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It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”

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How Wanna One Would Confess

A/N: I have my most important exam coming up and instead I’m sat writing for you, you’re welcome (jk). I got several requests for confessions, so I thought I’d just do all the members in a blurb – I hope that’s okay!


Okay, so I feel like Jisung is the type who would straight up tell you that he likes you. Not in a neutral way, but one time when you were hanging out together. You’d be in a café together and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling while looking at you, so you would ask him what he’s looking at. He would answer something like “you, because you’re cute” and after you thanked him for the compliment he would add “you know that I really like you, right?” and I swear to good he would seem so nonchalant about it, but on the inside his heart is beating faster than the speed of light until you tell him that you like him back.

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Sungwoon would be a bit more shy about a confession, even though he’d like to be all smooth about it. I think he would be really shy about the person he liked and probably ramble a lot and shallow half his words because he’s just in a daze when being with you. If you look extra good one day or if you’re being extra sweet to him then he would get really flustered and you’d ask him: “Is everything alright?” And his answer would be something like: “Yes, no – I don’t know, you make me nervous.” And then you’d be like ‘oh’ because you understand what he means and then have to save him from being such a mess.

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I don’t think Minhyun would be very nervous about a confession. Well, of course his pulse would be a bit higher than usual, but I don’t think he would really confess unless he was quite sure that you liked him back. If you’ve planned to do something together one day, he’ll show up at your place with a bouquet of flowers and tell you then. “Are these for me?” You’d ask and he would just answer with a simple: “Mhm, who else would I give flowers to?” And then he would probably do something really smooth like kiss your cheek or something and that would be his entire confession.

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Seongwoo would be a bit extra about the whole thing. If you’ve watched Produce 101 then you know about his playful, cocky image, which he would bring into a potential love life. The way he would confess would be to try to get you to confess first, by observing your reactions to any skinship he does and things he tells you. If he tells you that you look pretty one day and your reaction is to get shy, he’ll go in for the kill and say something like: “Are you that affected by compliments or is it just because they’re coming from me?” Followed up by cutting you off with: “It’s okay, I get like that if you call me handsome too.”

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Daniel’s confessions would be the sweetest and most cheesy things. I think he would probably confess without even realising it, it could be over text message or over the phone. You would kind of already know he likes you by the way he says he misses you or all the hearts he texts you, but the real confession would occur if you’re lying on the couch at your place and watching a movie. He’s the type to want to pull you on top of him for you to get comfy if you’re sleepy. He would then stroke your hair and then say: “I like this.” And pause for a while before saying: “I like us.”

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Would 100% be super cheesy and sing his confession to you. Not really grand, like on a stage while you’re in the crowd, but more like sitting you down and taking his guitar to show you a new song he learned. After singing, he would say it made him think of you and smile like an idiot. This is where you should come in and tell him that you also thought of him while listening or saying that it made you very happy so you can live happily ever after. Okay, scratch that last part, just kiss him or something.  

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To many people Jihoon may seem like a type of tsundere, but I think he really shows it when he likes being with someone. He shows he likes someone by clinging onto them or talking to them a lot. He’ll know himself how obvious his crush on you is and just assume he doesn’t have to say it straight to you. His friends would probably comment on how he likes you so much and ask you why you aren’t together yet, but you would just answer that it hasn’t really been brought up yet. After he finds out about this conversation, he’ll go straight to you and say: “If I knew I just had to ask if you wanted to go out with me to get to date you then I would have done it ages ago.” And boom, you’re dating.

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Okay, but, if you saw the show then you know he’s such an awkward little bean. He opens up so well after a while though, so how comfortable he is depends on how well he knows you. I imagine him being friends with the person he’s confession to first and trying to leave subtle hints here and there. The thing is, they would be too subtle to notice, it would be things like just brushing his hand against yours carefully or giving you a compliment about your hair or outfit or anything here and there. After a while he might be frustrated and just ask to talk to you alone. Then he would straight up utter the words: “I like you” just like that and wait for your reaction. If you’re anything like him, the answer might just be: I like you too.” And YAY, feelings conveyed.

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This boy would be so nervous to confess your feelings to you, mostly because he would be worried about your reaction to it. He would probably have to admire you from afar (in a non-creepy way, just some looks and eye-contact at times) before speaking to you more and more and getting to know you. When he actually gets to telling you that he likes you, it would go something like: “Uhm, I was just wondering if yiu, maybe, would like, possibly, want to go out with me? Only if you want to of course!” And he’d be all shy and scratch the back of his head while doing so.

