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Reading Like a Writer

One of the most common pieces of writing advice is to read. Important, but vague. An easy way to analyze novels to become a better writer is to sort what you read into what you don’t like and what you do like. Spend some time thinking–whether alone, in writing, or through conversation–about what makes you like or dislike the writing, and brainstorm ways that the writing could have been improved or changed.

Here are some possible dislikes and likes that you might notice when reading:

What You Don’t Like: 

  • Boring spots that you skim through
  • Unnecessary scenes that don’t advance the plot
  • Confusing sub-plots
  • Chunky dialogue 
  • Characters acting outside their character
  • Poorly done tropes 
  • Too much telling, not enough showing
  • Too much showing, not enough telling
  • Overly flowery prose
  • Big words for the sake of big words
  • One-dimensional villains
  • Lack of distinctive voices

What You Do Like: 

  • Twists on tropes 
  • Scenes where you felt like you were a part of that world
  • Characters you think about after the book ends
  • Clever plot twists
  • Good information reveal
  • Villains and antagonists that keep you on your toes
  • Characters that know what they want
  • Characters forced to make sacrifices 
  • Side-characters that have personalities of their own
  • Scenes so intense that you find yourself peeking at the next page
  • Protagonists with flaws that hold them back
  • Scenes where you felt the emotions conveyed

If you ever feel sad just imagine that there’s an alternate universe where you are a fictional character and everyone absolutely loves you and your flaws. People make blogs and lovely edits of you and probably ship you with your best friend. They have your funny one-liners you thought nobody heard as their bios. Even better, people make fanart of you. They pretend you’re a chief, or a scuba diver in some alternate universe of their own. Some people attempt to replicate your personality because they love it so much. Others dress as you for Halloween. Imagine an alternate universe where you are so unbelievably loved from people you don’t know exist.

Dating Tommy Holland might include:

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  • him laughing when he tries to teach you proper English table mannerisms
  • you trying really hard because you want to make him proud
  • “I guess you are too adorable to be proper, eh?”
  • if you are short: he would bring it up any chance he was given
  • because he is used to being the youngest and the shortest
  • he is pretty deviant and quite sly
  • you soon understand why Seb and Robert call him a little asshole
  • he tries so hard to open doors for you and pull out a chair and get your coat
  • he whines when you do them yourself
  • he whines in general
  • he’s a big baby and you take care of him often
  • when he is sick he will play it like he is dying so that you will take care of him
  • because he loves your cooking
  • praises it
  • he will often shower you in what you call over exaggerated compliments
  • but he calls them understatements of blatant facts
  • he can and will take any aspect about you and ramble about how much he adores it
  • but he is also the person where if you mention a flaw you see about yourself and genuinely would like to change it for the better; he will give you constructive advice and help you in anyway that he can
  • he wants you to love yourself as much as he does
  • hand holding
  • inconvenient hand holding
  • always touching in someway
  • an arm around you
  • glaring
  • at any man that walks past
  • even Harrison
  • just because
  • some random on the street
  • gave you a cat call
  • he was physically ready to slice of their arm
  • and beat them with it
  • “Guysss, I’m really homesick“ :(
  • “Tom, you just went home to grab a hoodie and came back seven minutes ago?”
  • “I knowww. But (Y/n) isn’t here…”
  • because home is where the heart is
  • “She left to get some coffee. You hugged her three minutes ago– what is wrong with you?”

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My feeling on the noora/yousef thing was more pointing to the fact that sana never confided in her friends, was never open about her personal life or problems. Of course most of the fault lies with the girls for never even asking apparently but sana was also keeping herself closed off in a way and I think that's what that is about. Like if sana had told noora from the beginning she wouldn't have done that. she was trying to get away from her hurt feelings

anon 2:

the point I see about noora/yousef is that sana needs to tell people how she feels bc they can’t read her mind. noora and sana are very alike here (as in many things) they want others to open up, and to help out, but they keep their own feelings for themselves. and now noora gets to experience how it is to be protected from the truth the way she did to vilde. maybe it’s also a way for both noora and yousef to get sana to open up. tho I don’t think they understand how hurt she’ll get.

… also. i don’t think either yousef or noora knows how important they are to sana. she comes across as so self sufficient and strong that it’s hard to read her. it’s true that sana’s friends haven’t been there for her, but it’s also true that she haven’t let them in.

these messages hit on similar themes, so i hope it’s okay that i grouped them together! and like okay, i can kind of see that? but i also feel like that hasn’t been a strong enough theme throughout the season on its own for me to feel like this moment works as a clear progression/advancement of a conflict to help her work through it. like, it’d be different if we’d had scenes where her friends–the girls, isak, anyone–had just asked sana if something was bothering her, or if everything was okay, or just generally what was going on in her life, and she shrugged and played it off instead of taking the opportunity to confide in them. but those opportunities haven’t been presented, at least as far as we’ve seen. isak has been concerned about mikael, even, and school, and the girls have been concerned about their own love lives, partying, and the russbuss. those are the extent of the conversations we’ve seen sana have with her friends this season.

