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*assumes typical california boi pose where i am sitting on a curb with my feet resting on my longboard, gently rolling it from side to side* *takes a sip of my arizona green tea* *takes off my beanie and runs my hands thru the front of my bleached undercut* so are we getting in and out later

Keep It (Hamilcast x Reader) Platonic

Word Count: 916

A/N: If you cry happy tears from this one blame @harrlsonford it was their idea not mine

You put the boxes down at your feet, gazing at the project before you. It was your last week as a member of the company of Hamilton, and you had to clean out your dressing room at some point. You started by picking up all the odds and ends you had around your room. You weren’t ready to accept the fact that you were leaving such an amazing cast, though you were excited to go off to pursue new job opportunities. You pulled a t-shirt off of a chair, laughing quietly to yourself as you remembered how the black cotton had come into your possession.

You were on your way to rehearsal when it started downpouring. You hadn’t realized it would rain, it had been sunny when you left your apartment only ten minutes earlier. You kept your head down, feeling your hair stick to your cheeks.

“Wow (y/n), did you fall in a pool or something?” Anthony asked when you arrived, soaked to the bone.

“No it just started raining while I was walking here,” you griped as you dug through your bag looking for another shirt. You swore under your breath when you couldn’t find one.

“Here,” Oak said, tossing a shirt to you from his bag, “it’s clean, I swear.”  You graciously accepted the shirt, going into the adjacent bathroom and stripping off your tank top. The cast laughed as you emerged, since the shirt was at least two sizes too big and the cotton was draped over your smaller frame.

“I’ll wash it after rehearsal,” you said to him before you started your warm up.

“Keep it, it looks great on you,” he said with a smile.

You smiled at the memory, wondering if Oak even remembered you had this shirt. Regardless, you were going to keep it. If he wanted it back he would have asked. You moved on to the couch, where a blanket was draped over the back. You folded it up, after inhaling the scent of Daveed’s cologne.

You woke up from your nap oddly warm and engulfed in a scent that was familiar in some way. You had fallen asleep with your jacket draped over you, since it was the closest thing you had to a blanket and it was unbearably cold in your room, but it hadn’t kept you this warm. You opened your eyes revealing a thick quilt covering you. You moved your arms and legs stiffly, coughing in the process. You had a little bit of a cold, so you had taken a nap in between shows assuming you’d feel better when you woke for the next show. You were wrong, as it turned out.

You heard some commotion in the hallway, so you decided to go investigate. You stuck your arm out from under the blanket, immediately retracting it when it hit the cold air. You wrapped the blanket around your shoulders as you opened your door, squinting at the light.

“Ah! Sleeping beauty awakes!” Oak said from where he was standing on his longboard.

“I don’t even want to ask,” you said as he rolled back and forth.

“Do you like my blanket?” Daveed asked from the other end of the hallway.

“Oh, this is yours? Here,” you reluctantly started peeling it from yourself, already shivering when the cold air touched your skin.

“Nope, you’re going back to sleep. I’ve already arranged your swing,”  Lin grabbed your shoulders and started to shepherd you back to your dressing room. You glanced back at Daveed, but he shook his head.

“Keep it, sweet dreams,” he smiled.

You next picked up a notebook from a table, which had ‘Lin-Manuel’ scribbled on the front.

“What are you doing?” Oak asked you as he and Lin joined you in your dressing room. Your guitar was in your lap, where you were fiddling with some chords.

“I’m writing a song,” you said, still focused on the rhythm of your fingers.

“On a napkin?” Oak questioned.

“I couldn’t find any paper and I had to write this down before I forgot,” you explained.

“Let me help you!” Lin jumped out of his seat. At first you were frightened. While you considered Lin a friend, you were also very aware that he was a genius songwriter. Instead of sitting next to you however, Lin dashed out of the room. When he came back, he had a red notebook in his hand.

“I know it says ‘Lin-Manuel’ on the cover, but if you ever lose it and it gets returned to me I’ll know it’s yours,” he said quickly, handing it to you.

“Wait seriously?”

“Yep, I have plenty. The only thing written in it or on it is my name on the cover,” he said.

“I can keep it?” you asked in disbelief.

“You can keep it.”

As you looked around your room, you realized you had plenty of mementos from the cast members. They were things that were given to you at the most random of times by your friends. Things that would have no meaning to anybody just passing through. Even the cast didn’t know where everything had come from. Only you were able to name who and why these items came into your possession.

You realized that even though you were quite sad about leaving the show, and would miss it immensely, you had all of these physical memories from off stage to accompany the exhilarating memories from being onstage with your friends.

Tips for Longboarders (And other sports where you get banged up a lot)

So I started long boarding a week ago and I’ve already nearly died more times in the last five days than the last five years (Which is impressive given my track record of ski racing, biking, hiking, surfing, car crashes, etc.) so I figured I would put up a list of things I’ve learned that help the whole not dying bit. This information comes from my amalgam of experience and what I’ve learned of sports medicine from my mom.


1. Backpack: Always have a backpack filled with stuff you need to keep going. In your backpack should be:

A. Bottle of Water: Good for hydration and keeping cool! Keep it filled with water.

B. Neosporin, Band-Aids, And Disinfectant Wipes: You will fall, a lot. You will get scraped up. Carry this stuff to keep from hurting.

