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Where do people get the idea that we paint Anders as a saint? Every Anders fan I know is more than willing to admit he's got flaws. Difference is we can actually understand where these flaws come from and can empathize with him as a mentally ill human being who makes mistakes. Besides that, find me someone in Dragon Age who does *not* say seriously questionable shit at any point.

It’s because dragon age’s writing is flawed. But yeah we all acknowledge that he has flaws. The haters just want everyone to hate him. That’s not how it works.

If you ever feel sad just imagine that there’s an alternate universe where you are a fictional character and everyone absolutely loves you and your flaws. People make blogs and lovely edits of you and probably ship you with your best friend. They have your funny one-liners you thought nobody heard as their bios. Even better, people make fanart of you. They pretend you’re a chief, or a scuba diver in some alternate universe of their own. Some people attempt to replicate your personality because they love it so much. Others dress as you for Halloween. Imagine an alternate universe where you are so unbelievably loved from people you don’t know exist.

Insecurities (Newt X Reader)

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Anonymous asks: hi I absolutely adore your wiring!! can you write something cute where reader is super insecure and tries to hide her flaws with makeup and newt tells her she’s beautiful an she doesn’t need makeup to be pretty? Thanks!!

You had just come home from the store, carrying bundles of grocery. A pretty pink parcel hung from your arm, as you balanced the groceries.

“Is that for me?” Queenie asked, watching you kick off your heels. She was stirring a big pot of soup. The kitchen smelled glorious, like it always did when Queenie or Jacob was in it.

“Not this time, Queenie,” you said, setting the parcels down. “I bought myself some of the latest fashion.”

Queenie walked over to you and took your little pink bag without asking. “Rouge? Two different lipsticks? Powder? Honey, are you going to a party?” Queenie’s face lit up at the idea of you going to a party.

You sorta gave an awkward smile, “Ehh…” You hastily collected your findings and rushed to your room, eager to test it all out.

You had just put on your red lipstick, when the door burst open and Newt came barging in. “Y/N have you—oh hello…” Newt said softly, the words dying from his lips when he saw your face all done up.

A boost of confidence filled you. The way Newt looked at you, he couldn’t tear his eyes away. “Yes?” You asked, giving him a shy smile.

Newt hastily looked away. “Uh… Off to a party?” Newt asked politely. He rocked back and forth on his feet, his face slowly turning red.

“No,” you replied airily back. You glanced at yourself in the mirror. You were quite glamorous. And you felt so confident. And not like a loner loser. Maybe you should go out to a bar or something.

“Then if you don’t mind me asking… umm… actually I was wondering if you’ve seen my Niffler?” Newt asked, scratching his head and looking around.

You shook your head. “Sorry, haven’t seen him.”

Newt glanced at you once more and then turned around to the door. “Right then. I’ll look somewhere else. Somewhere not here. Obviously.” Before leaving Newt gave you another look before closing the door.

Your heart skyrocketed. Grinning like an idiot that you were, you spun around in a little mad circle.

You liked makeup. No wonder girls wore it, it made you feel good and look good. Before you had felt awkward and shy, but now you felt almost powerful.

Smiling to yourself you decided that makeup was your new best friend.

Every day you woke up to do your makeup. You’d wear it going out and to work. And even at home. You were careful to apply fresh lipstick after meals. You even went so far as to steal a couple lipstick tubes from Queenie, who always found out in the end.

It was a spring day and you were getting ready for a party. You had just bought an expensive lipstick, the case made with real gold.

You opened your drawer, which had accumulated with lipsticks over the last few weeks. However, you couldn’t find the treasure. You searched the drawer twice, then looked through your other drawers. Frantically, you jumped up and began to search your room, starting to panic a little. That lipstick cost a fortune!

Then the lightbulb hit. Niffler. You stormed out of your room, and walked over to Newt’s room. His door was open and so was his suitcase. You practically slid down the latter, shouting out angrily, “NEWT SCAMANDER YOUR PRECIOUS NIFFLER TOOK MY NEW LIPSTICK!”

You found Newt holding a baby creature of some sort, completely startled by your outrage. “What?” Newt demanded. “I hardly think so. My niffler has been down with me all day!”

You angrily began to look around. “I swear when I find that niffler… That lipstick cost all of my side savings! It was expensive, Newt!” You began to get quite upset, tearing up a little.

Newt noticed how upset you were getting and gently pinned you against the wall, his hands on your arms. “Y/N, breathe…” Newt said soothingly, looking at you in the eyes. “You don’t need makeup to be beautiful…”

You blinked back tears, sniffing a little. “What?”

Newt replied steadily back, “I said you don’t need makeup to be beautiful.”

You raised an eyebrow. “But look at Queenie… She’s so gorgeous with it on. I want to be pretty… I want to be noticed…”

Newt gently brushed your lips with his thumb. You hadn’t had time to get ready that morning, so Newt was seeing your real face for the first time in a while. “Look at you,” he hushed looking at your face with a loving expression. He then gently touched your cheeks, softly stroking them. “You’re so unbelievably beautiful…”

As he cupped your face, you gently grasped onto his arms to steady yourself. Was this really happening? Or were you just hallucinating. The annoying heat from your face didn’t seem like a hallucination. “Do you really think I’m pretty…?” You whispered in a barely audible voice.

You could feel Newt gently push up against you, the wall feeling chilly to your back. “Absolutely ravishing…” Newt answered honestly, his lips so close to yours.

You gave a little gasp as Newt pushed you even harder against the wall, kissing you on the mouth.

