where are mine when i need them

I really miss you tonight. And I’m not trying to say that I don’t usually miss you or that I haven’t been empty for as long as we’ve been apart. I miss you every moment and I have been empty since the day I left home. What I mean to say is that tonight is too quiet, and the room is too dark it and the sounds she makes as she stirs in her sleep only make me more aware of how incomplete I am without you. I try to sleep, and I feel a coldness around me where your arms should be. I close my eyes and I expect to see yours meeting mine when I open them. You are the only thing, the only person who has the ability to make me feel like there is no need to need. And by that I mean that you are all I need.
—  ms-spelled 
Possessive Starters!

“You belong to me.” 

“You’re mine to own, understand?” 

“No, you’re not going out without me.” 

“Where do you think you’re going dressed like that? Your body is for my eyes only.” 

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice you sneaking out?”

“You’re not allowed to see them anymore.” 

“You’re being too friendly with them.” 

“I don’t like when they touch you.” 

“I can’t stand how they’re looking at you.” 

“You can’t leave me. You couldn’t live without me.” 

“I provide for you, you don’t have to work now.” 

“I’m locking you in your room until you learn!” 

“You’re mine, I watch everything you do.” 

“Give me your phone, I’m going to read your messages.” 

“Who were you talking to?” 

“You don’t need them! You have me!” 

“I don’t care if you don’t like it, you’re mine to do what I please to.” 

“Be quiet, now.” 

“Come here, I’m marking you so that everyone will know who you belong to.” 

DIY Packer

gather your materials need 4-5 socks that are thin, if you have thick (athletic style) then maybe 2-3 (idk) and about 5 or 6 rubber bands, and a few safety pins. [you will need boxers in order to hold in place or boy shorts for feminine underwear]

stack 3 of them like this

put 3 in like this leaving the edges out (for 5.5in)
(if making a 4.5in then kinda stuff them in a bit more)

squish it a bit and making it like this where the heels of the other socks are inside but not fully in (if that makes sense)

tie it off like this with a small rubber band as tight as you can get it

find where you want the head of your packer at the toe of the sock

tie that with a rubber band careful to keep its shape

put rubber bands around like so (make sure to cover as many bumps as possible)

[if you don’t want the “balls” part then skip ahead]

roll the last sock like this

stick the rolled sock in the heel of the sock

clip the hymn of the sock as pictured leaving enough room to be able to clip to boxers

grab the edge of the underside of the “balls” as shown and clip it also as shown

[For those of you who didn’t want balls, this is where you can pick back up on the tutorial]

squish it and shape it and grab your boxers because we’re fixing to clip it in

grab your boxers and turn them inside out and where my thumb is pointing is where we’re gonna clip it

inside the hole where you take your dick to pee is a little pocket that I’ve found to be well at holding the packer in place throughout the day so its not shifting or something while it’s clipped in
stick the packer in there

now when I clip mine in, I clip it while wearing my boxers so I can position it how I need to for what feels right to me, it’s up to you on if you want to clip it while wearing the boxers or while not wearing them
**also for the last pic it has my everyday packer, vs the one I just made
[everyday packer is 4.5 (left) and the one I just made is 5.5 (right)]

Hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial and if you have any questions just ask!

You know what?? I want a story where Shiro can’t keep his hands to himself. Fuck slow pinning bs, I want Shrio to wake up one day and see Lance all sleepy with his shirt riding up his stomach as he streches. I want Shiro’s first thought to be ‘thats mine’ then shake himself even more awake because , really self?? And he stammers when Lance askes him if he wants more coffee. I want Shiro to start PRAISING LANCE like the ground was made for him to the point where even Hunk is like 'dude chill’. I want Lance to be there for Shiro is his time of need in the middle of the night when no else is awake so Lance, who can never sleep wtf dude, just meets him, they both watch the stars move around them and Lance hums a song his mama taught him and bam - Shiro is asleep like that. (Best sleep he ever got.)

I want Lance to corner Shiro because he has such a large family and he just KNOWS when someone is upset and at first Shrio is annoyed, until he starts to really talk to Lance. Then all his problems seem so small because Lance makes the problem solving so easy.

I want Shiro to do a double take because, first of all, why is it ALWAYS Lance that goes on undercover missions. SECOND WHO GAVE LANCE PRIMSSION TO LOOK THAT GOOD. Pidge is disgusted.

It gets to the point where the WHOLE team has to help.

Allura keeps hinting at Lance that marriage is always a good choice. (Lance doesn’t get it - okay Allura marry whoever you want sheesh).

Coran keeps pulling Shiro aside with weirder and weirder threats. (“You hurt him and I will do what a gorasack does to a teleflob.”…“O…kay???”)

Hunk just smiles at Shiro before crushing metal in his bare hands. Shiro gets the message.

