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If you ever feel sad just imagine that there’s an alternate universe where you are a fictional character and everyone absolutely loves you and your flaws. People make blogs and lovely edits of you and probably ship you with your best friend. They have your funny one-liners you thought nobody heard as their bios. Even better, people make fanart of you. They pretend you’re a chief, or a scuba diver in some alternate universe of their own. Some people attempt to replicate your personality because they love it so much. Others dress as you for Halloween. Imagine an alternate universe where you are so unbelievably loved from people you don’t know exist.


now here you are in my arms by Kura
A Sonadow playlist I’ve been building up over the course of a few months on Spotify. Cover art drawn by my wonderful friend Emi! Find them at @whiteacropolis

Jun’ichi Kanemaru - suddenly (absolutely acoustic ver.)
Troye Sivan - FOOLS
twenty one pilots - The Run And Go
The Hush Sound - You Are the Moon
Lostboycrow - Say You Want Me
My Brothers And I - Granted
BOY - Little Numbers
Imogen Heap - Me The Machine
Kodaline - All I Want
Mindy Gledhill - Anchor
Sleeping At Last - You Are Enough
Sleeping At Last - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
NEEDTOBREATHE - Something Beautiful
Glades - Speechless
Kings Of Leon - Find Me
Bastille - Flaws
Charles William - Where You Wanna Be
Rosi Golan feat. William Fitzsimmons - Hazy
Speed Of Love - Owl City
Dillon Francis - Love in the Middle of a Firefight (feat. Brendon Urie)
Fall Out Boy - Immortals
Radiohead - Creep
Troye Sivan - Talk Me Down
Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life
Rascal Flatts - Bless The Broken Road
Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

i always scroll through girls’ pictures and envy the hell outta them, like seriously beat myself up over the fact that i’ll never look like them, and once in a while, i even go as far as to not like their pictures out of spite (i know, i’m petty). and it’s the same with people who get a lot of likes on facebook posts or tweets– i think they’re funnier than me, cooler than me, have more friends than me. but it’s crazy, how much things aren’t as they seem and the majority of people will react so surprised and positively when you call them good-looking and tell them you are jealous of them, it makes me realize how we’re all struggling to find beauty within ourselves. those girls you stare at constantly thinking they’re so perfect have days where they pick apart their flaws, just like you do. maybe they even wish they looked more like you. maybe they have nice cheekbones but you have a nice waistline. maybe they’re funnier but you’re nicer. there’s always someone who’s going to be better than you at something but you’re always going to be better at other things. no one is perfect. everyone has different flaws and different struggles. we all have things we want to change about ourselves. and just because you can’t see other peoples’ battles doesn’t mean they’re not there. just because someone seems so happy on social media doesn’t mean their life is all sunshine and rainbows. the moral of the story is tell people how pretty they are, tell people how kind they are, tell people how funny they are– if you see a good quality in someone, try to set aside your jealousy and TELL THEM. there is a good chance they are struggling too and it will make their day to hear the compliment.


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Like, I always see Combetaire being treated as a “recovery” ship, like Ferre is a rebound for R after Enjolras rejects him.

Nah. Nah nah nah.

Consider this: Combeferre actually listens to Grantaire’s critiques where Enjolras won’t, because you can’t blindly approach revolution without considering flaws in the plan. And R observes these flaws, which helps Ferre correct their game plan, which will make them more successful in the end.

Combeferre finds he enjoys Grantaire’s rants and encourages debates, but the difference is they both respect each other’ opinions and use it to make their own arguments stronger.

The two realise “hey, let’s take these debates out of the meetings” so they go on deb(d)ates, talking about philosophy and science and Star Trek over pasta carbonara.

Soon they don’t even just debate, they talk about themselves and find that whoa, they have a hell of a lot in common, who knew?

And one day the two just casually realise they’re in love and they go to a meeting one day together, holding hands like it’s no big deal, and it all comes from Combeferre actually taking the time to listen rather than dismissing R as a wind-up.

“ Come to the light with me.”


“Why not?”

“I’m scared about being visible. Where you can see my scratches and marks. Where you can see the flaws on my face and the scar on my skin. Let us stay in the dark where all we can identify is the warmth of our breath. The taste of our lips. The tenderness of our touch. Let us stay beyond physical. Where you can imagine how perfect I am and where I can be who you want me to be.”

“Don’t you want to be accepted for whoever you are?”

“Everyone wants to be accepted. But I like what we have now. Your words can’t be a guarantee that you will stay even after you see how broken I can be once I am visible. I don’t want to give you a reason to runaway yet. Not yet. I am not ready to let you go.”

“So that’s how shallow you think my love is?”

“I’ve been here before. I’ve seen people leaving me behind once they see how unattractive I am. And right now, nothing can win over my fear of being leftโ€” not even your so called love.”

Journal Prompts for Self-Compassion

From various internet sites

1.       Write about yourself as if you were describing a character in a book. Highlight sections that give negative descriptions and ask yourself whether this is how others see you or how you see yourself. Avoid incorporating personal information or anything that would not be evident to someone describing you from brief observation. Reflect on the differences between this description and the way you actually feel about yourself. 

