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Everything Has Changed | Jughead Jones

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After six years away from Riverdale, you head back to live with your grandparents. The only thing on your mind is your old best friend Jughead Jones.

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1570

A/N: BUCKLE YOURSELVES UP, FRIENDS. WE’RE IN FOR A LONG ONE. Well, maybe. We’ll see how it goes. There will definitely be a part two that’s for sure but let me know what you guys think <3



The town you grew up in. The town that held so many fond memories. The town that you’d been ripped away from when you were nine years old.

It was still your favourite place even though you’d spent the last six years in Los Angeles. Sure, the big city life was fun but it was nothing compared to the tight knit community of your little friendly town. Even though you’d only been young, you still remembered how everyone said hi when you passed by them or how the local diner always remembered your families order and especially how all the kids made sure nobody was left out. That was how you remembered Riverdale. Full of friendly, happy, kind people.

But, the stories you’d heard from your grandparents who still lived there told a whole different tale. Your friendly little town had changed the moment Jason Blossom had been murdered. Everyone in town was a suspect and the whole dynamic had changed. Riverdale was now surrounded by mystery and secrets which made you scared to go back.

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Erm. Hi. I'm having a rough time with depression, and all the stories I've been reading have somehow gone from sweet fluff to like super angst. Which like isn't any writers fault, but I mighy have to take a break from them because my anxiety and depression hold onto to whatever feelings they generate and make me feel evem worse all day.(Thanks big D for ruining things that made me happy.) Your writing always cheers me up. Any chance you could post a trademark lazulisong abo one shot?

shit sucks anon and i’m sorry. Also I thought, oh well, I’ll just write like 700 words of Victor being an idiot in rut, but uhhhhhhhhh apparently I have at least 2k of rut jokes saved up in my heart and I’m just dumping them all out for you, like a bunch of nasty sticks and tennis balls the dog is bringing to make you Not Sad. So it’s not going to be done tonight, but here’s what I have so far. 

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Desolate // Taeyong - Pt.2

Parts: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3

Word count: 1.6k+

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y/n’s POV

You entered the colossal building for your first day of work, feeling the adrenaline pulsing through your veins, a hundred thoughts raced through your mind, but when you eventually reached the correct floor, you where trying so hard to erase the memories about what had happened in the elevator the last time you had been here, you were unsure why you where curious to see Lee Taeyong again, even after what had happened.

You approached the receptionist, and told her your details and she immediately greeted you with a smile,

“Hi I’m Mrs Kwon it’s nice to meet you”&#157; she said shaking your hand, and you greeted her back, unable to make much conversation because of the large lump that had emerged in your throat.

She showed you around the floor you’d be working on, a few of your new colleagues smiled at you as you walked past them. I’ll show you to your office now” she said, you trying to keep up with her rapid footsteps. The office she motioned at was opposite another large office that looked like the one on the top floor, the one that belonged to Mr Lee, when he had interviewed you, you stared at it curious about who’s it was.  

“Oh that’s Mr Lee Taeyong’s office, it’s convenient to have your office next to your bosses right?” she said, and with her words, you froze, eyes widened, throat dried.

“B..Boss?” you stuttered, confused.

She whipped round on her heels, “Yes your boss, Mr Lee Taeyong, did Lee Sir not tell you?”, her tone of voice more confused than your own.

“Oh of course” she sighed.

“Nobody would probably want to continue with the application process if he even mentioned his name” she mumbled, but it was loud enough for you to hear.

“Anyways, since you’re a new junior lawyer you’ll be Lee Taeyong’s assistant” she looked at you with a hopeful smile, and all you could do was gulp in response.

Mrs Kwon entered the office, and as you were about to follow behind her, you notice the plaque on the outside, but it read “Miss L. Park”, you looked at the receptionist with a questioning look, “Who’s Miss Park?”&#157;.

Mrs Kwon’s posture stiffened, “Well, she was the employee who had the position before you, and erm she got fired..” her voice trailed off towards the end, and instead of looking around your new office, you where intrigued and you felt yourself ask automatically “Why?”, you felt like the news was getting from bad to worse. The receptionist looked around to see if anyone was close by and then closed the office door, she sat on the edge of your desk whilst you stood in front of her, intrigued, but also now scared at what you had gotten yourself into.

“Well she basically had an argument with Mr Lee Taeyong, and said something like ‘sort your own family problems out before trying to sort out other people’s” (since it’s a family law firm.

“Wh..what family problems?” You wondered, but ended up asking out loud.

“Well, it’s a bit of a long story but Lee Taeyong’s Father left his Mother after she gave birth to him, just because she was of a low class, and then claimed custody for him, he hasn’t seen his Mother since he was a young teenager I believe”&#157;

“Oh” was all you let out, suddenly you felt so much empathy for Taeyong, you had just learned the reason why he was always so cold and bitter.

“Well anyways, I would have passed you on to Lee Taeyong Sir now so you could start on your tasks right away, however he’s not in at the moment”&#157; she said and you sighed in relief.

“Meanwhile you can look at these documents, information about the cases Lee Sir is handling currently, he should be here any moment now” she said, as you sat in your new chair behind the desk, you thanked her as she left.

“Just tell me if you need anything okay?” she smiled as she left.

You held your head in your hands why on earth was this happening to you? How could you deal with him every day, you couldn’t even stand seeing him for 10 minutes…


After reading all the documents in depth, nobody had still come to see you, so you decided to back to the receptionist, Mrs Kwon.

You told her how you had finished the task she had given you. “Ah good, well it seems as though Mr Lee is still not here I’m afraid, could you please go to Minseok Sir’s floor above and copy these documents please? The printer on this floor is not working”

“Minseok Sir?” you questioned.

“Yes..I told you both of Lee Sir’s sons work here, each of them are heads of departments on all floors, Taeyong Sir on this one, Minseok Sir on the floor above, and Lee Sir on the floor above” she smiled, just great you thought.

“And just to save any further questioning from you, Minseok is Taeyong’s older step brother, but do not tell people that you know about their family situations”&#157; she almost whispered.

“But how is Minseok Sir older than Taeyong Sir? You said that his father left his Mother and married Minseok’s Mother after Taeyong was born” you whispered, not wanting anybody passing by to hear you enquiring about Taeyong’s personal life. 

Mrs Kwon rolled her eyes sighing, “Who knows, he was obviously having an affair”. You narrowed your eyes in disgust, the more revelations, the more you felt disgust towards your new boss’ attributes, but also about why Taeyong was the way he was, why he was so cold, why he treated women so badly, and why he was having numerous affairs.

Before you where about to turn away to go and copy the documents you halted at Mrs Kwon sternly calling your name as she stood up, “I’ll give you one piece of advice, and it’s for your own good. Do not involve yourself in your bosses personal lives, and do not involve yourself personally with Lee Taeyong Sir, every girl become smitten by him and falls into his trap, but then ends up getting hurt, I’ve witnessed it several times”&#157;. You nodded, still trying to internalise everything she had said before you slowly turned away to go and complete your task.


Taeyong walked into the building looking constantly at his watch, scratching the back of his neck anxiously. 12:04 it read, he was expected to be in his office at 8am sharp every single morning. He paced quickly towards the elevator, but his father stopped him in his tracks, his arms folded.

“Erm Dad I can explain”

“Mhm, you can explain in my office” he retorted bluntly.


“Lee Taeyong, what time do you call this? I have not, I repeat I have not built up this firm for people like you to slack, to walk in whenever you feel like it, for you to become behind on schedules”&#157;

Despite his raised tone of voice, Taeyong stood there silently without even moving a muscle.

“If you want to stay out partying on the weekends, drinking, smoking, doing all sorts, then do it. But do notthen walk into my building 3 hours later than you should, if no other employer can do it, then you’re a boss, and you certainly cannot do it”&#157;

“It won’t happen again” he muttered, just loud enough for his father to hear, if there was one thing Lee Taeyong did not do, that was apologise - to anyone.

“Well that’s you say all the time”&#157;, he almost whined which frustrated Taeyong making him angry.

“Well what do you want then?!” Taeyong yelled, making his father stand up from his chair.

“Your Mother is right, you’re just plain rude, sometimes I wonder why I even kept you” ouch, Taeyong felt his father’s words stab in his heart, he stood up slamming his hands on the large oak desk. His step mother was always spreading false rumours, always instigating arguments between Taeyong and his father, and he obviously believed her. 

“She is NOT my mother!” he screamed making his father’s hand clench in anger.

“Taeyong! That’s enough!”