Pidge gives both the evil eye for like a week before saying “don’t hurt him” which just CONFUSES BOTH.

Keith tried to threaten Lance, but Lance took it as a challenge.

Either way it takes Shiro ages to admit to himself. Then to Lance, that he loves him.

Meanwhile the team already knew and planned it way in advance.



Request: y/n being insecure about herself and about love.

Word count: 2,534

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Cracking noises from the flames in the beige brick fireplace hanging on the wall, filled the otherwise silent living room. These faint but warm noises always made me feel somehow calm.

I loved the heat filling up the room, I loved shutting my eyes and listen to the flames crack slowly, I loved how it all felt like home to me.

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anonymous asked:

I love your prompts so much!!! Could we get more prompts for a possessive villain and their hero please? Thank you so much!

1) “What the hell is all of this?” 
“It’s a party - surely even you have seen one of those before in your righteous little life,” the villain murmured in their ear. “A favour for a favour, you agreed.” They wrapped an arm around the hero’s waist, drawing them in closer to their side.
“The parties I normally go to aren’t made up of people who’ve tried to kill me.”
“No need to fret, they won’t touch you when you’re with me. Let me show off my favourite hero.”
So that was what this was about.

2) “No - no. Don’t get up, you’re hurt.” 
“Hurt happens when you attack someone, yeah.”
The villain tutted, guiding the hero back to the ground as they struggled to push themselves up, with a gentle foot pressing down on their shoulder. “I’m an expert,” they said. “I know what I’m doing when I hurt you - you’ll aggravate your injuries and get yourself killed. Your pain is mine. Leave it in my hands where it belongs. Take a few deep breaths.”

3) “They said they’ll tell us everything we need.”
“What’s the catch?” the hero asked.
“They want an hour alone in a room, no supervision, no cameras…with you.” 
The hero felt the other’s gaze rest on them, but kept their expression measured despite the sudden lashing of their heart. “Now why.” Their boss ducked to catch their eyes. “Would they ask for something like that?”


what business have you? — charlie quigley. curly-haired cherub. i used to magic sweeties from your ears. do your remember? — what do you want? — your mumma has taken something that isn’t her’s. — she’s no thief. — no, she’s the worst kind. she’s a people thief. sees someone she has need of, snaffles them away, never to return. where’s she taken emily? — mumma doesn’t know or care where emily lacey is. — when did your mother ever let a dog lie? she feeds on vengeance like maggots on a corpse.

Talk Dirty To Me - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 4,134

Warnings: Pure Filth, NSFW, 18+, Masturbation, Oral (male receiving), dirty talk, teasing

Notes: Thanks @minhosmeanhoe. There is a LONG story behind this. Just enjoy the filth y’all. Formerly titled “The Results of Me Making Camile Horny”

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mamajosrefuge  asked:

Hi! Uhm, I don't know if you can help me, but do you know a cleansing and or protection spell against ghosts? A cemetary is right down the street from my house and I've already had 2 ghostly visitors on Halloween the last couple of years from there (forgot to close the window that night NEVER AGAIN). If not, would it be possible to direct me to someone who would know sth like this? I hope, I'm not too forward w/ this request. Thank you so much and have a lovely day!

Not too forward at all! My parents house is actually between a cemetery and a fairy mound, so we were always finding bits or charms people made to keep both at bay. It was an interesting childhood in the garden in that regard. One time dad dug one of them up and discarded it. The streak of bad luck that ensued led to my mother going to the Totally Not Witches in our church to get another one.

One of the main charms I am aware of for keeping unwanted visitors out of your house is to plant iron around the entryways. Everyone thinks this is always just for fae, but iron is just one of those good, solid, dependable metals for when it comes to protecting the home. My parents have iron horseshoes above the doors. Some people like to have them facing down the way (like a U) because they believe it keeps luck inside your house, other people flip them like an upside down U so that anyone with bad or unwelcome intentions, will feel turned away and be in theory unable to cross the threshold.

You can also take iron sheers and plant them in your yard, blades open and facing outward so that anyone unwelcome will cut their soul if they try to break in or enter where they are not welcome. You don’t necessarily need to do anything too magical too them either to do this. It’s the will of your intent as you bury them that does most of the work, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them every day when you walk over/past them that they are there to Protect you, and focus a little of your will toward that notion.

You can also create a protection charm like that out of pretty much anything, iron is just traditional and preferable to some people. I didn’t have any iron when someone tried to break into mine and Etd’s home (except the iron curtain rail I threatened the guy with, happy coincidence) so I actually took my favorite quartz crystals, told them they were going to look after my house now and buried them near the thresholds. Ocassioanly I will rework the charm whenever I am cleaning house, focusing on where I know them to be in the yard, and willing them to be filled with light and the general vibe of “if you’re here without my invitation fuck the fuck right off”. It works well for me. You could also use lemons or something else that is biodegradable, but then you need to redo the spell in full fairly often, which some people like cause it helps them feel protected, and some people don’t.