when it comes to romantic relationships specifically, multiple times in those conversations, we’ve also seen her friends, esp noora and vilde, actually assume that sana doesn’t have any of these problems–not that she’s just private and doesn’t want to talk about them, but telling her, to her face, how lucky she is that she doesn’t have them. those assumptions aren’t, i think, malicious or intended to be harmful, and they likely are built on having been friends with sana for a year and having seen/heard how cool, collected, and generally unbothered by this topic she seems to have always been. but they still create a weight of expectations, particularly when voiced like that, that can be really hard to break. esp for sana as someone who thrives on feeling in control and has built this image with her friends of being trustworthy and respectable bc she is so perceptive and confident, contradicting those assumptions might feel like giving up a lot more of herself than she has ever been shown to be comfortable with.

on another note, we’ve also seen that those assumptions are usually tied to the girls’ perception of islam. some of that perception may be drawn from what sana mentioned about relationships, dating, and marriage with the jamilla subplot in s2. but i think it’s fair to say, based on sana’s reactions throughout this season, that a lot of it is misinformed and not rooted in an attempt to understand sana’s faith and how it impacts her interest in dating and romance. what that creates, as we saw in the very first clip of the season, are moments where sana gets pushed to the defensive, or else has to listen to at the very best insensitive comments about her religion that become moments where she is made to feel other. that’s a shitty thing to feel. it’s disheartening to think that things are still this way for sana even after a year of being friends with these girls, and even after something like the jamilla subplot, which would have been a perfect opportunity for the girls to have asked sana respectfully to share more about traditions surrounding marriage and dating within islam and how she related those to herself. the fact that they don’t seem to have bothered, but still feel entitled to make jokes to the effect of haha you’re so lucky you don’t have to worry about this stuff and other comments that misrepresent the complexity of her position here, leaves it…..understandable that sana would feel less than comfortable opening this topic with them, again esp when everyone is assuming to her face that this stuff is a total non-issue for her.

idk i guess that i would feel better about the idea that this moment is setting up a ~lesson for sana in opening up to her friends more if we had seen more substantial groundwork for it throughout the season. with isak, we saw multiple points in the first half of s3 where jonas asked him what was wrong and he chose to brush it off and not say anything bc he wasn’t ready. we had seen that, we knew the potential was there, and we were all dying for isak to act on it, so something like the end of 3.05 and the explosive break between isak and his friends at the end of that last clip felt more like a situation of “okay, i can see how he’s isolated himself and that’s made this feel worse, but i can also see how this could get better on his end if he opens up and talks to someone, and i really hope he decides he’s ready to do that soon.” but with sana, we haven’t seen that groundwork. there has been no moment, that i can recall, where any of her friends have asked her about her life or her personal struggles. there has been no moment where she has turned down the opportunity to confide in her friends bc there has been no moment where any of her friends have offered it. there has been no moment this season where she has “failed” in that regard, which means there has been no moment where this point has been identified, clearly and explicitly, as a point of focal growth for her. for that reason, if this was meant to be the start of a lesson, it feels lost on me.

Quick shout to all the writers out there that are too afraid to pursue that itch in their soul to write the thing. My friend, write the thing. We are our own worst critics. We writers are our own cruelest foes. 

But someone, somewhere, will love what you make. They will read your words and their toes will curl and they’ll fall in love with your story because where you only see flaws and imperfections, they see the sun rising on an entirely new world that you have crafted for them. A whole new place for them to go to; to touch, to see, to feel.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, love, because someone out there will read what you write and be grateful that you shared it. 

I want to wrap my arms around you, while hearing the rhythm of our heartbeats collide
as i look at you, admiring every single detail, every flaw
And smile, as you where one of the brightest stars who stole the show in the night sky
—  Viola CN ‘’You’’
I want to live in a world
where emotions are not belittled.
Where they are seen
as the most important
and holy
of truths.
I want to live in a world
where vulnerability is celebrated
and not shamed.
Where people don’t tell you to
‘stop being so sensitive’.
Where the cynics don’t call you
I want to live in a world
where people are connected with their sexuality
and with the sexuality of others.
Where decent people don’t say
'this was nothing you’re just a fine piece of ass’
after they have sex with you.
I want to live in a world
where friends don’t treat friends like shit.
Where you don’t have to demand the apologies
you know you deserve.
I want to live in a world
where you don’t have to continuously explain to
straight white men
why you don’t like Donald Trump.
'I think he’s a cunt’
is enough of a reason.
Where you can mention the still prevalent
gender inequality within society
without being called a 'feminazi’.
Where you can have conversations with people
without consistently being talked over.
I want to live in a world where
tears are fucking beautiful.
Where, when somebody cries,
everybody gathers around to hold them
because that is the duty of humanity
and that is the law of empathy.
I want to live in a world
where you don’t have to keep on saying sorry
for things you are not sorry for.
Where people don’t complain about your flaws,
saying you’re too this
or too that.
I want to live in a world
where Love is the greatest currency
and money
is just a means to an end.
Where Life is prioritised over economic growth.
Where people don’t crave control over others.
I want to live in a world
where you don’t have to be afraid.
Where you can have faith in the law
and the system.
Where you don’t have to consistently
be on your guard.
And armour yourself in apathy.
And fall out of sync
with the beat
of your heart.
I want to live in a world
where you can be an idealist
without everybody thinking
you’re a fool.
I Hate You - (A Chen One Shot)

“Yah! Are you ready? You’re taking forever! The guys are waiting for us.” You heard your roommate Minhee shriek from the living room.