2.      Think of someone you know and admire. Write down the things that make them less than perfect. Highlight their flaws and vices and reflect on why you are able to admire them despite these shortcomings. You may find that they are a lot more flawed than you expected, but for different reasons than yourself. You may also find that you succeed in many of the areas where they fail. Write a bit about why you forgive their flaws but have trouble forgiving your own. 

3.      Write double spaced and let it all out. Write about why you’re feeling sad, how it feels, when it started. Write about yourself and the things you’re struggling with. Challenge yourself to write the most personal things that are troubling you, dig deeply and don’t censor yourself. With a different coloured pen, write in the lines you skipped by double spacing. Answer the line above as though a friend had confessed it to you and asked for help. Give advice, regardless of how feeble. Be as kind in your responses as you would be to a friend going through trouble. Don’t criticize, console. Tell yourself it will be alright. You might find that it’s easier to forgive when it feels like you’re forgiving someone else. 

4.      Answer the following questions as objectively as possible: 

Why do you criticize yourself and your life more than you criticize other people?

What is the standard you’re holding yourself against? Would you hold anyone else up to that standard? If no, then why? Is it an impossible standard?

Does anyone have all the positive qualities that you have, as well as the ones you wish you had? 

How many of your own qualities might be envied by others?  

What would you tell someone who wishes they had your positive qualities instead of their own?

5.      List the things that make you happy. Don’t include people you can’t see, things you can’t have, or places you can’t go. Only list things that are conceivably available at any time. Look back on this list next time you’re bored, sad, or lonely and try to surround yourself with the things you have listed. Focus on how happy you are that you have these things in your life, and don’t let yourself stomp out the warm feeling.

6.      When I’m in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing I can do for myself is…

7.      Make a list of the people in your life who genuinely support you, and who you can genuinely trust.

8.      What would you do if you loved yourself unconditionally? What would that look like? How can you act on these things whether you do or don’t?

9.      Name a compassionate way you’ve supported a friend recently. Then write down how you can do the same for yourself.

10.  Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to.

11.   Make a list of everything you’d like to say yes to.

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  1. flaws - bastille
  2. you should know where im coming from - banks
  3. dream - imagine dragons
  4. paradise - coldplay
  5. ode to sleep - twenty one pilots
  6. run boy run - woodkid
  7. helena beat - foster the people
  8. arrows - fences
  9. we used to be friends - the dandy warhols
  10. running up that hill - placebo

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dont sell yourself short (Pt.1)

you know all those cheesy dating site adverts where they tell you that your biggest flaw could be what someone loves? take notes.

so this may be helpful to brown/black SBs when online, but I’ve only just done it so you can try it if you like.

so i made a second profile on SA - choose your desired site - https://itsnecolbitchtips.tumblr.com/post/143458061727/list-of-websites

I went all out, exploiting my most noticeable features; big eyes, black/caribbean slim, and i have so many wigs i could set up my own shop.  

stay with me, theres a logic to this.

racism is everywhere, and some profiles specifically exclude black women, but where some men dont like it, others love it! its not like you can hide it so why not exploit it, play on fetishes, get into the mind of an SD and what would come to mind when seeing your chocolate self. Even me being an SB i know what i like, i hit the follow button so fast if you have the keywords - brown, black or UK sb.  and after reading this http://mochadream-x.tumblr.com/post/144500217079/londonsbrownsugar-mochadream-x and http://sugarbrownbabydoll.tumblr.com/post/144574298782/sbabyontherise-sugarbrownbabydoll I’m exploiting being caribbean as well, why not lol.

this can be for other girls, ladies exploit your races, you can’t hide it so embrace it and make it a selling point

having big eyes has turned into a blessing with the connotations of innocence, naivety, bambi eyes or doe eyes. Pick your best or noticeable feature and highlight it even more like you do with makeup!

dont lie about your weight or use pictures from years ago. You’re fat, thick, skinny WORK IT there are some amazing ladies and posts on here that have clothing/ bodyshape advice (cant find it right now but tag/ link some(one)) with confidence and knowing yourself and your body comes a surreal beautiful aura that attracts those that deserve you. Again, you cant hide it for ever so exploit it!

back to my black babies; with wigs comes fantasy “I could be whoever you want ;)” with natural hair/protective styles comes standing out, i’ve seen alot of posts about men wanting a women who contrasts against white girls or any other races which is most obvious with our natural hair. Logic: for culture appropriation to occur they must love how “ethnic” we look, so again exploit it  and if you have weave pleeeease make sure no tracks are showing, leave out is blended, and hair is atleast not stiff on dates.


It’s starting to hit me again. All the memories and the late night talks just because you liked something I posted. I almost moved on. I almost forgot everything you stood for to me. I almost forgot how much you meant to me and how much I loved you. I’ve got it bad for you deep. It’s been about 4 months or so days. I see you at school with her all the time but that didn’t trigger anything for you but with just one like it rocked my world. Maybe it’s because that’s how this all started you started to follow me on the gram which lead to the majority of the chapters in my life that began and ended with you. You were the storyline to the most important time of my life. The loss of my innocence and the developing age where you learn to love someone with their flaws and all. The age where small things can hit you the hardest; the age where I learned to cope with people just because I loved them. Emphasis on loved. He was loved by me with all my heart. No take backs on that because in that moment he made me feel the happiest when I was feeling low or he made me feel complete when my world was coming down.
—  4/24/16 11:36 pm