where are the punks

Everything coming out about the new Death Note shows how much they’re missing the point of Death Note.

Light is not a weird loner kid. He’s a top of his class, “that kid’s going places” type. People admire him. He stays beneath suspicion until L enters the fray by seeming so perfectly straitlaced and normal that no one thinks he could ever be a serial killer. The idea of Light having a locker sign saying “normal people scare me” is ridiculous, Light would probably mock the kind of person who’d put that in their locker. Light is handsome, confident, and while his ego is horrendous and his god complex ends up going to sociopath levels eventually, he has great charisma. He’s great at talking people into things and getting them to trust him.

Light is not an outcast. He is not a punk or a rebel in any way.

If you were committed to doing “Death Note but in the USA” Light would be an all-American boy, the local sheriff’s son who plays sports and gets good grades and  just seems oh-so wholesome. That was why back when I was in high school and people floated Zak Effron as the casting for an American Death Note I thought it was a great idea since Light would probably be a Troy Bolton type in the USA, albeit with a bit more focus on his academics than sports.

Light is not an outcast. He is the sort of boy where if he was American and was accused of a crime you’d have two thirds of the town online going “that good boy would never do such a thing.”

Just…where did this idea of “punk” Light even come from? Where in any version of Death Note has Light ever done anything remotely teenage-rebellion-ish? Just…where did this even spring from?

you know what i need? more gay pop punk. not shit like ‘omg he totally wrote this song about a guy you can tell because of this one 0.03 second clip of one performance in austria’ but legitimately explicitly gay pop punk. give me girls singing fuck this town im gonna drive away with my girlfriend. give me boys screaming at the top of their lungs about how much they love this boy. give me every angsty song about a hetero couple who are so damaged but so in love and just gay it up. i need my angst to be gayer. where is my gay trashy pop punk???

the signs as things from stranger things season 2
  • aries: hopper paying a kid for their halloween candy
  • taurus: max dropping the note in the trash
  • gemini: murray asking jonathan how the pullout (couch) was
  • cancer: dustin running outside while yelling shit
  • leo: mrs. wheeler's bubble bath
  • virgo: steve's hair care routine
  • libra: max driving illegally
  • scorpio: eleven's punk makeover
  • sagittarius: ted not knowing where his kids are
  • capricorn: the entire kfc dinner scene
  • aquarius: joyce walking in on will trying to pee
  • pisces: keith's cheeto bag