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Couch Witchcraft

Because I’m tired and need to be a better witch.

🔮 Do some scrying! All you need is a black mirror or other opaque surface (such as your couch) and you’re set. I often just sit there and scry for random things I’ve been wondering about or need help with.

🔮 Try graphology, or scrawl divination. Simply take a pad of paper and a pen, and begin randomly scrawling all over the page. It helps to have a question, and maybe a specific spirit to invoke to guide your hand, but I honestly do it all on my own and just ask for my guides to help me. Pro tip: hold a chunk of quartz in your hand for protection from negative spirits and amplifications of the answer you’re receiving.

🔮 Practice visualization and try to channel your energy. There are tons of exercises out there, but here are two that I’ve been using forever:

To Channel energy with visualization:
1. Begin by visualizing fire in your elbows down to your wrists. Focus on what you see in your mind, what you feel, what you can smell, etc. Whatever works best, use it.
2. Now, rub your hands together, slowly at first. Try to push the energy in your arms into your hands, breaking the barrier that separates them. Like a circuit, connect the two energies together.
3. Next, spread your hands apart, and try to keep the the energy flowing. Shape the energy into a ball, or anything you like.
4. Give it intent, and release it into the Universe.

To create a circuit for grounding and centering:
1. Place one hand on the ground (the Earth is preferable, but any floor that directly leads to the Earth works too).
2. Focus on what you want to release. Are you angry? Sad? Tired? Feel the energy draining from your body as you push into the Earth. Do this until you feel like the energy has been released. Visualize it being recycled into peaceful, ripe energy.
3. Take your other hand and place it about a foot away from the other. Now, while you press into the Earth with both hands, take in energy from the Earth. Push it out while also taking it in, like a circuit. The energy flows in from one hand, and out the other. When you feel you have been filled with good energy, slowly break the circuit one hand at a time.

🔮 Draw sigils! You can create them based on your favourite​ TV or book series if you want, or just make ones you feel you need.

🔮 Charge sigils! I use fidget spinners to charge mine (I roll up a piece of paper with the sigils on it, and stick them through the holes where the bearings go, and then spin it). But you could also just rub them!

🔮 Make bracelets and weave your intent into them! Knot magic and energy work is my favourite​ thing. You can use colour correspondence and add charms for an added boost.

🔮 Write in your dream journal. If you suddenly remember your dreams while sitting on the couch like I do, it would be a great idea to write them down in your dream journal.

🔮 Burn a candle or some incense to bring in something or get rid of something. I like to light a white candle to help cleanse me as I sit on the couch, and sometimes I’ll leave a crystal nearby to be charged and to spread its affects.

🔮 Sew a poppet! Just leave the head part open so you can add crystals, herbs, stuffing, taglocks, etc. Make a few in different colours so you can have them ready the nextti e you need them.

🔮 Make a sachet. Use whatever plants you have on add during that season, like lavender for Summer and those pretty red Christmas flowers whose name escapes me at the moment for Winter.

🔮 Write in your spellbook. Create new spells, describe how a past one turned out, or maybe research herbal or crystal uses.

🔮 Make some pretty bookmarks! Laminate pressed flowers, use ribbons, or even create those monster page corner things! You can use these in your spellbook or in whatever book you’re reading.

🔮 Read a witchy book! You’ll learn something new and maybe be inspired to do some witchy things! And even if you don’t end up liking the book, you’ll get some insight on what other people do with their craft.

🔮 Meditate. It helps improve tons of things. Ex: concentration, breathing, and focus. These are all great things, both for witchcraft and regular mundane things.

Possessive Starters!

“You belong to me.” 

“You’re mine to own, understand?” 

“No, you’re not going out without me.” 

“Where do you think you’re going dressed like that? Your body is for my eyes only.” 

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice you sneaking out?”

“You’re not allowed to see them anymore.” 

“You’re being too friendly with them.” 