“She’s never treated me like her son, so I do not consider her my mother” and with that he left the room slamming the door behind him, he walked towards the elevator to go to his office.

y/n’s POV

You waited for the elevator doors to open so that you get back to the correct floor to hand Mrs Kwon her pile of papers back, when the doors finally opened you stepped in. To your misfortune, a tall muscular figure was already stood, it was Taeyong. You gulped loudly, and when his eyes met yours you noticed his eyes where bloodshot, his hand clenched into a fist, shaking. You wanted the ground to swallow you up in that moment; you didn’t know what to do.

Abruptly he slammed his hand above your head pushing your back into the wall of the side of the elevator making you flinch, your eyes widened, breathing hitched, you where evidently shaking like crazy, and the fact that the elevator was descending wasn’t helping the churning in the pit of your stomach.

“Don’t think that because you got the job I won’t make your life a living hell” he spat bitterly, his face inches away from yours.

“I’ll make you pay for humiliating me, I’ll show you no mercy” he said through clenched teeth, taking all of his anger out. 

Just as the elevator doors opened, he snatched the documents out of your hand throwing them like it was confetti, he walked off standing all over them, and all you could do was stand there in utter shock, disbelief, and embarrassment as some employees in the distance snickered and whispered…

Where are they now: Harry Lloyd

Disclaimer: Harry Lloyd was my first true TV boyfriend. I watched everything he’d ever been in, made GIF sets of him, and even crossed the seven seas to meet him. (You know the picture of him on his Wikipedia page? My friend C took that while I was talking to him. Yep, that’s my claim to stalker fame, lol).


Harry Lloyd, he of the direct descent from Charles Dickens, got his first real acting break when he was as Young Steerforth in the 1999 version of David Copperfield. He shared screen space with some kid named Daniel Radcliffe.

Look at that face. OMG.

After he narrowly missed out on being the young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry took time off to get an education, graduating from Oxford University in 2005. He spent some time treading the boards in London and then got a gig as a series regular on the mercifully short-lived Vital Signs. The show was terrible, but it did feature Harry regularly making faces like this one:

Repeat after me: it’s wrong to fangirl a boy in school uniform, it’s wrong to fangirl a boy in school uniform, it’s wrong to…ah, too late.

More memorably, he was also Baines/Son of Mine in a two-parter of Doctor Who, possibly the two best episodes of the show ever. (Ok, so these are the only two episodes I’ve ever seen).

Now you know where Will got the crazy eyes from…

In 2006, Harry was cast as Will Scarlett in the BBC’s newer (and campier) version of Robin Hood, and the rest is…history.

Initially the gang’s token angry young man, he later became its chief engineer (aka the crafty craftsman), its quiet voice of reason, and unwittingly, part of the show’s only memorable love triangle. He appeared in 26 episodes before being unexpectedly shunted off to the Holy Land at the end of Season 2. Will Scarlett was never heard from again, but hey, at least he got the girl, right?



After his stint on Robin Hood, Harry made a number of small appearances on TV and bigger appearances on the stage before he landed his most memorable part to date. In 2011, he was cast on HBO’s Game of Thrones as Viserys of the House Targaryen, the Third of His Name, King of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm, a character exactly as obnoxious and insufferable as that title suggests. Harry was so good in the part that some fans actually regretted Viserys’ (very memorable) death on the show!

Since Game of Thrones, Harry has had a number of noteworthy roles on TV and film. He was nominated for a BAFTA for his role on The Fear and had a lead role in Nae Caranfil’s caper movie Closer to the Moon. He was a series regular on WGN’s excellent but sorely underrated Manhattan. He has also appeared in a number of independent projects, including Big Significant Things and the short film Oscar & Jim. Most recently, he was part of a stellar ensemble cast in the World War II-era film Anthropoid.

But for my money, Harry’s best work has been in the web series he wrote, produced, and starred in, Supreme Tweeter. You can watch it HERE. It’s funny, self-deprecating, and as commentary on social networking, it’s a gentle rebuke to all of us for taking it (and Harry) just a bit too seriously. 

~~Full Moon

I don’t know just how it happened 
I let down my guard 
Swore I’d never fall in love again but I fell hard 
Guess I should have seen it coming 
Caught me by surprise
I wasn’t looking where i was going 
I fell into your eyes 
You came into my crazy world 
Like a cool and cleansing grace 
Before I knew what hit me baby
You were flowing though my veins 

I’m addicted to you 
Hooked on your love 
Like a powerful drug 
I can’t get enough of 
Lost in your eyes 
Drowning in blue 
I’m outta control 
What can I do? 
I’m addicted to you! 

(Addicted to you - Avicii)

atheyyism  asked:

I just saw the ask where you said you're an astrophysics major! I'm a high school senior and I'm looking into physics and astrophysics, and cool things about your major you could share? (Also, top notch blog, I love it)

Hello! Mod E here, the resident suffering astrophysics major. I actually just got in, so I haven’t taken a ton of major-specific classes, but cool things that about my major are as follows:

  • You get to take a bunch of fun labs where you do crazy things with electricity, magnets, and lasers. Be careful with your eyes.
  • The professors are very cool, very eccentric people who like to do somewhat dangerous demonstrations in class. Things have exploded before, I’m not kidding
  • You get to learn about what the universe is? Actually, what everything is and let me tell you, learning about what light is and what it does blew my mind.

Less cool things about my major, and some advice on how to deal with them:

  • Most entry-level physics classes are going to be way harder than they need to be. Don’t worry about getting a perfect grade, because no one does, and the system is set up so that no one does anyways
  • If you are having a hard time, talk to people. Talk to the professor, talk to TAs, make friends and go to study groups but don’t let yourself suffer alone! I did that my in my first major physics class and barely scraped by with a passing grade! No one is going to think you are weird or stupid for wanting help, because everyone has needed help at some point.
  • If there is a class you need to take that is being taught by a professor who sucks, universally, then wait until they aren’t teaching it! Talk to a departmental advisor who can tell you who and when is teaching what, and if it’s impossible to avoid them, try to take the class with friends who can suffer with you, because that makes a huge difference.

I’m glad you like our humble blog, and we’re looking forward to getting some out of context quotes from you when you make it to college!

Pregnancy Scenario’s Part 3 - Alistair and Vladimir

Sorry these took longer than expected guys, I had some issues deciding just how I wanted them to play out. 


Alistair was the most suspicious person you’d ever come across and when you’d decided to be together you’d known that. Yet right now it really wasn’t something you were particularly fond of, after all Alistair had clearly noticed something was not quite right with you lately and it was only a matter of time until he asked about it.

What exactly were you going to tell him?

“Y/N what’s going on with you lately?” Alistair asked as he strolled in, interrupting your musings on the couch with exactly the situation you were trying to avoid.

“I- I know this is supposed to be impossible but I think-“

“Think what?” Alistair asked coming to hover next to you, eyes narrowed.

“I think I’m pregnant.” It sounded more like a question than a statement really, even to your own ears.

Alistair’s face was suddenly quite hard as he stood motionless, staring at you his eyes burning with anger.

“Whose is it?” His voice had an eerie calm tone to it.

“What do you mean whose is it?” You asked, confused.

“I mean which human have you been seeing behind my back?!” Alistair snapped, sounding livid.

You gaped at him. “I haven’t been seeing anyone behind your back!” You hissed back, jumping up and standing in front of him, anger rolling off you in waves. “That’s why I said I thought it was impossible! Impossible for you, a vampire to get me, a human pregnant!” Your breathing was heavy as you stood, fists clenched at your side, glaring daggers into the side of Alistair’s head.

He gaped slightly for a second or two, before sniffing as he straightened up and wrapped his arms around you.

“Well this is fabulous.” His rough voice was filled with sarcasm. “Another person to hide from the forces that be in the supernatural world.”

You rolled your eyes at his distrustful words, placing your hands against his chest and tilting your head to look up at him.

“At least it’s a very tiny person.” He muttered. “A very tiny person we can trust.”

“Alistair,” You interrupted his musings and his red eyes flicked down to meet yours. “Shut up with the conspiracy theories for one second and kiss me. We’re having a baby for god’s sake.”


This was it. You’d decided. It was time to finally get it out there and this was the best possible way you could think of, two birds one stone and all of that jazz.

“Vladimir, we need to talk.” You announced walking into the room where he and Stefan had been plotting their next crazy revenge plan.

Their eyes found yours at the exact same time. “I’ll go for a while then.” Stefan said slipping quietly out of the room once he had seen the look on your face.