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Would 100% absolutely and totally confess by accident. You could be out walking together, probably after buying some food or just walk to get some air or something. You would say something really dumb, either it being a bad pun or a silly question and he’d just go: “Oh my god why do I like you again?” And you’re like: “Uhm, you never said you liked me.” And then he’s like oh shit this didn’t go as planned, but he’d try to get himself back awkwardly and cover it up and pretend he totally meant to do it. Lastly, he would just hope for the best and that you like him back.

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I feel like Guanlin’s confession would be the most normal one. He would be a bit quiet and lowkey about liking you, but at the same time he’d smile and laugh at a lot of the things you say and just feel really at ease being around you. When he’s comfortable enough he would ask you if you liked him, rather than telling you he liked you. That would mostly be because it’s less nerve-wracking. If you said yes, he would smile really brightly and go: “Good, cause I also like you a lot.”

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You know you’re in faaaaaaaaar too deep when you have made a long-ass to-do-list with doodle shitpost ideas, and notes for four different AUs…
This is one of them and I have no fucking idea how to give it a happy ending, but let’s pretend it was just the members of our orchestra being their nerdy selves and musical jokes and everything is cute and nothing hurts…
…Whoops, fail.

The ominous mystery tune is the violin solo in Seventh Wonder’s King of Whitewater :)
And this scene actually deserves far better than quick cel shading blotched on the sketch, but here we are. This is sooo not finished, but I have so many more doodle shitpost WIPs and even more ideas, so I should move on (also clean lineart of musical instruments would be a pain in the ass, so there’s that)

Brain: you could do it in watercolour, it would look 300% better and pretty glorious :)
Me: did I ask for your opinion

I don’t remember falling in love with you. I just remember wanting to keep holding onto you when I knew it was time to let go.
—  just stay with me a minute and I swear I’ll make it worth it (via @sleepingwithbieberr)
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“’Ever since the moment she fell from the sky, that angel has belonged to me, and I always take what is mine.’”


Park Chanyeol X Reader [Fantasy/Thriller/Vampire!AU] 


“You weren’t afraid to passionately talk about what you loved. You would break out of your introverted shell just long enough to preach about how overpriced the french fries were, before returning back into it.”

“Hey, that was warranted,” You crossed your arms and looked straight ahead in contempt, “They cost nearly twenty bucks!”

“…It was cute.”


Kim Junmyeon X Reader [Fluff/College!AU]

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 (Final) 

“‘I said get down!’” The shout was all too clear this time, as you noticed a tiny red spec flickering on your collarbone. Before your reflexes had the second needed to react, you felt the force of a car slam into your gut, sending you crashing to the ground with the weight of another body on top of you.

Not a millisecond later, another plink had sounded through the glass, as a bullet whizzed in the trajectory following directly where you had been standing.

“‘You idiot!’”

The Courier had pushed you. And now he was looking at you directly in the eye.

His eyes


Zhang Yixing X Reader [Action/Mystery/Assassin!AU]

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2Chapter 3

“‘You belong to me now.’” Your breathing halted as his emotionless, honeyed voice reached your ears. “And I trust you know what that means…”

Of course you knew what that meant.

You were now the property of one of the Coven.

And your life from this point forward was going to be a hellish nightmare.


Kim Jongdae X Reader [Thriller/Vampire!AU] - Teaser

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 |

His brothers had told him that finding your mate was like finding a scent that sends you into a state of pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Personally, he had hoped that for him, that scent was of lemongrass and french vanilla.


Kim Jongdae X Reader [Mystery/Wolf!AU]

Part One | Part Two | Epilogue

>2,000 Words

You could’ve met under better circumstances. Under much better circumstances.

But, there you were, drunk beyond all comprehension and non-coherently sprawled out on some frat boy’s mattress. And, if it wasn’t for Byun Baekhyun, you would have been much worse off than simply having a nasty hangover. You had to close your eyes as tears began to fall and think back to where this started.


Byun Baekhyun X Reader [Fluff/College!AU]

And there it was. The confirmation of your worst fears. Despite the benefit of the doubt that you had incessantly given him. Despite the countless times he had professed his undying dedication to your relationship. Despite four years of unexplainable happiness together.


Kim Jongin X Reader [Angst/Fluff/CEO!AU]

“Well,” Finally, he composed himself. “Good job getting away from that bastard. After all, you’re your own silver lining”

“My own… What?”

