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More pictures from the set of Once Upon a Time on March 21 are on Flickr.

Granny was driving Ruby’s car (this was confirmed by Bev). Henry is walking around with the book, and runs up to Archie, who is walking Pongo. “What happened?” The director later gave Jared instructions during a shot, “Look towards the door. You know exactly where Emma is.”

So maybe the season ends with Emma going missing?

Take It Back (Soukoku)

Author’s Note: Heeey, @a-flustered-paint-appeared ~ Did I remember you saying that the 14th was your birthday in a post before? I think I did! Happy birthday, cupcake! I wrote this for you as a gift, so I hope you enjoy this along with your special day! <3

Description: Chuuya comes back home from a mission and immediately hits Dazai with a ‘fuck you’. Dazai, feeling playful, begins to chase Chuuya around the apartment and soon catches him to give him the punishment he deserves.

Word Count: 1,366

   Chuuya shut the door behind him and tossed his coat off with a groan. He had just returned from a mission to his and Dazai’s shared apartment and was exhausted from all of the work that he did. Sure, he didn’t really have to do much, but the mission was long and petty and ugh. He was sure glad to be home.

   Well, at least until his partner greeted him.

   He trudged into the living room and was heading to his room, but was stopped in his tracks when Dazai stepped in front of him and hugged him tightly.

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A New Neverland (Peter Pan Imagine)

Originally posted by my-fxxfics


When we got back to town it was already morning. I dropped Gardner off at the clinic and I snucked back home. Thinking I successfully got back unnoticed, Emma cleared her throat from behind me.

“Where were you?” Emma asked sternly.
“Out.” I said casually taking off my jacket.
“Out? Out where?”
“Just, out. Getting some air.” 
“Really? The dirt on your hands and mud on your shoes say different, so I’ll ask again, where were you?”
“You’re not my mom, I’m not Henry. I don’r have to answer to you.” I bit back.
“But I’m now your guardian. You live under my roof, what I say goes.”
“Why do you care?”
“Why are you being stubborn again, you were fine one minute, now you’re back to having attitude.”
“Why do you want to know where I went? I came back didn’t I? Shouldn’t that be good enough?”
“I just want to keep you safe.”
“No, you’re trying to keep yourself and Henry safe. If you want to know so badly, I didn’t go near your precious son. I went to the woods.”
“And what did you do there?” 
“Not casting spells before you go all saviour on me, I have no magic remember.”
“I wasn’t thinking that.”
“Keep telling yourself that, maybe you’ll start believing it.”
“What’s got you all worked up? Where did you go? What did you do?” 

Emma’s right, I am all worked up but I don’t know why. Why I couldn’t I just have told her I was with Gardner? That I saved him and took him to the clinic?

“If you must know so badly, I was in the woods clearing my head. I heard someone call for help and found a boy in a hole with a bear trap around his ankle. I helped him, got him to the clinic and now I’m here. Happy?” I forced out of my mouth.
“You met a boy?”
“Out of all of that, you picked up only me meeting a boy?”
“No no, I mean, you helped someone?”
“Yeah? What, is that shocking to you?”
“No, it’s not. That’s good, you helped someone. Heroic.”
“Okay okay, chill. I’m not like you heroes, I saw a kid in danger and I helped. I did it all the time in Neverland, not a big deal.”
“Uhuh, keep telling yourself that maybe you’ll start believing it.” Emma said with a smirk.
“Funny, real funny.”  
“Get cleaned up, we’re going to the clinic.” 

Emma left with me with that statement and went downstairs. Me, a hero? You save someone one time and they identify you as a hero. I still don’t understand why I got so defensive talking about Gardner, it’s not like he’s Peter or a Lost Boy. I pushed the thought aside and went one to clean myself up. When we got to the clinic, Gardner was all bandaged up and ready to go.

