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4 Year Secret


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Heyyy girly!! I was wondering if you can write something like mac and the reader are together until she becomes pregnant and she doesn’t know how mac will react so she breaks up with he and leaves. He doesn’t find out until Riley (her and Riley are bffs) accidentally says something and he gets mad. Mac finds them and confronts the reader. I want angst and fluff. If you wanted you can do whatever you want. I’m trash for prompts like this.

Side Note: I’ve changed the request a bit. So the reader leaves when she finds out she’s pregnant because she’s afraid of Mac’s reaction, but also because he has a dangerous job and she doesn’t want to raise a child in that environment. A few years later Mac finds out due to Riley accidentally saying something, and gets Riley to take him to where you live now to confront you and to meet his child.

You wanted to do this with Mac, you wanted to stay and be one of those happy families. But the fear crept in regarding his job and raising a child around such a unsure environment worried you greatly. Also couple that with not knowing how Mac was going to react, made you fell ill, more than your already were.

So you made the hardest decision of your life and walked away with Mac never knowing that he was going to be a father.

4 years later

“Y/S/N, Grandma and Grandpa are going to be here any minute. Do you have everything?”. You shouted from the kitchen to your 4 year old son, who was going to spend the day with your parents. He rushed in the room with a big smile and ran over to the table to grab his favourite toy.

“Now I do!”, he held up his toy and you couldn’t help but smile. Y/S/N was acting and looking more and more like Mac every single day. The doorbell rang and you opened it to see your parents on the other side. They greeted you with hugs and kisses before walking in.

“Y/S/N is just getting his backpack, he should be out any minute”.

Your dad went to go help and it was just you standing in the living room with your mum, who couldn’t stop staring your way.

“Darling, have you considered perhaps telling-”.

Before she had the chance to say his name, you cut her off. “Mum, please don’t go there”.

She sighed, but didn’t let the conversation go.

“He deserves to know he has a son, Y/N. You can’t keep that from him, you shouldn’t keep it from him. I understand why you didn’t tell him the moment you found out. But Y/S/N needs his dad”.

It was a hard thing to hear. You intent wasn’t to keep Mac in the dark forever, and you could see how Mac would be disappointed not getting to see Y/S/N grow up. It was just hearing those words out loud, made the guilt wash over even more than it had been, and the fear of potentially having the conversation grew.

Y/S/N walked back into the room with your father right behind him, and looked more than eager to go.

“Alright baby, be good for grandma and grandpa. Mummy loves you and she will see you soon”. You told him, kissing Y/S/N on the cheek.

“Me love you too”. He replied, bopping you on the nose.

Your mother gave one last “you have to tell him” look before leaving. However what you didn’t know was that Mac had already found out.

Phoenix Foundation HQ

Reily’s POV

Matty had all called us in for a private meeting, meaning that a mission had come across her desk that needed to be dealt with. I was the first to arrive, but it wasn’t long before I heard the voices of Jack and Mac bickering as they themselves entered the room.

“That doesn’t even make sense, man”. Jack argued

Mac rolled his eyes and gave a smile in my direction to show he noticed my presences in the room, I of course smiled back and let the two of them continue their argument.

“Nothing about this conversation makes sense, Jack”.

Eyeing each of them I interrupted purely to find out what they were on about, but as soon as I did I wished I hadn’t. “What are you two on about?”.

Jack stood at the front of the room, arms crossed. “Mac, the genius here thinks this looks nothing like him”.

Jack showed me a picture of a cute kid, frowning. “Why do you have a photo of a child on your phone?”. I asked Jack, who looked just about done.

Mac took the phone and set it down on the table. “Because he has too much time on his hands, and decided to download a stupid app to see what our kids would look like if we ever had any”.

I could sense that Mac was more than annoyed with this, he didn’t let his emotions show most of the time. But this was different….if he only knew.

“Come on, man. It’s just a bit of fun. Bozer didn’t seem to mind when I paired him up with Riley”.

My mouth fell open and I shrieked, “You did what!?”.

Jack looked my way. “Relax it’s nothing serious, it doesn’t mean anything”.

Sitting back down I picked up the phone to have a proper look at the photo. It wasn’t exactly accurate, but then again these apps were never designed to be. Before even thinking about what I was saying, it slipped out with no chance of me stopping it. “This in no way looks like Mac’s kid”.

Both Jack and Mac glued their eyes to me and I immediately tried to backtrack. “I mean, you know, if-”. I sighed. “So where’s Matty, shouldn’t she be here now?”. Changing the topic.