“I don’t like when they touch you.” 

“I can’t stand how they’re looking at you.” 

“You can’t leave me. You couldn’t live without me.” 

“I provide for you, you don’t have to work now.” 

“I’m locking you in your room until you learn!” 

“You’re mine, I watch everything you do.” 

“Give me your phone, I’m going to read your messages.” 

“Who were you talking to?” 

“You don’t need them! You have me!” 

“I don’t care if you don’t like it, you’re mine to do what I please to.” 

“Be quiet, now.” 

“Come here, I’m marking you so that everyone will know who you belong to.” 

You know what?? I want a story where Shiro can’t keep his hands to himself. Fuck slow pinning bs, I want Shrio to wake up one day and see Lance all sleepy with his shirt riding up his stomach as he streches. I want Shiro’s first thought to be ‘thats mine’ then shake himself even more awake because , really self?? And he stammers when Lance askes him if he wants more coffee. I want Shiro to start PRAISING LANCE like the ground was made for him to the point where even Hunk is like 'dude chill’. I want Lance to be there for Shiro is his time of need in the middle of the night when no else is awake so Lance, who can never sleep wtf dude, just meets him, they both watch the stars move around them and Lance hums a song his mama taught him and bam - Shiro is asleep like that. (Best sleep he ever got.)

I want Lance to corner Shiro because he has such a large family and he just KNOWS when someone is upset and at first Shrio is annoyed, until he starts to really talk to Lance. Then all his problems seem so small because Lance makes the problem solving so easy.

I want Shiro to do a double take because, first of all, why is it ALWAYS Lance that goes on undercover missions. SECOND WHO GAVE LANCE PRIMSSION TO LOOK THAT GOOD. Pidge is disgusted.

It gets to the point where the WHOLE team has to help.

Allura keeps hinting at Lance that marriage is always a good choice. (Lance doesn’t get it - okay Allura marry whoever you want sheesh).

Coran keeps pulling Shiro aside with weirder and weirder threats. (“You hurt him and I will do what a gorasack does to a teleflob.”…“O…kay???”)

Hunk just smiles at Shiro before crushing metal in his bare hands. Shiro gets the message.

Pidge gives both the evil eye for like a week before saying “don’t hurt him” which just CONFUSES BOTH.

Keith tried to threaten Lance, but Lance took it as a challenge.

Either way it takes Shiro ages to admit to himself. Then to Lance, that he loves him.

Meanwhile the team already knew and planned it way in advance.

DIY Packer

gather your materials need 4-5 socks that are thin, if you have thick (athletic style) then maybe 2-3 (idk) and about 5 or 6 rubber bands, and a few safety pins. [you will need boxers in order to hold in place or boy shorts for feminine underwear]

stack 3 of them like this

put 3 in like this leaving the edges out (for 5.5in)
(if making a 4.5in then kinda stuff them in a bit more)

squish it a bit and making it like this where the heels of the other socks are inside but not fully in (if that makes sense)

tie it off like this with a small rubber band as tight as you can get it

find where you want the head of your packer at the toe of the sock

tie that with a rubber band careful to keep its shape

put rubber bands around like so (make sure to cover as many bumps as possible)

[if you don’t want the “balls” part then skip ahead]

roll the last sock like this

stick the rolled sock in the heel of the sock

clip the hymn of the sock as pictured leaving enough room to be able to clip to boxers

grab the edge of the underside of the “balls” as shown and clip it also as shown

[For those of you who didn’t want balls, this is where you can pick back up on the tutorial]

squish it and shape it and grab your boxers because we’re fixing to clip it in

grab your boxers and turn them inside out and where my thumb is pointing is where we’re gonna clip it

inside the hole where you take your dick to pee is a little pocket that I’ve found to be well at holding the packer in place throughout the day so its not shifting or something while it’s clipped in
stick the packer in there

now when I clip mine in, I clip it while wearing my boxers so I can position it how I need to for what feels right to me, it’s up to you on if you want to clip it while wearing the boxers or while not wearing them
**also for the last pic it has my everyday packer, vs the one I just made
[everyday packer is 4.5 (left) and the one I just made is 5.5 (right)]

Hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial and if you have any questions just ask!