I also keep crystals by all the windows which I work with similarly, with the extra notion that I don’t want people looking in and they should feel uncomfortable if they try. This would also work easily for ghosts too. My preference is clear quartz or amethyst.

I will also once a year, usually on Hogmanay, go around all thresholds and windows with salt, imagining an invisible ward around everything that seals the house from malice or unwanted guests, living or otherwise. I’ll usually do each window individually. Then when I’m done I open them up and brush the salt outwards towards the outside world, as a symbolic gesture of brushing the evil/bad energies out of the home. It’s something my mother always did, which she got from her mother, and it stuck with me. Those are my basic house wards.

If you feel like your ghost buddies have decided they want to stay and are disregarding the wards, you may need to have a chat with them regarding boundaries. And by chat I mean reminding them this is your house and to kindly gtfo. You can do this with your average cleansing house spell, a million and one of which you can find in Google. But my personal fave is to bang my iron pots and pans together walking through the house saying firmly “this is my space, you’re not welcome here, leave please”. If I’m feeling particularly special I’ll light some incense, but if you couldn’t tell I’m a very “fuck off I’ve not got time for this bullshit” witch.

Also if it’s just specific to Halloween? Keep candles lit by the windows, or if you can, throw the traditional jack-o-lantern outside with a candle inside, give them something else to focus on, a bit like moths to a flame. But be sure to have your wards in place, you want them to focus on the light, not your actual home. Good luck.

He had shaved.

That was the first thing I noticed. In echo of Young Ian the day before, he had hastily shaved, brushed his hair back and tidied himself before facing trouble. He seemed to know what I was thinking; the ghost of a smile passed over his face, as he rubbed his freshly scraped chin. 

“D’ye think it will help?” he asked. 

I swallowed, and licked dry lips, but didn’t answer. He sighed, and answered himself. 

“No, I suppose not.” He stepped into the room and closed the door. He stood awkwardly for a moment, then moved toward the bed, one hand extended toward me. “Claire—” 

“Don’t touch me!” I leapt to my feet and backed away, circling toward the door. His hand fell to his side, but he stepped in front of me, blocking the way. 

“Will ye no let me explain, Claire?” 

“It seems to be a little late for that,” I said, in what I meant to be a cold, disdainful tone. Unfortunately, my voice shook. 

He pushed the door shut behind him. 

“Ye never used to be unreasonable,” he said quietly. 

“And don’t tell me what I used to be!” The tears were much too near the surface, and I bit my lip to hold them back. 

“All right.” His face was very pale; the scratches Laoghaire had given him showed as three red lines, livid down his cheek. 

“I dinna live with her,” he said. “She and the girls live at Balriggan, over near Broch Mordha.” He watched me closely, but I said nothing. He shrugged a little, settling the shirt on his shoulders, and went on. 

“It was a great mistake—the marriage between us.” 

“With two children? Took you a while to realize, didn’t it?” I burst out. His lips pressed tight together. 

“The lassies aren’t mine; Laoghaire was a widow wi’ the two bairns when I wed her.” 

“Oh.” It didn’t make any real difference, but still, I felt a small wave of something like relief, on Brianna’s behalf. She was the sole child of Jamie’s heart, at least, even if I—

“I’ve not lived wi’ them for some time; I live in Edinburgh, and send money to them, but—” 

“You don’t need to tell me,” I interrupted. “It doesn’t make any difference. Let me by, please—I’m going.” 

The thick, ruddy brows drew sharply together. 

“Going where?” 

“Back. Away. I don’t know—let me by!” 

“You aren’t going anywhere,” he said definitely. 

“You can’t stop me!” 

He reached out and grabbed me by both arms. 

“Aye, I can,” he said. He could; I jerked furiously, but couldn’t budge the iron grip on my biceps. 

“Let go of me this minute!” 

“No, I won’t!” He glared at me, eyes narrowed, and I suddenly realized that calm as he might seem outwardly, he was very nearly as upset as I was. I saw the muscles of his throat move as he swallowed, controlling himself enough to speak again. 

“I willna let ye go until I’ve explained to ye, why …” 

“What is there to explain?” I demanded furiously. “You married again! What else is there?” 

The color was rising in his face; the tips of his ears were already red, a sure sign of impending fury. 

“And have you lived a nun for twenty years?” he demanded, shaking me slightly. “Have ye?” 

“No!” I flung the word at his face, and he flinched slightly. “No, I bloody haven’t! And I don’t think you’ve been a monk, either—I never did!” 

“Then—” he began, but I was much too furious to listen anymore. 

“You lied to me, damn you!” 

“I never did!” The skin was stretched tight over his cheekbones, as it was when he was very angry indeed. 