Unfortunately your heaven on earth lasted exactly 0.01 seconds before Queenie came in. And it took about 0.0001 of a second to push Newt off of you. Both of your faces were guilty beyond guilt. Newt was blushing so hard and was simply looking down at his feet, his hears red.

“Well well well,” Queenie said. She didn’t need to see what they had been doing. She just knew. She smiled coyly, then turned to you. “Honey, I hope you don’t mind, I borrowed your new expensive lipstick. Since you steal mine all the time, I thought I’d try yours,” Queenie giggled, producing a gold tube. She handed it out to you.

Newt raised his head and looked at you. You looked back at him then at Queenie. “Keep it as a gift, Queenie. I don’t need it. You can also have all my other makeup.”

Queenie’s eyes went large. “Are you bribing me to not tell Teenie what I just witnessed?”

You blushed scarlet. “No, just take all of it…” You resisted to say don’t tell Tina, but that’d never work.

Queenie turned around and said, “Well I’ll let you two get back kissing!” She skipped around the corner, leaving two flustered lovers.

Newt turned to you. “I’m proud of you. For getting rid of all the makeup like that.” He gently turned your head to face him.

You looked at the freckled face man. “It was too much trouble anyway,” you joked, gently tugging on his shirt collar.

Newt pulled you close, picking you up and placing you on his desk. He leaned in, his hands on either side of you. “Oh, and I told you my niffler didn’t steal it.”


I’m honestly QUITE proud of this one. I wrote it freely and not feeling forced so I hope you like it! Any typos will be edited later!

I’ve dated guys where I was a nervous wreak.
Where I couldn’t eat around them.
I didn’t want to show my body in the daylight.
I was nervous to say the wrong thing.
To be myself.
Until there was this one guy.
Who I was unbelievably comfortable with,
Even on the first date.
Where I could stuff my face in front of him and not care.
Where I was free to say anything I wanted.
Where I could show my body in the daylight.
With all my imperfections visibly all out there.
And he looked at me like I didn’t have a single flaw.
Where we were completely ourselves.
Where we didn’t have to second guess.
It’s so strange how you can spend all these years with people;
And never find one to feel comfortable with.
Until one person steps out,
And you feel like you’ve known them forever.
And the peace and comfort you feel with them,
Is amazing.
—  Chapters from my life

Inspired by seeing a shooting star during a heavy night of the Geminid meteor shower, I came up with this spread and have since learned very valuable things about myself and helped a friend as well! It really seems to point out flaws, faults, and some areas where change is needed to allow goals/dreams to come true. ♥

Other spreads.


I have this default flaw in my personality where I am unable to express my innermost thoughts/problems/emotions to those close to me because I don’t want to burden them or look like I’m seeking attention or become that ‘boring’ person who’s always having some sort of mental health related crisis, but I am perfectly okay with talking in depth about my mental health on a public blog where literally anyone could read it if they wanted???

Cancer Decans

~ Cancer Decan 1 (June 21st - July 1st) 

I am ruled by the Moon. My personality is characterised by sensitivity, generosity and creativity. My sensitive nature and emotional awareness makes me a natural psychic. I have a tendency to just “know” what others are thinking and feeling. I can choose to develop these natural skills further and be rewarded by helping others. And helping others is what I like to do the most. I am extremely generous and will do anything for anyone. I do not accept great accolades for my deeds but gain an enormous sense of satisfaction from giving. I am a true giver. I crave a sense of security, and I love and desire close family relationships that I can nurture and be nurtured by. I also possess a high level of creativity and can turn my hand to many career paths that allow me to use my talents. I am most happy in the company of close friends and family, where I know I am well loved, admired and respected. My main flaws are over-sentimentality as I have a difficult time being objective when it comes to emotional issues.

~ Cancer Decan 2 (July 2nd - July 12th) 

I am ruled by the planet Pluto. My personality is characterised by mystery, secrecy and psychic abilities. Like all Crabs, I have strong abilities that help guide with my decision making. I am an extremely private person and do not like to reveal too much of myself to anyone, this includes close friends, lovers and family members. I am quite secretive and will keep your secrets well. No one ever knows me fully and I have air of mystery behind my eyes. Unlike other Crabs I do not allow my heart to overrule my head. I am emotional and sensitive but have an analytical mind that affects my judgement. This can lead to the feeling of confusion as my head is telling me one thing and my heart another. Nine times out of ten, I follow my gut instinct as it never steers me wrong. I have immense emotional needs and I am happiest in a secure loving relationship. I give a great deal of love, loyalty and respect to a lover and expect the same in return. If my relationship is tested then I will work my ass off to overcome problems and rebuild a loving relationship. If my relationship is one sided then I will just walk away and never look back. My main flaw is that I tend to have a jealous streak.

~ Cancer Decan 3 (July 13th - July 22nd)

I am ruled by the planet Neptune. My personality is characterised by intuition, empathy and optimism. I am somewhat of a dreamer and like to fantasize, stretching my vivid imagination. Poetry, creative writing, any kind of art are all areas I excel in. My kindness and compassion make for me being very empathetic and I can easily understand the feelings and emotions of others. I have a fascination for the unusual, extraordinary or unconventional. I am interested in the stranger things in life, the supernatural, spiritualism and like to find out about different cultures and beliefs. I adore the idea of being in love and being romanticised. This sometimes leads to disappointment with relationships that fall short of the romance novel ideal. However because of my positive optimism, this disappointment soon diminishes and I move my thoughts and dreams onto other romances - real or imagined. I enjoy my own company and like to have my alone time. This time allows me to dream some more and also are times when I can get in touch with my inner self and strengthen my intuitive skills.