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Yours to Hold

Jughead x Reader

Jughead is dating Betty,  and the reader is doing everything in their power to make sure that he doesn’t find out they like him. Based on the requested song: Yours to Hold by Skillet.

Warnings: Swearing (like one, again.)

Word Count: 2,240

A/N: This kind of took on a mind of it’s own as I kept writing. I had an idea for this being like super sad but like I never want Jug to be hurt ever so I let my hands write while my mind wandered. I was also thinking about doing a literal interpretation of the lyrics, but I wasn’t feeling that either. This felt right, i guess? It’s more metaphorical. I hope it’s still okay!

i see you standing here

but you’re so far away

starving for your attention

you don’t even know my name

Betty and Jughead had been an official couple for two months. Two months you had to push down your feelings you’ve had for him since grade nine. Two months you couldn’t walk down the hall without trying to avoid eye contact with both of them. Two months of your heart breaking over and over, every time you saw him climb to her window from your house across the street. You never pegged yourself for the girl next door, but here you were anyway. Although you were pretty sure that this time you wouldn’t be getting the guy.  It tore you up inside, always being the one that likes but isn’t liked back. It’s not like you and Jughead were close, you reasoned with yourself, so it’s not like he would’ve known, but you were good enough acquaintances to nod to each other in the hallway or share glances in the classroom when the teacher said something stupid.

You mainly knew Jughead and Betty and Archie through Veronica, your closest friend since she moved here at the end of last summer. You guys were a perfect fit, she needed someone spill her secrets to and you were someone who wouldn’t tell a soul. Who would you have to tell, anyway? The most social interaction you had was when you went to art club, but even then you kept to yourself and your drawings. Your drawings couldn’t hurt you.

What did hurt you, though, is that sometimes, on the best occasion, Jughead would come to you. Well, he would come sit beside you. You would draw in Pop’s diner late at night when you didn’t feel any inspiration from the school studio, so he would come and sit across from you with his laptop to write. It only happened once or twice, but every time it did your stomach started to turn and you couldn’t help but smile as your pencil hit the paper. It only hurt because it didn’t happen every day.

You were at your locker, going through the motions until you could go to the art room at the end of the day, and you were about to get books for your next class when Ronnie saunters up beside you.

“Hey girl, you hear the news?” she asks, her books wrapped in her arms, her bag slung over her shoulder in a way that only she could make fashionable.

“What?” you ask, exchanging the books in your hand for the ones on the top shelf. You grab your sketchbook, secretly filled with drawings and pictures taken of Ronnie’s gang, random kids in the hall, and Jughead. An overwhelmingly abundance of Jughead. You like to observe just like him, you just draw what you see instead of writing it. This sketch book was your version of his novel, which of course you heard about from Ronnie who heard it from Betty.

You probably knew more than you should about them, but whenever Ronnie started talking about them,  you didn’t stop her.

“The stuff about Polly!” she smirks, knowing that she’s just egging you on.

“Polly? Betty’s sister? Why would I care about her?” you ask, closing your locker, your face scrunching up just a bit, books in hand.

“Betty told me that there’s rough water in loveland.” she says, motioning for you to walk with her down the hall.

“Really?” you try to sound disinterested, but you couldn’t help yourself.

“Mhmmmm. Betty has been so focused on her sister, and so now Jug has been cancelling plans, not showing up on time…” she trails off, looking over at you as she flips her hair over her shoulders.

“That must be… rough.” you say, unsure of how to respond.

“It’s your chance! I’ve been talking you up to all of them, I think you should make a real effort to get to know them.” she urges, turning to you and putting a hand on your arm. You were at your next class, her class just the next door down.

“You know what happened last time.” you remind her, remembering what happened when she tried to introduce you the last time. You could barely get two words out to any of them, fumbling over sentences and stuttering over the simplest of words. They all laughed it off, but there was definitely an awkward feel hanging in the air, and Jughead didn’t even look up from his laptop.

“I think you’re ready, you’re basically my best friend now, so they have to accept you. And beside, it’s my chance too.” she says, referencing her small crush on Betty as she blows a kiss and walks to her class. You sigh and roll your eyes, hoping that maybe this time she was right. Maybe this time you wouldn’t be the invisible girl in the corner, doodling in her notebook.

you’re going through so much

don’t you know that I could be the one to hold you?

It was movie night at Ronnie’s house. You were in your pajamas, which were just short shorts and a baggy t-shirt, ready to settle in to watch whatever she picked, since it was her turn.

“Did you hear?” she asks, walking in with the popcorn.

“What?” you ask, looking her up and down.

“Jug broke up with Betty.” she says, sitting down and crossing her legs.

“No, no way he would ever do that.” you say, shaking your head. That’s impossible, Jughead was head over heals for her just like you were for him, only difference is that he made his feelings public.

“He did. Betty told me that the reason he gave her was because there was someone else.” she smirks.

“No way, who?” you ask, wondering if it was maybe Josie, or even Ronnie herself.

The doorbell rings before she has a chance to answer.

“Be right back.” she says, setting the popcorn down and raising her eyebrows as she goes to the door.

A few minutes later she comes back with Archie and Jughead.

Your eyes grow wide as you stare down Veronica.
“I thought my boys could join us.” she says nonchalantly, shrugging her shoulders as she sits down to the left of you.

Archie takes a seat next to Veronica, leaving the only spot open on the right, so of course that’s where Jug sits.

You try to give him a smile without completely embarrassing yourself, and you think you see a smile as he gives you a nod of his head, his eyes lifting to look at the screen.

“Choice of movie?” you ask Ronnie, breaking the tension that had probably only been building in your mind.

“I thought we could let them decide, since they’re new members to movie night.” she says with a smile, looking from Archie to Jughead.

“I don’t know Veronica, I think whatever you pick is probably good enough.” Archie chimes in, pulling his sleeves down as he crosses his arms. It was clear that if Archie didn’t have a crush, he definitely didn’t want to get on Ronnie’s bad side.

“Alright, Titanic it is.” she says with a small laugh, getting up to put in the movie. She then dims the lights and plops right down next to you, giving you a wink as she does.

The movie begins and you sigh in relief. There’s no more talking for at least the next three hours. You lean into the back of the sofa, ready to enjoy the movie when Jughead brushes your shoulder with his. You stiffen. Was that on purpose?

You take a deep breath and begin to relax a little. Just as you do though, Jughead puts his arm around the back of the couch, inches away from your neck.

You glance at Ronnie, wondering if she’s seeing any of this. The smirk on her face says it all. The movie isn’t even 15 minutes in and you can’t seem to stand it anymore. You get up and mumble something about getting a drink, going to her kitchen to get yourself a glass of water. You take a deep breath.

You turn around and run straight into Jughead, spilling water not only all over yourself, but all over him too.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” you manage to get out, scrambling to find where Ronnie keeps her paper towels or washcloths, or anything.

“Don’t worry about it, it fits the theme.” he says, gesturing back towards the screen. You can’t help but chuckle at the comment. Sometimes you forget how funny Jughead can be.

