where are your chubby cheeks

GOT7 reaction to you after getting your wisdom teeth taken out

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

I love all your work!! Can you do a reaction where you get your wisdom teeth pulled and them reacting to how chubby your cheeks get and how loopy you are (because of the pain killers)?

so much inspiration from this clip. this is such a cute/funny idea i love it! ^_^
Thanks for the request ^_^ i hope you like it :)
~Ahgase Omma


hostly tried to help you, gets you soft food, and ice packs but your just too funny!


finding you too cute and too funny. he watches over you but laughing at every other sentence out of your mouth


making all the healthy things he knows how to make so you get better soon, but also loving your loopiness


taking care of you the only way jinyoung knows how.


nothing you and making sure your ok, he can’t help it you just look super cute when your like this.


just laughing and laughing at you all day long


tries not to laugh, but just can’t help it. 

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chubby-robot  asked:

chubby hcs for all the boys. every blog's gotta have it

Chubby headcanon masterpost, every blog’s gotta have it!


-Ichi may be a good tummy drummer, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen this guy tummy drum. He is an expert. They have almost monthly contests/battle of the bands, usually started by Oso being competitive when Ichi does it.

-So, I’ve mentioned a couple times that I think he’d draw faces on his stomach and like talk to them/for them, I am even more so in support of this when he’s chub.

-You could just use his stomach as a pillow and it’d be ridiculously comfortable, honestly I doubt you’d go back to using a normal pillow ever again. He likes to lay with his arms behind his head, legs crossed, and his s/o’s head on his tum.


-He’d be insecure about it for awhile, but would eventually learn to love it, especially when he gets a s/o and learns he is the world champion at cuddling. Seriously, getting even just a hug from him is like being wrapped in a pillow. A very warm, very sparkly pillow.

-He’d very much like being held in your lap and cuddling up to you, and I know this doesn’t seem like a chubby headcanon, but imagining it with chubby Kara is honestly so much better.

-After he does learn to love it he’d rock it like no other. He’d wear crop tops constantly for sure.

-As probably the most clumsy of the six, I’m sure the extra built in padding of his chub is incredibly useful to him.


-Pretty embarrassed by his chub, he’s really insecure about it. Definitely in need of smooches where all he’s insecure about, which may just mean kissing him head to toe, the poor boy.

-Would probably die if you gave him a raspberry (not the fruit kind)

-He doesn’t usually participate in the Battle of the Tums™, but I’d like to think that if it happens when his s/o is over they will drum his tum for him, and he goes completely red in embarrassment. He’d probably stutter telling them to stop being so childish, and just ramble about how stupid it is because he has no idea how else to react, but he secretly loves it.

-Not really a headcanon, but just. Just take a second and imagine chubby Choro in a Nyaa-chan cosplay. Just imagine.


More Ichimatsu


-Out of all of them, he’s probably the least chub, but don’t you worry, he’s still very soft!

-During snuggles he’s really into just like smooshing his face against yours/your body (where it’s appropriate, that is) and with the chubby cheeks it would be so soft! So squish!

-Kinda related to cheek chub thing, I feel like his smile would be really cute with the chub. His cheeks would be so squeezable and smoochable.

-He’d be so jiggly, like since he’s so bouncy all the time his chub would have intense jiggles.


-He is proud of his chub, I could definitely see him flaunting what he’s got too. He’s gonna wear shorts, skirts, maybe even steal a couple of Kara’s crop tops to wear (though of course, only the flat colored/normal ones).

-Todomatsu puffs out his cheeks when he’s mad, just imagine seeing that when his cheeks are already chub, it’d be super puffy.

-SPEAKING of chubby cheeks, he would use these to his advantage in any way possible. He is fully aware that they are adorable. I bet if he wanted you to do or buy something for him he’d pull the puppy dog eyes and squish his cheeks, and it is absolutely impossible to say no to that face, goddammit.