“Riley, you’re not telling us something”. Jack knew me too well. Mac still hadn’t said a word, but his stare frankly said it all.

“I promised I wouldn’t say anything. It’s not my secret to tell”. I avoided Mac’s glaze, but it followed me as I sat down.

He crossed his arms, “Who’s secret is it then?”.

Playing with my fingers, I swallowed the lump building in my throat. Looking Mac directly in the face so he’d know I was serious. “It’s Y/N’s”.

His face fell. Jack nearly fell off his chair and I hated myself for accidentally spilling something that was told to me in secrecy.

“Y/N? As in the the same Y/N who left Mac 4 years ago with no explanation as to why?”. Jack asked, trying to get things as accurate as possible. I nodded.

A little while later Mac as well as Jack were informed about the real reason why Y/N left, Mac was fuming and urged me to give him the address of where she was staying. Once I did, he stormed out of the Phoenix and left me and Jack to worry.

Normal POV

You had taken the opportunity while Y/S/N was away to tidy up the apartment and to get some work done. A glass of wine, some crackers and a pair of comfortable leggings you were immersed in typing when there was a heavy knock at the door.

Making your way over, the biggest shock stood on the other side.

“Mac!?”. He hadn’t changed, still looked the same even after 4 years. “I-um, come in”. Inviting him inside, this was certainly a surreal moment.

“Just tell me one thing, why? Why in the world would you walk away when we were about to have a family, Y/N?”. His blue eyes didn’t have that shine to them, and instead were replaced with an icy look.

You realized Riley must of told him and in all honestly you couldn’t blame her for doing so. After all it was selfish to ask her to keep that big of a secret.

“I know you’re furious and you have every right to be. But I was scared of how you’d react, Mac. I was absolutely terrified of what it would mean for us, for your job, for you even”. You calmly tired to explain. He scoffed and you were on the verge of tears.

Ruining his perfectly styled hair, Mac shouted. “I deserved to know, Y/N! Instead you made a decision which wasn’t yours only to make and took away my son, all because you assumed I wasn’t going to be there for you, for our child!”.

“I’m sorry!”, sinking into the couch as my head fell in my heads.

Mac observed all the photos around the living room and picked one of the photo frames up. A photo of Y/S/N and you when he was born. He sadly turned to me, “Sorry isn’t going to give me back those 4 years that I missed with my son”.

He placed the frame back and we both sat in silence.

The time on the clock hanging on the kitchen wall displayed 4:00pm, the time that Y/S/N was going to return home. Clearing your throat, nerves were a prominent factor in your voice. “I know I can’t give you back those 4 years that I took and I don’t expect you to forgive me, Mac. And I never should of left. But he should be home any minute, do you want to meet him?”.

Mac stood up. “Of course I want to meet him. What’s his name?”.

Smiling lightly. “It’s Y/S/N”.

Seconds later a small, blonde, blue-eyed child ran in the house running straight into your arms. "Hey, little man. Did you have a fun time?”.

He excitedly shouted yes and then noticed Mac in the room. Your parents, like you, were shocked to see Mac. Saying their quick goodbyes they knew this was a family affair.

Pointing to Mac. “Y/S/N, this is Angus Macgyver but he likes to be called Mac. Can you say hi?”. He adorably waved and Mac broke out in a smile, kneeling down to Y/S/N level. “Hi, buddy”.

Y/S/N with his small hand touched Mac’s cheek, the resemblance was uncanny. It was like he knew that Mac and him had a special connection -  A father and son one to be exact. Y/S/N leaned in and hugged Mac. Watching from the sidelines, this was what you stole from Mac. And seeing it in person, seeing how instantly they connected made the regret that much heavier.

After that emotional introduction, you asked Mac. “Did you want to stay for dinner?”.

Y/S/N was now to busy playing with his toys, but Mac still kept his eyes on him and replied. “Yeah, I’d love too”.

While he went ahead and played with Y/S/N, you begun preparing dinner every often staring towards the two people the were most important to you.

You were wrong, it was a mistake to walk away from Mac. You knew that now. The scene in front of you proved that.

anonymous asked:

Heyyy, so i wanna stan winner/ikon where do you suggest i start? Cause like theres so many stuff... also what song do you recommend? Hope you dont mind answering. Tq!


i’m so happy you will never regret stanning them i promise!