“Hey, tree top.” Gardner said jokingly.
“Hey, Greenie.” I said. (see what I did there) “You okay?”
“Yup, doc fixed me up but my ankle is broken. I have to be on crutches for a while.” 
“Awe, I’m sorry. But hey, I brought the sheriff and she’s going to find a place for you to stay.” I said to brighten his mood.
“Really? That’s great!” 
“I’m assuming you’re Gardner Murffey, I’m Sheriff Emma Swan, you can call me Emma.” Emma said introducing herself.
“Nice to meet you miss Emma. So, Tree Top here said you’ll find me a place to stay?” Gardner asked.
“Tree Top?” Emma questioned.
“It’s his nickname for me.”  I said.
“Well, I would love to do that, but I have to call your parents to inform them you’re alright and tell them where to find you.” Emma said.
“Don’t bother, no one will pick up the phone nor care.” Gardner said.
“And why is that?” Emma asked.
“Because my family doesn’t care, I ran away because I abused and left to fend for my own.”
“He’s like me, Emma. You have to let him stay.” I spoke up.
Emma looked between Gardner and I before signing, “Regina is going to kill me.”
“Yes! Thank you, Emma.” I said.
“Is that a yes I can stay?” Gardner asked.
“That is a yes.”
“Then, yes! Thank you Miss Emma.” Gardner said.

Emma’s POV

“Another one?” Regina asked in disbelief.
“He’s a runaway, not from here. From my world, he can’t do us any harm.” I reasoned.
“How do you know that? What if he’s a Lost Boy? What if that girl is trying to start something?”
“She’s not Regina, she’s never met this boy before.”
“Yet she so happens to find him in the woods and becomes so close to him?”
“She saved him and it’s natural for her to become protective over lost children, she is from Neverland.” 
“Whatever the circumstances maybe, I will not deal with another basketcase.”
“You won’t have to, I’ll take him in.”
“Another teenager? You can’t save them all you know.”
“I know, but I think this would be good for her. Having someone who understands her, that’s not Pan.”
“If this little charity case of yours goes downhill-”
“It won’t.”


“So, you and I will be sharing a room until Emma fixes you up with a room.” I said.
“Nice room you got here, very white.” Gardner said taking a seat on my bed.
“You also have to go to school.” I said.
“What?” He said disappointed.
“Yeah, we still have to go. Sad, I know.” I said.
“Do I have to?”
“If I go down, you’re coming down with me.” I joked shoving him lightly.
“Hey, we just met. I don’t have to go down anywhere.”
“Oh really? I think that hole is calling your name.”
“School is an excellent option.” 
“That’s what I thought.”
“Where’s the bathroom, I gotta go.”
“Down the hall to the left.”
“Thanks, be right back.”

I heard the door close and I laid down on my bed. I smiled thinking about Gardner, I’m happy I met him. He understands me, more on a personal level than Peter. Did I just say that? No one is better than Peter, but maybe Gardner.

“I die and you replace me?” I heard a voice say.
“Who said that?” I asked sitting up. “Gardner?”
“You don’t recognize my voice, my Queen.”
“You think you can replace me?” Peter said.
“No, never. I can never replace you, baby. Where are you? Why can’t I see you?” I asked turning around frantically trying to find him.
“I’m talking to you from the underworld, sweetheart. I have a plan for you to bring me back.” Peter said.
“Yes, yes what is it?” I asked.
“Y/N, who are you talking to?” Gardner asked walking into the room.
“What? Nothing, no one.”
“Are you sure? I heard you say why can’t I see you, see what?” 
“Oh uh-a bug, there was a bug.” I lied.
“Oh okay-” Gardner started talking but another voice took over my ears.
“Y/N, are you listening to me? Pay attention to me!” Peter yelled.
“Can you repeat that, sorry I was lost in thought for a minute.” I said.
“I said can you show me around town, you feeling okay?” Gardner asked.
“How dare you not listen to me, I’m still your king.” Peter said.
“Yeah sure, come on let’s go. I’ll show you to Granny’s too, I heard the food is good.” I said.
“That sounds great, can we go there first? I haven’t had a decent meal in months.” Gardner asked.
“Yeah, I’m hungry too.” I smiled.