“You did, you bastard! You know you did! Let go!” I kicked him sharply in the shin, hard enough to numb my toes. He exclaimed in pain, but didn’t let go. Instead, he squeezed harder, making me yelp. 

“I never said a thing to ye—” 

“No, you didn’t! But you lied, anyway! You let me think you weren’t married, that there wasn’t anyone, that you—that you—” I was half-sobbing with rage, gasping between words. “You should have told me, the minute I came! Why in hell didn’t you tell me?” His grip on my arms slackened, and I managed to wrench myself free. He took a step toward me, eyes glittering with fury. I wasn’t afraid of him; I drew back my fist and hit him in the chest. 

“Why?” I shrieked, hitting him again and again and again, the sound of the blows thudding against his chest. “Why, why, why!” 

“Because I was afraid!” He got hold of my wrists and threw me backward, so I fell across the bed. He stood over me, fists clenched, breathing hard. 

“I am a coward, damn you! I couldna tell ye, for fear ye would leave me, and unmanly thing that I am, I thought I couldna bear that!” 

“Unmanly? With two wives? Ha!” 

I really thought he would slap me; he raised his arm, but then his open palm clenched into a fist. 

“Am I a man? To want you so badly that nothing else matters? To see you, and know I would sacrifice honor or family or life itself to lie wi’ you, even though ye’d left me?” 

“You have the filthy, unmitigated, bleeding gall to say such a thing to me?” My voice was so high, it came out as a thin and vicious whisper. “You’ll blame me?” 

He stopped then, chest heaving as he caught his breath. 

“No. No, I canna blame you.” He turned aside, blindly. “How could it have been your fault? Ye wanted to stay wi’ me, to die with me.” 

“I did, the more fool I,” I said. “You sent me back, you made me go! And now you want to blame me for going?”

He turned back to me, eyes dark with desperation. 

“I had to send ye away! I had to, for the bairn’s sake!” His eyes went involuntarily to the hook where his coat hung, the pictures of Brianna in its pocket. He took one deep, quivering breath, and calmed himself with a visible effort. 

“No,” he said, much more quietly. “I canna regret that, whatever the cost. I would have given my life, for her and for you. If it took my heart and soul, too …” 

He drew a long, quivering breath, mastering the passion that shook him. 

“I canna blame ye for going.” 

“You blame me for coming back, though.” 

He shook his head as though to clear it. 

“No, God no!” 

He grabbed my hands tight between his own, the strength of his grip grinding the bones together.


Jealousy Complications

Pairing: Thomas x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 5409

Author’s Note: I finally decided to write Thomas again and I really like it. I think it’s absolutely adorable and I hope you guys like it as much as I do! Thanks to my babe @lovelydob for proofreading this for me:)

Originally posted by youarealwaysfirst

Being in the maze with a bunch of guys and one girl was awful, but one good thing came out of it. Thomas. He always made sure that I was okay and comfortable and made sure that I was safe. We had bonded closely while stuck in the maze. He was a runner. I was a med-jack. He would come by the tent every so often that I was on duty, deliberately hurting himself as an excuse to see me. I had not known of this at first until Newt had mentioned that he was basically a pro with a machete, growing confused on how he was still cutting himself.

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Au where Leo doesn’t fall into harmful foster kid stereotypes, that his Aunty Rosa loves him very much, that Wilderness wasn’t because he was bad but because it had such a good mechanics program that he wanted to go to, that he wasn’t depressed or alone or the comic relief. Where his skin was golder than golden brown, that he could crack a joke that everyone liked and didn’t cover up depression. That he liked who he was, and knew he was important.

Au where where Frank’s mom retired with 100% disability pay and a happy ending. Where Frank went to the Wolf House because he wanted to be a soldier like his mommy, that he never cared that he was fat or ‘obese’, that he was confident about himself and not broken over the fact his life was tied to a literal stick. That when he got the blessing of Ares, that all he got was super strong abilities and he stayed chubby because he liked the jiggle

Au where Piper is active in her Navajo history. Where she proudly lets her long black hair flow and her dark brown eyes stare her enemy down. Where her dad spent more time with her, that they kissed each other’s cheeks every night and didn’t worry about attention. Where her sisters don’t glorify, nor demonetize her for her race or her pride. Where she doesn’t let her charmspeak or mother defy her, but embraces this as her. Where she sings as loudly as she can, and is active in her community.

Au where Hazel loved her black hair. She loved her black skin, her black eyes, the way beads stuck out in her hair. She loved her gems, and her mother wasn’t obsessed with money or power or glory. Where Gaia fought tooth and nail to take everything from her, but it never worked. Where her mother got Elysium, and she did too. Where she walked out of the underworld on her own, because a dream told her to. Where she was ecstatic about everything, and she learned as much as she can. Where people don’t peg her as ‘the cinnamon roll’ or the ‘sweet girl’. She is fierce, she is proud. Her Mist is her life, her metal is her love. She stands for herself, and not some silly side character only to illustrate the tension between characters.