*first of all you need to know that winner and ikon are like a family they loved and supported each other since day 1 (never listen to the winkon antis)

**and please don’t stan Taehyun it will only hurt you

WIN: Who Is Next (2013) (warning: intense show! you will probably cry on every episode) here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)

WINNER TV (2013-2014) (best show 11/10 would recommend URIGA WIIIINER don’t stan Taehyun i said!!!) here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)


The Debut Album: 2014 S/S

first watch the teasers because *cough* winner’s teasers are on whole other level *cough*

Here (x) is the playlist of all their debut album’s teasers,,, truly iconic

The MVS: Empty (x) Color Ring (x) Mino’s Solo I’m Him (x) + a link where you can listen to the whole album (x)

And watch their live performances because they’re amazing!  they became the fastest male group to win on a music show by taking first place on M! Countdown during their debut stage (MONSTER ROOKIES INDEED)

In 2015 they didn’t have a comeback unfortunately but Mino was pretty active because he went to Show Me The Money 4 and he released songs like Okey Dokey featuring Zico (x) and Fear featuring Taeyang (x) (read the lyrics) (Fear  became the show’s most downloaded single with over one million digital sales,,, legends only)

The Comeback: The EXIT MOVEMENT

in 2015 it was announced that the group would be returning from hiatus in 2016, with a ‘comeback series’ with at least 4 project releases: EXIT:E EXIT:X EXIT:I EXIT:T (i don’t want to remember this lie, i cry every night)

watch the teasers because *cough* winner’s teasers are on whole other level, nothing will top winner’s teasers *cough*

WINNER - 2016 PROJECT ‘EXIT MOVEMENT’ TEASER FILM (x) (the most iconic teaser i’ve seen in my whole life i remembered i cried like a bitch that day)

Individual teasers: Mino (x) Taehyun (x) Seunghoon (x) Seungyoon (x) Jinwoo (x) (These teasers are the definiton of art)

The Covers: a number of musical covers of their title tracks were released as promotional teasers featuring Lee hi (x) Taeyang (x) Zion.T (x) Dean (x) AKMU (x) Katie Kim (x) GD (x) EPIK HIGH (x) (truly legendary when will anyone ever)

The MVS: BABY BABY (x) Sentimental (x) Taehyun’s solo I’m Young (x) You can also listen to the whole album here (x

(BEST COMEBACK OF 2016??? but ofc ppl kind of let them flop because ppl don’t appreciate talent smh,,,) a lot of shit happened after that i don’t want to remember it lol, there was no EXIT:E, no comeback, nothing

Taehyun l*ft the group and i still cry about it every night i hope i choke :)

Show Me The Money 3: (2014)

Bobby and B.I competed in the third season of SMTM, B.I was eliminated in the seventh episode while Bobby became the season’s winner (king of rap) listen to their tracks pls: Be I (x) / Go (x) YGGR (x) (warning: you will dab so much that you will break your neck) L4L (x) Bounce (x

MIX AND MATCH (2014) (warning: you will also cry a lot)

here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)


(ikon don’t have mv teasers the fuck,,, I still don’t get it either)

My Type (x) Airplane (x) Rhythm Ta (x) Anthem (x) Apology (x) Dumb&Dumber (x) What’s Wrong? (x) #WYD (x) // you can listen to the whole album here (x)

(They slayed the charts with their songs MONSTER ROOKIES INDEED)

Watch their mv makings they are really funny and watch their live performances because their stage presence is no joke!


A hip-hop sub-unit consisting of Mino and Bobby

Bobby released his solo song (FINALLY) it’s called HOLUP! (x) (don’t dab too much you’ll break your neck!)

Mino released another solo song called Body (x) (full offense and not to be too biased but this was the best song of 2016)

After that they released their collab songs: Full House (x) and Hit Me (x)

FULL OFFENSE BUT THIS WAS THE BEST COLLAB OF 2016 BUT PEOPLE LET THEM FLOP ESPECIALLY THE WINKON ANTIS (those who only support winner or only support ikon,,, i don’t get it tbh how can you like ONE group while hating the other especially after knowing ALL WHAT THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH TOGETHER + THEY LITERALLY CONSIDER THEMSELVES AS BROTHERS THE FUCK)

Additional infos:

Winner’s fandom name: INNERCIRCLE (or incle if you want)

IKON’s fandom name: IKONIC

Bobby, B.i and Mino were featured in EPIK HIGH’s song BORN HATER alongside Beenzino, Verbal Jint (the best hip hop collab consisting of only legends of rap) you can watch it here (x) and Taehyun was featured in EPIK HIGH’s song: Spoiler (x) this song is truly a masterpiece just read the lyrics and try not to cry :’)

Bobby was also featured in MASTA WU’s song Come Here feat dok2 (x)

You can also watch winner’s weekly idol episode (i’m still waiting for ikon’s episode, it’s been 84 years)

Love for a thousand more: Jinwoo and Seungyoon’s web drama // link to the first episode (x)


I’m sure i forgot a lot of things but i hope this will help you! Feel free to ask me anything related to winkon ;))))))

Kaylor: Online Interactions Timeline

I’m not including their likes, but know that they usually like a lot of their pictures (but not all). Note that Taylor has recently been MIA, but Karlie is still active on Instagram and Snapchat. If I missed any posts/updates/replies, please message me.

