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Delphine Cormier: a woman of her word

Now just imagine an alien’s reaction to a woman on the ship getting her period. The aliens can smell blood, and they’ve just had a fight with some space pirates. Sel’then’ek is making sure everyone is okay when he gets to Rachel and smells blood.

Sel’then’ek: “HumanRachel are you okay?”

Rachel: “What? Um yeah I’m fine, I’m just going to the bathrooms real quick.”

Sel’then’ek: “Rachel do not lie to me! I can smell your blood! Where are you injured? Let me help!”

Rachel: *backing away slowly* “Really Sel, I’m fine! It’s nothing!”

Sel’then’ek: “HumanRachel! Why won’t you tell me where you are hurt! Why are you running! Come back! WHY ARE YOU TAKING YOUR SATCHEL WITH YOU???!!!”

Feel free to add to this! I love to hear what people come up with!


Me, explaining the plot of Dear Evan Hansen.


Finchel Week 2017, Day 7: Alternate Ending
↳  In which Finn didn’t actually die and returns a couple of years later to get Rachel back after being in a witness protection program/ having suffered memory loss/ going on a secret mission with the US army/ [insert other/better scenario😆 ]


“You know, Max, I’m really grateful for you. … I’m always something different to everyone. Everyone has an idea of the person I am or the person I should be or the person they want me to be. And while I’ve been busy trying to be all those different people, I’ve forgotten where Rachel is.”

“Rachel, you don’t have to pretend around me. I promise.”

(Love is Strange)

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Heyyyyy I'm looking for this fic where D&P go to Singapore together and they have date at an aquarium where they take really cute pics of each other and act very in love.

Im afraid this is too unrealistic to be turned into a fic? Where would you even get this idea? People are really reaching nowadays….


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Can you list the shows and movies Katie has been in and tell me which are your favorites. I want to watch more of her stuff.

Hey there! You’ve come to the right place!

I’ll start with those that have yet to be released:

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Elsa (May 12, 2017)
Buttons - TBD (I do not believe the release date has been announced)

And for those that have been released, I’ll bold the ones with my favorite Katie characters/performances:

Supergirl - Lena Luthor (2016-)
Frontier - Elizabeth Carruthers (2016-)
Slasher - Sarah Bennett (2016)
Jurassic World - Zara Young (2015)
The Throwaways - Gloria Miller (2015)
Leading Lady - Jodi Rutherford (2014)
Dracula - Lucy Westenra (2013-2014)
Dates - Kate Foster (2013)

Labyrinth - Oriane Congost (2012)
Merlin - Morgana Pendragon (2008-2012)
Through the Storm ( Trid an Stoirm - Animated Short) - Alice/Banshee (2012)
A Princess for Christmas - Jules Daly (2011)
W.E. - Lady Thelma (2011)
The Queen - Princess Margaret (2009)
Freakdog - Harriet Chambers (2008)

Minor Roles (Single Episodes or Scenes)
The Tudors - Bess (2008)
Eden - Dessie’s Girlfriend (2008)
The Roaring Twenties - Vixen (2008)
Damage - Rachel (2008)

Depending on where you are located, a few of these can be found on Netflix. Here in the US, we have Frontier, Leading Lady, Slasher, and Merlin.

The Throwaways is available for free on Crackle.

Videos of her scenes from some of these can be found on youtube of course, but I recommend them in their entirety, especially for her larger roles.

I hope this helps!! 💗 Here’s the link to her IMDB as well.

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You groaned, plopping beside Harry on the couch. “My phone broke.” You looked at the shattered screen of your phone with a frown. 

Harry looked at it, wincing at the sight. “Damn. What happened?” 

“I stumbled, it fell and a car just happened to pass. Right on it.” You sighed before letting out another groan and curling to Harry’s side, making him wrap his arm around you. 

“Rough day at work?” He asked quietly, beginning to stroke your hair.

“The worst!” 

That was 3 days ago. Harry knew you still hadn’t got a new phone and you declined his offer to get you a new one but did you really need your phone to remember his birthday? 

When the clock had struck 12, you were already sleeping from 10 so Harry excused that. He knew you were tired and your job had been kicking your ass. But when you woke up and still showed no rememberance of the day, he was disappointed. 

What didn’t really help was the fact that you had this Wednesday, 1st of February, off from work.

Harry cleared his throat, eyes on you as you stirred your tea in the morning. “Hey, baby. Do you not uh,” He paused, “Want to do anything today?” 

You took a small sip from your tea, looking at him. You shook your head, “You know how work has worn me out this week. I just want to stay in and do absolutely nothing.” You smiled. 

Harry nodded reluctantly, his attention moving towards replying to a birthday wish he had received from one of his friends. Maybe you had something up your sleeve? A surprise? 

Declining every birthday outing and clubbing offered by his mates, Harry wanted to spend his 24th birthday with his girlfriend who at 7 had yet to acknowledge the day. 

“Hey, H?” He heard you shout from upstairs. 

His ears perked up, a childish grin on his face. This is the moment, he thought. “Yeah?” 

“Can you come up here for a moment?” Harry had already leaped from the couch, taking two steps at a time before bargin inside the room. 

“I thought you forg-” He paused, eyebrows furrowing when he saw you dressed in a casual dress, putting your earing on. 

“Help me with the shoes.” You said, looking at your bare feet. 

