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So many people trying to move out to Los Angeles because they aspire to live this picturesque lifestyle. The city is actively investing billions to “develop” (gentrify) low income, black and brown neighborhoods so the entire city of LA is that idealized, upper middle class area, displacing the people who give this city its vibrant culture and energy. I need yall to chase your dreams in your own cities. Fuck off.

Halloween is such a fantastic holiday, man. When else does everyone dress up and wear whatever they want? You have zero obligations! You can decorate your house and pass out candy or you can turn off all the lights and drink hot cocoa and binge watch cheesy horror movies. Who cares? You don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone, or entertaining guests if you don’t want to. Halloween is 1000% up to the individual to enjoy, no guilt required. The whole month of October is my favorite, man. I love this pumpkin spice flavored, spooky, ridiculous time of the year



THIS is one of the core messages of the series that I connect with really strongly, and I adore that it comes up so early.

In so many other stories someone will die to protect someone else and it’s treated like a great and noble thing - and yes, protecting others is always worthwhile, but if you die in the process you defeat the entire purpose. One of you is still dying, and destroying the other person emotionally in the process.

It’s the kind of message you don’t expect in a story about ninjas who are trained to kill without holding back, and yet this is EXACTLY the story it should be in. Throwing your life away serves a short time goal, but it devalues your life so much in the process - and how does that help the other person, who wanted very much for you to keep on living?


yes life sucks sometimes but you can’t hold onto that forever. you have to stay alive for the good times. the times where you’re at a party and you sit and have deep talks with a girl you just met and share a piece of your heart with each other because sometimes opening up to a newfound friend is the best way to heal. stay alive for the times where you’re with your friends and laughing so hard that you tear up and your stomach gets tight. for the times where you’re so happy that all you can feel is sunshine pooling from your smile. for the times where things just feel so right and content. for the little things, like hot baths and coffee and autumn and going on adventures with your friends and driving with the window down, not caring how messy your hair gets or how silly you look jamming out. live unapologetically because life is too short to apologize for living. you have a right to claim this life and take it by the horns because you are not a slave to the world- the world is a slave to you. you have the power to rise above the struggles and shine amid the darkness. so do it. stop letting the dark consume you, and consume the darkness with your light. things will get better only if you keep on pushing and keep on trying to reclaim your life and make it your own. you will be okay. you’ve got this.

10 seconds || Dan Howell

A/N: this is a little idea I had, it’s something I guess. 

Word Count: 1.2K

POV: Reader


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Keeping a relationship a secret is a good idea, right?

No, not at all.

‘Can’t wait to see you tonight, baby.’

I read Dan’s text message with a huge smile as I stood in front of my closet, trying to figure out what to wear. There were so many options and at the same time there were none.

Dan and I had been dating-ish for two months now without telling anybody. We were afraid of how people would react since nobody would have ever expected us two to get together. We wanted to be sure about this before we told somebody else.

It was a Friday night and Dan’s friends were throwing a party. He invited me to come with him, not as his date though. I was worried about who to talk to tonight since none of my close friends were going and I also didn’t know about how to interact with Dan in public.

I had to park my car a little further away from the house where the party was held at because all of the good parking spots were taken already, signalizing that a lot of people came.

As I walked into the big house so late that Dan must have arrived an hour ago, I immediately spotted him drinking beer with his friends. They were joking about something and laughing out loud from time to time. Since Dan and his friends were by far the most popular and attractive guys in our town a lot of females were surrounding them, trying to start a conversation.

I had to stop myself from smiling at Dan who noticed me the second I walked into the room. He was clearly checking me out in my dress that wasn’t too fancy but he seemed to like it anyway. I also had to stop myself from telling those girls to back off my boyfriend.

Sweaty bodies were dancing to music that was shitty and way too loud. There was alcohol everywhere and people were flirting with strangers while getting drunk. A typical teenager party therefore. Some people just live for weekends like this.

I talked to a few girls that I knew from school. They were updating me on all the recent gossip since I wasn’t good with stuff like that. I never hung out with the ‘cool and scandalous kids’.

“I heard Tiffany tell her friends at school today that she wants to get with Dan tonight.” Jessica, one of the girls I had chemistry class with told me under her breath. I nearly chocked on my drink at her words.

“Dan as in Dan Howell?” I asked her, gritting my teeth while trying to not sound too interested.

“What other Dan is there?” She wanted to know, indirectly answering my question.

Great. Miss Popular was after my guy not knowing that he was already taken. By me!

“Let’s play Truth or Dare” Somebody shouted in between two songs. The response was quite diverse. Some people seemed to really hate the game while others seemed to love it.

“C’mon let’s play.” Jessica excitedly exclaimed, grabbed my arm and dragged me along with her.

“I really don’t wan-“ I was in the middle of saying as she made me sit down on the floor where everybody who was playing was already gathered in a circle.

