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I Can’t Save Her: Part 34

Warnings: Angst

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1495

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.

Author’s Notes: I hope you like it <3. I love to hear from you guys!

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“I know you can fucking hear me!” Tony’s angry voice rose an octave above annoying as he kept repeating the words. I just wanted to be left alone – my body ached, and I was desperate for sleep. As sleep began to slip from my grasp I woke with a start.

“Bucky,” I whispered as I jerked up into a sitting position – wincing from the pain.

“What?” Tony asked as confusion spread across his face. At least I had shut him up from his tirade.

“He… he was there,” I replied half-dazed as Tony blinked dumbfounded at the information I was providing him. “He pulled me from the river,” I added as I stared at the palms of my hands. The pain that had prodded into my subconscious during sleep was beginning to grow like a wildfire inside of me. “Which means…”

“Which means he more than likely had nothing to do with the attack,” Tony finished my sentence as he massaged the line between his eyes. “I need to get ahold of Fury – here,” he added as he placed two pain pills in my upturned palm before turning to head towards the door. Once he reached it he faltered for a moment before turning back around. “Y/N?”

The sudden change in his tone caused me to immediately look up. “Why?”

My face grew hot as I tried to hide my embarrassment. In all honesty I didn’t have a good excuse that had driven me out into the woods – rather a need for some sort of peace. “I thought everyone would be better off… I didn’t…I didn’t mean to put myself in danger, but then I thought maybe it would be for the best,” I mumbled miserably as I looked anywhere but at Tony.

“You’ll never realize how wrong you are about that,” he added softly before slipping out of the door with his cellphone already dialing Fury.

I gladly downed the pain pills before settling myself back into the bed with a sigh. “Bucky,” the words escaped my lips like a wistful prayer as I slowly drifted back to sleep.

Months passed and as they did my hope waned. I was sidelined from the search for Bucky since everyone outside of the Avengers believed I was dead. My inability to help made me bitter, but Bucky’s reappearance and subsequent disappearance also made me resentful towards him. Why would he stay away after all we had been through – especially if he had nothing to do with the attack on Steve and myself?

Steve. The thought of him made me swallow thickly as I adjusted my sweater. I stared sadly at myself in the mirror as I tried my best to adjust my outfit. It was Thanksgiving, and the memories of the last one along with what we had lost since made my heart sink. I had enjoyed the solitude of the loft once Clint had convinced Tony I should have my own space again, but now I found my mere presence in it to be an exhausting memory of the emptiness inside of me. I bit my lip nervously before turning on my heel to head to the house.

As I walked towards the house in the early morning light I couldn’t help but feel as if something or someone was watching me. I paused nervously to scan the tree line before sighing to myself and continuing on my way. Since the accident I had had an eerie sense that someone was near to me at all times – which was usually somewhat true with Tony’s constant hovering. In all honesty I was probably the safest I could be with everyone back together, and I was looking forward to spending time with everyone. The loft had been rather lonely.

As I opened the door I was greeted with a barrage of hellos as Thor closed the distance between us and snatch me into a bone crushing hug. Once the merriment had calmed down and the men settled back into watching football while quarreling over the latest political moves to neutralize terrorist organizations like H.Y.D.R.A., Nat and Wanda settled beside me in the far corner of the room.

“How are you?” Wanda asked quietly as she gave my hand a reassuring squeeze.

“I would be a lot better if someone could put me to use,” I grumbled bitterly as I looked over at Tony. “Is there any news?” I asked as I turned to Nat.

She shrugged uncomfortably – clearly unsure how to proceed with the conversation. “Bits and pieces of intel have floated in about activity happening at H.Y.D.R.A facilities that we once thought to be inactive.”

“Activity?” I stuttered dumbly – thrown off guard by this information. My memories flashed back to the situation I had once found myself in at one of the supposed inactive facilities.

“Activity in the sense of – there are bodies when we get there, and the compounds are almost completely destroyed,” she added with a sly grin.

“Bucky…” I whispered to myself.

“I’m almost certain it is, but his behavior is too erratic for us to pinpoint where he will go next. He’s even been able to uncover compounds we had no idea about. It’s clear that he is looking for something.”