Request: y/n being insecure about herself and about love.

Word count: 2,534

Cracking noises from the flames in the beige brick fireplace hanging on the wall, filled the otherwise silent living room. These faint but warm noises always made me feel somehow calm.

I loved the heat filling up the room, I loved shutting my eyes and listen to the flames crack slowly, I loved how it all felt like home to me.

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what business have you? — charlie quigley. curly-haired cherub. i used to magic sweeties from your ears. do your remember? — what do you want? — your mumma has taken something that isn’t her’s. — she’s no thief. — no, she’s the worst kind. she’s a people thief. sees someone she has need of, snaffles them away, never to return. where’s she taken emily? — mumma doesn’t know or care where emily lacey is. — when did your mother ever let a dog lie? she feeds on vengeance like maggots on a corpse.

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I love your prompts so much!!! Could we get more prompts for a possessive villain and their hero please? Thank you so much!

1) “What the hell is all of this?” 
“It’s a party - surely even you have seen one of those before in your righteous little life,” the villain murmured in their ear. “A favour for a favour, you agreed.” They wrapped an arm around the hero’s waist, drawing them in closer to their side.
“The parties I normally go to aren’t made up of people who’ve tried to kill me.”
“No need to fret, they won’t touch you when you’re with me. Let me show off my favourite hero.”
So that was what this was about.

2) “No - no. Don’t get up, you’re hurt.” 
“Hurt happens when you attack someone, yeah.”
The villain tutted, guiding the hero back to the ground as they struggled to push themselves up, with a gentle foot pressing down on their shoulder. “I’m an expert,” they said. “I know what I’m doing when I hurt you - you’ll aggravate your injuries and get yourself killed. Your pain is mine. Leave it in my hands where it belongs. Take a few deep breaths.”

3) “They said they’ll tell us everything we need.”
“What’s the catch?” the hero asked.
“They want an hour alone in a room, no supervision, no cameras…with you.” 
The hero felt the other’s gaze rest on them, but kept their expression measured despite the sudden lashing of their heart. “Now why.” Their boss ducked to catch their eyes. “Would they ask for something like that?”


Infinite (7/?) - Paradise Live 

You need to be there for it to be paradise
This is paradise where I locked you up against your will 
A sad paradise where you can’t leave even when your awake
A paradise where we can be together forever


Seven years with Infinite and counting…

Valentine’s Day Love Languages: Quality Time

Dating Percival Graves was both a terrific experience and a terrific pain in the neck. On one hand (the hand you preferred to observe the most), Percival was a complete gentleman: He was considerate, capable of protecting you, always offered you his coat or scarf when you got cold, and offered intelligent conversation and a listening ear. When he could. Because on the other hand (the one you wound up having pressed in your face most often), Percival was also a busybodied stoic. If he wasn’t cooped up in his office doing paperwork, he was somewhere around MACUSA headquarters speaking with Madam President or sitting in on a meeting with other delegates of the wizarding world or our doing field work. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy spending time with you, it was more so that he sometimes had trouble balancing his duties as a man committed to both a significant other and to his job.

You knew these things about him when you began dating; even suspected he’d be like this even before you two had ever officiated any kind of relationship beyond superior and regular MACUSA office-worker. Nevertheless, it didn’t mean that you couldn’t feel some sort of pang from it. 

