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“The industry is very indicative of where society is going and society is like, we’re moving in a more forward thinking way. We would want it to be a lot more open and not such a big deal but that’s the way it goes, but we’re glad to be a part of that stepping stone process of having it trickle down to more people and more point of views and not just one.” - Jacob Batalon

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Imagine: Savior

Summary: Peter saves you when Flash begins to get a little bit too handsy

Requested: Yes
–> “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” And “You can’t leave without letting me hug you first.” combined into one with Peter Parker please? Btw I love your writing!

A/N: fucking pissed cause tumblr deleted all of this and so now I’m writing it again

Warnings: none


To say that Peter Parker had a crush on you was a complete understatement. The boy was head over heels in love with you. He thought he had it bad with Liz, but with you it was a whole other level. In fact, his infatuation with you was the sole reason he dragged Ned to this party with him.

Peter had over heard some fellow classmates talking in the hallway about how Flash was planning on asking you out tonight. And Peter simply couldn’t just stand by and let that happen.

His soft brown eyes scanned over the crowds of people hoping to find the one angel that stood out above all of them, but to his dismay all he saw were strangers.

Apparently Flash has many friends from other schools cause Peter only knew a handful of the kids that he could see.

“Do you see her anywhere, Ned?”

“No. Maybe we should split up. Cover more ground, you know?”

“Yeah, good idea.”

Ned headed off in one direction, and Peter in the other. Peter wondered off through the different crowds of people searching for the girl of his dreams.

He said a few hellos to some people he knew from the robotics club, the school band and the academic decathlon team.

He was just about to give up on finding you when he suddenly heard the beautiful sound of your laugh.

Peter jerked his head around and saw you leaning against a wall surrounded by a group of your friends, one of them which was obviously telling a funny story.

Peter admired the way your soft curls perfectly framed your face and how the crop top and high waisted jeans you were wearing hugged your body in all the best ways.

Peter felt his heart begin to beat rapidly when his eyes connected with yours from across the room. You gave him a soft smile and a small wave and Peter is still not quite sure how his brain got the message to the rest of his body to return the gesture.

But the beautiful moment was quickly cut short by Flash pushing through the wall of your friends and placing an arm above your head.

Peter didn’t have to be near to know what Flash was saying when he saw his mouth begin to move. He knew he was asking you out.

Peter heard his heart pounding in his ears as he watched the horrific scene unfold before him. It wasn’t until he saw you flip Flash off that he was able to breathe again.

But soon the relief disappeared once again as he watch Flash grab your wrist and pull you into his chest. Peter realized all your friends had scattered once Flash walked up and there was no one to come to your rescue.

Now, Peter knew you were a tough girl that could fend for herself, but he also knew how relentless Flash could be. And the thought of anything happening to you was enough to send him across the room in a matter of seconds until he was standing between you and Flash.

Peter felt your fingers grip the back of his shirt and it was the fear in them that caused the sanity in his brain to blur. Peter no longer cared if he used his Spidey strength to harm the ass hole that threatened the girl he loved.

Peter sent Flash flying across the room into a glass door that lead into his backyard.

Peter felt the eyes of everyone at the party on him. He knew everyone was wondering how the scrawny kid from gym class that could barely do a pull up managed to send a man flying across the room.

Peter was about to panic when he heard your soft voice pull him back to reality.

“Peter? Can we please get out of here?”

There was no hesitation. Peter had grabbed your hand and was leading you out of the house.

Once you two had safely exited, Peter began to lead you down the street.

“Where are we headed?”

“I-I can’t go home. Not like this.”

It was then that Peter saw the tears in your eyes which only angered him more. He pulled you into his side and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“We can go back to my apartment. It isn’t far, and May won’t mind if you stay over.”

Peter felt the girl nod and began to lead her in the direction of his home.

The two fell into a comfortable silence until you finally spoke up.

“Please don’t think I’m a baby for crying… I’m used to guys hitting on me and I’ve gotten quite good at shutting them down. I’m just not used to them beginning to get physical with me and it freighted me. Thank you, Peter, for saving me.”

The fear in the your voice when you spoke of Flash’s actions was almost enough to send Peter back into the house to end the bully for good.

“I’ll always protect you, Y/N. No matter what.”

Peter was too focused on getting the two home safely to notice the smile that crossed your face, but he did notice the way your small fingers gripped his shirt tighter.

After a short while of walking, you and Peter had finally reached his apartment.

Peter lead you quietly into his room, careful not to wake his aunt up.

Although he knew May wouldn’t mind the girl staying over, he also knew she would never stop teasing him about having a girl sleep in his room. Especially one as pretty as you.

Peter opened up one of his drawers and pulled out some clothes for you to change into.

“Here you go. I’ll sleep on the couch and you can take the be-”

“No! I um… sorry. Can you, um, sleep in here? With me?”

Peter didn’t think he’d ever hear such beautiful words leave someone’s mouth.

Peter nodded his head and turned around to give you privacy to change. He stared at his poster of the periodic table until he heard you clear your voice, signaling to him that he could turn around.

Peter felt his cheeks grow red as he looked over your attire.

His t-shirt hung loosely off your body and his sweatpants were bunched up at the bottom due to him being a few inches taller than you. You looked completely adorable.