“Yeah I guess so. ‘I’ll never let go, Jack.’” you mimic the movie in a high pitch voice, but still low enough to not disturb your friends in the other room.

“Do you wanna get out of here? I mean Titanic is great and all, but I do not want to be here when they start making out.” he scoffs.

“Who? Rose and Jack?” you question, a look of confusion on your face. You didn’t think that part was so bad.

“No, Archie and Veronica.” he corrects, a smirk playing on his lips, “dinner at Pop’s? You’re buying. It’ll make up for the water damages.”

You turn to notice that Archie has his hand on the back of the couch over Veronica, just like Jughead did with you.

He turns and walks away without another word, going out to his car, you guessed. Only then did you start to panic. Did Jughead Jones just ask you out? Was this backwards upside down reverse april fools day or something?

You grab your backpack and head for the door, only then realizing that you’re still in pajamas. You shake your head at the thought, this wasn’t a date. This was just his lame attempt at finding an excuse to get out of movie night. This would be just like the other times, where you would sit in silence.

you will see someday

that all along the way

i was yours to hold

Sitting in Pop’s on a late Friday night was like a low-key therapy session. You just hoped Ronnie wouldn’t be too mad that you left without telling her, but she seemed preoccupied and you were pretty sure she would understand.

Jughead ordered a burger and a milkshake while you just had a water. You couldn’t risk any food stains getting in your sketchbook.

You pulled out the one you always carried around in your backpack, opening to a blank page before setting it out on the table where he could see. Unlike the last few times, though, he doesn’t pull out his laptop. He doesn’t even have his bag with him.

“No novel tonight?” you question.

He shakes his head as you pull out a pencil. He might not have his novel but you sure as hell weren’t giving up your drawing.

The first pencil stroke to the page and it’s like your hand knew automatically what to do. It went directly to the curves in his hair, the lines on his face. You were just hoping he was too focused on his food to notice.

“I’m sorry about Betty.” you say under your breath, just trying to make conversation.

“Don’t be. I realized I only liked her because she was filling a void.” he states, stirring his straw in his shake. He was trying to be poetic, you could tell.

“Void?” you ask.

“I’ve had a crush on this girl since about grade eight, been real quiet about it, not even Arch knows. We haven’t had many conversations, she seems distant, nose always in a book. I just started hanging out with her more and more recently, though, so I’m hoping I at least get a date.” he explains, hope in his eyes that you don’t see. You’re too focused on the details of his beanie.

“That’s a real quick rebound.” you say, not really paying attention.

“Not if they’ve always been there.” he says. That gets your attention, and your eyes lock with his. Was he talking about you? He couldn’t be, there was no way.

You’re too caught up in your own thoughts you don’t even realize that he’s snatched your sketchbook right from under you.

“Don’t-” you say, a little too late. He’s already looking, and that one page leads to him flipping through all of them. Page after page of his beanie, his hair, his jawline. You probably knew his features better than anyone out there.

“Wow, you really did draw me like one of the french girls.” he remarks, a huge smile on his face. You liked his smile, very much so.

He meets your gaze and sets the book down. There’s something between you, something that wasn’t there before. It was the start of something, just what it was you didn’t know yet, but it was exciting, thrilling, and it made your stomach turn into knots and your heart flutter in your chest.

“I’ve always been there, Jug.” you say, finally letting it out.

“I know,” he says, leaning closer across the table, “and I’m mad at myself for taking so long to realize it.”

Closer and closer still, you close your eyes and try to brace yourself for what’s going to be the most thrilling ride of your life. Sink or swim, this ship was one you wanted to be on.   

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The Birds and the Bees (Jughead x Reader)

Imagine: You’re hopelessly in love with your boyfriend, Jughead Jones. When the subject of physical intimacy comes up one day with your best friends, you find yourself afraid and in doubt.

Saturdays were one of your favorite days of the week.

Veronica would pull up in her luxury car and take you and Betty to the Galleria outside of town. You both would follow her around as she surveyed the newest imports and replenished her gorgeous wardrobe, talking and laughing the whole time. The wares of the Galleria were far above anything you could ever afford with your minimum-wage income, but you adored the two girls you would spend the day with.

Veronica always had the best gossip. Mostly passed along from Kevin, who refused to join (”I will not play into that gay stereotype!”), Veronica always had stories ranging from the scary to the scandalous to the just plain hilarious.

“And the cross-country team caught her getting it up the ass on a stump in the woods!” Veronica said, laughing over her kale smoothie.

“Ronnie!” Betty scolded, face red. You could tell she was suppressing laughter as well, sipping on her strawberry smoothie.

Anyway,” Veronica said, slapping her hands on the patio table in finality. “What about you, (Y/N)?” She grinned devilishly.

“Got any good sex stories yet?”

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A Little Less Sixteen Candles - Part 6 [Final]

[A/N: HERE IT IS! Final chapter! I haven’t fully revised this so it could be riddled with mistakes however if it is guys I am sorry! Okay so just a warning there is some cheese, proper cheese, I love cheese and after all the angst it needed plenty to make up for it! Hope you guys like it, I’m really nervous that build up has totally not been worth it but it’s not going to get much better than this. I feel like maybe I kinda rushed the ending but-]

Word Count: 1950 [In total guys this entire fic was 11060 words long and took up 22 Word page documents, what the hell?!]

Originally posted by bysamoylova

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I love you, Jughead Jones

 Anon prompt: “can i request something like reader has been bestfriends with jughead forever, reader was there through jellybean and jughead’s mom leaving and every other dramatic thing, and reader falls in love with him but sees that he’s with betty? thanks!”

A/N: Most definitely this is a song based fic, the title is a song by Nevershoutnever
called “I love you more than you will ever know.” From this point on I’ll be writing all future fics in first person. 

I had been friends with Jughead Jones for ten (10) years, three (3) months and twenty-two (22) days. 
We were in the same pre-school class together, we’d shared lunch and talked about our favourite books. 
Our friendship was strong, it was like diamond in some circumstances; nothing could break us. 

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Soulmates - Jughead x Reader

Request: Prompts 25 (“So go find someone else. Someone who will love you the way I never have, the way I never will.”) 30 (Please don’t give up on this, on us) 31 (I love you so much it physically hurts to not be around you) 36 (You’re all I ever wanted)

Warnings: Angst, swears, fighting, mentions of parents divorced 

word count: 2569


That’s what everyone thought you and Jughead were.

You had been friends for years, since you were old enough to walk. You got along beautifully and no one had ever seen you fight your entire friendship.

Then at 17 years old Jughead asked you out. He admitted his feelings for you had been more than friends for years, but he never had the courage to tell you, lucky for him, you loved him right back.

You had been dating your best friend for 3 months now, and in the last month, he had been too busy to see you.

Many Pop’s dates were forgotten about, each time you prayed it would be different from the last as you sat, alone in your booth, looking at your phone, the time ticked away and there was never any new messages.

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Innocent Favour // Veronica Lodge

Summary: To the dismay of your girlfriend you begin hanging out with her ‘enemy’ for something you don’t tell her. The miscommunication causes Ronnie to get the wrong idea leading to a fight while all you were doing was getting help from Cheryl to become a Vixen.

