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Do You Wanna Fight?

Aries Mars:

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An Aries mars is very explosive and the smallest thing will set them on a rampage, destroying everything in their path. They can be very blunt and tell it how it is, regardless of if they hurt others’ feelings. After all, they need to know the truth! They are absolutely savage and rip apart anyone that decides to cross them. This often means bridges get burnt quickly and in a rapid bush fire of anger. Unfortunately for an Aries mars, they move on much faster than everyone else. So they may try to talk to someone hours after an argument to find that person has blocked them and wants nothing to do with them.

Taurus Mars:

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A Taurus Mars is very hard to anger and they take a lot of pushing to finally react but when they do, it’s time to give up. It becomes like talking to a brick wall. They refuse to listen to anyone and will only do what they want which is frustrating to people around them. Their pride and stubbornness shines and blocks their ability to even consider doing anything but saying no, to everything. Their need to control themselves becomes very apparent in situations where they are distressed or under pressure.

Gemini Mars:

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A Gemini Mars often shows anger through acting superior or disinterested rather than aggressive. They seem to believe they are better than those who are more argumentative. Their ability to outwit any opponent often means they win fights, but only because they become unresponsive and sarcastic rather than actually having conversations. They move on very quickly but in the back of their mind, they love to think they are now more intelligent because they won a fight and will use that to their advantage.

Cancer Mars:

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A Cancer Mars is literally the most dramatic person you will ever meet. They are savage and go straight in for the sore point but as soon as you even slightly retaliate, they cry and act as though they have been horribly betrayed by their oldest friend and now they must live in anguish. They get defensive before they have even been accused which actually starts most of the arguments they are involved in. They seem to make every disagreement become a personal attack by everyone else onto them.

Leo Mars:

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A Leo mars has this need to be the most important person in the room and when they’re not, they throw almighty tantrums. If someone does not pay enough attention to them, they become self-conscious and moody, especially towards that person. They won’t tell you why, though. You’re just left to wonder what you did to deserve the silent treatment. They work hard for attention and when it is not received, they are personally hurt. Also very stubborn, they have a really hard time letting things go.

Virgo Mars:

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A Virgo mars generally isn’t aggressive but they rip you apart with their criticism that quite often becomes personal and nasty. Their anger is usually shown through complaining and cynicism. They are very prone to “just doing it themselves” rather than having to explain things to other people because they believe they are the only ones that can do anything the right way. Often, they will shut people down before they get a chance and are able to make people feel as though they are inferior which means they are avoided when anything doesn’t go to plan as those around them know they’ll be on a rampage.

Libra Mars:

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A Libra mars wants drama, no matter where or who it’s coming from or involving. They are always the instigator when issues arise and love to light the fire and then run away to watch from afar. Then, when it’s all said and done, they decide to come out and mend the situation to make themselves look like heroes. Very passive aggressive to anyone that crosses them but rarely take action, instead they will talk behind peoples’ backs and spread rumors which solves nothing and in fact, makes things worse. 

Scorpio Mars:

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A Scorpio Mars has an almost concerning amount of self-restraint which is even scarier than an explosive Mars sign as you can never tell what they’re thinking. They know how to not only cut deep, but leave scars for years on end. They have a very black and white outlook on life - it’s this or that. Pessimism is common and often alienates them from more happy-go-lucky people. They’re not bothered though, because anyone that sees the world in rose coloured glasses is an idiot, right? They’re able to destroy your self-worth without blinking an eye which means a lot of people tread on egg shells around them. 

Sagittarius Mars:

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A Sagittarius Mars often starts fights that they can’t finish. They rarely look at the facts properly before diving in with their opinion and then get offended if you don’t agree. They are violent when they are irritated and literally will throw a chair at someone if they’re not doing what they want. They get bored super easily and will (literally) run away if things aren’t fast-paced enough to keep them interested. If you want someone you know will always be on your side, don’t ask them, their opinions and moods can change in a flash.

