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Ey, <3 your blog! A scenario of Tsuna's ex accidentally meeting them on a mission? s/o just killed their target and when Tsu learned who it was he tried to stop her but she escapes. Kudos to you!


It was your biggest mission since you broke up with the Vongola Decimo. You worked as an assassin for the Millifiore family and Don Gesso had only allowed you to see the Decimo if you agreed to be the official liaison instead of an assassin between the two families. However, since then you had decided to step down from that position to avoid any awkward encounters with your ex, and had gone back to your life of killing.

The details of the mission were simple - infiltrate the rival family as a staff member, learn the favorite food of the boss, poison, and then bail. It was pretty simple and clean cut. You had already gained the trust of your coworkers because let’s face it - your cassata was the fucking bomb. The boss had eaten enough of it that he’s specifically asked for it when other bosses come for dinner to impress them.

If things had gone differently, you think you would have become a pastry chef than an assassin. But things didn’t and now here you are, poisoning your beautiful work of art just to finish the job. You had been undercover for almost a year, sneaking around the base during your breaks to leak information back to the Millifiore.

Tonight was a dinner with several bosses participating to celebrate the success of some other man. Your target was someone the alliance wanted dead but could not do so without angering others. It would have started a war but there were more details to it that you didn’t really care about. All you cared about was that the evidence was placed to frame a different family for the alliance to attack before splitting the target’s assets among each other.

Each of the bosses coming that night had taken the antidote for the poison you were serving. It was a precaution in case the wrong slice of the cassata was served and the poisoned fruit was not given to the target. The alliance didn’t know who was in charge of the assassination, there was a blind selection done to protect the one to give the hit.

So there you were, personally delivering the cassata to your target to cut and to serve. You stood there with pride at your creation and the future job well done when you realized you forgot one little detail.

The Vongola was part of the alliance.

That meant Don Vongola was at this dinner, sitting at the table you were serving and standing in front of.

The same Don Vongola you had made the same dessert for his mother’s birthday party.

Oh shit

You watched as the realization in his eyes became present at the first bite of the cassata, his head swerving to see you next to your target. Inwardly, you cursed the recipe you used and refused to change. Pride had lead to the discovery of your identity. Soon you saw Don Cavallone and Don Shimon look at you as well, they were also at your ex-boyfriend’s mother’s birthday party where you were introduced.

Those men were smart enough to see through your dyed hair and colored contacts. Don Vongola had just started to get up, obviously to make his way towards you when your target began to choke and foam at the mouth before flopping back onto his chair unmoving.

It was a quick acting poison, specially made by the Millifiore scientists for this mission.

Everything went into chaos. The staff began to scream as the other bosses sprang into action to build an alibi for themselves. You could see Don Gesso continue to eat the cassata with glee, uncaring of the mess and loudness around him. At least someone was enjoying your work.

A flash of brown to your left and then a set of amber eyes stared into you, Don Vongola in front of you. He had grabbed your wrist, searching in your eyes for something. “It is you,” he breathed out, wonder lacing his voice.

You panicked and roughly shoved him away to fumble for your pockets. Grabbing the smoke bomb, you threw it onto the ground and dove under the table to quickly crawl to the other side of the room. You could hear your ex-boyfriend telling you to stop, to wait but never by your name.

Once on the other side of the table, you unleashed another smoke bomb to hide your escape through the open balcony and down to the ground floor. The motorcycle you placed there the night before was still waiting for you, the quiet engine letting you get away easily.

It wasn’t until the next day later when you got two texts on your disposable phone. The first was from a number you recognized as from Don Gesso. He had complimented you on the cassata, asking for you to make it on your return to base. The other text was from an unknown number asking to meet up to talk. You knew exactly who it was from without reading the information of the meeting place as the restaurant you two went for your first date.