Au where Jason and Thalia were really loved. Where Jason wasn’t scared into nearly dying, but instead raised kindly by Lupa. Where he woke up on a bus not because Juno kidnapped him, but because he told her this needed to happen. Where he was more than shipped with a brick, and some prophesied golden child everyone feared and loved. Where he was kind, just, and loyal. Where his mother was in tears when she saw him years later, and he was happy to have her back.

Au where Thalia talked to Hera, and the two were on good terms. Where she had a demigod come to her house and ask for help, so she promised to help him get to a camp she knew about. Where she kissed her mom goodbye and promised to get home as soon as possible. Who took pride in her last name, and gladly informed people about who her mom was. Where the first thing she did after she came back from being a tree was track down her mother and hug her, whispering apologies and holding her because it only felt like months for her but knew it was years for her mom. Where, every chance she had, she visited her mom, telling her stories about the hunt. Where her blue eyes were black lined, but kind.

Au where Annabeth’s step mom tried to help her. They planted spider repelling plants, sprayed the walls, sealed the windows and doorways, and tried everything to get the spiders away. Even when the spiders wouldn’t leave, her step mom held her at night and helped her wipe the tears when her father wasn’t there. Where they only send her to camp when they found a demigod duo that told Maia where they were going. Where annabeth didn’t hate the fact she was blonde, and didn’t have a crush on anyone because she didn’t need anyone. Who constantly wrote home, every night, and tried her best to write in English. Where she wrote Greek lessons too, and soon her family was writing back in Greek instead of English. Who never belittled or judged someone on their godly parent, or lack of one. 

Au where everything was just a bit better. For all of them

So Flirty - Derek Luh, Sammy Wilk, Jack Gilinsky Imagine


Being the only girl in a squad can be fun, but it surely isn’t always easy especially if you have very flirtatious best friends like I do. 

I just turned 19 and I’ve been friends with Derek Luh, Sammy Wilkinson and Jack Gilinsky since I was 13 years old. I’ve always been more comfortable being in guys’ company than girls and there’s a reason for that. 

When I was 12, I had a best friend named Ashley. We were inseparable. We were literally every single day together hanging out and doing fun stuff. Everything was perfect for about a year and then, my “bestie” started to hang out with the girl that we used to hate to death and blew me off. I was devastated, I couldn’t believe that Ashley would ever do that to me. I had thought that our friendship was going to last “forever”, but she ruined everything. But that’s not all, there was one boy that I was so in love with, his name was Adam. He was really cute and we would’ve always made and eye contact when our eyes would met and it was really cute. But then, this bitch started dating him as soon as we stopped hanging out. I was so hurt and mad. I wanted to rip her hair off. She knew I liked him and she did something like that. 

As I was deeply disappointed in girls’ friendships, I didn’t want to have friends anymore at all, especially not female friends. But then, I met these three; Luh, Wilk and Gilinsky. When we just started to hang out, I was really scared to get too close to them just because I didn’t want to be hurt by them like I was by Ashley so I didn’t taker our friendship seriously at all. But as the years were passing, I realized that they’re nothing like Ashley. After 3 years of non stop hanging out with my new 3 best friends, I knew they were here to stay. 

‘Sammy,’ I whined ‘Let me go.’ 

‘Noo’ He protested tightly holding his arms wrapped around my waist. We were watching a movie for 2 hours in his and G’s house and we were cuddled into each other and I really had to pee, but he didn’t want to let me go. 

G didn’t want to watch the movie with us because we’ve all seen in a million times, but Sammy got sick a few days ago and the cold was still holding him so I had to please him and watch the movie again. I always treat him like a baby when he’s sick. Well, not just him, all three of them.

‘I’m gonna pee in my pants,you idiot’ I chuckled. 

‘But your boobs were so comfy and I was just about to fall asleep.’ He said and I rolled my eyes. 

‘I’ll come back in a minute.’ I said managing to pull out of his tight grip. ‘Gosh, Sammy’  

I was literally running upstairs to the bathroom and when I finally reached it, I just rushed in without even checking if someone was already in there and what happened? 

‘Jack, oh my God!’ I screamed as I saw naked Gilinsky stepping out of the shower. I quickly covered my eyes and turned around. ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were in there and I have to pee really really bad.’ I started apologizing. 

‘It’s okay, y/n.’ He said. ‘I don’t mind really.’ 

‘I’m gonna leave..you to..get dressed’ I said reaching for the door knob, but when I tired to open the door, it didn’t want. ‘Why-? Jack, why this doesn’t want to open?’ I asked. 

‘Fuck, did you slammed the door?’ He asked. 

‘I didn’t, they slammed itself.’ 

