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Hong Seol: “I used to frequently hear that I was sensitive and frustrating to be around. So I worried a lot about that. My conclusion was…“That’s just who I am."”

Jealous - Haechan Scenario

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Request: I want to request a scenario where you’re Hae’s gf and you two buy pet together and you give it a lot of attention since it’s cute and smol and you adore animals,and Hae become jealous/clingy/possessive(in a cute way ofc)…Make it fluff , thank you❤

A/N: it’s 3am and i’m writing about donghyuck being jealous over a cat can u all believe that but i actually loved writing this so much omg

Word count: 512!!

Donghyuck glared at the cat that was sitting on the other side of the room.He though it would be great to adopt a pet with you, thinking that it would make the two of you even closer..But all the cat did was take away all of your attention which left Donghyuck with absolutely nothing.

“You better watch out,you selfish cat” he threatened your cat.Little did he know, you were standing at the doorway, watching him glare at your innocent pet.

“Donghyuck, what in the world are you doing?” you asked him, trying to hold in a laugh.He looked up at you surprised and brushed it off like nothing happened.

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dating nct dream; haechan ver.

thank you for 1k again ♡

-people question how you two even started dating

-before you guys became a thing, you were friends with the rest of the dream team

-but you HATED hae

-he hated you too lmfao

-whenever he saw you coming, he would scoff

-what a bitch smh

-psttt he doesnt actually hate you

-i have this idea in my mind where hae is so afraid of relationships and crushes

-he’d like, jump in front of a car before he liked anyone

-but aH



-so what else is he supposed to do to try and get rid of the crush


-”i dont understand why you hate y/n, they’re exactly like you” -jaemin, once

-hae had to be held back 


-jaemin was like, the only one in the dream team that didnt know about his crush

-”DONT TELL ANYONE” -hae, screeching at jaemin

-”ok man omg” -jaemin

-”GUYS WE GOTTA GET THEM TOGETHER SOMEHOW” -also jaemin in the dream team secret group chat that doesnt include hae bc hE CANT KNOW

-”no wtf i dont wanna die”


-these losers istg

-their plan was to literally TELL YOU HE LIKES YOU


-”??? what is it”


-”lmfao he hates me are you trolling me”


-”you also promised you’d buy me 87 cupcakes”


-”bye guys~”

-”Y/N I THOUGHT YOU LIKED HIM OMG WHAT THE HECK ARE WE EVEN FRIENDS” -jeno, right before youre about to leave the group chat

-”woah what y/n likes hae back holy shit dude”

-”SHUT UP THAT WAS A MONTH AGO” -you, on your way to murder jeno



-and then you left the group chat lmfao

-they make up a plan to try to get you to believe them and these losers end up cornering hae and getting him to tell them why he likes you

-and coughs chenle secretly records it

-”so hae… why do you like y/n?” -jaemin, the king of not being able to be subtle

-hae almost chokes jaemin and chenle records it all omg


-that’s all they could get out of hae so they just sent that to you

-you laughed for 89 years


-”will i what, choke you bc yes, i will na jaemin if you dont drop this”

-jaemin is your guy’s #1 fan

-long story short, they end up telling hae you liked him too

-so now you guys dont hate each other but you guys dont even talk anymore

-it’s so awkward when you sit with the dream team for lunch 

-until one day, jaemin couldnt take it anymore


-you and hae end up going to them movies after a lot of convincing from the boys


-you guys dont talk much but you finally say “let’s just treat each other like we normally did before. i mean, a lot of couples seem to hate each other right? wAIT I MEAN WE’RE NOT A COUPLE YET BUT-”

-”omg i get you it’s ok chill omg” hae finally breathes after 3 hours omg poor baby

-after that, you two began roasting each other again

-the dream team was confused but when they saw you and hae holding hands thEY UNDERSTOOD

-you guys are the couple that insult each other a lot

-also the couple that never says ‘i love you’ bc it’s just a known thing between the two of you

-your contact name is “idiot gilfriend” and his contact name is “idiot boyfriend”