Vladimir frowned and walked over to you, skirting around the large table he’d been bent over seconds before, until he was standing in front of you, his eyes locked on yours as he placed his hands gently on your hips. “What is it that troubles you my love?” He asked.

“This. All this.” You replied, gesturing to the table he and his brother had been plotting over seconds before. “It has to stop. What the Volturi did to you was terrible, horrible I get that but…it’s not safe. It’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for me, it’s not safe for Stefan and it’s certainly not safe for the baby.” You finished hands, resting just below Vladimir’s on your hips.

“I know it is not safe my love but you must understand the Italian scum-“ He froze suddenly mid-sentence and his eyes began wildly searching your own.

You placed your hands on his forearms carefully and looked into his beautiful red eyes as you waited for him to continue speaking.

“Baby?” He asked, voice little more than a whisper. “What is this baby you speak of?”

Smiling you slid your right hand slowly down the arm it was holding onto until you reached his hand and gently tugged it round until it was splayed flat against your stomach.

“This baby Vlad, the one in here.”

He sniffed sharply and then a weak smile came to his face as his eyes flicked down to your stomach and then back to yours. “It is not possible.”

“And yet it’s happening.” You shrugged. “Perhaps someone, somewhere thought the world needed a Romanian prince.”

“Or princess.” Vlad grinned.

“Let’s hope it’s a prince. We already have one woman here and she is more than enough trouble on her own.” Stefan announced playfully as he strolled back into the room.

You resisted the urge to throw something at his head as you turned to look at him while Vlad pulled you closer to his side wrapping you in his embrace much more securely than before. “Watch what you say Stefan, that is the mother of my child you’re talking about.”

Hope you liked these two as much as the others, more to come! Up next (and the last two) Garrett and Alec.

- Admin Tuch

Have a scenario you want? Send an ask and I’ll get to it as soon as possible.

The Queen

Chapter one: https://daddywiththegoodhair.tumblr.com/post/154480823942/the-queen

Chapter two

Hi! So chapter two is done!
Warnings: violence, flirting, drug reference, alcohol reference
Word count: 938

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 "And here she is, the apocalyptic princess that almost beat me,“ Negan smiled, walking towards you he noticed your legs were free, "tsk tsk tsk, got yourself a little freedom there? That’s alright,” he chuckled to himself, “I’ve never liked a ladies legs tied together anyways. I heard you fucking pulled a fast one on a few of my guys. Fucked Ran’s face up something bad. I guess I was right to send a couple expendables,” he ran a finger across my wrist beside the handcuff, “Fuck, these are a little too tight.”

 He pulled a key out of his pocket, and freed your hands. You cautiously rubbed your wrists, and then leaned back in the chair, “So what’s up?” you smiled, “Miss me?”

 He rolled his eyes, “You’ve got a bit too much confidence, given the odds against you.”

 “Or maybe I’m confident because I’ve personally taken out more than ten of your guys, and here I am,” you giggled, standing and walking towards him, “So what do you want with me, then? You want someone that actually knows how to kill people on your team? Where is she?” your eyes lit up.

 “Hidden away from crazy little girl’s who don’t know how to fuckin’ handle her,” Negan’s warm breath on your face gave you goosebumps, he was so charming, you almost forgot how pissed you were, but not quite.

 “I think the tiny little chunks of brain I left with you say otherwise,” you smiled, “Let’s cut to the chase real quick, tell me what you want.”

 “I heard you have a green thumb, and I’d like to employ it. Nine fucking wives and not one of them knows how to grow a damn vegetable.”

 “So I just grow vegetables? That’s why you killed my people? That’s a bit dramatic,” you began to take a step away from him, but his hands wrapped around your arms and held you in place.

 “Maybe I’m turned on by the fact that there’s some bitch in this world who might be crazier than I am.”

 You swallowed hard and looked up at him, “Maybe you’re being overconfident by assuming the arousal is mutual.”

 He pushed you back, “I’ll show you where you’ll be staying.”

 The room was small, and warm. There was a desk by the window, with papers scattered all over it. Then across the room by the other window was your bed, a small fireplace rested near the foot of your bed.

 “It’s okay,” you turned and smiled at him.

 “Listen, doll face, you don’t fuckin’ run this joint,” he chuckled, you rested a hand on his shoulder, and pulled him closer with the other.

 “But we both know I could,” you smiled, planting a quick kiss on his nose before gasping as you remembered, “I only have a few seeds on me, but I think you’ll enjoy them.”

 You reached into your back pocket, crusted with blood, and pulled out five seeds. Their scent was recognizable almost immediately. Cannabis. He gave you a smile and laughed low.

 “Jesus, how fucking old are you that weed gets you that excited, we have booze here baby doll. You don’t fuckin’ need this high school shit.”

 “I’m 23,” you rolled your eyes, “And not interested in whatever piss you old men sip on. I had a nice little plant growing until your god damn gorillas stomped in.”

 “Old man?” Negan growled between clenched teeth, “You listen here, all this bullshit with your little fucking attitude? It’s done. You and these fucking seeds,” he aggressively brushed them out of your hands, “I don’t need drugs. This isn’t a party place, this is a sanctuary. I fucking brought you in, despite being advised against it, to grow vegetables to feed the community.”

 You stood there, quietly staring at him as he growled and grumbled to himself.

 “Well, then adios, dickhead,” you snapped back, walking towards the door, “I’d hate to ruin your little masculinity complex bullshit system you have going on here. I wish you luck in the whole rape and pillage thing you’re doing, you sick fuck. I feel bad for your fucking wives, god knows what your sick fucking head has planned for them at the end of a bad day,” you opened the door.

 Negan grabbed your arm to stop you and as a reflex you spun around and smacked his face, hard. Fire ignited inside of him as he threw you on the ground. Walking over you he grabbed your shoulders and lifted them before slamming you back on the ground. You lost your breath with the impact, and the back of his hand met your face as you tried to take in some oxygen. Combined with the impacts of the attack, and god knows what else has happened lately, you felt your body begin to slow down. No matter how hard you gasped, nothing was happening.

 “Oh fuck,” Negan stepped back, looking down on your moment of weakness, he ran to the door, “Can I get some fucking help in here? Jesus fucking fuck!” He ran back to you, and tried to grab your hand. With what little energy you had left you pushed his hand away.

 You could feel tears running down your face as you gasped harder and harder with every second that passed. Two people ran into the room, “We need to get her to the medic. I’ll-”

 “I’ve got her,” Negan began to pick you up, you tried to push him away but you couldn’t move. Everything was so heavy.

 Your vision became foggy once you left the room, followed, again, by darkness.

hope this was okay! I just finished chapter three too!

2d Head canon/Scenarios

This is a lot longer than I meant, but whatever.

  • This babe is so in love with you, he doesn’t know how he functioned without you.
  • He’s absolutely smitten by you the first time you meet. You met at a party and the moment you walked in his eyes were locked on you, jaw slack. He tightened his grip on his drink when you looked over at him and flashed him a dazzling smile. You of course recognized him, he was the reason this party was being held. You mustered up the courage to talk to him. You started with a simple ‘hello’. He on the other hand was shaking slightly, as stiff as a board, trying to keep a smile on his face. You were just so beautiful, it baffled him that you were talking to him.
  • He stumbled over every word, making you laugh.
  • “Hey-hi-he-hello.”

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Segregated Pt.5

Originally posted by sebastianstahn

Segregated Part Five: Stroll

40s!Bucky x African American!Reader
Chapter Summary: Reader takes a walk with Bucky.
Notes: Hey, it’s the preview chapter! I had a really hard time trying to finish this. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, or what I wanted to add, (why I cut it short) hopefully I will make that up with the next chapter or so, or just continue this chapter in the next part. I’ve been a tad distracted (saw Deadpool earlier…)
Hopefully you all like it. Feel free to leave me feedback. <3
Warnings: None that I can think of. But if you think something should be added here, let me know.
Word Count: 1005

Part one/Part Two/Part Three/ Part Four/Part Five/Part Six/Part Seven/Part Eight/Part Nine/

It was a nice spring day, the first one in a long time. You decided to spend your day studying on the front steps of your house. Occasionally neighborhood kids that you knew would come up to you with help over a dispute.

“I was playing with it first.” “Let him play with it for a little.”

Or sometimes they would get a small scrape and need your help tending to it.

“There you go. Now watch where you’re going when you’re running.”

Mostly, you were studying. Bucky however had other plans for you. He had shown up, out of the blue, not too long ago and was urging you to spend some time with him, somewhere off of your front stoop.

 “I’m studyin’ Buck. I don’t got time for playin’ around.” You pushed him lightly as you glanced back down at your book.