“Remind me who’s going again,” you continued painstakingly drawing in your eyeliner, smiling when you finished the second wing. A few sweeps of mascara and you were ready.

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How to Study for AP Language and Composition!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post so since school is right around the corner, I thought I’d make another studying post. AP Lang is a big one because according to the collegeboard, it’s the AP exam that most people take. It also tends to fall during junior year for most people which just happens to be one of the most stressful years of your life. I know a lot of people that struggled with AP Lang so here’s how I got an A in the class both semesters and a 5 on the AP exam.


I can’t stress how important this is. At my school, AP Lang was basically world lit as well so we had to know various works of literature from around the globe along with somewhat detailed facts about the history of that region. My teacher always had lectures and more often than not, the little minute details discussed in those lectures were on the test. Again, I’m not sure how it is at other schools but regardless, taking notes is a life saver. Taking notes will help you remember key vocab, literary terms that you don’t know, analysis of the reading and so much more. What I did whenever we had a lecture was take notes on everything my teacher said that was important and then I organized them more neatly at home based on the topic. This could be the difference between the A and the B. Review the notes periodically each unit and you should be even more prepared for the test and the AP exam.


The writing portion of the AP Lang exam is 55% so doing well on it is crucial for the 5. Don’t blow off any of the writing exercises in class and take in class or test essays seriously. They’re a good indicator of what the AP exam is like and it’s good to gauge where you’re at so you can improve. What I also recommend is to look at old AP exam essay prompts and try to brainstorm a rough outline as if you were to write the essay. This will make you more prepared to think quickly during the AP exam. Your teacher can help you the most on this. Always read the comments they leave on your corrected paper. They can help you pinpoint your flaws and where you need to improve. Basically there are three essays on the AP exam: the Rhetorical Strategies Analysis, the Synthesis, and the Argumentative essay.

Rhetorical Strategies Analysis a.k.a. The Surgeon

This is the essay most of the people I know struggled with. You’re given an article or a speech and you’re asked to analyze how the literary devices the author used help get their point across. For this essay knowing the rhetorical strategies is key. There are the obvious such as parallelism, metaphor, and simile and then there are the not so obvious such as anaphora, apostrophe, and antithesis. Tone and diction are also two common devices analyzed. Practice is key for this one and my teacher had us analyze tens of speeches and articles both from past AP exams and not to become more experienced at recognizing the different devices employed and their use in the piece. Practice makes perfect so look up famous speeches (JFK has some good ones) and see if you can find some devices in the piece and how they help the writer/speaker get their point across.

Synthesis a.k.a. the Scientist 

This type of essay will seem familiar for those of you who have taken AP World or APUSH. It’s practically the DBQ but not about history. For those of you who don’t know of the DBQ or how it works, basically you’re given a prompt and a number of documents (They can be charts, graphs, articles, cartoons, pictures, websites) that you have to use to support your argument in response to the prompt. This essay, like all of the essays, requires practice. Practice looking at old AP exams and seeing if you could formulate your argument and try grouping the documents you’d use to support it into paragraphs (try to use all of them or almost all). 

Argumentative a.k.a. the Lawyer

This essay is the most familiar because we’ve been doing it for most of our school career. This is the atypical 6 paragraph argument essay found on the ACT and SAT. You get a prompt and write about whether you agree or disagree and why. 

To wrap things up in the essay category, practice makes perfect. Practice looking at old prompts and practice writing the essays. One other thing to mention is to BE SOPHISTICATED! Yes, it deserves all caps to be bolded and italicized. Your essay can have the best arguments and best analysis but if you’re being informal with slang, contractions, and a lack of a developed vocabulary, it will hurt you. Always write your essay as professional and sophisticated as possible and avoid cliche expressions such as “pull at the heart strings”.


While the writing is worth the most, the multiple choice can kill your grade if you aren’t good at it. I know of several people who are amazing writers but got 3s and 4s on the exam because they were bad on the multiple choice. The multiple choice consists of 5-6 passages from novels, plays, poems - essentially any work of literature, with questions on rhetorical strategies (yes, those again) and message among other things. Practice, practice, practice. Do as much multiple choice as you can to get a feel for the types of questions they ask and how to approach them. My teacher even had us come up with our own questions so we could better understand the writers’ mind frame when coming up with the exam. You’ll only get better at multiple choice if you put in the effort to try to improve. Please don’t blow it off, because it could ruin your score on the AP exam. The novels and stuff you read in class is good practice for the level of difficulty of the multiple choice. So be an engaged reader and you’ll improve in no time.