“Or someone,” I added as I focused my gaze on a worn spot in the rug below my feet.

“Do you think he’ll ever come back?” I asked as I felt the hopelessness bubble inside of me at the sound of the words.

“Maybe,” Nat responded quietly with a reassuring squeeze of my hand before we lapsed into silence.

I found myself in a familiar scene as I stared out the window, and watched the shadows grow in the waning afternoon light. Except this time Steve wasn’t there to reassure me, and Bucky wasn’t coming back. I sighed sadly to myself as I turned to make my way to the dining room where everyone was preparing their plates. As we all went through the motions of celebrating we struggled to not address the sense of loss that saturated everything. A sudden clink of a glass caused me to jump as I looked around the table.

“If I could have everyone’s attention for a second,” Tony announced awkwardly as he stood and raised his newly poured glass of wine. “We’ve lost more this year collectively than we could have ever imagined. Through that loss we were reminded of those that we still have and for that we are grateful,” his voiced cracked as his eyes swept around the table – lingering on me longer than any of the others. “I am hopeful that some of what we lost will find its way back to us, but in the meantime I’m thankful for those I get to share this meal with. To Steve – to Y/N,” he added as the others followed in unison before everyone lapsed into silence as they began to pass around bowls and pans of food. I could feel the tightening in my throat as my hands began to tremor slightly – the tell-tale sign of an episode. I needed to be away – if only for a moment.

“If you’ll excuse me for a second,” I muttered as I cleared my throat awkwardly before rising from my chair. I had put up a reassuring hand on Tony’s shoulder, before slipping from the dining room to the living room, where I grabbed my jacket, before slipping into the crisp autumn night.

This was normal behavior for me… Clint and Laura were accustomed to it since I spent nearly every waking hour with them. Since the night I had wandered into the woods and almost drowned before Bucky had rescued me I had taken to wandering through the woods around the house as a way to calm myself. Between the night terrors that had intensified and the sudden paralyzing fear that gripped me without warning I had become quite accustomed to the solitude. I sometimes imagined that perhaps Bucky would appear from behind a tree and tell me he was back, but I never really put much merit into the thought beyond a small childish hope.

At the sound of a branch crunching underneath a careful footstep behind me I turned with a full force roundhouse kick only for my leg to be stopped by a hand in midair. “Careful doll,” a familiar voice drifted through the shadows as the hand immediately released my ankle causing me to stumble back in surprise as I stared at the man before me. He was scraggly and dirty from months on the move – it was easy to see that he hadn’t taken good care of himself, but underneath all the bruises and grime I knew exactly who it was.

“Bucky,” I said so quietly it was almost inaudible.

“Y/N…. I’m… I’m back,” he answered hesitantly – unwilling to close the distance between us. He looked as if he had seen a ghost as he looked at me in silence. When he finally spoke again it was with great hesitation. “I need to talk to you about your father,” he added and my heart dropped.

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Dating Niall would include....
  • - him being extremely shy and flustered when you first start going out
  • - him falling for you very early in the relationship
  • - you being confused by some of his Irish terms and the way he pronounces things
  • - him being cuddly all the time
  • - him calling you “princess” 
  • - ”how’s my princess?”  “princess d’ya know where da crisps are?”  “come give me a cuddle princess”
  • - him secretly loving when you steal his clothes
  • - him kissing your neck when you’re busy doing homework
  • - “c’mon princess, just a couples minutes of nialler”
  • - taking cute videos of him sleeping
  • - kissing his blushing cheeks when you compliment him
  • - him purposely walking in when you’re changing
  • - you playing with his hair to make him fall asleep
  • - neck kisses being his weakness
  • - him buying you things all the time even though you hate it when he spends his money on you
  • - his favourite cuddling position being his head on your chest, he loves to sleep on top of you
  • - him watching you do your makeup and admiring your beauty when you don’t notice
  • - him running song ideas by you, 90% of the time they’re about you
  • - him smiling when you kiss him
  • - you squeezing his hand when he gets nervous
  • - loving whispers when you’re in public 
  • - him always falling asleep before the movie ends


Welcome To The Park (Part 3 of Blue Collar Kind of Love)