-hae never forgets ANYTHING

-not your birthday, your pet’s birthday, your grandma’s birthday, NOTHING

-he gets you the best gifts bc he knows you the best

-if you ask him to do something cheesy like sing for you, he’d laugh in your face but do it anyway

-you text him at like, 2am with “hae will you send me a voice msg with you singing i cant sleep”

-”wtf dude just youtube it or something”

-you end up sending him memes until he agrees

-his voice is rough and low (he cant wake up the rest of the dream team man) but he sounds great anyway

-it makes you smile so hard

-hae hates doing cheesy things but if he gets to see your lil face light up with a smile, it’s worth it

-your first kiss was probably completely out of the blue

-you kissed him when you found out nct dream got their first win hae was so red omg



-the other boys wre there too and omg they didnt let hae live it down

-jaemin literally said “you guys owe me your first born child and you have to invite me to your wedding smh” after you two pulled away

-you both slapped him

-hae’s favourite thing in the world is christmas with you

-he loves seeing you all bundled up in the winter and carrying 823982394 boxes of presents for your friends

-he wants to tell you you look cute but he ends up telling you you look stupid

-it’s ok bc you know what he’s trying to say

-his lockscreen in a pic of you two holding hands in the falling snow (CREDITS TO MARK)

-hae’s such a sweetheart deep down he has a huge soft spot for you

-his homescreen is you two sleeping omg (your head on his shoulder, his head on top of yours)

-you two probably roast people together lmfao

-you guys are BRUTALLY honest with each other

-”yo y/n is this idea dumb”


-”couldve been a lil nicer smh”

-tl;dr the couple that will fight each other and anybody that looks at their other half funny, will also roast each other and other people ogether but you guys love each other and know that the insults are all jokes so that’s all that matters ♡

Hae Soo: Where are you from, and why are you here?

It constantly fascinates and amuses me how half of the people have problems with Moon Lovers because of the pacing, character development, and plot, while the other half is completely enamored with it because of the same reasons. Honestly, I think they’ve gotten a lot better, and they’re continuing to build the dynamics of the show. People either love it or hate it, but in the end I guess why we have such different opinions is because it really comes down to personal taste. If one thing, I think removing certain scenes is disorienting and takes away from the plot (that scene with Hae Soo and Jung in episode 13 was not in the Korean SBS version, and that was very important) and certain character relationships are created without really showing (for example, I wish we saw more of Baek Ah and Soo’s friendship). 

Reading through the posts on Tumblr, I think people have noticed that Hae Soo has gone from being the smiley, spunky, snarky girl who isn’t afraid of anything to being a very quiet, cautious, distant girl. And I think it’s understandable. This transformation is a part of her character arc. She could no longer afford to be reckless and loud–she had to learn to adapt to the place in order to survive. She’s essentially broken by the death of Lady Hae, and the people she cares are getting hurt around her–that’s enough to make a person fearful. She’s scared of being in the palace. She finally understands what the palace is like and what sort of place it is. 

However, following next week’s episodes, the production team says that we will see a much more mature Hae Soo appearing. As she takes the place of her beloved mother figure, Court Lady Oh, Hae Soo’s position is changing again. Man, this girl has a lot of hardships and ups and downs in her life. Please give her a break. But NO, THE SHOW MUST GO ON AND SHE’S GOTTA SUFFER. 

Like I said before, I think the most powerful scene to come out of episode 12 was between Taejo and Soo. Hae Soo, who is beaten down and hollowed out by her hallowing experiences, and who can only cope by working herself to the bone as a musuri, Taejo sets Soo down on another path. A path to save Goryeo, because he believes it to be her fate and the reason as to why she came here. I think Taejo gives Soo the strength to re-analyze the situation she is in, and draw strength again. 