Well, hope that was helpful and that it gives you guys a good idea of what to expect in AP Lang and on the AP Lang exam. If you have any questions, feel free to hit up my inbox! Good Luck!

Y’know, in my experience as an artist, I think the most painful feeling is being unsatisfied with your work. Not straight up loathing what you create because you see yourself as an awful artist; but the feeling that you have artistic talent, knowing you can make a picture that looks good, but at the same time you understand where all of your flaws are, and not knowing where to start with fixing them. 
For me it’s always been backgrounds and line art, I can never seem to be satisfied with either of these things. I could look up a tutorial, sure, but how much will I really learn from it if the tutorials I find don’t fit my style? Should I try to change my style to fit the background, or try to change the background to fit my style?
And then with line art, I have so much trouble making it look natural. My sketches look good, but when I try to line them it looks rigid and weird, and I’m not patient enough to just color sketches or do lineless/paintings like some people have suggested. Plus coloring the sketches is just too messy looking for what I want my style to be. I want my art to look clean and smooth, but THEN something like that is too time consuming for things like ask blogs, which I try to make more like slice of life comics than just people ask questions and this character does a thing. I want my character to feel natural, like someone you’d actually meet… even though the majority of my characters are giant magical monsters.
Idk, I’m just rambling bc I’m so… unsatisfied with everything I’ve been drawing recently, which is probably why I haven’t posted on my blogs for a bit, woops. 

Journal Prompts for Self-Compassion

From various internet sites

1.       Write about yourself as if you were describing a character in a book. Highlight sections that give negative descriptions and ask yourself whether this is how others see you or how you see yourself. Avoid incorporating personal information or anything that would not be evident to someone describing you from brief observation. Reflect on the differences between this description and the way you actually feel about yourself. 

2.      Think of someone you know and admire. Write down the things that make them less than perfect. Highlight their flaws and vices and reflect on why you are able to admire them despite these shortcomings. You may find that they are a lot more flawed than you expected, but for different reasons than yourself. You may also find that you succeed in many of the areas where they fail. Write a bit about why you forgive their flaws but have trouble forgiving your own. 

3.      Write double spaced and let it all out. Write about why you’re feeling sad, how it feels, when it started. Write about yourself and the things you’re struggling with. Challenge yourself to write the most personal things that are troubling you, dig deeply and don’t censor yourself. With a different coloured pen, write in the lines you skipped by double spacing. Answer the line above as though a friend had confessed it to you and asked for help. Give advice, regardless of how feeble. Be as kind in your responses as you would be to a friend going through trouble. Don’t criticize, console. Tell yourself it will be alright. You might find that it’s easier to forgive when it feels like you’re forgiving someone else. 

4.      Answer the following questions as objectively as possible: 

Why do you criticize yourself and your life more than you criticize other people?

What is the standard you’re holding yourself against? Would you hold anyone else up to that standard? If no, then why? Is it an impossible standard?

Does anyone have all the positive qualities that you have, as well as the ones you wish you had? 

How many of your own qualities might be envied by others?  

What would you tell someone who wishes they had your positive qualities instead of their own?

5.      List the things that make you happy. Don’t include people you can’t see, things you can’t have, or places you can’t go. Only list things that are conceivably available at any time. Look back on this list next time you’re bored, sad, or lonely and try to surround yourself with the things you have listed. Focus on how happy you are that you have these things in your life, and don’t let yourself stomp out the warm feeling.

6.      When I’m in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing I can do for myself is…

7.      Make a list of the people in your life who genuinely support you, and who you can genuinely trust.

8.      What would you do if you loved yourself unconditionally? What would that look like? How can you act on these things whether you do or don’t?

9.      Name a compassionate way you’ve supported a friend recently. Then write down how you can do the same for yourself.

10.  Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to.

11.   Make a list of everything you’d like to say yes to.

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Hi hun~ hope you're doing wonderful! So, I always wanted to know why Amy boom doesn't show her feelings to sonic, so I have this little head canon that there was a moment when she decided to stop following Sonic around and start acting more grown up, but, Sonic not necessarily likes the change. I would like to see you write something with that. sorry if is not clear enough :P but you can do whatever you want with it, I just want to read some Sonamy boom. You are an incredible writer <3

I have my own theories on that, where Amy figures Sonic’s ‘cool-guy attitude’ means he’s not interested, when he may actually just be doing his version of ‘flirting’.

But I like this idea and I’ll go with it ;) I think Modern Sonic would get a bit suspicious if Amy stopped being so ‘doting’ on him and wonder if he upset her. So this kind of ‘worry/concern’ or ‘did I do something wrong?’ (supposing he noticed, lol!) could transfer over in hilarious ways to Boom!Sonic. Since… he’s technically a ‘chibi’ version of Sonic, as in he emotes WAY MORE than Modern Sonic usually allows for his emotions to be expressed.