You shifter your eyes to the floor under his intense gaze.

“Do I look bad or something?”

“No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.“

A smile grew across your face as Peter crossed the room and took your hand in his to lead you to his small twin sized bed.

Peter laid down on his back and pulled you to lay on top of him. You laid your head on his chest and Peter began to run his fingers through your hair.

The soothing gesture and the sound of his heart beat was enough to send you to sleep in a matter of minutes.

—The Next Morning—

You were pulled from your dreaming state as the sunlight crept in through Peter’s window.

You lifted your head up and couldn’t help but smile at how adorable Peter looked as he slept.

His brown curls were scattered in different directions. His soft pink lips were slightly parted and a soft blush was spread across his cheeks.

You reached your hand up to push a loose curl out of his face and Peter’s eyes began to flutter open at the soft touch.

A smile spread across his face as he leaned into your touch.

"Good morning, sleepy head.” You whispered.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Peter replied in his husky morning voice.

His eyes widened as he realized what he said but the soft giggle that escaped your lips calmed him in a matter of seconds.

“I should go. My parents are probably worried sick.”

Peter frowned at the loss of warmth as your body left his.

He watched as you picked up your clothes from the floor. You turned and gave him one last smile before your hand reach out to grab the door handle but his voice stopped you from opening it.

“You can’t leave without letting me hug you first.”

You bit your lip and turned around to see Peter already standing behind you smirking.

“I can do you one better.”

Confusion crossed his face as you gripped the front of his shirt and pulled his lips into yours.

The kiss lasted a few short seconds but they were the best seconds of his life.

Peter watched you walk out of his apartment with a goofy, lovestruck grin on his face.

He had finally got the girl of his dreams.

Sneaking In

I thought I was being quiet. I swear I was. 

But then again, Stealth wasn’t exactly my middle name. So, you could imagine the noise I made when I tried sneaking back into the Bunker. You’d actually think I couldn’t care less about what the Winchesters thought about my midnight rendezvous, but I was mortified about what Dean would think.

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Only Angel: An Angel

Words 6.8k - Second Person

Part 1

(Y/N) is the innocent of innocent, an angel, she’s never kissed a guy before let alone done anything else and when she becomes friends with Harry Styles she can’t help but feel comfortable enough to let him be her first.

Note: This has been written for ages so it has Robin in it and it felt wrong to take him out.


The ding of a text coming in on your phone was what woke you up the next morning, you groaned a little at the sound as you snuggled further into the warmth of your sheets. Your eyes snapped open when when you remembered that when you went to sleep you weren’t alone in your flat.

You pushed up on your arms quickly to look over the small wall that divided your bed from the rest of the flat. The couch Harry was sleeping on was empty and the blanket he had used had been folded up and placed on top of the pillow.

Sighing you fell back to the mattress with a heavy thud. Yep you had definitely dug yourself a very deep hole and changed whatever friendship you had with Harry forever. But maybe change wasn’t a bad thing.

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Gif submitted by @bringmesomepie56. Request by @dancingalone21: Congrats, love!! If possible can I get a request with Dean x reader? It’s their anniversary and it seems like Dean forgot. She thinks they’re driving somewhere for a case but he surprises her. They end up at Disney World or something fun? :) Thank you

“Where are we going, Dean?”

“I told you…a case.”

“And I told you that you’re full of shit, Winchester. We’ve been in the car an obnoxiously long time, Sam is back at the bunker, and if I have to listen to Back in Black one more time I am going to throw it out of the window.”

Dean’s hands tightened on the steering wheel to a white knuckled grip. With a heavy breath he finally looked at you, seeing how upset you genuinely were.

“Alright sweetheart, what’s going on in that pretty head of yours? You’ve been in a bad mood all day.”

“You really want to know?” You asked, turning in the seat to face him, arms crossed tightly across your chest, amplifying your cleavage and tempting his eyes to wander a little lower.

“Yeah I do.”

“You forgot our anniversary! 6 years, Dean…6! Am I suddenly not important enough to remember?!”

Dean quickly pulled over on the side of the road, putting Baby in park aggressively and cutting the engine. He turned and looked at you head on with a fire in his eyes that you rarely saw directed at you.

“I remember every single day that we’re together. I remember the name of that stupid lotion you have to have. I remember every single thing you’ve ever told me that was important about yourself. I remember you telling me you never got to go to Disney as a kid because your Dad was too busy hunting, which is exactly where we are heading if you could drop the sour attitude for 5 god for saken minutes. I can’t even surprise you because you do this every single time I try and plan anything nice, and let me tell you Princess, it ain’t easy planning shit for you, so sit back, shut up, and enjoy the rest of the ride to Disney.”

Before you could fully process what he had said he was back on the highway in North Carolina in the middle of nowhere. He hadn’t forgot, he’d planned something just for you and you ruined it. Sliding across the seat you wrapped your arms around his waist and placed your chin on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry…thank you for being the best boyfriend ever…and I’m really excited to see Minnie Mouse and Pooh.” You kissed his cheek, feeling the muscle in his cheek twitch before his arm came around you, pulling you closer.

“You’re welcome…and it’s been 8 years, not 6.”

Holy shit…

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