We headed downstairs, out the door.

“You will not ignore me, Remember where you come from and the people who killed me. They are not your friends, they think nothing of you.” I heard Peter say, but I ignored him and focused on Gardner. 
“I will speak with you later, just remember this you are mine and mine alone.”

And I heard nothing else.

(A/N: Part 5? Sorry if this seems rushed, I just wanted to get Peter in the story since it’s a Peter Pan Imagine.)

This year is just great for Potterheads, honestly. Daniel Radcliffe is in Imperium, Matthew Lewis was in Me Before You, Tom Felton joined The Flash, Emma Watson got the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script came out, as did the play. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is being released in November and we got the date of the sequel. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened in Hollywood, so 15-year-old Dan’s face is on every billboard in LA. I feel like I’m missing something but all I know is that I’m back on this train and I’m not going anywhere

Peter Pan Imagine Request/ Taken

“Can I request an imagine where you’re Emma’s daughter and Henry’s older sister,but also Peter’s true love,so you all go to Neverland to save Henry , and pan flirts with u all the time and stuff so he make a deal to keep u and let Henry leave😉”

Warnings: Cursing, wicked pan,

You loved your bother Henry, he was your best friend, and your mother Emma, well she was a mom, She was always there for you when you needed her, she scolded you whenever you did something you weren’t supposed to do, you know, the regular mom stuff.

You were in high school, wanting to just pass 3 more years of high school, graduate, and eventually get a job, if that was even possible, because well, time would change randomly, magic would change your world, people came into town and everything would change. Storybrooke was a town that once you entered you were there forever, everyone knew everyone, you were all family.

In a strange way you loved it, you loved the adventure, saving StoryBrooke and restoring your town, being the saviors daughter had some perks, everyone in high school thought you were so cool, everyone treated you with respect, it was a really cool feeling, you loved it. It was awesome, but sometimes you wanted to be normal, going to high school was a little hard, because you were usually trying so save someone from killing your town, or stopping a powerful villain. Life was complicated, but it was your life.

Well one day that all changed, when night, Henry was captured.

You woke up to a scream, which scared you right out of bed, you ran downstairs to ask whats wrong, he was gone

“Where did he go?!” you asked almost in tears

“Nobody knows.” Hook says as he holds your mother

You ran upstairs to Henry’s room,it was true, he was gone.

You were confused, you were upset, wanted to cry,and scream, but you didn’t. You knew Henry, Henry wouldn’t have left without a reason , a forget me not, a clue.

So therefore, you searched, you searched everywhere, starting from his room, you looked in his pillows, his blanket, his closet , dressers, searched his closet, in all his shoes, his trash, everywhere you thought of, it lasted for about 3 hours til you finally broke down and started to cry, Emma and the gang heard you and went to comfort you.

“Whoever did this is gonna pay big time!” you yell and scream as you cry.


Back in Neverland Henry was trying to get back to you, but Peter and his lost boys are very dangerous, and are very hard to escape from.

Peter was head in Charge, he was king of Neverland, and if anyone would try to disrespect the king, you would never see them again, he was a cruel sick, wicked boy, and he was only 16.

He loved being in charge, he loved knowing there was no one above him, he loved knowing that the lost boys not only respected him, but they were scared of him.

“Please let me go!” Henry would beg him.

Peter would just laugh and walk away, he loved to see others suffer, he was sick.


Back in StoryBrooke you were finally ready to give up.

“Y/n you have to get ready for school, I know Henry is missing, but school is important.” Your mom said

Of course, you thought, using your education as a distraction.

“Yeah , that sounds awesome, go to school when your brother is missing which could be a life or death situation!” you yell

“That’s enough go to school now!” she yells

“You know what it’s not my fault that I’m the only one searching for him.” you say as your cross your arms

“We are ALL looking for him.” she says with a stern voice.