(x) this is so cute xD


Sonic was snoozing off in his hammock, not really stressing as it was a warm day and some light was hitting his body just right while the rest of his face was laid in shadow.

Jumping into his dreams, we find him having more of a ‘replayed memory’ type of dream, where Amy, looking very nerdy with glasses, was doting on Sonic as he posed and seemed to arrogantly be looking over his bandages.

“There gonna be the new sensation.” he turned his hand back and forth, admiring his fashion sense, before frowning to her as she fawned.

“You’re so cool, Mr. Sonic~” she lifted a leg up, blinking her big eyes as he looked away, looking less than interested.

“Right, well. Of course, I’m Sonic The Hedgehog!”

“Right! And I’m-”

He put a finger to her mouth.

“Not important. Look, you gotta go… what? Study something, right?”

“U-uh,… archaeology, Mr. Sonic.” She pushed her dorky glasses up.

“Heh, sounds neat. PFft. Anyway, catch ya later!”

She frowned as he raced off, before looking angry and taking her glasses off.

“I’ll show him! Hah!” she threw her glasses down and smashed them, storming off as Sonic passed Tails, also having braces and looking very dorkish.

“Wow! It’s Sonic!”

“Ugh, I’d rather be caught dead than have nerds as friends!” He rolled his eyes.

Sonic woke up, in a bit of a shock, before rubbing his eyes and looking down.

“Wow, I really was a jerk back then!” he moved his feet off the hammock, and let his hands and head hang down a moment. “…I really shot her down… didn’t I?” He scratched the back of his head.

Then an idea popped back into his head. “Hang on…” he tilted his head up, perking his ears slightly. “If she doted on me once…” he looked to the window, before darting over to a scrapbook and opening it up, “Good thing Amy randomly makes these things for us.” He looked at a page she organized and saw a picture of them younger, her having drooped eyes up at him while he made an epic pose and tried to be the center of the picture.

He tightened his mouth’s line, and then smirked, closing the book.

“You can never get over your first love…~” he turned to bounce his eyelids and then took off.

Sprucing himself up, he thought he looked pretty good, but Amy would just walk passed him, under the impression he was just being a little weirder today, and continued her chores and other such things.

He tried to first help her fetch water from a well, but while trying to impress her, fell in and had to have Sticks bark to Amy that he was stuck.

The next time he tried helping with groceries, but he had carried too many and the bags all broke, causing Knuckles to follow the trail of food and eat all that she had bought.

The last straw was when Amy was trying to sunbathe, and he was so bored just laying down that he tried to entertain her, but ended up kicking sand all over her. To make matters worst, he brought out a boombox and started dancing, trying to show off that way and get Amy to fawn on him again. But according to Sticks, Sonic’s ‘ancient rain dance’ had sparked the storm of a century, and the gang all huddled in Amy’s home, as Tails freaked out with thunder and would crawl deeper into the huddled bunch, shivering.

“This is all my fault.” Sonic looked away, admitting it for once.

“Sonic? Are you okay? For one, you don’t admit you’re mistakes THAT easily, and two, you’ve been trying to do nice things for me, which is CLEARLY against the natural order unless you’re naturally in trouble. So what gives? Why have you been tormenting me all day?!” Amy was on the other side of him, across from Knuckles, Tails’s twin tails since his head was pushed further into the couch, and Sticks.

“I.. I just missed the old days, alright?!”  he looked away, not wanting to have this conversation.

“Old days? What are you talking about?” Amy blinked in confusion, as Knuckles laughed.

“Old days? Haven’t we always been this age?”

One of Tails’s tails whacked him on the side of his face.

“Ouch! Hey..”

“I don’t understand.” Amy looked more concerned now.

Sonic sighed, growing frustrated under the blanket that they were all using to dry off and keep warm.

“You… you thought I was so cool back then! Everything I did had no flaw, no blemish… all of a sudden, all you ever do is point out my flaws, where I trip up at, where I don’t measure up to your ‘perfect’ image or whatever.” he looked away, rolling his eyes, shaking his head, before looking…. kinda hurt.

“I just wanted to be liked again.”

Everyone but Tails looked over at him, but Tails’s tails did turn as if heads, as all eyes looked perplexed by his confession.

“Oh, Sonic.” Amy smiled, bending her own eyelids back to show more fondness in them, a tender look of love. “We barely knew each other back then. There are way more things I like about you now!”

“There are?” he turned back, before getting freaked out by everyone staring at him.

“Oi! Get your own conversation!”

Everyone immediately turned to one tail of Tails’s, and started conversing and talking about odd and in things to them, as they also pretended to move around and speak as well.

Then thunder hit and Knuckles, Tails’s tails, and Sticks all ducked under the blanket, leaving Amy and Sonic having some privacy.

“Well, now that we’re alone.” Amy sarcastically stated, making a funny face. She giggled, “I don’t quite get what you’re saying, Sonic. I usually don’t. But You’re much more caring about your friends then you were before. You accept us the way we are, and you always do your best to keep us safe and happy.” she beamed, and Sonic felt pretty good about himself for a second, even closing his eyes to motion his head up, taking in the praise.