‘Shit, now we’re stuck.’ 

‘What? Why??’ 

‘These doors are broken and you need to close them really slowly or else they’ll get stuck.’ He said. 

‘Great, G, you’re telling me this now?!’ I said frustrated squeezing my thighs and still trying to open the door. 

‘Wait, let me try’ He said. 

As he stood behind me, I felt his bulge poking my butt and he purposely thrusted himself a little into me. ‘Jack!’ I said slapping his arm and moving away from him noticing that he had a towel around his waist now.

‘What, baby?’ He laughed. 

‘Fuck off’ I chuckled rolling my eyes. ‘And hurry up with opening the door. My bladder can’t hold on anymore.’ I said and he laughed again. 

‘Well pee, I’m not gonna watch you while you’re peeing.’ 

‘But you’ll hear me’ 

‘Y/n, just fucking pee’ He said. 

At this point, I didn’t have choice and I just had to do it. 

‘Don’t you dare to peep at me’ I said taking ma yoga pants off. I sat down on the toilet and finally let the piss out of me. ‘Fuck’ I breathed out as I was overwhelmed with a feeling of relief. I saw Jack turning his head a little to peep and I threw a roll of toilet paper at him hitting him in the head. ‘Jack!’ 

‘Now I’m not gonna give you back the toilet paper because you hit me with it’ He said. 

‘Jaack, c’mon’ I whined. ‘I’m done, I need it’ 


‘C’mon, don’t be an asshole.’

‘If you kiss me, I’ll give you the toilet paper’ 

‘Okay, just give me fucking toilet paper!’ I said and he threw it back to me.

I mean, only my friends can blackmail me with the toilet paper. 

I flushed the toilet and came over to the sink to wash my hands. after I dried them, Jack turned me around lifting me up, sitting me down on the sink and standing between my legs. 

‘You promised’ He smirked. 

I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheek. I pulled back and he raised his eyebrow at me. ‘What?’ I chuckled shrugging my shoulders. 

‘Seriously? I didn’t mean kiss on the cheek’ 

‘I know, but I’m not gonna kiss you, you’re my best friend, you idiot.’ 

‘I know you want it as much as I do’ He said trying to seduce me by pushing his head into my neck and leaving a kiss there. 

‘Jack, stop’ I laughed pushing him back and then he laughed with me too. ‘Open the door, I’m not planning to be stuck with you here forever’ 

‘Oh, but I do’ He smirked and I rolled my eyes at his constant flirting with me. ‘Sammy!’ He yelled. ‘Samuel, come upstairs and rescue us!’ 

It was around 2 a.m. and I was laying in my bed and watching some youtube videos since I couldn’t sleep for some reason. Just when I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep again, I got a call from Derek. 

‘Y/n…’ He whined. By the sound of his voice, I immediately knew that he was not sober.

‘Derek..’ I sighed. ‘Why are you drunk again?’ 

‘I was feeling like shit and now I feel even worse. I need you to come and pick me up’ 

‘I’m really tired, call Jack.’ 

‘Noo, I want you, please, I’m sad.’ 

‘Uh, okay, I’m coming. Just tell me where you are’ 

I sat in the car and started driving toward the club that Derek was in. 


‘Let’s get you upstairs’ I said struggling to take him into his room. 

‘You know, I’m really happy to have you’ He mumbled. 

‘I know you are’ 

‘If there wasn’t for you now, I’d have to drive by myself and who knows, maybe I’d get into a car accident’ 

‘Oh my God, Derek. Don’t even think about things like that.’ I said shaking my head. I don’t know what I’d do without three of them and I don’t even wanna imagine a life without them. 

‘I love you. So so much.’ He said taking my face between his hands as we reached his bedroom. 

‘I love you too. Now go lay down on the bed while I go get you some water, okay?’ I said and he nodded. 

As I came back into his bedroom, I almost dropped the glass filled with water when I saw Derek naked laying on the bed. 

‘Oh my God, seriously?’ I asked turning my head. ‘What is wrong with everyone today? Why do I have to see everyone naked?’ 

‘I sleep naked.’ He said. 

‘Nice to know.’ I said sarcastically. ‘First Gilinsky, now you.’ 

‘Gilinsky? Why did you see him naked? Did you cheat on me?’ 

‘It was accidentaly, of course.’ I said. ‘And I did not cheat on you because we’re not even together’ I rolled my eyes. 

‘I know, why do you have to rub it in my face?’ He asked almost starting to cry. 

‘Oh my God, you’re so drunk, Derek.’ I sighed. I covered him with a white quilt cover and moved his hair out of his face. ‘Sleep now, okay? I’ll come to check on you tomorrow.’ I said. 

‘Won’t you stay here with me like you always do?’ He asked pouting. 