“Yeah? Well where is he?!” you asked with tears in your eyes “I miss him so much.” you cry once again.

Emma comes and holds you tight

“Listen kid, we’ll find him, no matter what, we will search far and wide, but right now I really need you to go to school, please.” Emma asked

“Okay okay, I’ll go.” you sniffed and wiped your tears on your sleeve.

You walk out of the house, walking to school, when all of a sudden a gust of wind blew in your face and you got dust in your eye.

“Oh great!” you yelled as you turn around , rubbing your eyes.

As you look up you look at Henry window, there, right there, a leaf, but it was stuck in the window, perfectly stuck, too perfect. That right there, that had to be the sign!

You run through the window pushing Emma and the rest of the group out the way

“Hey!” they all yelled, almost pushing them over.

You ran to Henry’s window and got the leaf, it was very sloppy, and really hard to read, you studied it for about 30 seconds, by that time, the whole group was in his room , asking what was wrong and what not, you just ignored them, and then, you figured it out, you found the clue, the ultimate clue.

“Neverland.” you said

“What did you say?” David asked

“Th-that’s where he is, Neverland!” your voice was shaking and so were your hands, but you did it, you found out where your little brother was.

David took the leaf and agreed, “It has to be something, we have to at least try, it’s the biggest clue we have yet, what else could it mean?”

“So you’re telling me he’s in Neverland?” Regina asked

“Yes that;s exactly what I’m telling you.” David said

“What are we waiting for lets go!” Emma said

“YES!” you screamed

You started to pack your things, such as clothes, a pocket knife, food, water, a compass, whatever you may need, you never been to Neverland no heard of it, I mean people have talked about it, like Hook has talked about it, but not a lot, so you were curious of what Neverland had to offer, and how fast you were gonna get back Henry.


You arrived at Neverland, it was beautiful, you weren’t going to lie, it had a very nice scent, it smelled like pine woods and a little cinnamon. The trees stretched so far up you couldn’t even see the where it ended, the plants and flowers were unlike anything you seen before, even the way the ground, the dirt, the soil was different. It was hard and soft all at once.

“Okay so let’s do this.” Emma said

“Let’s do it!” Regina said.

You all stay in a group , searching for him was hard, you felt so little in such a big place, it was beautiful but scary all at once.

by the second hour you were pretty tired, so you asked to stop and eat, well they weren’t gonna stop searching so they let you eat while they stayed close, but still searched

You open your backpack and take out a sandwich, and start to eat it. You then pull out your phone.

“UUgh no service, great.” you say

So then you pull out a book and start to read.

About 5 minutes into reading you were really starting to enjoy your book, when all of a sudden…

“What’s that?” someone said behind you

“Ahh!” you said as you drop your book and your delicious sandwich.

“What the hell?” you turn around and see a boy, a quite attractive boy, but you didn’t let that distract you too much.

“You didn’t answer my question.” he said

“Oh it’s a book, and THAT right there is my sandwich that YOU made me drop.” you said

“Oh I’m sorry beautiful.” he smiled and cocked an eyebrow

Oh shit. He’s hot as hell.

“I-it’s okay.” you said

He picked up your book and looked through it, “It has no pictures in it.”

“A book doesn’t has to have pictures for it be an amazing story.” you said

He nodded, “So what are you doing here?” he asked

“I’m here to find my brother Henry, I’m guessing this guy Peter Pan came and took him, so me and my family are searching for him.”

“Peter Pan? Sounds like a great guy.” he said as he leaned against a tree.

“Hey what’s your name anyway?” you asked

“Me? Oh I’m Peter, Peter Pan.” he said bluntly

“WHAT?!” you say as you get in a fighting position

“Hol-hol-hol-hold up love.” he says putting his arms up but still smiling.

“Where is Henry?” You scream

“He’s safe and sound, I promise.”he said

“LIAR!” you yell

“Keep it down” he says “Your other group will hear.”

“Good!” you say

“Listen I want to make a deal with you.”

