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Sometimes I think of the pioneers of the Trek fandom, painstakingly putting together zines, copying their fanfiction over and over and over again on unforgiving typewriters and spreading their love for this show and these characters through secret clubs, through the mail, distributing their books and artwork by hand to people they knew they could trust. 

Whenever I think things are hard as a content creator now, I remember them and just thank every star in the sky that they were willing to put in the hard work so that the passion they felt for this show would carry on. Without them, we wouldn’t have a fandom. We wouldn’t have spaces like this where we can share our fanworks with thousands of people. Instantly. Where we can openly and proudly talk about the things we love with those same thousands of people. Without leaving our couches.

So, thanks Trek parents, for all your hard work. <3

golgothasterrorizing  asked:

tbh what i boil it down to in terms of people seeing jake as stupid: he's autistic and people always equate autism to either extreme brilliance or brain-dead stupidity when really us autistic people are just people

y e a h like he def shows a lot of autistic traits and (i trust @homestuckisautistic to talk about this more than me but) there’s a reluctance to recognize portrayals of autistic people in media where NTs are involved. often in fanwork autistic traits are either a) erased entirely, or b) villainized, like “this character struggles with empathy so they’re a heartless monster!” 

i also wanna clarify that erasing jake’s difficulties with interpersonal situations isn’t an improvement on portraying him as dumb. the solution is to write him as someone who’s clever but also struggles with empathy and reading situations tonally, i.e., a real, 3-dimensional human being

I do not have the time or patience to respond to attacks on my character that stem from ignorance and emotionally charged thinking. My position on shaming in fandom is this: 

- Fictional characters are not real people.

- People, even fictional ones do age with time. If you write a fic set years after canon, the character is no longer the same age they were at the end of canon.

- Fanworks and fiction are an instrument where people of all ages can explore issues they face in reality in a manner that doesn’t hurt anybody. The following are examples … there are endless possibilities for why people create or consume fanwork content. 

*A rape survivor can explore rape in writing a fic where they are able to be in control and can process their grief, can find empowerment. The fictional characters are not injured in the process. Fanfiction does not become canon.

* A young person living in a homophobic family can explore their sexuality through fanworks without coming out and risking judgement by putting fictional characters through the paces of what ‘could’ happen. 

* A person who has extreme depression can process their feelings and experience with it by writing a fictional character with the same issues. They can put distance between their reality through fictional projection and sometimes find the ability to resolve a truth about themselves they couldn’t see when it was all them and reality. 

- Shaming people for writing anything about FICTIONAL characters is uncool and harmful. It is much better to avoid reading works that squick you and to accept that your lived experience is not everybody else’s lived experience. Who are you to judge what you do not (CAN NOT) understand? 

- Smut in fanfiction read by underage people or written by underage people is a safe alternative to having actual real life sex when a person is underage. It also allows those who are underage, who do have sexual drives, to explore those urges, fantasies, or even the messy repercussions that can result from them, without ACTUALLY fucking up their lives by bringing real life repercussions down on themselves. It is a SAFE alternative to sex. 

- Sex is NOT bad. Sex is a normal part of biology and shaming that or denying that is why we have real life predators, why we have rape culture, why so many people are ashamed of their emotions. Fiction is a safe and wonderful alternative to exploring ‘what ifs’, to growing as a person, to learning about how other people live and what experiences they have. 

- It is vitally important to tag fanworks with appropriate tags. NSFW, underage, violent content, trigger warnings, etc… so that the people who do not want to view such content can avoid it. But demanding that it be suppressed because it offends you is a very narrow-minded viewpoint. Understand that fanworks creators come from a rainbow of lived experiences. Cultural differences, Different sexualities, Survivors of a plethora of experiences. The fact is that the writer writing a fic about rape, might be a survivor of rape and find the process therapeutic… You can not know that. A writer of underage smut may have been a teen who was pressured into it young and the act of writing about it, normalizing it, is their therapy to no longer carry guilt and shameful feelings about it. You can’t know that. 

- If you don’t like something, do not read it/view it. Simple. 

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Does the fanficion have to be completed to be entered in the contest?

I assume this is about the Fic Appreciation Week.

It isn’t actually a contest. It is just a week where we encourage fanworks for fanfiction. Kind of a meta fanwork week. People will be encouraged to draw or write or make edits (or anything else) for their favorite fanfictions. 

The part that might be confusing is the form and the list. I am sorry about the confusion that might have caused. Basically, we realize that not everyone would be comfortable with people writing stories based off of their stories, or might have certain restrictions. Because of that, we would want to make sure people have the author’s permission before writing their meta fanfic. We decided it would be a bit of a hassle for both writers if they had to message people asking for permission so we decided to do the work for them and compile a list of authors who are comfortable with fanfic being created for their stories. 

We were focusing specifically on fanfiction rather than fanart or other fanworks because we figured it was the thing that might make authors the most uncomfortable, due to it being the same medium. 