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!!! i love your minghao flowershop!au ㅠㅜㅠㅜ can you do one with jihoon, please? thank you! and keep up the good work ♡

- you’re broke and need a job asap
- you quit your last job to focus more on school but now it’s summer break and here you are….. jobless and somewhat regretful
- so now you’re walking around handing out resumes, just begging for someone to hire you
- and that’s when you come across a little flower shop
- a sign that reads “HIRING” is stuck on the window and you’re like !!! this is my chance !!!
- but you stop because…… you don’t know anything about flowers…… but you’re like oh well they’ll train me anyway and i really need the money
- you enter the shop and this boy by the counter greets you while fixing a bouquet of flowers for the customer he’s serving
- there are about three more people in line and you patiently wait for him to finish ringing them up before going to the counter
- when they all leave, you go up to him and say “hello, i saw the sign you put up and i was wondering if i could apply?” and the boy says “do you have your resume?”
- you nod and clumsily hand it to him, and while he’s reading it you shift nervously
- when he’s done he says “well, it seems you have enough experience. when can you start?” and you’re like……. wait what AM I HIRED??? THIS FAST???
- you stutter “u-uh i can start t-tomorrow” and he just nods his head and says “good. i could use the extra help. it’s nice to meet you, (name). i’m jihoon.” and he holds out a hand
- you say “o-oh! nice to meet you too!” and you shake his hand
- he firmly says “you start tomorrow. we open at 9am. don’t be late.”
- you nod your head and walk out the door like…. did that just happen???
- you show up to work the next day and jihoon hands you the uniform which is pretty much just an apron with the shop’s logo on it
- there aren’t too many customers in the morning, so he just shows you where all the cleaning tools are, how to water the plants, where the bags of soil are and just the basics
- the shop starts getting a little crowded by noon and that’s when jihoon is really starting to need your help
- so you go up to a customer and ask “hello, may i help you?” and they ask “hi! a good friend of mine just got promoted and i thought i’d get them flowers for their hard work. do you think you can make me a small bouquet that means congratulations?”
- you freeze after hearing their question
- you nervously say “um…. one second i’ll be right back” and run over to jihoon who’s ringing up customers at the counter
- you ask him “hey jihoon? there’s this customer that needs a bouquet that means congratulations”
- he tells you “okay? go make them one. the flowers are all in front of you, just go ahead and pick some” but you say “no that’s not the problem, it’s that…… i….. have no idea about the meaning of flowers”
- jihoon stops what he’s doing and slowly turns to you and says “are. you. serious.”
- and you quietly say “….yeah.”
- more people start entering the shop and the line just grows as more and more people ask for custom bouquets to be made
- jihoon has dealt with this before so he takes care of it all on his own while you just shamefully watch on the side
- when all the customers are gone, jihoon walks up to you and asks “okay. let me get this straight; you know nothing about flowers but you applied at a FLOWER SHOP??”
- you argue “i thought you’d train me!! how could you expect me to know right away??”
- he argues “do you not understand?? you have to STUDY about flowers and their meaning. red roses and orange lilies may look pretty together but you can’t just ASSUME they can be paired up. you actually have to KNOW what they mean to avoid confusion or contradiction.”
- you end up just cleaning and watering the plants for the rest of the day and when it’s closing time, jihoon calls you over
- you walk up to him and you’re like ok it’s over i’m fired
- but he says “i’ll see you again tomorrow. oh and make sure not to make any plans because i still need you after closing.” you’re kind of confused but you say “oh, okay then.”
- the next day, you show up on time and jihoon tells you that you’re in charge of cleaning, watering and stock again while he takes care of the counter
- so the day goes on and you’re getting so bored because there’s only so much you can do but eventually it’s closing time and you’re excited to go home
- when you remember jihoon needs you after closing and you’re like fml
- he calls you over and says “ok look. i’m not going to fire you because i do need the help, but if you’re going to work here, you’re going to have to study.”
- he then takes a book out of his bag and it’s a book on flowers and their meaning
- he says “every other day after work, we’re going to study this. i’ll pay you for the overtime. i just need help because it gets stressful around here, and i can’t do it alone.”
- you nod your head and say “okay…. i’ll try my best”
- at first you’re like “omg wtf why do i have to study for this” but then you tell yourself “it’s either this or jobless for the summer” so you just go along with it