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Found Sane

REQUESTED BY @mindinmarianatrench : Hi! Really really happy that your request has been reopened. *squeal* May I request a story between reader and Cas/crazy!Cas? The reader met crazy!Cas when she was admitted at the same hospital and they took comfort with each other (behind Meg’s back) until one day he left with Sam and Dean. Later, reader managed to get better and moved on with her life but time to time, she still wished for Cas and one day he came for her. So now she gets to know the real Cas.

Originally posted by born-in-perdition

I hope you like it! I feel like I am so bad to writte Crazy!Cass… hope it is okay! Thank you for the request!

You walk inside the common room where most of the crazies are. You search around with your eyes for your best friend, Cass. He and you have been friends for a few weeks now, the same amount of time that you have been admitted to this hospital.

Your parents decided to get some help for your ‘mental’ problems. Though, you do not feel like you have a problem, your family have been pushing you away, same for your friends. It left you all alone to face your demons. Your best friend died not long ago and you swear he had black eyes. Obviously the police did not believe you. Then, the nightmares began and you were alone to deal with them and this is how you ended up in this place.

“Cass” you called out quietly “Cass!”

You watch him as he talks with Meg, a nurse that you really do not enjoy the presence, comparable all the other nurses. He looks at you and Meg turns her head towards you, but you hide behind the wall before she can see you. They quickly finish their conversation and she finally leaves. You run towards him and sit at the table facing him.

“I wanted to show you how to play chess today” smiled showing him the box. “Chess?” He repeated his head going to one side “we need to find a treasure?” “No!” You laugh “I’ll show you how to play”.

Castiel stares at the chess board on the table of the bunker. He just found it in a storage room and he had the urge to take it out because it made him think of you.

“Hey Cass” Dean said entering the room in his robe with a cup of coffee “why do you have a chess board?”

“I found it. You know how to play?”

“The question is if you know”.

“I do”.

“Huh” he nods slowly and sits down in front of Castiel “while we play tell me where you learned to play”.

Castiel nods and moves the first piece.

“When I was in the hospital. Someone used to play with me at this game. She was quite fun to spend time with”.

Dean smiles proudly “she huh? That’s my boy”.

“I do not understand what you mean” Castiel frowns, head tilted to one side.

Dean moves his piece chuckling.

“It means that because you were with a girl”.

Even though he still does not understand, Castiel decides to let it go. He plays his turn using a strategy you taught him. By the end of the game, Castiel won. His first time, because you would always win against him.

“I’m impressed” Dean said “you should try to play with Sam. He’s good at this game”.

Castiel nods, but he knows who he wants to play with and he wants to go and get you. Though, he does not know that you are not over there anymore.

It has been three months since your new life started. You did it, you made it through your depression and accepted what you saw. You told the doctor and family what they wanted to hear and left the hospital. You decided to learn more about those black eyed monsters. You told your family you wanted to go on a trip to relax and put your head in a clear state before getting a job. However, what they don’t know, is that you are going for a job.

You met interesting people, they are called Hunters. They hunt things like what killed your best friends: demons. They are also ghosts and evil creature in the night killing innocents. You decided to be a hunter, you have nothing in life anyway.

Two months later, you are a solo hunter, your trunk is full of things you never thought existed. You also saw things that you never thought existed.

You are doing a simple salt and burn hunt, nothing big in this town in Kansas Lebanon. Like you always do after a hunt, you get yourself a beautiful meal in a diner.

“(Y/N)?” You stop every action, your mouth wide open and burger in hand.

You turn around and see a man you never thought to see again.


You jump on your feet and crush into a hug with him. Not knowing how to act, Castiel hangs his arms at his side, but with one of his rare smile.

“Who the hell is that Cass?” A rough voice asked from behind the angel.

You take a step back and look at the two man, both with the same confused look on their faces.

“This is (Y/N)” he said “she was with me at the hospital”.

“Wait the girl you were talking about?”

“Wait how do they know about me?” You look at them “who are you?”

“I’m Sam Winchester” the tallest one said “this is my brother Dean”

“Hi” you turn towards Castiel “one moment you were there and then I never see you again until today”.

“I am better now” Castiel said “I see you are too”.

“Yeah. Got my answers and my head is less dead”.

“Got answers?” Castiel asked.

“Yeah. Why I was over there is because a man with black eyes killed my best friend. No one believed me, but I found the answers on my own”.

“So you are a hunter” Dean guessed.

You frown surprised “you guys are hunters too!”

“I am actually an angel of the Lord” Castiel said.

Your eyes go wide, everything going into place in your mind.

“Cass is a shorter way to say Castiel? “

“Exactly” Castiel nodded.

You smile “awesome!”

Everything makes sense now for you, the way he acted at the hospital was weird, even though it was full of weird people. All the times he would disappear or that something inexplicable would happen.

“Wanna share a meal?”

“Yes” Castiel smiles “I was actually looking for you”.

“Oh! I had a question for you!” You exclaimed “why did you alwways ask people to pull your finger?”

Castiel looks down ashamed while Sam and Dean laugh. 

“He was crazy” Dean pats Cass’s shoulder “though, everyone is sane now. 

“Yeah” you smile as the three men sit down “so. What’s your story?”

By this simple question, you made three friends that quickly got to family.

Dean hates that you always win at chess.

Sam loves to teach you more stuff on monsters.

Castiel simply enjoys to have you around him.

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51 with Clint? :)

“Where am I going? Crazy. Wanna come?”

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 You rubbed your temples with your eyes closed. “Because, for the 5th time, I deserve it, mother.”

 Conversations with your mom were nothing short of stressful. She overshared her opinions of your life. You joining the Avengers was her favorite soap box rant.

 “No…” You sighed into the mic. “Mom-…No, mom I deserve it because I’ve worked my butt off to get here and it’s what I want to do…. No, I want to help people, getting hurt is just a side effect.”

 Clint walked by the kitchen and smirked when he saw you rolling your eyes from the breakfast bar. He grabbed a box of Cheerios and sat at the dining room table. While you continued arguing with your mom, Clint positioned one cereal at a time on the tip of a spoon and fired them at your face, each one hitting you in the dead center of your cheek.

 After the fourth hit, you whipped your head around and glared at him in mock hate. “Mom, I gotta go.” You hung up quickly, picked up a Cheerio and threw it at him. You missed but it still made him laugh. You dropped your head into your hands and groaned.

 “Wanna help me pack?” You muttered.

 “Pack?” he sat up straight in his chair and took his feet off the table. “Where’re you going?”

 “Where am I going?” You looked up at him with a raised brow and a crooked smile. “Crazy. Wanna come?”

 Clint smirked and chuckled, readying another Cheerio on his spoon. He fired and this one hit you in the center of your forehead. “Pretty sure I’m the one sending you there.”

 “No, that honor falls to my mother.” 

 “Well, I’ll go where ever you go, sweet cheeks.” He winked.

Arkham obsession (Jerome Valeska x reader) Gotham fanfic

first chapter The bitch arrives

The whole hall boomed under the high heels of a young soul, echoing and making every little miserable soul hear the one walking in. Approaching the closed asylum with guards on either side, jamming to the tune of a song in head, ringing in ears and ready to get to change in a black and white striped dress. Hair a mess, make up spread across the rosy tinted, blushing cheeks.

Leaving all the belongings on a desk, then filling some papers, finger prints and all that, then stripped to change into that feminine uniform, heading further in the looked door booming behind like clapping at the show.

Finally being left alone, eyeing over your shoulders and taking in all the new things and people surrounding you. The scenery you were gifted was nothing pleasant, but not caring you took a seat around table, it had magazines over it but you didn’t pay any attention to them. You had other things to worry your little head with. As like the dress. It was like you were in some Victoria’s Secret’s secret model show. Disgusted how all the men had a jumpsuit and all the girls had this dress.

You tiled your head after moping for the clothing, then trying to find something nice to look at. Maybe you could find something to do or to stare at. The only thing that took your attention was one inmate, who moved in the corner of your eye. You only gazed at them, letting your eyes wonder further from them, not wanting to pay attention to anyone in specific, but you were not given such luxury, nor to be left alone either.

A boy with red bright hair sit by your table, smiling widely, you wondered how could someone possibly even smile that widely. But he could. And he did.

”Hey, gorgeous.” The boy had a raspy but cheerful voice to your surprise. It sounded more dangerous than you had expected but you didn’t show any signs of worry. You only raised your brows at him and looked at him, asking with your expression what did he want. ”I’m Jerome.” He announced you and smiled even wider.