My eyes suddenly landed on Dan who was sat right opposite me. He didn’t look that comfortable either and I could clearly hear his friend Jason tell him “I bet it will be fun, don’t be so boring!”

There was a little twinkle in Dan’s eyes as he saw me and he raised his eyebrow surprised to see me here. He was looking as handsome as ever. His hair was a little bit curly and he was wearing the black leather jacket that I loved so much on him.  

A guy I had never seen around before started spinning an empty glass bottle and it landed right on Jason, making Dan smirk.

“Truth or Dare” the guy asked Jason. He obviously said ‘Dare’ since he was an outgoing guy and up for almost any challenge.

“I dare you to knock on the neighbour’s door in just your underwear and ask him if you can borrow a jar of peanut butter.”

“What the fuck, mate?!” Jason shouted as everybody laughed and some girls giggled.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked the guy who dared him to do this as he started to take off his shirt, revealing his toned chest.

People started to whistle as Jason walked to the door and opened it wearing nothing but his boxers.

“It’s freezing outside!” he complained as he wrapped his arms around his own body for warmth, shielding his nipples from the cold air of the night.

He quickly ran across the street, as he saw that no car was in sight. The neighbour, a 50 year old man, was not too pleased to see Jason.

“I’m going to call the cops, you dumb pack of teenagers!” he shouted after Jason as he sprinted back into the house after he was obviously denied some peanut butter.

We were laughing our butts off while Jason’s cheeks were bright red from running and embarrassment.

“It will be fun, right?” Dan asked Jason, making me giggle.

We continued playing and after a few rounds the bottle still hadn’t landed on me or Dan. One of Tiffany’s friends was just dared by a guy to take her shirt off was now spinning the bottle in a pink Victoria Secrets bra.

It landed on the devil herself, Tiffany.

“Dare” she said and I already had a weird feeling in my stomach region.

“I dare you to kiss Dan for at least 10 seconds.”

My mouth hung open as I tried to suppress a gasp.

Tiffany was seductively smirking at my boyfriend whose eyes had grown wide in shock. He was taking a quick glance at me. His face spoke of panic as Tiffany said, “A dare is a dare, right?”

With that being said she pressed her lips onto my boyfriend’s, making my heart sink. And those 10 seconds were the hardest 10 seconds of my life.


I swallowed hard although my mouth was completely dry


I tried looking away, but I couldn’t 


My blood started to boil as I watched Tiffany eagerly kiss my boyfriend


My cheeks grew bright red as anger filled every inch of my body


I wanted to rip my heart out just so it wouldn’t hurt that much


I wanted to yell for them to stop but I had to sit here in silence


My hands started to shake with anger as they were clenched into fists


My eyes got watery and the first tears were about to spill


I decided to get up and leave, not being able to bear this anymore


I lef-

Dan pushed Tiffany off his body right before I could get up to leave.

“Y/N is my girlfriend!” he shouted and all eyes suddenly landed on me.

May 30, 1983: Stevie performs at the US Festival. 

You know when I walk out on the stage it’s like that’s when I’m really me. They almost had to take me off the stage with a hook to pull me off the stage at the US festival. People say to me there’s never a look on your face like there is the look that is on your face when you’re on that stage. ‘Cause that’s where I belong and I’m not near as good at home or at a party on an airplane or anywhere else. I’m at home on a stage with those kids…


Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: HEY IT’S HERE, DON’T NEED TO HATE ME ANYMORE. Once more time I need to tell you guys how grateful I’m for having Alyssa as my beta writer! Please, please, go to her page @imyourliquor-youremypoison and tell her how much you’re thankful for making me suck less. And about the fic, it’s coming to an end guys :) THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. You guys are the best! ♥ my ask is always open to hear about what you guys think.

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Part 7.

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at peace

you swore that the only place you felt truly at peace in was in the shower. you would play music, forget about the days events or upcoming things as the hot water poured down your back, you were able to sing or cry dramatically without anyone knowing, and you adored the scent of your coconut shampoo. 

and showers were even better after a long, hard day. the hum of music and scents took your mind off your sore muscles and fought against negative thoughts. 

within the three walls you were at peace and happy with the world

that was, until chris managed to screw it up.

you were lathering the shampoo in your hair, running your fingers through the strands and admiring the coconut scent when the shower curtain was jerked back…

“are we, stop screaming it’s just me, are we out of cheez-its?” 

Marichat May Day 8

Prompt Calendar hosted by yours truly and @marinette-sky

Day 1: Milk Day 2: Purring Day 3: Homework Day 4: ‘Romeo, Romeo…’

Day 5 The Baton Day 6 + 7: Game Night and Happy Pawing

Day 8: Fashion

“What’s up, princess?” Chat Noir asked. Marinette was all by herself, quite late at night in the park. She was listlessly kicking her feet back and on forth on the swing, not quite creating enough momentum to move.