“Hell no.” you said

“It’s more of a game actually, you know how I love my games.” he winks at you

“Ugh.” you scuff at him, already annoyed with him.

“If I win, you can keep Henry, if you don’t , you both stay.”

“Hell no!” you say

He smiles “Oh come on, it will be fun, besides.” his smiles turns into a wicked one. “You wouldn’t have a chance.”

“You don’t know that, I will find a way, and I will find Henry without YOUR help!”  you say as you walk away from him.

“Keep walking, I like the view.” he says

You say nothing but give him the finger

“How cane someone with such power be so immature ?!” you stated

You walk back to the group

“Hey how was your sandwich?”

“Fine now let’s go find Henry.” you say annoyed.


It wasn’t long until you all ran into Pan again.

“Where’s Henry?!” the group yelled

But you knew it wouldn’t work, Peter was so cocky, and self centered.

He then looks at you and winks you roll your eyes and the group notices.

“Just take me on my offer.” he says as he walks up to you

“I’m not going to take it so you can back off of me!” you yell

“Oh come on, you’d make a lovely lost girl.”as he touches your face.

“Do NOT touch me!” you yell

“Get your hands off of her!” David says about to punch Pan’s face, but Pan remains calm.

“You’ll come around soon, I know it.” he says as he looks into your eyes.

His eyes were pierced green, they were beautiful, and it was as if he cast a spell on you for 2 seconds, because in those 2 seconds you wanted him, you wanted Peter, the Peter Pan, but you snapped out of it, but it was far too late, for he knew you wanted him, because he wanted you too.


Not very long passed, you actually went behind your groups back and would go meet Peter, in the day he would leave notes and little gits, letting you know what time to meet him and what not.

“Peter this is so wrong.” you admit

“But it feels so right, doesn’t it?” he would look at you with puppy eyes, and for those nights that you met him, you saw a totally different Peter, a nice, sweet, gentle, and kind Peter.

It was nice, and you were both growing feelings for each other, but you knew it was terribly wrong.

“You have my brother!” you said in almost a mean way

He rubbed your arm in the most gentle way, it almost tickled.

“But if I give him back, you will leave?” he said in the most vulnerable way

“W-well yes, I need to go back home, I need to go to school.”

“Why?” he asked

“Because I need my education.” you said

“You need to stay with me.” he pulled you in closer , looking deep into your eyes

“I-I, Can’t. I need to get Henry back, please.” you asked

He almost shook his head in dis be leaf, “You’re denying me?”

“It’s not that, I need my brother, and to go home.” you said

Peter clenched his fingers and tighten his jaw and look furious, “I can’t do that.” his British accent grew stronger whenever he got mad.

“Well , then, I’m sorry, but this, can’t happen anymore.” you got up and walked away with tears in your eyes.

Peter was the only boy you truly cared about, and telling him that, broke you apart.

You went back to your sleeping bag but the group was already awake and looked mad.

“Where were you?” Regina asked

“What do you mean?” you asked

“I didn’t stutter, tell us where you were.” she says

“I went to the bathroom.” you said as you crossed your arms, feeling confident

“Without taking the toilet paper?” she pointed to where the toilet paper bag was

“Oh..” you were caught

“Why are you always gone?? You leave randomly without telling us, and you go out in the middle of the night.” she says

“I’m finding Henry of course.” you say in a low voice, feeling less confident

“Yeah right, why don’t you ask anyone to go with you?” she folds her arms

“I don’t want to be a bother.” you say

“That’s a lot of crap.” David says

As you’re getting yelled at by the group Peter walks near you guys but quickly hides and see’s what is going on.

He notices you aren’t saying you’re with him through all those nights, those random days you would spend hours on end with each other, but still you wouldn’t say you were with Peter, he looked at how sad you were, how intimidated you were by them, he felt sorry, but he didn’t speak up.

The next day you go off by the lake, you cry, you cry because you just simply don’t know what to do.