You looked him cold in the eyes, not saying anything, just staring back, then reworded with a chuckle the boy leaned closer over the table. ”To be polite you should tell me your name in change.”

”(Y/n).” You said plainly. You saw the boys leaning back, then bringing his hands together and clapping them to you. He also let out a insanely disturbing laugh, something you would hear in kids movies come from a villain but a twist of a horror movie killer in it. It made your skin crawl.

”That’s more like it, darling.” He laughed, then leaning over the table again, but this time standing. He had stood up right before he had started talking after clapping his hands. ”No need to be shy.” He laughed again, his face close to yours, uncomfortably close to your liking. You turned your head away, leaning further away.

”Yeah, cool, now piss off crazy.” You snapped, and felt much better when the boy moved away, but he didn’t let his smile fade from his face.

”Not a shy girl then are you?” He smiled and pointed at you. You only glared at him back. ”You’re feisty, are you?” He looked to be more into that fact. You felt sick in your stomach when this lunatic eyed you hungrily, now knowing you had the fighters spirit in you and even more exited about you precent.

He then leaned so close his lips were right next to your ear, then whispering with his raspy voice, chuckling too: ”I’ll be seeing you around, gorgeous.” And with a laugh he left you alone.

You hadn’t been gifted with such a pleasant thing as alone time after that. Jerome was everywhere when you had to get out of your cell. You actually didn’t thought he’d be after you so long, but after three weeks in the asylum, you became very clear with the fact that he was determined to drive you crazy.

He kept his eyes on you where ever you went, but he wouldn’t come close to you, nor talk to you, He only smiled at you from a distance, maybe it was so you couldn’t get him in trouble even if he did so, because once you even told the guard about Jerome harassing you but then they asked what he had done to you you started to realize you couldn’t get help from the guards. He had only been staring at you. And he hadn’t even approached you while doing so! So actually, he hadn’t done anything bad. No one cared in a place like this about something as little as harassing. But as the days went past, you started to get more annoyed, feeling his eyes on the back of your head all the time, sometimes waking up from your nightmares, sensing his presence in your cell in the middle of the night even though he couldn’t get there.

When the morning arise, you hadn’t slept at all the last night, when you were let out of your cell you stormed to the area where all you inmates hang out. You took a magazine to your hands, hiding behind it, trying to forget that the ginger even existed while you tried to get some peace and quiet.

The second you saw Jerome, seated to about three tables away from you, you stole a fast look of him. Staring at you. Like always. This time you got so pissed that you didn’t even care what would happen, you threw the magazine on the floor and walked over to Jerome’s table and snapped at him: ”What do you want!”

He only smiled at you. You didn’t know that this had been a game to him. He had tried to figure out how long you two could keep yourselves away from each other and you had lost. He thought you couldn’t live without him, he also thought you were in denial. You wouldn’t admit you liked him. It was actually fine by him.

”Hello gorgeous.” He smiled at you widely.

”Spit it out you creep!” You said through gritted teeth and glared down at the boy. Jerome put on an act, looking innocent and confused at you accusing him from something. But the thing was, he hadn’t done anything, and that was what bugged you off.

”(Y/n), what on earth are you talking about?” He asked and leaned closer to the table, closer to you, even though you were standing.

”Stop with the act, dude,” You snapped. ”I want you to stop bugging me off and leave me alone!” There it was again, that insanely wide smile. He let a wide grin spread on his face, his eyes looking so high above, to you, under his brows that it made him look insane. More than he was.

”I am not trying to bug you, (a weird nick name he has for you). I have been stalking you.” He announced like it was any better. You couldn’t feel anymore confused. You looked at him like he had two heads.

”Then stop stalking.” You told him. Jerome shook his head to you.

”I only started, (n/n). And I am no near done.” He said with a tone that made you worry even more. Why had you had come crossed with a mad person like him? There were many other inmates! And you just had to catch the eye of this one’s?

”Well can you at least stop staring! It makes me,” You felt a shiver go through your body, then trying to shake the feeling off and continue but not getting the turn to speak.

”Makes you anxious?” He guessed. ”Admired? Aroused?” He lifted his eyes brows suggestively at the last word withs made you groan out loud at his weirdness. What the hell was wrong with this kid?

”Annoyed!” You snapped. Jerome only smiled at you. Of course he smiled. He didn’t do anything else!

”So it did start with a letter a.” He smiled like it had been the most exiting game so far in Arkham. You rolled your eyes at him. ”You see, there is something in you that just seeks for attention.” He whispered. ”You are so crazy you can’t even see it yourself.” He smiled to himself. No sense in anything he said so far. ”You think you are not crazy, like you are not a bad person, but you, (n/n), are here. And everyone is here for a reason.”

You leaned closer to the boy, resting your hands on the table, so close you could touch his face with yours, but concentrating not to make that happen you growled to him: ”I have done nothing.” Then you tilted your head, getting a tiny bit relaxed. ”I have done nothing that would make me stay here, and as soon as people out there hear that they are keeping an innocent girl in a prison for looneys, I’ll get out of here!”

Jerome, who’s smile had disappeared for a mild second, appeared on his face again. ”As long as I” Jerome started, his voice cheery and happy. ”have my interests on you, (N/n), you are not going anywhere.” His tone getting dark, threatening you wanted to move further away from him, but you wanted to know what this was about. You started to regret your decision on not moving the second you saw Jerome’s eyes fix on your lips, staring at them while he talked.

”And I do have an interest in you, doll face. There is no escaping it.” You had only seconds of time to be scared that he would bring you down to a kiss, but you were saved by a guard, who yelled at the two of you soon after seeing you so close to each other.

”Hey, inmates!” His loud voice broke the intense buffing in your ears that had muffled all the sounds from around you.

When the next morning the sun got up, not being able to let it’s warm beams of light shine above the asylum, Jerome got up cheery and ready to company you. You had lost in his game by coming to him first so he had no reason to be away from you now. The thing was, the guards had other planes.

When he saw you get to the area, where you shared your free time, a guard yelled for you. Jerome kept an eye on what was happening, then he took a firm grip of you and escorted you away.

Jerome sat there, not moving for awhile. Then his face fall, he gritted his teeth and he clenched his fists, hitting the table with a loud bang.

Baekhyun: Lose Count [Scenario; Request]

“After school?” Chanyeol gave you a smile, making you give a nod in return with a confirmation, “After school.”

“Don’t be late, got it? I’m not fashionably late like Baekhyun.” Chanyeol snorted, making you sneer at him, “Ha ha, very funny…”

The taller one smirked, “Well, coming from the girl who actually likes-“

“I’ll see you later!” You said in one go, hushing him up as you tugged on your bag before you ran down the halls, away from Chanyeol where you could hear his laughter fade along with his quiet comment, “Little brat!”

You shook your head and laughed, your feet bringing you to your next class as fast as you can down the empty halls – everyone must’ve been in class already and you were… late. Again. Your eyes widened as suddenly someone popped up from the corner when you made a left turn, causing you to yelp with your eyes closing shut, your feet shuffling to stop with your hands on your bag pack strap as if those were the brakes to make you stop. You heard a muffled grunt as you fell on top of the person – he had fallen backwards with his eyes closed as well. It took you two five seconds to gain conscious, you being the one to open your eyes where you started apologizing like crazy. “I’m sorry! I’m so so sorry! I’m-Baek?”

He chuckled and shook his head with a smile, his eyes peeling open to smile wider at you, “I didn’t know you were me.

You snorted, “I didn’t mean it that way, Baek!”

He laughed and held onto your shoulders, making you lean away a little with your bodies still meshed together, “Where are you heading to, Super Sonic?”

You scrunched your nose at him, “Hey, stop comparing me to video game cartoon characters.”

He sighed and gave a nod, “Alright but, where are you heading to?”

You rolled your eyes at him, “Where do you think I was going?”

“Home?” His cheeky voice made you melt on the inside just listening to him speak. Let alone trying to get your heart to calm down whenever you saw him. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Meet Byun Baekhyun. The idiot whom everyone thinks is a dork – but a lovable dork. A boy who has this smile that could easily light up the world – your world, that is. A boy who had these crescent eyes whenever he laughed too hard, and this adorable laugh he possessed whenever you manage to make him laugh – it always felt like an achievement being the reason why he smiled whenever he’s around you. Words can’t explain how deeply, terribly, hopelessly in a crush you are just for this boy.

And if only he knew.

Which, of course, he didn’t.

Well, his friend does. So that counts for something.