“Y’know, a silver lining.” Sehun turned to you and smiled. “A sense of hope. A formidable destiny that cannot be taken away from you. Something that has no right to be stolen.”


Oh Sehun X Reader [Fluff/Royalty!AU]

He could do this.

The girl slid down the wall as he began to walk towards her, crumpling into a heap with no escape. Baekhyun felt the foreign burning sensation at his gums, allowing his canines to lengthen as he crouched down beside her.

He could do this.

“Please-” The girl choked. “P-Please don’t.”

Baekhyun looked up to meet your eyes, almost immediately regretting doing so. Her eyes were so full of hope, of innocence, of life. His, on the other hand, showed who… No, what he was. What he had been turned into just a few weeks ago. What he was forced to become.

A monster.

The others had accepted their rank as creatures of the night. They had years, if not centuries of time to come to terms with their own violent, merciless ways.

Not him.

Looking at her, trembling there, he knew there was no other option.

He couldn’t do this.


Byun Baekhyun X Reader [Angst/Thriller/Vampire!AU]

<2,000 Words


Scaredy Cat

Snuggles, Cuddles & Pouts

No Puns On Halloween

You Lost The Baby?

I’ll Protect You (Mafia!AU - Violence + Language)

How Drunk Was I, Exactly? 

Caught In The Act 

Girl’s Love A Guy Who’s Good With Kids


Don’t Get Blood On The Carpet

Period Cramps

As You Wish (CEO!AU)


Welcome To Fatherhood

My Guardian Angel (Demon!AU)


Let Me See Your Smile


Rest Your Weary Eyes 

The Pink Slip


You’re Perfect


EXO x Rain Aesthetic - | D.O | Chanyeol | Xiumin | Chen | Suho | Kai | Baekhyun | Lay | Sehun |


SONGS - | White Noise | She’s Dreaming |


[Headcanon Dates]

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Jongin: | Formal Dinner Date |

Chanyeol: | Date In The Studio |

Xiumin: | Walking The Dog

Luhan: | Amusement Park | Haunted House | High School Library |

Yixing: | Shopping Together | City Night Out | Christmastime

Kris: | The Wedding |


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Of Lemongrass And French Vanilla [Epilogue]

Protected [3]

The Coven [2]

The Coven: Black Silk

The Host Club (OHSHC!AU)

Devil’s Advocate [15]

She’s Dreaming [RPG!AU]

*Title Pending* (Historic Royalty!AU)

“I will never forget
I will make you happy
like the ‘we are one’ that I’ve told you.”

                     -EXO, Promise

  • Emma: We have no idea where Hook is!
  • Henry: Yeah we do. He's in Neverland.
  • Emma: It's hopeless. We'll never find him.
  • Henry: Guys, he's obviously in Neverland. Where else would a semi-sentient shadow come from?
  • Snow: Here. Take this magical pixie dust and save him. Hook needs it more than us.
  • Henry: No he doesn't. We know where he is. Also, don't you have an infant to look after?
  • Emma: If it's the only way, I guess I have no choice.
  • Henry: Yeah, you guys can call me when you're done being dramatic for no reason. I'll be in my room.
The Arrangement: Part 2

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 2

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 2421

Warnings: Language, drinking, angst

Author’s Notes:  This is part two of a multi-part series. Read Part 1 here. Shifts between multiple points of view.

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Prompt: Hey can you write something fluffy with Bucky? His fiancé is starting to have doubts about things between them cause she’s just a normal girl that works in retail? She thinks he deserves better like Natasha or a shield agent. But he reassures her and gets Natasha’s help doing something cute for her?

Word count: 2975

A/N: Fluffy relationship Bucky is my favorite Bucky xx I’m hoping to get more up soon!!

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You’d met Bucky a year ago in the small cafe you worked in, the same one you’d worked at since you were sixteen and you had no reason not to love your job. You loved talking to the regulars, people whose orders you had memorized and had ready the second they walked in. You loved meeting people from all walks of life; wealthy business owners constantly on the phone debating their next deal, tired mothers who just needed a caffeine fix to get through the day, broke college students looking for a cheap food option between the expensive restaurants that New York city offered. 

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Mind Trap Chapter 3: Triste

Hehe… hi. Ready for langst? I’m not and I’m one the writing it.

Prev Chapter: https://sailormew4.tumblr.com/post/166032896046/mind-trap-chapter-2-alegre-you-guys-are-literally

Next Chapter: https://sailormew4.tumblr.com/post/166071138376/mind-trap-chapter-4-seguro-and-mixed-emotions

Chapter Summary: Paladins find out some things about Lance and they really wished they didn’t.