- your first lesson is on roses and you manage to memorize them well in one sitting, it’s only one category after all so it’s no big deal
- the next day, you’re watering the flowers when a customer comes up to you and asks “hi, sorry, do you think you could help me?”
- you’re about to tell them they could ask jihoon but you notice he’s busy with someone else
- so you look back at the customer and say “uh….. i could try??” and they ask “do you know a flower that means thank you?? i just need one.”
- your eyes light up and you say “oh i know!! pink roses mean thank you!!” and you hand the customer the healthiest pink rose you can find
- they thank you and walk up to the counter to ring it up and you’ve never felt so proud of yourself
- when your shift is over, you tell jihoon “i helped someone today!! and i gave them the right flower!!” and he just says “good. let’s see if it stays this way when you learn the others.”
- you’re like…… wow…… how nice of you.
- so every other day, it’s the same thing; work, then study with jihoon
- you thought it was pretty simple at first but then it started getting so confusing because of all the flowers
- “wrong. it’s white lilies.”
- “close. red tulips, not pink.”
- “for the last time, it’s orange gardenias.”
- you start getting a little frustrated but no, you won’t give up
- and every time you help out a customer, you get really excited and unknown to you, a little smile appears on jihoon’s face whenever you do
- when you have a good idea of the meaning of flowers, jihoon decides to teach you how to rearrange a bouquet and while he’s talking, you’re watching his face rather than the flowers
- he may look cold and all but when he smiles while talking about flowers….. he really is handsome…… and his voice is so soothing too…….
- “—did you get that?”
- you snap out of your thoughts and say “….huh?” and you’re expecting to get scolded at but instead
- jihoon laughs
- and you get flustered as he says “i’ll say it one more time. you better listen this time.”
- you listen carefully this time but while you are, you could feel your heart beating a little faster
- the next day, a few minutes before closing, one last customer walks into the shop and jihoon says “take them.”
- and your eyes widen like no no i don’t think i can?? but he tells you to take them again and you nod your head and hope you can do it
- you walk up to the customer and ask “hi, how may i help you?”
- they say “yes, my friend is sick at the hospital, so i was thinking of getting her a get well soon bouquet.”
- you take a quick glance over at jihoon who nods his head and gestures for you to go on, and you feel so confident seeing how much he believes in you
- you turn back to the customer and say “i’ll make you a bouquet in no time. so, tell me about this friend. what are they like?”
- after giving you a brief description of them, you arrange this beautiful bouquet that means get well soon while also incorporating the person’s personality, making it all the more special, as if the bouquet was designed for them and them only
- jihoon rings up the customer and you both say goodbye as she walks out the door
- he then walks over to you and says with a rare smile “good job. i knew you could do it.”
- you blush and say “thanks jihoon…. it’s all because of your help.”
- you say good night to him, but before you could leave the shop, jihoon says “wait.”
- you turn around and say “huh? is there something i didn’t do?” and jihoon is silent for a while before saying “wait right there. i’ll be back.”
- he walks to the back and returns a few mins later with the most beautiful bouquet you’ve ever seen, it looks as though it’s been delicately put together for days
- you ask “oh, whose bouquet is that for?” and jihoon stays quiet as he walks over to you
- and then he holds it out for you and says “you.”
- your eyes widen at what he said, and you carefully take the bouquet out of his hands and ask “…for me?”
- he shyly looks away and says “well now that you know the meanings of flowers….. you should know what i’m trying to say…..”
- you look down at the bouquet and start reading into the meanings of each flower
- and then it clicks
- jihoon likes you
- you must have been silent for a long time because he nervously says “so….. what do you—”
- you cut him off by leaning in and kissing him right on the lips
- and when you pull away, you smile at him and say “i like you too, jihoon”
- after this, you and jihoon start dating!!
- jihoon gets embarrassed every time you bring up his confession because it’s like a scene right out of a movie
- he surprises you with bouquets so much your apartment is filled with them but you water them every day and take really good care of them
- cute dates after each shift
- interrupts any customer who flirts with you by saying “(name), why don’t you go ring up those customers, and I’ll deal with this jerk—i mean customer.”
- slips an orange lily (which means i hate you) into their bouquets
- not very vocal about his feelings so he tells you he loves you through flowers and you respond with flowers too while laughing
- florist jihoon’s honestly the softest and he loves you so much
- all those red roses he gave you is enough proof that he really, really does