“I’m actually heading to Mr. Kang’s class… I still rue the day I chose to take Additional Maths…” You grumbled adorably to his eyes, making him gulp as he chuckled awkwardly. Not because of what you said, because of how he didn’t know how to ask you a certain question. This was such a perfect time! The two of you, alone, at the hallway – there wasn’t a better chance than this but he seemed to screw it up when he could only laugh, making you feel the slight tension building up that you cut things off quick. “I’ll see you around alright, Baek? Bye!”

His hand lifted up tiredly with a sigh as you grinned at him one last time before dashing off to your next class. He waved back at you, but only to drop his hand down with another dejected sigh as he watched your figure disappear down the halls. “Way to go, Baek. You failed,” He mumbled sadly, turning on his heels where he took a few steps towards where he was supposed to go, “Again…”

“Hey, I’ll catch you later, alright? I’ve got to go now!” Chanyeol chimed with a grin, ruffling his friend’s hair before he paced to God knows where. Baekhyun’s eyes widened as he spun around, raising his eyebrows as his lips then parted at the sight of you – his heart melted just like that. He saw how your hair flicked to the back as you put on your bag pack properly. The way you smiled with your teeth, emphasized on how beautiful your smile was… and it left Baekhyun in a trance for maximum five seconds because he then realized who you were smiling to.


His eyes then darkened but brightened when you glanced at him. With that toothy grin and wave you gave Baekhyun, how could he not do the same? But after you turned your back on him with Chanyeol by your side, he could feel his fists clenching but it wasn’t only his fists clenching – so was his heart as he stared at his best friend walking with you, the girl he hopelessly fell for… for more than year now. And here he was, standing outside by the gates where you left with someone else – a person he called his friend. Not being able to contain himself, he had trailed behind the two of you carefully as he tried to blend in with the people around you and Chanyeol. Baekhyun could see from the back how Chanyeol made you laugh, how your cheeks turned red you looked away from him, it only made his heart feel more pain as he stared at the two of you from the back.

It wasn’t long when the two of you had found a place to sit, which is by the bench at the nearby park. Following his gut that shouldn’t be followed, he was hiding behind a tree. How typical, but completely oblivious to you and Chanyeol as the two of you talked, in which, Baekhyun couldn’t make up what you two were talking about.

“Have you tried asking him out?” Chanyeol grinned from ear to ear, making you mutter a nervous and anxious, “W-What?!”

Chanyeol got a kick out of this – this was all so amusing, “C’mon… He would probably agree in a heartbeat.”

You sneered, “You don’t know that.”

He chuckled, “I believe I do.”

You groaned and threw your head back, “Why did I ask you in the first place…?”

He messed up your hair, “Because I’m your only hope.”

Baekhyun felt a lump in his throat seeing what his friend was doing. He wanted to just barge up to the two of you, snatching you away from Chanyeol to walk away with pride but he couldn’t – he was far too afraid of what you would think to risk it all. What if you hated it? What if you would never want to talk to him again?

How silly of him – truly, Baekhyun is so silly sometimes.

Not being able to stand it, he couldn’t help but just walk away, leaving his hope and pieces of his heart behind.

A sigh escaped your lips as you held your phone in your hands, a number displayed on the screen where you wanted to call it so desperately. With another exasperated sigh, you put your phone down, your face buried in the pillow. “C’mon! You can do this!” Your voice was muffled as you shouted in the pillow, trying to motivate and give yourself confidence into calling him but you couldn’t. Chanyeol assured you that you have nothing to worry about but heck, he doesn’t know how pressuring this is!

You kept thinking it would be much easier to be the guy because then, if you were to make the move it wouldn’t seem so awkward but considering you’re a girl, and the thought of just wanting to make him realize you made your heart race so bad – you wanted to be the one he went out with, the one he’d talk to all the time, the one he’d come sit with during breaks – everything!

Your hands were shaking as you held onto your phone again, face lifted up from the pillow with a few heavy breaths, “Alright, you can do this… Just press call… and…” Just as your thumb lingered on the ‘call’ button, your heart leaped out of your chest and went back in the moment it started to ring. Your eyes widened when it was his name flashing up on the screen – he was calling you, instead!

With a smile, you answered the call, “Baek!”

“Hey… you…” You could hear his voice on the other end. Groggy and… slurred? Your eyes widened, gripping onto the phone where you sat up with curious look on your face, “B-Baek?”

He chuckled and hiccupped adorably, his voice nearly mumbling everything he was saying, “Hey… I just called to tell you that… that… hi…” He ended up laughing to himself at the end – his voice cracking in between that made you stand up worriedly, “Baek, don’t scare me. Are you drunk?”

He managed to giggle before muttering a soft “Maybe…”

You sighed and shook your head, “Baek, where are you?”

He mumbled a few incoherent sentences before managing to tell you where he really was. With the slamming of your phone after telling him to stay put and after his slurring words of “I will be right here!” had left you dashing out of your house with a racing heart as you went to the place he said he’d be at.

You entered the bar with a small frown – thank god there wasn’t much people here. There were a few couples here and there but not to the extend to say it was packed – but it wasn’t little either. You squinted your eyes and tiptoed from the entrance, only to widen your eyes when you spot Baekhyun by the bartender where he had way too many bottles on the table. You paced over with a few “excuse me’s” and walking around the other drunk people here, you managed to reach where Baekhyun was with a frown along with the ceases on your forehead to emphasize how worried you were just standing by him now.

He turned his head to look at you where he smiled out of nowhere, his hand reaching out to you where he muttered under his breath, “You’re… you’re that girl…”

You sat down by him with a sigh, “Baek, why are you drinking?” You snatched his glass to put it aside, “You rarely drink…”

He frowned and tried to reach for the glass, “Give that back!”

You shook your head, “You’ve had enough! How much did you drink?”

His mood flipped all of the sudden, as he started to think, “I guess…” He looked at you with a grin, raising up three fingers, “Three bottles?”

You gawked at him, pushing his hand down, “Three bottles?!” You half-whispered, half-shouted, frowning at him as you let go of his hand before you tried to get him up, “That’s enough, we’re leaving now.”

“No!” He managed to slur, holding himself down on the chair where he muttered with his might, “After a few more drinks…”

You furrowed your eyebrows as you looked at him, “I bet you can’t even walk properly, Baek. You have to stop now.”

He held up two fingers, “Just two more glasses…”

With a hesitant sigh, you looked over to the bartender, “Two more, please…”

The bartender gave a pitiful nod, but prepared the drinks anyway. Baekhyun took note of how the bartender looked at you as he made the drinks – and that made Baekhyun angry just staring at him. Plus, he was drunk. His boldness level could skyrocket to the heavens now. “Stop looking at her! I get she’s pretty but can you not?!”

You plastered your hand over Baekhyun’s mouth, “Baek! He’s just doing his job!”

Baekhyun pushed your hand with a drunk smirk, “His job doesn’t require to look at pretty girls.”

Your heart froze when he said ‘pretty girls’ because that would refer to… you.

You gulped and shrugged it off, “It doesn’t matter.”

He smirked and shook his head upon receiving the drinks after you paid for it, sitting there as you watched him chug down on the drink as if he didn’t care. His eyes were watery just holding onto the cup as he stared at it. He frowned, feeling pathetic on how he was taking things but who could blame him? He had every right to do so. You carefully reached for Baekhyun’s phone on the table where you unlocked it – you knew his password anyway. You easily put his phone back down on the table, lunging towards him when he was this close to falling to the ground when his head lulled back and forth. You held him tight, hoisting him up where his arms gripped around your waist, his eyes looking up to yours where he wanted to cry, but seeing your face halted all the tears.

“You’re that girl…” He breathed out with a gasp, his arms hugging you tight where his face pressed on your stomach, “You’re her…”

You tried to push him off – not that you didn’t exactly feel weird, but he was downright drunk! “Baek…”

You didn’t even do much when he had let go of you completely, knocking out on the table where his arms flopped and his head fell on the table where he completely blacked out. With a gasp you tried shaking him, “B-Baek? Baek!” With another sigh, you reached for Baekhyun’s phone again, dialing Chanyeol’s number.

Thinking it was Baekhyun, his reply was a bit blunt, “Man… it’s 2am… what do you need?”

You gulped and mumbled quietly, “I’m sorry to bother you, Chanyeol, but…”

Chanyeol’s eyes widened on the other end as he sat up on the bed, “W-Wait, what are you doing – Where are you?”

You sighed, staring at Baekhyun sound asleep, “We’re at the bar by the bookshop a few blocks away from where you live.”