Peter comes and he sits next to you, and he just watches you, he doesn’t comfort you, nor says anything, he just watches.

“What do you want?” you say as you try to wipe your tears.

“I need you.” he says

“What?” you say almost not believing what he just said.

“I need you, to stay, in a way, you make me better, I don’t feel stressed whenever I’m with you, I feel happy, and just well I don’t know, I know I haven’t known you for long, but I feel like you’re the only one who truly gets me.”

Your mouth hanged wide open, you were shocked this was coming from Pan’s mouth, he never said anything like this to you, sure he express his feelings, but never to this amount.

“Long ago, before I became ruler of this island, the shadow told me, that I must find my true love, or else, If I did’t find her, then well, I’d loose my island, and everything I done to it.”

So I’m a trophy prize?” you folded your arms

“No it’s not like that.”

“I love you Y/n. I know it may sound silly, but ever since I saw you, I knew you were my true love, so just please, stay with me, here.” he said as he grabbed your hands

You nodded, “Okay, I’ll stay, but Henry has to go with his family back in StoryBrook, he loves it there.” you smiled

“Deal.” he said

So, Henry went back to StoryBrooke with the group, you visited often, and got to see your brother, Peter kept his island, and got his true love.

anonymous asked:

you got any fics where Killian feels unworthy of Emma and try's to avoid her but Emma doesn't take it?

all that i am by @reignofdreams Killian wonders if he’s truly worthy of Emma. Emma will not tolerate such doubts.

No Way In Hell by @effulgentcolors Heartthrob Killian Jones and Hollywood’s ice queen Emma Swan are chasing their dreams, hating each other since before their first meeting and thinking they will just have to tolerate the other while the shooting of their latest movie lasts. But there’s some fine print on their contracts and it seems that they don’t know quite what they have signed up for, both on and off set.

i’ve also made a similar list –> insecurities and reassurance list

Captain Swan Final Countdown Challenge, day 2: Neverland

“The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.”
― Rumi, The Illuminated Rumi

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Emma if you weren't american where would you like to live?

When I was a kid, I used to want to live behind a waterfall in Iceland. I actually still think that’d be cool, but as I grew up, I started to realize that it would be noisy. I also think it’d be lovely to live in Finland. There are probably a lot of places I’d enjoy living for a little while, but ultimately, the U.S. is my home and I’d always come back here.

“Horror Fanatics.”

Warnings: N/A

Pairing: Noah Foster x Reader


could you do a fic where it’s like the reader is Emma’s sister and reader and Noah bond over really nerdy stuff and they fall in love or something like that ??? idk that just came to mind sorry if it’s awful. love you lots 😚😚

soul mate au with Noah (mtv scream)

Words: 1058

(I combined the requests, if that’s alright. Sorry if the grammar in this is absolute crap, but I wanted to post this as soon as possible! Requests are open!)

Originally posted by hollandrooden

The hallways of George Washington High were filled with students all pushing and shoving trying to get to their next class. You looked around cluelessly, Emma, had left you to grab your schedule leaving you alone in a sea of teenagers. You itched your soulmate tattoo anxiously and shifted from one foot to the other. Your soul mate tattoo had showed up after you turned 12; you were freaking out but your sister, Emma coaxed you down and explained what it was. Another person in the world, had the exact same triangle and thick line just like yours would be your soulmate. But, you were new to Lakewood; after experiencing some difficult things with your father, your mother decided it was best for you to take a break from familiarity and go to a boarding school in California for a while.