Characters: Reader x Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Jughead Jones, Mr and Mrs. Blossom, Betty Cooper, Polly Cooper (mentioned), Hiram Lodge (mentioned), Hermione Lodge (mentioned), FP Jones (mentioned) and Fred Andrews (mentioned).

Words: 2986

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters involved.

Warnings: Swearing, jealousy, the Blossoms, fighting, angst, fluff and female same sex relationship.

Requested: Yes. Anonymous.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: Requests are close to being open! THIS GOT DELETED TWICE, YA’LL ARE LUCKY I MANAGED TO RECOVER IT. Stay tuned and add us on snapchat, our username is caitsyandash


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You were probably the only female in the entire school population that didn’t get Cheryl’s claws in her skin nor did you get in her way. You had actually in fact been the first to the scene when she was found soaking wet on the rocks. You had earned the Blossom’s respect when you refused to allow Cheryl to speak a word to anyone without her parents or legal counsel. Sure you weren’t best friends but she actually liked you because you were decent compared to everyone else.

The one thing you had always wanted was to be a part of the Vixens for the close friendship that developed between everyone. It wasn’t a con that Veronica was on the team and they could spend more time together. It had been a small shock when the two of you came out as dating without prior knowledge that you both were in fact into girls also. You also knew that if you asked Veronica for help to get help on moves to try out with it wouldn’t end up with cheerleading moves.

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Regret - Jughead X Reader

[A/N: Just a short angsty drabble, inspired by 1x10 and not much more to say about it other than it ain’t happy. I also actually prefer using a name rather than Y/N but please self-insert if you want to! ]

Originally posted by bugheader

(22:04) Amy: Hey, where are you?? Xxxx

(22:10) Juggie: are you drunk?

(22:11) Amy: are you??? :P xxx

(22:16) Juggie: no

(22:18) Amy: everything okay? :( x

(22:19) Juggie: yes

(22:21) Amy: im coming finding you, read or nnot! Xx

Amy stumbled into the dimly lit garage-turned-studio, the red solo cup that she held in her hand tipped and poured its contents onto the floor, from the corner of the room came a grumble of annoyance. Spinning her head too quickly her eyes fell onto the person she was looking for.

‘Juggie!’ She slurred.

‘So you are drunk.’ His voice was lathered with disappointment.

‘It’s a party Jug!’ She bemoaned teasingly. ‘You’re party if I’m not wrong!’

Jughead sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

‘No you aren’t wrong,’ he confirmed, ‘but it’s not like I asked for this.’

Amy made shaky steps towards the beanie-headed boy. She had decided on wearing her sneakers to the party rather than high-heels as was Veronica’s suggestion; the alcohol that coursed through her veins however made her just as unstable than if she had taken Ronnie’s advice.

‘Woah there, Bambi.’ Jughead reached an arm out to steady the girl, unceremoniously she pushed him back into his chair and perched herself onto the armrest.

For a moment they sat in silence, Amy’s heavy eyes closed and she swayed lightly whilst sitting – even with her eyes closed the room still span. The sound of Jughead’s voice jolted her from her partial slumber.

‘Hmm?’ She questioned.

‘I said, are you okay?’ He whispered.

She gasped in surprise, remembering why she was in the garage in the first place, she pointed a wavering finger into Jughead’s chest with a strength that was unexpected. Silently he flinched.

‘That’s-’ she slurred, ‘what I came to ask you!’

She smiled lazily in his direction, her eyes drooping.

Jughead sighed in response.

‘I think we should get you home.’

‘Jug.’ Amy mumbled, her head falling onto his shoulder as she slipped more comfortably to his side.

‘Yeah?’ He croaked back to her, he took her small soft hand into his larger calloused one and rubbed his fingers along her palm.

‘Jug.’ She whispered again, her glassy eyes looked up into concerned blue ones, she wet her lips and slowly brought her face towards his. 

The ringing in her ears began to subside as she was consumed by the sounds of his quiet breath; time almost seemed to slow down and her faltering senses were flooding back to her. 

‘Amy.’ His voice was sharp as he pulled his face back. ‘Amy, stop.’

Her eyes gently fluttering open were faced with knitted brows and a stony expression, her pouted lips parted and took in a sharp breath. Her tired eyes twitched and she quickly withdrew herself from the boy’s side, stumbling over her feet as she reached the centre of the room.

‘You’re right I should go home.’ She muttered.

Her eyes focused in on the door and she made hasty and unsteady steps until fresh air hit her face. The sensation made her ill and she leant her back against the door, but before Jughead could consider following her however she ran off into the night.

(00:12) Ronnie: Hey sweetie, where did you go? x

(00:19) Betts: Amy, where are you? I thought you were staying at my house tonight? X

(00:29) Ronnie: Babe, Betty’s worried about you, all of us r, can you text us and let us know ur okay? X

(2 Missed Calls – Betts)

(00:35) Archie: Amz, wer ar u? Partyz stil goin xx

(00:36) Betts: Amy???? X

(3 Missed Calls – Betts, Ronnie, Kevin, 1 Voicemail - Betts)

(00:45) Ronnie: Okay, enough now, if you’re ghosting us can you let us know plz? We are worried sick.

An incessant beeping emerged from the leafy terrain, a blue hue flashed every few minutes and illuminated the damp earth, five slender pale fingers curled themselves around the flashing device – fingers that would be beautiful if not for the dirt that lay under the nails and the blood dotted upon the almost blue skin.

(01:30) Juggie: I didn’t want you to do something drunk that you might regret tomorrow.

(01:35) Juggie: Can we maybe go to Pop’s tomorrow and talk about it?

(01:37) Juggie: My treat x

Part 1/3
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> *Betty sneaks in bed with Veronica*<p/><b>Betty:</b> hey babe *tries to kiss V*<p/><b>Veronica:</b> *turns away with back facing B*<p/><b>Veronica:</b> go away..<p/><b>Betty:</b> what why?<p/><b>Veronica:</b> just...go away<p/><b>Betty:</b> I'm not leaving until I know the reason why you're like this<p/><b>Veronica:</b> ...<p/><b>Betty:</b> ronnie..<p/><b>Veronica:</b> you weren't there<p/><b>Betty:</b> I wasn't where?<p/><b>Veronica:</b> seriously??...the talent show..<p/><b>Betty:</b> ...oh...OH..<p/><b>Veronica:</b> ..and I can smell his cologne on you<p/><b>Betty:</b> ..shit look ronnie, I swear I wa-<p/><b>Veronica:</b> I know you can't be out to your parents yet about us but that doesn't mean you can just allow other people to kiss you so no one will suspect anything about us....I just can't do this right now... just leave. please.<p/><b>Veronica:</b> I want to be alone.<p/><b>Betty:</b> vero-<p/><b>Veronica:</b> please. I'll talk to you tomorrow.<p/><b>Betty:</b> ...<p/><b></b> *Betty gets up from the bed with a heavy feeling on her chest and ache in her heart, she stares at the outline of Veronica's figure through the darkness and can see the silk pajamas she had on and starts to walk away*<p/><b>Betty:</b> *whispers to self* I'll make things right<p/><b></b> *as soon as the door closes veronica can feel the slow and dull pain from her heart, the sting of tears in her eyes, the trembling of her lower lip. She clasps both her hands together in attempts to try and get herself together but the build up of emotions felt as if a golf ball was shoved down her throat. She needed to breathe. Finally, after she stopped fighting it, she just let it all out. Pain racked throughout her body and the dam which held all the pent-up emotions and feelings just came gushing out*<p/><b>Veronica:</b> *grabs the pillow next to her and hugs it tightly while crying*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
This is my first Riverdale fanfiction so please don't hate it too much

(Description: set during episode 5, Kevin notices Jughead might have a thing for Betty and confronts him about it.) 