Chanyeol groaned, “Don’t tell me…”

You shook your head, “Yeah… He’s been drinking.”

Chanyeol pushed himself up from the bed with a grumble, “I’ll be right over.”

“This guy doesn’t even know his limits.” Chanyeol shook his head as the two of you dragged Baekhyun back with an arm over your shoulder while the other was around Chanyeol’s. “He can’t take alcohol that well, huh?”

Chanyeol snorted, “He couldn’t even if his life depended on it.”

You grunted as you tried to support Baekhyun’s weight on you. Chanyeol noticed this and hauled Baekhyun over to his side, supporting Baekhyun’s weight on his own so you could open the door properly. “T-Thanks,” You breathed out, causing Chanyeol to grin at you, “No problem.”

As you opened the door, you pointed at the door – your bedroom.

Chanyeol mumbled a soft “got it” before he paced over, hurrying his way there before he let Baekhyun fall on the bed. He rubbed his shoulders with a small frown, shaking his head at Baekhyun. “I live alone so, I guess it wouldn’t be much of a problem.” You assured Chanyeol the best way you could but he still had a frown, “That’s not what I’m worried about.”

You raised an eyebrow, sitting by the bed with Chanyeol who was beside a drunk, fidgety Baekhyun on the bed. “What…?”

Chanyeol sighed, “Whenever he’s drunk, he’ll just-“ Chanyeol’s voice was cut off on his own when suddenly Baekhyun’s arms yanked Chanyeol down, hugging his arm like a little koala. “Don’t leave me!” Baekhyun exclaimed, his eyes closed where he rubbed his cheek on Chanyeol’s arm. You had to admit, this was quite a cute sight. Baekhyun never shows this in front of you…

“Dude! I’m not who you think I am!” Chanyeol tried to push him off but it only resulted in Baekhyun pulling him down harder, “I know you don’t like me but just for a minute, alright?!”

Chanyeol looked at you nervously, shaking his head where you tried to help Chanyeol to push Baekhyun off, but it only got worse when Baekhyun was now hugging Chanyeol by the waist, not letting him go at all, “Can’t I have things my way once in a while?” Baekhyun protested with a sigh, his eyes closed shut where he still was ignoring the struggles of Chanyeol that Chanyeol decided to let him be for a moment. “I guess he’s really drunk…” Chanyeol mumbled – there was this sense of sadness in his voice that you noticed but you didn’t have the guts to ask what’s wrong. You didn’t even know why Baekhyun was drinking in the first place.

When it seemed like forever, Baekhyun’s grip around Chanyeol’s waist finally loosened, enabling Chanyeol to break free where he shot up from the bed with a relieved sigh, “Finally…”

You stood up with a frown, patting Chanyeol’s shoulder that you tiptoed to reach, “Thank you, Chanyeol…”

He ruffled your hair with a toothy grin, “Don’t mention it, you. See you soon.”

With that, he made his leave silently, closing the door behind him where the moment you locked the door, you paced back to the bedroom only to frown at the sight. He looked so sad even though he was asleep, and the puffiness under his eyes only emphasized that he cried way before you came to him. You sat down by the bed, putting his legs on the mattress carefully before you tugged the blanket up until his waist. He sighed in content, his hand unknowingly reaching over to yours where he held it tight.

And all of a sudden, his eyes opened slowly as if this all felt like a dream.

To him, he felt the same the moment his eyes looked over to meet with yours.

He could see how worried you were but then again, he thought it was all dream that he squeezed your hand. If this was indeed a dream, he’d never want to wake up but then again, this wasn’t a dream.

His mind was simply making him think it was a dream.

“Hey…” He whispered quietly, making you smile down on him where you couldn’t fathom how jittery he was making you feel that he was holding your hand that you could only whisper back at the same volume, “Hey.”

“Have I ever told you…” He gently pulled you down, a smile playing on his lips as his other hand weakly reached up to cup your chin, “…how pretty you really are?”

You felt your cheeks blushing, the tingles dancing on your skin as one simple, honest compliment made your heart race. You gulped and shook your head, your skin brushing against his palm that made him sigh, “I’m so stupid, then.” He chuckled, shaking his head at you where he pulled you down lower until your lips were suddenly hovering above his own, slightly pink ones where his eyes could stare into your beauty despite the fact he was drunk. “I’ve been wanting to say that for so long… and I’ve been wanting to tell you something, too…”

You blinked at him, your lips parted where your breath hit his lips when you asked, “What…?”

It didn’t take him long to just blurt out with his eyes fluttering shut, “I like you.” Just before his hands moved over to cup your cheeks, bringing you down where his lips covered yours tenderly. Your eyes were wide as saucers, not believing this was happening but at the same time, this moment was something you’ve been anticipating for a long time. You couldn’t process what was going on, but your eyes closed as well, following the movements of his lips as he had enough strength to roll you over until you were lying down beside him on your bed, his lips still not leaving yours. The taste of alcohol that lingered on his lips could be tasted but that didn’t bother you at all.

Not when his lips tasted this sweet.

He nibbled on your lower lip before sliding his tongue in, his arms finding the boldness to glide down your sides before he wrapped his arms tight around your waist to silently tell you, he would never let you go. Your eyes opened slowly to meet with his heavy ones where he was so close to falling asleep again, but he had enough energy to whisper on your lips where his hand tucked strands of your hair behind your ear after staring into your eyes, after glancing down on your pinkish lips after he kissed them, long and memorably. “If this is a dream, I’d never want to wake up…”

You couldn’t even explain to him, when suddenly his eyes fell shut, his head lulled back on the pillow.

That was a sign he had definitely fallen into his deep slumber. His other arm draped over on your waist as he didn’t want you to leave – he couldn’t bear for you to leave. With a small sigh that left your lips, you smiled at Baekhyun’s sleeping state. He looked so peaceful, so calm that you couldn’t help stare at him as your eyes grew heavy. “Goodnight, Baek.” You whispered quietly just before you drifted off to dreamland.

Morning came faster than he could remember. The light emitting from your windows woke him up as it shone down on him, and you. His eyes opened uncertainly, his heart pounding as he had this feeling in his gut. The moment his eyes adjusted to the light, the moment he could finally see properly, his eyes clenched shut from the immense pain banging on his head – he could remember how much he drank.

He hissed quietly, but opened his eyes again, more alert this time as he stared at what was in front of him, on the bed.

He had no idea what to do, but he knew his breath was taken away at the sight of you. The sight of you sleeping beside him, one of your hands on his waist while he saw how his own arm was on yours protectively. He swallowed the lump in his throat, his eyes wide open as he could see how comfortable you were sleeping – as if you had no protests to how this all happened.

His eyes blinked at you a few times, his hand curiously reaching over where his finger poked your cheek. He gasped when he could feel your skin, your flesh that assured him that this wasn’t a dream. And everything that possibly happened before this… was not a dream to even begin with. He let out another gasp when he tried to think back what he did but nothing came to his mind. It was simply pitch black the moment he tried to recall what happened after he left the bar.

But not a single image flashed up in his mind; he was so lost.

He held his breath in when you grunted, moving on the bed where your hand on his waist squeezed him. He stared at you nervously, his heart pounding as the moment your eyes opened, you gave him such a sincere, beautiful smile that made his heart leap. “Good morning, Baek…” You whispered in hushed voice, making him release the breath he was holding in.

“G-Good morning…” He mumbled back unsurely, his eyes blinked at you confusedly. Your eyes met with his and you noticed how clueless.

No, please.

Don’t tell you he…

“W-What’s wrong?” You asked worriedly, placing your hand on his cheek that made him widen his eyes, swallowing tensely. “What happened last night?” He breathed out in such a fearful voice, as if he regretted what he done last night. Your eyes blinked at him sadly all of a sudden, your eyes coated with this pinch of despair as your expression changed – your face fell floors below to the ground. He doesn’t remember?

At all?

“B-Baek…” You retreated your hand – that made his heart clench as you shifted away from him a little. No. That wasn’t what he wanted! He… he just didn’t know what happened. He wanted to know so badly…

“You don’t remember?” You shake your head to emphasize your point, whereas, he could only nod.

Your hands moved away from him where your lips were quivering. He took note of that, he wanted to prevent that but he didn’t know how. He wanted to just hug you, greet you back ‘good morning’ better than how he did earlier but he didn’t know if he had the rights to. His heart deflated as you got up on the bed, your back facing him where you muttered under your breath, “You were drunk and I brought you back home… You felt asleep on the bed and that’s all that happened.”

