs

(I’ve never heard the term “visual blueballs” in my life but it’s absolutely perfect lmao)

I kinda get what you mean, it’s not quite like paint mixing where the colors can entirely come together ^^;; But I’ve always been more of a color combo person than a solid color person, so I kinda dig that lol! 

Something that does kinda bug me about them is the thought of doing it irl though….glitter is one of my worst nightmares, you can never get it all off of you and that stresses me the heck out….Even if you open a bag/container of glitter and immediately close it, the damage is already done, it’s a wrap lmao you’re gonna be finding flecks of glitter for years

Lonelyyyy oh so lonelyyyyyyyy

Ugh. The problem with being an Ot5 stan is that you can’t find people irl to fangirl with about Camila and 5h. Then online most people are on sides, and I’m too awkward to approach people I follow on here.


Like, where you and the friend have deep discussions and stuff.

I have a friend like that online, but we don’t exactly have the time to talk, plus it’s just. Meh. Growing apart…?

The struggle of a Generation Zer/Millenial (whichever one you are)

Originally posted by lost-myself-somewhere

i know i have a LOT of personal info about me right out there on the internet where you can find it so this may seem a lil weird coming from me but, heres a list of things you really shouldnt be sharing publicly on a place like this especially if youre a minor

  • your irl name, even just your first one
  • your date of birth (if you share both your age and birthday its deductable)
  • the area your home or school is in, or the name of your school
  • pictures of your face

all of these things can be used to easily identify you to people who know you irl, and if you are lgbt/openly mentally ill, this can out you to people irl. its also info that makes it easier for strangers to identify you

  • your mental illnesses and disabilities - you can mention they exist in context of asking people to be considerate to you, but please dont list them off (INCLUDING archived through fucking userboxes)
  • details about your trauma (be careful what you put on a public blacklist too)
  • minors: your relationship to sex (INCLUDING if you are ace)
  • minors: other details about your body, ie scars, whether or not youre trans, stuff like that

there are a lot of creeps and really hostile people on this website. telling strangers about your bad brains/trauma/sexuality/body in detail also tells them exactly how they can hurt or take advantage of you!! besides, its wildly inappropriate to share that stuff with Everyone anyway (tumblrs mental illness “community” is extremely toxic and dangerous, promoting harmful behavior and oversharing), and reading details about your trauma is very capable of harming others with similar trauma too

  • your stance on The DiscourseTM (both Big and small matters but especially Big Real Actual matters)

there are like, literal n-zis and p-dos on this site. dont involve yourself with people like those, they wont listen to reason and it will be upsetting and itll hurt you! dont put it on your byf, it just tells them you are vulnerable to their harassment. on smaller scale (ace discourse, fandom opinions) people will also approach you only to harass you about it, rather than effectively keeping those people away. some things arent even worth fighting over because you can avoid them and its not something thats healthy to go along with

ive been on tumblr for so long that things ive said/posted years in the past can still easily be traced back to me (including from my time as a teenager with half-informed opinions on the discourse, things that went down between me and all my exes since 15, probably my nudes(!)) and if anyone wanted to doxx me im sure they could. oversharing about my trauma (and participating in kin tumblr’s toxic community) has made me an easy target for abuse and traumatized me further. im at the point this stupid website cant take much more from me, and im fortunately not in a dangerous situation irl where its likely to get back to me but uhhh

dont be me, kids! im serious! protect yourself and your identity, delete posts that overshare about you, stick to instant messaging to talk about yourself in detail rather than leaving it archived out on the internet.