“Hello, Wednesday Addams,” Kevin said, slumping onto the couch next to Jughead. 

“Hello, Damien Leigh,” Jughead replied sarcastically, not looking up from the computer sitting on his lap. 

“So, I’ve noticed something recently,” Kevin said with a smirk. Jughead continued his rapid typing. “I think you have the hots for Betty." 

"And what makes you think that?” Jughead asked, trying to sound nonchalant, even though he’d stopped typing. 

“Oh, maybe the fact that you looked like you wanted to murder Trev as soon as he walked into the room earlier on." 

"That’s just my normal facial expression." 

"And I could practically hear your heart breaking when Betty said they were going on a date,” Kevin continued. “Plus, you got super salty with Betty when Trev finally left." 

"I’m always salty,” Jughead said, rolling his eyes. 

“Yes, but not with Betty. You’re always smiling at least a little bit when she’s around." 

"I don’t know what you’re talking about." 

"Just admit it! You like Betty!" 

"No, I don’t! Can you just drop it!” Jughead said, finally looking away from his laptop to face Kevin.

“Of course you like Betty! No one can spend more than five minutes with her without falling in love! You’re just in denial.”  

“Dude, there’s nothing to deny! Can we talk about something else now? Anything else?!" 

"What are we talking about?” Veronica asked as she walked in.  

“Well, Betty has a date with Trev, even though it’s apparently only to find information on the case. But Jughead here has a little crush on Betty and is jealous of Trev,” Kevin explained with a smirk. 

“Oh, my god, really?!” Veronica exclaimed as she sank into the chair across from them.

“No! Stop it Kev! I don’t like Betty!” Jughead argued. 

“Now that I think of it, you totally do!” Veronica stated excitedly.

“Even if I did like her, it’s not like she’d ever like me back,” Jughead explained, trying to make it sound like a joke. Veronica and Kevin’s sympathetic looks showed that he wasn’t very convincing.

“Of course she would! You’re handsome in your own emo way,” Ronnie argued. “Maybe of you tried dressing differently.”

“Oh, I know! Jughead should wear a suit and tie to Jason’s memorial! Show Betty he can be classy and get her attention!” Kevin added.  

“Also, maybe loose the beanie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without it,” Veronica continued.

“I’m not gonna wear a suit just to impress Betty,” Jughead argued, rolling his eyes and continuing his typing.

“Fine, but if you don’t make a move soon, someone else is gonna snatch her up. No one can spend more than five minutes with her without falling in love,” Ronnie warned.

“Exactly! Thank you!” Kevin agreed.

“Ok, maybe I’ll wear a suit. If I feel like it. But I’m not making any promises,” Jughead reluctantly agreed. “Also, I’m not taking off my beanie.”

“Yes! I totally ship it!” Kev said happily.

Veronica gasped excitedly. “What should their couple name be?!”

“Whose couple name?” 

Jughead, Veronica and Kevin all turned to Betty, who had just walked in the door. 

“Uhh,” Veronica turned to Jughead, who was slightly shaking his head and mouthing “no”. “Yours and Trev’s couple name. Kevin was just telling us that you two have a date planned.”

A few days later, at Jason’s Memorial, Kevin, Archie and Val were some of the first to arrive at Thornhill. While Archie and Val were busy discussing music, Kevin and Ronnie gossiped about the Blossoms and their mansion. That was until Jughead and Betty walked in. Betty looked as beautiful as always, but beside her, slouched over with his hands in his pockets, was Jughead wearing a suit and tie, though he was still wearing his beanie. 

Kevin and Veronica gave each other an equally shocked and excited look. Jughead, seeing their reactions, just rolled his eyes and sat down. 

“I’m just gonna go fix my hair,” Betty told the group.

“Oh, I’ll show you where the bathroom is,” Ronnie offered, standing up. Betty nodded and they left together.

Almost as soon as they left the room, Kevin was beside Jughead.

“So? Did she like the suit?” Kevin asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, she didn’t exactly not like it,” Jughead admitted.

“Give me details! What happened when she saw you?!” Kev asked excitedly.

“She just looked me up and down for a second and gave me this look that was a mix between surprised and impressed,” he explained, fighting the urge to smile at the memory.

“Great, you’ve got her attention! Your next move is to- Wait, where did you even get this suit?” Kevin asked out of curiosity. “You don’t exactly seem like the sort to just have a suit lying around.”

“I used the last of my drive-in money to rent it for the day,” Jughead admitted, almost sounding embarrassed.

“Wow, that’s love,” Kevin stated happily.

“So, what did you think of Jughead in a suit?” Ronnie asked Betty while she was fixing her hair.

“Oh, I liked it. I was a little surprised that he even bothered to wear one,” Betty said.

“Yeah, almost like he was trying to impress someone,” Veronica added with a smirk.

“I doubt it. He’s not exactly the sort of person who goes around trying to impress people,” Betty said with a slight scoff. 

“Yeah, not usually,” Veronica said smiling to herself.

(A/N: Wow, this was way longer (and weirder) than I expected. I didn’t know how to end it so hopefully it didn’t end too awkwardly. Tell me your thoughts and criticisms please. But you don’t have to. Thanks for reading!)

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HEY I JUst found your blog and i love it !!! I really love your writing as well so i thought maybe i could suggest one - Veronica is sick and JD takes care of her ? :))) THnak UOU

I’m so happy you like my writing! And of course I can write this for you! I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you enjoy! It was a cute prompt! And Veronica is so independent, I feel like she’d be driven crazy by somebody trying to take care of her. I hope you like the story and think it’s accurate, enjoy!

“JD, I’m fine, stop fussing.” Veronica complained. Her voice was odd because of how stuffy her nose was, and she looked in no mood to play games. She was sitting on the couch surrounded by tissues in her pajamas. JD sat next to her and gave a look that had a little bit of anxiety and a lot of worry.

“Are you sure, you look bad.” He told her. Veronica looked up at him with narrowed eyes.

“Thanks, babe.” She muttered. JD laughed a little and rubbed the back of his head. Veronica blew her nose for what felt like the thousandth time and fell back onto the pillow. “This sucks, I haven’t been this sick since I was a kid.” She mumbled.