I linked their posts on the username (on the left). I also included their friends’ posts if they are both in the picture (not all but most). Anyway, here is Kaylor 2012 - 2016 in the media.

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Out from under the dump pile

This is an open letter to everyone who has had their broken heart - one that has healed, or one that is freshly raw.

The timeline of this blog jumps around. While I enjoy telling stories of my past sexploits, I recently had my heart broken. I was dumped because of my ethnicity, and my unwillingness to permanently relocate to his native Eurpean country.

He said he was afraid he was making the biggest mistake of his life, but it still happened. I didn’t see it coming, and was devastated - I felt my best wasn’t good enough.

This is my third failed relationship, and my third breakup in the span of two years. While I’m tempted to say say “What is wrong with me?” and obsess over my failure, I’ve learned a few things about handling breakups.

I present you with my unofficial breakup survival guide.

[1] FRIENDS - You are going to lean on your friends. They will remind you that you are a wonderful person, that you are loved, and if you are lucky enough you will have friends who will come out to where you live to drink tea and cuddle with you.

[2] LEARNING - Make a list of all the things you learned.  You definitely learned some things along the way - from that person, things you would correct for the relationship, things you are looking for. Write them down. The memories that are now painful will be fond ones in the future, and the things you learned will serve you well to look for and use in the next one.

[3] THE PAST - Dwelling on what could have been done differently will not change the past or make you feel better. You live your life the way you choose. Life your truth, and live your life the way you want. There are no do-overs, there are no time machines. Live and love with an open heart.

[4] RESUMING DATING - Do not resume dating immediately after your breakup. This is a terrible idea - you will most likely transfer your emotions for the last person onto the next person. Give yourself time to heal - this is fair to you, your heart, and the new person you meet.

[5] SEX AND DISAPPOINTMENT - Do not treat disappointment with sex. Face your disappointment, acknowledge it has happened, and don’t distract yourself with eye candy. This may be a good short-term solution, but may have long-term side effects that are less than desireable.

[6] PERSPECTIVE - One thing I learned in therapy is that you have complete control over your perspective. Talk to your friends and frame it differently. Rather than saying “I was dumped because I wasn’t Romanian or good enough”, I find myself screaming “I didn’t want to move to Romania or start a family in the next 3 years!” when I start crying.

[7] REFRAME AND RECLAIM - Reframe activities. There was a puzzle my ex and I were working on together. My friend and I finished it together, so rather than it being “the puzzle my ex and I bought together and were working on” it became “the puzzle my friend and I did together”. It seems small but it helps.

Hermione says: “This is one of my favourite points. I remember something that helped me move on from my ex was just do fun things in and around places we used to frequent as a couple. The word I used was “reclaiming” like “I am going to reclaim the Dome!” (and yes, I would announce it like that to friends hahahaha) - basically I was trying to build new happy memories so that if I went to a place or thought of a place, I wasn’t left with an absence of the happy memories I once had with him.”

[8] MEET THE DAY - Do not spent the day in bed wallowing with ice cream. Although this is the most attractive option, and by far the easiest, it’s too easy of a pattern to fall into. Get up, shower, get ready for the day, and go somewhere. Go for a walk. Meet a friend. Pet a puppy at the local shelter. Just get out of the house.

[9] DRESS NICELY - Yes it sounds shallow, but  it will make you feel better if you look good. Look presentable, and care for your body. Wash that hair!

[10] LAUGH - Find reasons to laugh, to smile. Watch funny videos. Get yourself smiling again. Sing in the fucking shower like your life depends on it. Get all the happy feelings kickstarted again.

[11] FORGIVENESS - Bitterness and hate will only hurt you in the long run. It is very easy for me to hate the people who have hurt me, and there is a part of me that wants him to be miserable and regret ending the relationship. Although I’d like to curse them, I must let my partners go with an open heart, and with love and light. I hope they find what they are looking for. I hope they are happy. And I hope I find my happiness one day with someone who deserves me as I am.