“I can’t believe he ditched us! In his own mind!” yells Keith annoyed as they pace around the dorm. Everyone is wondering how they got in as Hunk looks around the room itself as Keith turns to him. “And what are you even looking for!”

Hunk makes a noise of achievement as he looks under the bed as he says, “This is mine and Lance’s old dorm in the Garrison.”

“Is this Garrison always so… grey?” asks Allura as she looks around.

Keith looks at room as she’s right. Unlike the Varadero Beach area where it was vibrant and bright this dorm looks practically dead with the only colours being shades of grey.

“Man, the Garrison could be a pain but it was never this depressing,” comments Pidge as she looks at photos in the dorm room as she notices all the pictures that supposed to have Lance his face was ripped, crossed, or cut out.

Suddenly the door opens as a solemn looking Lance came in. He gasps in shock at the sight of them.

Keith felt two emotions. Relief that Lance was here but a stronger emotion powered by the relief of annoyance as he yells, “Where were you! Flirting! Changing clothes! Don’t you ditch is your own mind idiot!”

Keith wholeheartedly thought that Lance would argue but instead Lance looks like a scared bunny with tears in his eyes as he clenches his hoodie like he wants to disappear with tears filling his eyes. Keith’s anger quickly fades as he says trying to reach out to touch him, “Whoa. Easy. I didn’t mean it. Please don’t-”

Lance cringes away from his touch as Keith frowns as Shiro asks, “Hey, Lance do you know where the ‘bad thing’ is?”

Lance nods worriedly as Shiro then asks, “Can you take us?”

Lance bites his lip as he nods scaredy as his voice is quiet and insecure as he explains, “You have to go through this version of the Garrison to find the exit. I can show you the way, but when we reach the end, you won’t like me anymore.”

Lance then looks at Keith as he adds quietly hoping they won’t hear him, “He already doesn’t like me.”

Keith looks at Lance in shock as he argues, “Come on. That’s not…”

He’s cut off as Lance is already leading them out of the dorm. The Paladins look in a mix of irritation and concern as Pidge comments, “Gee, moody much?”

“He’s like a whole different person,” agrees Allura as they follow through the hallways.

Hunk rushes to the front as it seems like Lance is speedwalking as he asks, “So, can you tell us what the 'bad thing’ is?”

Lance freezes as he hides his face his hoodie as he answers, “It’s all my fault…. it’s always my fault. I’m sorry I dragged you into this. A Paladin is supposed to protect their teammates not put them in more danger… I understand if you don’t want me to be a part of Voltron anymore..,” starts Lance as everyone looks at him shocked.

“You have a much better Blue Paladin with Allura.” Allura looks at with wide eyes wondering what gave him that idea.

“And Red misses Keith who’s perfect.” Keith looks kinda offended he’s going through this conversation again.

“And Shiro is obviously meant to be the Black Paladin,” rants Lance with a sad frown, not seeing the disappointed look from Shiro but it wasn’t directed at him, before his eyes go wide as he looks at Keith. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to make it sound like you were a bad leader! You’re not! You’re amazing!”

Lance quickly turns away and practically runs away as the Paladins stare in shock at his confession. Keith then remembers that conversation when Kuron first came though before he voiced his opinion Hunk comments sadly, “Oh, Lance not again.”

“Again?! What do you mean 'again’?!” demands Pidge as tears are threatening to come out.

“Lance has uh…” starts Hunk as he looks to see if Lance is not in hearing range. “Self-esteem issues.”

Him? Why don’t I believe you?” asks Pidge with a skeptic look.

Hunk shrugs as they catch up they see old score boards with Lance in bright red contrasting to the grey area with his name always under one name. Keith Kogane.

Lance sees that fallen behind as he apologizes, “Sorry! I thought you were right behind me!”

They make noises of they accept their apology but Lance then begins to have a stream of apologies as he starts, “Sorry again. I’m such an idiot. No wonder Blue left me. And seriously I’m sorry about all the times I made fun of you guys like Keith-”

Keith makes a noise of discomfort worried that this was going to be a long walk to the exit.


As they walked they have a mixture of concern and annoyance on their face as Lance apologizes, “And…remember the time I called Keith Mullet? I’m sorry for that too. Then that time I made Allura mad when I flirted that too. Then all those times I took your headphones Pidge, sorry. And also the-”

Keith groans as he says, “And for the hundredth, millionth time…”

“We forgive you!” yells Keith along with the others as he’s been doing this for the entire time.