thank you for your request!! ^^

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Mimi does UR family support UR love for BTS ?

I made my WHOLE family into an ARMY, we are the Holy trinity Trash family and I somehow regret it now…

  • My mom fangirls over Jungkook so much that she calls him “hers”. She even had teary eyes while watching Spring Day. I was shook.
  • My Sister is V’s fan. She just looks at him and sighs then look again and sighs. 
  • My dad didn’t pick a bias yet but he liked the MVs and discussed with me some theories and each of us refuse to share a bias with him.
  • My mom just two days ago was arguing with my sister about who is the best BTS member. While of course defending Jungkook. the best argument she had? ‘Jungkook can beat all of them’ (where is the lie)
  • The worst, my mom wants to come with me to a BTS concert “ SO if they come we all need to go, Your dad too” *me thinks of all the hip thrusting* “NO I AM NOT GOING WITH MY PARENTS“. (mom) “Then let’s seperate when we arrive. I HAVE TO see mine” …
  • There is more: She talks about BTS to our neighbors. “My daughter listens to BTS a korean group. They are not like those dirty artists you see on TV. they are very talented and handsome and then there is mine ….” I will not be shocked if she starts the AARMYs aka Ahjummas Armys.

Thanks for the ask ^^

Here goes. This is the weakest I’ll ever be with you. I’ve missed you. Some days not all. But I was fine, I was doing really okay and I think every time I’m doing my best that’s when you come and fuck it all up. You were a huge disappointment. You repeatedly let me down on days I needed you most, where I needed you to comfort me and just love me. You were not there for the longest time. So you can see why it’s hard to trust you again? Telling me I’m the one does not convince me as much as I want it to it doesn’t because you’ve crushed that hope of mine that YOU were the one and I was that to you. Because you don’t treat people that way you don’t when you’re in love with them. I can’t tell if I miss the idea of you or if I miss you. I’ve been crying a lot because you give me so much anxiety and I’m afraid of making the wrong decision. I hate that you’re doing this while you’re not here because I just want to see you I want to yell at you I want to hug you and I want to kiss you but I can’t. And the anxiety is eating me alive because I want to just call you and talk to you about everything. You know me I’m the kind of person that needs to deal with things at that moment. And I can’t do that yet. I’m really terrified. I don’t think it’s because I’m Afraid of how much I think I love you but how much you’ll hurt me next. Let’s face it, you’ll hurt me again. You do not know the pain I felt losing my best friend so many times and me always being so good to you. And now I leave for 2 Months and now I don’t want to anymore because I want to stay with you. What does that say about me really? That I let any person control my life? I want you to call I want you to talk to me I want you to annoy me because I really don’t want to stop talking until you come why can’t you fucking see that? You’re proving everything I’ve said about you and you don’t seem to care. and it hurts. You brought back all this pain and anxiety you don’t see that either. Im thinking about how I felt when you left every time, how you literally broke me. There’s no other way than to describe it that way. The night I called you drunk was because this guy kissed me and I instantly left and went home and collapsed onto the floor and just cried. All i wanted was you. It made me sick to my stomach kissing someone else. Im trying to believe you. Im trying to believe you’re different I just don’t see how that is true or how you will prove it. I think the number thing I hate about myself is that I am a pushover. I will always forgive you and I hate that. I hate that Im talking to you, I feel weak for even crying about you right now. But I want to get back to where we were. I want you to make me fall in love with you again, I truly do. I’m just scared Im so fucking scared of leaving now and I don’t know what will happen when Im gone. But were not talking right now, and I don’t know what I think of that. You’re proving me right, i hope you see that. So idk what I’m trying to say here I really don’t. But just call. Fuck, just call please. 