We, obviously cannot ask every author for their permission because that would be impossible, so if there is a fanfic that you want to write for that is by an author who is not on the list, please contact them directly. 

Also, being on the list does not guarantee that fanworks will be created for your stories. We will be encouraging people to create for lesser known stories, but it is not an exchange. 

To answer what I think your question was: creations can be made for unfinished works unless the author specifies otherwise. However, based on feedback, we are putting a general restriction on continuing an unfinished work. You can write missing scenes and things like that but no ending or continuing a story that the author is still working on. 

I hope I answered your question and I am sorry for any confusion. 

AcesinSpace's big bang challenge for "Asexy April"

As some of you may know, every April there is a aro/ace spectrum fanworks challenge called Asexy April. I thought a variation on a ‘big bang’ would be fun for the challenge this year.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a big bang is a fanworks challenge where people write fanfiction that is accompanied by fanart. The rules vary from challenge to challenge. Here are the rules for this challenge.

  • Follow the rules for Asexy April.
  • No maximum or minimum word limit, just be reasonable.
  • Canon, Legends, EU, and OC characters are all welcome.
  • Reverse Bangs (art created first, then the fic is written) are also welcome.
  • Prompts can be submitted at any time and will be kept here for authors and artists to choose from. I’m not going to limit the number of authors/artists per prompt right now because I think that they are open ended enough that there could be very different works spawned from the same prompt. We really need more prompts.
  • I’ve made a separate page here to post the author and artist profiles to help people find each other for collaboration.
  • Please try to have everything finished by the end of April.

If you’d like to participate, please submit the following to this blog:

Keep reading

Don't Be Cayenne Over Spilled Milk

“Wait, so this thing we’re hunting-?”


“It’s really-?”


“But how-?”

“Dunno. Didn’t question him. Figured it was alien.”

“Like, like Doc alien? Shouldn’t we be letting him handle this then? We do have a minor apocalypse to be worrying about here.”

“He said he’d be here later.”

“Oh, so when this thing is all over, then, great. If only the Time Lord had a better sense of freakin’ time!”

“Heads up.”

Footsteps. Two guns raised. A figure stepping out of the shadows with a flamboyant spring. One annoyed huff.

“Winchesters! Hello!”

A new Doctor, floppier hair, irritating tendency to skip. Dean preferred the last one; at least he could walk passed a balloon without losing a thousand years of maturity.

“Doc, circle. Now!”

A hasty bounce, some hurried reshuffling to accommodate. A growl. Six wary eyes staring at four molten gold slits. An alien, canine, feral. Yellow light glistening through veins in green chitin armour. Infectious saliva dripping from inch-long fangs.

“We sure this is gonna keep them out?”

“About 74% at this point. Never seen creatures like these before, I know as much as you do.”

“You’re the one who called us.”

“Yes, because Sherlock called me. He found a shop while he was on a case. His homeless network got wind of a back-alley dog fighting ring that was caging demon dogs. Of course, you and I know that demon dogs are invisible to most species so I said-”


“Right, sorry. Anyway, when Sherlock looked into it, he found the masterminds all owned spice shops and they were all missing one important ingredient!”

“Wait. You mean-”

“You mean we’re basing this entire Let’s Not Get Eaten by Alien Mutts plan on the fact that there wasn’t any spice in a shop?!”


“I’m gonna kill him.”

“Dean. Better things to worry about right now. If this paprika thing doesn’t work, what’s our best shot?”

“You think I know? Try thyme, we could use a little ‘a that.”

“Don’t be silly, even if the paprika ring does hold we’d never make it to the TARDIS anyway. I parked her nice and safe outside.”

“Great. Real helpful.”

“Can’t you do that thing where it materializes around us?”

A Time Lord frozen. Surprise in wide eyes. A mouth falling open in indignation. One finger raised, lips bumping together as a thought clicks. Shoulders slumping in acknowledgement.

“Good point.”

“Don’t forget to get my baby. If your stupid box can pick us up in the main room, it can pick up my car in another.”

“Oi! Careful, or we might just leave you behind!”

“Guys, now might be a good time to leave.”

Wet nose against mouldy concrete, sniffing near a red powder line. A momentary scramble in too-deep pockets. The click of a key fob button. Wind, unnatural, and a grinding wheeze. Powder swirling in eddies. An alien dog sneezing and whimpering, quaking. The flash of a light, a thud, silence. A dog exploding. A faint exasperated groan.

“Sherlock’s fault, Doc. Just get him to clean it.”

A floppy haired cushion for an old Time Lord. A head knocking on a circular console. A louder, despairing groan.

“Dude, I think I got paprika in my eye.”

by mumnotmumpeasants

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I feel that the characters given height don't match the actual characters. I can understand Italy and Japan's height and that the characters are usually average height for their country, but Russia and Sweden look much taller than 5'11.6 and do some of the others. England and France are supposed to be the same height but England is 8 heads tall and France is 8.5.