But then his eyes blinked and he looked away, “But you… um…” he shifted his eyes to her, and then back away.

Eyes peeked up from the blanket.


They ducked under.

“Sheesh.” Sonic shook his head, looking upset by their ‘rudeness’ before clearing his throat and gesturing to her, still being a bit shy.

“You don’t act like you used too… still.” he looked away, folding his arms and ducking his head, a bit insecure on asking why that was.

“…Oh, um.” Amy turned nervous, giggling slightly and twiddling her fingers. “W-well, I’ve grown up, Sonic… I… I may not always show it as much as I ‘regrettably’ used too but I… I still… well,-”

The team all peeked up again.


The gang ducked their heads as Knuckles’s fists came up and bonked Tails on the head from underneath the blanket.

“I told you that was less than 5!”

“Sticks bumped it and it was reset! I had to start it up again from my best estimate!”

The thunder strikes again.


Tails dug up cushions and hid under them as the two sighed beside him.

“Go on.” Sticks stated from under the blanket. “Our apologies.”

Amy and Sonic looked back up to each other, and then away as Sonic folded his arms, looking nervous as Amy played with one of her quills, stroking it down and sucking her lips in.

“…Alright, I kinda… I feel bad about how I treated you back then.”

“How you treated us all..” Tails muttered, as Sonic glared.



“Thank you.” he looked back to Amy, “But I honestly don’t want you acting any way, shape, or form out of who you naturally are! I’m sorry for making you feel you had to ‘grow up’ but I just want you to know that-”

Amy suddenly placed a hand on his mouth, smiling, “…Not important.” she winked, “Thank you, Sonic. But it wasn’t completely you that made me want to change. I grew up without you influencing it. Haha!” she laughed and then lowered her finger, pushing against his chest playfully.

“I wanted to change. And I’m glad I did.”

“..But..” Sonic pouted, looking away. “You don’t … react the same way around me as you used too.”

“Hehe, why? Want me to start cuddling up to you again?” Amy teased, moving closer and blinking her eyes a lot.

He scooted back, “N-not a chance!”

She laughed, leaning back. “Then I think I’ll stay just the way I am!”

He sighed, before giving in and nodding, scratching the back of his head. “But I think… I may want to change now… just a bit. You know,… for even more untapped levels of awesomeness to be expressed.” he chilled back, going back to his usual self as Amy wondered what that could mean.

Was he going to change for her?


The three all threw the blanket off, gasping for air.

“Oh boy.” Tails tapped out, leaning back with his stopwatch. “I didn’t know how long I could take the heat anymore.”

“Your tails are too hot!” Sticks kicked them away, growing as they flopped around before Tails withdrew them back around him.

“Eh-heh. Sorry.” he looked apologetic before the rain dissipated.

“Hey! It’s sunny again!”

The gang turned around, but as everyone looked outside, Sonic looked to Amy, who felt eyes on her and turned to look at him.

The two smiled.

Have you ever been mistreated for being yourself?

By the word yourself, meaning flawed. You grew up having used to pimple breakouts, having darker and uneven skin tone with patches of scars and marks that you constantly want to hide. Being that kid who grew up in a middle class family who can’t even reach society’s unrealistic standard of beauty.

It’s hard, right. You grew up thinking that you need to be beautiful in order to be respected. You need to hide those hideous trademark of yours so you won’t lose your dignity. But the main question is, are you really happy with your life? Is their happiness, your happiness? Are you prepared to lose and deny yourself to gain society’s respect?

Don’t! “Love yourself first and most”, very common and overused but it’s really “you” that matters the most. Those patches of scars belongs to your childhood, those beautiful memories under the glimmering sun. Your marks represents yourself, how you overcome all odds and every trials and where you are right now. Your flaws define yourself as a person, on how well you lived life.

It’s okay to have curves, it’s okay to have darker skin tone, it’s okay to have stretch marks - it’s okay to be “you” and there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! We’re just humans after all, we’re all flawed creatures and that’s our identity trademark. Own yourself, girl! Love and protect every bits and pieces of yourself because you belong to yourself. Eat more, live more, have a happier life because you deserved it too.
—  (d.g)
You think you aren’t beautiful because you only see yourself when you’re unhappy. When you’re looking in the mirror and finding every single flaw, or in a picture where you forced a smile. What you don’t ever see is how you look when you’re truly happy. The way your face scrunches up when you’re laughing with your friends, or the unending passion in your eyes when talking about something or someone you love. The warm worry that radiates from your expression when someone you care about is hurting. Mirrors and photos cannot capture your happiness. You have to see it to truly know. So believe me when I say you are beautiful, because I have seen you in these moments, and it was purer and more angelic than you could ever imagine.
—  Skye

Sugar babes are now, unfortunately, a dime a dozen. It’s still not completely publicly known but it’s gotten a lot more attention over the years through word of mouth. It’s position got promoted from prostitution and gold digger to companion and gold digger! Haha! It’s become something an individual may come to accept while it’s still taboo to the mass majority. Now you got sugar cubes runnin’ around thinkin’ they know what they’re doin’, and that they got it allllll figured out. 