I've been thinking about domestic Ryden a lot, so here's a scenario in each room of their house

The front porch: Where Brendon would stand out in the freezing cold after a fight until Ryan forgave him, writing little “I love you’s” in fog on the windows. Ryan finally opens the door, telling Brendon to get his ass inside and to stop smudging the glass.

The living room: Where Ryan and Brendon would spend lazy days lounging around, watching their favorite movies. Playful arguments about which movie is a better musical: Moulin Rouge or Beauty and the Beast? Cuddled up together, Ryan watching Brendon affectionately as he hums along to “Be our guest” until they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

The kitchen: Where Ryan would get up early to surprise Brendon with breakfast, only to wake him up shortly afterwards when the pancakes are black and the fire alarm is beeping loudly. Brendon’s heart melts when he sees Ryan’s failed attempt at a sweet surprise and helps him make a new batch, which may conclude in a cliche flour battle until they’re both giggling hysterically, covered in flour and so ridiculously in love.

The bathroom: Where Ryan would be taking a long shower only to be intruded upon by Brendon. Where they’d kiss hotly, Ryan’s back pressed up against the tiles, wet hair and wet bodies rubbing against each other. This becoming such a common occurrence there’s hardly such a thing as showering alone anymore.

The laundry room: Where Brendon teases Ryan about his inability to wash clothes right, laughing over the sheer amount of white objects he’s managed to turn pink lately. Ryan rolls his eyes and resigns himself to folding duty, and that’s how they spend whole afternoons, each folding warm towels together and chatting about nothing at all, until it’s midnight and they’ve abandoned the folding in favor of sitting curled up on the floor dozing into each other’s necks while the fresh scent of detergent and the low humming of the machine lulls them to sleep.

The bedroom: Where they’d spend entire mornings not leaving the bed, simply entranced by the other’s body and wanting to memorize every part of it. Staying up all night kissing and biting and fucking under the sheets. Nights when they don’t need to even have sex because they have each other’s company, and are content with cuddles and the intimacy of holding each other tightly.

BTS Reaction to you wearing their shirts


The moment he sees you engulfed in one of his shirts, he would laugh seeing how big the shirt is on you. “Jagi you’re so adorable!”

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All sorts of thoughts would be going through his head, but only one would stick out: how well you look in his shirt. “Baby, can you wear my shirts more often?”

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This boy would lose his shit seeing you in his shirt. Seeing it accentuating your body. “Why are you teasing me babygirl?”

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Seeing his shirt fitting your body like a dress, he would lick his lips, fighting the urge to take you right then and there. “You look so good right now Jagi.”

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His face would be red with desire the moment he walks into the kitchen and sees you in his shirt. “Jagi! You gotta warn me when you’re looking this sexy this early in the morning!”

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You being in his shirt would be the first thing that he would see when he gets back home. Verbally groaning, “Oh I missed you too babe.”

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He wouldn’t even care where the two of you were when he sees you in his shirt, he would just need you right then and there. “Damn baby, you look so good in my shirt. Don’t ever stop wearing them.”