“Well, it’s what makes you human.” JD tried. It was weird to see Veronica sick. Sometimes events like this were reminders to HIM that she was human. And not an angel that came into his life to bless him and make everything wonderful. “You sit tight, I’ll go get you some of that gross stuff you drink.” He told her.

“It’s throat coating tea!” Veronica reminded him. JD rolled his eyes.

“It tastes like piss.” He grumbled, pouring it into a mug. He walked back into the living room and gave his girlfriend the tea, and a little kiss on the head. “Ew, you’re all sweaty.” He made a face and Veronica rolled her eyes, but laughed lightly.

“I don’t understand how I’m sick and you aren’t.” Veronica groaned. JD gave her a curious look. “Well, you’re diet is so much worse than mine, and you’ve been around me the entire time I’ve been sick. You should be sick too.” She complained.

“Well I’m not.” He shrugged and Veronica made a face, taking a sip of her tea. “That’s probably the universe telling me I had to be healthy in order to take care of you.” He beamed. “Now you relax, I’m going to do the food shopping so you don’t need to worry about it.” He told her. Veronica smiled.

“Get soup while you’re there.” She asked. JD gave a thumbs up, he was about to leave but Veronica called again. “And more tea!” She called. He nodded and was about to leave for a third time when she called after him again. “And my mom wanted me to pick up things for stew, get that too. You know what, you don’t know what to get I’ll come with you.” She opted. She get up, but  minute later JD picked her up and slung her over his shoulder.

“Nope, nope, nope, nope.” He threw her back down on the couch so she bounced a little. “It’s the grocery store, not spinal surgery.” He told her. “I’ll go, I’ll get everything. And if I forget something I can go back.” He explained. “You stay here and relax. If you need anything call me.” JD continued, and he left the house leaving a pouting Veronica.

When JD came back he groaned to see his girlfriend was not where he left her. “Ronnie? Where are you?” He called. When he got no response he grumbled and took out his phone, he dialed his girlfriend and waited a while, when she didn’t pick up he growled. JD marched outside and his frustration melted away when he saw where she was.

Veronica was in her car, but asleep in the seat. He walked up and opened the door. “Ronnie, Ronnie wake up.” He nudged her. Veronica sat up and rubbed her eyes. “What are you doing sleeping in the car?” He asked.

“I forgot to tell you to get ham. So I thought I would go to the supermarket to catch you, but before I left I thought I should close my eyes for a minute so I wouldn’t be so drowsy on the road.” She explained. JD sighed and shook his head. He reached over and picked Veronica up, carrying her bridal style into the house.

“I cannot believe you.” He shook his head. “I seriously can’t believe you.” He tried to sound serious, but he kept grinning and laughing. “What made you think you were okay to drive?” He asked. Veronica shrugged.

“Well you should have gotten ham.” She told him.

“Oh my god.” JD took her inside and put her down on the couch. “Stay here, PLEASE, stay here.” He practically begged. “I can’t worry about you every second of the day, I know you’re fed up, but I you are going to give me a heart attack at the age of seventeen.” He explained. “Can you stay in bed, for me?” He pleaded.

“Fine.” Veronica agreed with a sigh. JD sighed in relief and pulled her into a kiss. “You shouldn’t get so close to me, you could get sick too.” She told him. JD shrugged and kissed her again.

“I’ve been taking care of you all week. If I was going to get sick I would have gotten sick already.” He assured her. He then smiled very cocky. “BEsides, I don’t think I could keep my hands off you even if I tried.” JD teased, kissing her jaw. VEronica giggled and looked at him with a sweet look.

“Sorry for stressing you out so much.” She told him. JD shrugged.

“It’s fine. I’d be fed up after a full week of this too.” He admitted. “But you’ll be better soon.” He assured her. “I got you your gross tea and everything you need to be better soon.” He explained. He reached into the shopping bag. “I even got whatever this is.” He held out a bottle and Veronica gave him a look.

“Gummy vitamins?” She asked. JD nodded and took the cap off.

“They’re so good, I ate like seven of them.” He told her. Veronica shook her head and took the bottle.

“JD no, you can’t… oh my god I’m dating a first grader.” She mumbled. JD grinned. “Do we need to get a lock for the medicine cabinet? So you don’t eat all the pills thinking they’re candy?” She asked.

“What!? It’s not like I can OD on gummy vitamins.” He defended.

“They’ll make you sick though. You can’t just eat…. Okay now you’re stressing ME out.”

how they cuddle | riverdale preferences

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written by: kelly

anonymous said: hey lovely…. idk if you want to do this… but could you do a preference thing for how they cuddle?

preference: how they cuddle

chapter song: cherry / lana del rey 


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archie: archie never missed an opportunity to show affection to his significant other. there would be times where he would call you at 2am wanting to see you because he longed for affection. picking you up in his truck, he would turn the back into a bed for you two so you could cuddle while gazing at the stars, immersed in deep conversation.


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juggie: jughead doesn’t hug. he is not a hugger by any means, he doesn’t enjoy the intensity of hugging or cuddling. jughead is more of a passionate kisser because there isn’t any distractions when it comes to kissing. he associates hugging with goodbyes. nobody likes goodbyes.


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betty: supportive. betty’s hugs were always very relaxing. it was like melting better, the two bodies would intertwine naturally. it was magical. betty as a person was very warm, as a friend she was kind and compassionate, and as a lover she was selfless and enduring. a hug from betty was a blessing. 

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veronica: pure euphoria. like an orgasm without sex. everything was overly seductive and smothering. her scent, her warmth and her aura wrecked of mystery. she was always the dark horse, but her embraces where always crystal clear. you can tell what ronnie wants by the looks that she gives you. more often then not the hugs would turn into something more.

Fluorescent Adolescent // A Jughead Jones imagine

You stumbled out of the house in too tall heels and tight jeans. You found yourself squinting at the trees trying to find out where you are. The colors smeared as your head turned. You figured you were at the front of the house, plopped down on the front steps and leaned agaisnt the railing.
You had been invited to a party with Veronica by Dilton and Cheryl. You had ridden with Veronica, and she was both too hammered to drive you home, nor did she want to leave yet. Your hands slid around your upper thighs looking for the phone in your pocket. It took you five minutes to clumsily get to Jughead’s number on your phone.
“Hello?” His voice was deep and rough like he’d been asleep.
“Hey, what’re you doin?” You noticeably slurred.
“Sleeping. What do you want?”
“Do you think you could come get me?”
“I think somebody slipped something into my drink.”
“What!?” His voice rose. “What are you talking about (Y/N)? Where are you?”

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Who: Keith Powers
Role: Ronnie DeVoe
Ask About Me: Powers is best known as “Theo” in the MTV comedy series Faking It. But true film heads will no doubt recognize the 24-year-old Sacramento native as Dr. Dre’s younger brother in the 2015 NWA blockbuster biopic Straight Outta Compton.