Lance flinches at the yell as they stop in front of the entrance to enter the Flight Simulator as he says quietly, “Here’s the exit.”

“This? But it’s a dead end?” asks Pidge knowing there’s only one door.

“I’m sorry-,” apologizes Lance as he shrinks into his hoodie even more when they groan after he’s excessive amount of apologies. “But this is it. Just do the simulator and you’ll find the exit.”

After entering the flight simulator they all sit around as the seat belts on their own forces the Paladins to sit as Lance murmurs, “Sorry about what you’re going you see. I did tell you that you wouldn’t like me when we got here.”

Keith turns around to ask him what was going on, but Lance is gone… again.

Keith is at the helm as he turns it on. Everyone makes a noise of shock when it moves but that’s when the memories start appearing and oh how Keith wishes they were jumbled like the pool instead of one at a time.

Hunk looks away at a memory of Lance being scolded at the Garrison by Iverson saying how he still would be a cargo pilot if Keith didn’t wash out.

Pidge closes her eyes as he ignores her own voice saying her doubts about him being a sharpshooter.

Allura tears up at the sight of Lance practically begging for Blue to open up to him.

Shiro clenches his fist as he sees Lance trying to connect with Black as he can hear the quiet comment about him being in there for half a varga.

All these moments clawed at Keith… was Lance always this depressed? He hears comments he never wants to hear again. From saying how Lance was a bad pilot from Iverson, missing Earth, how he wasn’t needed.

Though the one he never wants to hear again was this personal memory where Lance was alone with the Yupper, “And I thought I was the team’s sharpshooter, but I guess no one else thinks that. Maybe I don’t have a thing…..You don’t have to agree with me so quickly. They wouldn’t keep me on the team if I didn’t contribute in some way, would they?…Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m just a fifth wheel. Seventh if you count Coran and Allura. That’s a horrible wheel to be.”

When the simulation ended there was no dry eye in it. Hunk comments with a slight voice crack, “Can we leave please?”

Keith nods as they get out but they gasp from either annoyance or shock as it wasn’t the Iverson it was an alien planet though the bigger problem wasn’t the where but the what that was coming straight towards them!

being a member of the pack | teen wolf

- growing up with Scott & Stiles

- having loads of old photos with the boys that you look back on laughing.

- helping stiles investigate Scott’s ‘condition’. - being the first one besides Stiles to find out that Scott was a werewolf.

- being afraid of Derek after what the boys have told you but you find out that under all the tough wolf exterior there’s a little puppy.

- helping Lydia with her visions & her banshee abilities

- being best friends with Allison & Lydia once you’ve spent load of time with them

- sleepovers with the girls

- Lydia doing your makeup & helping you pick out outfits for school

- her also being blunt and t the point telling you that you can’t wear flannel and denim to school

- being there for Allison as she goes through the heartbreak of breaking up with Scott.

- slapping Scott for being an idiot

- watching all of the boys lacrosse games no matter what.

- cheering extra loud when Stiles scored

- regular visits to the hospital to examine dead bodies or enlist in mama McCalls help.

- learning how to drive with the girls

- being there when Allison dies

- the depression of losing your bestfriend

- movie nights at Stiles watching Star Wars

- rides to school in Stiles jeep

- constantly being late because his jeep keeps breaking down

- thinking Isaac was totally hot when he arrived becon hills

- Lydia tutoring you because she practically a child prodigy

- stiles understanding your sarcastic humour

- always patching up the boys and yelling at the for not telling you where they were going/doing

- “you could’ve got yourself killed! you idiots”

- “i swear to god stiles if your car breaks down one more time im walking the rest of the way”

- “i will never abandon this jeep”

- eating curly fries in Stiles car whilst listening to the police scanners

- being there for Stiles as he copes with post void stiles

- helping Lydia through Aiden’s death

- going on rides with Scott on his new motorbike

- constantly skipping school graduating with lydia stiles and scott

- morning all your lost friends and being happy that your still human and alive.

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More Wit

Remus: Oh Merlin…

Sirius: I heard it the other day and thought of you. You ready?

Remus: Go on then… 

Sirius clears his throat, turning his wand around and using it as a prop microphone, Remus rolls his eyes

Sirius: Girl I was it, look past the sweat, a better love deserving of exchanging body heat in the passenger seat

Remus: Come here, you tool

((OOC: Song is Lying is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking her Clothes Off by Panic! At The Disco))