It broke me apart when Taejo gives Soo advice because he thinks of her as a daughter, because his beloved Soo-Yeon thought of her as a daughter, too. Taejo seems to much wiser than I was lead on to believe, knowing that Ji-Mong is someone who knows what is going to happen in the future and realizes that Soo is the same sort of existence. He warns her not to get involved (like Ji-Mong does), but he also tells her to not to lose what she has now because she has scared of the future. Hae Soo wants to run away, but Taejo gives her the strength again to stand her ground and be brave. I think Taejo sees the potential in her–just as Ji-Mong sees it–and I also think that that may be the reason why Soo came to Goryeo in the first place. Soo’s warm heart and kindness helps everyone, the best example being So as she gives him a future. A future where he steps up to the throne and becomes the king. 

네 힘으로 안될일에 눈을 감고 이 곳 일에 덤덤해지지 않는다면 어딜가든 니 상황은 똑같을게야. 지나치게 앞일에 매여 지금 가진걸 잃진 마라. 수연이에게도 딸이었으면 내게도 딸이어서 해주는 충고야.

“If you turn a blind eye to the things that you cannot fix on your own, and this place does not become peaceful, you will be unhappy wherever you go. Don’t lose what you have now because of the harsh future ahead. If you were a daughter to Soo-Yeon, then you are a daughter to me and this is why I am giving you this advice.”

Taejo also knows that Hae Soo knows that So will become a king–he can see it on her face. And as fate would have it (no matter how So claims he doesn’t believe in it), So was born with the star of the emperor. While his face may have become scarred on the night that such a prophecy was told, and he has spent nearly his entire year being away from the palace, So comes back. And through Hae Soo, she sets him back on the path to becoming emperor. 

Hae Soo is continuously haunted by her knowledge of the future, and her premonitions. She can hear the screams already, she can anticipate the bloodshed that is to come–and she’s bound to watch it all unfold. Now, is that a curse or a blessing? 

But we know that above all, Hae Soo will choose to help others. She wants the people she cares about to be happy, even if it costs her own happiness. She loves so deeply. And with that, I think she’ll continue to tread carefully in the palace she has so come to fear in order to protect those she loves. 

We see her continue to forge forward when Taejo gives her the task to bring the Crown Prince to the palace. 

She’s given a way to differentiate who to trust and not to trust–those who ask her how the emperor is are the ones to trust while those who ask if he has died are the ones who are vying for the throne. 

This was a brief, fleeting moment between her and General Park. I found it intruging. He seems shocked that she’s come out of the emperor’s room, but I think he also realizes that she’s going to play an important role in all of this, between the battle of the princes. LIKE I FEEL LIKE THIS IS TOO MUCH FORESHADOWING *SCREAMS* 

I can understand why people may be frustrated with Hae Soo and how she has no goals… but honestly, I think we’re supposed to be figuring this out with her. She doesn’t know why she came to Goryeo, and neither do we. She does her best to survive, to live, to adapt to the situations she’s pressed up against. She fights. She breaks. And she will rise to fight again. She falls in love, gets her heart broken, and will fall in love again. 

Following Wook’s betrayal, Soo cannot let go of So. I think she’s never been able to let go of So–the two of them have been through too much together for her to let go of him completely. While she was in love with Wook, her mind has also been focused on So. And it wasn’t always love. She cared for him as a human being, as a friend. But slowly, slowly, her mind begins to waver. Like she said, she doesn’t know where her heart is headed. he’s the epic love of your life

We see the change in the interactions between So and Soo before and after Soo’s meeting with Taejo. 

Soo: Please don’t throw yourself away because of me. 

Hae Soo’s had enough of people getting hurt because of her. That’s why she pushes So away because of fear that he’ll get hurt. 

But she continues to waver. Because he continously approaches her, it’s difficult for her to ignore him. 

And so… 

Soo: What if you were to become Emperor? 

I love the way her eyes change when she looks at So and she straight-up asks him what he would do if he became the king.

But all So really wants is to get married with her, and hopes that she will have freedom. He wants to be with her without any restrictions. If he has her, then he needs nothing else. HE JUST WANTS TO GIVE HER EVERYTHING THIS PRECIOUS WOLF CUB But Hae Soo already knows that he cannot leave the palace, for his fate is here. And she cannot take him away from it. 