VIBE: So let’s get into Ronnie DeVoe because he’s one of the more interesting characters in that his reputation as a dancer is so profound within the group. Was there any apprehension of coming into this project knowing that I am going to have to dance my ass off?
Keith Powers: Yeah, when doing my research—just finding out that Ronnie was the best dancer—I was kind of in the awe, man. Because I’m not a natural dancer, so I [had] to train and go there ‘cause I never did choreography. So it was a type of thing where this is going to be the first time, as an actor, where I am going to have to become a researcher; where I am going to have to become a true storyteller. Because now I have to get outside of my box in order to become someone else.

Everybody talks about how the casting call for the movie went down. How there were a million actors coming in to compete for the roles of New Edition. Just how competitive did it get?
Yeah, it’s funny cause I tested with Algee and Woody [McClain]. I went against Algee [Smith], who plays Ralph. I didn’t get [the role], which I knew I wouldn’t ‘cause I wasn’t right for Ralph. They let me go and I came back for Ronnie. I remember going up against a lot of guys. Chris [Robinson] and Jesse [Collins] will put you in a scene with the people you are going against and like switch everybody in and out. But even though we were all competing, it was dope to see young black men all cheering each other on still. Like no matter how much we were competing, it was a type of thing that at the same time we all got to work together. It made you feel more solidified because you were going through the trenches for this. It was a scary process, but it made you feel even more solidified once you got in. And that was before boot camp. So that was only 10 to 5 percent of the whole job because we still had to learn our [Boston] accents and we still had to get to the dancing and we still had to start researching.

The dancing…everybody has talked about Brooke Payne and what he put you guys through, the good and the bad. Can you describe having that man in front of you telling you to do that step over again a million times?
The thing about Brooke is he is a very calm man. He is the type of guy that he doesn’t have to watch the rehearsal to see that you messed up. I think that those type of guys scare me the most…or I respect the most. I respect him the most mainly because he doesn’t have to do too much. He is more laid back, more mafia godfather type…”Do it again.” [Laughs.]

It’s funny because [Brooke] might be on the phone looking away doing business and he will say, “Keith, do that again.” He will keep doing it until we get on point. He will be like run it back, run it back. Brooke is like an uncle. He is really somebody to mirror as far as being a leader and you are going to see it in this film played by Wood Harris. Wood just gives this demeanor that is just so cool, calm and collected. That’s Brooke Payne.

I like the fact you guys got the chance to hang out with your doppelgängers in New Edition. What was the experience like being around Ronnie, who has been called the coolest member of the group?
Man, when you hang out with Ronnie, he’s the type of guy where it’s like you instantly feel at home with his spirit. He’s such a relaxed, smooth guy, just like his uncle Brooke Payne. He is so much like him that it makes you happy that he’s helping you. When I was doing the moves, Brooke and Leon would teach me and they were amazing. But sometimes they wouldn’t get to me like Ronnie would teach me. Ronnie would give you these tricks. It would just be little tricks that he would do and I’m like, “Oh, snap…that made it easier for me!”

[Ronnie] is so cool that you can already relate to the moves without even knowing it because he’s telling you in a way that he can level it down for you. And I love that about Ronnie. He’s always smiling. He’s always cheering us on. They say Ronnie was always the core of the group. He is the mediator, and you feel it when he walks into the room.

We have to talk about the BBD era. Here we have the three members of New Edition that people thought would never find that kind of massive success away from the group. Can you talk about how it felt to put that goody-goody New Edition thing to the side and just go full on crazy and wild with Bell Biv DeVoe?
The BBD side was a whole other beast. After you learn all the New Edition moves it’s like, “Now we are going to get into BBD!” And I was like, “Ahhh, this is the hip-hop dancing part.” I was just doing the soul and the steps and “Mr. Telephone Man” and now I got to really sweat. I just remember being scared to get to “Poison.” If you mess up “Poison” you might not be able to work again in this town [laughs].

Ronnie always tells me that when he was young [and in New Edition] that was “shy Ronnie.” He stayed out the way, he was trying to find his way in the group because he was coming from a different [housing] project, which was Cathedral. He said when N.E. Heartbreak came, that’s when his stock rose. I was trying to show that [while playing] this character. I tried to show that in my demeanor. So when it got to BBD it was like, “We are one of the hardest things to branch off from New Edition!” Who would have thought that?

That’s the brilliance of Bell Biv DeVoe. No one saw that coming, right?
I mean, If you look at BBD, a lot of artists today are 100% influenced by [them]. Almost 90 percent of rap, nowadays rappers can’t even get on the radio without a singer on the hook. That’s a branch from BBD.

The legacy of New Edition…what do you hope for the impact of this movie?
One, I need the newer generation to respect the legacy. Especially if you want to learn music, you have to know who New Edition was to a certain extent. I want them to see how professional New Edition was. I want them to see where they messed up business wise so that they can learn from it. So we can have our young African-American artists knowing how to manage their money and to have the right team. And I want them to take away brotherhood from it. I want them to realize it wasn’t New Edition against each other…it was New Edition vs. the corporations.

I always say that we are introducing New Edition to the younger generation so we have a responsibility. ‘Cause if they don’t like it, they won’t go back and look at the real New Edition. I had one comment on Instagram after I posted a clip of New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love.” And a girl was like, “This reminds me of [Beyonce’s] ‘Love On Top.’” And I said, “Yeah, it was inspired by ‘If It Isn’t Love.’” And she said, “Oh, I didn’t know that, thank you!” I want this to be a history lesson.

Juliet (Part One)

This fic is very close to my heart as it is based (even though very loosely) off of real events that is all to do with my parents pregnancy with me (yes I am very much a sap for romance). I hope you all enjoy!

All Betty Cooper ever wanted to be was a mother. To take part in raising a life that was half her. But, that was all getting flushed down the drain. Yes, she and her husband we’re still only in their mid-twenties but they had been trying for so long. She got married to Jughead Jones straight out of high school, never once doubting her decision to get married so young, she knew they were forever.

They had been trying for almost five years when Betty had started to give up, but Jughead convinced her otherwise. There were so many new ways to get pregnant, she could easily book an appointment with her doctor and find out their options. That led to her diagnosis.  Betty was told that she wouldn’t be able to have a child. Everything happened so fast, all of the information the doctor told her was hazed, it was just a mix of sounds clubbed together and wrapped up in a neat bow. That night she had cried for hours in Jughead’s arms, blaming herself for the fact that it was unlikely they were ever going to have children.


The next morning the couple went and signed up for IVF treatment. It was going to cost a bomb, but they didn’t care. All they wanted was a child of their own, to love and nurture unconditionally.

So that led them to the day when Betty was going to prepare for her first round of treatment. That morning she had woken up feeling sick to her stomach but brushed it off as the flu. Upon entering the doctors surgery, she was asked to take part in a blood test just to make sure that she wasn’t pregnant already. She laughed at the nurse who took the blood, claiming that it was going to be a miracle if she was.

That was when she got the call. The couple had been lying in bed taking a well needed break from life. It was noon when the phone rang; Jughead leaned over his wife in a haze only pausing when he saw the number on the lock screen of her phone. Suddenly alert, he gently shook his Hitchcock blonde awake from her slumber answering the call as he did so. They wouldn’t be calling if everything was okay, something had to be wrong.