“Where are you going?” Harry asked, his tone dropping. 

“I’m going out with Rachel for a couple of hours. Well I think a couple of hours. She feels a little down.” You frowned, looking at him. “Being a good friend.” 

“You’re kidding right?” Harry asked in disbelief, “You’re actually going out? Tonight? And because Rachel is feeling down?”

“Uh, yeah? What’s the problem?” You asked confusingly as Harry let out a small chuckle. 

“Oh nothing, no problem at all,” He held his hands up, shaking his head. “Just thought you might have wanted to actually put me first, at least just for tonight but guess that is hard.” He said sarcastically. 

“Woah, woah, what’s going on with you?” You jumped to your defense. “We had been sitting together all day since 9 am. You were on your phone like half of the time.” 

“Don’t mind me, was just replying to birthday messages.” Harry gave you a sarcastic smile, “Tell Rachel to feel better.” He left the room, leaving you wide eyed. 

“Shit, shit, shit.” You reached towards the drawer, taking out your alarm to look at the day. 

1 FEB 2018

To say you were feeling like shit would be an understatement. You quickly opened the door, rushing downstairs and towards the living room where you saw Harry putting his phone in his pocket before walking towards the door with a clenched jaw. 

“H, I’m so sorry. I know you’re ma- Where are you going?” You asked, watching him put on his boots. 

Harry didn’t bother to reply as he took his keys and walked out of the door, slamming it behind him. You flinched, letting out a little whine. 

“Stupid. Fucking stupid.” You mumbled to yourself, walking inside. 


“Look who decided to show up!” Adam shouted, causing everyone to cheer once they saw Harry walk in. 

He chuckled, greeting and thanking everyone for the birthday wishes. 

“Where’s Y/N? Got any birthday cake?” Mitch elbowed Harry with a smirk. 

Harry rolled his eyes at his tipsy friend, dodging the question with a “How many drinks have you had?” 

Meanwhile, back at home, you were rushing around. From putting Harry’s favorite home cooked meal by you on to plates, scattering rose petals on the bed and the dining table and lighting a few scented candles to putting on your red dress that Harry adored on you. You added minimal makeup and did your hair to simplicity. 

You would have texted him if it weren’t for the fact that you still had no phone. 

You thought it was still January, thought you still had more days and work has done nothing but cut you off with the world for the past week and so. But you had Harry’s gift neatly wrapped from December, now sitting on the dining table with the blue wrapping paper and white bow. 

You waited impatiently in the candlelit house, looking at the clock to find it showing the 11:30 time. As if sensing your very little patience, you heard the door open and close and the sound of shoes on the floor. You straightened your dress, standing straight by the dining table as you waited for Harry to show up. 

Harry smiled to himself once he caught a whiff of the coconut scented candle and his eyes falling on the red rose petals on the floor. He followed the trail, head up as he knew where to expect you. His breath hitched when he caught sight of you; clad in his favorite dress with a nervous, sheepish smile. 

“Happy birthday, baby.” 

Harry chuckled, walking closer to you and letting his eyes fall on the candlelit dinner you had made, humming to himself once he smelled the delicious aroma. 

“It’s pratically still your birthday,” You said, looking behind you and taking the wrapped up box in your hand, looking up at him. “I’m so sorry, H. I got the dates all mixed up and my mind has been everywhere. I’m sorry I haven’t been giving you that much of attention lately.” You spoke softly and sincerely. 

Harry smiled, “I overreacted. I know you still care about me and I know how tough your boss has been.” 

“You didn’t overreact. It’s your 24th birthday. You’ve been so excited and I just wasted the day for you.” You sighed, frowning. You looked down, feeling embarrassed. 

Harry gently cupped your face, making you look up at him again. “It’s not wasted. We’re celebrating right now, aren’t we?” He didn’t wait for a reply before he pressed his lips on yours. You smiled into the kiss, closing your eyes to devour the moment. 

You both pulled away, catching your breaths. “Here’s your gift. I’d been hiding it for about 2 months.” You giggled. 

Harry took the box, shaking it softly and putting it closer to his ear before untying the bow. “You wrapped that up, didn’t you?” He chuckled. 

“Took me two tutorial videos on Youtube.” You said proudly. 

Harry grinned, his eyes falling on the box, letting out a gasp once he opened the lid. In there, wrapped around a small pillow was a watch he had seen and for some reason hadn’t bought for himself but he gushed about for a whole day. “Babyyy,” He dragged, “That must have costed you an arm and a leg.” He frowned at you before looking back at the watch with an admiring smile, clipping it on his wrist. 

“Doesn’t matter.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his waist. 

“I love it. Thank you, sweetheart.” He smiled, leaning down to capture your lips. “I love you.” 

“And I love you.” 

Harry sure did like the gift and the meal, but good God did he love the rose petals on the bed, if you know what I mean

I couldn’t really imagine this being a total angst I’m not sure why but I still hope you liked it! x

five things i’m into as of october 8, 2017

  1. the trailer for pacific rim: uprising
  2. this burgundy cardigan I got from goodwill
  3. the new character creation ep for the adventure zone: commitment
  4. trader joe’s ginger beer
  5. stardew valley

BlazBlue + Tumblr text posts, part 14

back when I started this I briefly considered moving it to a separate blog but then I thought “haha there’s no way I could make enough of these to warrant that“

look at me now

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