‘I can’t tonight. I have something important to do tomorrow.’ I said. ‘I’m going. Goodnight.’ I kissed his cheek and he kissed mine before I left. 

‘Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?!’ I was going crazy cause I couldn’t find my other nude heel that I needed. I was about to start crying cause I couldn’t find it when I remembered where could it be. 

I quickly sat in my car and drove to Gilinsky and Sammy’s place. Waiting impatiently for one of them to open the door, I texted my date to come and pick me up on this address. 

When Jack finally opened the door his eyes went wide ‘Damn, baby’

‘Get out of the way’ I quickly walked past him running upstairs into my room. Yes, I have a room at theirs place. 

‘Whoa, she’s so hot’ I heard Samy and Derek comment.

‘Here you are!’ I felt such a huge relief when I found the heel laying next the bed. 

‘Why are you so dressed up?’ Derek asked me when I entered the living room. 

‘Because I’m going on a date.’ I said smiling as I sprayed my favourite perfume all over myself. 

‘What?’ All three of them said at once. ‘Why?’ They asked and I laughed. 

‘I don’t know really. I mean what kind of question is that?’ 

‘With who?’ Just when I was about to answer the question, the doorbell rang. 

I hurried to open the door and all three of them followed me. 

‘Seriously, guys?’ I asked quietly before I opened the door. 


‘Hey, Kian!’ I smiled as I kissed his cheek and he pulled me into a hug. 

‘You ready?’ He asked. 

‘Yeah, let’s go.’ I said and then I heard G, Sammy and Derek clearing their throats. I rolled my eyes smiling as I turned to them. 

‘Who are they?’ Kian asked me whispering. 

‘They’re..my brothers.’ 

‘Listen, we want her back by 11, understood?’ G said. 

‘P.M.’ Derek and Sammy added. 

‘I’m scared’ Kian whispered in my ear.

‘Oh my God, please ignore them.’ I chuckled. ‘Let’s go.’ I said pulling him outside.

‘Y/n, we’re serious! We’ll come looking for you if you’re not here by 11.’ Derek yelled. I turned to them and blew them kiss before sitting in the car with Kian and driving away. 

  • Kali: Oh damn it.
  • Blake: What's wrong mom?
  • Kali: I forgot my scroll and I need to call your father to let him know I made it here safely.
  • Blake: Oh here. Use mine. *Hands her mom her scroll*
  • Kali: Oh thank you sweetie. *Kali took the scroll and find a contact named, "Daddy."* Aaawww that is so cute you still call your father daddy. *Kali hits it.*
  • Blake: Wha- WAIT MOM DON'T USE THAT ONE! *Blake panicked when both cat faunus her a ringtone, bmblb, Go off in front of them where Yang is waiting for them.*
  • Yang: *Answers her scroll.* Yello.
  • Kali: ... I want to thank you Yang for giving so much teasing ammo on my daughter.
  • Blake: Kill me now.
Jungkook Ship Fic Rec

So…I know I’m late for Writer Appreciation Day (I swear I had a good reason), but I’m still doing the fic rec like a said in order to appreciate some of these amazing writers. These are some of all-time favorites or recent reads that I loved for each Jungkook ship including Jungkook/Everyone. Please enjoy and happy reading! P.S. All smut I rec is bottom jungkook because I am trash.

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Valentine’s Day Love Languages: Quality Time

Dating Percival Graves was both a terrific experience and a terrific pain in the neck. On one hand (the hand you preferred to observe the most), Percival was a complete gentleman: He was considerate, capable of protecting you, always offered you his coat or scarf when you got cold, and offered intelligent conversation and a listening ear. When he could. Because on the other hand (the one you wound up having pressed in your face most often), Percival was also a busybodied stoic. If he wasn’t cooped up in his office doing paperwork, he was somewhere around MACUSA headquarters speaking with Madam President or sitting in on a meeting with other delegates of the wizarding world or our doing field work. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy spending time with you, it was more so that he sometimes had trouble balancing his duties as a man committed to both a significant other and to his job.

You knew these things about him when you began dating; even suspected he’d be like this even before you two had ever officiated any kind of relationship beyond superior and regular MACUSA office-worker. Nevertheless, it didn’t mean that you couldn’t feel some sort of pang from it. 

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anonymous asked:

what exactly does it mean to love for the sake of Allah?

Love for the sake of Allah brings rewards your mind can’t even grasp, but unfortunately it has become a a lost trait among many Muslims. So let’s find out what it means to love someone for the sake of Allah and get motivated by a selection of amazing ahadeeth to start loving others in this blessed way inshaa’Allah!

In this week’s central ayah Allah says about the brotherly love of the people of the Ansaar: … And those who, before them, had homes (in Al-Madinah) and had adopted the Faith, – love those who emigrate to them … [Quran, 59:9]
What does “loving for the sake of Allah” really mean?