Lightly tapping the speaker button on the brightly lit screen, she took in a sharp nervous breath.

“Is this Elizabeth Jones we’re speaking to?” A clinical voice asked from the other end of the call.

“Yes,” she replied her hands shaking in trepidation, eager to get the call over and done with so she could face more bad news.

“Passing you over to your doctor now,” there was a pause before the warm comforting voice of the woman that she has now grown to trust spoke out.

“Hi Betty, its Doctor Fletcher here. We finally got the results back from your blood test you had last week.” Sensing the blondes’ nerves she continued, “This isn’t anything to worry about, even though you may have to in a couple of months but it appears that you’re off the list for the IVF treatment because you’re pregnant, congratulations! From what I can tell, you’re only a month or so gone but I would advise you book in your first appointment with Gina at reception as soon as possible. I hope to be seeing you very soon. Congratulations again.”

When their doctor hung up they didn’t know what to say, do or even think. Two pairs of eyes widened, each welling up with tears threatening spill in sheer, absolute joy. Jughead pulled Betty into his arms, cradling her head and stomach whispering sweet nothings in her ear, both of them unable to take the gleaming smiles off of their faces.

“We did it Juggie. We really did it this time.”

“I’m so proud of you Betts. I’m proud of us.” He replied leaning down and taking her flat stomach into his long calloused hands. The raven haired man left a trio of kisses down the length of her stomach down to her abdomen. Whispering to his unborn child I love you’s.

“Jug?” Betty said, bringing him out of his reverie.


“When should I book the appointment for? I know you’ve got all those meetings for the new book and I’ve got work. I presume you want to come along, right?”
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He planted yet another sloppy kiss on her lips.

“Jeez you’re such a sap Mr. Jones.”

“I know I am, and that is why you love me.”

They had finally managed to book an appointment with Doctor Fletcher that worked around both of their work schedules and were sitting, waiting on the worn plastic covers of the waiting room chairs. They were both nervous as hell, with one of his knees bobbing up and down as as his foot tapped the linoleum floor and she was wringing her hands together. A habit she picked up whilst she was trying to stop piercing the soft skin of her palms with her sharp nails.

When they were called into the office, Jughead blanched upon hearing that Betty had to be scanned internally, not realising that their child was too small to be seen using the external wand. Then came a sudden thrumming echoing around the room. Their baby was projected onto the small screen, no bigger than one of his thumb nails. The couple looked at each other, a fresh round of tears welling in their eyes, suddenly now everything seemed very real, all the years, all the negative tests, all the bad doctors visits, and it all was worth it. It was so worth it. The infamous duo fell even more in love with the baby, silently swearing that they were going to protect their kid with their lives.

They had ordered multiple copies of their sonogram after the scan was complete. Betty was determined to keep a record of all the milestones in her first pregnancy, including all the scans. Jughead tucked one in his wallet, so he could keep it with him at all times. Two were for Betty’s parents and Polly. Then the last two were for FP and Jellybean. He didn’t want his mother as a part of his child’s life, he still hadn’t forgiven her for when she walked out on him and FP when he was eleven. He still hadn’t forgiven her for when she denied him coming to Toledo. He still hadn’t forgiven her for when she refused custody of him when he was 16 and FP had been hauled to prison for 10 years for tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. Thankfully FP had got out earlier than expected for good behaviour. At least one of his parents still showed that he loved him to some degree.

“Juggie?” He was pulled out of his reverie by that melodic voice of his wife and just smiled. He smiled because now they were finally getting everything they wanted.

Everything was plain sailing from then on; Jughead had decided to take a picture of Betty every day until she gives birth, much to her disliking and calling herself fat, which he immediately shuts down reassuring her that she’s only gaining weight from their child and it was the greatest gift she could ever give him.

That was until she was halfway through her pregnancy. Jughead was forced into yet another book signing for his new novel. He loved his fans, but all he wanted was to be at home with Betty and The Bump, a nickname that Betty was not too keen on to begin with, but he managed to sway her.

He got a call from Betty half way through the signing. He immediately knew it was bad, she would never call him when he was doing a signing or an interview so it had to be bad news.

“Betts? What’s wrong?” He said as soon as he accepted the call, halting the queue for his fans and leaving the room.

“Juggie I’m bleeding and it’s bad.” She said between sobs that echoed down the phone line causing him to freeze, going into full on panic.

“Don’t worry Betts I’m coming. Where are you?”

“I’m at Ronnie and Archie’s place. I’m in their bathroom and she’s literally trying to bang the door down. Please hurry Jug.”

“I am. I love you, okay. And Bug.”

“I love you too.” She sobbed again disconnecting the call.

Reentering the room which held his signing, he begrudgingly told everyone that he had to end the signing, apologising with promises to reschedule.

As soon as he left the bookstore he was in he ran. He couldn’t rely on the taxi drivers and traffic of New York City. He was close to Archie’s apartment anyway.
He heard shouting from down the hallway of their floor, knowing who it was he ran faster. He almost broke the apartment’s door with his need to get in there to his wife.

She was a state. When he picked her up and held her she just crumbled even more saying that she was never meant to be a mother and she had failed him yet again.

The redhead tossed the raven haired man a glance knowing what to do immediately. Jughead picked up his blonde as Archie ran ahead, opening doors and unlocking his car in time for him to gently lay Betty in as soon as he got to it
“Go Arch!” Jughead practically shouted as he took Betty in his arms once more, stroking her hair and whispering sweet nothings in her ear in an attempt to reassure her, even though he was crumbling too.

It took ten minutes to get to the hospital. In those ten minutes the trio in the car were all in tears one way or another. Betty was sobbing, Archie’s eyes had glazed over and releasing one or two tears and Jughead had a singular tear, rolling down his left cheek slowly in fear. He couldn’t lose another person he loved. Not again. They had tried so many times in the past, either never conceiving, or there was miscarriage after miscarriage. They were so close on this one. He knew he shouldn’t have built up so much hope, but he did.

Betty was taken into immediate care when they rushed into the reception of the hospital, whisking her away in a wheelchair and leaving Jughead alone to break down into almost nothing. When Betty was no longer in sight, he fell to his knees and sobbed. His black leather wallet he had received as a graduation gift from his father was battered with use because of a simple picture of his little Bug. He kept it in his wallet since he had got it. He traced the outline of his child with his thumb as he cried even more. He often thought that the conversation with his mother in a small phone booth in the small town of Riverdale when he was sixteen was the worst moment of his life. This moment outdid that and any of the other parts of his shitty childhood.

He was drawing attention to himself and he knew it. But in that moment he didn’t care. He got up, finding his strength and asked where Betty would be.
The doctors were still running tests as he approached the room his wife was in but he was allowed in since they weren’t invasive.

“Mr Jones!” Doctor Fletcher called him over wanting to discuss Betty.

“How is she? What’s wrong? Is the baby okay?” He started to bombard the doctor with questions about his family’s health.

