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May I request some hc's of Gyro, Johnny and Diego with a crush who is absolutely terrified of the dark please? Like they'd found their crush curled up in a ball on the floor quietly crying because they'd gotten locked out of their lodging and were stuck out in the dark too terrified to move, how would the guys react? ahh I hope that makes sense!

[ To give it some variability I’ll make it that Gyro’s crush is a helper in the race, Johnny’s is another participant and so its Diego’s uwu Also sorry if they’re a bit short :( ]

- Gyro was wondering where you were, it was unlike you to be late for anything, dinner especially, after sitting at the table with Johnny for 10 minutes he decided to set out to find you.
- The moment he stepped out of the cabin he sees your shivering body curled up beside the door in the dim lamp light streaming out from the window.
- “ Y/N!” His cape is already around you as he pats your back asking you what’s wrong. Through your choked tears and sobs you mention how you wanted to drop by for dinner with him and then you got locked out and how dark it was outside and you started crying again.
- He half felt bad but as he hugged your shaking form while whispering “ There, there, I’m here now!” he couldn’t help but to think to himself how cute you were like this, such an innocent trait for you to be scared of the dark.
- Gyro would then pick you up and walked in closing the door again before placing you on the chair at the dinner table as Johnny just watched questioningly.
- When you stopped crying your face was just full red as you apologised furiously for showing him this embarrassing side of you. To which Gyro just couldn’t help but to smile, seeing your weaknesses was just, lucky for him. He wants to protect you and when the time is right he promised himself to confess to you so that he truly could take care of you.

- There was rampant knocks coming from the main door and honestly the only reason Johnny went to check on it was cos it was already 11pm and most of the rest were asleep, he was just awake for a late snack.
- As he goes over to open the door he’d watch your tear stained face and heavily sobbing self with hands still in mid knock before running into him for an awkward low hug while still crying.
- “ Are you ok? What’s wrong?” after a few minutes when you calmed down you explained to him how you were tending to your horse and didn’t realise how late it got because the stables were still lit and no one came to find you and you we’re scared of the dark when the lamps finally died out.
- “ How did you survive this long in the race then?!” You gave him a muffled explanation about your 5 mini oil lamps and how they never ran out cos you took turns lighting them through the night.
- Johnny shakes his head before letting out a sight and ruffling your hair as you sat on the floor. “ Whatever, as long as you’re ok now.” As you watched his genuine smile you finally begun to feel a little better about this whole ordeal.
- As you finally stopped crying you both suddenly realised how you were simply perched on his lap as you quickly stood up and gave Johnny a shy smile he just could help but feel his face heat up before quickly dismissing the subject and mumbling something about asking you if you wanted any of the bread he was eating or something as he quickly turned and made his way back to the kitchen.

- There was frantic knocking on his door and he was honestly getting quite irritated as he was mid bath. It was a rare chance he got to enjoy hot water in this race’s pit stop and something was interrupting it.
- When he opened the door he was greeted with your messed up crying face of course, this jockey was visibly confused as to what you were doing at his door at 10pm “ Y/N…? Why are you here.” “ I didn’t know anyone else here…and my room blacked out and I-!” you said through choked sobs as you grabbed onto him.
- It didn’t take him long to figure out that you we’re just scared of the dark and it wasn’t a serious emergency. Though he would usually find traits like this annoying, somehow coming from you he can’t help but to find it extremely cute. all he could feel was this burning need to protect you as he pulled you into his much more well lit room.
- Of course, Diego already thinking he found you cute meant that he would use this chance like the sneaky boy he is to pull you into a warm embrace to tell you how everything was fine now that he was here. Of course. Nothing could hurt you now. Not even the dark.
- He gave you a tight squeeze while putting on his best kind and concerned front, asking if you want water or to stay in his room tonight and with you intense head nodding he jus smiled to himself.
- After all if he was given a chance to spend more time with you while not mid-race he surely didn’t mind staring at your cute face to sleep.

Iwaoi - dance au

I’m just doing a lot of random sketches lately. I like them!