A harsh bump knocked you out of your clueless state, making you drop your books and binder on the ground. “Crap, I’m sorry. Ah.. Once again, Noah Foster here to ruin the day.” You laughed and moved a piece of hair behind your ear, kneeling down,“No no, really it’s okay.” Butterflies were swarming around in your stomach, his eyes reached yours and you turned and blushed. Noah handed you your binder but kept a hand on your book. “Carrie?” He held it up, sticky notes lined the book in colourful papers. “No I.. Yeah… I love Stephen King.” You grabbed it back from him, your hands slightly touching sending sparks up your arm “You’re kidding?” A blush grew across your face. Great, another person thought you were a freak for annotating a horror novel and he was extremely cute. “I love his books AND his movies. I’ve seen Carrie at least 7 times. He’s pretty much my all time favorite.” Noah turned around to scrounge around in his backpack before pulling out an old copy of The Shining. His plaid shirt was propped up a little bit, you could see the small soulmate tattoo on his body. A sickening thought dropped in your body as you began to think he already had a soulmate. “Wait. Let me see that.” Noah pulled your arm out so he could take a better look, “Holy sweet mother pearl.” You both laughed, Noah smiled a crooked grin. He rolled up his sleeves more so you could compare the two tattoos, already knowing they were the same. You were soulmates. “Well, I always thought it looked a bit like a knife, y’know for serial killer buisness?” You said and bit your lip, both of you were speechless. “So, I got your schedule but I have to also run to class, do you- Oh, hey Noah. You’ve met (Y/N), my little sister.” Emma came up to you guys and cocked her head to the side to see both of your arms against each other. He looked at you and grinned, “Sister? Oh yeah! Yeah. Well you see, horror fanatics just tend to gravitate towards each other. Almost like fate put two serial killers together.” Emma watched as her little sister giggled and Noah scratched his neck letting out a nervous laugh and raised her eyebrow. “Yeah, okay.” Noah tugged on his backpack and craned his neck to look at your schedule. “Math, room 2032. I’ll walk you, maybe we can talk more about your coolness.” “Wait- (Y/N)!” Emma’s mouth left open as you left with Noah barely even noticing her, chitchatting happily.

“No way. You’ve lived in California? Ever heard of the Hitchhiker’s killer?” Noah asked, absolutely intrigued. You two had spent basically the whole day together, talking and laughing. A crush developed almost instantly after he pulled out his Stephen King book. “Did I? I was obsessed about him! Not gonna lie after reading up on him, I almost peed when a car stopped next to me when I was walking to my dorm. Turns out, all they wanted was directions.” Noah tilted his head back and laughed making you laugh. “You’re amazing.” His arm fell around your shoulders as you both continued to talk.

“I don’t know why he just doesn’t ask her out.” Brooke tipped her beer back and sat down next to Emma. “I mean, can’t you see they are just eye screwing the hell out of each other?” It’s true. The whole party you both have barely spoken to anybody but each other. He’d say something, you’d laugh; you’d say something, he’d laugh. Emma turned to face her friend, laughing “I don’t want to picture my baby sister and Noah doing it. Ever.” Audrey sat down in a huff, “That’s fricking it, if I have to watch psychopath One and Two laugh at another messed up joke, I’m gonna pass out. He keeps saying ‘She’s so pretty but I’m not sure if she likes me’ all that crap. They are obviously soul mates I mean look at them!” Both of you were huddled in the corner, Noah’s arm over your shoulder and you almost wrapped around him. Emma patted her knee and scooched over so all three girls were sitting. After such a rough experience with your father leaving and all the trauma you went through, Emma was glad to see you finally smiling and laughing. Catching her eye, you saw Emma wave you down in the midst of the party. You excused yourself and walked over  “Hey! I’ve barely spoken to you since we got here. How was your first day of school? Did you like your classes?” She asked, eager to talk to you. “Well, I.. I only came over to grab a beer for me and Noah.” Brooke snickered and hid behind her bottle when Emma shot her a look, “Don’t you want to sit down? You’ve been standing for like an hour.” Audrey asked you, beginning to get up from her seat. “No! No, really it’s alright. Noah was just telling me about his podcasts, and that’s just a story I can’t miss.” You walked back and handed Noah his beer with a content look on your face. Then once again, you resumed flirting and laughing. Emma sighed, “I mean you’d think they’d be a little more shy towards each other right? They like just met each other. Most soulmates are shy. Why aren’t they shy?” Brooke and Audrey both laughed and leaned closer to Emma. “Maybe they are in love.” Brooke made a kissy noise and winked. “Brooke, you’re so annoying!” “Maybe she’s right, its like there’s a god of serial killer fanatics up there just playing puppet.” Audrey shrugged teasingly. The three turned to look back at the pair before watching Noah dip down and give you a small kiss. Your sister’s mouth was drawn open and Brooke laughed so hard she almost fell off of the lawn couch. “I knew it!” Audrey pointed at Noah.