Loving someone for the sake of Allah comes in two ways: in your heart and with your deeds. You love someone for the sake of Allah in your heart because of their position with Allah, and this starts with loving the prophets and messengers and everyone who follows them. You should have this love in your heart for other Muslims. Outwardly means that you support that person in the good deeds they do, and you respect and defend them according to their good deeds.

This means you don’t love them because you know them very well, or because they brought you a direct benefit or because they have a nice appearance: you love and support them because of their efforts to please Allah!

4 huge rewards to gain

1. Taste the sweetness of faith.
To start with an invaluable reward in this world, the Prophet sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam said: There are three qualities whoever has them, will taste the sweetness of emaan: to love Allah and His Messenger more than anyone else; to love a slave (of Allah) only for (the sake of) Allah; and to abhor returning to infidelity after Allah has saved him from it as he would abhor to be thrown into the fire (of Hell). [Al-Bukhari, Muslim] We have to realize that of everything you can have in this world, a taste of the sweetness of emaan is the most precious.

2. Enjoy the shade of Allah.
Moving to the Day of Judgement, the Prophet said that Allah will ask on this day: Where are those who loved each other for the sake of My glory? Today, on a day when there is no shade but Mine, I shall shade them with My shade. [Muslim] You will only understand your intense need of this shade, when you are there and by just loving someone for the sake of Allah you can work for it now!

3. The Prophets and martyrs will envy you.
The Messenger of Allah said: Allah, the Exalted, has said: For those who love one another for the sake of My Glory, there will be seats of light (on the Day of Resurrection), and they will be envied by the Prophets and martyrs. [At-Tirmidhee] Imagine yourself sitting on seats of light and the best of the best envying you because you made it a priority to love others for the sake of Allah!

4. You will have a high rank with Him.
The Prophet said: A man set out to visit a brother (in faith) in another town and Allah sent an angel on his way. When the man met the angel, the latter asked him: Where do you intend to go? He said: I intend to visit my brother in this town. The angel said: Have you done any favour to him? He said: No, I have no desire except to visit him because I love him for the sake of Allah, the Exalted, and Glorious. Thereupon the angel said: I am a messenger to you from Allah (to inform you) that Allah loves you as you love him (for His sake).[Muslim] Isn’t this breath taking? By loving someone for the sake of Allah, you gain the love of the Highest and which love is better than His?

How to love someone for the sake of Allah

1. Be patient with others and strive for a clean heart. In your relationship with other believers don’t try to seek the negative side of each word or gesture, be fast in accepting apologies and don’t be selfish. A common issue is the more ‘religious’ some people get, their hatred for others increases. Try to seek the good side in others and always try to find a good explanation or interpretation of certain behaviour or the speech of the other.

2. Be a person on whom others can rely in times of need. The Prophet said: The believers, in their mutual friendship, mercy and affection, are like one body: if any part of it complains, the rest of the body will also stay awake in pain. [ Al-Bukhari, Muslim ] You might know this hadith, but try to truly reflect on it. Do you truly feel the pain of other believers, does it affect you? As this is a sign of your actual love for another!

There was an example of a man who loaned his friend money and walked back home crying. When his wife asked him why he was crying and if it was because he needed the money himself he said: No I am crying at my brother in faith’s state of affairs. How could I not have known what he was going through? If I had, I would have offered my help before he was compelled to ask for it.

He was crying because he had seen his friend sighing, and even though he had seen something was wrong, he had never bothered to ask. This brother was crying because he hadn’t been there to prevent his brother in Islam from going through the pain of having to ask for a loan.

3. Tell others you love them for Allah’s sake.
The Prophet salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said: If any of you loves his brother then he should inform him. [At-Tirmidhee]

Action point: revive the sunnah by telling the ones you love for His sake by saying:
أحبك في الله – Uhibbuka fil-llaahi ( or to a female: uhibukki fil-llaahi), which means: I love you for the sake of Allah.

The plural is: أحبكم في الله – Uhibbukum fil-llaahi ( to a group of men or a mix of men and women) or أحبكنّ في الله – Uhibbukunna fil-llaahi (to a group women).

When someone tells you they love you for the sake of Allah, you can respond by: أَحَبَّكَ الَّذِي أَحْبَبْتَنِي لَهُ – Ahabbak-alladhee ahbabtanee lah (for a male) or Ahabakk-illadhee ahhabtinee lah (for a female), which means: may the One for whom you have loved me, love you, in return. [ Above phrases as narrated in Abu Dawood]

So let’s ask Allah ‘azza wa jall to help you love others for His sake and get into action now: call or send a message and say the above to someone you love for the sake of Allah.

And I start with you all, for your eagerness to read about Islam and learn to understand the Quran: Uhibbukum fil-llaah – I love you for the sake of Allah!

Praying you will benefit,

Khawlah bint Yahya.