Capricorn Mars:

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A Capricorn Mars believes they can do absolutely no wrong. They are big on betrayal and backstabbing, making it unfortunate for you if you cross them because you won’t hear about it from them, you’ll hear about it when there are rumors circling about you and you’re getting the silent treatment from 4 of your friends. They seem very unenthusiastic and placid but they are very convincing when they set their mind on something. They are very calm when angry which makes it more uncomfortable for everyone because they become distant and quiet when you have upset them and it is very hard to come back from that.

Aquarius Mars:

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An Aquarius Mars is unbelievably clever but they often are bit by the “know-it-all” bug which makes them hard to converse with as they really don’t believe anyone can be on their level. They will fight back if they are forced to follow rules or requests they don’t agree with. They have a tendency to develop a god-complex and believe they are smarter, wittier and better than those around them. They become detached and disinterested when angry as if people are not worth their time which often leads people to dislike their blunt, entitled nature.

Pisces Mars:

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A Pisces Mars is endlessly fascinated by everything around them. They rarely get involved in any sort of disagreement or fight as they’re very chill and prefer the onlooker role instead. They are passionate about their opinions and beliefs and often take on a martyr role, even when there is no one going against them. It is as though they want to be defeated, so later they can prove themselves which can get on the nerves of people when they play the victim just to be redeemed.

  • Aries & Aquarius: Weird dweebs who make nacho baked potatoes while playing final fantasy, they act like friends.
  • Taurus & Pisces : "we are just friends" YA OK, and I'm the president of the universe.
  • Gemini & Aries: sporty cute couple where u use half of their names and refer to them both as such.
  • Cancer & Taurus: they are still your friend, they just don't leave the house, like ever, thanks to amazon.
  • Leo & Gemini: beautiful socialite power couple who knows everyone's secrets. Every. Ones.
  • Virgo & Cancer: the whole relationship is a battle of who can spoil the other more.its sweet, it makes you sick to ur stomach.
  • Libra & Leo: the beautiful socialite couple that talks shit about everyone. Not even their mothers are safe.
  • Scorpio & Virgo: one criticized your outfit and style, one criticized your soul. Then. They traded. You're traumatized but they seem happy.
  • Sagittarius & Libra: they ditch plans together and communicate exclusively with memes. Goals?
  • Capricorn & Scorpio: they will be our Supreme Overlords™ one day, but today they make oogley eyes at each other over sushi dates
  • Aquarius & Sagittarius: super casual but yet they are always together.
  • Pisces & Capricorn: classic dreamer/realist vibes, plot twist tho. Pisces is the realist and Capricorn is the dreamer.
The Signs on Valentines Day (part one)

Aries: Why do you even need to celebrate its like so stupid *thinks to themselves “maybe I should just ask them out”*

*Taurus walks in holding lots of shopping bags*

Gemini: omg! Whats in all those bags?

Taurus: My chocolates

Virgo: all those!? You need to share!

Libra: yea! Sharing is caring!

Taurus: no!!! *makes hissing sound* they’re all mine! *runs upstairs*

Cancer: um well okay then bye…

Scorpio: *looks up from their desk* um do any of you know where Aquarius is?

Aries: *looks suspiciously at Scorpio* no… Why?

Scorpio: u- nothing just *shrugs*


Scorpio: Its about how all this red reminds me of blood *gives evil stare and straight face*

Sagittarius: *laughs* oh Kay then.

Libra: *looks up from pile of cards* Cancer you didn’t give me a valentines day card?

Cancer: oh um yea… *runs upstairs*

Libra: *sighs*

Pisces: don’t worry just tell Cancer you like them

Libra: *looks startled* what makes you say that?

Scorpio: its bate AF

Libra: *awkwardly laughs*

Gemini: um guys where’s Capricorn?

Leo: *clears trough* *stands on table* I need a valentine!