C. Ibuprofen: Good for headaches and regular aches. Get a nice big bottle and carry it always. Also, pro tip: Other people will love you when they have a headache and you have ibuprofen to give out. 

D. Menstrual Products: Even if you don’t have a vagina, always carry some around so that you can help out the people that do.

E. Sweatshirt/Extra T-shirt: Even if it doesn’t get cold where you live, a piece of clothing adds some nice cushing to fall on, we’ll cover that later.

F. Wallet/Cellphone/Etc.: You need a cellphone in case you get stranded, you need money if you get hungry, etc.,

2. Good Shoes: I’ve long boarded in heels before (It’s actually how I learned, and it got me a lot of impressed looks), but invest in some shitty skater shoes please.

3. Helmet: If people laugh at you for wearing a helmet, laugh at them when they’re head is split open on the pavement.  Then maybe call an ambulance.

4. Sunglasses: Protects from the wind and the sun and you look super cool there is no downside to sunglasses.

First Aid

 When you fall, you’ll get scraped up. Get up, get to your board, then check yourself out to make sure you’re ok.

Scrapes: Pour some water over it to get the dirt and grit out, then wipe with disinfectant, slap some neosporin and a band-aid on, and go.

Concussions: If you think that you hit your head, ask someone to check you out. To check for concussion, shine a light into their eye, and if one pupil is larger than the other, they probably have a concussion. Ask a couple questions, Like what were they doing right before they hit their head, where are they, who is the current president, etc. If they check out alright, they’re probably good, but if they get bad headaches, or start sleeping weird, get them checked out by a doctor.

Broken Things: Ok, so if it really hurts, you cant move things, and things are swollen, it’s probably broken. Don’t put any weight on it, don’t move it, get yourself to the emergency room for some x-rays. (I haven’t broken anything ever so this is just something people who know better than me have told me. Ask someone who knows better than me)


Ask those who know: Falling is an art. It’s important to keep things that are fragile from getting hurt. Always remember: Tuck and Roll. Fetal position darlings, it’s your best friend. Try to fall onto your backpack, which is a lovely bit of cushing due to the sweatshirt/t-shirt that your put in there, right? Right? Also, if there is important stuff in your backpack like a laptop, instead of falling onto your backpack, try for your side. Less internal internal organs, less expensive things breaking, painful, painful shoulder scrapes though.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helped! If I missed anything, or something is wrong, please feel free to correct me!

this is some tattooartist!luke and surfer!luke crossover fic sort of? there might be a second part if i can ever figure out how to finish it, but until then enjoy this.

You trace over the letters on each of Luke’s knuckles as his hand rests on your thigh, each letter coming together to spell true. He’s had the tattoo since before you met- it’s one of the first ones he got when he was only 19 years old, but paired with his other hand where the knuckles spell love it’s easily your favorite of all the ink decorating his skin.

True Love.

It’s what you’ve found in him, in the loud, chaotic moments and in the silence that stretches to fill the space surrounding the two of you- it’s all you feel. Love. Sometimes deep and overwhelming as if your heart might break it’s so full, unable to hold it all in at once and other times weightless and consuming as if your stomach may just fly right out of your throat.

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Crash Boards

Ao3 Summary: College AU where there are a LOT of longboards on campus. For Castiel, it’s a constant struggle to avoid being hit by one. Eventually, though, Castiel’s luck runs out, but does it?

If Cas has to play The Maze Runner with long boards one more time he’ll scream.

For whatever reason pretty much every student at this damn school carries a long board and goes from one class to another on those grievers that are the four wheels of death. Normally Cas would be fine with this (after all it’s already half way through the semester), but the local skateboard shop had just had this big promotional contest and now everyone and their professor was skating down the roads, sidewalks, railings, and people’s toes.

Do I really need to go to this class or can I just go back and sleep? Castiel mused as he begrudgingly walked from the safe zone that is his dorm into skateboard territory. He’d been clipped, grazed, and nearly toppled over by other students on boards that apparently did not understand the concept of personal space when it came to traffic, and it didn’t help that Cas went to one of the biggest schools in the country.

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Spend the night with someone wake up eat a healthy breakfast , drink too much coffee , get on longboards/bike venture to no where , get lost , stay outside until sunset , lay on the beach, watch the stars , open up , unfold , talk for hours , doze off , wake up , ride home , cuddle , listen to vinyl, make some tea , fool around , fall asleep


Life update: poor money management forced me to be evicted from my apartment and I am now homeless. All my stuff is in a storage unit and I am living out of a small backpack squandering around for places to sleep. I have two jobs, one at the radio station and one at the custom art framing place. Unfortunately as a consequence of truly enjoying my jobs, I am not making that much money.

I’m not asking for money or trying to make anyone feel bad for me. I opened up my inbox to tons of messages wondering where I went. I am devolving myself from attachment to internet social media and my phone, so I can work on myself.

Being homeless sucks for sure. I’m not really keen on where I’m heading anymore. The only thing that matters to me is longboarding. I am a very very lost soul. I don’t know why I’m choosing to stay in the northeast area, as there is very little for me here, but I keep holding onto this notion that I’m going to finish school. It’s in the cards.

I took a few gnarly spills this weekend at a few events. I’m a little upset that I’m not better at skating, but thinking about how far I’ve come in the last year keeps my head up.