Reasons To Love Emma 2.0
  • Sterling: JESUS CHRIST! Where'd you learn to drive?
  • Emma: Oh, I'm sorry. Is there a different highway you'd like to die on? BECAUSE WE CAN ARRANGE THAT.

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captain swan, 114

Killian noticed the Emma had disappeared, and so he went looking for her, finding her in their kitchen, trying to find space in the kitchen for Henry’s newest obsession. Coming up behind her silently, Killian chuckled as he felt her jump slightly when he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Alright there, love?”

Emma growled, her hands gesturing wildly to the immense amount of Tupperware on the counter. “I understand that Henry likes our new grill, but really? How many times have I told him? No more dogs! How hard is that to understand??”

Killian tried his best not to laugh at her frustration. Killian kissed the spot behind her ear, smiling as he felt her instantly melt back into him. “Not to worry dear, we’ll have a town-wide gathering where you can serve all of the boys spicy dogs.”

Emma giggled, “They’re hotdogs, babe.”

Rolling his eyes, Killian suddenly spun Emma around in his arms, causing her to gasp softly. “I really couldn’t give a damn what they’re called, Swan,” he grumbled before capturing her lips with his own in a heated kiss.

Coming down from upstairs later that evening, Emma noticed the mound of Tupperware still on the counter, Henry’s hotdogs forgotten and gone bad. Emma bit her lip, her legs still a tiny bit shaky. “Oops,” she murmured, grinning from ear to ear.

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I have a sinking feeling this contractual talk won't matter because the show's getting canceled. This is about to be Castle 2.0. I'm prepared for the worst and will genuinely be shocked if there's a 7th season with Jen and Colin.

TBH, I’d rather have no OUAT than a OUAT where half of the pairing is missing (Emma, but no Killian; Snow, but no Charming). Like you mentioned above, Castle floated the idea of another season with only Nathan and fans rightfully revolted. Clearly OUAT doesn’t have the same 2 star cast model as Castle, but like an earlier anon said, the writers have created a show where characters are intrinsically connected. You can’t have Snow without Charming or Emma without Killian. It just doesn’t work. 

I love OUAT. With the current cast, I’d watch it until season 20 if given the chance. But I don’t love a hackneyed, piecemeal version of Once that bears no resemblance to the show I fell in love with. I’d rather the show end with dignity than continue just so ABC can turn a profit. 

Ralph Hemecker, director for the finale, also directed Going Home. You know, the one where Emma and Regina said their vows at the town line… and it never got more queer than in Enter the Dragon - apart from most of Emma & Regina’s season one interactions, that is. Just putting that out there for your consideration.

- Heartless (2016)
- Souls of the Departed (2016)
- The Bear and the Bow (2015)
- Siege Perilous (2015)
- Operation Mongoose: Part 2 (2015)
- Lily (2015)
- Enter the Dragon (2015)
- Heroes and Villains (2014)
- Smash the Mirror: Part 2 (2014)
- The Apprentice (2014)
- A Tale of Two Sisters (2014)
- There’s No Place Like Home (2014)
- A Curious Thing (2014)
- The Tower (2014)
- Going Home (2013)
- The Heart of the Truest Believer (2013)
- Second Star to the Right (2013)
- Selfless, Brave and True (2013)
- The Miller’s Daughter (2013)
- Queen of Hearts (2012)
- Broken (2012)
- Hat Trick (2012)
- 7:15 A.M. (2012)