I see what you mean, although England and France are shown to be the same height everywhere but in fanwork, where a lot of people tend to make France taller. For the most part though Studio Deen has been pretty good at keeping them consistently the same height.

I just measured this:

And they’re both eight heads tall. France’s looks smaller because of his hair, I  assume. I’m not going to go through Hima’s art tho, since I’m rather used to minor mistakes from him and never expect every drawing to fit the information he provides.

For Russia and Sweden, I agree that their height doesn’t match how they look in scale. My brother is taller than Russia, and he’s still in highschool so it’s a bit weird picturing Russia being shorter than him.

 It all comes down to a person’s perception of tall at that point, and Hima’s style making them look much taller than the actually are.

anonymous asked:

Im sorry but your title test is extraordinarily wrong and due to its popularity it has been spreading extremely false information about classpect for years. Could you please remove it? Please.

Is this a joke? Are you actually being serious? I’m just sitting here kind of speechless. 


*deep breath*

First: Even if I remove it, it wouldn’t change the 10,000 or so people who have already taken it and enjoyed it.

Second: I’ve recognized that the test is old and needs redoing, That’s why i’m making a new one, but sit down and let me explain to you about the two tests.

The first one I made with a specific vision, and it still holds to that vision fairly well and accurately. The vision was of using pre-established personality tests and finding connections between characters of the same class/aspect and what personality traits they shared between them, and corresponding them to already established and professionally recognized types. With the alpha kids being explored, and the new trolls this type of test has shown it’s limitations. It doesn’t expand well.

In any type of personality test, there is going to be streamlining and cut corners and generalizations. That’s the nature of tests, there is no possible way to cover everything. Nothing will ever substitute for someone talking to you and working with you about your title. 

Thus, the first test is less about the comic, because it was never meant to be. It’s actually something more like a ‘what character are you? test’ except with professional personality tests to give you insight.

The beauty of the first test is that, despite taking 6 months of on and off work, countless discussions with friends and protoypes, it was actually a fairly simple test to make.It simplified the abstract concepts of classes and aspects to personality types. 

I’ve gotten a couple of questions about the new title test and when it will be done, and I’ll answer them here: I have no freaking clue. Because as simple as the last test was, it took 6 months. This new test is 500x more complicated. Because this new test is moving away from the character model and is more focused on the comic. I have nothing to start from save the wonderful theories of BYB and Infinitywhale, and a good friend or two to help me interpret them. 

Because this is what happens when you try and make things more accurate- it becomes 500x more complicated. And even still the new test will have limitations. If class inversion is actually a thing and confirmed in the comic, it will NEVER make it into the test because it over complicates an already insanely complicated subject. My job is to simplify these concepts so that ANYONE can find a title they feel true to themselves without a guide. My job is to make titles like Bard, Prince, Rogue, Thief, Sylph, etc. all feel NEUTRAL. Because even in guiding someone, a title being inherently negative or positive will bias someone.

Personality tests are NEVER completely accurate, and they can’t be and shouldn’t be. They are a starting point, a lens of viewing yourself and others, but THEY ARE NOT A BOX. THEY ARE NOT AN END ALL BE ALL EXPLANATION OF A PERSON. 

Third: Going back to BYB and Infinitywhale, I’ve been told by a friend of IW that they have used my test as a starting point for figuring out a person’s title by their system. I have personally got BYB’s “blessing” of my old test and new. You won’t find people who understand the comic and the classpect system better. They certainly haven’t told me to 'delete’ my test because it spreads 'misinformation’. They don’t feel challenged by my test because it doesn’t challenge their theories. It’s in a completely separate arena. With the new test I am specifically working in their arena, and thus consult BYB and a friend of IW since IW is not available themself. 

Fourth: And finally, as much as I love and respect IW’s and BYB’s theories on homestuck, in the end. THIS IS A WEBCOMIC. UNTIL WE GET OFFICIAL WORD OF GOD ON THE CLASSPECTS THERE IS NO COMPLETELY ACCURATE INFORMATION. While I do believe BYB’s and IW’s theories to be correct, Hussie could Joss them with a single sentence. We are working with someone else’s creative product, not objective reality. 

Fifth: Where do you get off in telling people to delete their creations and fanworks. My test doesn’t hurt you. People enjoying my test DOESN’T HURT YOU. 

Mass Effect Halloween Week?

I completely forgot that I was toying with the idea of doing a Mass Effect Halloween themed week/couple of days this year - I mean, I know the holiday isn’t universal, but it’s lots of fun and I like the idea of the galaxy adopting Earths (Americas!) most commercial holiday to sell candy and scare kids!

I’m picturing baby Elcor treat or treating in bed sheets and little baby hanar guppies dressed up as Blasto!

So yeah, a week or a few days where people can produce fics or art or fanworks or head canons or any kind! ^_^ At this stage it’s just an idea, but I thought it could be lots of fun! ^_^