Well good for them! Here’s a frickn’ gold-star sticker!

These days, it’s a little harder for SD’s to find the right SB’s, just like how it’s getting more difficult for us SB’s to find the right SD’s. The amount of salt and pepper has risen. The salty are cheap in all manners. The pepper…….well let’s just agree that they just don’t belong because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

Something to help you along the way to bring your best to the bowl. My advice? Be gold!

And I don’t mean consider yourself to be the prize of the picking, the top of the top, best thing since sliced bread. That’s kind of just shy of being full of yourself. Be confident and classy, not entitled and trashy.

Did you know that gold, unlike other metals, are always cool to the touch. Gold is relatively un-reactive and the temperature of gold becomes unaffected by body heat when touched. 

When discovered it was considered, and probably still is considered, to be the perfect metal. Precious, rare, un-reactive, and, of course, pretty and shiny!

1. Be rare!

You want to be like a travelling show that only comes into town every three years. Of course, invest in your looks because that’s what will allow you to have the foot in the door from day 1. But looks will only get a girl so far into the game. Makeup has made it possible for almost any girl to look like a hot piece but what makes a girl rare is looks and brains. You have to keep in mind, SD’s aren’t sniveling 20-something year olds, complaining about how their manager put them on a double shift. No, SD’s are more than likely, well-educated, well-mannered and well off individuals. They know how to invest and increase their value by triple in the next two years. They know how to work the room and have an intelligent conversation with business partners and strike a deal at the end. Looks just won’t cut it. Invest in your own intelligence and know about the world and current events. Don’t just learn what you’re studying in school, know it. Intelligence will make you out to be that rare girl who has a bangin’ body but has the sexiest mind.

2. Be precious!

Just as much as you want to invest in your intellect, invest in your attitude and personality. No SD is going to want a SB that is negative with a sailor’s mouth. You want to be a babe that an SD feels the urge to want to take care of and provide for. Be sweet like the sugar babe you are! Be optimistic, because that’s what an SD will probably want to look forward to when he’s with his SB. Be that warm and inviting light that SD’s will have no choice but to flock to, like a moth to a fire. Be understanding and kind, so that your SD finds comfort in your company. Another thing I feel like I have to point out to those that are learning to be sugars, or are currently trying to find an SD, is check yourself out emotionally. Be emotionally secure with yourself, be genuinely happy for who you are as a person. Have an appreciation for the things you have in your life. Being a sugar babe is not easy. When it comes to the nitty-gritty it can be very difficult. If you can’t handle an email that has gone three days without a response back, then I suggest you work on your emotional mentality first. An SD is not going to want to deal with an SB’s emotional outbursts or issues. Be confident and radiate it like the sun! When an SD sees how precious you are, he’ll handle you with proper care and won’t ever want to damage or affect your radiant personality.

3. Be beautiful!

Looks are important and when you’re in an SB/SD you have to strive to always look your best when you’re on a date or together anywhere with your SD. Don’t bake your face and create a cake of makeup. Strive to make your appearances look effortless and natural but striking. You want your beauty to emanate from within and just enhance your outside appearance. When I say, be beautiful, I don’t mean only your looks. Of course make sure you go with a beauty routine and invest in your skin and makeup, but also invest on how you carry yourself. Nothing in this world is ever dependent on only one thing. It takes two to tango! Like I said before, any girl can look pretty and beautiful with makeup, but match your elegance with your beauty. I see lots of girls who are just beautiful, pretty face, fit body and great taste in clothes, but they walk down the street like a hunched over old grandpa. Carry yourself like you’re a million bucks. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Walk like a lady, have straight posture and know how to use a fork and knife. Stand up straight, shoulders back and head held level. Your body is the main piece, not clothes and makeup. Clothes and makeup should be considered accessories to complement your body and yourself to present the best you, you can display. 

4. Be mysterious!

When you do the job right, a sugar babe will always continue to create an air of mystery about them that seems unending. Be a mystery that no amount of education and intelligence can crack. SD’s are usually men who get what they want all the time because they have the ability and the finances to obtain it. You want to be the one thing that an SD can never obtain no matter what. You can let him look at you, feel you, and know you, but never let him have you. Golden Rule: Never break Alice’s looking glass. Don’t destroy the fantasy. Some examples of destroying the fantasy would be burping in front of your SD, slumping into a bad posture or wear sweatpants to a date and think you’ve been with one another long enough to be comfortable like this. This is not like a traditional relationship where you can get comfortable with one another and think that your flaws should be accepted by your SD because you’ve been together for a whole year. Once you break it, you can never go back and soon both you and your SD will fall back into reality and we all know reality bites. This is something that I feel every SB has to figure out on their own though because mystery can’t be explained. 