[12] DO THINGS - Fill your time! Fill your time with visits to friends, with things to do, with dance-offs to your favourite playlist, with -de cluttering your apartment. All the things you have been putting off are great things to get done to take your mind off of.  Meet up with people and friends you haven’t seen in a long time - this is the perfect time to reconnect. Statistically, when people enter a relationship there are 2 close friends they lose touch with - that’s the price! You replace friends with a new and exciting person you want to spend lots of time with!

[13] CRY - Cry like you will never heal, and get it out of your system. There is no shame in crying. There is no weakness in it. Emotion is beautiful, expression is beautiful.

[14] TALK IT OUT - Talk about it until you’re sick of talking about it. Tell the barista. Tell your mom. Tell your siblings. Tell your best friends. Tell your plants. Tell your neighbour when they ask why you’re blasting Edward Sharpe at 2am while the smell of popcorn permeates the hallway. Get it all out of your system.

[15] ACCEPTANCE - Another person’s inability to invest in you the way you invest in them is NOT YOUR FAULT - this is their loss not yours. You will heal, and you will find someone that can love you as openly and freely as you love them.

[16] LET GO - Let go of your ex. Delete them from facebook. Have a trusted friend pick up your things from their place. Have  friend you trust make them delete compromising photos of you on their phone. The past is in the past - you have a huge future to look forward to.

[17] PRESERVE - Although you might not be ready to look at pictures of your ex right now, you may want them in the future. Deletion is permanent. Email mementos to yourself, or download them and store them in a special “relationships” folder backed up somewhere. You also don’t want future partners obsessing over how many pictures there are of you and your ex looking happy or kissing. There are some apps that manage this for you as well - I recommend looking at KillSwitch, Eternal Sunshine, Ex-Blocker, and Mute Tweets.  

[18] BELIEVE - Know that your life will go on. You will wake up tomorrow. The world is full of beauty waiting for you to discover.

You will heal. You will find love again.  

Broken Promises Epilouge

Summary: you and Nate have a family together.

Warnings: none


“THOMAS OMAHA ALEXANDER MALOLEY! GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW” I scream as I have the whole family in the living room ready for a movie night. But when I go to pull up our downloaded movies there’s a new one. When Nate clicks on it. It’s a fucking sex tape. Of my son. He is only 17 he shouldn’t be doing these things where his family can see.

“What the hell is this?”

“I’m sorry mom It’s just Katy was moving away and she wanted to remember us”

“Jesus Christ. Did you use a condom?” I say concerned.

“Of course mom”

I don’t care if my son has sex. I just want to make sure he’s safe. I was around his age when I had him.

“Alex has a sex tape. We could be like the kardashians.” My youngest child says.

“Michael not now” Nate says.

“Mom I don’t get why you’re mad. We didn’t see anything and he said he’s being safe.” My daughter says.

“Well Isadora I don’t know if you know this, but your father is a very famous rapper. If word gets out that his son has a sex tape all hell will break loose.”

“Calm down y/n. Does Katy have the tape yet?” Nate says trying to figure out a solution.


“Then we will just delete it. Alright. You all delete it. I have to hit the studio album 4 is almost finished.” Nate says grabbing his stuff. That just meant he was going to smoke. We haven’t smoked since the kids. Only at parties. Thomas smokes but he’s not allowed to do it around the younger ones.

“Alright be careful we have church tomorrow” I say giving Nate the “dont be stupid” look.

He kisses all of us goodbye and heads out.

Nates POV

When I get home from a studio sesh with the boys I see everyone cuddled up on the couch. In the middle of the cuddle mess is y/n. I’m so glad I stuck around for our child and children. I remember the day we were married. She had just had Isadora and was so happy with her little family. After the wedding we had one more kid then decided that was enough and we couldn’t handle anymore. And I think John was getting sick of watching my kids so I could have time with y/n.

It’s amazing how well we all got along. Thomas(17) and Isadora(14) weren’t typical teenagers. They were just like their mom. Sweet and understanding. We talked to Thomas about how I wasnt there for the first years of his life and he was kinda mad. At both of us. First he was mad at me for leaving his mom over a dumb tour then he was mad because y/n didn’t ever tell me about him. But now he gets it and he is happy with our family. Him and Izzy are close. She goes to him when a guy hurts her. I’ve had to stop him from fighting a few boyfriends.

Michael, the youngest, looks just like my brother stew. It’s ridiculous. Me and y/n even got into a fight over who’s kid it was. But regardless they all live eachother so much.

But now we are perfect and we’ll always be happy. I’m proud of the family I made even if I wasn’t there for the first years. I still love all I MY kids. And my amazing wife y/n.