He sat up on the bed, although the pounding in his head was hurting him a bit, your words somehow hurt more than the actual, physical pain. “W-What?” He breathed out in disbelief. He knew something was missing here – he just didn’t know what. He couldn’t even say anything to you when suddenly you mumbled a soft ‘sorry’ before dashing off to the bathroom that was merely ten steps away from the bed. He frowned at the door, wanting to come after you but he couldn’t when your phone vibrated on the bedside table.

He saw the screen lighting up with a name so familiar, he snarled the moment he saw the name.

He reached over for the phone, answering the call, “Chanyeol?”

The other boy in the end could only laugh, “Well, good morning to you too, Baek.”

Baekhyun could only frown, “Why are you calling her?”

Chanyeol sighed, “Don’t take it the wrong way, Baek. I’m just checking up on her.”

Baekhyun sneered, “And for what? To steal her away?”

Chanyeol snorted, “Why would I steal my best friend’s girl? If I really wanted to steal her away, do you think I’d come to help her yesterday to bring you back to her house? Would I even bother to come help you back to her place? If I wanted to steal her for myself, I wouldn’t even bring you back to her place.”

Baekhyun gulped – Chanyeol had a point…

“Plus, you were so drunk that you started hugging people – you did all the things you’d do to me so I thought it would be fun for you to do it to the one person you’d want to do it to the most.”

Baekhyun’s eyes widened with fear. So that’s how he got into bed with you…

“You didn’t even try to stop me?!” Baekhyun exclaimed with fear, shooting up from the bed with a gasp. “I didn’t have the heart to, Baek. You only have the guts to do the things she wants when you’re drunk.”

Baekhyun’s heart froze, his eyes locked on the bathroom door when suddenly he heart quiet sobs.

Don’t tell him you were crying…

“S-She wants me to do that?”

Chanyeol sighed, “How can you not notice that she likes you too, Baek? Of course she does. You’ve just been to oblivious to your surroundings that you think I like her just because we went to the park together.”

Baekhyun went quiet after mumbling, “How do you know…”

“Hiding behind a tree isn’t a good choice, Baek.” Chanyeol laughed just before Baekhyun hung up without a care, his feet bringing him towards the bathroom door after putting your phone down back to where he took it from. He stood outside the bathroom door, his hand reaching up to knock on the door, “H-Hey… Open up.”

You on the other hand, pressed your back against the door, “N-No. I’ll be right out.”

Baekhyun sighed, “You know that’s not what’s going to happen. You’re going to trap yourself in there. Come out, please…”

You shook your head and sobbed silently, “I said I’ll be fine. Just leave me alone.”

He knocked again but after knocking twice, it hit him like a ton of bricks. His mind suddenly flashed up all the incidents that took place after he came back to your place. The way your eyes looked back at his with love, the way he pulled you down for a kiss, the way he made you lie beside him, the way his eyes stared into yours before he drifted off into his slumber – it all finally made sense to why you were crying. But at the same time, he wasn’t too sure… “You can’t just stay in there without talking to me. I need to see you…”

He felt like his heart stopped when the door flung open, revealing you with tears trickling down your face – you felt hurt, too.

“Now what?” You snapped at him, making him shake his head at you, “L-Listen, I-“

“Just go home, Baek. You said you don’t remember so go home.”

He licked his lips nervously, his hands aching to hold onto you, “No! Wait! I remember.”

You scoffed at him, crossing your arms in front of your chest, “Really? Then tell me. Tell me what happened.”

Suddenly his mind went blank. A moment ago he could remember but in the next, his mind was playing with him that he couldn’t recall back the words, the incidents that he would remember for a lifetime. God! Not now! His heart cried out in agony – he wanted to tell you everything so badly but nothing came out.

 You closed your eyes with a sigh, shaking your head, “Just… go home, Baek. Please just-“ You couldn’t say anything else when you felt his hands on your shoulders. The cowardly Baekhyun had vanished the moment he saw your tears – the moment he saw how his words affected you, he knew that there was this certainty that contained in the relationship between the two of you. There were these sparks that danced on your skin and it was the exact same for him as well. He felt how your body trembled and he didn’t know if it was just you or him because he could feel himself shaking as well but…

Something had to be done.

And that day, was today.

“I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time now…” He mumbled quietly, his voice echoing into your ears as if it was the first time you’re hearing his voice. You gulped nervously, your eyes still closed and slightly puffed up from the crying. You could feel his hands moving to cup your cheeks before he came closer. His thumbs stroked the under of your eyes lovingly – there was no way he is going to let go of this chance. No way will he screw this up.

No way will he ever let go of the girl he can’t take his mind off.

No way. Just no way.

“I…I like you.” His words echoed into your ears, making you pop your eyes open where you gaped at him – this… this was the moment.

That moment you’ve been dreaming of, that moment you’ve been trying to make happen – that moment when Baekhyun is confessing to you.

That moment; now.

Your eyes blinked at him, your lips still parted as you stared at him in disbelief because if this was a dream, you’d never, ever want to wake up – like what he said before.

He felt his heart pounding so loud – why weren’t you saying anything?

He sighed quietly, “I… I don’t know if you feel the same but-“

“I like you too.” You blurted out almost too quickly, causing him to widen his eyes at you. Indeed he was feeling these pounding in his head but your words were enough to numb the pain. The feeling you gave him now, the butterflies roaming in his stomach, the sparks that brushed on his skin as your hands lapped on his on your cheeks made everything alright – it dissolved all the pain, replaced with a delightful one as he stared at your shy state. Your cheeks were becoming red, your lips pressed into a thin line as you avoided his eyes.

“I mean… I really do…” Your voice was suddenly so soft, your eyes looking up to meet with his where he gasped the moment he could see your beautiful eyes. You gripped onto his hands, with a small smile creeping on your face, “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that…”

It clicked – everything clicked as his lips tugged upwards to show you that gorgeous smile he possessed. He couldn’t help but have that confidence to place his hands on your waist, pulling you closer where he breathed out, “I can’t believe this is really happening.”

You chuckled lightly, arms going around his neck where your voice was still soft, containing happiness this time, “I can’t believe it either.”

He dipped down to brush his nose with yours, suddenly making you blush harder as you blinked at him a few times when he was staring right into your eyes, “B-Baek…?”

“Can I do something that will make both you and I feel as if it’s so surreal?”

You somehow nodded unconsciously, as if you were in this deep spell that he put you under.

It took you a few seconds to realize that he was kissing you. His lips meshed with yours sweetly, in contrast with how he kissed you last night. You appreciated the kiss last night but this one… this one felt like it had more meaning. You could feel his love radiating through his lips as his arms snaked around your waist to hug you tight, bringing you closer than before as your lips locked with his. You could feel his tongue running over your bottom lip, begging for entrance but you playfully kept your lips shut. He grunted against your lips, his arms squeezing your waist, indirectly needing you to part your lips for him. Hesitating for two seconds, your lips parted for his tongue to slide in and that’s when everything really got haywire. You can’t even remember how it all ended but you were sitting on his lap in which, he sat down on the end of the bed with you in his arms.

The two of you were left breathless, heavily breathing together to catch your breath. You could feel him chuckling as one of his hands tucked strands of your hair behind your ear. His eyes locked on you – how were you still so pretty to his eyes? Despite the puffiness and redness of your eyes, your beauty still shone in the room, making his heart flutter.

“That was the second kiss…” You mumbled quietly, making him snicker as he made you lean your head in the crook of his neck, “That’s the fourth, actually.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, whispering against his neck, “Fourth?”

“I kissed you silently once when you were sleeping by the tree of where we’d usually meet and once, we shared a drink together – we used the same straw.”

You chuckled, shaking your head as you hugged him, “Baek, the straw kiss doesn’t count…”

“Well… whatever it is, we don’t need to count anymore.” He pulled you away to look up to you, his lips inching closer, “Because we’re going to lose count of it really soon.”

TRUE ROMANCE XIV + Book 2 of Soul Mate [also on AO3]

Summary: What if second chances did exist…except in another lifetime

A/N: Okay, being the kind soul I am, I decided to post the new part now (although its pretty damn late here but you guys will eventually see this)! Enjoy some hipster Armitage and a jealous Ben <3 

Warning: None…

Word Count: 3.8K+


As much as your loft wasn’t the smallest thing in the world, at least not to you, for some reason–the idea of having Ben living with you now–made the loft seem like it was pretty small. Maybe it was the simple fact that having someone else live with you that wasn’t a dog (but a man the size of a giant) made it seem quite tiny. After all, it was only meant for the maximum of two people living in it, and as much as others would’ve complained about the small space, it made you happy.

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