Part One Part Two

Summary: Sam invites you to a party. You go, the sex happens, and the next morning things get deep.
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Reader, Dean Winchester, Benny Lafitte, some random brunette you dance with
Word Count: 4954
Warnings: SMUT, implied blowjob, recreational drug use (sheesh, it’s just a little pot), sex on a friggin’ beanbag chair, unsafe safe (wrap those dicks, folks), vaginal sex, a little spanking, dirty talk bc I love writing the stuff, praising, Dean’s a perverted pothead, deep shit at the end bc this excuse for filthy smut needs to have some kind of plot
Author’s Note: Merry Christmas, my little turtle doves! As my gift to you, here’s the next chapter to BCKoL! As always, I hope y’all enjoy it and If you’d like to be added to the tag list for instant updates just shoot me an ask telling me so. Xoxo! -Jay

You awake in a bed that isn’t yours, inside a house that most certainly is not your own. Instead of pristine white sheets, your blanketed by a black and red striped comforter that’s been softened by one too many washes, lying atop navy blue sheets completely nude and a stickiness between your thighs that stands as a reminder of the kind of night you had. You rouse from the bed when the aroma of bacon meets your nose, a lazy, carefree smile tugging at your sleep-swollen lips. You rub at your eyes and attempt to smooth down your bedhead as you guide yourself out of the bedroom, making a quick stop in the bathroom to relieve yourself and clean up a bit before finally venturing into the kitchen.

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10. “Tag, you’re it.”
9.  “Upstairs, now.”
8. “The loo, now.”
7.  “We need to buy more hair gel, now.”
6.  “I want to give you a front wedgie.”
5.  “Move away from Carly, she has cooties.”
4.  “Follow me, I know where Chas hid the crisps.”
3.  “My floral prints are better than your green jumper.”
2.  “Stop fake laughing, Leo is not that funny.”  
1. “Get your fit arse out here.”


falling forward
toward an uncertain future,
tethered and tangled
in a troubled past,
I carry these with me
to learn and unlearn
who I am or could be
who I should be or can’t be,
as yet still I wonder and wander
this misty dawning of mid-morning
where the sun in my sky,
the crisp, warming breeze
call to me and remind me
that my day ahead is still
with hours and hours yet before sunset—
and there’s still time

2306 // falling in time


AN Part of the spoopy Halloween themed imagines I planned for you <3 Alright so last night you guys voted for me to write them one at a time and post them as I write them, so that’s what I’m doing. I managed to write this much thus far and Zack and Rian are coming soon. How soon, I can’t say, I have an all day tournament both Friday and Saturday (unless school is cancelled which it might be) but if not, this is all I have for you. I’ll try to see what I can give you Saturday night. Enjoy the stories lovelies xx

Warning: some material may be graphic

Your POV

Trying to sleep while there’s screaming is a very hard task at hand. It’s currently 3 in the morning and I’ve been listening to the same woman get banged for over three hours. I hate my fucking life.

How long does it take to get this out, don’t these people have lives? Jobs? Kids? I live in a damn apartment building, and there’s gotta be other people on my floor having trouble with this. That’s it, I’m done. I’m going to the source and extinguishing it. I don’t care if I have to murder them, sleep is my only chance at peace.

I stomp rather angrily down to the third floor. That’s definitely where the ruckus was coming from. I bang on the door, though they probably can’t hear me. I bang harder and the screaming stops almost instantly. A man comes to the door. He’s attractive, but disheveled.

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Can this even be a sonnet?

Can this sonnet fold my words
Tidy creases with crisp edges
Where sounds echo playing clear cords
Sliced like pie with perfect wedges

Can this sonnet hold attention
Beating eight count rhyme and meter
Poet ho-hum, not to mention
Lacking oomph, that bores the reader

Can this sonnet crawl under skin
Without heat, without fire and spark
Don’t yawn, puts wrinkles on your chin
Writing one is a lot of work

Can this sonnet inspire more
With love and affectionate verse
Maybe tempt you with blood and gore
Hey, you couldn’t do any worse

Can this sonnet be put away
Folded neatly, it’s done I’d say