I really want nothing more than to have one of those late nights where you’re drunk with someone you care about sitting somewhere quiet like a rooftop or the beach and you begin a conversation that turns into hours of talking about life and slowly everything in the world seems to disappear and you begin to feel alive and awake and aware of yourself and the person sitting next to you and nothing else matters

If you think liking a ship that’s based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding is boring or “vanilla~” then fucking drown me in buttercream and call me a cupcake because I live for that shit.

“true reality s h o w” - Karolina Koryl


Lean On Me | A belated birthday gift to my stupid friend @seveanteen

neil josten with freckles. so many freckles. everywhere. the bridge of his nose is satured with them, but he’s also got splatters of them on his cheekbones, the top of his shoulders, dripping down the whole length of his back, the top of his arms and on his legs where they’re exposed to the sun from the fucking shorts he wears all the time. just. all over. everywhere there’s no scars there’s freckles. he’s a redhead living in the south, okay?? let me have this. let andrew have this. let andrew spend at least twenty minutes a day kissing his goddamn boyfriend’s freckles, you monsters,

Sharing a Bed Sentence Starters

  • “If you tell me one more pun, I’m shoving you off of this bed.”
  • “Quit hogging the blanket.”
  • “You pushed me out of bed in your sleep.”
  • “I woke up in the middle of the night without any blankets and your foot digging into my spine.”
  • “You said the cutest thing in your sleep last night.”
  • “You say the scariest stuff in your sleep.”
  • “When I have a bad dream, just listening to you breathe calms me down.”
  • “Your feet are freezing.”
  • “The dog takes up more of the bed than I do.”
  • “It’s lonely without you in the bed.”
  • “I’m not kidding, you really do snore.”
  • “Can I sleep with you tonight?”
  • “Apparently you’re a sleepwalker.”
  • “I don’t think we need anymore stuffed animals in the bed.”
  • “Can you make the bed today?”
  • “If you have a nightmare, I’m going to be right here for you.”
  • “I miss sleeping with you.”
  • “I love cuddling with you first thing in the morning.”
  • “You’re so beautiful when you’re just waking up.”
  • “Where are you going? It’s late.”
  • “Please come back to bed.”
Suga Daddy: Part 7

Suga Daddy: Part 7

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Words: 9.6k

Genre: Smut, angst, dirty talk, dom!Yoongi

There is another gif in the story that describes the moment I was portraying. Ignore Namjoon’s name on it, lol. Anyway, enjoy :) 

Parts:  one | two | three | four | five | six 

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this is… just another day. but regardless, thank you for all your wishes.

Stalker/Possessive sentences

For the first installment to this meme, check out Stalker Sentence Starters!

“Wear that outfit I like tonight. You know the one.”
“I never want to see you talking to them again.”
“I can’t stop thinking about you.”
“I’ve tried to move on, to think about someone else, but you’re always on my mind.”
“I’m obsessed with you.”
“You looked so precious in your sleep last night.”
“Don’t look at me like that; like you’re afraid of me.”
“Where were you? You’re thirty minutes late!”
“Tell me where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone.”
“You’re not leaving the house dressed like that.”
“It doesn’t matter where you go. I’ll follow you.”
“I can be everything you need if you’ll just give me a chance.”
“They’re no good for you.”
“I don’t like them. Stay away from them.”
“You’ll realize soon enough that no one appreciates you like I do.”
“I just want you to love me like I love you.”
“Look me in the eyes when I talk to you.”
“I see the way you look at them.”
“I want you to say you love me. Say it and mean it.”
“If you leave me, I don’t know what I’ll do.”
“I’m done hiding in the shadows.”
“We’re going to be together forever. Just you and me.”
“Leave them. Leave them and be with me instead.”
“Every time I see you talking to them, it makes my blood boil.”
“Are you just trying to make me angry?!”
“If you’re on your best behavior, I’ll treat you well.”
“Did you find the gifts I’ve been leaving you?”
“I was in your room last night. You looked so peaceful.”
“I’m sorry I stole your shirt. It still smells like you.”
“No one will ever love you as much as I love you.”
“If I can’t have you, no one can have you.”
“No! Shh, shh, don’t yell!”
“I don’t care what your friends have planned, you’re not leaving the house tonight.”