5. Be GOLD!

Be yourself! Gold is unique and special and you are too! Bring out that weird something that makes you different from the rest. Everybody has something within themselves that make them unique. Don’t think that you are better than all the rest of the sugars out there because in the sugar bowl we must support one another and we should strive to create a positive outlook for others looking in. Every babe has a little something extra that other babes can’t do. Show that little something to your SD and it’ll make you seem like one of a kind that he just can’t be without in his SB. Just like being mysterious, I can’t help you babes with this one either. Every babe should find out where their gold is within themselves and show it to the world! 

I hope this has helped out some of you girls out there! Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most, so keep with these fundamentals of a sugar baby and you’ll be golden and hopefully on your way to meeting a great SD! 

Ciao babes!

You’re Perfect {Jimin}

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

You kept staring at yourself in the mirror unhappy with what you saw. You didn’t have what other girls did, or so you thought. All you saw were all your flaws and that you were no where near gorgeous. What people would say about you is what you only saw

“I need to lose weight”

“I feel worthless”

“I’m nothing”

“I’m not beautiful”

These were just some of the thoughts among the many you had each and everyday. You always tried to do many things to get rid of any flaws you had. Whether it be skipping meals or working out. You wanted to try anything to become pretty. You stood there still staring a the reflection you desperately wanted to look perfect. But you weren’t

You made many mistakes, you’ve been called a fuck up, you always felt like a burden to people. You’ve disappointed others you loved, and you just felt like a waste of space, a wasted life.

Your insecurities held you down down so much, you became depressed and angered. You became more self-conscious  of your looks and most of the little things you did. Yet you were still able to put on a facade that hid your despair 

Those long held tears finally escaped and you bit your lip harshly trying to hold in your sobs till you felt like you tasted blood

But you could no longer hold it in.

You let out your cries, you let your tears flow.

You slid down the wall and hid your face in your arms as you continued to cry.

Jimin walked in through the front door tired but still smiled when the thought of you appeared. Being able to see you smile and hold you again after a long day. He called out for your name when he noticed you weren’t in the kitchen waiting for him like always just to make sure he mad it home safe. Figuring that you might of been asleep he headed up to the room. Ready to give a sleeping you a goodnight kiss on your cheek he became worried when he didn’t see you laying on the bed. “Y/n” he called out but when there was no answer he became a little more frantic. He was about to call you till he noticed the light underneath the bathroom door.

He walks carefully to the door, as he came closer he began to hear a muffled noise. He put his ear against the door and listened carefully and he could feel his heart shatter when he heard your quiet sobs. “Y/n are you ok, what happened?” He began to knock on the door and jiggling the knob, “leave me alone!” You pleaded but that doesn’t stop him.

He started calling your name out more often still trying to get in and started to think the worse when you wouldn’t respond. Jimin backed away from the door ready to break it down but before he could charge he heard the lock click. 

 He opens the door slowly not wanting to startle you and is met with your back facing him. He could hear you sniffle and see your shoulders shake. Not having to think twice he embraced you

“Y/n, can you please tell me whats wrong.” You shook your head “it’s nothing”, “it can’t be nothing otherwise you wouldn’t be here alone crying”. His arms fall from your waist and he turns you to face him. You kept your head down not wanting to let him see your tear stained face. You could feel his eyes on you, “baby please look at me”, he lifts your chin and looks into your eyes before gently kissing your lips.

After he had pulled away you looked down again “why do you love me, do you even really love me?” His eyes widened “w-what, why are you asking these questions of course I do!”

“But you deserve better” his brows furrowed, “You deserve so much better than me”, “what are you-” “I’m sorry, I only mess up and make everything worse. I am just a burden to you. I’m not even beautiful and I hate what I am. I see nothing special so what do you see in me? I really love you  but sometimes I feel as if you’re only with me out of pity, you tell me what I want to hear. But that’s not it right? I’m just not important I’ve been told so many times, and I’m not worth your time-”

“Shut up” he said in a dangerously low tone. He grabs your shoulders and makes you face the mirror “tell me what you see.” Once again you stared the reflection you hated and the man that you love “nothing” you said quietly, “I see nothing.” you looked away from the mirror

“You’re wrong, look again”

“It’s just me jimin”


“But i’m nothing special”

“Well you want to know what I see” his arms find their way around you again. “I see you.” He kisses your neck, “your body is what makes you sexy.” Another kiss. “You have such a great smile that makes you pretty.” And another. “But it’s your personality that makes you beautiful. You are an angel, you are amazing. Whenever I smile it’s because of you.” He turns your head and gives you a passionate kiss. “You are beautiful and nobody has the right to make you feel like your not. Please know that I wouldn’t want anybody else in the world but you. You’re my everything. You are good enough, smart enough, but most of all you are strong. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. You mean the world to me”

You were crying so much at this point touched by his beautiful words. You turned and hugged him tightly as you cried into his shoulder. He caressed your back and shushed you to calm you. “I love you y/n, I always will and now you know how perfect you are to me 

{So this isn’t very good but this is my first scenario and either way I still liked how it had came out and hopefully you enjoyed it

Much love~💖}