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Times Kala and Wolfie hold hands:

  • when they’ve just woken up and one holds the other’s hand to their lips and kisses every knuckle
  • when Wolfie walks Kala to work in the morning
  • watching tv, absent-mindedly playing with each other’s fingers
  • when they’re grocery shopping, picking things off the shelves and trying to decide what detergent to buy this time because the last one ruined Wolfie’s shirts (not that Kala thinks that was a huge tragedy)
  • the entire time Kala takes Wolfie to meet her parents (Wolfie panics whenever she tries to pull her hand away, mentally begging her not to leave him alone)
  • whenever they walk or drive past the cemetery where Wolfie’s dad and family are buried
  • at company events Kala has to go to and takes Wolfie as arm candy 
  • when they’re having slow, life-affirming, I-love-you-so-much-i-can’t-believe-it sex
  • when they’re having rough, passionate, I-love-you-so-much-i-need-you-right-now sex
  • literally whenever they have at least one free hand and are within arms reach
  • i hate them
What Happens Now Part 5

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader 

Warnings: Angst, swearing, pregnancy

Word Count: 753

Summary:  It was just one night, something that happened in the midst of too much alcohol. But what happens now?


“You’re…you’re…” Sebastian was struggling to find the words as he glanced with wide eyes from my face down to my stomach and back again. “We used protection though…didn’t we?” 

“I’m not sure Seb,” I admitted. “But even if we did it clearly hasn’t done it’s job.”
“I thought…fuck.”

I jumped a little at his outburst, feeling more than a little nervous that he was going to have the same reaction I’d been hoping to avoid.

It was all well and good to believe that this was going to work out exactly how I wanted it to but the reality was far different. Even if Sebastian and I went into this with open minds it was going to uproot our entire lives. When Sebastian wasn’t filming he was New York and I was in LA, four and a half hours between us and that was just by plane.

I hesitated for a second, biting my bottom lip nervously before sitting down beside him again, rubbing his tense shoulder blades as he cradled his head in his hands, fingers pulling on the roots of his hair. Neither of us said anything, we didn’t have to. I knew that Sebastian was trying to sort through all the emotions I’d been feeling three weeks ago, his world suddenly flipped on its head.
“Have - have you been to the Doctors yet?” He asked quietly a few minutes later.
“No…I wanted to - I guess I wanted to talk to you first.”
“We should probably do that then…right?,” He asked, voice cracked and unsure.

I felt my stomach sink a little, the tears already beginning to prickle at the corner of my eyes.
“Seb…we have time to think this through properly,” I murmured. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m fucking terrified right now but I’m not asking you to be apart of anything you don’t want to be apart of…”

Sebastian nodded his head slowly, still not looking at me. I heard him take a long, shaky breath.
“I need - I should probably…” He trailed off, finally lifting his eyes to mine and I could see the unshed tears clouding over them. “Shit y/n I’m not - I’m not abandoning you or our baby alright? But I just need some time to think…”
“Of course Seb, I don’t expect you to know all the answers five minutes after I told you,” I tried to give him a soft smile but I knew that it was more of a grimace, my chest beginning to tighten up with the emotion coursing through me. “You know where I am when you want to talk.”

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Jungkook Ship Fic Rec

So…I know I’m late for Writer Appreciation Day (I swear I had a good reason), but I’m still doing the fic rec like a said in order to appreciate some of these amazing writers. These are some of all-time favorites or recent reads that I loved for each Jungkook ship including Jungkook/Everyone. Please enjoy and happy reading! P.S. All smut I rec is bottom jungkook because I am trash.

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Dating is hard when you can see the local Spirits! 

..or when the dude spends the whole night on his phone! Dammit Shane, accept my gift of “one large egg!” I only want to make you happy!
Since I started playing Stardew Valley I haven’t stopped. Also I can’t stop thinking about whether I’ve petted my dog for the day or if I watered the corn. Where can I find a snow Yam?? I don’t trust those spirits by the way, these “Junimo” Why do they want all these things? Is it weird to bring them all these sacrifices,… when they start asking for the villagers I think I need to ask myself what I’m doing… and whether they will fix that bridge at the end of the map for it. Also Demetrius you are my Best friend! Oh and HOW relaxing is that Bath house? Just chills me straight out! Need to go into the mine later, need