Here is another interesting parallel: while Yeonhwa is the king-maker, the god above the princes, it’s actually Hae Soo who sets So down on the path to become the emperor–it’s her who first ignites the fire. 

“She is water: soft enough to offer life, tough enough to drown it away.”
– Rupi Kaur


In Hae Soo & Wang So’s defense. There is only so much one can take. Both are in a cut-throat environment where if you don’t change you die. .

I understand Hae Soo wanting to leave the palace. She can’t marry the King and she can’t really stay with him either. She puts up a front and claims she understands, but how long can one stand seeing the person you love with another until you finally break.

In regards to Wang So “changing”. I would say he’s more evolving rather that going through a complete 180. He still is the same person who loves Baek Ah and Hae Soo and is willing to protect them at any cost. He’s adapting to his toxic environment not changing his personality.

anonymous asked:

Could you write a Zion.t scenario where you are out clubbing together, you are dating, but a ssaseng fan wants to start trouble with you?

As soon as the bouncer saw the two of you near the entrance of the club he waved you through. You bowed your head slightly as a sign of gratefulness. Whenever you were with your boyfriend they all treated you completely different, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. You found it odd and uncomfortable at first, but with time you got used to it. After all he was a public figure.

You both were on the way to the VIP area of the club, where your friends were already waiting for you, when Hae-sol spotted one of his old friends near the bar. He placed his hand on your lower back and leaned in to you ear. “There’s someone I know. Go first, I’ll be right there.“ he said loudly into your ear to drown out the loud music and gently pushed you into the direction of the secluded area, after giving you a warm smile. You nodded your head and turned on your heels. But you were stopped in your track. Surprised by the warm hand on your shoulders, you turned around. In front of you stood a tall girl, who didn’t seem happy at all. You wondered whether you knew her, but your thoughts were interrupted when you felt a stingy feeling on your cheek. Your hands instinctively grabbed the red spot. You looked at her in disbelief while your jaw dropped wide open. "What the hell?!“ You yelled at her, still shocked by what just happened.

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(FAN ACCOUNT) 150404 D&E Japan Tour - Eunhyuk Donghae 

at the beginning hae asked if he can take off his cloth then hyuk “let’s take off together, everyone too”. then hyuk really tried to pull -..donghae was recalling body’s part in japanese while pointing at his own then suddenly hyukjae “chikubi” and pointed at hae’s left nipple wtf..then hyuk stared at hae’s body up and down, stopped at his crotch area and hae screamed “where are you looking !!!” hyuk “your that” I DIED..down hae’s zipper and hae slapped him lmao elf screamed and hyuk “see I told you they like this kind of thing” hae “pervert !!!” HAHAHAHA..hyuk literally said “omae no soko” means your that hahahahahah fucking eunhae..

fan acc by::hyukarmpits 

pics by::日本菲菲]

150322 D&E Coex Fansign: Adorable Donghae  'Go back to America! Sweeite'ㅋㅋ

Fan: Annyeonghaseyo~ (he didn’t seem to hear it)

Hae: (Looking at the post-it where my nickname was written) my sweeRie~ (i handed over him my album and waited until he finished signing)

Fan: (While getting back my album) I just came back from my vacation..

Hae: (Surprised) Oh!!!! You are Korean?!!?!! (Youngsun Managernim burst out laughing, Hyuk who was signing that time also looked ㅋㅋ)

* Hyuk looked like he was about to say something but then Donghae said “ No..But her name!! it’s english!!!! *

* Back to the conversation *

Hae: Where did you go(for vacation)?

Fan: In America~

Hae: America is nice, why did you come back~ go back! go back! *in english* Go back to America!

* Correct is “My Sweetie” but Hae pronounced it as “Sweerie” & spelled it as “Sweeite” ^^ *

Fan (To Hyuk): Annyeonghaseyo~

Hae: Ya! she said she cam from America!!!!

Hyuk: o0o

Fan: No, for vacation~ i went there for vacation~

Hae: But still!! [c]


1:30 - Hyuk said he and Hae are recording the new album, about 20 songs!