Pisces: um

Leo: *stares at Pisces*

Everyone: *silence* *looks at Pisces*

Leo: *coughs*


Pisces and Leo: *blush* *look at each other* *smile*

Leo: *jumps of table* urm- Pisces will you be my- um- valentine?

Pisces: *giggles* urrm yea. *hugs (forcefully) Leo*


*Aquarius walks in looking like a nervous wreck*

Aquarius: hey guys

Sagittarius: why are you so red?

Libra: you look like a tomato *laughs*


*Scorpio goes red* *Aquarius looks startled*

Aquarius: urm what?

Scorpio: he’s just messing about

Aries: yea? Now sag!

*Sagittarius grabs Scorpios phone and card and runs*


Sagittarius: yep that’s why your stalking Aquarius’ twitter and writing “dear Aquarius”

Aquarius: guys that’s enough don’t be mean. I - um *looks at Scorpio*

Scorpio: I’m sorry.. I -

Aquarius: no! *pulls hand from behind their back to show flowers* I um was going to ask you if you would be my ERM uh oh gosh I’m not good at this

Scorpio: *gasps/squeaks* *coughs* urm yea! I will be your valentine.

*Scorpio and Aquarius smile and walk of to where Leo and Pisces are in the other room*

*Capricorn runs in*

Capricorn: May you all walk into the dinning room please

*everyone looks at each other and does as they’re told*


signs most to least likable based on first impressions


Si los signos fueran una canción de Justin Bieber.

Aries: Sorry.

Tauro: Where Are U Now.

Géminis: What Do You Mean?

Cáncer: Purpose.

Leo: Company.

Virgo: We are.

Libra: Trust.

Escorpio: I’II show you.

Sagitario: No pressure.

Capricornio: All in it.

Acuario: Love Yourself.

Piscis: The Feeling.

These be my own experiences with people I met that I just so happen to know their signs

Aries: Sassy, like where do u keep ur attitude? Up ur ass?
Taurus: Literal puppies. Smoll, adorable, and birb-like when provoked.
Gemini: I hate everything about u and hope u die in the burning fires of hell (but the actually good ones deserve eternal happiness and 17,000 animals)
Cancer: Why so salt.
Leo: Very funny and friendly, too dramatic at times and keeps a closed mind. 3 out of 5. Would come again.
Virgo: There’s literally only two kinds; elegant, refined, and regal, then there’s the walking shitposts.
Libra: The most annoying little shits and I’d love to strangle them but then there’s these random bursts of actual humor in which they seem bearable. I have mixed feelings.
Scorpio: U scary and cool, 10/10. Would join a gang with.
Sagitarius: …Why?
Capricorn: The gay cousin in every scenario.
Aquarius: A good mix of the sun and Harry Potter.
Pisces: All the posts make you seem so cute and innocent and you go up to me and ?? Whyyyy would u DO THAT?!??

The Signs As Emojis

Aries: 😡🔥😎😒🔫

Taurus: 🍕😴💯🐍🙅

Gemini: 💀 ( dopeastrology😭rip😂)🎭😂😏👑 

Cancer: 😭👸😲🔪😊

Leo: 😘👌😫😂💎

Virgo: 😑😼💪 🎶❌

Libra: 💁❤️‍💅😟✌️

Scorpio: 😈🌹😹🍆💦

Sagittarius: 😱😋✈️🙆📷

Capricorn: 😌🙌💸📅🏁

Aquarius: 😽🚬☺️👓👽

Pisces: 💞🌚🎨🙈😷

signs as 'where tf are u' pll charecters
  • aries: mike
  • taurus: jake
  • gemini: cece drake
  • cancer: alex
  • leo: detective holbrook
  • virgo: holden
  • libra: sydney
  • scorpio: noel khan
  • sagittarius: cyrus
  • capricorn: lucas
  • aquarius: jenna
  • pisces: mrs. grunwald