“Betty and the baby are both fine.” She started, letting Jughead to take in a breath of relief. “Betty does have Placental Previa, however. Her placenta is lying very low in her uterus lining which caused the bleeding. She’s going to have to be on permanent bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy and I would like to keep her in overnight for regular observations.”

“Thank you Doctor Fletcher.”

When he returned to Betty’s hospital room, he told her the news, generating a fresh round of tears but this time they were out of happiness.

“When the nurses were hooking me up to all these wires they said they can do another ultrasound scan if we want it. And we could find out the gender.”

“Let’s have the scan. I don’t really want to find out what Bug is, but it’s up to you. You’re the one who’s pregnant.”

“Jughead Jones, I was going to say exactly the same thing.”

Betty was bored, like she was most days. She hated being confined to her bed and not being able to run or go shopping or taking the subway to work. All her life included was sleeping, waking up, eating, watching her TV, eating again, washing and then the cycle repeated. She had watched everything on Netflix, read everything in her library and her kindle.

She had had enough though. She had fought with Jughead for no reason apart from her hormones driving her crazy. It felt like he wouldn’t let her do anything for herself anymore.

The blonde was now seven months into pregnancy and felt like a whale. Her fitness routine was abruptly forgotten on the day of the accident so she felt like she was gaining weight instead of being on course to lose it once she had given birth. Thankfully, she was allowed to get up because she had another check up with Doctor Fletcher.

The couple finally got to the hospital after being stuck in traffic for what seemed like hours. They followed their usual routine, only to find out that Doctor Fletcher was ill and unable to work so a replacement ran the scans for them.
They feeling of seeing their child would never change and with each check-up it was more incredible as the last. Months ago, they had been able to detect their facial features but this time was different.

“She has lovely eyes,” their replacement said in passing. The couple’s eyes widened and locked onto each other with tears gathering in their lids.

“We’re having a girl,” the father-to-be whispered to his wife.

“We’re having a girl.” Betty echoed with more enthusiasm.

Jughead pressed his lips lightly on the blonde’s forehead with so much pride and love. He wanted this moment to stop forever, his feeling of bliss overwhelming his senses.

“Have you felt any movement other than kicking Mrs Jones?” Their replacement doctor asked.

“Not really, but she does kick a lot. Why, may I ask?”

“It looks like she hasn’t started moving her head to face the cervix; still you have plenty of time before she arrives.”

That night, Betty woke up with a sharp pain in her abdomen and wet bedsheets. She shook Jughead awake knowing that it was time. He woke up in a daze, only snapping to life when he saw the same panicked look on Betty’s face as there was four months ago.

Grabbing the hospital bag that had been situated by their front door for over a month and lifting Betty into his arms, he made his short journey to his car and then to the hospital.

The mother-to-be was whisked away in a wheelchair with Jughead following quickly behind them. He only caught a few words but it didn’t sound good.
The doctors on call were going to have to perform an emergency Caesarean section so their daughter would be able to survive.

It was the longest fifteen minutes of his life, not being able to be with Betty. A nurse soon exited the room, passing him sterile clothing and asked him to sterilise his hand before entering the operating theatre.

Betty was so out of it, he let out a small laugh at the sight. He held her hand throughout the procedure only letting go when he heard the soft cry of a new born baby.

The nurses took her to a station to clean her up slightly before handing the new born to her waiting parents. Betty held her first, her bright giddy smile reaching her eyes. Jughead wished he had a camera to capture this moment because it truly was a beautiful scene.

Jughead finally got to hold his daughter when the doctors needed to stitch Betty up. She was so tiny; he could hold her entire head in his large calloused hands. Her fingers were so delicate they would only just be able to wrap around his smallest finger.

He had only once felt such love for a person before and that was when he and Betty confessed their love to one another for the first time. The second was now, gazing on the sleeping features of his daughters face and knowing that he could love no other person the way he would love her, not even Betty.

“Hey little one, I know you’re sleeping right now but I love you so much already and you were only born a couple of minutes ago. I promise to protect you from now until the day I die and no boys until you’re at least 25 because we can’t have anything happen to you can we? We’ve wanted you for so long and you’re finally here. Isn’t that amazing? I love you little one, so so much.“

After mere minutes of holding her, the nurses had taken their daughter away to do some tests on her, making sure she was healthy due to Betty giving birth prematurely.

The family of three were finally in Betty’s hospital room waiting for her to wake up from surgery. The new father was sat in the large chair beside Betty holding his daughter who was sprawled out against his bare chest, going skin to skin.
Archie and Veronica had messaged him saying that they were only a few minutes away from the hospital however the rest of their friends and family would be arriving the next day.

Betty’s tanned hand reached out to stroke the soft head of the sleeping baby girl as soon as she woke up, craving contact with her daughter.

“What are we going to call you, Little Bug?” The blonde cooed as Jughead passed the now awake new born into her mother’s waiting arms.

“What about Juliet?”

“Hello Juliet,” Betty spoke to their daughter, gently rubbing her thumb across her belly. “Mummy and Daddy love you so much. Never Forget that Little Bug.”

(The thing with the eyes really did happen)

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cathythefuck  asked:

I'm sorry I'm back again but the fluff you did in the au you did for me was so BEAUTIFUL! can you do a really fluffy story where Veronica and JD have a child? That would be absolutely amazing~!

Of course I can! I had a lot of headcannons for this! I hope you like it! I really liked writing it it was cute and fun! Enjoy!!!!!! Sorry it’s so long! I had to cut it because it was long, so let me know if the cut messes up and cuts off then story and won’t show half of it. Sometimes it does that.

“Veronica have you- VERONICA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?” JD screamed. Veronica was standing on top of a rolling chair trying to get something off the top shelf. “Ronnie get down from there, you’re gonna kill yourself!” He cried.

“I need to get the case report for the trial.” Veronica explained. JD came up behind her and got his pregnant wife down. He then went to get the report himself.

“You are nine months pregnant, you can’t keep running around like some sort of… I don’t know! You just need to start taking it easy!” He scolded her. “Why did you even take this case? You’re due in less than two weeks.” He had anxiety in his voice.

“I wasn’t due in less than two weeks when I took the case.” She reminded. “In fact I wasn’t even pregnant when I took the case. Murder trials go on for a while.” Veronica reminded. JD huffed and crossed his arms.

“I’m just saying, you may be a lawyer, but you’re gonna be a mom soon too. You need to start being careful.” He explained. Veronica just made a face at him and went to reading the file. “Maybe you should take a break for a bit? I can make you dinner and you can sit down for a while.” JD offered.

“Oh my god.” Veronica ignored him and pulled out on specific piece of paper. “That sounds so nice JD and I love you but I have to go see my client right now!” She exclaimed, and ran out of her home. As she darted out she passed all three Heathers who were holding boxes and decorations for a baby shower.

“Well hello to you too Veronica.” Duke rolled her eyes and the girls let themselves in.

“I told you she wouldn’t have time for it.” JD smirked at them. Heather Chandler put one of the gift boxes on the table and rolled her eyes.

“I guess… do you guys know if it’s a boy or a girl?” She asked. JD shook his head.

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