“Oh, chaton,” she said, looking up. Her eyes were red, as if she had been crying. “Nothing much…”

“Come on, you can tell your friendly neighbourhood cat boy,” he winked. “Need me to beat someone up? Cataclysm a pretty face?”

“Nothing like that,” she sighed. “It’s just…we had a ballot today in class, to decide who goes to Paris Fashion Week, and I missed out again. That’s been the last three shows! I’m starting to think I’m cursed…”

“Is that it?” Chat laughed, ruffling her hair. “That’s an easy problem to fix!”

Marinette blinked at him. “Poor art student, Chat.”

The black cat tapped his head. “Ability to scale walls, princess…”


And so, they found themselves pressed against the glass ceiling on the night of Paris Fashion Week, a bird’s eye view of all the newest styles. Marinette sketched furiously while Chat took pictures on her phone.

“Do you want to go mingle?” Chat asked, once the catwalks were finished. “I can sneak us in.”

Marinette looked down at her outfit in dismay. “I can’t go like this!”

“No problem,” he winked. “I know where they keep the good stuff.”

And so they wandered around at the after party, Marinette in couture Gabriel, Chat Noir, de-transformed, but wearing large oversized black aviator glasses. She clung to his arm, gasping at seeing everyone and all the outfits up-close.

He was just preening at a job well done when his make-up artist walked right up to him.

“Nice disguise, Adrien,” she giggled, loud enough for Marinette to hear. Said girl gripped his arm tightly and squeaked. “Adrien???”

He swallowed. Busted.

words that water flowers watered my eyes too @decembercamiecherries

Jamie Benn - Sweatshirt

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Anon: Can you do a Jamie benn imagine where you’re good friends with Tyler and he throws a party at his house and you meet Jamie. The whole night you and Jamie are hitting it off and then Tyler decides to make things interesting and throws both you and Jamie in the pool. The party ends and Jamie gets your number and you’re in awe over him. Can you possibly make it into a series?

A/N: this is not gonna be a series, but i hope you enjoy regardless :) xx

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Someone probably pointed this out already but I can’t stop thinking about the parallels between V’s route and how it actually came about through Cheritz and the fandom.

In this route, Ray brings MC to the Mint Eye to test his “game”. Of course, that fourth wall breaking is self explanatory, but there’s much more than that.

Every time Saeran talks about the romance aspect of his “game”, he talks as though Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, and 707 are your only options. I just did the first chatroom of day 4 and he goes so far as to talk about what each of them struggles with and how he has programmed a way to save each of them if you successfully host the party and get the good end.

But where it gets interesting to me is this - every time MC brings up V, Saeran responds that she should not want him and that he is not an option. V doesn’t get to be romanced, he doesn’t get to be saved, he does not get a happy ending. But yet MC can’t stop caring for him and falling for him and keeps telling Saeran that every time he asks about the game. And then she ends up with him after all.

Kinktober #16: Masks

Second Kingdom of Crows ficlet (this is pretty SFW as well)

Masquerade balls were, Kageyama thought, an unfortunate symptom of castle life.

They were entirely frivolous, but didn’t come bundled with any actual fun activities, like sports or practice duels or horseback riding. There was only dancing, dancing, and more dancing, of which everyone was expected to take part. There was, on the positive side, the food, which was always sumptuous and abundant. But every time he tried to get near the banquet tables, he was inevitably cornered by yet one more person, seeking the attention of the young prince, asking him to join them for a quick dance.

Then they would talk. They all talked, and talked, about things he didn’t care about; court gossip and city building plans and prospects of marriage, though he hoped that was a long way off yet. All of it was boring, but the worst part of it were the masks.

There wasn’t a single uncovered human face in the hall. They were hidden by gilding or feathers or metal, animal and celestial and abstract, with just the eyes peering out, glinting from the holes. They whirled around him in their endless dancing, emotionless and still.

Kageyama was not very good at reading people. It was a skill many people told him he would have to learn, before he became king. For once he was, he would be able to take no one at their word. All would want something from him, but be willing to give very little in return.

But Kageyama found it hard to decipher meaning from eyes and voice and body language. And on nights like these, with masks obscuring the faces of all those he talked to, it became harder than ever. All was just words, and words, and noise; laughter too loud, people dancing too close, the smell of wine too strong. He wanted, more than anything, to escape.

“Why don’t you just leave?” someone asked him, and he was shaken out of his thoughts. He turned.

Standing in front of him was someone new, wearing a mask that seemed in opposition to his own simple black one. Their mask was gold, covering the top half of the face, with a pair of soaring antlers that tapered into wicked points. In between the mask’s eye slots was a brilliant golden sun.

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